Bodies (2023) s01e07 Episode Script

'Catch Me If You Can'

[intriguing string music plays]
[ominous music playing]
[dramatic thud]
[man] He was found naked
in the street, I believe.
Bullet wound to the knee
is healing nicely.
Do we have a name yet?
[nurse] We don't know yet, Doctor.
- [horse neighs in distance]
- [dramatic music playing]
[chuckles softly]
[melancholy string music playing]
[door opens]
[man] We hesitate to bother you
with such flights of fancy
from any patient, Lady Harker,
yet he he was most insistent.
If it is not your son,
I hope you will forgive us.
All I care for is the truth.
[inhales deeply]
Can it be you?
[Agatha] They told me that he died.
That you
gave your life
to save your men at Mandalay.
Yeah, I would have, if they'd have let me.
[ominous music playing]
The Burmese took me captive.
I managed to escape, and made my way home.
- I wanted to surprise you.
- What
But I I got the shirt
robbed off my back, and
shot in the knee.
Burmese soldiers have nothing
on Whitechapel scallywags.
[chuckles softly]
[Agatha laughs, gasps]
[music intensifies]
[gasps softly]
[tense music playing]
[ethereal music playing]
My son!
[mysterious music playing]
[sobbing softly]
[music continues]
[suspenseful music playing]
Be gentle with him, Mullins.
Keep him slow.
[butler] Lady Harker.
[Mullins] Welcome home, Sir Julian.
[mysterious music playing]
[Agatha] Of course
you remember Cook and Stella.
And Archie.
Where's Archie?
[footsteps pattering]
[Archie growls]
- [Archie growls, barks]
- Archie.
Stella, take Archie out.
[Archie barking, growling]
[Stella] Yes, Lady Harker.
Come, Julian, you must be exhausted.
Take him upstairs, Mullins,
and get him into some proper clothes.
Let him rest.
[Mullins] Yes, ma'am.
- [clock ticking]
- [somber string music playing]
[eerie string music playing]
[music fades]
[door closes]
What were you?
A fucking giant?
- [bell dinging]
- [ominous music playing]
[Agatha] You face a battle ahead,
but you will win.
The lovers.
A choice.
The seven swords.
A theft.
The cards told me every time
that my son would return.
They never lie, and
Ask me anything you like.
Do you know my son?
- [wind gusting]
- [chimes jingling]
[melancholy string music playing]
Did you hurt him?
[inhales deeply]
I swear.
All you will steal is my heart.
I have little money left to give.
[Mannix] I will get you money.
And if you will allow it,
I will love you like a son.
I'll protect you.
What is it you want?
To change things for the better.
To build a great and glorious future
that you will help me create.
I'll turn this old house into a home.
We will have a family.
You will be a grandmother.
Who will be your wife?
A policeman's daughter.
- [chuckles hesitantly]
- And look.
She's here.
I know that.
I will meet her, and we will build
a beautiful life together.
Do you want to be a part of it?
[dramatic music playing]
[Archie barking]
Ask the cards if we can get a new dog.
[dramatic thud]
[frantic string music playing]
[tense string music plays]
- [music fading]
- [bell tolling]
[ominous music playing]
[people talking indistinctly in distance]
[eerie whooshing]
[energy crackling]
- [light explodes]
- [glass shatters]
[eerie whooshing, droning]
- [Defoe groaning]
- [mysterious music playing]
[Defoe weakly] Help
You're a sight for sore eyes, Professor.
[Defoe groans]
[Mannix] And so it begins.
[Defoe wheezes]
[Defoe grunts weakly]
[footsteps approaching]
[Ashe] Dear God!
A man's been shot!
[camera flash whooshes]
He made their glowing colors ♪
He made their tiny wings ♪
All things bright and beautiful ♪
All creatures great and small ♪
All things wise and wonderful ♪
The Lord God made them all ♪
Each little flower that opens ♪
Each little bird that sings ♪
He made their glowing colors ♪
- [fading] He made their tiny wings ♪
- [ominous music playing]
- [Hillinghead] What's next?
- [Polly] I think Sir
- [Hillinghead chuckling]
- [conversation continues indistinctly]
It's that journalist again.
[Charlotte] What does he want from us?
I'll be back by this evening, alright?
I don't think your wife
likes me very much.
[Hillinghead] I don't think
anyone likes you very much.
I thought he couldn't bear
that journalist.
[Charlotte] Work comes first for him.
I learnt that lesson early on.
- [Polly] I learnt it from the crib.
- [Charlotte chuckles]
[Polly] So, what are we having
for supper tonight?
Tonight, we shall have roast beef
and carrots
- My locket! Stop! Thief!
- [man] Oy!
- [Polly] Stop!
- [boy groans]
Get off me! Leave me alone.
[Mannix] Hand it over! Give it here!
[Polly] Oh! Oh, sir,
I cannot I cannot thank you enough.
Foolish of me to try and catch him,
but the locket is a gift from my father,
and and precious to me.
Looks like your chain might be broken.
Nothing that can't be fixed, I'm sure.
What on earth were you doing,
chasing after him?
This gentleman bravely tried
to stop him. Look.
I see. You have our thanks.
No need.
I know you.
Rather, you you were in church just now.
[chuckling] Yes, you you play very well.
- Oh, hardly.
- No, I live with my mother.
She's getting on,
and, believe me, she tries to play.
So, from where I'm standing,
you play very well.
Good luck with your locket.
Perhaps your mother
would like to hear me play.
- If she can no longer play for herself.
- Polly.
You'll forgive my daughter, sir.
She's made of nothing but high spirits.
- Mister?
- Harker.
Sir Julian Harker.
[Charlotte] A pleasure, sir.
No, the pleasure was all mine.
[pleasant melody playing on piano]
Come on, you.
Why did you have to say that?
Come on.
[melody continues]
[playing melody on piano]
[Mullins] Sir,
your three o'clock appointment.
Mullins, please!
[door closes]
She has exceptional grace.
Doesn't she, Julian?
She does. Yes.
[breathes deeply]
[melody ends]
[Mannix] You play like it belongs to you.
I admit I have an affinity with it.
you must excuse me.
I've other business to attend to.
Of course.
You must come and play for us again.
It would be my pleasure. [chuckles shyly]
[Agatha] Oh, carry on, dear. [chuckles]
[somber piano music playing]
[Mannix] Gentlemen, know you are loved.
[music continues]
[breathing deeply]
[music grows tense]
[music fades]
[footsteps approaching]
[door closes]
- What are you doing?
- I'm sorry. I
I shouldn't have. Lady Agatha fell asleep,
and I didn't want to wake her up,
so I thought I'd
Stretch your legs?
- It's not a crime.
- [chuckles softly]
Besides, when Mother's out, she's out.
[Mannix chuckles]
What do you think?
[Polly] It It looks very
And, uh And unique.
It is.
Rumor has it the painter
saw the dead body lying naked in a lane
after it appeared out of thin air.
It's one of those creepy ones
that follow you around the room.
"Creepy ones"? [chuckles]
You don't speak like other people.
It's refreshing to talk so unhindered.
Just say things as they are.
You still haven't told me what you think.
- It's It's creepy.
- [chuckles]
[chuckling] Spectacularly creepy.
- I'll close the curtains if you
- Oh no, I I don't mind.
[Mannix clears throat]
[decanter clinks]
May I ask you a question, Sir Julian?
- Please, Julian's fine.
- [chuckles softly]
The, uh
The gentlemen that call, that come to you
- What is it that you do?
- [clears throat]
I'm so sorry.
I've I've overstepped, I've
I'm far too inquisitive.
I offer advice on the stock market,
my insights into what goes up
and what comes down.
Basically, I make people money.
And are you often right?
- Always.
- [both chuckle softly]
About all things or just money?
Most things.
So that thief that snatched my locket,
you knew he was coming? You
You knew you'd catch him?
[gentle music playing]
No, that was a complete surprise.
[Agatha snorts softly]
[both laugh]
May I speak plainly?
Thus far, I have known you
to speak no other way.
I'd like to offer you
some permanent employment.
To help with Mother. [grunts]
She's getting old,
and you bring
so much needed light to this house.
It's good for the old
to be around the young.
- Keeps one's marbles intact. So I'm told.
- [chuckles]
I would like that very much.
Your mother's spiritual guidance
on the stocks
are becoming rather sought after
in the city, Sir Julian.
There are many who seek
her advice and your counsel.
It's only when we have High Court judges
and bank managers attending our séances
- that we know we are where we ought to be.
- [man chuckles]
[man inhales deeply]
As to the purchase of the bank,
I must stress that its price
is astronomically overvalued.
It's the bank I want,
and that's the building I want.
Cost be damned.
You're awfully quiet, Paxman.
Any news on our Inspector Hillinghead?
[Paxman] A concerning development,
Sir Julian.
[clears throat]
[quietly] Hillinghead appears to have
a photograph of you
that could become incriminating.
And soon we'll have
a photograph of Hillinghead,
which will be
substantially more incriminating.
[disorienting music playing]
- How should we adapt?
- [groans]
Know you are loved!
- Alfred! Alfred!
- [Polly] Stop it! Stop it!
[tragic string music playing]
[thunder rumbling]
[Polly sobbing softly]
My father, he
He came home
and and confessed to us that he had
committed a murder.
I didn't believe him,
but the police told us he'd
he'd already signed his his confession.
If you knew him,
you'd know how ridiculous that sounds.
He's to be transported
to Pentonville Prison this evening.
And I'm to visit him tomorrow and, well
[sputtering]I intend to tell him
of my of my new employment here,
and of our newfound friendship.
And I thought that perhaps that you might
Oh, Sir Julian,
you have the ear of so many.
[suspenseful music playing]
I beg of you, please [shudders]
may I mention your name to him?
I can tell him that you have influence.
That could bring him hope.
Assure him that you could seek
to help his case.
Forgive me, I didn't know
where else to turn.
[door unlocking]
[door opens]
[keys jingling]
I'm to escort you to Pentonville.
Ensure you are treated
with at least some dignity.
- [officers chanting] Shame.
- [melancholy string music playing]
[officers chanting] Shame.
[driver] Whoa.
Why have we stopped?
[ominous music playing]
[music fades]
[door closes]
My, you're such a fool.
You could have let
that journalist take the blame.
But instead you chose
to sacrifice yourself.
For what?
For love?
Love for him?
There's not much between us, Alfred.
I know what it's like to live a lie.
Who you are, it's not your fault.
You were born in the wrong time,
that's all.
Where I come from,
you and Henry could hold hands.
Make love.
In fact, I've longed to find a world
where you and I can belong together.
I truly tried.
[chains rattle]
What do you want from me?
[ominous music playing]
Your daughter.
You stay away from her.
You've caused her more harm
than I ever would.
[chains rattle]
I promise you I will love her
with all my heart.
[Hillinghead breathing deeply]
As you love Henry.
- [Hillinghead grunts]
- [chains rattling]
[grunting loudly]
Don't you touch my daughter!
I will kill you.
I will kill you
before you lay a hand on her.
- I cannot let you jeopardize this.
- [grunts]
Farewell, Alfred.
Know you are loved.
[Hillinghead grunting]
Harker, don't you leave.
[sobbing] Oh, God!
[Hillinghead groans]
[Ladbroke] I'm sorry it had to end
this way, Hillinghead.
[melancholy string music playing]
[Hillinghead grunting]
- [Ladbroke grunting]
- [groaning]
[grunting and groaning continue]
[music fades]
[cane thudding softly]
[Mannix] Polly.
What is it?
I have some bad news.
[ominous music playing]
Your father
he was afraid to face justice.
I am so sorry.
He took his own life.
[voice breaking] No, no, he wouldn't
No, he wouldn't do that.
[dramatic thud]
[whooshing, clicking]
[dramatic thud]
[somber music playing]
- [indistinct conversations]
- [siren wailing in distance]
[car arrives]
[door opening]
[dramatic synth music playing]
[man] In your opinion, constable,
where is Commander Mannix at this time?
As I've said in my statement,
Prime Minister,
I have no idea.
[prime minister] Commander Mannix
recognized in you
an unswerving, exemplary loyalty
to the state.
And you'll be rewarded, promoted.
Look, um
I don't know how to put this, but, um
there's something down there.
It's dangerous, and
it can't just be boarded up
and locked away and
[prime minister] The past is passed.
We believe in looking forward,
Detective Inspector Maplewood.
[mysterious music playing]
- [woman] You'll need to sign this.
- [beeps]
[prime minister] Know you are loved.
[dramatic string music plays]
[woman] One final question.
Commander Mannix believed Shahara Hasan
to be the leader of Chapel Perilous,
yet her body hasn't been discovered.
[prime minister] Do you know where she is?
[suspenseful music playing]
[woman] Detective?
No, ma'am.
Never saw her.
[music fades]
[gentle music playing]
[gasping sob]
[grunts softly]
[tense music playing]
[intriguing synth music playing]
"If caught on next drop,
might survive."
18th of July,
When I shot you,
The Throat sent you back.
14th of July,
when I found you.
[Defoe] As you can see,
the particle splits in perfect symmetry.
It means that time travel,
going both backwards and forwards,
is possible.
Four days into the past
four days into the future.
- Catch me if you can.
- "Catch me if you can."
You're coming back!
[suspenseful synth music playing]
Finally. Get in.
Where have you been?
I need another favor.
Look, you do what you need to do,
then you bloody tell me what's happening.
[female reporter] News just in,
we can report
that Commander Elias Mannix
tragically lost his life
in an otherwise successful
anti-terror raid.
[male reporter] The influence
of Elias Mannix
on our society was profound.
The founder of the Executive
for Public Safety,
he was an incorruptible leader
and statesman
who showed us
we were stronger working together.
[door closes]
He was seven.
He survived the blast, but
soon after, his gums bled.
His teeth fell out.
I told him the tooth fairy would come,
but he knew I was lying.
How could you do that?
Defoe could have gone back.
He could have stopped it.
Given Jawad a second chance.
[Maplewood] You think
you're the only person
to lose someone they love?
My first memory
is watching my mom die.
[sputters, inhales]
Welcome to the pain
that everybody else who's ever existed
has to deal with,
and move the fuck on.
And deal with it.
Or don't.
You're true to your word.
You did your job.
So why bring me here?
Because he wasn't right.
And I regret shooting Defoe,
with every part of me.
But maybe
we can still save him.
Maybe we can save everybody.
Can you walk?
About that favor.
What have you got for holding the head?
[dramatic synth music playing]
[engine idling]
[door slides open]
[mysterious synth music playing]
Remember, as soon as he lands,
keep him calm and still,
or the head brace won't secure.
You'll have to be quick
and precise, got it?
[beeps, whirs]
You're good to go.
[beeping continues]
[device beeping steadily]
I hope you're right.
He's coming.
How long do we wait?
[Alby] Fuck!
[thudding, crackling]
- Down!
- [loud whooshing]
[dramatic, ethereal music playing]
[Defoe groans]
[Hasan] Maplewood, come on!
[Hasan] Maplewood, come on!
[Defoe gasps, retches]
[Hasan] Iris.
[Defoe grunts]
Calm him down.
Keep him still.
[Maplewood] Defoe, hey!
- Gabriel, shh
- [Defoe groans]
Shh. Shh.
[device whooshes, clunks]
Caught you. [chuckles]
[Defoe exhales]
Come on, get him out of there! Shift it!
[Maplewood] You're okay.
- [Defoe wheezes]
- [device clicks, powers up]
[Alby] Easy, easy.
- So now what? You got a plan, right?
- [exhales] No.
But he does.
[tires squeal]
["Here Comes the Bride" playing on organ]
[Mannix exhales]
[minister] Please, be seated.
[song ends]
Julian Harker,
wilt thou have this woman
to thy wedded wife?
Wilt though love her, comfort her,
honor and support her
in sickness and in health,
and forsaking all other,
keep thee only unto her,
as long as you both shall live?
I do.
[chuckles softly]
[footsteps approaching]
[chuckles softly]
[gentle music playing]
[music continues]
[Mannix chuckling softly]
[music continues]
- What are you doing?
- [all chuckling]
- [music continues]
- [indistinct conversations]
[Mannix] Seriously, Polly, can we not
- Are you all right?
- [exhales]
- [Polly wailing]
- [music continues]
[woman] You're doing really well.
- [Polly grunting]
- [baby crying]
Congratulations, Sir Julian.
You're the proud father
of a healthy baby boy.
[baby coos]
[chuckling] He looks just like you.
We're going to get this right.
Aren't we, Hayden Harker?
Yes, we are.
[music continues]
[footsteps approaching]
[music fades]
[Mannix] Polly.
Polly, wake up.
- Is the baby crying?
- No, no, no, no, he's fine.
He's fine.
Now our son is born,
it's time for you to know the truth.
Come with me. Come with me.
[water dripping]
[men speaking indistinctly]
[baby coos]
[mysterious music playing]
It's the middle of the night.
Why are these people here?
Follow me.
[baby cooing]
Dearest Polly.
[music intensifies]
[Mannix] Don't be scared.
You know him already,
from the painting upstairs.
He's a messenger.
Our part in this
is to be the keeper of his secrets.
Not to let anybody know the truth.
Not until the time is right.
What truth?
You asked how I know the future.
Simple, Polly.
It's where I'm from.
[Agatha] Hail, Lady Harker,
and know that you are loved.
[all] Know you are loved.
Hail, Hayden Harker.
Know you are loved.
- [all] Know you are loved.
- Give him to me.
- [Agatha] The son begets the father.
- [Polly sniffles]
The father begets the son.
[Polly sniffles]
[Agatha] We're building a world,
a future that will be greater
than anyone can imagine.
I know it, because I built it.
You're his mother.
You're part of it now.
- [heart beating]
- [Polly breathing heavily]
[music fades]
Hail, Lady Harker.
[all] Hail, Lady Harker.
[baby coos]
[Mannix] Polly!
[eerie music playing]
[Polly] This is real?
You swear it?
you are not Julian Harker.
My name's Elias.
Elias Mannix.
[gentle string music playing]
Hayden will grow up,
and he'll have children.
And their children will have children.
And one of them will be my father.
If I don't exist,
then neither does our son.
Do you understand?
It's a loop.
With no beginning and no end.
You're my flesh and blood, Polly.
You always have been.
We're family.
[air raid siren blaring]
[dramatic thud]
[door opens]
[door closes]
[footsteps approaching]
Did you sleep well, darling?
I was right.
Whiteman fell short.
He's hiding the girl in his flat.
[Mannix] You know what must be done.
[Polly] Yes.
- Know you are loved, Polly.
- [exhales]
I've always loved these earrings.
You used to say that
it was just like the war.
No different to a pilot dropping a bomb
or a soldier pulling a trigger.
[grunts softly]
Which one do you think is more disarming?
This one, I think.
My darling, the child won't feel a thing.
[tense music playing]
Do you remember
when you told me
there's no such thing as death?
That the past is a real place
and that nothing ever truly dies.
[Mullins] This is the last record, sir.
- [gentle music playing]
- [clicks]
[Polly shudders]
I have lived your life, Elias.
As you sit on that boat,
and feel your heart beating in your chest,
that same heart beats in mine.
One day,
you too will sit where I am now
and record these exact same words,
in 1941.
[dramatic music playing]
- [gun cocks]
- I
[body thuds]
[door opens]
You can't outlive me.
[Mannix groans softly]
[man in Hebrew] Hear, O Israel,
Ado-nai is our God.
Ado-nai is One.
Blessed is God's
- glorious kingdom
- [stool clatters]
- forever and ever.
- [rope creaking]
[music fading]
[footsteps approaching]
[Maplewood in English] I'm sorry.
I needed things to stay as they were.
But it's like you said.
Once you know the truth
it changes you.
You can't stay the same.
I can't.
[Defoe weakly] So, what are you
prepared to do about it?
Whatever it takes.
Come on.
The only way I can describe it is
like it was some sort
of near-death experience.
When your bullet hit me,
I tried to follow Mannix,
but I was too weak.
[uncertainly] I felt
my body split and divide
in one singular moment.
There's no science,
not even the wildest conjecture,
for what this is.
what can we do with that?
[Defoe] Nothing.
[ominous music playing]
- Nothing?
- [Defoe] We're a part of the loop.
Everything we did directly caused
what has already happened.
We can't stop the bomb.
We can't kill Mannix.
Reality prevents change,
prevents paradoxes.
You're alive.
The Throat's still there.
It works. That's not nothing!
Yes, but what do we do with it?
All I know is when Elias was 15,
I gave him everything I had
'cause I believed
he could change his mind.
I banked my son's life on that.
And I spent 30 years
doing everything I could to stop him.
The universe wants him alive.
before the bomb went off,
his dad, his adoptive dad, Andrew Morley,
he told me something I never understood.
[Andrew] That's what was so hard.
Knowing that Elias was going to end up
so full of pain over what he did.
Making him do something
you know he's going to regret.
You're saying
Mannix died full of regrets?
[Maplewood] So that's our way in.
What if we could reach him?
Confront him.
Sow a seed of doubt.
Get him to change his mind.
If the universe wants him alive,
we just need to outsmart the universe.
We have to try.
[intriguing music playing]
Are you sure?
I'm going to die there.
Aren't I?
Fuck it.
- [crackling]
- [music intensifies]
- [beeping]
- [gasps]
[music fades]
[disorienting whirring, beeping]
[sounds fade]
- [explodes]
- [groaning]
Fuck. Fuck!
- [panting]
- [klaxon honking]
Fuck. Fuck.
[sounds fade]
[dramatic synth music playing]
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