Blue Submarine No. 6 (1998) s01e03 Episode Script


It wasn'tme
That's right. Even then
I didn'tkillhim.
It wasn'tmyfault!
That's right
Even then
You're afraid ofthe ocean?
I nearly drowned
when I was a kid.
The adults thought I was playing
and just stood on the shore,
watching and laughing.
What's a guy like that
doing on this project?
Because this thing will
keep me from drowning.
Go? You are?
I formally volunteered yesterday.
You're talking crazy!
Aren't you interested?
He had money, fame, position.
Why would such an important
scientist start all this?
Aren't you interested?
Know what this is?
A composite?
It was taken by a recon drone.
That's what's inside the thick clouds
our spy sats can't peek through.
So Wanna check it out?
You scared?
We're transmitting the signal.
They won't kill us.
That's assuming Zorndyke's
in the mood to talk to us.
He is.
How do you know that?!
J ust because.
Starboard high! Something big!
The Ghost Ship!
Leave it alone, Hayami!
We have no intention
Go on without me, Hayami!
God dammit!
He ignored our signal!
Never mind! J ust go!
Almost Almost got it!
I'm fine! J ust go!
See you around, Hayami.
I didn'tkillhim.
Smack in the
middle ofthe Pacific.
Helluva one-way ticket
You saved me?
You want me to eat this?
You sure?
lsn't it a friend ofyours?
We're enemies, you know.
You want to thank me?
AIll do isgetrescued.
AIll do isget
rescuedfrom thesea.
Are you guys happy about this?
Ifthis pole shift succeeds,
we'll lose our place to live.
And then we'll vanish from
the Earth soon after.
Then you guys will
create a new world.
A world ofendless blue.
A utopia covered
by the waters of life.
Are you happy about that?
Zorndyke rejects
the world as it is.
Does that mean we're unhappy?
Maybe he wants
nature to punish us
for all the destruction we
cause by pursuing our ambitions.
No, that's not right.
He isn't any sort ofecologist.
And I don't think
he went nuts, either.
Would he kill a billion
peoplejust for that?
So, why is Zorndyke?
Aren't you interested?
Some good luck
mixed in with the bad.
Damage in the
engine room's light
and our hull repairs
should be completed soon.
Out of7 boats, 2 are heavily
damaged and 1 moderately damaged.
That's not what I call good luck.
But the operation's begun.
There's no turning back now.
You should rest.
I'm fine.
Thinking about him?
You reap what you sow--
Stop it.
We're fighting to
avenge a billion people.
No, to let mankind keep on living!
There's no room in that fight for
an outsider who acts like a cowboy.
Am I wrong?!
I don't thinkyou're wrong
Then you're going to
have to forget about him!
He left while we were fighting
Even if he survives, we'd leave a
bad taste in each other's mouths.
We've sighted it!
Coordinates 22-1 6-00.
Right on target!
Confirmed. We've arrived at the
target point! Picking up beacon!
So, we're finally here.
Our last card to play.
An inheritance
from the old days, huh?
Heh, an inheritance?
Nasty things to lose,
don't you think?
They're nuclear-tipped,
aren't they?
A Typhoon-class sub
rigged as a giant torpedo
carrying 20 SLBMs rigged
for simultaneous ignition.
The flashiest
firecracker in the world.
Send out the Grampus.
Begin the operation!
That's right.
There's no turningback now
" Kill him, kill him," huh?
The same
It's the same thing,
all over again.
Kill me. If it'll make you
happy, then do it.
A billion people
are already dead.
One or two more won't
make much ofa difference.
What the?
This is
A Musuca-class?
You saved her.
You saved Mutio.
What's going on?
The women have
returned to the sea.
Now you must return
to where you belong.
That doesn't exist anymore.
The place I was born is on
the bottom ofthe sea now.
Where you belong exists neither
on the land nor in the air.
Are you saying?!
Your companions still live.
Isn't the work finished yet?
30 more minutes, Boss!
I want it done NOW!
Damn it all
Um, uh Boss?
What is it?!
We're getting a
signal from the Mutio.
You know where the women went?!
Well, uh
After Blue Dome was destroyed
it seems one of
Blue 6's crew was spared.
Why did they save a human?!
They're the enemy!
The enemy we have to kill!
Well, yes sir, but
Damned thieving cats!
They lie! Kill! Steal!
That's what
they're really like!
Uh, cats, sir?
Onloading completed, Boss!
You're sure ofwhat we've got?
Aye, sir.
1 3 cruise missiles,
6 torpedoes, 8 depth charges.
All ofthem nuclear-armed.
Excellent We'll burn
the humans to death
with the unquenchable fire
they created themselves!
What a show this will be
But, Boss The order to
destroy them hasn't come!
J ust SH UT U P!
Papa's methods are too soft!
When it's time to kill, you kill!
The humans see their chance.
They'll be advancing
into our territory soon.
Kill them! Annihilate them all!
Kill! Kill!
Kill! Kill! Kill!
We were born beneath the
thick ice ofthe Antarctic.
I nside the culture tanks.
We were to wander the seven
seas and destroy human cities.
That was our purpose.
But, one day, a question
arose among my kind.
Why did Papa
grant us sentience?
How much ofthe Manyoshu
have you learned so far?
" 'Today, today!' Each day
I have waited foryou"
"and now do they not sayyou are
strewn with the shells of lshi River?"
I'll be finished with the
Chronicle ofGaria soon.
Wonderful. Good girl.
Brother Verg is so late
Yes. Troublesome boy
I hope nothing bad
will happen to him.
Why did he?
Aren't you interested, human?
Because he's testing us?
Iam notnearly
so arrogantas that.
Those who walk on the land
andthose whoswim in thesea.
Two life-forms,
set to killeach other.
He won'tbe the
one who decides this.
Willitbe us who decide?
Isn't thatright, Katsuma?
I'm interestedmyself, now.
About this man calledZorndyke
Seabedrise. Range.'2000!
Engines, one-half.
Left rudder, 25 degrees.
This is like trick riding.
Range.' 600!
It's not on the charts!
Engines, slow! Left rudder,
8 degrees! Up trim, 1 2!
No! 1 4 degrees!
This is nuts!
We'll never make it through!
Down trim, 1 5 degrees!
Aye, aye!
There's no better
guide for us than him.
This is the path he took to
make peace with Zorndyke.
Every nook and cranny is
etched into his memory.
A path to peace, huh?
And now it's being used as our
last chance to destroy him.
I ronic, isn't it?
Up trim, 5 degrees!
Left rudder And return!
It's quiet.
The flagship Coback should be cracking
their rear line with the Atlantic Fleet.
That should keep the
enemy nice and busy.
I hope so.
We're behind schedule, but we get
the choice part ofthis mission.
Too bad for the Atlantic Fleet
but we'll be the ones
who finish offthe enemy.
Bio-motor contact!
Verifying sound profile
It's a Musuca!
Musuca 22 is approaching
the Blue Fleet by itself!.
What did you say?!
At this rate, they're going
to give our position away!
Number 22? That defective prototype
who wandered away from the herd?
It looks like a human and
a woman are with him.
Should we help him?
No, wait.
Let them kill him.
Let the Blues kill him.
The Grampus is better suited
for this narrow channel!
Order me out to attack with
some torpedos!
Wait. It could be a trap.
Sonar shows it's alone.
No escorts.
Maybe it's a scout.
Musuca, closing range!
Sonar! Go to active search!
Opening torpedo tubes!
Message to all ships!
Take formation
around the Typhoon!
Musuca's speed is unchanged.
Anti bio-ship warheads
1 and 2, loaded!
Range: 5200 and closing.
Torpedo tubes are flooded!
Active homing range set!
Number 1 and 3 torpedoes
set for speed mode 3!
Musuca has changed course.
Range: 5000.
He's on a collision course!
A suicide run? Captain!
Number 1 and 3 tubes, fire!
Take out that Musuca!
No, don't!
That's what Huang says.
You're in too close!
lfthey attack again!
My words do not reach them.
Go now.
Are you telling me?
You knew this would happen?!
The lifespan of
a prototype is brief.
I've swam far enough.
I've seen the auroras ofthe north,
the whales ofthe south
The migrating birds ofthe east, and
the playful dolphins ofthe west.
It is enough.
My life shall end here.
I hear the song.
Coloredblue Piercing
A sadsong
You really did it, you bastard.
Go now!
To where you belong!
You saved Mutio.
I think Papa would like to
meet a man like you.
Go! Go now!
All I do is get
rescued from the sea
So, you're piloting it
You've gotten better.
Not as good as you.
H EY!!!
He is calling foryou.
Go to him now
It doesn't hurt anymore
No more cold
No more loneliness
Ifwe don't stop this, it'll be
a slaughter for both sides.
Pawns killing other pawns.
No different from
any ofthe old wars!
You son ofa! I don't know
what you picked up from the enemy
but the operation's
already started!
We can't stop it now!
They're a lot smarter
than you think they are!
Mutio's people are starting
to leave for the Antarctic!
They've seen our attack
coming for a long time!
Then what are you
saying we should do?
Meet Zorndyke and find
out what he's really after!
It's not to late to stop us
from fighting to the death!
Ifwe don't, this war
will never really be over.
Land and sea, each side
fighting the other forever.
That's what Katsuma said!
And now I understand.
But this operation is being put
on by every country on Earth.
Our opinion isn't going
to change anything.
That's why
That's why I'm
asking YOU to do this.
Commander lga
I ncoming!
Sonar contacts!
Multiple bio-motors closing!
It's the Ghost Ship!
You see that, people?!
They killed
our comrade, Red Spot!
Kill them all!
Burn away all
traces ofthe humans!
None ofthis talk matters.
Both sides demand blood
and the only paths left are
life or death. One or the other.
Message to all ships!
Ahead full, combat speed!
Break out ofthe
enemies encircling us!
Ahead full on main
and auxiliary drives!
Defend the nukes, even if
it takes every ship we have!
This is it!
We fight to the death!
Blue Submarine No. 6.
Final episode: " Minasoko."
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