Bodkin (2024) s01e02 Episode Script

Who We Are

[somber ambient music playing]
[birds cawing]
[footsteps plodding slowly]
[Gilbert] Ask no questions
and you'll be told no lies.
But when you wanna find the truth,
that's all you have, questions.
But the problem with questions
is the answers.
Sometimes the more you learn,
the less you know.
[faint crackling]
[metal clacks]
[Mrs. O'Shea] Well, I told her
you were comin' over for a visit.
[Sean] I told you, Mam,
I'm not going to Australia.
Spiders bigger than your fists,
and snakes swim up through the toilet
and bite your langer off.
[Mrs. O'Shea] Sean.
- [Sean] Mam.
- [Mrs. O'Shea] It's a great opportunity.
[Sean] I don't need opportunities,
Edna, all right?
Just enough scratch to hit the ground
when I go back to Romania.
The state of you.
Good night, Sean?
Ah, you know, a couple of pints,
forget to keep me wits about me.
- You can say that again.
- I was looking for you.
- [Sean] Oh, were you now?
- Yeah.
You're a hard man to find.
Oh, he's no hard man, my boy.
A softie, inside and out.
I see your car's been in an accident.
- Occupational hazard.
- Really?
Couple of lads in Killamore
bought themselves a Škoda.
Maybe they're trying
to muscle into my taxi turf.
[inhales deeply] Or there's my ex, Sheila.
[Edna] Christ. Sheila.
Held a grudge
ever since I gave her the boot.
To be honest, though, it's
it's probably just some bored kids.
[Edna] You'll be wanting a bath.
Give the water a few minutes to warm up.
Oh my God. What happened to you?
I got hit by a car and interrogated.
- What?
- Then I see Sean's car's burnt to a crisp.
Well, are you okay?
Someone's trying to sabotage us.
Okay, hang on. Who interrogated you?
I don't know.
They were wearing balaclavas.
Don't take this the wrong way,
but are you all right?
I mean, look, are you sure
it wasn't a misunderstanding?
We are being threatened.
It means there's a story here.
This is extremely good news.
- Right.
- [door opens]
Did you know Sean was Mrs. O'Shea's son?
We should be careful
what we say around him.
["Peacach" by IMLÉ playing]
[music fading out]
[eerie ambient music playing]
[rope creaking]
[music swells]
- [music stops]
- [water running]
So we have Malachy, Fiona, and the boy.
I think we should focus on Fiona, right?
Obviously, Bridgit won't talk to us.
But there must be
some folks around who knew her.
You know, what she was like,
who she dated.
You, uh
You wanna join us?
- [Dove sighs]
- You okay?
Yeah. You?
- [Gilbert] Uh, well, glad you're here.
- Yeah.
Look, I think it's imperative
that we honor the voices
of the people we're talking to.
Offer them respect, consideration.
You know, what we can't be
is deceitful and underhanded.
I'm super disappointed
that you stole that file, Emmy.
I'm sorry. It's just you said
I must have misunderstood.
Our work is all about trust.
That's how we get people to open up.
And people opening up
is what makes or breaks us.
All right? So we all on the same page?
Fuck me. Well, this is interesting.
[whimsical music playing]
There's a whole load of reports here
about the missing boy.
He didn't disappear.
He showed up three days later.
- [Emmy] Really?
- Look at this.
His name has been Tipp-Exed out
every time it's mentioned.
Do you have your phone?
[keypad clacks]
His name was Edward P.
He was found outside of town
on the side of a road
by a nun called Sister McDonagh.
[sighs] All right, I'm off.
Let me know if you need anything, yeah?
Do you know anyone called Edward P?
I know an Edward Lynch.
Is there any chance he could be the boy
who went missing on Samhain?
No, Lynchy is a sex pervert.
I'd steer well clear of him.
Hmm? [smacks lips]
If you see Edna,
will you let her know I've gone?
- [footsteps departing]
- [door opens]
- Good job getting this, Sizergh.
- [door closes]
[chuckles softly] Thanks.
[laptop keyboard clacking]
Okay, uh, Sister McDonagh
seems to live on an island off the coast.
"Inish Mac Tire."
There's four ferries a day.
I'll book us some seats.
- [chuckles softly]
- [keyboard clacking]
So, are we all on the same page, Gilbert?
Well, you know,
it worked out this time, but, uh
we need to stick to the rules from now on.
[whimsical music continues]
[captain chatters indistinctly]
[ferry passengers chattering]
[Gilbert] Thanks.
- Okay.
- [Emmy] That's so nice of you. Thank you.
[convent bell clanging]
Hey, can I take pictures,
or is that sacrilegious?
You know what, I'm gonna do it.
It'd be great for the website.
[camera shutter clicking]
You must be the podcasters, yes?
Hi. My name's Emmy Sizergh.
I called ahead.
Then you are Mr. Power and Miss Maloney.
That's us.
[nun] Wonderful.
I am Reverend Mother Bernadette.
I thought I'd offer you
a personal tour myself.
It isn't often
we have such esteemed visitors.
Oh, we're big fans
of yours here, Mr. Power.
[Bernadette] We're fiends
for a good podcast.
The first season of On Record
was so profound.
You were so brave
to be that open about
the difficult times in your marriage.
Thank you. [chuckles]
Of course, seasons two
and three were a little disappointing.
Let's begin.
And of course,
we'd like to chat with Sister McDonagh.
Oh, I'm afraid our dear sister's
not one for visitors these days.
She's a bit long in the tooth.
But I'll see what I can do.
- Please.
- [whispers] Long in the tooth?
Sister Bernadette must be
at least 80 herself.
Nuns live forever.
It's a curse.
So the church dates from the 12th century.
Originally a medieval castle,
the Sisters of Mercy took it over
about, well, a hundred years ago.
[Gilbert] Must be wonderful.
You know, a life of quiet reflection,
of commitment to God.
A truly spiritual existence.
Originally, yes.
But in the 1980s,
our branch of the order decided
we needed to be more open to the world.
[gong chimes]
We like to do the yoga outside
when the sun is shining.
- [bell dings]
- [yoga instructor chatters]
[Bernadette] Shiatsu and Reiki
are private sessions
done down by the beehive huts.
On the other side of the island
are the organic gardens.
- Grow our own, slaughter our own.
- [yoga instructor chanting]
- Whoa.
- Do you mind?
No. Please.
[women singing chant]
[Gilbert] Emmy,
get the release forms ready.
I can't help but think
what the Church might say
about your little
money-making retreat here.
Ah. [chuckles]
We had a schism back in the '80s.
The order was desanctified.
Officially, we're no longer
a part of the Church.
Then why are you still nuns?
Because that's who we are.
But I do have a question
about who you are.
Is that short for Dubheasa?
Dubheasa Maloney?
- Word travels.
- [unsettling music plays]
I remember hearing
about a young girl in Dublin,
years ago,
who started a fire in an abbey.
Her name was Dubheasa Maloney too.
Quite disturbed, they say.
But it couldn't possibly be
the same girleen, now, could it?
Mr. Power, shall we?
[music fading out]
And of course, our restaurant
has gained quite a bit of attention.
Two of our sisters
trained under Jamie Oliver.
And when do you think
we'll get to talk to Sister McDonagh?
Well, let's take a look at our spa first.
[nuns chattering indistinctly]
[Dove] Sorry. You don't know
where Sister McDonagh might be?
I'm her niece, down from Dublin.
Oh, she's upstairs.
Third floor, at the end of the hall.
You're a lifesaver.
- [fire alarm blaring]
- [Bernadette grumbles]
Excuse me just a moment.
Yeah, of course.
[alarm continues]
Let's head to the third floor.
McDonagh's up there.
But shouldn't we wait
for Mother Bernadette?
Oh, don't worry, Gilbert.
It'll be grand.
[intriguing music playing]
[fire alarm continues in distance]
[respirator whirring softly]
[Gilbert] Ah, she doesn't look so good.
Are you sure this is okay?
Believe me, Gilbert,
she'll be as sharp as ever.
Nuns are like wine.
Eventually, they end up as vinegar.
[respirator whirring softly]
Sister, we need to ask you some questions.
What time is it?
Have I missed vespers?
Samhain, 20-something years ago,
you found a boy. Edward.
Have we met?
Such lovely skin.
Y-You found a boy at the side of the road.
A boy?
Hi, Sister.
My name's Gilbert.
So Mother Bernadette tells us
you're quite a fan of podcasts.
[chuckles] Oh, I love a good podcast.
I've just been listening to the one
all about these twin brothers
who killed all those poor orphans.
[chuckles softly]
- It was very grisly.
- [Gilbert chuckles]
Well, we're making a podcast right now,
and we really need your help.
Hmm. What's it about?
Well, it's about the people
who disappeared on Samhain.
- [Sister McDonagh] Oh. That whole thing.
- [Gilbert] Yeah.
I don't think I've anything
terribly interesting to say.
- Just tell us about the boy.
- Dove!
Look, you wouldn't believe
how interested I am
in what you have to say.
So, we heard
that you found the missing boy?
Oh. [huffs]
[mutters hesitantly]
It it it was days after Samhain.
I was driving into town,
and the lad was standing
by the side of the road.
Huh. W-Was he lost?
He didn't know where he was.
He didn't know who he was, to be honest.
I drove him into town
and dropped him at the health center.
Did he talk to you?
Sure. He was on about fishing.
Something about a boat.
It was such a long time ago.
I I I can't remember. [chuckles]
Yeah. Did you ever see him again?
Sure. I see him all the time.
Wait. Y-You see him all the time?
I'm partial to a little scoopeen
when I get into town.
And Teddy's often at Fagan's, isn't he?
- [intriguing music playing]
- But Teddy?
The singer? At Fagan's?
That's the one. Lovely lad he is.
Voice of an angel, mind of a cabbage.
- [door opens]
- What on earth is going on here?
I mean, what were you thinking, Dove?
You said, "Oh, it'll be grand."
It was grand. We got what we needed.
No, it it it was not grand.
You know, Bernadette said
she would sue us if we use the audio.
We don't need it.
Yes, we do.
All right? It it's the whole point
of making a podcast, to get audio.
We need their words.
Now that Bernadette's
all pissed off at us,
we have no hope of getting any.
Bernadette was giving us the runaround.
We'd never have
Yes, we would have,
with a little patience.
[sighs] Look,
we need to take our time
and get people to trust us.
You don't understand, Gilbert.
D'you think no one in this town knew
Teddy was the boy?
Everyone here will talk you in circles.
We do it your way, we find out nothing.
Journalism isn't just
squeezing people for information.
We're here to build relationships.
I mean, we need this podcast, Dove.
We need it.
Nuns are just children.
Children in old women's bodies,
dressed in black, and married to Jesus.
We are better off without.
[ferry horn blares]
[gulls calling]
[ferry horn blares]
- What's the craic?
- What's Teddy's surname?
Teddy? You mean Teddy Power?
Edward P.
Another Power. I wonder if we're related.
I think it's more likely
he's related to Sergeant Power,
the guard who happened to write the report
that happened not to mention Teddy's name.
- Interesting theory.
- Do you know where we'd find Teddy?
He has a workshop
up the Terrace Road, I think.
Let's head there, then.
Is this safe, Sean?
Ah, yeah. Be grand.
- [Sean sighs]
- [door squeaks creakily]
[Romanian hip-hop music playing on stereo]
- [car rattling, clanking]
- [tires screech]
[music continues]
[music stops]
[striking metal clanging in distance]
[sheep bleating]
[clanging continues]
Ooh! [chuckles]
[chuckles] Whoa.
Fast hands.
Bodkin goalie, under-12s.
It never leaves you.
- [both chuckle]
- [metal clanging]
They can go slow too.
- [chuckles softly]
- [clanging]
[continuous heavy clanging]
[clanging stops]
[muffled clatter]
[door squeaks]
[Gilbert] You were gone
for three days, right?
Must have been so scary.
[sharp clanging]
[Gilbert] Do you have any idea
who you might have been with?
I got lost in the woods
when I was a kid, for hours.
I thought no one would find me.
[clanging continues]
[ominous music drones]
[continuous clanging]
[Gilbert] Uh. Maybe you could tell us
about the day leading up to the festival.
You have any idea what
what could have happened?
- [unsettling music playing]
- Do you remember anything, Teddy?
- Ah, shit!
- [knife clatters]
Oh jeez. You okay?
- [Dove sighs]
- [objects clatter]
[softly] Here.
[unsettling music fades out]
She was your friend, Fiona?
[soft spoken] Teacher, not friend.
But you liked her?
[Teddy] Mm.
I had a teacher in the convent.
- [Teddy exhales softly]
- Sister Geraldine.
She was my best friend. Isn't that sad?
I was 16, and she could only have been
a few years older than me.
A girl teaching girls.
[tape unravels]
We'd hide in the cloisters
and smoke at lunch.
[tape snaps]
[inhales deeply]
Fiona would take me home after school,
so I wouldn't be alone.
[bandage rustles]
She made me dinner,
told me stories.
I'd make a fire in the front room.
What was your favorite story?
I mean, she loved Gráinne Mhaol.
The Pirate Queen.
I love her.
Fiona said she bowed to no man.
[door squeals, clangs]
- What the hell do you think you're doing?
- Sergeant Power, we
You've got no right to barge in here
and talk to my son!
He's a grown man.
He can talk to who he likes.
- Get out! Now!
- We were just chatting
I don't care!
Get out or I'll arrest you for harassment.
[somber intriguing music playing]
You three have no business with him,
and he's got no business with you.
- Sergeant
- Podcast, my hole!
He's a vulnerable young man,
ye pack of vultures.
Well, that was interesting.
That's two interviews blown in one day.
That was amazing, Dove,
about your teacher.
Oh, that was bollocks.
See how nervous Power was?
- We're getting close to something.
- No. No, we're not, Dove.
They're clearly hiding something.
It doesn't matter.
Look, there's an island of nuns
teaching yoga,
and I can't use the audio.
We actually found the missing boy,
and I can't use the audio.
- Guys.
- If there's no audio, there's no story.
No story?
I got hit by a car and threatened.
Sean's car got set on fire.
Power is clearly covering something.
Look, Teddy, Fiona,
and Malachy disappeared.
What happened that night
is still important to someone.
The story is right here.
We just have to find it.
Have you ever listened to a podcast
where they actually solve it?
- [scoffs]
- I I I need diversions.
Red herrings, human interest.
The stuff that people
actually care about. All right?
- W-Without audio, it's all pointless.
- [Emmy] Guys!
- What?
- What?
Where's Sean?
[sheep bleating]
- This is where we left him.
- [Dove sighs]
[Gilbert sighs]
[cell phone vibrating]
- [sighs]
- [phone vibrates]
It's a note from Sean.
"Needed to see a man about some business."
- Well, what are we supposed to do, walk?
- I guess.
- [Damien] We've got a bit of a problem.
- Go on.
[Damien] There's no nice way to spin this.
The police have subpoenaed your emails.
Now, obviously,
we're doing everything we can to fight it,
but they're talking
the Official Secrets Act.
I didn't do anything.
- The Secrets Act means prison, Damien.
- [Damien] No one is going to prison.
No. And we're doing everything
we can this end.
- I should come home.
- [Damien] Absolutely not. I know you.
You come back, kick off,
and just make everything worse.
Stay in Bodkin. Keep your head down.
- Let the lawyers take care of it.
- Fuck.
[keypad clacks]
[breathes anxiously, sniffs]
[Emmy] Everything okay?
Aren't we walking?
We should follow Power. He was rattled.
See where he goes, who he talks to.
Wait, wait. What are you talking about?
That is literally the opposite
of what we need to do.
I mean, if anything,
I should go apologize to him,
try to rebuild our relationship.
Relationship? He's guilty as sin.
Oh, come on.
You gotta stop jumping to conclusions.
Teddy was traumatized as a boy.
Power is trying to protect him.
- That doesn't mean there's a conspiracy.
- [Darragh] Gilbert! How are ye?
[Gilbert] Darragh! Hey!
[Darragh] I heard Frank
was looking for you.
- [Gilbert] Frank?
- [Darragh] Be careful with that one.
I don't think I know a Frank.
Sure. Says he knows you from Fagan's.
So, uh, do you have a second?
- [Darragh] Yeah.
- Oh.
- What are you doing?
- I'm getting my audio.
[cattle lowing]
So, uh, is this the melancholy one?
Yeah, his friend died.
Oh, poor guy. What happened?
I ate him.
Oh. Hmm.
So, is this all your land?
Yeah, 200 acres.
From Ailbhe's Hollow down to the sea.
- Ah.
- Been in the family for generations.
Oh, wow. That's a lotta land. [chuckles]
Well, it keeps me busy,
I'm proud to say that.
Other than the odd dip into town,
I've never left the land.
[Gilbert] What?
But but, uh, don't you get curious
about what's out there?
I'm a very curious man.
Every day, I'm filled with wonder.
When the lambs frolic in the spring.
When the wren sings in the morning.
When I was a boy,
I watched a horde of eels
wriggle their way down to the river.
This land is full of stories.
I never tire from hearing them.
So, why would I leave?
That's beautiful.
And who's going to work the farm
when artificial intelligence kicks in?
Huh? [chuckles]
You can't deepfake roast beef.
That is a good point.
Did did you get that, Gilbert?
So, uh, do you know Teddy at all?
[Darragh] Sure. Since he was a boy.
Quite the charmer, he was.
Well, you know.
What about Fiona Doyle?
Teddy used to follow her around
like a puppy, so he did.
Do you know if he knew Malachy O'Connor?
- Malachy?
- [unsettling music playing]
What about him?
Well, they all disappeared that night.
[Gilbert] Can't help but wonder
if they're connected.
I wouldn't know anything
about that. [chuckles]
Did you know Malachy?
Know him?
How well do you really know anybody?
It's just a question.
Yeah, well, questions are
what gets one into trouble.
You ask the wrong person a question,
you get a rock in your gob
and teeth on the floor.
- [splutters] We were just
- Look, Malachy's gone over 20 years now.
You can ask all the questions you want.
Doesn't matter now.
[unsettling music continues]
What was that?
That is a man
who knows more than he's tellin'.
[intriguing music playing]
[woman] Took you long enough.
Yeah, I had business.
Come on.
Ah, now you're in a hurry?
[music fades out]
[crowd cheering]
Oh Christ.
What's happening?
- Oh, don't touch it!
- [man 1] Just leave it.
Hey, what's all this?
- Huh?
- [man 2] Road bowling.
And what is road bowling?
Ah, it's like golf, with this steel ball,
down the middle of the road.
Whoever covers the distance
in the fewest throws wins.
- [crowd cheer]
- Just watch. Watch.
- [steel ball clattering]
- [crowd cheers]
Emmy, we need to record everything.
[crowd chattering indistinctly]
[man 3] How're ya?
[man 4] Now, boy, leave it there.
Hey. Leave it there.
- One hundred.
- No.
Thinking of putting a bet on, then?
No, I'm not much of a gambler.
That's exactly what Frank said.
Wait. Who is Frank?
That's how you wanna play it, eh?
Good luck with that one.
- [chuckles]
- [Gilbert sighs]
Hey. [chuckles]
Was that Damien on the phone before?
I'm sorry. Are we friends?
Do you wanna go to brunch
and shovel avocado toast down our gobs
while we shoot mimosas up our hoops?
[sighs] Yeah. It was Damien.
There's some, eh
complications with something we published.
The NHS case? With the whistleblower
Yeah, the guy who hung himself
from the fuckin' rafters.
Let's just stick to the work, yeah?
That's all that matters.
Well, if it isn't my most deadly enemy.
[Gilbert chuckles]
Yeah, just plotting your downfall.
[chuckles] Very good.
[crowd clamor]
- [steel ball clattering]
- [crowd cheers]
Have you solved the mystery yet?
Well, the real mystery
is the rules of road bowling.
[crowd clamor]
- [steel ball clattering]
- [cheering]
You throw a metal ball
down the fucking road.
If you don't make it to the pub,
you've lost.
[Gilbert chuckles]
[woman] You know, to be fair,
there's that little turn
in the road there on that hill.
[indistinct chatter]
I didn't mean to intrude
or anything. I'm sorry.
Sure. It's fine.
I'm just a huge fan of yours.
I mean, all your early reporting
from Northern Ireland.
That piece about dark money in the city.
You broke that single-handedly.
I really admire that.
I really wanna do what you do one day.
I'm stuck consulting
on a true crime podcast
in the arse-end of nowhere.
Big fucking success, me.
But while I'm here names?
Um, Barry on the right,
Cathal on the left.
Hey, Barry, Cathal.
[Dove] I, uh I hear you're a man
who knows things.
- Him?
- Well, I don't know about that.
Did you know Fiona Doyle back in the day?
She was a lovely girl.
I only lived on the same street as her.
But go on, ask this gowl.
Oh yeah? Well, what was she like?
She was a lovely girl.
- And what about Malachy O'Connor?
- [ball clatters]
- [crowd cheers]
- I've heard some rumblings.
Kept to himself, that fella did.
Did he have any friends? Um, a job?
A blow-in, he was.
Don't know a thing about him,
but he was a mad bowler.
[Cathal] Oh, that's right. Mad.
He had a smooth action, arm like a gun.
County Cork champion back in the day.
- Isn't that right, Barry?
- 1998, I think.
Finnegan was '98.
That would make Malachy '99.
- Finnegan? No, you eejit.
- [Dove sighs]
It couldn't have been Finnegan.
Why not?
- Sure, I knew his sister.
- Did ya?
- Yeah.
- What's that got to do with it?
Interesting how not a soul
seems to know a thing about Malachy.
What do you think it means?
I think it means it's a fucking mystery.
[Gilbert] Hey, what about you?
- What about me?
- Hmm. What do you think happened?
No fuckin' idea.
Now, come on.
What were you doing
during the last Samhain Festival?
Nothing. I hadn't moved to town yet.
Thought you were a local.
I mean, you seem so connected.
I get around.
Oh, then maybe you can answer this for me.
Uh, do you know a guy named Frank?
Oh yeah, the New Age Travelers.
Their camp is just up the road there.
New Age Traveler? What are
- Hippies, blow-ins.
- Oh. Okay.
They started arriving in the '60s.
Supposedly, West Cork is the safest place
to survive nuclear fallout.
[Gilbert] Hmm.
But I think it's because no one here
gives a shite what they get up to.
[woman] That's it.
Lovely, lads. Big smile.
- [camera shutter clicks]
- Thanks, lads.
Cheers. All right. Thanks.
Hello again.
Do you often take pictures of the winners?
Oh, I've been doing it for 30 years.
Analog, you know.
None of that digital iPhone bollocks.
Yeah, wow. Um Eh, d'you d'you keep them?
Keep them? Who'd want shots
of them eejits gathering dust?
But they publish my pictures
in the local paper, they do.
Every year.
That is fascinating.
Take out your phone.
Look up the local paper.
"Road bowling, '96 to 2001."
There should be a photo of Malachy there.
Uh, The West Cork Journal isn't online.
It's archived at the local library.
- Oh, the library. Great.
- Hey.
We're off to the pub
to celebrate the game. You coming?
We found a lead, Gilbert,
that might lead to a picture of Malachy.
So, we'll pass on the pub, yeah?
Well, you know, I
I promised the boys that, you know
You promised "the boys"?
Who the hell are "the boys"?
[rock music playing on stereo]
Those are the boys.
Look, come on, we had a good day.
It was productive.
It's time for a little R&R.
This isn't some fuckin' holiday, Gilbert.
You wanna know what's going on here,
you're gonna have to force the issue.
She okay?
Trouble back home.
Fallout from the NHS story.
- The one with the dead guy?
- [Emmy] Mm.
Maybe you should go with her,
keep her out of trouble.
While you go to the pub with the boys?
[Emmy sighs]
[huffs] Wait!
[breathless] Wait. I'm coming with you.
- Did Gilbert tell you to do that?
- No. [chuckles]
Yeah. Yeah, he did.
[man] Are you looking
for a ride into town?
- [whimsical music playing]
- Um
[Emmy chuckles softly]
Do you lads like a bit of a party?
A a party?
Well, yeah. Yeah. Sure.
- ["Knock On Wood" by Amii Stewart playing]
- On wood, baby ♪
Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh ♪
Baby ♪
[punk rock music playing on stereo]
- [Gilbert] Uh, excuse me.
- [indistinct chatter]
Uh. Uh, ma'am.
[clears throat]
[whispers] The package has been received.
It's not a fucking spy movie.
I was just
Do you want a pint?
[Sean] Yeah. P-Please, yeah.
- Great. Thank you.
- [Fagan] Here's your change.
- Thanks a million. Seamus?
- Two.
[Gilbert sighs]
- [Seamus sniffs]
- [Gilbert] Hmm.
You know why Guinness is the most
popular drink in Ireland, Gilbert?
[smacks lips] Uh
It's the wait.
You lost your job.
The man's still taking money
from your pocket.
You're getting non-stop grief at home.
Enough to put you in an early grave.
And on top of that, it's pissin' rain.
But for just one moment,
you can sit with yourself
and see the future
and know that at least
one good thing is comin'.
[chuckles softly]
And that,
that's a rare thing, Gilbert Power.
To know the future holds
something positive.
Hey, um,
do you mind if I could get you
to just say that again?
Just Yeah, here.
Why would you ruin a lovely conversation
with a thing like that?
I don't want to remember
the things I've said.
I'll be taking that.
Let's just call it
a down payment, shall we?
- For?
- [chuckles]
Were you so pissed you don't remember?
Hi. Wha Um.
You got into a little game
with my mate Frank.
So he's looking to collect.
- Eight thousand euros, boyo.
- What?
You lost 8K to Frank here.
Okay. [splutters]
I don't remember any of that.
I mean, are you sure it was it was me?
Eight thousand
[indistinct chatter]
- Yeah!
- Fuck.
- Aw!
- [Gilbert sighs]
- That's me. Um
- Mm-hmm.
Look, I I I don't have that
just laying around.
- I'm having some cash flow issues.
- [Frank] Hey.
You owe me 8,000 euro, you prick.
Hey, hey, Frank, the lad'll pay.
You will pay, won't you?
[punk rock music continues]
Right. Who's for a drink?
What are you having?
[Gilbert exhales nervously]
[intriguing music playing]
I guess we'll have to come back tomorrow.
[haunting music playing]
- [dramatic sting]
- [whispers echoing]
- Find anything?
- [haunting music ends]
[Dove] Uh
[breathes deeply]
Reckon you could fit through there?
[chuckles] I mean, I could I think.
But, um, y'know, the library's closed.
[inhales sharply] Sizergh, where are ya?
- Bodkin.
- And who are you with?
- You. [chuckles]
- And what do I want?
To get into the library, which is closed.
This library, which could contain
a crucial piece of our investigation,
is closed.
But six feet above your head is what?
[hesitates] A-A window.
- An open window.
- [softly] Open window.
You admire me, right?
You know how I got where I am?
By going through the fuckin' window.
[Emmy grunting]
[breathing softy]
[door squeaks]
- [door closes]
- [gasps]
[tense music playing]
[intriguing music resumes]
[keys jingle]
[door opens]
[door squeaks]
- [music fades out]
- [knocks softly]
[door opens]
[Emmy breathing heavily]
That was so exciting. [chuckles]
We're bad.
- [owl hoots]
- [Dove] Mm.
[crickets chirping]
[Emmy chuckles softly]
[intriguing music resumes]
[Emmy exhales] And here's 1996.
[Dove] Yes, '99.
Oh fuck. We found him.
And not just him.
[Emmy] Is that Seamus?
They knew each other.
[Emmy exhales]
- Wait. Hang on.
- What?
[Dove] Knew I recognized him.
[keyboard clacking]
[sighs] Fuck.
[sighs] Fuck, fuck, fuck.
[cell phone ringing, vibrating]
- [sighs softly]
- [vibrating]
[ringing ends]
- [rapid footsteps]
- [door opens abruptly]
Yeah, i-in America, we knock.
This is a picture of Malachy O'Connor
one year before he disappeared.
And this is Seamus Gallagher.
Oh my God.
- Only his name isn't Seamus.
- What?
His real name is Jack McFadden,
also known as "the Badger."
My first job was on the Belfast beat.
The Badger was infamous
for smuggling across the border
before the Good Friday Agreement.
Petrol, arms, drugs,
anything that needed moving.
A lot of ugly rumors about him.
Kneecapping, murder.
Not a man to fuck with.
Seamus? Really?
I mean, he seems like such a nice guy.
Ah, he's not.
Jack McFadden,
aka the Badger, assumed dead,
has actually been hiding out
for 20 years in Bodkin
under the name Seamus Gallagher.
A violent smuggler arrives in town
at the same time two people disappear?
- A coincidence?
- Really?
I mean, this barely looks like him.
Seamus is the Badger.
There's a reason he's in Bodkin,
and we're gonna find out what it is.
[floorboards creak nearby]
A terrible thing has happened.
[ominous ambient music playing]
[Gilbert] I came to Bodkin
expecting a simple cold case,
to ask questions.
But when I saw Darragh's body lying there,
I realized there was one question
I never thought to ask.
"What if this cold case
isn't really cold?"
- ["Lavender" by Biig Piing playing]
- It's his forte, on his knees ♪
Call it foreplay
Don't know where I'd be without it ♪
Call me up late ♪
- What you need? ♪
- You want it ♪
Bought some new lace
I'd like you to see ♪
I want a dark room and dim lights ♪
I wanna feel the bass hit
Through my thighs ♪
Baby, so abrasive, it's all play ♪
You asked me, "Who are you?" ♪
If I wasn't so complacent
I just might ♪
Wake up with the taste of a good time ♪
Least that's what you might say
Is that right? ♪
Tell me then, who are you? ♪
Doo, deh, doo-da-doo ♪
[indistinct whispering]
Call a cab, babe ♪
Follow me ♪
Like the cat says
Won't know 'til you've gone and tried it ♪
Like my guy said ♪
- He ain't no cheat ♪
- You want it ♪
Only hearts break
Are the ones that speak ♪
I want a dark room and dim lights ♪
I wanna feel the bass hit
Through my thighs ♪
Baby, so abrasive, it's all play ♪
You asked me, "Who are you?" ♪
If I wasn't so complacent
I just might ♪
Wake up with the taste of a good time ♪
Least that's what you might say
Is that right? ♪
Tell me then, who are you? ♪
If I wasn't so complacent
I just might ♪
Wake up with the taste of a good time ♪
[music fades out]
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