Bodkin (2024) s01e04 Episode Script

Poison or Something

[somber mysterious music playing]
[disembodied exhale echoing]
[Gilbert] I thought these bodies
were the end of my story,
the answers I'd been looking for.
But sometimes,
the dead have their own agenda.
[chatter on police radio]
[Ruairi] All right, folks, show's over.
Everybody go home.
Ah, Sergeant,
would you like to ask me a few
- Thanks, Barry, Cathal. Home.
- You're a bit late, Sergeant.
[Ruairi] This is an official
crime scene now.
Everybody, go home!
[indistinct chatter]
- [Eoin] Go on, go on.
- Hey.
- [Eoin] Go on.
- Have we solved the mystery?
That'd be amazing.
We've only been here a few days.
Seamus killed them.
No. He said he didn't know
what happened to them.
Because killers always tell the truth.
Leave now, or I'll arrest ye.
We should go.
[Emmy] Where's Sean?
He was here a few minutes ago.
[Dove scoffs]
- I'll call him.
- Fucking Sean.
How much are you paying him
to never be around?
- Yeah, he seems very busy.
- I can't find my phone.
- I must have left it in his car.
- Here. Use mine.
[phone unlocks]
- Here.
- Thanks.
[ringing tone]
[ringing tone]
- [Sean, on voicemail] It's your boy, Sean.
- Voicemail.
- [Gilbert sighs, mutters]
- [Dove scoffs]
[keypad clacking]
["Peacach" by IMLÉ playing]
There's my phone, in Sean's car,
over near Darragh's.
And how are we supposed to get there?
[lyrics in Irish]
[music fading out]
[birds chirping]
This is it?
That is what the app says.
[gulls squawking continuously]
[faint indistinct chatter]
[loud pop]
[Emmy] What was that?
- [children laughing, chattering]
- [popping]
- [air guns firing]
- [gulls squawking]
- [girl 1] Look at that.
- [girl 2] Yes!
- [girl 1] Oh my God.
- [boy 1] Oh man.
- [boy 2] Look at the guts on that yoke!
- [boy 1] All sorts come out of that.
- [Emmy] There's Sean's car.
- [girl 3] That's rotten!
[gate squeaks]
- [inaudible chatter]
- [boy 1, softly] Sketch!
[both speaking Spanish]
[intriguing music playing]
[vehicle door opens]
[speaking Spanish]
[all chuckling]
- [door opens]
- [engine starts]
- [jeep departing]
- [in English] Were they talking about me?
Where the fuck were you?
You were late again.
Yeah, I tried to tell ya.
The podcasters found a pair of bodies
in the bog.
- What?
- Yeah, in the boot of a car.
- [air gun pops]
- [boy 1] Woo-hoo!
[gulls squawking]
What are you giving children air guns for?
For the
When I told you to get rid
of the seagulls, I meant fuckin',
uh, poison or something.
Send your flunkies home.
[Dove] Did you see that?
The haunted look of a guilty man.
Looked more like shock,
or surprise.
All right, lads, come on.
Come on. Fuck off.
You heard him. Let's go.
- Pick up the pace.
- [boy 2] You're not getting these back.
[Sean] Actually, give me back the guns.
- [girl 1] Catch me if you can!
- Give me the guns! Hey!
- Bunch of [mutters]
- [children laughing]
- [boy 2 jeers]
- [Sean] Give me the guns, please!
[boy 1] Go! Sketch! Sketch! Go!
[children laughing]
I saw those two in the pub
giving money to Sean.
Whatever's going on here, Gilbert,
your podcast is in that warehouse.
[dramatic music playing]
You need this.
[machinery whirring]
[Emmy] What is this place?
We'll just have to see, won't we?
[Emmy] What do you think is in there?
[Gilbert] It's so creepy.
[water rushing]
[tanks hiss]
[Emmy] Can you see anything?
Be careful, Dove.
[wood creaking]
[Dove] What the
- [wood groans, snaps]
- [Dove] Fuck!
Oh my God, Dove!
- Dove? Dove, are you okay?
- [Gilbert] Dove?
- [Emmy] Can you hear me?
- [Gilbert] Dove?
- [Emmy] What do we do?
- [Dove] I'm okay!
- [Emmy] Okay.
- [gasps] I'm okay!
[groans, splutters]
I'm okay!
I'm grand.
[Emmy] Oh my God.
There is something
Get them off me! [breath trembles]
[panting] What
What the fuck are they?
[woman] Juvenile Anguilla anguilla.
They're eels.
- [gun cocks]
- Baby eels.
You've got to be fucking kiddin'.
[breathless] You two, from the car.
Get down here now.
[woman] Down.
On the floor.
[Emmy] Sorry. Who are you?
They're the ones that ran me over.
Oh my God. You were at the pub.
- We're from Interpol.
- Bullshit.
Wildlife Crimes
and Environmental Action Group.
Wildlife what?
Bodkin is the center of an international
eel smuggling operation.
- Eels?
- Seriously?
Yes eels.
And if you jeopardize
any part of this operation,
we'll shut down your podcast
and arrest all of you.
Sorry. You ran me over for fuckin' eels?
You came outta nowhere.
[woman] Stay away from this warehouse.
And most importantly,
stay away from Seamus Gallagher. Got it?
[threatening music playing]
Oh my God. Eel smuggling is the biggest
animal trafficking crime in the world.
Eel populations are dwindling,
but they're a cultural delicacy worldwide,
especially Japan,
so the prices are soaring.
Yeah, unagi.
And they're so valuable,
international gangs are now muscling in.
No wonder Interpol are involved.
They can't even arrest anyone
without begging locals for help.
- Interpol are nothing to worry about.
- Eels are actually really interesting.
[Gilbert sighs] Oh God.
[Dove] Gilbert, this is great.
Seamus killed his brother
and girlfriend 25 years ago,
and now he's being busted
for international eel smuggling.
You wanted a story.
This one's gonna blow people's heads off.
Except that Interpol are gonna arrest us
if we pursue it.
- Oh, fuck Interpol.
- Is it worth putting ourselves at risk?
Gilbert, you told me you needed a hit.
This is it.
Yeah, but a hit's no good
if we're in prison.
- Gilbert, you need to
- Look, this is my podcast.
I make the rules.
All right, we're we're following orders,
and we're staying away from Seamus.
End of story. All right?
End of story.
[sighs deeply]
[whimsical music playing]
[Dove sighs softly]
[music continues]
[knocking on door]
[inhales sharply]
- [door opens]
- [clears throat]
[intriguing music playing]
[eerie music plays]
[whispers] I confess to Almighty God
that I have sinned
in my thoughts, words, and deeds,
in what I have done
and in what I have failed to do.
[dull clatter]
[rope creaking]
[eerie music continues]
[gasps softly]
[breath trembles]
- [slithering]
- [muffled gagging]
- [Dove breathes shakily]
- [gagging]
[gagging, choking]
[intensifying retching]
- [gasps]
- [knocks on door]
- Who Wh What?
- [Emmy] Gilbert wants to meet in 20.
[breathing anxiously]
[Emmy] Dove?
[breathes heavily]
Fine. Yeah. I
I'll be there.
[knocking on door]
[knocking on door]
Mrs. O'Shea?
[knocking on door]
[grunts, groans]
That's for what
your lady friend did to me.
Please. Please.
Can we talk about this? I don't have it.
- [Frank] It's time you pay up.
- [grunting]
[ringing tone]
[ringing tone]
- [Damien] Make it brief.
- [beep]
Damien, what's going on?
The story here is getting wild.
Just call me back.
[cell phone beeps]
Everything okay?
- W-Where's Gilbert?
- Finishing breakfast.
Uh. Got my phone back from Sean.
[Dove scoffs]
- Where the hell is he?
- It's weird. He was here before.
[percussive music playing]
Well, what if you and I
just handle things on our own?
You mean, go after Seamus?
You said you wanna do what I do.
This is your chance.
Do you wanna be an Emmy?
Or do you wanna be a Sizergh?
[music fading out]
Up and out, you fucker.
Come on. Out you go.
[gull calling]
- Aah!
- That's a little look into your future.
You have 24 hours to get me my money,
or next time,
this ride ends very differently.
I thought you were a hippie.
What happened to peace and love?
Peace, love,
and pay your fuckin' debts!
[door opens, closes]
[engine starts, revs]
- [backfires]
- [tires screech]
[Emmy] What are you thinking?
We need to prove
Seamus killed Malachy and Fiona.
Talk to someone who knew Malachy,
but we need to be careful
not to trigger Interpol, right?
There's always another angle.
Yeah, it it's Malachy and Seamus.
Who does this look like to you?
Oh shit. It's Sergeant Power.
[mysterious music playing]
Good morning.
- [Dove] Oh Christ.
- Could you sign our petition?
The Samhain Safety Committee believes
we can't possibly have a festival
now we've found two bodies in the bog.
More fuss!
[music continues]
[doorbell chimes]
[cutlery clatters]
I've got nothing to say to ye.
So Seamus Gallagher is not only
a notorious criminal living in Bodkin
under an assumed identity,
but he's also intimately connected
with Fiona and Malachy.
I'm guessing you knew that already.
You knew Malachy.
You knew Seamus.
Who knows what else you're hiding?
You fancy yourself
a real Agatha Christie, don't ya?
I think Seamus discovered
Malachy was shifting his girl.
I think he killed them both.
And I think you had
something to do with it.
Bollocks. That's a fantasy.
Well, that's what our podcast
is gonna say.
Unless you wanna set the record straight.
There was no affair.
Malachy and Fiona were killed
by the McArdle brothers.
The McArdle brothers? What the hell
would they be doing down in Bodkin?
Smugglers have flocked here
for generations.
Tunnels and hidey-holes
all over West Cork.
- Who are the McArdle brothers?
- Gangsters.
Hard men from up north. Very hard men.
I spotted the McArdles in town that night.
Then Fiona and Malachy disappeared.
It wasn't that hard
to put two and two together.
- So why didn't you arrest them?
- [scoffing chuckle] Jesus.
You arrest those nutters.
You should put a stop
to all this podcast nonsense
and leave well enough alone.
What about Teddy?
Why did he disappear that night?
Was he involved somehow?
My Teddy had nothing to do
with that night.
He went off to meet
that slimy fuck Fintan McGurk.
Whatever happened to Teddy was his fault,
ya fuckin' wagon.
[pounds table]
[doorbell chimes]
- Why'd you let him speak to you like that?
- [door closes]
Uh, he
I I didn't mean to.
Sizergh, do you realize,
everything you say sounds like an apology?
[sighs] Power's full of shite.
Oh. Uh.
How do you know?
Well, it's too easy.
Gangsters from up north pop down to Bodkin
and kill Fiona and Malachy?
And then Seamus just appears
and takes over the business? Nah.
I don't buy it.
Power's coverin' for Seamus.
If we could connect Seamus
to the car in the bog
The car was impounded. I can try
and find out where they've taken it.
I can tell you where the car is.
For 20 euro.
Pay the girl.
Try to find out where that idiot Sean is.
He's still our only ride.
- [doorbell chimes]
- [man] For God's sake, give us a hand.
- [ringing tone]
- Yep.
[woman, on voicemail] Hey. It's Amber.
Please leave a message.
Hey, it's me.
Just, uh, wanted to let you know
that things are, uh good.
Thing They're getting
pretty interesting here.
Wish you were here right now. [chuckles]
- I could really use your advice.
- [vehicle approaching]
Anyway, uh
[brakes squeal]
just, uh
[engine idling nearby]
Never mind.
Lady problems?
- [door opens]
- Hey.
Have you just tried telling her
how you feel?
Look, I I'm really
in the middle of something,
and I just I I need to
to be alone right now.
- So, please, uh
- Okay.
Okay, Gilbert Power.
Yeah. Thank you.
[gull calling]
[object clattering]
[car stereo whirs, clicks]
["Time After Time" by Cyndi Lauper
playing over stereo]
Lying in my bed ♪
- I hear the clock tick ♪
- You need to dance.
- And think of you ♪
- What?
- Dance!
- Caught up in circles ♪
- Let it all go! C'mon!
- Confusion is nothing new ♪
- [Seamus grunts]
- Flash back ♪
- [softly] There you go.
- Warm nights ♪
- [Seamus] There you go.
- Almost left behind ♪
When was the last time
you danced with your woman?
♪of memories ♪
I don't remember.
[music continues]
[Seamus] Aye.
Well, the next time you see her,
the first thing you do,
put on some music and move.
Remind her you're alive.
[Gilbert] Oh. Okay.
I fall behind ♪
I've a favor to ask.
[Gilbert] Is it about the bodies?
[music continues]
I've heard about your little money problem
with those fuckin' hippie gobshites.
I could help you with that.
- Really?
- Uh-huh. Eight thousand, was it?
We could smooth that over.
But why?
Well, I want you to promise
that you won't mention me in your podcast.
What I said on the boat,
I just want to be forgotten, Gilbert.
I just want to forget.
And you can afford
to just give me 8,000 euros?
There's a lot of important things
in this world,
but money isn't one of them.
Do I have your word?
You'll let me be?
I promise.
Good man. [chuckles]
Jaysus. Let's get you cleaned up. Huh?
♪through windows
You're wondering if I'm okay ♪
Secrets stolen ♪
From deep inside ♪
- [Seamus chuckles]
- The drum ♪
- [Romanian hip-hop music plays softly]
- [Sean muttering lyrics in Romanian]
- [thud]
- [Sean stops muttering]
Eyes front, Sean.
And no fucking off today, yeah?
We need you to stick around
and not just disappear.
[inhales] You got it, Chief.
It's absurd Fintan would have
anything to do with Teddy's disappearance.
He's not that kinda guy.
- [muttering quietly]
- What kinda guy is he?
Well, he's um
You fucked him, didn't you?
[Emmy scoffs]
It's not really
really relevant.
Yeah, keep telling yourself that.
Let's go, Sizergh.
[music continues]
- So, what?
- Did you get something out of Fintan?
So why'd you fuck him?
- [scoffs] It-It wasn't like that.
- Like what?
L-Like a transaction.
I actually like the guy.
You do realize it's twice as hard
for women to be taken seriously
in this line of work, right?
- [Emmy] Right.
- So be professional.
In small towns like this, people talk,
so blithely fucking some nerd with a Tesla
only makes your job harder.
[Emmy scoffs]
[Eoin chattering indistinctly]
[quietly] So what's the "professional way"
to get past Eoin? Break in?
You got a better idea?
You have to be kidding me.
Is that all you do?
Sizergh, you broke into the library
and an illegal eel warehouse.
And you stole a file from Power.
And now you're boning a suspect.
But, sure,
I'm the cunt.
[intriguing music plays]
- [music fades out]
- [engine idling]
[birds chirping]
Is this really the way to the bank?
Oh no. I have to make a quick stop
before we get the money.
Must be good to think of something else
after yesterday's tragedy.
- [inhales deeply]
- The the bodies.
[horn honks]
- Fuckin' sheep!
- [farmer] C'mon, Shep. Hup!
[sheep bleat]
- Up, Shep.
- [dog barks]
That's the boy.
So tell me
has he a nice big wallet, has he?
Sean, what on earth are you talking about?
Yeah, sure, I don't have
a server farm or
But I've got big things on the horizon.
I have plans.
[birds chirping]
I see ya, you know.
Like, I actually see ya.
So what are you doing running around
like a three-legged dog after her?
[scoffs softly]
I thought we had a little something.
Fighting our way up from the bottom.
[Emmy sighs]
Sean, I
You and me, um, we're not
I don't think
this is what you think it is.
[scoffs] Uh-huh.
You city beoirs are all the same.
Not a care in the world
about anyone but yourselves.
Now, come on. Move.
I have an important meeting to get to.
We're paying you to drive us.
Well, why don't you get Mr. Microchip
to send you a helicopter, huh?
- Sean.
- [engine starts]
Seriously, what
- [Romanian hip-hop music playing loudly]
- [engine rumbles]
Fucking Sean.
[brakes squealing]
- [intriguing music playing]
- [clacking]
- [Eoin] Can I help you?
- [Emmy] Oh. Yeah. Hi.
Just the man I was looking for.
I was hoping to speak to you
about the, uh about the podcast.
[Eoin] Hmm.
Well, I I do have a certain, uh, insight
into the goings-on in town.
- Obviously. [chuckles]
- Yeah.
You know, I have a
I have a podcast myself
about the football.
- Hmm.
- It's fairly interesting.
We, uh We do an awful lot of analysis
Really? God. That is
That is fascinating.
- Yeah. Yeah.
- Um
Tell me about it.
- Well, 'tis 'tis a beautiful sport.
- Mm.
[Eoin] Just like I say
at the end of every episode,
"Everything you ever needed
to know about life
- can be found in 90 minutes of football."
- [Emmy] Mm. Wow.
Christ. That was boring.
Look what I found
in the glove compartment.
[Emmy sighs] A St. Brigid's cross.
[Dove] Like on Teddy's knives.
Where's Sean?
He left. [sighs]
Fucking hell, Sizergh.
Be more useful if you'd fuck Sean.
At least that way he'd stick around.
- Uh. Why do you even wanna do this?
- Excuse me?
I see that watch on your wrist.
You're a girl who has options.
You know, it's fucking hard
to be a journalist.
It pays shit, and even if you're good,
the high and mighty wanna silence you.
I just
I want to do something real,
something that matters. I don't know.
[Dove] Well, can't Daddy set you up
with a cushy corporate well-paid job?
- As a matter of fact, he did.
- And?
Didn't work out.
[Dove] You bone
the wrong person there too?
[inhales] Dove, would you please
just fuck off?
There she is.
Now, what do you make of this?
[tense suspenseful music playing]
[hesitantly] It must be Teddy's.
I agree.
Power is covering for Seamus,
and somehow, Teddy's involved.
Well, maybe Teddy saw it happen,
and Power had to hide him for a few days.
I agree.
If we can prove this is Teddy's,
we can use it as leverage
to get Power to tell us who owns the car.
He doesn't want his son involved
in any of this.
Teddy's not likely to admit anything.
What was Power talking about,
about Teddy meeting Fintan that night?
Fintan told me they were friends,
but they fell out after Samhain.
You think you can get him
to talk to Teddy?
[music continues]
- [Seamus clears throat]
- Uh, um
What are we doing here?
I just have a bit of business
to attend to.
I'll be back in a jiffy.
But [exhales]
[suspenseful music continues]
[sinister underscore drones]
[softly] Oh, fuck, fuck, fuck.
Oh fuck!
We represent a consortium
of Japanese seafood buyers.
Who lost their supplier
and are looking for a new one.
Hmm. You don't look Japanese to me.
The interests we represent are
very concerned about privacy.
[coughs] Yakuza.
[whispers] Yakuza.
[speaking Japanese]
[in English] What are you looking for?
[gulls calling]
Do you know that eels are
one of the biggest mysteries in nature?
You know, we've been to the moon.
We've split the atom.
But we have no fuckin' idea
how eels breed.
Huh. And they can live in the sea, rivers
ponds, even fucking ditches.
And if they want to,
they can squirm over land.
And they live to over 100 years old.
So eels are nothing but mystery.
And mystery is magic.
So I hope
[chuckling]we never find out
how eels fuck.
Huh? What a cruel and banal world
where we know the truth of everything.
There are some questions
that aren't made to be answered.
[smacks lips]
We sell flounder,
plaice, and a bit of mullet,
but no eels.
It's, uh
it's illegal to sell eels.
We'll give you twelve hundred per kilo.
[tense music playing]
How many kilos?
Everything you've got.
- Fifteen.
- Fourteen.
[speaks Japanese]
[man exhales]
[in English] We'll be in touch.
[Seamus] Mm.
[whispers] Fourteen-fifty?
That's double the Spanish offer!
Fuck me! We'll be dripping in cash.
And, oh, yeah.
W-We should talk about some finder's fee
Shut the fuck up. How did you meet them?
They approached me.
- Heard about me, like.
- Hmm.
Find out all you can about them.
Make sure they're legit.
Yeah, I did. They're fucking sound.
Oi, that's 14-fucking-50.
And we can wave goodbye
to those fucking Spanish pricks
Pablo and Hector.
Fucking 50. [chuckles]
There something wrong?
Uh. Sciatica.
- Yeah.
- Oh.
My mother used to make
a homemade salve for that.
Oh, Jesus. It smelled like wet dogs.
So, uh, how-how did your
business meeting go?
Aw, that was just a couple of tourists
looking to rent my boat for Samhain.
There's a great view of the bonfires
from the harbor.
Do you need to see a doctor?
No. No, no, no. It'll work itself out.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
Time to head to the bank, right?
[Seamus chuckles]
Something like that.
- [machinery beeping]
- [Fintan] How many have you got?
- That's nowhere near enough.
- [construction workers chatter]
[Fintan, sternly]
I need more speakers, Claire.
I just need it to be loud.
I want the fucking Hollow to be shaking.
I'll call you back.
What a nice surprise.
Just passing by. [chuckles]
- [Fintan] Really?
- No.
I, uh, wanted to call, but
[mumbles]I was trying to play it cool.
Noted. [chuckles]
[clicks tongue, inhales]
I've been thinking a lot
about what you said the other night,
about the festival.
[scoffs] It's wild
we're so close to knowing
what really happened at the last one.
Bodkin 2.0.
The past is over, right? And we're
We found this near the site
where the bodies were dumped.
[intriguing music playing]
So this was Teddy's.
It might be linked to the bodies
and to whatever happened
to Teddy that night.
We finally know what happened, but
but not why.
Imagine if we could work out the truth.
- You'd have a great podcast.
- You'd have a great festival.
If the mystery was solved before Samhain,
you could put all those questions to bed.
The festival could really be a beginning
for you and Bodkin.
Bodkin 2.0.
The opposition to you,
the plans, the festival,
could all just go away.
What are you suggesting?
I think you should take this to Teddy's.
And do what?
Apologize, make amends,
see if this triggers any memories.
I'm not gonna apologize
for something I did as a teenager.
- It's all in the past now.
- But it's not in the past.
Something happened to Teddy,
and if he sees this and remembers,
we could solve two murders.
maybe help Teddy find some peace.
No more "Shitpants."
[ringing tone]
[Damien] Make it brief.
Fintan's agreed to talk to Teddy.
Good. You'll need to record
their conversation.
For the podcast?
No. Leverage against Power.
No, I-I can't. It's wrong.
When I was 12, my mam took me for a walk.
She dropped me at a convent,
and I never saw her again.
I never had anything handed to me.
I had to carve a life for myself
out of fucking stone,
using my own bloody fingers.
So if you want to achieve anything, Emmy,
if you wanna be anything like me,
then toughen the fuck up.
There has to be another way
besides using people's trauma.
All stories are about someone's trauma.
Come on.
You got us this far, Emmy.
- Now it's time to bring it home.
- [footsteps approaching]
Oh. Hi.
Emmy said you wouldn't mind
bringing us back into town.
[intriguing music continues]
[whispers] It's Sizergh time.
[metal belt grinder whizzing]
I don't wanna talk about it.
We used to be friends, Teddy.
Best friends.
You threw cow shit at me,
ran off with Siobhan and Michael.
Told me to fuck off.
[Fintan] I was an arsehole.
Probably still am.
[over headphones] I just wanted to
I dunno.
Hang with the cool kids.
Impress them.
By fucking me over?
You've been back in town for a year.
Why knock on my door now?
Brings a lot back up.
For what it's worth,
that night went shit for me.
Siobhan gave me some mushrooms
she bought off of those New Age Travelers.
Ran off with the others,
left me tripping my face off.
Shat my fucking pants
right there in the woods.
- Really?
- [Fintan] Really.
I had to walk two miles home
smelling like a slurry tank.
[Teddy chuckles softly]
What is it with you and shitin' yourself?
[chuckles softly]
Teddy I'm just really fucking sorry.
I'm sorry for not showing up,
and I'm sorry for whatever
happened to you that night.
[Teddy sighs]
Fuck it.
It's over and done.
But it's not.
We still don't know what happened to you.
I thought if I could help you
remember what happened
[inhales nervously]
Emmy found this.
She thinks it might be a clue
to what happened to you.
Do you recognize it?
Is it yours?
[Teddy sighs]
[soft nostalgic music playing]
It's got my mark, doesn't it?
[chuckles softly]
I bought it
and gave it to my dad for his birthday.
I was, uh 11.
He acted like
it was the best gift he ever got.
Kept it in his car.
"For protection," he said.
"Scare the baddies away," he said.
Things were different then.
[eerie music fading in]
- [disembodied whispering]
- [faint wolf howl]
[whispers echoing]
- Dove, Teddy gave that knife to Power.
- [music ends]
Which means the car we found
in the bog must be Power's.
The car is Power's and not Seamus's?
Must have been Power
who walked out of the bog that night.
I-I need to hear the recording.
Why? I-I told you the important stuff.
Because I wanna hear it for myself.
[inhales nervously] No.
- Give it to me.
- Stop it.
- Emmy, give me the fucking thing!
- Dove, stop! No! Stop!
- [Dove grunting]
- [Emmy grunts] Ow!
- Dove, get off me!
- [Dove grunting]
[both panting]
Unh! Dove!
- [strains] No!
- [Dove grunts]
- [sighs]
- [Emmy groans]
[Dove pants]
[Teddy] What is it with you
and shitin' yourself?
- [Fintan chuckles]
- [Emmy grunts]
[audio garbles]
[Fintan] I'm just really fucking sorry.
I'm sorry for not showing up,
and I'm sorry for whatever
happened to you that night.
[Teddy sighs] Fuck it.
- It's over and done.
- [Fintan] But it's not.
You recorded us.
- I-I can explain, okay?
- We still don't know
- Oh.
- what happened to you.
- [Emmy] It's not, um
- No need.
[knife clatters]
Fintan, please. It's not It's not what
[car door closes]
Christ, Sizergh.
That's the second ride
you've lost us today.
What the fuck is wrong with you?
You're a fucking monster.
[tuts] Ah, sweetheart.
I just tell the truth.
Fuck off!
[breathing heavily]
[brakes squeal]
Just give me a minute.
[intriguing music playing]
- [panting]
- [bird cawing]
The Hollow?
[distant clattering]
[whistling echoes]
[tense music playing]
- [whistling grows louder]
- [Gilbert huffs]
[breathing heavily]
[seatbelt clacks]
[exhaling deeply]
- [Seamus chuckles]
- [tense music fades out]
[intriguing music resumes]
Eight thousand, right?
Where did you get this?
An entrepreneur always has
something squirreled away for a rainy day.
[breathes heavily]
My da never had two pennies
to rub together.
And if he did have a bit of money,
he spent it on drink.
[breathes deeply]
"No point in having it," he'd say.
"The man's only gonna take it from ya."
"Better off investing in a pint of plain."
Well, he keeled over when I was 15,
and I promised meself I'd never be poor.
I'd look after Malachy.
I'd be a real man.
[engines starts]
[sheep bleating]
[Dove] Emmy.
Come on, now, Emmy.
[people chattering indistinctly]
[man] Here, I've one there anyway,
and I think there's more in the back.
[woman] Fantastic. Lovely and fresh.
- Hiya. Can I take two of them?
- You could, yeah.
[Seamus] How are ya, Frank?
How's the day treating you?
[stapler clatters]
You got something for me?
That's all of it.
Now, you leave this man alone.
You hear me?
This isn't everything.
There's the interest.
[tense music playing]
I'm only fucking with you. Jog on.
[Seamus] A joke?
It wasn't fuckin' funny.
Seamus, uh
[Frank grunts]
- [tense music builds]
- [gasping]
- There's 20!
- [Frank yelps]
[panting, whimpers]
- Forty.
- [Frank shrieking]
- [Seamus] Sixty.
- [Frank grunting]
- [Seamus] Eighty.
- [Frank screaming]
[whimpering, groans]
- A hundred.
- [Frank screams]
- [screaming]
- That enough interest for ye?
[guttural wailing]
And if I ever have to
come back here again,
I'll staple so much money
to your fuckin' nuts,
you'll be pissing euros
out your dead limp dick.
[Frank groans in agony]
Do you understand me?
[Seamus breathing agitatedly]
[breathing shakily]
[trembling breathing slows]
I'm sorry you had to witness that.
[scoffs] No. It was it was, um
it was fine.
I used to have anger problems.
Oh yeah?
It's been a strange day, hmm?
[soft quivering breath]
How did they look?
Fiona and Malachy, like,
were they stuffed in there or tied up?
[somber music playing]
[voice breaking] Did they look in pain?
[inhales shakily]
You wanna see them?
[rock music playing]
The mystery man reappears.
Fuck, Dove. Look, I-I know I said
to stay away from Seamus
Oh, forget it.
The car in the bog's Power's.
What? W-Wait. How do you know that?
[clicks tongue, hesitates] Long story.
[sighs] I knew Seamus didn't do it.
Well, don't say anything
to Seamus about Power.
They might be in it together.
We don't know. We need to work this out.
- [softly] Yeah.
- Not a fuckin' word.
You okay?
I need a favor, uh, for the podcast.
- [Emmy] Huh.
- Uh
We're out of batteries.
What's up with her?
[Dove] She'll get over it.
What's the favor?
[crickets chirping]
Didn't expect to see you at my doorstep.
I haven't not been thinking about you.
So you decided to woo me with red wine?
After the poitín
I thought we'd take it slow.
This is nice.
Not what I expected.
Most places are so stuffy
and dour.
Why can't a funeral home be nice?
I, uh I'd bring you upstairs
but the flat's a tip.
Have a seat. I'll, um, grab some glasses.
Be quick about it.
[door opens]
[door closes]
[somber music playing]
[Seamus breathes heavily]
[softly] Malachy.
Look at that.
Six toes.
He hated that fuckin' toe.
When we were kids,
he paid me to chop it off.
Mam caught me
just as I was raising the meat cleaver.
She was more worried about
blood on the carpet.
I used to
I've done things
I'm not proud of, Gilbert.
[breath trembles]
I stole from the wrong people.
[sobs] Would ya look at him?
Did they hurt Mal?
Did they torture him?
Kneecap him?
Did they touch her?
Was it quick?
Or did they drag it out?
"Disappeared," they said.
Well, I tried hard to imagine
they'd run off together. Yeah.
Australia. Canada. Costa Rica.
Drinkin' laughin'.
[voice breaks] Surrounded by kids.
And every night, they'd laugh at me.
[inhales] And I'd be so fuckin' mad.
[sighs] Them laughin'
at the stupid old fuckin' fool.
Being mad made it easier,
but I knew.
Deep down,
I knew the truth.
[melancholy music playing]
The McArdles took everything from me.
It was all my fault.
[breathes deeply]
[soft ambient music playing]
You were an actor?
In another life.
And now you're a mortician.
[clicks tongue] People are nicer.
[both chuckle]
Ah, you're good craic.
Just good craic?
[chuckles softly]
[cell phone vibrating]
[Dove sighs]
[cell phone vibrating]
Phone always rings
just as things get interesting.
- Fuck. I'm I'm sorry.
- I'll give you some space.
Damien, before you say anything,
you need to know, this story is massive.
front page, prize-winning massive.
[Damien] Dove, the extradition order
has been signed.
They're bringing you home to face charges.
- [ominous music drones]
- [Damien] It's over.
I'm sorry.
- [somber music playing]
- [Seamus sighs]
[door closes]
I'm sorry, Seamus.
I-I think we have to go.
Turns out, death is every bit
as complicated as life itself.
It has its twists and turns,
surprises and solutions.
Sometimes, you think
you've found the answers.
Something, uh, wrong?
Fiona wore partials.
She had her front teeth knocked out
when she was a schoolgirl.
[Gilbert] But all you've really found
are more questions.
I haven't a clue who this is.
[suspenseful music playing]
But it isn't fuckin' Fiona.
[music fades out]
Crawlin' up the walls
Like a rabid hound ♪
Get up outta that
Get up off the ground ♪
Tie you to the chair
If you don't simmer down ♪
You're the world's worst
Patron saint of stout ♪
Actually didn't I bar yous last week? ♪
What are ya doin'
With a spliff in your mouth? ♪
All right then, never mind
What'll it be lads? ♪
Another round, another round
Another round, another round ♪
Another round, another round
Another round, another round ♪
Another round, another round
Another round, another round ♪
[gasps] Another round, another round
Another round, another round ♪
Another round, another round
Another round, another round ♪
Another round, another round
Another round, another round ♪
Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah ♪
Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah ♪
Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah ♪
Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah ♪
Take the edge off the knife ♪
Catch the rain before it all runs dry ♪
Cure the dog of all that ails it ♪
You'll still be that bitter man inside ♪
They are changing all the taps ♪
Switching off the lights in every room ♪
If the last call has an ending ♪
I swear to God
There's nothing left for you ♪
Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah ♪
Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah ♪
Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah ♪
Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah ♪
Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah ♪
Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, um ♪
Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah ♪
Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, um ♪
[music fading out]
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