Boom Boom Bruno (2023) s01e06 Episode Script

Episode 6

Like at a top restaurant.
Today, I'll do anything you want.
What do you want me to do, baby?
I could be
your naked waiter.
I might like that.
Let's eat something.
I'm in the mood
for something very different.
I'm starving.
I only had a few crackers
before the show.
How was it?
What can I say?
The audience loves me.
-Should I be jealous?
-Please don't be.
It's bad enough
that the queen wants to kill me.
-Did you fight again?
-Let's not talk about that old bitch.
Shit, I forgot.
What's wrong?
We'll just eat with our hands.
I finally want to go
to a real restaurant.
You know that's not possible.
Of course it is.
You just don't want to.
I'm tired of hiding.
I'll tell Anna when the time is right.
You've said that for months.
I love you.
You know that.
Then go tell her.
If you're not going to tell her, I will.
What? Come on, baby, that's nonsense.
This is nonsense.
I'll go see your wife
and tell her for you.
Come on, this isn't funny anymore.
I'll tell her when I'm ready.
And when is that, Dan?
When is that?
You won't do it.
You're not destroying my family.
You're the one destroying it.
You're destroying everything!
All that anger
They fired me.
I'm not a cop anymore.
And my colleagues
They're all assholes.
They don't give a shit.
Oh, Bruno.
You're a good guy, really.
Deep down in your heart.
And the world out there
needs its sheriff.
Great. Thank you.
Boss? Solowski woke up.
He's been moved
and is ready for questioning.
That's good news.
Okay, drive down there
and see what he has to tell you.
I I think one of us is enough.
You're drowning in paperwork.
Nonsense, I'm coming with you.
If he's just come out of a coma,
he won't have much to tell us.
We have to go together,
according to protocol.
Listen, I'm going alone, Nancy.
Okay. What's gotten into you?
I'm sorry.
It just gets to me. I like the kid.
I think
it's too much if we both show up there.
Okay. Call if you need anything.
I will.
Good morning.
Eat up.
It'll help you get back on your feet.
Very good.
I put chili in. It packs a real punch.
Burns upstairs first, then downstairs.
What happened?
I saved your ass, kid.
It almost backfired badly.
I met
Chief! Chief, it was Dan.
I know.
Calm down.
Eat something to get your strength back.
We'll take it from there.
The letter.
-Dan forced me to
-Don't worry about it.
The letter was taken care of.
I destroyed it. Nobody knows about it.
But Dan made sure they found
Sugar's necklace in your desk.
They still think that you're
the murderer and that I'm a lunatic.
So, what am I doing here?
If Dan finds you, he'll kill you.
He's afraid that you might still blab.
What's your plan?
I'll solve the case once and for all.
I've got one more ace up my sleeve.
your ass won't leave this cabin.
You hear?
Oh man, Mike,
when will the rain finally save us?
Sorry, but there's no rain in sight.
Temperatures will climb
above 39 degrees Celsius.
Menu number five, please.
-Thank you.
I'll bring it.
What's going on?
I can't see Mark anymore.
Nobody tells me anything.
Mark is fine.
What does that mean?
Mark is safe. Don't worry.
Mikky, customers.
Ah, there you are!
Well, you old scumbag!
That heart attack did you good.
You look good.
Thank you.
Good to see you, Bruno.
-So, no Thailand?
It would've been a bit too humid for me.
And how are you?
How is life with the new boss?
Listen, boss
I need your help.
The old hag needs to go.
She threw me out too.
I'm on to something big,
but nobody believes me.
You have to come back.
We're up shit's creek.
I need my job back,
so I can settle it once and for all.
Sure, but how can I help you with that?
You're friends
with the police commissioner.
Brown-nose him a bit.
You'll manage.
Have your buddies dig around in the mud.
I'm sure they can find
some dirty little secret
and then it's, "Bye, bye, old dyke."
Sure thing.
-Well, boys?
-Strong, black coffee.
Green tea for me.
-Better for the heart.
Remember when I ordered
that sweet little Thai girl?
Sure, yes.
I remember vividly.
Do you know who visited me
when I was in the hospital?
Only Nang came.
Every day.
Listen, Bruno.
I don't do that dirty stuff anymore.
Come on.
Should I sign you up for bingo
at the old folks' home?
My treat.
Take care, Bruno.
Take care.
You'll be a fine cop one day.
A good policeman is a real man.
A real man is not afraid,
never complains,
and makes decisions.
Fucking pussies!
Jerks! Bitches!
-Leave me alone, kid.
This whole world is going to the dogs.
The toughest ones are getting castrated.
I'm the only one left with balls!
Mrs. Solowski?
-Dan Meier, Mark's colleague.
Yes, of course.
Did something happen to Mark?
-Oh, God, please
Mark ran away.
-He just disappeared.
-Is he with you?
Do you have any idea where he might be?
I don't know.
Friends who might put him up?
I don't know his friends.
Mrs. Solowski
Did Mark say anything
or do anything different than normal
before he
He ate his fruit loops, as always.
And before that
He went fishing before that.
Fishing? Who with? Bruno?
Yes, that's right. With Bruno.
I don't know.
Mrs. Solowski,
if he gets in touch with you
or you remember something,
please call me.
That son-of-a-bitch.
I'll finish him off!
He's been fucking with me for too long.
Here, shoot.
Chief, I've been thinking.
You kidnapped me.
I mean, they're looking for me.
I should turn myself in
and make a statement.
Dan tried to kill you.
Now shoot.
We'll only make things worse.
If we testify
and tell them Dan did it, then
They won't believe us.
Now shoot!
I'll get him.
I'll catch him
and squeeze the truth out of him.
Even if I have to cut his balls off.
That's insane.
You're going to bed, while I keep watch.
Tell me,
do you prefer antique pink
or fir green with gray for the pram?
I don't know. You pick one.
Did you get the car seat?
No, I'll do it tomorrow.
What's wrong with you?
Nothing. I'm busy.
You fight with Bruno,
you're always home late,
you behave strangely.
-Why are you snapping at me?
-I'm busy, goddammit!
Your baby.
Healthy as a horse.
You missed the ultrasound.
I'm sorry.
I don't know what's going on with you.
But if you want to talk
I'm there for you when you're ready.
Things will be normal again soon.
I promise.
I've got to go.
We're looking for Mark.
I might be home late.
Don't stay up for me.
Goddamn you,
you stubborn little steed.
Where did you come from?
Let me make you a smoothie.
Oh, because
Did you know those fruit loops
contain far too much sugar?
Far too much
It's okay, Mother. I'm back.
Go sit down.
Thank you.
So what happened?
The police are looking for you.
Who visited you?
Listen, Mother, we might not
see each other for a long time.
I'm going to the police station.
I have to clear things up.
I don't know what will happen.
I'm sorry for causing so much trouble.
No, I'm sorry.
For being such a terrible mother.
You're not all that terrible.
Come on, hop in.
Have you gone
completely out of your mind?
What part of "stay in the cabin until
I've solved it" did you not understand?
Is there a fur ball in my mouth?
Do I speak Chinese?
No, but I do. Mandarin, to be precise.
-You think that's funny?
-A little bit.
Chief, I'm trying to do the right thing.
I'm not a child. I have to make
my own decisions, even if they're wrong.
What do you think will happen
if you go in there?
That you'll get a fair trial
and justice is served?
That only happens in the movies, kid.
Grow up!
You'll rot in jail
while Dan keeps up
his happy little family act.
They found the necklace
in your desk drawer.
They want you to be the killer.
But go and do whatever you want.
Just walk on in there.
Show me you got balls!
So cutting his nuts off
and torturing him until he blabs
and you end up in jail
is the better plan?
No, it's not.
What'll we do now?
Why don't you tell me?
is still my name.
We need to talk to you.
I can't. I'm taking the car
to the garage.
You should make time for this.
My appointment is in 20 minutes.
It's about Dan.
May we?
You might want to sit down for this.
-I don't want to sit.
Your husband is not who you think he is.
I don't know how to tell you.
I'm really sorry, but
Dan murdered two people.
Who did he kill?
The two drag queens.
Lady Lovelyn and Sugar Candy.
And he tried to kill Mark.
Isn't Dan looking for you?
I'm calling him.
First you fight.
Now you come here.
You're all nuts.
I can imagine that it must be hard
when you love someone so much
you don't want to see
who that person really is.
When a person keeps changing
and withdraws into themselves
and you don't know what's going on,
but you sense very strongly
that they have a big secret.
On Tuesdays and Fridays,
Dan would always come home late, right?
Police operations.
That's when he'd meet his lover
at a hotel.
Sugar Candy.
He killed her.
I'm sorry.
Dan will be home soon.
You have to go.
6 PM at the fishing cabin
at the Waldsee lake.
You'll see for yourself
who Dan really is.
Think she'll come?
She'll show.
Now you just have to tell Sharry
to throw out the line.
Dan will surely bite
and bam,
we'll have our fish on the hook.
We'll have slippery eel for dinner.
What if she doesn't show?
We can't be naive.
If we failed to convince Anna,
it'll be a suicide mission.
We need a backup plan.
If it gets dangerous,
I'll deal with it.
It might end badly.
I know.
Go on.
Shit, I had no idea what was going on.
Are you all right?
Yes, I'm fine.
I'm so sorry for locking you
in the closet.
That was pretty shitty.
Shit, you scared me.
What are you doing here?
For the little biter.
I have cancer.
And I'm not a cop anymore.
I have nothing to offer you two.
Boom Boom Bruno.
I'll give it to Kasper.
I'm sure he'll love it.
No, Mom, no need to worry.
Thank you.
Sharry is telling Dan
that she thinks we're here.
Well then
Shoo! Off to your hiding place.
Dan's so eager, he'll get here
faster than Speedy Gonzales.
What's this now?
Chief, I didn't mean it.
When I told you
to go die of your cancer.
That's okay, kid.
Who knows, maybe this glorious
head of hair will grow back.
That's fantastic news!
Stop the girly talk.
Get in position.
Okay, Chief.
Did you find it easily?
Where's Mark?
I was already afraid
you wouldn't show up.
Where is Mark?
It's over, Dan.
Why don't we go to the police
so you can turn yourself in?
You fucked up big time.
Don't make things worse.
This has nothing to do with you.
Now tell me where Mark is.
You can't spend your whole life
hiding from yourself.
We are who we are.
You happen to like guys.
Shut your stupid mouth.
Come on, Dan.
You were seeing him for months.
You gave him that expensive necklace.
It was love, pal.
I know it's not easy
to come to terms with.
What are you talking about?
You have no fucking idea.
Tell me where Mark is
or I'll shoot you too.
Damn it, Anna, where are you?
I just want my life back.
You still don't get it, do you?
You won't get it back.
You can't get it back,
because it wasn't your life.
You've been living a lie.
You messed everything up.
And do you know why?
Because you can't face
who you really are.
I'm here.
Give up, Dan. The police are coming.
Damn you, kid.
I'm sorry, Mark.
Chief, keep it together.
So it's all true?
I didn't want this to happen.
Is it true?
Dan! No!
No! Dan!
You've got real balls, kid.
Even if they're gay balls.
Stop crying, kid.
A grazing shot like that
won't bring down Boom Boom Bruno.
I know.
The guy on the ground is called Bruno.
Boom Boom Bruno.
And this Bruno
is no longer alone.
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