Bodies (2023) s01e06 Episode Script

'The World Is Yours'

[intriguing string music plays]
[air raid siren blaring in distance]
[Mullins] Everything is ready
for you, sir.
[Mannix] How many is left after this?
[Mullins] Just one more, sir,
after this one.
Thank you, Mullins.
Recording number 2-5-5.
[Mannix] Hello, Shahara.
It's Elias here.
We are one another's ghosts
of past, present, and future.
It's hard to grasp, isn't it?
[dramatic music playing]
There's one thing I know for certain,
we will meet again.
[siren wailing]
For you, on the 14th of July,
everything will change.
This city, and those who serve its greed,
will be obliterated.
Two hundred thousand
will die in the initial blast.
The subsequent firestorm will double that,
and the fallout will double it again.
The chaos left in the wake
will reveal the ruling class
for the self-serving parasites they are,
paving the way for a future
that I promise will be worth the wait.
On the 14th of July,
you will play your part, Shahara,
the most vital part of all.
There's no stopping it.
It's already history.
14th of July. Today.
I'm pretty sure the voice belongs
to the financier called Sir Julian Harker,
who died in 1941.
He was the founder of Harker and Co. Bank
and was the head
of some sort of doomsday cult,
both of which still exist today.
DCI Barber, my boss,
was Harker's great-grandson.
And I believe Barber
is the father of Elias Mannix,
who Barber sprung from prison yesterday,
and they haven't been seen since.
Elias Mannix told me this cult
was planning to detonate a bomb
"like nothing you've ever seen."
Those were his words.
You're Counter-Terrorism.
This is your turf.
I think it's a nuclear threat.
if this was genuinely recorded in 1941,
that's four years before Hiroshima.
How could this be
anything other than a hoax?
You heard the message.
He said it was today. Now!
- [exhales] What do you want us to do?
- Shit yourselves!
The only thing that makes me nervous
is that Barber sprung this Mannix kid.
[Hasan] Hey!
I'm right here.
Do you have any idea the time,
the money, and the coordination
it takes to pull something like this off?
We're talking years of planning.
That is literally my point.
This was recorded in 1941.
You don't just hide a nuke
in your shed for 80 years.
You need a high-security lab facility,
lead lining, a team to make it,
maintain it.
In the middle of London? It's impossible.
What about under it?
[ominous music plays]
[dramatic music playing]
Hey! Police.
This key, do you recognize it?
Is it a vault key? Yes or no?
These are from our oldest vaults.
How did you get this?
[mouse clicking]
What? What is it?
[man] Good Lord.
You are Miss Shahara Hasan
of 15 Spencer Drive, Whitechapel?
The vault's been in your name
since the 6th of May, 1941.
- Fuck.
- Hold on.
What the hell?
- [beeps]
- [dramatic music continues]
[man] Oldest part of the building
down here.
[ominous music playing]
[lights surging]
Sorry about the lights.
[music fades]
This is your vault, detective.
Keyhole's there.
Over to you.
[eerie music playing]
[Hasan] Fuck!
[metal door groaning]
[phone ringing]
Don't answer it.
[Hasan exhales]
I have to.
They're not done with me yet.
[Barber] Hasan
- [Hasan] Fuck. [gasps]
- [female agent] Jesus Christ!
Hello, Shahara.
[dramatic music playing]
Do you know what I love about you?
You're always
right in the eye of the storm.
Never dodged it, not once.
The bad news is the bomb's now live.
As for who's got the trigger,
I think you know that.
Come on.
He's scared. He's confused,
and you're the one
who'll help him make up his mind.
Head west on the A40
till I call again, alone.
Go. Now!
[siren wailing]
Give me the keys.
- I'm coming with you.
- No, he said just me.
No fucking way.
I know I was harsh to you before,
and I believe you 100%,
but there's no way
I'm letting you out of my sight.
[tires spinning]
[siren wailing]
[suspenseful music playing]
[Hayden] Clear the room! Everybody out!
- Take him upstairs.
- Sir. Go on.
You're all excused,
leave your desks as they are.
[officer] Everyone out!
[dramatic string music playing]
[humming, warbling]
- [siren chirping]
- [people clamoring]
There was an unexploded World War II bomb
that was discovered
during an ordnance survey.
was discovered buried deep
in a vault in Harker Bank.
[people clamoring]
[siren wailing]
[phone ringing]
This is Hasan.
[Barber] Making good time, I hope.
You should be thanking me
for getting you the fuck out of Dodge.
- [chuckles]
- I want to talk to Elias.
Oh, you will, mate. You will.
That's why we're doing this.
Just you wait.
You see, you're such a big part
of this, Shahara.
We've always known it.
You're the one
who's gonna help him choose.
This country's gonna know it's loved.
It's going to be beautiful.
I should be thanking you.
Now I want you to get
to a lovely, sleepy little place.
It's called Wells Pier,
right on the river.
Just you.
If I see anybody else, we hit the switch.
[tense music playing]
Just you.
Say it.
[Hasan] Just me.
Baba, you need to get Jawad
out of London. It's serious.
Go to Aunt Saffy's.
- Promise me you'll go right now.
- Uh
Please. I love you both.
- Shahara, don't. Wait
- [line hangs up]
How much can we actually trust
this Barber guy not to detonate the bomb?
[Hasan] We can't. But what choice
do we have right now?
Look, I know this kid.
I don't think he has this in him.
You don't think?
Let me talk him down.
- There's no plan B right now.
- [sighs]
We're all there is.
[eerie music plays]
[melancholy music playing]
- Come on, come here.
- [sniffles]
I'm sorry I wasn't there for you,
but I'm here now.
This is your choice to make.
It's your decision.
Your choice, Elias.
It's all we're ever going to ask of you.
Come here.
Now, this is the detonator, okay?
[detonator thuds on table]
It's your choice.
[breathing deeply]
[Barber] You left us the records.
You told me that you had to suffer,
you had to see the world from the gutter.
All I want is for you
to find your happiness, Elias.
Because we needed your pain
as the catalyst,
the the spark that's going to make
this all happen.
Do you understand?
[somber, ethereal music playing]
And I'm I'm telling you,
I'm not what you think I am.
You'll understand.
I'm here to help you realize your dream.
And Hasan will give you the key.
[suspenseful music playing]
Arms up, please.
Through there.
[ominous music playing]
It's brave of you
to come this far, Shahara.
Elias you okay?
He's fine.
It's our first father and son outing,
and it's a boat trip.
What could possibly go wrong, eh?
Now, sit down opposite Elias.
And now, finally over to you two.
As it's meant to be.
- [bomb whirs]
- Sir!
Oh, Jesus.
[ominous music playing]
[Hasan] Elias, this is their game,
not ours.
Give it to me, and it's done.
Hey. If you press that button,
so many people are dead.
I don't believe you have that evil in you.
I just don't.
[Barber] No one should tell you
what to do, Elias.
Only you should decide.
No amount of pain can justify this.
This isn't you.
[Elias grunts]
Sorry. I'm sorry.
- Don't. Please don't.
- [Barber] Easy, Shahara.
Play nice.
Okay, she's had her turn to speak.
Now it's yours.
is the last record
that Sir Julian Harker ever made.
And it's for you, Elias.
- Straight from the horse's mouth.
- He's lying, Elias.
It's fake. They're brainwashing you.
Why don't we let him be the judge?
After all, you've listened
to your record, Shahara.
It brought you here.
- [suspenseful string music playing]
- [record crackling]
[Mannix] I have lived your life, Elias.
As you sit on that boat
and feel your heart beating in your chest,
that same heart beats in mine.
One day, you too will sit where I am
and record these exact same words
in 1941.
Since your beginnings,
you've been rejected
by your mother and your father.
You've carried that wretchedness
for as long as you can remember.
As if it was your fault.
And you will continue to be alone,
unless you do what must be done.
Then you will be loved.
[music intensifies]
[music fades]
In time, you will usher in a new era,
a new world,
where there is freedom, and love is all.
You will go back to 1890,
and you will live my life
as Sir Julian Harker.
You will find your happiness.
A life of warm instead of cold.
You will become me,
and I will be reborn as you
again, and again, and again.
All your life,
your pain,
your anger,
it has all come down to this moment.
Press the button, Elias.
- Press the button and know you are loved.
- [shuddering]
Know you are loved.
Know you are
Elias, you have a choice.
Don't listen to him.
- you are loved. Know
- [gasps]
- [Hasan] Elias, please!
- You are loved
[suspenseful music playing]
- [groans]
- Dad!
[wailing] No, no, no, no.
- Don't! No, no! Don't shoot him! No!
- Move!
[Elias wailing] No!
Wait. Please.
[Elias whimpers]
The world is yours, Elias.
No, no
[groans, mutters]
[ominous music playing]
[Hasan] Elias.
Elias, give it to me.
- Elias, you don't want it.
- [gasps]
[ethereal music playing]
[Elias gasping]
[Elias] No
[officer] Proceed with defusal confirmed.
[bomb beeping]
[whooshing, humming]
[Mannix] Ticktock, ticktock.
Not long to go now, professor.
You more than anyone know how this ends.
And Shahara.
We barely recognize each other, do we?
I'll never forget
how you helped me that day.
And I will never forgive myself
for not killing you.
Elaine and Andrew,
they promised me this moment.
I promised myself this moment,
that I would know I was loved.
I've built a world
so that others would know that feeling.
I'm still waiting.
But through there,
I'll find it for myself.
I will find her and let that love flourish
to become this world.
Have you asked him, Maplewood?
Have you asked him if he was the one
who killed half a million people,
including my son?
Look her in the eye, Elias.
Tell her you didn't do it.
[tense synth music playing]
Did you?
And I'm going to do it again.
[groans, screams]
- [gun cocks]
- [Mannix] Wait!
When are you going to learn?
You can't stop this!
- [panting]
- [Mannix] You did your part,
and now I'll do mine.
You are the mother of this world, Shahara.
[chuckling] And And I am the father.
- [groans]
- Hasan, no!
1890, make it ready.
[Defoe] No.
You'll just have to kill me.
No. Point the gun at her head.
Now, you know you die,
but you don't know what happens to her.
It's up to you.
Open The Throat,
or I promise you she will die.
[dramatic music playing]
[whirring, humming]
[Mannix shuddering]
I leave this future, our world,
in your hands,
Remember, change isn't what you seek,
it's what you fear.
And the bomb didn't just take,
it also gave.
I think you know that deep down.
Do you understand?
Yes Commander.
[Mannix] Know you are loved.
[chuckles softly]
[ethereal music playing]
[crackling intensifies]
- [yelling]
- [music fades]
[yell echoes]
[footsteps approaching]
[chuckles softly]
You certainly know how to make a man wait.
Did you get Harker's confession?
Harker tells me
I'm to frame you for the murder.
That's absurd. They can't.
The police commissioner's son's my alibi.
No, the commissioner's son
has just signed a sworn affidavit
denying he was with you.
I'm the one that made him sign it.
I had no choice. Charlotte and Polly
[sad string music playing]
[Ashe] And
you've come to arrest me.
I'm here to tell you to run.
Henry. Henry
There isn't much time. Leave!
[hesitantly] You're free to go
anywhere you want and live
- We'll fight them!
- No, no!
Your stubbornness will get you killed!
You'll have the establishment against you.
Nobody will believe you,
and you will be murdered in prison
before you can be a martyr.
You honestly think
running me out of the city will end it?
You may stop fucking me,
but they will never stop fucking you,
you spineless coward!
- Because that's all you are.
- Henry.
- That is That is all you've ever been.
- God damn it, just run!
They will kill you.
And I cannot live
with your blood on my hands.
It is a waste of your hope, your light.
You cannot win this.
[sobbing softly]
They won't leave you alone.
You won't have a life worth living either.
Come with me.
[music fading]
[Ashe shuddering]
I have to finish this.
[Ashe sobbing]
[door closes]
[footsteps approaching]
[Hayden] Calloway was a good man.
It's a shame, but it's your prints
on the gun, not mine.
And you stuck it in the face
of a defenseless 68-year-old woman,
with witnesses.
Odds of your innocence are slim.
That malignant bitch poisoned a child.
That malignant bitch
happens to be my mother.
- [groans]
- [Hayden chuckles]
You have a choice to make.
I can charge you for the murder
of Calloway and the others,
including the little girl.
You'll hang like a bollock.
Or you can listen to what I have to say,
and this gun will disappear.
[Hayden] I have it
on the highest authority
that you still have a role to play.
From the burning bush, so to speak.
It's time to fill you in
on the bigger picture.
[ominous music playing]
Look familiar?
These photos were taken 50 years ago.
[Whiteman] What is this?
Some verkakte joke?
What do you take me for?
A man desperately in need of salvation,
searching in all the wrong places.
There's a difference
between the momentary ideals
we hold in our heads
and the things
we truly long for in our hearts.
You can profit from our knowledge.
This office could have your name
engraved on the door by tomorrow morning.
"Detective Chief Inspector Whiteman."
There it is,
that hunger.
There's no shame in having an appetite.
[tense music playing]
We take no issue with you
for developing a conscience
about the child.
Was it your call?
Nah, it wasn't yours.
You're just a busboy
with pigeon shit on his shoulders.
So who's the real boss, then, Hayden?
I want to speak to who's really in charge.
As you wish.
Father said you'd come.
Hodges, inform Harker House we're coming.
[Hodges] Yes, sir.
[tense music rising]
- [grunts]
- [groans]
[Hayden gasping]
[blood squelches]
- You think you know me, rich boy?
- [Hayden groaning]
You think you can tempt me with what?
This shithole office, some shithole job?
- That's not me.
- [handcuffs clank]
As for this burning bush,
I want to put it out.
- I'm going to say hello to Daddy.
- [groans]
That's for Calloway.
[door opens, slams shut]
[somber music playing]
[suspenseful music playing]
[music stops]
[footsteps departing]
[inhales sharply, exhales]
[knock at door]
[door opens]
Inside is everything you need
to get your man, inspector.
[Paxman] About time.
Leave it there.
The case is now closed.
[pleasant piano music playing]
- [piano continues playing]
- [door closes]
[dishware clattering softly]
Home early again!
Do you intend to make this a habit?
Get washed up. Polly has to eat quickly
because she's been asked
Polly, stop playing.
Polly, stop!
What's the matter?
What I have to say to you is
[sputtering] It's not fair for me to
Polly, go upstairs.
No, I'm staying.
[door closes]
[Charlotte] Is it the journalist?
The moment you saw him in here
I knew from your face.
- Charlotte
- Please don't.
Has it always been this way?
I tried so hard to be
who you wanted me to be.
[Charlotte sniffling]
Was any of it real?
[Hillinghead] God, yes.
[gentle music playing]
Don't ever question that.
My love for you and Polly,
it's so very real.
[sputtering] It's just that
there was always something else
just as real.
No matter how much I didn't want it to be.
[pounding at door]
[Charlotte] Alfred, what's happening?
[officer knocking] Open up, Hillinghead!
Papa, the police are at the door.
[officer] Hillinghead, open up now!
[sniffles] Um, I've committed a murder.
- [officer] Police!
- I killed a man.
- You wouldn't! You wouldn't do that!
- Yes, I did.
[officer] Or we'll
break the door down ourselves.
- [pounding on door]
- You didn't, you're lying.
I know that you're lying. I always know.
- [door crashes]
- Polly.
You didn't do this!
Your husband's a murderer,
Mrs. Hillinghead.
Look, see his signed confession
for yourself.
[dramatic string music playing]
You signed this?
[Paxman] You're arrested for the murder
of the man found on Longharvest Lane
- I'm sorry.
- the morning of the 10th of September,
- year of our Lord, 1890.
- [softly] What?!
Cuff him.
[Charlotte] No, Alfred.
He He's lying, he didn't do this! Papa!
- [Charlotte] No!
- [Polly] Papa!
[Hillinghead grunts]
[Paxman] Let's go.
- [whip cracks]
- [horse neighs]
[music intensifies]
Alfred! No, Alfred!
[music fades]
[metal knocker clacks]
- How can I help you?
- I'm after the lord of the manor.
I only ask 'cause you've got a light on,
should be blacked out.
Nazis, hey? Like moths to a flame.
And I say fuck 'em, Jeeves.
You know what I mean?
I'll get the window
blacked out immediately.
Thank you.
[blocks door] No, no.
You don't get off that easy.
See, there's a fine.
[Mullins groans]
[clock ticking]
[piano playing gentle song]
[chimes jingling]
[Whiteman breathing heavily]
[ominous music playing]
I let her go so gently.
- I real
- [gunshot]
- [loud thud]
- [music fades]
[tense music playing]
[Whiteman] So, you're the one.
Her name was Esther. She was 11 years old.
She didn't deserve to die.
What do you think you're taking from me?
My life?
[Whiteman] You killed her.
You can't outlive
[chuckling] No, you're too late.
It's over.
[phone ringing]
[mysterious music playing]
[gun clatters]
[music continues]
[siren wailing in distance]
[thudding in distance]
[officer] Whiteman, stay where you are!
You're under arrest for murder.
[whooshing, crackling]
- [Maplewood gasps]
- [grunts]
[Maplewood] Defoe!
We're the last ones standing, Iris.
Drop it.
I never thought
you'd be the one that shoots me.
[melancholy string music playing]
You don't have to do this.
You truly don't.
I could follow him.
I could stop him.
Let me try.
Free will does not exist.
It's an illusion.
I can break the loop in the past.
Hey! Defoe!
[Defoe] To Gabriel Defoe.
He never quite made a mark.
[Maplewood] Gabriel, please.
Don't make me.
Catch me if you can.
You already have.
Catch me if you can.
[echoing] You already have.
[suspenseful music playing]
[dramatic music playing]
[music fading]
[Ishmael] So, this was all for nothing.
We can go home now?
[Hasan] No, don't go home yet.
Just Where'd you get to?
Uh, Deptford.
I told you get out of London,
and you only got as far as Deptford?
You know I can't drive.
I need to work on our Code Reds, Baba.
All right, book yourselves into a hotel
'til I say it's all clear. Okay?
All right, but the police pay.
Jawad wants to speak to you.
- [Jawad] Mommy.
- Hello, sweetheart.
I'm so sorry I scared you.
Everything's okay. All right?
When are we going to go back home?
Very soon. And we'll all be home together,
and I'll give you a big hug and a kiss.
Okay. I love you.
I love you too, sweetheart.
More than anything. I got to go, babe.
[female agent] Hey.
I need a favor.
I've requested
to drive you back to prison myself.
They're allowing it.
Assuming you want me to.
[birds chirping]
Do you think Barber was really my dad?
Your mom said he was.
So, she's alive?
My mom.
[Hasan] Mm-hmm.
[gentle music playing]
[exhales sharply]
I don't want her to see me in prison.
[music continues]
[child] Where's the ball?
[rings doorbell]
Sarah? It's DS Hasan.
He's here, in the car.
[Hasan knocking at door]
Sarah, please open the door.
[door opens]
Hi, Sarah.
- He just wants to see you before he goes.
- [gasps]
[Sarah] I can't. I'm sorry, I can't.
[Hasan] Sarah,
you you can't do this to him.
You know you can't.
[Sarah] I don't know what to say to him.
I'm sorry. I am so sorry.
[Hasan] Sarah, he's going to jail.
See him now, while he's still free.
[Sarah] I can't.
- [Hasan] Come on. He needs his mom.
- [Sarah] I can't.
Just tell him I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry,
but I I am not what he needs.
- [door closes]
- [Hasan] Sarah!
[knocking at door]
Sarah, you can't do this
to him, not again!
[ominous music playing]
- [dramatic sting]
- [Barber] It's your choice.
[officer] Shit.
Mobile phone wired in.
Another detonator.
[groans softly]
[groans, inhales sharply]
- [knocking at door]
- Sarah, he's your son!
Sarah, don't do this to him again!
- [bike crashes]
- [children] Hey! Get off him!
[children] What are you doing?
Oi, stop it! He took his phone.
[eerie music playing]
[sounds fade]
[dramatic string music playing]
- Elias!
- Stay there!
They were right about me!
Know you are loved. Know you are loved!
Know you are loved.
Know you are loved.
Know you are loved.
Know you are loved.
Know you are loved.
- Know you are loved!
- [flash whooshes]
I want to know!
- [panting]
- [music rising]
[music stops]
[phone beeps]
[high-pitched beep]
[whooshing, rumbling]
[wind gusting]
[ethereal music playing]
[child] Tilly, fetch Pa!
[ominous music playing]
What year is it?
[child] Hey?
[Mannix grunts]
What year is it?
[dramatic music playing]
[music fades]
[dramatic string music playing]
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