Bodkin (2024) s01e01 Episode Script

One True Mystery

[chair rattles, squeaks]
- [switch clacks]
- [papers shuffling]
[man 1 clearing throat]
[microphone static scratches]
My name is Gilbert Power.
[traffic honking]
When I started this podcast,
I didn't expect to solve anything.
I didn't expect it to change my life.
But most of all
- [muffled music playing]
- [people chatter indistinctly]
I didn't expect Dove.
- [muffled revelry, whooping]
- [bass-heavy music thumping in distance]
[partygoer whistles]
It's Dove.
How long have you been holed up in here?
[slow creaking]
[eerie ambient music builds softly]
[slow creaking]
[rope creaking]
[Dove breathes shakily]
[breathing anxiously]
[distressed exhale]
[music builds]
- [music stops]
- [gasps]
[breathes heavily]
- Hiya. Is this Dave's Halloween party?
- [muffled music continues]
[sighs shakily]
Thanks, mate.
[dramatic music playing]
[door creaking]
[Dove] I've been investigating this story
for 18 months. No way I'm stopping now.
[man 2] Dove, your key informant
just hung himself.
- [Dove] Which is why I need
- [man 2] You work for The Guardian, okay?
We say to keep your head down, stay home,
and let the police do their job.
[Dove] No, I I need to work. I have to
I need this, Damien.
[Damien] It's out of my hands.
[Dove] I'm comin' back in.
[Damien] I am your editor,
and I'm telling you,
there is no way
you're coming into the office.
I've been staring at my bedroom wall
for two days. I'm not running away.
And I'm supposed to be
in a meeting right now
explaining this shit show to the board.
Tell them the truth. I've nothing to hide.
- I'm trying to protect you.
- I don't need protecting.
You need to get out of town.
- No, I've done nothing wrong.
- [Damien] Okay.
I have to put you
on something else, temporarily.
No way.
Why the fuck would I go back there?
- Have you heard of Gilbert Power?
- Who?
- He's a podcaster we're working with.
- Oh Christ, Damien.
We need you out of sight.
And he needs someone
who knows the lay of the land.
No way.
No, I haven't been back in fuckin' years.
He's won a Peabody Award.
He's a big deal, okay?
We're partnering with him
on a true crime series.
True crime podcasts aren't journalism.
They're necrophilia.
True crime is big business for us.
I'm an investigative journalist.
I will work on a true crime podcast
over my dead body.
Yeah. Yeah, good idea, Dove.
That's exactly what we need, another body.
[Gilbert] Bodies?
I'm not interested in bodies.
I'm about empathy.
And people talk about
true crime being sensationalist.
But you know what's really sensational?
Just listening to people tell their story.
There's nothing more interesting.
- Yeah. Totally.
- [Gilbert] Right?
The best stories are always mysteries.
And there's only one true mystery.
The human heart.
People will listen to that, will they?
Wait, Dove? Are you Dove?
Oh my God. It's so nice to meet you.
But, uh, so Damien was telling me
all about you.
L-Like what?
Uh Good stuff.
Yeah, good stuff.
Um, do you know our researcher Emmy?
I'm Emmy Sizergh.
I work in the digital department.
[chuckles] We've actually met
a couple of times.
No, I don't think so.
- [Gilbert chuckles awkwardly]
- Um, so I've organized everything.
Accommodation is sorted,
interviews lined up. I've got maps.
I've hired a driver for the week.
"Sean O'Shea."
[chuckles] How Irish is that?
I've actually been trying to learn Irish,
which is a really difficult, um
difficult difficult language.
[Gilbert] Hey. Hey.
This is gonna be so much fun.
- Look at us. The dream team.
- [Emmy chuckles]
Bodkin has no idea what's about to hit it.
- [Emmy] Hmm.
- [Dove sighs]
["Peacach" by IMLÉ playing]
[lyrics in Irish]
[music fades out]
[Gilbert, in English]
I'm just so excited to be here.
I mean, look at this green.
It's so green. I love it.
It's, like, exactly the green I imagined.
You know?
Um, so I've prepared a quick itinerary.
We'll drop our bags at the guest house,
then go to Ailbhe's Hollow,
where the "Sam-hain" Festival was held.
- Then I found a nice pub for dinner.
- "Sow-in."
- Uh, excuse me?
- Uh, "sow-in."
It's it's pronounced "sow-in."
[Emmy] Oh. Sorry.
[softly] "Sow-in."
[mouths] "Sow-in."
So, ye lads here
for the festival next week?
No. But [splutters] But, yes.
We're here to investigate
the Samhain mystery.
That old thing?
Jaysus. l wasn't even born
when that happened.
Oh, but it's so fascinating.
I mean, a small town mystery,
unsolved for 25 years.
Three unconnected people go missing
on the Irish Night of the Dead.
And now the town is reviving
the Samhain Festival?
I mean, it's a great story lens
for a podcast.
Right, yeah. And and people
will listen to that, they will?
[Gilbert] Oh, people love true crime.
They love small towns,
and they love Ireland.
It's a four-quadrant story.
And, eh, in the podcast,
will you will you mention me?
Yeah, maybe.
If you're part of the story. [chuckles]
Savage! [chuckles]
And, eh,
where are you from, then?
No, no, no. I mean, uh
I mean, where are you from originally?
You sound like a Dubliner. Are you a Dub?
I'm, eh I'm from Romania meself.
[Romanian hip-hop music plays on stereo]
[Gilbert] Oh my God.
[chuckling] Oh my God!
Can you believe this?
Oh, wow.
You know, I've always thought that Ireland
was the most beautiful country
in the world.
Smile. You're on video.
Oh, this is perfect.
I mean, the air is so clean.
It just feels so nourishing.
[Sean] Ah, nice. Nice.
And you're all working together now?
[Emmy] Oh, yeah.
Dove and I work for The Guardian.
We're teaming up with Gilbert
for the podcast.
He's the producer.
I'm just the researcher.
You do this sort of thing often, do you?
Actually, it's my first time
out in the field. [chuckles]
It's, like, so exciting.
Wouldn't be the word I'd use.
[exhales] But, you know,
I'm sure we could work something out.
Hey, Sean, who's that?
[Sean] Oh, Shitpants?
Uh, I'm sorry. "Shitpants"?
[chuckles] No.
- That's just what people call him.
- Oh.
He went off to Silicon Valley,
came back with a load of cash.
- [Gilbert] Oh.
- That's his server farm there.
- [Gilbert] A server farm?
- Yeah.
Ireland's the tech capital
of Europe, you know?
- Oh. That's amazing.
- Yeah.
Uh, but w-w-wait.
But that There's still, like,
small, quaint stuff here too, right?
Whatever you want, boss,
I'll get it for you.
Okay, good.
[man] Sound.
[girl] Nice sunglasses.
Fuck off.
Dove, did you just tell that girl
to fuck off?
Yeah, you should try it sometime, Gilbert.
It's very nourishing.
[whimsical music plays]
[engine starts, revs]
[music continues]
Sean! Sean!
- Barry.
- Sean.
- Who's your friends?
- Ye lads on your holidays?
Oh, no, we're here for work.
We're, uh, making a podcast.
- A podcast?
- In Bodkin?
- Mm-hmm.
- [Barry chuckles]
And you do that for a job,
making podcasts?
[Gilbert] Sure.
And you've come from America
to do a podcast in Bodkin.
- And people will listen to it?
- [Gilbert] Yeah.
Some show about the lads
that went missing in Samhain.
About that auld thing?
Oh. Did you live here when it happened?
Oh, yes.
But, you know
it could have been anything.
They were probably caught by a rogue wave.
A a rogue wave?
[Barry] My aunt got caught by one.
- Came up to her neck.
- Hmm.
And of course, if they were messing
with the stones up in the Hollow
The stones?
Are you touched?
Fairies, Gilbert.
- [engine starts]
- He's talking about fuckin' fairies.
- Listen, lads, be well, yeah?
- [Gilbert chuckles]
- Huh.
- Stay out of trouble, Barry, yeah?
[Barry] Hope it keeps fine for ye.
[Gilbert] Yeah, hope it keeps fine
for you too.
[gulls squawking]
- [doorbell chimes]
- [muffled chatter on car stereo]
- Hello.
- [Gilbert] Hello.
Hi, Mrs. O'Shea. I'm Emmy Sizergh.
I called you earlier.
We're staying with you this week.
[Mrs. O'Shea] Right.
Okay. Come on. In you come.
So, you're from America, then?
Chicago originally.
Oh, Chicago.
I had a couple here from Chicago
a few years ago.
What was their name?
He was Roger, yeah.
I want to say Beth.
Roger and Beth.
Do you know them?
I I don't, uh, think so. Yeah. Hmm.
[Mrs. O'Shea] Well,
Chicago, I believe it's lovely.
Apart from all the crime, obviously.
[Gilbert] Well, yeah. Sure. Mm-hmm.
[Mrs. O'Shea] You know,
we get four seasons in one day here.
Four seasons in one day?
I love it.
- Have you got a good coat?
- Well, I have this one.
Yeah, but do you have a good one?
Now, I'm sure you'll be wanting
- [Dove] Jaysus.
- a cup of tea.
I just made a pot.
[Emmy] We actually can't hang about, so
[Mrs. O'Shea] Sure, but have a cup of tea.
[eerie music plays]
[Mrs. O'Shea] I know for a fact
you can't get decent tea in America.
- [soundscape fades out]
- [eerie music continues]
[music ends]
Do you own a dog, Mrs. O'Shea?
[Mrs. O'Shea] A dog? No.
Now, about that tea. [sighs]
I have to warn you,
we don't put cream in our beverages here.
- [mugs clink]
- Cream is a treat.
I know what you Americans are like,
with your cholesterol.
I used to be a nurse, you know.
Would you like me
to take your blood pressure?
Oh, uh, I think I'm good.
[chuckles softly]
Gilbert, we need to dash if we're gonna
make it to Ailbhe's Hollow on time.
Ailbhe's Hollow?
Yeah, we're making a podcast
about the people
who disappeared at Samhain.
A podcast? And will people listen to it?
Yes. Why does everybody ask that?
- [tea overflowing]
- Oh, Mrs. O'Shea?
Ugh. Love.
- [teapot clatters]
- Would you look at that?
I'd lose my own head
if it wasn't screwed on.
Are you okay, Mrs. O'Shea?
[intriguing music plays]
[Emmy] Mrs. O'Shea?
We should go.
[bass-heavy music playing on car stereo]
So this is Ailbhe's Hollow.
These stones are very atmospheric.
- You can feel how old it is.
- Um
So, uh, every year, on October 31st,
the town would gather here
for the Samhain Festival.
But it was that night,
25 years ago, after the festivities ended,
they discovered
that three people had disappeared.
- So cool.
- [Emmy] Hmm.
[Gilbert] So cool.
- [Gilbert] Hi.
- [Emmy] Hi.
- How are ye? I'm Darragh.
- [Emmy] Oh. We spoke on the phone.
- I'm Emmy.
- Lovely to meet you.
- Hi. Gilbert.
- Darragh owns all this land.
Yeah. Take your time
and have a look around there.
But don't stray too far.
I've a melancholy bullock
in the next field.
[chuckles] So right here is where the town
used to have the Samhain Festival?
[Darragh] Yeah, every year,
the whole town would march up.
It'd be a big party.
To be honest, these days,
it's mostly used for a sneaky ride.
[chuckles] So it gets plenty of use.
So, people ride horses here?
A handsome fellow like you
will work it out quick enough.
I'll leave you to it. [chuckles]
[softly] "Ride" means sex.
- Yeah.
- [Emmy] Hmm.
[Damien] How's it going with Gilbert?
Everyone says he's a genius.
He thinks Ireland
is some kind of Disneyland.
[Damien] Why not take a leaf
out of his book, treat it like a holiday?
You'll have a great time
with him and Emmy.
Eh, have you met them?
They're very upbeat.
It's like they're in a cult.
[Damien] Podcasters are journalists,
same as you.
[in dramatic voice]
Long before trick-or-treating,
before the costumes, before horror films,
Halloween had another name.
[exhales] So cool.
[Dove] I have a real story back home,
an important one.
I've got no clue how to make a podcast.
What the hell am I doing here?
[Damien] You're protecting your career
and the paper.
We need to be careful.
I've got to go, Damien.
I'm off to enjoy my incredible holiday.
[lively traditional Irish music playing]
So the missing woman is Fiona Doyle.
She was a schoolteacher.
[Gilbert] Okay.
Uh, does she have any family in town?
Her parents are deceased,
no siblings I can find.
- But she does have a cousin here. Bridgit.
- Oh, great. We'll start there.
Now, the man who disappeared
is a different story.
His name was Malachy O'Connor,
but I can't find much more info than that.
And the boy, there's literally
no information about him.
I can't even find his name.
It's like he never even existed.
[Gilbert] Oh my God.
- [whispers] Over there. Over there.
- [Emmy] Hmm?
[Gilbert whispers] There's a nun.
A nun in a pub.
- Love this country.
- [Emmy chuckles]
[Gilbert] Okay, anyway.
[soundscape muffles] So what I'm hoping
will really elevate this podcast
is the whole
mystical Samhain angle, right?
It's very atmospheric.
And I wanna try to find,
like, you know, lots of
lots of Irish folk stories
and myths, you know?
And we should definitely try and find
more people talking about fairies.
Jesus. Gilbert, it's not literal.
No one actually believes there are tricksy
little people around causing mischief.
It's just a way of not thinking about
the things you don't wanna think about.
Three people disappeared, Gilbert.
If you wanna get to the truth,
I wouldn't waste your time
in a tourist trap of a pub like this.
We need to find the real Bodkin.
[traditional music continues]
Sean, let's go.
[Sean] Right, boys.
Pleasure doing business as always, yeah?
[urine trickling]
- [man sighs]
- [muffled rock music playing]
- [rock music plays loudly]
- [indistinct chatter]
What can I get you?
Three Guinness.
Hi there.
This is a proper
old man's boozer. [chuckles]
It's a traditional pub.
It's lovely.
[man 1] We took the plunge,
dropped everything.
Quit our jobs, bought a van.
We were planning on driving across Europe,
but we can't quite bring ourselves
to leave West Cork.
- We love it here.
- Well, what's not to love?
So, this podcast,
are you doing that thing
where you say it's about one thing,
but it's actually about something else?
- [smacks lips]
- [man 1] Easy, darling.
- What?
- No, no, no, she's right.
Uh, it's a convention,
but it's not my thing.
[woman] How are you gonna solve it?
[Gilbert] It's not really
about solving it.
It just has all the elements
of an amazing story.
Podcasting is very competitive,
and true crime really pops the market.
And it doesn't hurt
to be in such a beautiful place.
Gilbert, Bodkin might have
a nice waterfront,
but I guarantee you, bad things
happen here just like everywhere else.
[stool scrapes, clatters noisily]
- [chatter fades out]
- [music stops]
[sighs softly]
[sings solemn lyrics in Irish]
[in English] When you're far away ♪
From the home
That you'll soon be leaving ♪
'Tis many the time ♪
By night by and by day ♪
That your heart
Will be sorely grieving ♪
For the stranger's land
May be bright and fair ♪
And rich in its treasures golden ♪
You'll pine, I know ♪
For the long, long ago ♪
And the heart ♪
That is never olden ♪
- [fire crackling]
- [sparse clapping]
- [man 2] Jaysus.
- [woman] Oh, that was good.
[man 3] Good man, Teddy.
[rock music resumes]
Oh my God.
Yeah, just so you know, that's not normal.
Right, we're not all singing
and doing fuckin' Riverdance
all the time, yeah?
Fuck this.
Hey. Excuse me.
That was, uh, amazing.
[sighs deeply]
Don't mind Teddy. He's gone back to sea.
I'm after hearin'
we've an American podcaster in town.
[chuckles] Yes, sir.
But actually, I'm Irish.
Yeah. Gilbert Power.
Uh-huh. Seamus Gallagher.
- Ah, you're Irish, are ya?
- Mm-hmm.
You don't say.
I do say.
Yeah, my great-grandfather
was Michael Power, from Cork.
Michael Power?
[Gilbert] Um, yes, sir.
- From Cork, you say?
- Yeah.
Well, now,
that would make us mortal enemies.
- What?
- Your great-grandfather was a thief.
And he stole five acres of land
from my great-grandfather.
Now I'm gonna have to ask you to leave
before things get ugly.
[spluttering] Okay, um
First of all, I'm sorry. I didn't
- [mimics spluttering]
- I mean, that was generations before
[laughs] I'm only messin' with ya.
- [Gilbert sighs]
- Gilbert Power. [chuckles]
Come on, now. I'm buying you a drink.
- I'll introduce you to the lads.
- Oh my God.
Do you think I could get him
to sign a release form?
[Dove sighs]
Spare a smokie?
I quit.
[grumbles] Too bad.
[muffled rock music continues]
I hear you're interested in the lads
that went missing on Samhain.
I know what happened to them.
Oh yeah?
But I shouldn't really say.
They were attacked.
By horses.
- [sighs]
- You should never trust a horse.
I once saw a horse run
seven times around a field,
and then it turned into a woman.
She was the most beautiful woman
I've ever seen.
they'll only break your heart.
[Dove, under breath] Fucking hell.
[Gilbert] Ah! Get in here!
Come on! Get in here!
[all laughing]
[indistinct shouting]
I know! I'm trying! I'm trying!
Wait, why is nobody else drinking?
[breathes agitatedly]
[ringing tone]
[Damien] Oh Christ. What is it now?
There's a reason
I left this fuckin' country.
Who gives a flying fuck
what happened here 20 years ago?
There's only one mystery in Bodkin.
It's why anyone would fuckin' stay.
[Damien] Dove,
help Gilbert with his podcast
or find yourself another job.
Am I understood?
Do not call me again.
- [line clicks]
- [Dove sighs]
[eerie ambient music plays]
- [music fades out]
- [birds chirping]
[cell phone vibrating]
[cell phone vibrating]
- [cell phone vibrating]
- [Gilbert groans softly]
- [cell phone vibrating]
- [sniffs]
[animatedly] Oh, hi, hon.
Yeah, yeah. It's a it's a great time.
Oh. Hmm.
[sniffs] Hmm.
Well, that's, uh
that's weird.
Uh Uh
Yeah, well, you know,
don't don't worry about it.
It's not a problem. That It's
You know, I just gotta
uh, move some money around.
[inhales deeply, sighs]
[splutters, sighs]
Amber, it's
it's n-nothing to worry about.
Amber, fuck!
Yeah, I will take care of it, okay?
I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
[exhales deeply]
- [ringing tone]
- [Emmy sighs]
[Sean, on voicemail] It's your boy, Sean.
Actually, it's your boy Sean's phone.
- So leave me
- [sighs]
[hoarsely] Hey.
[exhales wearily]
- [sighs softly]
- You don't look so good, Gilbert.
I ju just need some Tylenol and coffee
and I'll be fine.
Have you seen Dove?
- Mm-mm.
- [footsteps approaching]
- Oh. Thank you.
- [Mrs. O'Shea] Now.
[softly] Hey.
I suppose you'll be wanting
some breakfast.
[softly] Please. Thank you.
[sighs deeply]
[Emmy] Gilbert?
- Hmm?
- I can't get through to Sean.
It's annoying. His car is outside,
but he's not picking up.
- Tylenol, coffee, Sean.
- [footsteps approaching]
- [sighs]
- [Emmy grumbles]
- [cheerily] Morning!
- [jacket thuds]
Uh. Um, out of curiosity, do you drive?
- What?
- [Emmy] Do you drive?
Okay. Cool.
Where's Sean?
He's gone AWOL.
What's the deal with Sean?
- Deal?
- Yeah, where'd you find him?
Online. I think he just does odd jobs
and taxis people around.
- [line clicks]
- [Sean, on voicemail] It's your boy, Sean.
- Actually, it's your boy Sean's phone
- [sighs]
Okay, so, guys, we've got to get going.
We've got an interview lined up
with the Garda who investigated.
- And then I think Gilbert wanted
- Where does Sean live?
Oh, "27 Portola Road."
- We should start there.
- Why?
Just a hunch.
Okay. But, um, as I said,
we do need to get going, and
Oh, you can do your own thing, Sizergh.
I actually just prefer to be called Emmy.
Emmy's a very twee name.
Like you're a Brontë sister or something.
Why be an "Emmy"
when you can be a "Sizergh"?
Also, I think this whole true crime thing
is morally bankrupt.
- Okay, yeah.
- It's just a distraction.
That's what true crime podcasts are,
like a public hanging.
[mouth full] There's a story here
that actually matters.
I think Sean knows something about it.
We should probably
stick together though, right?
[door closes]
- [softly] Oh, thank you.
- [ringing tone]
- [ringing tone]
- [line clicks]
[Sean, on voicemail] It's your boy, Sean.
- Actually, it's your
- I'm not hungry.
[whimsical intriguing music playing]
Portola Road.
[under breath] Fuck's sake.
So first, we'll try the cousin, Bridgit.
See if she'll talk to us
about the missing woman.
- Fiona. Yeah.
- Right, yes.
And then, um
Sergeant Ruairi Power was the local Garda
when the disappearances happened.
- Apparently, he's still working.
- His name is Power.
- Uh, yes, Sergeant Ruairi Power.
- It'd be cool if we were related.
[Emmy] Mm.
- I think it's a pretty common name here.
- Hmm.
Distant cousins, maybe.
Maybe. [chuckles softly]
[whimsical intriguing music continues]
Do you know where Portola Road is?
Portola Road? I wouldn't be starting here.
Uh I need directions.
So you must be one of the podcasters.
- I just need to find Portola Road.
- [woman] So sad.
She was a lovely girl, Fiona.
Used to teach up at the school.
Course, that closed down long ago. Cuts.
You practically have to drive
into Skibbereen now
to find a decent primary school.
Directions? Portola Road, please.
[sighs] Oh, I didn't leave my house
for three weeks after that Samhain.
I was terrified.
It was probably some sick murderer,
I've no doubt.
I watch a lot of these documentaries.
These killers plan these things out,
lie in wait for the perfect timing.
[Emmy] Sixteen.
This should be where Bridgit lives.
[Gilbert] Okay, great.
You know, the thing to remember
about these initial conversations
is that you need to be
very delicate, okay?
- Yeah?
- Hi there. Are you, uh, Bridgit Pierce?
- You the podcasters?
- Yes. Yes, we are.
[door slams]
Does that happen a lot?
[sighs] Occupational hazard.
She might come around though
as we spend more time in town.
[whimsical intriguing music continues]
So the guard?
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
[Dove sighs]
So what's the plan for the interview?
- Police officers can be tricky.
- Uh, sure.
It's good to be, uh, very deferential.
They're not used to
being the ones answering questions.
Sure, yeah.
Um, I tend to just feel my way through.
You know, depending on how it's going,
I might take a small risk or two.
It's important to keep your eyes open
and look for opportunities,
but really, we're just, you know,
trying to establish a rapport
so we can follow up later if we need to.
Risk, rapport, opportunity.
Hang on. I just wanna write this down.
[Gilbert sighs]
[birds chirping]
Is it raining? I can't tell.
I think it's just sort of a wet breeze.
[man] It's always raining in Ireland.
Even when you think it's dry,
it's still raining.
Only very, very small drops.
[Gilbert] Hmm.
We're looking for Sergeant Power.
[man] This way.
Um All right.
[whimsical intriguing music continues]
[doorbell chimes]
[Seamus] Sean!
- [knocking on door]
- [Seamus] Sean, are you there, boy?
[keys jingle]
[door lock clacks]
Is it all sorted?
We can't just afford
any more fuck-ups, yeah?
You there, Sean?
[tense music playing]
[ringing tone]
- [ringing tone]
- [line clicks]
[Sean, on voicemail] It's your boy, Sean.
Actually, it's your boy Sean's phone.
Fuckin' eejit.
[door slams]
[intriguing music playing]
[man] No. I get it.
It all sounds like a big mystery.
But truth be told,
there isn't much to tell.
Samhain is just a bit of fun.
You know, it's why you wear costumes
on Halloween?
- Really?
- [man] Oh yeah.
Because in Samhain,
you had to wear a disguise,
otherwise, the spirits
of your dead relatives would find you.
Well, wouldn't that be nice,
I mean, to see your family again?
No. [chuckles]
Because if they liked you,
they'd stick around,
and no one wants that.
And if they didn't like you
best to disguise yourself.
[both chuckle]
- Milk?
- Oh, no.
- Sugar?
- No. Thank you. Thank you.
[splutters] Well, look,
that's so fascinating.
You don't think
there's much of a story here?
This is rural Ireland.
It's not quite what you're used to
back in America,
where you're swimming in crime.
I mean, we've never even had
a serial killer in Ireland.
Well, there was the Vanishing Triangle
disappearances in the '90s.
Six women gone without a trace.
Just because you've never prosecuted
a serial killer doesn't mean you haven't
- [tea pouring]
- [Emmy mutters]
had one.
[teapot clatters]
This is a small town.
Things get blown out of proportion.
Rumors spread quickly.
But why cancel the festival?
Those lads disappeared,
and the festival got the blame.
If you ask me, they probably just left
and didn't tell anyone.
A bit of Samhain high jinks.
- [mug clatters]
- That's all.
[Gilbert] Okay. Okay. Hmm.
You know, uh, Sergeant,
you and I have the same last name.
My name is Gilbert Power.
[clock ticking]
You don't say.
I do say.
Well, how about that.
[both chuckle]
We might even be related.
Yeah, maybe.
- [Sergeant] Huh?
- [Gilbert chuckles]
Tell me about this thing you're making.
- A podcast, is it?
- Yes, sir.
- And people will listen to it?
- Hm, I hope so.
How about a little Irish twist?
Oh, I I shouldn't.
I overdid it a little bit last night.
Go on. Hair of the dog.
[meekly] Thank you.
For luck.
So I guess I'm just curious
about your background.
How do you get started
in these things anyway?
Well, I worked in public radio
for a long time, and
And you an assistant?
Well, I'm I'm a researcher.
An assistant researcher, huh?
How about that.
- [whiskey trickling]
- [Emmy] Hmm.
- [bottle clatters]
- Slainte.
[Sergeant gulping]
- [gulps]
- [mug clatters]
Do you know, we've never even had
a serial killer in Ireland?
We're a naturally good people.
[belches softly]
[clock ticking]
[whimsical intriguing music playing]
[Sergeant] Oh never, oh never ♪
- Oh never again ♪
- [Gilbert] Okay.
- Up, up.
- [Sergeant] If I live to a hundred ♪
- Or a hundred and ten ♪
- [Gilbert sighs]
I fell to the ground
And I couldn't get up ♪
[slurring] After drinkin' a quart
Of the Johnny Jump Up ♪
[grunts, sighs]
- [Emmy] Jesus.
- [grunts]
We should roll him on his side.
[Sergeant sighs]
- So he doesn't drown in his own sick.
- [Sergeant sighs]
- Yeah.
- Yeah. Good idea.
- [Sergeant grumbles, groans]
- [Gilbert straining]
[Sergeant grumbles]
- You all right there, Sergeant Power?
- [breathes heavily]
This is really bleak.
Tell them I'm not crazy
Tell them I'm not mad ♪
Sure it was only a sup
Of the cider I had ♪
[raspy heavy breathing]
[Gilbert sighs]
[softly] Emmy?
- Yeah?
- [Gilbert] Yeah, we should head.
Yeah. [sighs]
[door closes]
[sinister music plays]
Fucking podcast.
- [music continues]
- [gulls squawk]
[gulls squawking]
[suspenseful music playing]
[music fading out]
You have a strange method
to making a podcast.
I'm just taking a break, out on a stroll.
I just live up the road there.
Small cottage,
with the red door.
No need to be sneaking around after me.
[Dove] I'm just a curious person.
This is a quiet town with good people.
And you want to dredge up
all this Samhain nonsense. For why?
For a podcast?
I've heard they're popular.
And what if we don't want
a podcast made about our town?
Did you ever think about that?
You know, I read all sorts of things
in the newspapers.
You know the weather's gonna kill us all?
So you'd think you'd have something
more important to do
than to come down here and rile us all up.
Have we met before?
- Huh?
- It's just
I feel like I know you from somewhere.
I'm a fisherman from Bodkin.
Fuckin' famous, me.
Let the past go.
It's done nothing to you.
- [somber music playing]
- [footsteps departing]
[music continues]
[engine revving]
[engine idling]
[engine revving]
[engine revving]
- [dramatic music plays]
- [engine roars]
[engine revving]
[tires screeching]
- [grunts]
- [tires screech]
What's that?
A folder.
I found it in Sergeant Power's house.
When you were putting him down,
I looked around his office and found this.
It's from the year
of the Samhain disappearances.
Emmy, what the hell?
[splutters] I mean, this is theft.
- We need to take it back.
- You said to look for opportunities. I
No, I meant in the interview.
Opportunities for questions.
I didn't mean to steal his property.
But it was just lying there.
Imagine what might be in here.
Imagine if we can solve this.
No. We're not detectives.
We're not here to solve this.
- We're here to tell a story.
- [siren wails]
Oh Jesus, Emmy.
[siren wailing]
The fuck?
[man] Listen up.
Things could go very badly for you
if you keep snooping into things
that don't concern you.
- [dazedly] What?
- Drop the podcast bullshit.
Go home before you get really hurt.
[car doors close]
[engine revs]
[tires screech]
["Empire" by Bomb the Bass playing]
[both panting]
[Emmy] Oh my God. That's Sean's car.
[firefighters chatter]
[Gilbert] I came to Bodkin
to tell a story.
A bit of fun, something to listen to
on your drive home.
I didn't understand then
how much power a story actually has.
But stories can change us.
- [music stops]
- [eerie music drones]
Stories can kill.
Fuck off, wolf.
- [music resumes]
- Vampire ♪
You feed on the life of a pure heart ♪
Vampire, you suck the life of goodness ♪
Vampire, you feed on the life
Of a pure heart ♪
Vampire, you suck the life of goodness ♪
Turn the light on ♪
Let the light shine bright ♪
Turn the light on ♪
Let the light shine bright ♪
You got to feel yourself and let go ♪
You got to know you reap what you sow ♪
You've got to feel something
At some time ♪
Check the writings on the wall
And look to the sign ♪
You're spending all your money
On gear that never work ♪
You're wasting all your energy
And everywhere it hurts ♪
God, it really hurts ♪
Yes, it really hurts ♪
You got to know yourself ♪
Vampire ♪
You feed on the life of a pure heart ♪
Vampire, you suck the life of goodness ♪
Yes ♪
Vampire ♪
You feed on the life of a pure heart ♪
Vampire, you suck the life of goodness ♪
[music fades out]
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