Bob Hearts Abishola (2019) s03e15 Episode Script

Compress to Impress

1 Previously on Bob Hearts Abishola I have no idea why we don't do these mother-daughter coffee dates more often.
I agree.
Now that we don't work together anymore, we can just be gal pals.
If you could just sign this.
What is it? Something to make sure that business doesn't get in the way of family.
It's just a silly little document that states any ideas you thought of at MaxDot are property of MaxDot.
I-I don't understand.
It's very standard language.
You hated every one of my ideas when I worked there.
Honey, just because I hated them doesn't mean they're not mine.
- Is this the only cheese Danish? - It is.
- Anyone mind? - Help yourself.
But I got it for Mr.
Morning, everybody.
- Morning, Mr.
- Morning.
Hey, Douglas, way to be early for the meeting.
There's a meeting? Yeah, there's a meeting.
We're updating our marketing strategy.
What's wrong with the one we got now? The only thing we have is a 30-year-old ad in Reader's Digest.
Damn, she's hot.
Yep, I was a looker.
Oh, God.
I would like to propose that we produce a series of commercials for TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, all of social media.
Or an infomercial for TV.
- No one watches TV anymore.
- I do.
Then we should make an infomercial for TV.
Thanks, everybody.
Nice work, Kofo.
Is everyone logged on? Mom, you're muted.
You're still muted.
Aw, to hell with this stupid damn thing! - We can hear you now.
- Okay, now we can't see.
Leave it alone.
Kofo, go ahead.
I want to introduce you to Marion Mitchell, producer and director of many successful TV commercials, including the beloved mesothelioma one.
Oh, those are great.
I think I have that.
Marion, are you there? Hello.
Can everyone see me? - Yes.
- No.
Marion, why don't you Now I can see her.
Why don't you tell us why you want to work with MaxDot? I don't know that I do.
What the hell is this broad's problem? Mom, you're not muted.
Let me explain something about television commercials.
People don't buy the product, they buy the story.
I need to know what MaxDot's story is before I agree to do the job.
You mean like how, uh, Spider-Man became Spider-Man? Exactly.
I think he got bit by a radioactive spider.
MaxDot is the leading distributor of therapeutic hosiery And who are you? I'm Bob Wheeler.
I run the company.
No, honey.
I allow you to run the company.
We all run the company.
You definitely don't run the company.
Leave Douglas alone.
He's just trying to hook up with Blondie.
Anyway, it's my company.
There it is.
- What? - The story.
MaxDot is a family company.
You bicker, you love, and somehow you make it all work.
That is what people want to see.
All right, I'm in.
We'll start shooting next week.
What the hell just happened? We got the job! Mom, what are you doing? Still fits! Oh, God.
This is so exciting.
We've always loved American commercials.
- Really? - Oh, yes.
They make us laugh, they make us cry, They make us crave a taco wrapped inside a quesadilla.
Well, I just hope our commercial works.
Why wouldn't it? Well, the director wants to shine a light on my family.
My family's better in the dark.
I love your family.
But how about when you first met 'em? Oh I just hope we can stay focused on the socks and not turn it into some crazy reality show.
Like the Kardashians.
America's family.
But would you buy socks from them? Tunde and I have been loving their shapewear.
Oh, very slimming.
Well, I remember when a crazy Wheeler knocked on my door offering me socks.
Now I'm married to the lunatic and wearing those socks.
And if I'd have brought you roses, would we still be sitting here right now? Absolutely not.
What a waste of money.
This commercial will be the perfect opportunity for you to reinvent yourself.
What is wrong with the way I am? Oh, Abishola.
So innocent.
Okay, so this first one I like to call the Gayle King.
Conservative but playful.
Anybody can talk to you because you appear warm and friendly.
But I am not warm and friendly.
Good point.
How about the Beyoncé Balayage? Sexy, strong-willed and dominating.
- I like that.
- Mm-hmm? Why you bring your hair to work? If Abishola is going to be in Bob's commercial, she must shine bright, like a diamond.
Oh, you gonna be in a commercial? For MaxDot.
Bob wants the whole family in it.
That's great.
You got any lines? I do.
As a nurse, I walk all day at work Oh, no, no, no, no, no.
What? Do you know who buys compression socks? Old white people.
Do you know who cannot understand an accent that is not from Iowa? Old white people.
- People can understand me perfectly well.
- Ehh.
What is the pan you stir-fry vegetables in? - Wok.
- And what is it you do all day? Work.
Say "Walter drinks water while he walks to work.
" Walter drinks water while he walks to work.
Child, it ain't just the old white people that can't understand you.
So the first setup's gonna be over here.
This is so exciting.
I had no idea it took so many people and all this equipment just to make a commercial.
- Here, take a picture with me.
- Ah.
Say "Hollywood.
" Hollywood.
Believe how far we've come? You and dad selling socks out of the trunk of your Oldsmobile, now we're making a national TV commercial.
I wish your father could see this.
He does see it, Mom.
I can feel his presence.
Well, I didn't feel yours.
What's she doing here? - I asked her.
- Why? She might not be part of the company anymore, but she's still part of the family.
I disagree.
She left us for another sock company.
She's dead to me.
How can you say that? Fine, she's in a coma.
Either way, I don't want her in the commercial.
- Mom, come on.
- See? I told you she would be like this.
Don't worry, I'll talk to her.
Hey, guys they just put out pigs in a blanket.
Do you know what we call pigs in a blanket in Nigeria? What? Pigs in a blanket.
Hey, that's funny.
What do you mean? Who is it? - Bob.
- Are you alone? Yeah.
Come in.
You have one daughter.
Is this really how you want to treat her? Get out.
I'm not doing the commercial without my sister.
Well, then, I guess there's no commercial.
So you're good wasting thousands of dollars just to prove your petty little point? My point is not petty.
She chose to leave this family.
She didn't leave the family, she left the job.
It's the same thing.
None of us want to be here, but we stick it out 'cause we love each other, damn it.
I hope Dad's not seeing us now.
Don't you use your father against me.
I'm not.
I just think he would want us to be together to celebrate what he's built.
Oh, we're not here.
Keep talking.
No, and no.
Please, Mom.
When she left, she broke my heart.
I know.
And when I begged her to come back, she might as well have just spit in my face.
Begged her? You threatened to sue her.
Because I'm her mother, and I love her.
Oh, my God.
Would you just give us two Oh.
I just wanted to let you know I'm leaving.
Well, hang on.
Before you go, Mom wanted to talk to you.
Good luck, everybody.
Look, I'm sorry I upset you.
I just came to be supportive.
You came to rub my nose in it that you had this commercial idea five years ago.
You remember that? Yeah, I remember it.
I remember everything I ignore.
But you were right.
It was a good idea.
- Really? - I'm not gonna say it again.
Thank you.
And I'm sorry I couldn't be the daughter you wanted me to be.
Don't be ridiculous.
What mother doesn't want a fixer-upper? Well, I still have plenty that needs to be fixed.
You're killing it at that new job.
I really am.
But my love life is a mess.
- 'Cause you don't respect yourself.
- I know.
And you give it away too easy.
I know.
- Come here.
- I love you, Mom.
I love you, too, my darling.
Okay, why don't we just rehearse one, - see how it goes? - Sounds good.
Whenever you're ready.
When you buy a pair of socks from MaxDot, you're not just a customer, you're part of the family.
Isn't that right, Abishola? Mm-hmm.
Honey, you have a line here.
Is there a problem? Mm-mm.
- Can we just have a moment? - Sure.
Hey, you okay? No.
I don't want to do this.
- Why not? - This is your company.
You should be the one to talk about it.
Well, the idea is the whole family talks about it together.
Walter drinks water while he walks to work.
- What? - Exactly.
You cannot understand me.
Yes, I can.
And who the hell is Walter? You only understand me because you have learned to.
What about the old white people who watch the commercial? - Well, what about 'em? - They will not understand me, and they will not buy your socks.
Well, if they're anything like me, they will fall in love with you the moment you say "Bob.
" That's not one of my lines.
Well, we'll put it in, then.
I just don't want to embarrass you.
You could never embarrass me.
You're the best thing that ever happened to me.
And cut.
What? I thought we were rehearsing.
Oh, that's just what you say to get the real stuff.
Oh, no.
Please don't put that in the commercial.
You sure? Real emotion like that? That's what makes money.
Well, in that case, we'll do it again.
This time, I'll cry.
No one tells you how important foot circulation is.
My husband's varicose veins caused him much pain.
And they were painful to look at.
But those veins have been tamed thanks to MaxDot compression socks.
And now he has the circulation of a man 20 years his junior.
My stamina is back on the pickleball court.
Amongst other places.
MaxDot socks saved my calves and my marriage.
Boy, you two are fantastic.
I have a short film I'm doing that you would be perfect for.
- Oh, wonderful.
- How do you feel about nudity? Well, if it serves the story, then so will I.
My name is Goodwin Aderibigbe Olayiwola.
When I came to America, I was one of the first employees of MaxDot socks.
I thought I had found a job, but what I really found was a home.
That is right, Goodwin.
I am Kofoworola Omogoriola Olanipekun.
Even though I began working here many years after my cousin, MaxDot saw my potential and soon promoted me above him.
He is an American success story.
And in your own way, cousin, so are you.
This is gonna sell you a lot of socks.
This is gonna bite me right in the ass.
I'm Dottie Wheeler.
When my husband Max and I started this company - almost 50 years ago - Dottie, I'm gonna have to stop you there.
Why? I was nailing it.
I heard the words.
But I didn't feel them.
So, louder? How did your husband die? - What? - Max.
Your husband? That must have been devastating.
It was the saddest day of my life.
It's hard enough when it happens, but the worst part? Every morning when I wake up, for a split second, I think he's here.
But then you remember he died.
There it is! - Hold that! - What? Now throw it all away! And action! Hi.
I'm Dottie Wheeler.
When my husband Max and I started this company almost 50 years ago, we didn't have much.
Just a love of socks and each other.
But we knew we wanted MaxDot to be a family company.
Which not only included our three beautiful children, Bob, Christina and Douglas, but also all the wonderful people who work at MaxDot.
Even though Max is gone I know she's just saying lines, but they're the lines I always wanted to hear.
It's like she really loves us.
Makes up for a lot of hugs that never happened.
Will the three of you shut the hell up?! I'm trying to sell socks.
My children are the backbone of this company.
I'm Bob Wheeler, president and CEO of MaxDot.
When you buy a pair of MaxDot socks, you're not just a customer.
You're part of the family.
Isn't that right, Abishola? That's right, Bob.
We love our - MaxDot socks.
- MaxDot socks.
Married couples love MaxDot socks.
MaxDot employees love MaxDot socks.
Medical professionals love MaxDot socks.
We rely on them every day.
Isn't that right, Abishola? Mm-hmm! So, the next time we see you, don't be shy.
Show us your socks! MaxDot socks, socks that rock MaxDot socks Socks that rock MaxDot socks Socks that rock Show us your socks, show us your socks Show us your MaxDot compression socks Show us your socks, show us your socks Show us your MaxDot compression socks MaxDot socks, socks that rock MaxDot socks Socks that rock MaxDot socks Socks that rock MaxDot socks, socks that rock Show us your socks, show us your socks Show us your MaxDot compression socks Show us your socks, show us your socks Show us your MaxDot compression socks What you doing, baby? Oh! Oh.
Mind your business.
MaxDot socks, socks that rock MaxDot socks Socks that rock MaxDot socks Socks that rock MaxDot socks, socks that rock.

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