Borgen (2010) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

1 "A prince ought to have no other aim or thought, than war and its rules and discipline.
" Hanne Holm, you've been at Christiansborg for many years.
Looking at our two political opponents, Lars Hesselboe from the Liberals and Michael Laugesen from the Worker's Party, what's the game three days before the general election? It's like a game of chess.
The endgame in the election is about making the world appear simple.
Stick to a few talking points, and make your opponent look like an idiot.
We don't want to talk about the EU.
It's an electoral loser.
Who do you think will be the next prime minister? Laugesen or Hesselboe? It looks like it could be the opposition leader Michael Laugesen.
Based on what? He has been the one with the initiative in the election campaign.
He's the challenger.
Hesselboe seeks to preserve the status quo.
But I feel like the Danish people want something new.
A change.
Even if they don't know to what.
That Laugesen looks more like a salesman than a politician.
Do you collect autographs? No, it's my daughter.
- She's obsessed with them.
- Shouldn't she get Birgitte Nyborg's? It's mostly real celebrities.
You know, like, movie stars and rock stars.
- Is everything ready? - Yes.
You're on in eight minutes.
They'll ask why you're voting for Laugesen, and you tell them how cool the opposition is.
Look up.
Make sure you can't see that she hasn't slept for 14 days.
I think she looks great.
You are moving toward the critical phase of the election.
Right now, everything depends on keeping a straight face.
As we see it, you're still ahead when it comes to controlling the Danish media.
You must not appear passive.
It is important to seem forceful in the final rounds of an election.
For goodness sake, Lars.
It's just a new Danish headline declaring my defeat.
We'd better prove them wrong.
Let's get back to what we were talking about before.
We have some examples.
- Still taking these? - We are in an election campaign.
I didn't even think you had a heart.
- Hi.
- Good morning.
- We'll do it out here.
- Right.
With Borgen in the background.
And you'll only ask about the asylum seekers, okay? Yes.
As always, the middle is the battleground in Danish politics, and most of all, the alliance with the Moderates has helped the opposition and Michael Laugesen move forward.
So we have invited the chairman of the Moderates, Birgitte Nyborg Christensen.
- Welcome.
- Thank you.
No, it's just business as usual.
- Yes.
- We need to confront old patterns A bit bigger, Katrine, three.
The world is a different place - Which channel is Christiansborg? - Number four.
Ready, two.
Two, two-shot four? - On four? - One is on.
Get her shoulder, three, good.
Looking good, guys.
- Is that live from Christiansborg? - Yes.
Three is on.
Can we cue that up? Christiansborg, can you prepare? - We're behind schedule.
- We'll just cut four short segments.
Can we cue it up? Katrine, we have a statement from Michael Laugesen.
We'd like Birgitte Nyborg's view.
But at 11 a.
, she's at Lundtofte Gymnasium with some flunky from the Worker's Party.
Overby! Yes, exactly.
She'll wipe the floor with him.
But are you sure you agree with your alliance partner's vision for the Denmark you envision? Well, that's the basis for our electoral partnership.
I'd like your comment on an interview we've just done with Michael Laugesen at Christiansborg.
Many Danes are worried about the number of asylum seekers who've come here after the war in Iraq, for example.
And I'd like to say first that the vast majority will be repatriated.
Second, that they will be detained in asylum centers and not released into Danish society.
- And the ones with work permits? - What the hell? One thing is for sure.
They should not steal jobs from the Danes.
It would be lunacy to cause unemployment issues because of fugitives, who are already a burden to society.
So, can they work? Yes or no? - No, they can't work.
- Thank you.
Birgitte Nyborg, isn't Laugesen reneging on your deal here? - This could be out of context.
- The segment has not been edited.
He's just answering the question.
- There are so many - Push her, Katrine.
We are talking about immigration, which is a central issue for you and the Moderates.
So, if Laugesen is breaking his promise, will you still support him as prime minister? Yes.
Of course we can.
We'll have to see just what Laugesen actually meant Deflect! Change the subject! Deflect! Your ally is welching on your deal.
Can you still support him? Yes or no? Yes.
No, I can't.
If this is the Worker's Party's policy, we can no longer support Michael Laugesen.
Thank you, Birgitte Nyborg.
This is amazing! New policy three days before the election.
The scandal of the TD5 railway trains continues THE VIRTUE OF THE MIDDLE Oh.
Excuse me, madam.
Could I possibly be of any assistance? Fuck off.
You own all the major topics of this election.
You own welfare.
You own tax reform.
You own being tough on immigration.
Let us assume that the strategy of the Labor Party in the final days Excuse me, I've just received a text message.
"The Moderate Party no longer supports the opposition leader after his rather harsh remarks on immigration in Denmark.
" Goddamn it! It was in the news a minute ago.
Birgitte Nyborg has disowned Michael Laugesen.
It seems you are in luck, Prime Minister.
Just a second.
- Yes.
- Lars.
They are crazy.
I've bought some things, but they won't let me leave.
- Honey, this is a bad time.
- You have to pay.
My card got declined.
I'm not leaving without the bag.
Yes, I'm talking with my husband right now, goddamn it! Where are you? Um, Mulberry.
Near the Burlington Arcade.
This would not happen if you didn't always leave me, Lars.
- Honey.
- You big asshole! Honey, don't you think you should take a cab to the hotel? Like hell I will.
I'm not leaving without that bag! Calm down, honey.
I'm allowed to buy nice things for myself, right? The prime minister will have to leave now.
I'll take over.
Could we speed it up a little? I'll try to catch a flight in a few hours.
See you back home.
Stay here, I'll deal with it.
Hi, honey, what's up? I'm so sick of this place.
I want those things.
Your wife had some difficulties with her credit card.
Thank you.
- Come back another time.
- No! - Honey, you've spent 70,000 kroner! - Don't give me that.
I put up with so much shit from you! You could give a little back! He's a prime minister! - Would you please - Why won't you be nice? Why can't you just for once be fucking nice to me?! - I've forgotten my wallet.
- Oh, shut up! PRIME MINISTER'S OFFICE - Thank you.
- Hmm.
- Did you feel that was good journalism? - Yeah.
Birgitte Nyborg's spin doctor is going to kick your ass.
That's part of the job, Ulrik? - Yeah.
- Yeah.
- Good luck with that.
- Thank you.
You violated our agreement for the interview.
- What agreement? - You tell us the questions and angle.
- There used to be free press.
- Oh, shut up.
- You know how this shit works.
- We do the news, Kasper.
That's it.
When are we going to see each other? - Soon.
- You never call me anymore.
What are you up to? Are you seeing anybody? Is Birgitte Nyborg very angry? - Of course not, she's professional.
- That was not okay! You don't conduct an interview like that three days before an election.
Chase your Cavling Prize another day.
- I'm sorry you feel like that.
- Is there another way? - We cover the election, not your campaign.
- Right.
You changed policy on live TV three days before an election.
We need a new strategy meeting.
I have 20 minutes before the townhall at Lundtofts Gymnasium.
- We'll do it this afternoon at Borgen.
- Yes.
- Is the car ready downstairs? - Yes.
I'll talk with the news chief now.
That's the last time Katrine Fønsmark interviews you.
Hi, Torben, it's Kasper Juul from the Moderates.
Why not meet at the prime minister's office? There was an unfortunate incident in London.
- Yes.
You forgot this.
- Involving Lisbeth.
Is she on pills again? She spent 72,000 kroner.
Her credit card got rejected.
I was terrified somebody would see her.
If she hadn't gotten what she wanted, she'd have gone crazy, so I panicked.
I only had my Eurocard from the Prime Minister's office.
You don't have to tell me that was unfortunate.
Perhaps you shouldn't have taken Lisbeth to London.
I'll keep these.
I'll handle it with the office.
You incurred a minor party expense and didn't have the proper card.
The sum won't be charged for 14 days.
- Are you sure? - Absolutely.
We stick to the plan.
Incidentally, I think the Moderates will call soon now that Birgitte Nyborg has severed with the opposition.
She has refused us so far.
She needs new friends.
Besides, we owe her a favor.
She just gave you four more years, Lars.
I'll see you.
I'm staying in town to work.
Cheeky move, changing policy just before the election.
Birgitte Nyborg is usually a clever girl.
Let's have a serious chat when the situation is under control.
What do we have to discuss with the Moderates? You're looking for someone other than the Freedom Party to secure a majority.
The Moderates are ready, but we must talk immigration and taxes.
We need to count to 90 together first.
And right now you are polling for shit.
You should gather your party for a little charm offensive this weekend.
Call me.
Good luck! - Yes.
- That interview this morning you could have deflected.
Deflected? Isn't that what our party always does? Professionals do.
I'll see you, okay? Your own people will skin you alive.
I don't think so.
I just spoke with Henning Nørgaaard, Gjervig and Lindholm.
They are with you, Birgitte.
I think it would have ended like this no matter what.
We've never had a natural affinity with Laugesen.
Natural? We are not picking teams for softball.
This is about an ally in a general election.
- Have you seen the latest polls? - Kasper, politics is more than polls.
- Three days before an election? - We listen to polls.
They don't dictate our policy.
Birgitte, there is another way.
I know the Liberals want to talk.
The Liberals? I think we can join the government and keep the Freedom Party out.
A minute ago you were angry about Birgitte giving up the Worker's Party.
Now you want her with the right wing? I have to pick up my kid at a birthday party.
Are you taking this serious, Birgitte? I don't know if you've noticed me working 16 hours a day in this campaign.
I won't approach the right wing until after the election, or it will confuse voters.
That is the policy of the Moderates, which I dictate, while I am the chairman.
It's Saturday, five p.
The next four hours were promised to my kids weeks ago.
You have to keep your promises to your kids, Kasper.
They'll grow up to be voters one day.
I missed you today.
- You look fantastic.
- I cheated.
It's from this morning's show.
It was fantastic, Ole.
You should have been there.
How often do politicians shift policy on live TV? - It was so crazy.
- Here.
This is for you.
Thank you.
What's this? They told me it's 150 years old.
- I bought it in London this morning.
- It's cute.
How did you find the time? Weren't you busy? I was until the prime minister's wife swallowed a bunch of pills and interrupted the meeting.
- I thought we didn't discuss that.
- We don't.
But if so, there is a lot I'd like to know.
I want to be with you all the time.
But - But? - I lie to Nina, the kids.
It's insane.
I have to choose.
Well, then it's a good thing there's an election in three days.
I have chosen.
- Is that a parting present? - No.
I'm leaving Nina.
I want to be with you.
All the time.
With no bullshit.
Do you understand? Are you going to that skating thing tomorrow? Yes, it's in Farum.
Dad's driving me, right? I will, honey.
I'm going to practice the piano.
Put on headphones so you don't wake up Magnus.
Hasn't she been playing "Let It Be" for two months now? Mm-hmm.
How's it going with that? I don't think she should count on having an international career.
You know what, honey? I feel like you buy dessert too often.
- Okay? - And pastries for breakfast.
- I know it's for the kids, but I eat it.
- Yes.
You always gain a little weight during election campaigns, right? Hey, hey, hey.
Did I ask for that much honesty? "The beautiful, voluptuous Birgitte Nyborg in an elegant black dress.
" That was in Billed-Bladet from that gala.
- Isn't that okay? - Ah! Black is slimming.
Black is sophisticated, it is very, very sexy.
If you're voluptuous in black, you have a problem.
Honey, this is how I see it: You get an incredible ass when you're campaigning.
And I'll just have to live with that in my own primitive way.
Tell me more.
I can't.
You've cut off the blood flow to my leg.
You were so funny back in the day.
- I'm funny as hell.
- No, you've started lagging.
It's from Michael Laugesen.
He invites me for champagne with the Worker's Party tomorrow.
Okay, when I was a kid, you couldn't say the Worker's Party in a sentence with champagne.
Should I say yes? How tactical do you want to be? I'm trying to salvage whatever I can, but it can't look like that.
Then say yes.
Make him retract.
Tell your voters that you prioritize toppling the government over jeopardizing the opposition on a single issue, hmm? That's a bitter pill to swallow.
Try with some ice cream.
- You are funny, after all.
- Funny as hell.
You know Kasper, my ex, who always figures out everything? He asked today if I was seeing anyone.
I brushed it aside.
He couldn't tell at all.
I'm getting really good at telling lies.
My mom doesn't even know about you, but she will eventually.
"Hi, Mom.
I've got a guy.
He's 13 years older than me and has a wife and two kids.
" I don't think I've ever been this happy.
I just wanted you to know.
You are so mean.
If you're sleeping, you'll get no sex for a month.
Ole, look at me.
Ole! Ole, talk to me! Come on, damn it! This isn't funny! Svend Åge Saltum, your Freedom Party is happy with Laugesen's statement.
Well, it's no secret that the Worker's Party needs to connect with its voters, since more and more of them vote for us.
Are you taking notes, Kasper? Good evening, Svend Åge.
No need, you are crystal clear in your rhetoric as always.
What exactly do you do, Kasper? My constituency committee has been asking if I shouldn't have someone like you, but you know what? I'm not exactly sure what you're doing in exchange for all that money, you're probably getting.
What's it called again? Spin doctor, right? - Yes.
- Who is ill, Kasper? Oh, excuse me.
- Kasper Juul.
- Kasper What the hell did people like you do before the invention of the cell phone? Katrine, what's going on? I think he's dead.
What's happening? I don't know what to do.
He's just lying here.
His eyes are still open.
I've tried everything.
Where are you? Where are you? Katrine, tell me where you are, and I'll come right away.
Bredgade 20, please.
He was just dead all of a sudden.
He must have been ill.
 I didn't know So the guy I couldn't know anything about was the prime minister's press secretary.
How long have you been going out? Get your stuff.
Katrine, get your stuff! Katrine, they can't find your stuff here.
- You'll be fired if they find out.
- I don't care.
They'll claim you leaked information to each other.
- We never did that! - Just no.
All right? There is a taxi waiting downstairs that will take you home.
I'll handle this.
He has a wife and two kids.
They can't find out.
Many people can't find out.
- We can't just leave him like this! - Katrine.
Come on, I'll take care of this.
Okay? Come on.
Go downstairs and get in the taxi.
I'll call you later.
You were home, watching TV all night.
You weren't here, understood? You were never here.
Get moving.
Emergency services, good evening.
How can I help? Hello.
Turn that shit down! Hello! Hello! Turn it down, damn it! Turn it down! THE PRIME MINISTER'S OFFICE - Am I looking okay? - Hanne, fix your scarf.
It's a little bit crooked.
There is a weird mood in here.
People are in shock.
I've asked the Liberal Party secretary to come by for a short taped interview on Ole Dahl.
Let's let Katrine interview him.
Hanne, I have a problem.
I can't reach Katrine.
I've tried text and mail, but the bitch is gone.
- That is unheard of.
- That's what I wrote in my third email.
- Hi, Hanne, Ulrik here.
- Hi, Ulrik.
Not to criticize, but Katrine is not always very dependable.
She left early yesterday as well, so how about I do the interview? Listen here.
One: Did we ask you? No.
Two: If that wasn't criticism, then what the hell was it? Three: No, you will not do the interview.
- Katrine will do it.
She's a journalist - Bite me.
with a different approach.
And four: That was not to criticize you, Ulrik.
Nicely done, Hanne.
He left.
- Was that necessary? - He's always brown-nosing me.
He's a great journalist.
No, he's a dependable employee.
That's very, very different.
He's a mediocre journalist, who never digs in, because he always Could you mute her? I'm trying to reach Katrine.
Okay, here comes the prime minister.
All right.
Hello, everyone.
I have a very sad announcement.
My close employee and friend through the last 11 years here at Borgen, Ole Dahl, passed away last evening following a heart attack.
There is a general election in two days.
And I would ask you not to allow this tragic event to give rise to speculation as to whether I or the Liberals can continue campaigning.
That would amount to questioning the very professionalism that should be Ole Dahl's legacy.
Thank you.
- Could I talk with you for a moment? - Sure.
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
What do you predict for the election? That I step down as party chairman.
Is that realistic enough for you? What if I told you that I have obtained information that would give you a big ministry in a new administration? Okay, that sounds weird.
But it does make me curious.
The prime minister pays for private spending with money from the treasury.
- And who started that little rumor? - I've seen the evidence.
I've seen receipts for purchases at Mulberry in London for 71,800 kroner.
Bought with Lars Hesselboe's Eurocard from his office and two canceled receipts from his wife's credit card, rejected for that purchase.
- And where did you see that? - It's classified.
Do you have them? I can get them.
We can use them in several ways.
Either we tell Hesselboe about them and ask what he'll give in return or we go to the press and appear morally indignant - as part of a united opposition.
- The opposition is not united.
Or we leak it anonymously and wait for him to resign.
Because he will have to.
- Perhaps it's a misunderstanding.
- It's a fact that Hesselboe has bought a very expensive bag and coat for treasury money.
It's also a fact his wife is very unhappy.
- He's stolen from the treasury! - And you suggest blackmail? The prime minister just lost his top adviser.
How dirty do you think I play? Birgitte, we are going to lose seats.
We are at war! We can't let this slip through our fingers.
I'd never forgive myself if this was how I came into office.
Then I doubt you'll ever get into office.
- Lindenkrone! - Hi.
Who says you can't be left wing and hot at the same time? No idea.
But that's not your problem.
You're not left wing.
That was witty! - Hello.
- Aicha, nice to see you.
There are cold sodas at the bar.
Help yourself.
And they are free.
- How lovely, thank you.
- It was nice to see you.
Lovely to be here.
Hi, welcome.
Nice to see you.
Drinks on the house.
Birgitte, Birgitte, Birgeye.
- Michael.
- I can't stop thinking about you.
- Likewise, Michael.
- That sounds like the start of a romance.
Kasper, nice to see you.
Do you have a minute? Sure thing.
Help yourself.
Drinks are on the house.
Rise to battle for the red banner ♪ In a gray and defiant age ♪ If you wouldn't mind closing the door.
The songs are the worst thing about this job.
You must understand I'm pressured by dinosaurs in parts of the party.
They are a bunch of petty bourgeois racists who will sell their votes to the Freedom Party.
And I can't allow that.
Because then I won't become prime minister.
So I need a bit of elbow room from the rest of you in the alliance.
I can't really let you elbow past the agreement we made.
We agreed that asylum seekers would be allowed to work after six months.
Damn it, you're splitting hairs.
They are from banana republics in civil war.
They are in shock.
They've seen all kinds of shit.
 They probably can't even clean a nursing home.
I'm going to ignore that.
Michael you are breaking a clear political agreement three days before an election.
I get so thirsty talking about feelings.
Birgitte I need you to support me as prime minister.
You've made that very difficult with your statements.
I'll compensate you.
Two more ministries than your number of seats entitle.
Anything besides finance and foreign ministry.
Come on.
Tomorrow we'll have a press conference, you state your support.
How hard is that? And then I promise you I promise that we'll get a few asylum seekers a job.
Just don't make a big deal out of it.
I see why you are interested in a marriage of convenience, Michael.
But I'm an old-fashioned girl, so the answer is no.
We'll talk after the election.
No deal.
He wouldn't pull back.
You're making it hard to be your adviser.
You'll probably be free of me soon.
- Yes.
- Don't you recognize me? - No.
- Hornbæk.
Hornbæk, of course! Do you want some champagne? - Thanks.
- That's what you need.
You're home early.
I couldn't do it.
If we lose one or two seats, I'll resign at the annual congress.
More than that and I'll resign right away.
Nobody's saying that it won't.
Now it's your turn to work on your career, isn't it? I've spent my five years.
We have a deal, right? - I thought you had forgotten that.
- Hardly.
It was my idea.
I thought it was very modern of me.
Five years working for you, five for me.
Even though you thought it was stupid.
Yes, because that deal assumes your career can be put on hold every five years.
- It's been fine so far.
- We've been lucky.
What if Bill Gates had called me five years ago and said, "Do you want to run Microsoft?" You would just have said no.
Of course.
That would have been much more dignified than the Danish people voting you out, like me in two days.
Am I sensing a plea for some pity sex? You would have been better at this than me.
No, because I wouldn't have been able to reject Laugesen.
Can I get through? Hey! Everyone says nice things about you, Kasper.
They must not know me, then.
Promise not to go anywhere.
Promise is a big word in this business.
We had a visit from some Cuban communists.
We had to send them outside to smoke.
Do you want to come with? And smoke a cigaros Havana Cubana.
If I was cynical enough, I'd snap a picture of you and sell it to the press, Laugesen.
It totally looks like you are peeing on Borgen.
If anything is worth peeing on, it's that naïve idea of the rule of the people.
The people don't rule a fucking thing.
A small, privileged group of people decides what happens in Denmark.
Some business people, media people.
And a few politicians.
And as long as I'm a part of that group they can call it rule of the people or whatever the fuck they want.
What do you have, Kasper? An apology on behalf of my chairman that it ended in a no deal.
Sometimes the backdoor is open.
She's not fond of the backdoor.
She's a nice girl, you know.
What about you? Don't you want to work for the prime minister? I doubt Lars Hesselboe wants me to succeed Ole Dahl.
Do you think he is in office after the election? - He need not be.
- Need not? I know something.
I know something that could make someone prime minister.
If it was used wisely.
I am a wise man, Kasper.
Listen up, guys.
I have a sad announcement.
It's about Hanne Holm.
As you know, Hanne Holm has previously had alcohol problems.
Yesterday, I received an email telling me Hanne was drinking again.
It was sent from this office from a public computer.
TV1 cannot allow, the day before an election, an alcoholic to moderate a political debate.
That's that.
I have with immediate notice released Hanne from her contract.
All right? We have an election to cover, so back to work.
And you.
Please step into my office, because you and I need to talk.
Hey, there.
Where the hell have you been? - I was sick - Sick? Listen here! Listen! You pick up your phone, all right? I could fire you for this shit! I just can't lose any more good employees right now.
Listen, Katrine.
What I'm about to say can easily be misunderstood as a promotion, but it definitely is not.
I want you to moderate the final debate tonight.
Did you read the speech I wrote for the final debate tonight? Your two minutes? Yes, it looks fine.
And remember to wear the black suit, right? It looks good on TV and makes you look slimmer.
Shall we go over it? Kasper, I think it looks like a clever attempt to salvage a tactically difficult situation.
That's exactly what it is.
If this is my last time, I don't want to waste time on tactics.
Do you want me to make a farewell speech? If I asked for a speech about capital punishment, you'd ask, "For or against?" My job doesn't require me to believe in anything.
Then I'll speak to you tonight.
Shouldn't I say that? You know what? I've always respected girls who fucked their way to the top.
That is a talent, at least.
Being good at fucking, I mean.
But tattling on people, who are actually doing their job, it hits right at the nastiest little tradition in Denmark for snitching.
And I have no respect for that.
- Hanne, do you think I - Drop it.
Who profits here? Who got to do the final debate? - Hanne, I would never - Let go of me! The worst part is I actually liked you.
That won't work, Mom.
Beat it.
Go away, seriously.
Dad, you have to say something.
She's too fat for that skirt.
Oh, stop it - The taxi will be here in five minutes.
- It'll just have to wait! There.
If you just push this down nobody can tell, right? Is this okay? Do you want the truth or the loving version? The truth.
Your ass is too big.
There are five kilos between you and that black suit.
All right, the loving version.
The cleaners shrunk the black suit.
They apologize.
- Oh.
- Yeah.
I'll just have to wear the old dress.
It's the only one I can fit in.
It's completely inappropriate for a party leader debate.
Look at it.
You know what, honey? The other day, me and the kids were watching you on TV, right? Afterwards, Magnus asked me "Dad, do you think I'll be as smart as mom when I grow up?" We are so damn proud of you.
Do you know that? - Hmm? - Hmm.
- All right, I need to put this on.
- Yes, put it on.
Go on.
That's good.
Katrine, you are 29 years old.
And you got the final debate.
So now we'll go over there, and you'll steal the show, because that's what you do.
But, Kasper, I'm crying all the time, and I don't know why.
They think it's nerves.
Come on, damn it.
 It's the final debate.
I'll drive you in the Black Lightning.
Come on.
Let's check positions again.
One, check focus.
Let's keep an eye on the background and the audience.
Thank you.
There you go.
Is the panic visible? You are so damn tasty.
- Have you heard anything out there? - Well The government and Freedom Party seem on top of it.
Watch out for that guy Laugesen from the Worker's Party.
He's on edge tonight.
He grabbed my fucking ass.
That's fine.
We'll nail him for harassment afterwards.
Katrine, give it to me.
About 750,000 might vote differently than last election.
- Laugesen is chasing the 250,000 middle - Yes.
- They are drawing lots for the order.
- Katrine, two minutes.
Katrine, come here.
You're going to do great.
You look stunning.
You are an incredibly talented journalist.
If you don't nail this, it's my ass, all right? Good.
- The black one was at the cleaners.
- You look great.
Just relax and be yourself.
And stick to the speech.
Could we talk for a minute? I don't think you should use that now.
Are you crazy? Ten seconds.
Katrine in position.
You look enchanting.
And four.
three two one Ready, three.
- Good evening, welcome - Dad, it's starting! All right, all right, I'm coming.
- Here you go, honey.
- Come on.
We are debating this election's main topics.
Plenty to talk about and at the end of the program, each leader gets two minutes to talk.
We are tough.
The microphone is switched off after two minutes.
Everyone gets the same, however difficult it may sound.
Don't look at me like that, I'll behave tonight.
That would be a first, Svend Åge.
There's Mom! Hi, Mom! Dad, that dress is so embarrassing.
Send positive energy to your mom.
Positive energy.
The Liberals' Lars Hesselboe has been the prime minister for seven years, Michael Laugesen from the Worker's Party wants his office.
There has been no shortage of promises from the two gentlemen, but on behalf of the women, I'll say that as with elsewhere, size doesn't matter.
Welcome to the final debate 2010.
This is it, friends.
Now every party leader gets two minutes to speak.
First is Anne Sophie Lindenkrone.
- The floor is yours.
- Thank you.
I'm ashamed to be Danish when I see the selfish Denmark Hesselboe and friends have shown us the last seven years.
Katrine, your intro for Amir Diwan on three.
- Are we sure Diwan is with a "w"? - Yes.
And he's there.
And a vote for us is a vote for an environmentally, economically responsible and healthy Denmark.
Of course Denmark needs armed forces that are up to date and educated.
Prepare for Hesselboe on three.
We also believe the individual's freedom, initiative and ability to act is a vital motor for the Danish economy.
Can we still take care of our elders, while taking care of criminal immigrants and refugees who travel 6,000 miles to get here Katrine, it's Birgitte Nyborg now, and she is on three.
And three is on.
Thank you, Svend Åge Saltum.
The penultimate speaker is Birgitte Nyborg from the Moderates.
Thank you.
Well all of us up here have become very professional.
We know the questions in advance, because they are agreed with the media.
- We get polls every hour - That's not scripted.
Katrine, it's not a prepared speech.
It's pure improvisation.
And we do all this because it is so important to be perfect.
Right now, my spin doctor is backstage and cursing me for not reading my speech.
And he is upset that I didn't wear the clothes we agreed on.
But the thing is it doesn't fit me these days because I've put on a little too much weight.
Give me a full frontal shot, two.
We need to see the dress, two.
Yes, hold it.
You are on, two.
I believe we have to admit when we are wrong and speak up when there is something we don't understand or know.
I became a politician because I once had an opinion on how to organize the world.
I still do.
I believe that we are losing the glue that holds Denmark together.
I believe, opposite the Freedom Party, that we already live in a multi-ethnic society and that it is meaningless to discuss how to avoid it.
I believe it is a myth that we are equal with equal opportunities.
During the last seven years, the gap between rich and poor has grown.
And the prime minister will probably say, "It will be fine.
Everyone forges his own destiny.
" But believing that free market forces is the best weapon against social inequality is like saying cars will stop global warming on their own.
It is not good enough.
If we are to create a new Denmark together, we have to invent a new way of talking to each other and a new way of doing politics.
It is possible that words like socialism, liberalism and solidarity are words that describe the world of yesterday, not tomorrow.
The modern world is full of variety, and our democracy must mirror this as well.
A vote for the Moderates tomorrow is a vote for a new Denmark.
Thank you.
Thank you, Birgitte Nyborg.
Holy smokes, Nyborg is on fire tonight.
That's your mom.
You can be proud of her.
Thank you, moving on.
Last man, Michael Laugesen.
Can you top that? You bet.
Thank you.
I have of course written a speech like everyone else or most of us.
But I can't make it, because I today have seen proof of, what I would call, the arrogance of power in the prime minister.
For seven years, the prime minister has preached economic austerity for the voters.
But, Lars Hesselboe, how can you do this when you apparently run around and pay private expenses with treasury money? - What are you talking about? - This, Lars Hesselboe, is a receipt that shows the prime minister has given his wife presents worth over 70,000 kroner from the treasury! Holy shit! Show us the receipt, one.
Yes, two.
What the hell is happening? Go on, I need to check something.
- 70,000 kroner! - Please, quiet down.
- Don't the rules apply to us all? - Yes.
The prime minister on three.
Can you do that? Katrine, let him continue, even if he runs out of time.
We need a response from Lars Hesselboe.
Thank you.
I don't know what kind of receipts Laugesen has, but I can say that this is not the right place for that.
Is that your signature, Lars Hesselboe? No, that's enough! I won't stand here and be accused of some imagined criminal act.
- You have to answer for your actions.
- Talk with my lawyer.
Yes, and I'm leaving this debate now.
That's like admitting to it! - Follow him, follow him.
- Three, follow him.
Follow him.
All the way out.
Even though it's ugly.
Follow him.
Thank you to Laugesen.
- He is admitting - I'm cutting you off.
The debate is over.
Thank you.
This debate ended in a surprising way it's safe to say.
We'll be back tonight with a special broadcast covering the debate.
- Thank you and have a great election.
- And two.
We are off, friends.
Great job! Damn! Listen up.
That is damn good television, boys and girls.
No doubt about it.
Damn, you were good! I think my daughter might want your autograph.
Could I have it later? - Of course.
- Thank you.
Thank you.
Where did Laugesen get that information from? Be at Borgen nine a.
tomorrow and clear your desk.
- Have a good day.
- Yes, bye! Bye! Today is when the Danes vote on who will be in power the next four years at Christiansborg.
This time, often-reliable polls are believed to be useless following yesterday's debate, which is described as the most chaotic political debate ever.
Several commentators have said THE PRIME MINISTER ACCUSED I think we would have made a great team.
Drop the emotion.
I'm better at that than you.
My keys and your phone.
Computer and the campaign files are over there.
I agreed with security that you must give your ID card to me before leaving Borgen.
Thank you.
Birgitte! Leadership in the Worker's Party has distanced itself from Laugesen.
The unexpected and dramatic end to yesterday's party leader debate on TV1 has shaken the Worker's Party.
The highly respected former chairman, Hardy Eriksen, said on the radio this morning, that Laugesen's behavior during the final debate was a disgrace.
"I can no longer support Michael Laugesen," says Hardy Eriksen.
This could this could go in any direction.
I think we have to wear our pinstripes tonight.
MOM And right off the bat is a surprise, since the first exit polls suggest the Moderates might wind up tonight's big winners with more than eight seats Mom! You've gained eight points! It's called seats, you dumb-ass.
Hey, don't joke around with this, okay? - It's true.
- Yes, Ritzau just announced it.
Okay, fine.
I hate it.
I hate it, hate it, hate it.
A moment, Phillip, I am in hell here.
I made the cleaners buy you a new one.
They shrunk the old one, remember? - I love you.
- Mmm! Something is happening.
We expect the chairman for the Worker's Party We still await key personalities in this election, one of the most surprising in modern time.
Is it me you are waiting for? Wait a minute.
Somebody has to enter before us.
- Why? - Mom needs to be on television too, honey.
The prime minister and Mrs.
Hesselboe have arrived.
Lars Hesselboe, how do you feel about the results? I am both shocked and disappointed that the last 24 hours of misunderstandings will have such huge political consequences.
But are they misunderstandings? Your lawyer has not denied the allegations concerning your wife's purchases for over 70,000 kroner.
- There is talk of police involvement.
- The accusations are baseless.
Will you continue as prime minister? All right.
Michael Laugesen, do you have a comment I've brought clear evidence which Hesselboe can't refute.
He has stolen from the treasury and should pay for it.
I regret nothing.
Do you think you'll become prime minister tonight? I just want to say that my wife Margit's dress, look at that Ten years old, 375 kroner at a department store.
Birgitte! Here we have one of the election's biggest winners, Birgitte Nyborg Christensen from the Moderates.
Birgitte! Remember this moment, honey.
Have a good evening.
The ascent of the Moderates continues, ten more seats for Birgitte Nyborg and her party in the new parliament.
This is insane! We've gained ten seats, Birgitte! Damn it, what if they become useless because Hesselboe has enough? He has lost 12 seats, he must resign.
The path is clear! Thank you.
- We are going to call it a night.
- I want to see the national result.
No, you guys look so tired.
Look at your little brother.
Is that okay? It's fine.
You looked like a statesman tonight.
See you later.
Come on, kids.
Come on.
Bye! A great leap forward again.
Two more seats And we are now ready with the national result.
It is without a doubt a landslide election in Denmark.
The election's two big opponents, Laugesen and Hesselboe, are also this election's biggest losers.
But the big winner is without a doubt the Moderates.
Fifteen seats, Bent, fifteen seats.
I can't believe it.
It shouldn't even be possible.
You captured some kind of zeitgeist.
This is the beginning of something new, Birgitte.
Now you go in there and thank them.
And lead them, for they have shown they want you to lead them.
- Bent, what if I don't know how? - Then you'll learn it on the fly! Thank you! Gitte! Gitte! Gitte! We've come so far! Gitte! Gitte! Gitte! Gitte Several analysts say that voters have rejected both the Worker's Party as well as the Liberals because of the personal showdown between Laugesen and Hesselboe.
And that this void has been filled by Birgitte Nyborg with a different and personal Aren't you coming? Torben is asking for you.
He's about to start his speech.
Be right there.
Katrine, you have to come.
I'm praising you to the skies, damn it.
What's going on? There, there.
I didn't buy pastries.
They say I'm going to be prime minister.

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