Boom Boom Bruno (2023) s01e05 Episode Script

Episode 5

Pick up already.
You goddamn son-of-a-bitch!
Come on, boy.
Come on!
Open your eyes, please.
Six liters, please.
You can't go in. Please wait outside.
Call that coffee?
He's alive.
Holy mother of God.
It was a close call.
We intubated him
and put him in an artificial coma.
-Will he be okay?
-He's young.
Let's be cautiously optimistic.
Would you like to see your son now?
He's in the ICU.
Follow me.
You can talk to him.
We don't know what he can hear.
Don't be afraid. The machines
make it look worse than it is.
We could have resolved this
like real men.
Damn it, Mark, a real man wouldn't
hang himself for something like that.
And what the hell
is with this suicide note?
Are you some six-year-old girl?
I swear, if you think
you can just die on me
But what do I know?
"I would like to formally apologize
for what I've done.
I couldn't stand
being different anymore.
Surely, no one would have
accepted me as I am.
Gay and a drag queen.
I would have lost everything.
My job, my life, my future.
But maybe I'm just a pathetic coward."
Shit, Mark.
"I would also like to make a confession.
I am the murderer
of Sugar Candy and Lady Lovelyn.
Yes, you heard that right.
I pushed Sugar Candy
down a flight of stairs
and I beat Lady Lovelyn to death."
What the heck?
"I'm so sorry
for what I've done to everyone.
I don't deserve to live,
and I ask for forgiveness."
You don't believe this yourself.
It's bullshit!
Young man, where are you going?
I'm looking for Mark Solowski,
Nurse Sylvia.
Wasn't he just admitted here?
You can visit Mr. Solowski tomorrow
during normal visiting hours,
if you are a relative of his.
I have to see him.
And I really need to lose 10 kilos.
But that's not happening either.
Only relatives can see Mr. Solowski
as long as he's in the ICU.
Could you tell me
how long he'll stay in the ICU,
if you'd be so kind?
Well, only the good Lord knows.
Hey, baby.
No, I'll I'll be home soon.
I have one small thing left to do.
Okay, I'll see you soon.
So, what does your magic ball say?
Nothing good.
Had a bad day too?
Who should I beat up?
Watch it, cowboy.
Why should your day
be crossed off the calendar?
When I was a little boy,
there was a dog in our neighborhood.
A Jack Russell with a cut tail.
He lived in a doghouse,
on a short chain.
They fed him moldy bread
and beat him and kicked him.
I walked past him every day.
I called him 'Pirate'.
He only had one eye.
I'd secretly throw him my lunch.
But I didn't dare to steal him
or to call the police.
I just pretended the dog was fine
and walked on the other side
of the street,
so I wouldn't hear his whining.
Out of sight, out of mind.
That's right.
One day, I noticed how quiet it was
on the other side of the street.
So I stopped and crossed the street.
Pirate lay there in his doghouse.
The flies were already feasting
on his little dead body.
All because I'd let the little guy down.
Stupid mutt.
My partner tried to kill himself.
Stupid boy.
If he wasn't half dead already, I'd
I'm really sorry.
Mark, baby!
I'm back!
What are you doing here?
Sharry, it's me, Bruno.
You're my boy's boss.
I hardly recognized you.
You've got a nice mustache,
like his father.
You know what? Let's have a drink.
Mark, baby, your boss is here!
Where is my boy?
Did you see or hear anything at all?
Was there someone here?
Think, Sharry, this is important.
I made him fruit loops for dinner.
Everything was as it always was.
Oh God, my baby
If he dies
Mark's a tough kid.
He'll be fine.
I'll take care of it.
You're still up.
Working late again?
We had a call.
Runaway pensioner.
I almost died.
I really wanted pistachio ice cream.
Pistachio ice cream and chips.
What a disgusting combination.
-You're the world's meanest husband.
-I know.
But take a look.
My favorite cookies.
Am I still a horrible husband?
You're the best.
My God!
You're so mean.
It's horrible, Bruno.
It's terrible, man.
Ma'am, we need to talk.
You can say that again.
Sorry, Bruno.
That's Sugar Candy's necklace.
A cleaner found it
in Solowski's desk drawer.
What's that necklace doing
in Mark's desk?
Only the killer can have it.
That's right.
The killer has the necklace.
Exactly as you claimed.
But that's horseshit.
What's the kid got to do
with the murders?
I think Solowski is in danger.
Klöpel, do you understand
what I'm saying?
Solowski is suspected of being involved
in the murders
of Sugar Candy and Lady Lovelyn.
A suicide attempt in drag,
the necklace in his desk
How could you have missed that?
He was right in front of your nose.
You're making a big mistake.
Bruno, wait.
-Wait, Bruno!
-Something is wrong.
How did that damn necklace
end up in Mark's desk drawer?
-What are you going to do?
-I have proof.
I know where the killer hides his car.
I'm coming with you.
If anything can exonerate Mark,
we have to look into it.
I also don't believe he did anything.
Of course he didn't.
Mark can't even piss
when someone stands next to him.
Is that the one?
Yes, this is where that scumbag
hid his little secret.
-Do you know his name?
The bastard covered up his tracks well.
What the hell?
Come on.
Let's go.
We're in for another scorcher today.
Pack your swimwear and do nothing.
There's no cool weather in sight.
Another coffee?
Yes, please.
Someone's fucking with me.
The guy must know that I'm on to him.
Why else clear out the garage?
Listen, we'll find that son-of-a-bitch.
Nancy and I are on your side.
Since when is Nancy on my side?
You all right?
Just fine.
Sure doesn't look like it.
When's the last time you had some sleep?
You know what?
Go home and get some proper rest.
What good will it do Mark
if you collapse too?
That fucking desk drawer.
Somebody must've placed
the necklace there on purpose.
But who has access to our desks?
Only the precinct officers.
That's right, yeah.
Only we have access.
So one of us did it.
Maybe you're right.
Maybe I should catch an hour's sleep.
Oh, no.
I need to talk to you.
You've got to be kidding.
Don't you want to know
what happens to your friends' killer?
-Not bad for
-a tranny?
I was going to say,
for a tiny dwarf.
Want another one?
I guess I deserve it.
You sure changed your tune.
We've got "company".
Oh, dear.
You got what you wanted.
We're leaving.
But don't think you're rid of us.
Your Lady Lovelyn knew something
and that's why she had to die.
Why don't you do me a favor
and fuck off?
Stop it, honey. He's not worth it.
He's off his head though,
showing up here.
The scumbag who killed
Sugar Candy and Lovelyn
My little partner, Mark.
That sweet kid?
-Is he dead?
He's not dead.
I found him just in time.
Now I need your help.
Not for me, but maybe for the boy.
He's a decent guy.
And he's one of you.
One of us?
What business is it of ours?
I think the murderer
can be seen in this photograph.
Maybe one of you saw him before.
Fine, show me.
I don't recognize anyone. You?
Me neither.
Nobody, really?
I know him.
Which one?
Are you sure?
Yes, we went on a date.
About a year ago.
Not here. In the city.
He picked me up from home
and we went to some sleazy hotel.
We had sex.
He was really quite nice and I'd
have liked to have seen him again,
but he didn't want to.
You're absolutely sure it was him?
Hi, Dan.
What a surprise.
Come in.
Want a beer?
I won't say no to that.
Where's the lady of the house?
She's at her pregnancy yoga class.
It's supposed to help with the delivery.
And you're partying after?
We're having some friends over.
The baby should be coming soon.
Nice place you've got here.
Thank you.
We like it a lot.
You must be very happy.
You've got it all.
A beautiful wife, a house,
a baby on the way,
a nice job.
And in your free time,
you've got your hobbies, right?
We could go bowling with our colleagues.
Or tinker with our cars.
Sounds good.
Speaking of cars
I didn't know you owned a Firebird.
What the hell?
Stop that right now!
Are you nuts?
What the hell is wrong with you?
Attacking a colleague?
Have you gone completely insane?
What the hell is wrong with you?
You're looking at the murderer.
Right in front of your nose.
Dan, do you want to press charges?
No, that's not necessary.
I'm going back to work.
As for you
You know what this means.
I warned you.
I'm finally rid of you.
You're making a fucking mistake.
you're no longer
in control of your faculties.
Completely mad.
It's over.
Hand in your badge and your gun.
And the keys to your car.
The sun is shining,
the sky dressed up
in its brightest blue.
The birds are chirping so loudly
that Bruno would love to wring
all their little necks.
The perfect summer
is kicking him in the butt.
What's left of Boom Boom Bruno?
Nobody needs him.
He's no hero.
And he's no longer a cop.
He's just a lonely man.
Have a good day. See you tomorrow.
-One bottle of corn schnapps.
Here you are.
Hey, kid.
We're on our way to the pound.
Kasper gets to pick a dog.
Wanna join us?
Wanna take another ride
in the patrol car?
In Bruno's police car?
Not today, kid.
Maybe some other time.
Did something happen?
Everything's fine.
Really, Bruno?
Is it about your colleague?
-Everything's fine.
-Doesn't look like it.
You know what?
I don't need your fucking sympathy.
I just want to drink my booze in peace.
Is that so hard to understand?
Come on, Kasper.
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