Blue Submarine No. 6 (1998) s01e04 Episode Script


The enemy offensive has begun!
We're going to
attack them as well!
I'm going to
finally destroy Blue 6!
I will! I WI LL!!!
Now swear upon this sword!
Swear that you will never
associate with the humans again!
Think ofwhat
happened to Red Spot!
Ofwhat those
monsters did to him!
Say that you'll help
avenge him! Swear it!
Banish her!
Banish her!
Sections A-6 and B-7,
taking on water! Seal them!
Switching to auxiliary pumps!
Coolant water channel
pressure dropping!
Reactor auto-shutdown systems
are inoperative! Alert A!
Shaft output now down to 30%!
We're going down!
1 300 meters to ocean floor!
Open all launch tubes!
Prep the nuclear warheads!
We're not going
to die like this!
Seal the partition! Hurry!
Darling Protect me.
Tetsu Hayami!
Foryour arbitrary actions at Blue Dome
and repeated violations oforders
l'm ordering you off
ofthis vessel right now!
Use the Grampus. It'll be faster.
The only thing I can do now is
get us to the firing point on time
and then push
the launch button.
Now try and outwit
me and this boat!
You don't have much time!
I've checked out the navigation
system and the link with Novo.
The reserve fuel
tank's full, too.
You could probably go all the way
to the Horrick range ifyou wanted to.
Oh? You're actually thanking
another person for something?
I've never heard you do that!
This is a one-way ticket.
Stand aside.
No way.
This time I'm in front.
I'm going with you.
You'll die.
I've already made up my mind.
I hate having that bad taste
left in my mouth. Besides
Besides, I've come this far.
I wanna meet that Zorndyke
guy once and punch him out!
Flood the dock! Hurry!
What are you doing?!
Ensign Kino!
You don't have launch
clearance! Abort! Kino--
Watertight seal confirmed.
I ncoming! Six torpedoes!
Correction! Eight!
Set tubes 4 through 7
to deploy homeguards
at a range of3000,
time intervals of 2!
No good!
Two torpedoes,
on collision course!
It's Hayami!
Get going, you idiot!
I ncoming! From dead above
and dead below!
A pincer move?!
Blow front tanks!
90 degrees up trim!
Set for simultaneous
front and rear launch!
Ping and fire!
Two Musucas have broken
through our defense line!
They're headed right
for Sub Zero behind us!
Maintain trim and blow rear tanks!
Flood front tanks!
Forward tubes 2 and 4, FI RE!
Eat your heart out,
Ringling Brothers!
Wanna have a little
show after this battle?
You and me together?
Kumos, dead ahead!
5 Kumos ahead at 220!
Breaking through!
Two ofthem left Torpedoes?!
" Fly?!"
Don't let go ofthe helm!
Second wave, approaching!
Deploy homeguards!
Tubes 1 , 2, and 3, flooded!
Tubes 4, 5, and 6, flooded!
Set range at 2000 and fire!
7 torpedoes remaining!
Subs 8 and 7 are
deploying their Grampuses!
No! Don't go forward!
Close-range launches!
Multiple Musucas!
Can you see their shadows?!
Can't! They've got barriers!
Bottom deck taking on water,
but not critical.
Load all tubes with enzyme
warheads! Full-circle search!
1 2 1 6 We're surrounded!
Range.' 1500!
All tubes, FI RE!
Water temperature
is rising radically.
Are we close?
Yeah, assuming Novo's correct.
That other time
We never got to the other end.
I ncredible What an upheaval!
We're surrounded!
Wait! Don't shoot!
Why? Why aren't they attacking?
I don't know.
Seeyouaround, Hayami
Message from Sub 7!
" Using remaining buoyancy"
"to get to the surface.
The rest is up to you."
Remaining Musucas approaching.
Entering firing range
oftheir sonic cannons!
Iceberg, directly above us!
Blow main tanks!
Take us up to 80 meters!
Hide us along
the iceberg's surface!
Captain! Sub Zero is!
Out ofcontrol. Out ofcontrol.
Rising tosurface.
Hide us inside the ice ridges!
That's too dangerous, sir!
We have no choice.
It'll buy us some time.
Novo! Surface Sub Zero!
So This is Antarctica, huh?
Looks that way.
" Not knowing I am pillowed among
the crags of Kamo Mountain"
"my wife must still
be waiting for my return."
" 'Today, today!' Each day
I have waited foryou"
"and now do they not sayyou are
strewn with the shells of lshi River?"
" Love is simply a sad lament"
"l sing to the clouds
as they pass the lshi River"
Engines stopped!
Orbital calculations?
No problems.
And the Musucas?
It's strange.
I can't hear them anymore.
All right, we'll fire from here.
They'll be back soon.
When they do, we'll use
ourselves as a decoy
and defend Sub Zero
to the death.
All right. We'll stay with you.
We'll give 'em a fight to remember!
I'm ready for more.
It's fine with me.
Starting countdown.
I'm counting on you, Novo.
Ijust control the
operation ofthesystem.
Deciding to use itis
thejob ofyouhumans.
Nuclear torpedoes,
ready to fire!
Excellent! Contact the Musucas!
Tell them I'll finish off Blue 6!
Calm down.
Same to you!
Ah Such young visitors.
This is a very savage land.
The end ofthe world, in fact.
What can I do foryou?
Why? Why are you
destroying the world?
You still live.
The world will
not be destroyed
so long as you wish it.
Don't insult us!
Are we supposed to live as slaves
ofthese monsters you created?!
Sub 8, destroyed!
What's the Ghost Ship's position?!
1 7 degrees to starboard,
range: 4800!
It's right in the center
ofthe encircling forces!
I ncoming! 3 torpedoes!
Sound trackers, FI RE!
five minutes to completion.
Launch in 37minutes, 55.03seconds.
Take us straight
into the middle ofthem.
We're going to
break their center!
Load all tubes!
Prep for continuous fire!
Don't let us down, slow turtle.
One day, I was left all alone.
Suddenly, everything I was working
on just didn't matter anymore.
My heart went out of it.
Project Blue Wheat that
would grow at the poles.
Potatoes that would thrive
in the desert.
The utilization ofartificial
protein under the sea.
Useless. All of it, useless.
Even doing that wouldn't
change us in any way.
Rather It would only increase
our arrogance, wouldn't it?
That isn't an answer, Zorndyke!
I I simply said
" no" to this world.
And then I gave birth to
my new, wonderful children.
I flooded the major cities and
the chiefgrain-producing areas.
I thought it could end just by sharply
reducing the number of humans alive.
I thought so!
You are the cause ofall ofthis!
Why is it?
Why didn't you thinkyou
could live with them?
They attacked us first!
It was them They struck first!
Have you
Has all ofthis
been a test for us?
Where are they?!
Where's Blue 6?!
I I don't know!
I can only hear noise!
Have the Musucas pull back!
Are we gonna use 'em?
Load the nuclear torpedoes!
Use the boosters, too!
We'll destroy them
all in one blow!
Bearing to 2 o'clock, depth 1 20!
It's moving along the ocean floor!
They are my children.
Like you, they are
inexperienced life-forms.
But you can learn
from each other.
Learn to respect, even understand,
each other as equals.
J ust as every other
living thing in this world.
That's not what I wanted
to hear from you!
My father My mother
My big sister!
Why did you kill them?!
Do you hate me?
I hate you!
All the same. Nothing's changed.
If nothing is done,
nothing will ever change.
Wh- What are you talking about?!
Ifyou shoot me,
will it go away?
Ifyou shoot me, will it go away?
That hatred you carry?
Maybe it will.
I, too
I, too, once felt the feelings
that you carry now.
I, too, asked "why?" to things
whose true forms were invisible.
But, in the end, all I was left
with was nothingness and disgust.
I was just like
the rest ofthem.
And to that disgust we
all carry, I simply say
Verg, they're suffering!
Suffering their guts out!
Burn them! Burn them all!
Verg! Verg!
That's not them!
It's not Blue 6's screw!
Stop this! Stop this all right now!
Stop melting the glaciers!
Stop the pole shift!
Stop making your monsters, too!
I cannot.
I don't have that power.
This has all grown and enmeshed
itself beyond my control.
All I can do now is watch.
Look at this enormous hole here.
The shaft goes deep
through the Earth's crust.
Right down into
the mantle layer.
The entire magnetic power
system continues to operate
with my heartbeat
as its password.
But I didn't have enough time.
I don't have enough energy
to trigger the pole shift.
It is a gamble.
I predicted that your final trump card
would be the use of nuclear weapons.
You're saying?!
Go on and burn this promised
land to ashes ifyou wish.
The moment you do, the lid
to hell will be opened
and the pole shift will begin.
T-minus 1 0 minutes and counting.
What about the Musucas?
No sign ofthem.
Everyone's running away
They're scared
Number One, get ready!
Kino and Hayami aren't backyet!
I have no choice.
Wait, please It's just
Yamada! Take her to her room!
Don't fire!
That's what Mr. Nonaka told me
He said to trust Hayami.
You You talk like that
You monster!
Then burn this place.
Ifyou hate me, then shoot.
But the seed has been planted.
The world will change.
You can't stop it now.
What happens next depends on you.
Is that the rule
you've fated for us?!
I n this game where you
gamble with human lives?!
My wife
My son and his wife
My granddaughter along
with countless others
I found them dead, buried in
that hole in the forest
And so now you
thinkyou're God?!
I n that moment,
my entire world collapsed.
Your world
I do not accept this world.
To it, I shall always sayno.
That isn't yourjob.
Contact Blue 6.
Tell them not to launch.
Why? Why?!
The world will not be destroyed.
It will merely change.
So long as you wish it to.
Tell this to the nations
ofthe Blue Fleet.
That the poles and this sea
are holy to my children.
Is there any reason to fear?
They'll understand you.
I know.
The day this uprising began
I have been dead,
ever since that day.
Message from Ensign Kino!
" Mass destruction system is
disabled! Request pick up!"
They did it!
Thankyou, Lord
Yuri, the abort code.
Aye, sir!
Let's pick up the
survivors on the surface.
Prepare to deploy
the search probe.
- Aye, sir!
- Captain!
Should I get
the cutter ready?
Yeah. Go get them.
Aye, sir!
You did it, Hayami.
Whatare the enemy
ships doing?
Far Far below us
I n the dark place
They're crying.
Right Right.
I'll contact you when he
gets here. Over and out.
Why? WHY?!
You said you'd teach me new
words when I got back, didn't you?!
Please, say something!
Speak to me!
A human!
You killed him.
With those filthy hands ofyours!
I'll kill you!
Do it.
But Zorndyke said
We should talk first--
F- First
we have to talk together!
Don't you dare
even SAY Papa's name!
Stop it!
Stay back, you idiot!
That's what
What your papa told me.
It's not true!
We can
It's not true!
understand each other
It's not true! It's not true!
as equals.
He was
Papa was tricked byyou!
So much So much!
He always looked so sad
It was your fault. Your fault!
Your lies Your tricks
Your killing! Your stealing!
You all You all!
Stop! Stop it!
Let go! Let him go!
I said let him go!
Let him go!
Let him go! Let him go!
Stop it! STOP IT!!!
Speak to me! Are you okay?
said it was up to us
to change the future.
Salt water
I don't want to talk to you!
Hayami! Hayami! Ha!
East Sepik I rianJaya
I've killed so many people.
But this was the first time
When I did it in the light
and face to face.
" Not knowing I am pillowed among
the crags of Kamo Mountain"
"my wife must still
be waiting for my return."
" 'Today, today!' Each day
I have waited foryou"
"and now do they not sayyou are
strewn with the shells of lshi River?"
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