Boom Boom Bruno (2023) s01e04 Episode Script

Episode 4

There she lies:
Lady Lovelyn.
Dead as a dodo.
Had she not been dead already,
Bruno would have strangled her.
How dare she croak
on his stomping grounds?
His main suspect at that.
The old fag.
It's almost as if she's saying to him:
"Fuck you, Bruno. You don't have
the balls to solve this case."
And to Mark, that old liar:
"Enjoy feeling guilty."
Must've been quite a bang.
See what I mean?
It's quite a nasty wound.
What knocked her lights out?
I'm not sure.
Something heavy.
And it looks like it came as a surprise.
I still have the DNA report for you.
-The other transvestite
-Drag queen.
They're not transvestites.
Well, we found traces of the same DNA
on both drag queens.
That son of a bitch killed them both.
Yes, but
There were no matches in the database.
So the killer is unknown?
We're back to square one?
And Lady Lovelyn was innocent.
-What the hell are they doing here?
-Protesting. It's a vigil.
Fuck off! Asshole!
Justice for Lady Lovelyn
and Sugar Candy!
Take this, you dirty pig!
You failed spectacularly.
A second dead body within days.
Your prime suspect at that.
How could you mess up that badly?
You honed in on one suspect.
That's extremely unprofessional.
And as if two dead bodies
aren't bad enough,
you did everything behind my back.
Without permission or a warrant.
On top of that,
there's a bunch
of wild-eyed drag queens out there
who call the police incompetent.
The murderer was at the club.
I almost caught him
and I will catch him.
No. You won't be doing anything.
From now on,
all you're doing is sorting files
until I've decided
what I'll do with you.
Soon, the homicide squad
will take over everything.
Until then,
Dan and Nancy are handling the case.
All right.
Let's go, Dan.
Ciao, Bruno.
That all, ma'am?
Get out of my sight, Klöpel.
Sit down!
As for you, Detective Solowski,
you've really let me down.
You could've been a good cop.
A decent cop who knows
which side he's fighting for.
I'm sorry, boss.
You know what?
Better apologize
to those drag queens out there.
Two bacon and potato omelets.
You look like someone died.
Bon appetit.
You call this coffee?
-It's the same as always.
-It's not.
Listen up, kid, I've got an idea.
We'll take another look
around that tranny shop.
He must've been looking
for something.
We won't let that old toad
boss us around.
It's not our fault that there's
some crazy faggot killer on the loose.
But we were taken off the case.
You know Bud Spencer and Terence Hill?
That's you and me, okay?
"Trinity Is Still My Name".
"I'm for the Hippopotamus".
We'll turn this mess around.
Come on then.
I'm sure Forensics
took everything by now.
There's still gotta be something.
Lady Lovelyn's car keys.
Check the front.
Nothing in the back. Find anything?
Chief, I think this is
Sugar Candy's phone.
What's it doing in Lady Lovelyn's car?
Battery is dead.
I was right after all.
The old lady knew something.
I've got a nose for it, kid.
Should we give it to Dan and Nancy?
Are you nuts, partner?
This could be the jackpot.
Who knows what we'll find
in this treasure chest.
No, kid, we're not giving up this case.
Right, and to celebrate,
let's go enjoy a nice lap dance.
I don't know, Chief. I don't feel great.
Maybe some other time.
Let me drive you home then, cowboy.
Chief, can I ask you something?
Do you
I mean, do you
Do you feel sorry at all?
Sorry? For what?
For what happened to Lady Lovelyn.
That we messed up and that the killer
is still on the loose.
Because of us, Lady Lovelyn
Kid, that's not our fault.
We didn't beat her to death.
Then why are you so eager
to catch the killer?
I've got balls.
I won't be castrated,
especially by some old dyke.
It's not about justice for you?
I don't give a shit
about those crazy faggots.
For all I care,
they can bash each other's heads in
and dance like peacocks all day long.
But nobody can cut me down.
I'm Boom Boom Bruno! You hear?
You alright?
Kasper did this.
He was so excited
about the ride in the police car.
Thanks again.
You can hang it on your fridge.
The little biter
really captured my image.
Is everything okay?
Yeah, sure.
Go get 'em.
See you.
What are you doing here?
Everything okay?
I think I'll give it all up.
Give up what?
I'm not a good cop.
I messed up.
Mikky, I made a big mistake
and I can never make up for it.
Never. Do you understand?
Sorry. Sorry, I shouldn't
bother you with that.
You know
I get tackled all over that field.
Thousands of bruises and concussions.
Look here.
Someone hit me there with a bottle once.
He was a homophobic asshole.
You know what my grandma used to say?
If you fall off your horse,
you should
-get back on it.
-get back on it.
So you can either chicken out
and feel sorry for yourself,
or get back on the horse
and fix what you messed up.
You can always do that.
Speaking of messing up
I'm really sorry
I just ran off like that
after we went roller skating.
But maybe you'd like
to come to my place?
For a soda pop?
I'd love a soda pop.
You're cute.
See you.
Good morning, kid.
Good morning.
Did you forget?
Bud Spencer and Terence Hill?
I'm sure she knew something.
We owe her that.
If you fell off your horse,
you can get back up.
Can you crack this thing?
I think so.
Well, can you handle it or shall
I show you how the photocopier works?
Yes, of course.
I mean No, of course not, ma'am.
You're a real freak, kid.
Here you go.
It really is Sugar Candy's phone.
Here, her last messages.
This is from Lady Lovelyn.
"If you think you can steal the show,
I swear I'll kill you."
That would've been the end for Lady.
Yes, but she didn't kill Sugar.
There's gotta be more on here.
Let's see.
Banking app, photos,
music, shopping, games
Here, a dating app!
Remember that Lady Lovelyn
mentioned a lover?
She met guys all the time,
but there's one she met more often.
He calls himself "Firebird".
Looks like the Firebird fancies fairies.
You know what?
He was after the phone.
He looked for it at Sugar's.
And again at Kitty.
And when Lovelyn
caught him snooping around
she recognized him
and that's why she had to die.
July 16th,
"Meet at Hollywood tomorrow?"
July 20th, Hollywood again.
They met at that flophouse
near the highway every few days.
I think we should go pay a visit.
Right now? But the boss
Don't wet your pants.
What a romantic spot.
Seen her before?
Nyet. Not seen.
Olga, Davai !
Hurry up with the rooms already.
You're not on vacation here!
Sweet girl.
Does she offer any other services?
I mean, besides cleaning?
Anything to sweeten up the day?
You know what I mean.
Don't understand. I don't know.
Jacky sends his regards.
Jacky's friends are my friends.
Chief, who's Jacky?
He's a good friend of ours.
Runs a thriving business
with pretty young ladies.
Real peaches.
One juicier than the next.
Little boy wanna watch
the boss have some fun, huh?
Of course.
He can learn a thing or two.
Olga, come here!
Chief, what the hell?
Have you seen this lady before?
You don't speak German?
Little bit.
She said she knows her.
And that she
That she always left a tip.
Who was she with?
What happen to girl?
You must've noticed something.
She never saw her companion.
But you must've seen something, Olga.
Perhaps a license plate?
Anything at all?
See nothing.
But the sports car
Yes, sports car.
Black, and special.
A black sports car?
Yes. Sports car, with bird.
-With a bird?
Bird, painted.
The firebird.
I didn't know you spoke Russian.
I learn foreign languages to relax.
Always good for a surprise, little nerd.
Anything else I can do for you,
my friends?
She give you trouble?
I mean,
sometimes she gets a little uptight.
Listen very carefully, you rat.
You're gonna hand me
that girl's ID card,
so she can leave this shithole forever.
But But what about Jacky?
Let me tell you about Jacky.
Some muscular studs
are lining up behind him in jail
and they're having him
pick up the soap.
But who will do the cleaning?
I'll get it. I'll get it.
Get out of here, girl.
Thank you.
If I find even one maid
next time I come by here,
I swear to God,
I will personally castrate you.
Let's go find that car.
Chief, if we ask for the register, won't
the boss realize we're investigating?
I've got my own register, kid.
Bear in?
Stop! Police!
Hold still or I'll shoot!
It's just a hobby workshop.
I swear we don't tune cars
that fell off trucks.
You old scumbag!
Do you want me to have
a heart attack or shit my pants?
Huh, big guy?
What can I do for you?
Home-made schnapps?
Listen up, Bear. I'm looking
for a flashy black sports car
with a painted phoenix.
Did you sell one like that?
Not us. I'd remember.
But it's possible that a guy I know
pimped a black Pontiac.
It must've been about six months ago.
I should know by tomorrow.
Who's this handsome fellow?
He's my new partner, Mark.
Hello, young fellow.
You should know that Bruno and I
have known each other for 20 years.
We're all friends here.
One hand washes the other.
Very nice.
You see, kid? We'll have
this guy by the balls in no time.
As soon as Bear gives us the intel,
it'll be game over.
-No, Mother, that's for me!
Hello! And who are you, young man?
I'm Mikky.
-And I'm Sharry, Mark's
I'm often mistaken for his big sister.
Hello, Sharry.
Sorry about
Would you like a soda pop?
Did you make that?
Wow. You make dresses?
And who do you make the dresses for?
For myself.
I see.
So you're
You're a drag queen?
I don't know.
I'm a little weird, huh?
No, you're not weird at all.
You know
when I go out wearing my jersey,
I stop being Mikky Flinn.
I'm number one.
I mean, I'm actually number 11,
I feel like number one.
I just feel
Shit. Mikky?
Mikky, please wake up.
You have to get up.
You have to get up quick.
-What's wrong?
-Come on.
-Why? What.
-Come on.
-Tell me what's going on.
-Just get up. Please, please!
-Come on!
-Wait. Wait!
Rise and shine, sailor.
Good morning, Chief.
Pack your things.
The weather's perfect!
We're catching something big today.
We're going fishing.
Morning, Mikky.
Put your hat on, the sun's beating down.
Well? Looking forward
to our little men's day out?
What we need now is a can of worms
and a few cold beers.
Ah, there you are.
First lower the handle.
Then cast the line with a swing.
From the wrist.
Not bad.
And then you wait.
You need to be patient.
Like with a woman.
Eel is the most underrated fish of all.
Prepared properly, it's delicious.
Guess what.
There's a bunch of them here.
I think we'll catch one and smoke it.
I don't like eel.
You'll learn to like it.
No, I won't.
Just try it. You'll get a taste for it.
Believe me, kid.
I don't want fucking eel!
And I'm not a kid!
What's up with you?
On your period?
Did you ever ask yourself
if I even want to do all that shit?
You wanted to go fishing!
I don't mean fucking fishing!
I don't want to go to dirty strip clubs.
I hate booze!
I hate when you talk
about slobbery oysters
or cats in heat that you need
to comb hard against the grain.
I hate that you say "faggots".
And I find bacon
and potato omelets disgusting!
I'll go get us more worms.
How do you do that?
How can you act like nothing happened?
I suppose you always do that.
We've got lives on our conscience.
The worst part is
that you don't give a shit.
But I do care.
One more thing.
You're not a cowboy or ladykiller.
You're just a lonely old fart.
Are you done?
You can go die of your cancer.
I don't care.
Bruno doesn't understand
anything anymore.
He just wanted to teach Mark
how to fish.
He bought worms.
The good ones at that, the fat ones.
All he'd done
was show him the lay of the land.
He'd wanted to make
a good cop out of him.
And now this
50 euros, buddy.
For those five minutes?
-Is there a problem?
-It's fine.
-Doesn't look like it.
-I can handle it.
You heard her, she can handle it.
You know what?
Here's your fucking 50 euros.
Cheap slut.
Are you nuts?
Listen up.
That really wasn't necessary.
I don't need
some Neanderthal protecting me.
Guys like him come here every day.
I can take care of myself just fine.
I always got by.
Got that?
You're right.
Nobody needs a partner.
I'm fine on my own.
Let him look after himself.
Where's Bruno?
Yes, I know that the Berlin police
are very busy,
but we need a homicide squad here.
Yes, fine. Great. I'll wait.
-Well I
What is it, Solowski?
You have to open your mouth
to talk to me.
Or do you need
your master's permission?
Excuse me?
I really don't have time for this.
Get your shit together!
What is it?
I came to say
I finished sorting the files.
Everything okay, Mark?
Oh, my baby! How was your day?
Wish me luck, baby.
I'm meeting Sergio, a yacht broker.
Mallorca, baby!
Dinner's on the table.
Some vitamins for you.
There are no damn vitamins in that!
Little faggot, my ass.
Lapdog, my ass.
I'll show you.
-Where's your young colleague?
-He's sick.
So, got something for me?
Well, my buddy told me someone did order
a tuned Pontiac six months ago.
Special tires from America,
fancy leather seats
And he wanted a phoenix painted on.
Who's the guy?
He's got hair, a nose.
Two arms, two legs.
Surname? Müller, Meier,
No idea who he is, but you're in luck.
I know where his garage is.
Nobody leaves a flashy,
tuned car in their driveway.
I owe you one, dude.
Holy mother of God.
Mark, that was such a stupid idea.
Hello, Mark.
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