Borgen (2010) s01e02 Episode Script

Episode 2

1 - Honey, you spent 70,000 kroner! - He's a prime minister! I only had my Eurocard from the office in my pocket.
I'll keep these and sort it out with the office.
You know Kasper, my ex, who always figures out everything? He asked me if I was seeing anyone.
Ole? Come on, damn it! This isn't funny! I think he's dead.
Katrine, tell me where you are and I'll come right away! I know something that could make someone prime minister.
If it was used wisely.
This, Lars Hesselboe, is a receipt that shows the prime minister gives his wife presents for over 70,000 kroner from the treasury! Be at Borgen nine a.
tomorrow and clear your desk.
You look like a statesman tonight.
Gitte! Gitte! Thank you! They say I'm going to be prime minister.
"The prince should always be aware that it is much safer to be feared than loved.
" Solidarity Union, the Green Party, the Worker's Party and us.
- That is 91 seats.
- You have the seats you need.
- Maybe somebody's having second thoughts? - You have the seats you need.
The Worker's Party could have doubts.
Laugesen has been knocked out.
- Are you nervous? - Why should I be? Because behind that door, Her Majesty is waiting Shh! Waiting to give you the authority to form a government - as the first female prime minister.
- The people gave me that authority.
Oh, so she's playing the republican now? Ooh! You're loving this, right? What the heck, the Queen's Round is a cute tradition.
What's the problem? The one forming the government visits the queen and says, "Hello, I have the ball now.
" It's the least we can do seeing as they gave power to the people back in 1849.
I thought Her Majesty was precise.
Why have we waited for 20 minutes? Perhaps she went for cigarettes.
I just want to know if you'd like more coffee while waiting.
No, thank you.
Her Majesty is ready in a moment.
Something's wrong, can't you feel it? They are stalling.
We lost the ball before the game even started.
Damn it! Everyone is backing you as leader of the negotiations! Bent, don't curse here at Amalienborg! Shush! Listen, this is not the hard part, right? You are not prime minister yet.
The hard part is controlling the process the coming days and end up in the gate with a new government.
Remember that! Yeah.
What's happening? We have 91 seats.
Can't the bitch count or what? Her Majesty is ready to receive.
Thank you.
COUNT TO 90 What was the queen like? She was very polite, in a kind of a royal fashion.
- Was it like in the New Year's Speech? - I guess.
Did you curtsy? - You have to.
- That is so far out.
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
The prime minister is eating breakfast in our kitchen! Easy now.
- Good morning.
- Listen Today's meetings are pretty much set.
Solidarity Union, then the Green Party, then New Right, the Liberals and the Freedom Party this afternoon.
And the Worker's Party and Laugesen? We haven't settled on a time yet.
I'm banking on them going first.
- Mom, you're on TV! - One moment.
Bent, we're on TV1 Morning.
The question everybody is asking is of course, "Is Denmark getting its first female prime minister?" Yesterday, Birgitte Nyborg Christensen took the first steps when she was appointed as Royal Investigator by Her Majesty.
- Torben Friis, welcome.
- Thank you.
Explain what kind of game we are witnessing these days.
It is quite simply a game concerning political power in Denmark.
- Let's start with Hesselboe.
- Yes.
- It's been a dramatic 24 hours.
- Yes, and yesterday, everything culminated when his government resigned.
One obvious reason is his poor election showing, but it wouldn't surprise me if this embarrassing scandal - concerning use of funds - It's been seven good years, Lars.
Thank you.
And that's where Laugesen comes in.
He's certainly had a part in this.
The Worker's Party with Michael Laugesen has had the worst election ever in the party's history.
But Laugesen's very aggressive attack Yes.
Michael, when would you like to speak to Radio News? Bjørn, listen, fuck off.
Fuck off, damn it! - Get out! - All right, all right! Laugesen is fighting for his political life right now because a lot of the party has turned against him.
And not just him, but also his methods during the election.
Taking a look at the screen, we see the seats in the new parliament.
- 91 and 88.
- There is a clear majority.
- Birgitte! - Birgitte, good morning! - Have the Moderates begun - Good morning, Birgitte.
Is this a new tradition with the prime minister on a bicycle? Ask the prime minister.
When will you form your government? I have no comments right now.
Good morning.
- Birgitte.
- Amir! - Congratulations.
- Thank you.
- It's fantastic.
- Yes.
This is an historic opportunity to get Denmark back on course.
I have suggestions for your cabinet.
I need to see the Worker's Party first, Amir.
This is a great day for democracy, Birgitte.
Good morning.
Could we have fruit instead for the meetings? I've quit those.
Laugesen and his party are not coming this morning.
They aren't coming until the afternoon, they say.
It's pure tactics.
Or his party is disintegrating.
Can we move the schedule for someone else? I have done that.
The Freedom Party is ready now, and we are waiting for Solidarity Union.
And tell Laugesen it is vital that he come by anytime today.
- Yeah.
- Tell him we'll make policy without him.
No, don't tell Laugesen that.
Bent, damn it.
We have to close the damn deal today.
That is not realistic.
We are talking about a new government.
We treat everyone with respect.
I've made a list for every party.
Including the Freedom Party.
Aicha Nagrawi.
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
I just wanted to say we can meet at 11 a.
, but I must stress that we have a whole list of issues that are absolutely vital for us if we're going to work together.
- Here you go.
- Thank you and congratulations.
With getting elected.
Look at that.
The woman has gotten a new scarf.
- Hello.
- Hi, Svend Åge.
My mother wore a scarf as well.
She was from Glyngøre.
Hi, Bent.
- Hello.
- Kudos on your fantastic election results.
Likewise, Svend Åge.
You guys gained more seats as well.
- No.
- Please sit.
Let me start by thanking you for coming, Svend Åge.
I know we are quite far apart on most issues, but I still felt it important that we look for any common ground.
Are you suffering from seat shock, tiny Birgitte? Starting with tax policies, your last proposed bill Look I was with Glistrup way back in 1971 when the Conservatives refused him to run for election.
Then Glistrup founded his own party, Fremskridtspartiet.
A year and a half later, he was in the news with 28 seats.
He didn't hesitate for a second.
He was a winner.
You have just doubled your seats.
Why don't you sound like a winner? Glistrup ended up in jail.
Listen, you and I disagree on immigration, the economy, taxes, culture, the environment.
Everything that you represent, I am trying to prevent.
I am evil incarnate in your tiny politically radical world.
You don't have time to sit and drink coffee with me.
But I'll give you some advice, Birgitte.
Sit at the head of the table at your own negotiations.
I'm going to take this pastry with me.
That's okay, right? Have a nice day.
I'm not saying I want to, but many would would probably like to fuck her, if Nyborg became prime minister, that's all.
- You're crazy.
- Why? I've never heard anyone say they want to fuck a prime minister.
She's a total babe.
Right then.
Did Hanne Holm call to congratulate you on the final debate? - Good morning.
- Five minutes.
Oh, Dan, give me a cigarette, damn it.
Come on, hand it over.
Didn't you quit? My point exactly.
Listen, we are crazy busy, but first we need to talk about Hesselboe's dead spin doctor, Ole Dahl, who is getting buried, and I think the funeral will be packed.
He knew everyone at Borgen.
Simon, will you take a team out to get some comments? - Yes.
- Great, and Oh, yeah Pia, you've got a real scoop.
Tell us.
Lars Hesselboe and his wife have agreed to participate in Focus on Sunday.
To talk about the tragic death of Ole Dahl, but primarily about their marriage and the big crisis.
And of course I'm thinking Katrine.
Right? A perfect job for you, you are a great with those feelings.
I don't think I have time to prepare.
I beg your pardon.
I was planning on going to the funeral.
I must be missing something.
Did you know him? We spoke frequently regarding interviews with Hesselboe and during the election, there were plenty of times where I can do it, and Katrine can take my slot at six p.
Fine by me, if it's fine by Katrine.
- Hello.
Anybody home? - What? - Is a swap okay with you? - It's fine.
I'm still here, hang on.
Do we have any soft background on Nyborg? - I'm talking with some old classmates.
- Perfect.
Lay it on thick.
 Torben here.
See you later.
Listen, we'll do it later I visited the Moderates this morning.
I took the temperature.
Nyborg has no idea what she is doing.
It is a waste of time.
Are you sure? Hi, Lars.
- See you later.
- Yes.
- So what do you want? - Environmental ministry.
Five or six smaller ministries.
Perhaps a new Ministry for Climate.
And two seats on the coordination committee.
Your seats entitle you to four ministries at most.
Don't you want to be prime minister? Yes, but a prime minister that can't be blackmailed.
We'll stop for now.
Think it over and get back to me.
Inger Hansen is waiting.
- Hi.
- Hello.
Lars Hesselboe is terribly sorry, but he couldn't attend in person.
We have an appointment.
I saw him in the hall 30 minutes ago.
Who are you? Inger Hansen.
 I am in the Liberals' group.
- And you speak for the Liberals? - Yes.
In the preliminary rounds.
Tell Hesselboe there are no preliminary rounds.
That we are forming a government.
If he doesn't have time as party leader, we'll go on without the Liberals.
The only thing you need is the Worker's Party.
Then you can close the deal.
Laugesen will be here shortly.
Don't count on it.
He's leaving Christiansborg right now.
Behind me, Michael Laugesen is exiting.
Michael Laugesen, do you support Birgitte Nyborg as prime minister? I haven't spoken with Nyborg, but right now I must go to Middelfart to speak with my constituency.
- Will you remain chairman? - No comment.
My God, he is arrogant! We made an appointment an hour and a half ago.
Michael, it's Birgitte Nyborg.
Could you please call me back as soon as you get this? I'm watching you leave Borgen on TV and according to my schedule, we are meeting in ten minutes, that seems very strange to me.
I expect you to call back soon regarding a new appointment.
Thank you.
What the hell is this, Bent? I can't move on without the Worker's Party.
I can't form a fucking government with Solidarity Union and the Green Party! I'm losing my grip.
I'm losing it.
It's falling apart right in front of me.
Birgitte, calm down.
- Go home to your family.
- Yes.
You lost the battle today, tomorrow you'll win it.
Does everybody understand? No, I still don't get it.
What does the G stand for? Dear friends, at least pretend you've done your homework.
The G is for Government, representing the means of the State.
It's page 27 in International Finance, and it's basic knowledge, ladies and gentlemen.
Let that be the last word for today.
Can you tell us about Friedman? Yes.
Milton Friedman.
Winner of the Nobel Prize in '76 and economics adviser for Reagan in the 80's.
We'll cover that next time.
- What about - No, Amina, class is over, go drink coffee and get yourself a boyfriend.
That's all for today.
Hi, kids.
Hi, honey.
How wonderful.
I thought you'd be home late.
- We couldn't get any further today.
- Okay.
Looks like I need to do random checks.
You have some very pretty students.
You are so horrid.
I know it's a pure power move from Laugesen, but if I don't win over the Worker's Party now, I'm done for.
They are the biggest party.
Why should they accept a prime minister from a smaller party? - Because they've taken a beating.
- Yes.
They are the biggest party, sure.
But they have never been smaller than now.
If you want the job, you have to take it.
- "If I want the job.
" - Hmm.
You have to bluff.
Do you know how many industry executives bluffed their way to the top? It's not about qualifications.
Stop it! Men tend to exaggerate at job interviews to make themselves look better, all right? Women, they make it worse for themselves by telling the truth about their shortcomings.
Just to be on the safe side, right? Why do you think so few women play poker? They are bad at bluffing.
You have to put your foot down and sit at the head of the table.
If you show them you are a leader, you are the leader.
You're a hair's breadth from BS Christiansen.
I have no problem sitting at the head of the table.
- Wonderful.
Then there is no issue.
- No, there is no issue.
Hey, hey! - He is always hitting me! - Laura! What's going on? Leave him alone! - Hey, kids, listen up! - Kids, we are talking here.
If you're going to beat each other up, go somewhere else, okay? Birgitte.
That is the head of the table, understand? We have to have a serious talk with the kids.
If I become prime minister.
Not if when.
- Right? Positive energy.
- I'm serious.
Everything will be different.
My free time, everything.
They know that.
I'll talk to them.
You and I need to talk as well.
- We made a deal once, right? - Yes.
But, honey, this is different.
This This is a different ball game.
Why? I don't want to be the man who tells his wife she can't be prime minister, right? That is a weird thing to say to your wife no matter what, right? What are you doing? Sitting at the head of the table.
Oh, ho-ho! Hi.
Good morning, beautiful.
You weren't home, so I figured you were punishing yourself on your regular route.
Water? Thanks.
What do you want? Nothing.
I just wanted to chat.
Is everything good? Everything is shit.
I miss him like crazy sometimes.
What did you do after I left in the taxi? How did you leave him? In bed, I didn't touch him.
I just removed everything showing he wasn't alone when he died.
Hey, are you okay? I don't work for Birgitte Nyborg or the Moderates anymore.
I thought you should know.
- Did you get fired? - No.
I left on my own.
Everything was too politically correct.
I I couldn't stand it, so we're calling it creative differences.
Are you sad? Nope.
By the way, have you heard anything about how Michael Laugesen got those receipts that took down the prime minister? We assumed he had a source in the office.
But nobody knows anything.
Why? Nothing.
Nobody tells me things anymore.
I have to be at work in an hour.
Thanks, this was nice of you.
I'll see you.
Breakfast one of these days! - Good morning.
- Good morning.
They were up all night at the Worker's Party.
- Do we know anything? - Laugesen is bringing his A-team.
If we don't make him a concrete offer, he'll smell blood.
I'm not budging on immigration, no matter what.
They get finance, justice, the foreign ministry and six others.
We will take economy, labor, education and culture, right? And you'll stand firm.
Good morning! - I'm sorry, are we too early? - No, not at all.
- Michael, Höxenhaven, Marrot.
- Good morning.
- Welcome.
Have a seat.
- Thank you.
- Again, congratulations on the election.
- Thank you.
Are you vegans now? Can't you get a decent pastry at a meeting anymore? We might as well get going.
- Yes.
- Yes.
We've had talks with the Green Party and Solidarity Union yesterday, but it was important for me not to be too specific until this meeting.
And let me tell you our thoughts - Before you continue - Can I please tell our thoughts Birgitte, I want you to know I have great respect for you as leader of the negotiations.
Thank you.
And if it wasn't for us in the Labor Party rallying so quickly as we have, you'd have been an obvious choice for prime minister.
Excuse me what is this? I have come with a united Worker's Party to ask you to tell Her Majesty that your negotiations have stalled, and that you now support me as new leader of the negotiations.
Why on earth should I do that? It is unlikely you'd point to Lars Hesselboe again.
And we are the largest party in this country.
So of course we should lead the government.
You are the largest party, Michael, but simultaneously smaller than ever.
The fact is I negotiated last night with Amir from the Green Party and Lindenkrone from Solidarity Union, and they both support me.
Birgitte, your time will come.
And we have of course brought a concrete offer for you to review.
- Bjørn, will you hand out the papers? - Yes.
Solidarity Union is out.
They are not ready for government.
It will be you guys, us and the Green Party.
Amir gets environment, health care and some small stuff.
That man can be bought with anything.
And we have the following offer for you: Economy, Ministry of Labor and Employment and four other ministries of your choice.
And you'll take prime minister, finance and foreign ministry? Like I said, it's just a proposal.
This is out of the question.
We can't move on with this.
I forgot to say, you get the Ministry of Justice.
- I forgot to say that.
- No.
- We just agreed - Troels, we'll figure it out, right? This is just a proposal that we will negotiate on when Birgitte has been to Amalienborg and pointed to me as new leader.
We'll have to think about it.
Be quick about it, we are forming the government tomorrow.
With or without you.
But, hey, you'll be in a government controlling seven ministries.
I think you can justify that to your voters.
Right, Birgitte? I think that's it, let's go.
I think I'll grab an apple.
Are they organic? Hmm? Have a nice day! Hanne is here to pick up her stuff.
It's sad, but I have support from upstairs, so there is not much more to it.
- Are you okay? - Yes.
What do you want? I'm sorry to lose you as a colleague.
And despite what you think, I don't know who sent that mail.
- I was so shocked to hear about it.
- Shocked? I'm the one who is fucking shocked.
Shocked that a journalist as ignorant and young as you takes over the final debate like that and gets a steady slot afterwards on the big news.
You are not ready! But that's not the most depressing thing.
The most depressing thing is how this entire news organization has treated this election.
You're a bunch of young and beautiful people who care about ratings and getting on the VIP list at premieres more than you care about journalism.
You are nothing more than but a bunch of newsreaders.
We all have to start somewhere.
Then start somewhere.
Why did the Worker's Party and the Liberals deliberately avoid meeting the Moderates yesterday? How did Laugesen get information about Hesselboe's abuse of the treasury? Everything that's vital to this country's government, none of it interests you.
You yap about internal conflicts in the Worker's Party and do women's magazine stories about Birgitte Nyborg's past as President of the Student Council.
I just wanted to wish you luck.
I liked working with you.
Just to satisfy my curiosity Was it enough ratting me out as an alcoholic to get my job? Or did you have to fuck the news chief as well? Okay, what are my options? You always ask me that.
You go to the queen and say you support Laugesen for prime minister.
With the support of the Green Party and Solidarity Union, he is the leader of the opposition.
If you point elsewhere, you lose credibility.
He's an asshole with no conscience.
- And that's how he'll be as a boss.
- I agree.
But we're getting seven ministries, that's not half bad.
Birgitte, you did all you could.
- Good night, honey.
- Good night.
- Mm! Are you okay? - Yes.
Thank you.
- Good night.
- Good night.
- Good night, sweet dreams.
- Sweet dreams.
It sucks when your kids comfort you because you didn't become prime minister.
You'll be minister of economy and industry, that's pretty good.
Sure, but it's not the same.
Magnus told me not to be sad.
His gym teacher has told him there is nothing wrong with finishing second.
Fuck! Fuck, fuck, fuck! Out with it! All right, now I'm done.
It's classic Laugesen.
He's done stuff like that his entire career.
Then I should have seen it coming.
Would you like some of my wine? - Amina.
- Hmm? Does she write as good as she flirts? - No, she's definitely better at flirting.
- Oh.
You know what? Something really bugs me.
I had really looked forward to getting a blowjob from the prime minister.
I can ask if Michael Laugesen is up for it? Yes, do that.
- Hello.
- Birgitte Nyborg? Yes.
I have information that could take down Michael Laugesen.
What? Who are you? I can't say that on the phone.
Let's meet.
I don't want to meet you if I don't know who you are.
I am certain that both you and Bent Sejrø will be interested in the information.
The future of the nation is at stake.
Shall we meet at ten p.
on the Marble Bridge? Yes, okay.
Who was that? - Do you want a mint? - No, thank you.
- Should I go with you? - Stop it.
I am sorry.
I couldn't take any chances.
What would you say if Michael Laugesen was forced to resign from the Worker's Party? As chairman.
How so? Could you support a new chairman as leader of the government? That depends on who.
If Laugesen resigns, then the party must find the new chairman between the two vice chairmen.
Which is you or Bjørn Marrot? Yes, but Bjørn is no leader.
He has neither public nor party support.
He's just Laugesen's lackey.
You want to be prime minister? And how will you take down Laugesen? I have come into possession of an email exchange between Michael Laugesen and some of his trusted allies.
Read it yourself.
This will explode in the press.
"The sight of Aicha Nagrawi from Solidarity Union makes me sick, when she addresses parliament in her fanatical head scarf advertising a medieval, anti-democratic religion.
" How can I know this is real? I have all mails on my computer.
And that is just the beginning.
There is much more.
He writes somewhere, that a ban on head scarves in the public space will be passed if he gets into office.
He wouldn't dare.
Will you take that chance? Even if he doesn't dare, those mails are more than enough to take him down.
But I need your support.
Or it won't be worth the trouble.
I have to discuss it with Sejrø.
I have to know before the newspaper's deadline.
That's midnight.
It must get out tomorrow.
We want the foreign ministry as well.
I'll be in touch.
I knew I had something stashed.
This is the craziest political back-stabbing I've ever experienced.
Höx has been a loyal party soldier for over ten years.
He's always supported Laugesen.
Caesar was also stabbed by his friends.
Is it time for history class? Let me show you something.
We have some old family dynasties here at Borgen.
Yes, Troels is the fourth generation of Höxenhaven in parliament, right? Exactly.
Troels' great-grandfather Eugén Höxenhaven, who was in the cabinet back in 1915, thought he was going to be minister of justice.
Zahle, who was the government leader back then, had promised it to him.
But the villain broke his promise.
There is the old Höxenhaven.
Do you see how mad he looks? He was cheated.
Zahle got both the prime minister's office and the Ministry of Justice.
But that's the closest the family has ever been to a ministry.
Laugesen had promised Höx the Ministry of Justice - until he gave it to us to win us over.
- Precisely.
And now Höx feels like history is repeating itself.
Laugesen forms his government tomorrow, and if Höx doesn't do something, he'll never be a minister.
So what do you say? You're the chairman.
Michael Laugesen can't become the next prime minister.
- Troels Höxenhaven.
- Troels, it's Birgitte.
We're in.
We'll see you at the funeral tomorrow.
Katrine! Hi, Mom.
- What time is it? - Almost ten a.
What are you doing here? You don't return my calls.
You've looked off the last few days.
We haven't seen each other.
I see you every night on TV.
Mom, you can't tell how I'm doing from the TV.
I'm going to make some coffee.
I only have Nes.
Do you have any milk? Yes.
Uh, no.
- Katrine, what's wrong? Is it a boyfriend? - No.
THE GOOD MAN FROM BORGEN Who died? Sweet baby.
I loved him so much, Mom.
He died right next to me.
He had something with his heart, but I didn't know.
When is his funeral? Today.
I can't go.
He was married, Mom.
He had a wife and two small kids.
They didn't know.
They didn't know.
You have to say goodbye properly.
Don't you have a girlfriend to go with? A good friend? A very good friend? There is nothing in any of the newspapers.
- What's going on? - I don't know.
God damn it.
Bent, you're in a church.
He got cold feet.
When someone is taken from us, as has happened here, far too soon, we are overwhelmed by the meaninglessness.
But in this meaninglessness even in the deepest darkness, there is love.
There is resurrection.
That is why Paul the Apostle wrote in First Corinthians: "Death Death has been swallowed and defeated.
Death, where is your victory? Death, where is your sting?" Nina Dahl, on behalf of her family, eulogizes her husband Ole with these touching words: Ole's life was politics.
And his funeral obviously became politicized as well.
And I don't think he would have wanted it any other way.
He loved to fight and to play the game.
When you loved Ole as I did you knew you had a tough rival.
That was Borgen.
Ole loved Christiansborg.
And Borgen could be a demanding mistress, who demanded him both day and night sometimes.
But Ole was also a fantastic father for our children.
And a wonderful husband.
Yes, they were internal and confidential, damn it.
Then figure it out! Okay? I'll call you.
That information about the prime minister.
Have you told anyone? How important do you think you are, you little jerk? Who gives a shit now? Idiot.
It's Michael.
I'd like to apologize for my last remark yesterday.
That was out of order.
What's wrong, honey? - Huh? - I'm sorry.
It's nothing.
You're an asshole! You promised to stay with me.
Are you there? Michael Laugesen has just resigned as chairman of the Worker's Party and thereby paused the current forming of government.
Höxenhaven is still not picking up.
his own party top required his resignation.
The question now is who will be chairman Who the hell keeps buying cakes? According to the party's bylaws, they must select a new chairman.
An emergency meeting will What if Höx doesn't win? He will.
Otherwise we are done.
Hi, Katrine.
Katrine, it's good you're here.
Are you up to date on the situation? Good.
We hope to present the new chairman, perhaps future prime minister, at six p.
All right? Right now they are cutting portraits of both Troels Höxenhaven and Bjørn Marrot, so they are ready.
I don't know There is something wrong with my hydrangeas in my backyard.
They are usually blue.
But now they are pink.
I don't know what it is.
Perhaps the ground has become acidic.
- Or it's something else - Bent.
Could you please shut up? Sure.
Fifteen seconds.
Katrine could you wipe yourself? You are sweating a bit.
Mona, do you have a tissue? Is she sweating? - She doesn't usually.
- No.
And we are ready.
Five seconds.
Four three two one and go.
We have just heard the result from Christiansborg.
The new chairman of the Worker's Party is Bjørn Marrot.
This became clear a short while ago after several hours of heated debate and an extremely close vote among parliamentary party members.
What is happening, Bent? What the fuck is happening, Bent? Calm down.
Please calm down.
You couldn't have done more, honey.
Take it easy.
You couldn't have done more.
I'd like to wait to talk to the press until everything is sorted out.
- Good evening.
- Good evening.
Good evening.
Bjørn! Congratulations on the election.
I've always appreciated working with you.
Let's get Denmark back on track.
Please sit.
Birgitte, Bent and Amir.
You have all said, you'd support a government led by the Worker's Party and therefore me.
I have yet to write a concrete proposal, but I assure you that it is now a united Worker's Party in agreement that stands behind me and a future government.
I think we can use most of what we agreed under Michael Laugesen.
Amir, you know which ministries have been promised the Green Party.
- Bjørn.
- A moment, Birgitte.
Bjørn, I can't support you.
What? We both know you are no prime minister.
What are you saying, Birgitte? That Bjørn has great qualities as a politician, but not as a leader.
I think it is a little misplaced making this a question of character.
Amir, damn it, we are talking about the prime minister! Is that not a question of character? Who will form a government then? Birgitte? You can't leave negotiations like this.
We have to present a united front.
Then we'll have to do another Queen's Round.
We can't support this.
I am sorry, Bjørn.
Have a good night.
Damn, you're a good husband.
Tell me, why am I not more at home with you? Because you are a bitch that's horny for your career.
What do the kids say? I only see them while they sleep these days.
They are okay.
Magnus is perhaps beginning to feel that you're gone too much.
Well, then perhaps it was a good thing I didn't become prime minister.
- What will you be now? - Nothing.
I'll be the one who won the Moderates 15 seats, but didn't know how to use them.
So you'll be commiserating with the Hesselboe family then? What? The ex-prime minister and his wife are on Focus tonight.
About his wife's pill addiction and the scandal.
- Okay.
- Yeah.
And do you know that it is Ulrik who will be running the show tonight? Our political editor, Hanne Holm, unfortunately had to quit last week.
I heard.
Troubles with alcohol, right? There you go.
You're not alone.
I started taking those pills because I was feeling sad.
But I couldn't control it.
Lars has really been fantastic all the way.
You don't know when you lose control.
- For me, it crashed that day in London.
- Listen.
And it is in light of that you should understand my objectively wrong deed of using the prime minister's credit card.
And the money have long since been returned.
It was of course unfortunate that Michael Laugesen got a hold of the receipt before the matter was handled.
And it also hurt Laugesen that he accused you.
Today, he resigned as chairman of the Worker's Party.
And rightly so.
I don't think the brutalization of the debate, that Laugesen promoted, benefited democracy, but that does not absolve me of responsibility.
It is especially my work as prime minister that has caused me to neglect and overlook Lisbeth's problems.
And I owe you a deep apology for that.
Oh, give me a break.
But even though we both made big mistakes, I have to say, I have no doubt that you and I are stronger for it.
That will be the final word.
That was Focus for tonight, but we are not done.
The news is next here on TV1.
Have a good evening.
They handled that well.
In a sort of creepy and controlled way.
- Promise that's not us in ten years.
- Sure.
We can do it much faster.
- Hello.
- Birgitte.
- Yes.
- It's Lars Hesselboe.
Hello, Lars.
I promised my wife not to talk all night.
How do you feel about visiting the Liberals' office tomorrow at ten a.
? - Sure.
- Yeah? I heard it didn't work with Bjørn Marrot.
So I think you and I should have a talk.
- Fine, I'll see you tomorrow then.
- Good.
- Birgitte Nyborg? - Yes.
- You have a meeting with Lars Hesselboe? - Yes, at the party office, right? He wanted know if you could meet him at the prime minister's office, Lars had a little errand.
- Can I take your overcoat? - Yes, please.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
Birgitte, good to see you.
Glad you could make it on such short notice.
- Of course.
- Take a seat, Birgitte.
- Hello, Birgitte.
- Hello.
Yes, and Yvonne has brought her eerily good cookies with her.
- What's their name, Yvonne? - Speculoos.
It's a Belgian recipe.
Here you go.
Birgitte, I'll cut right to the chase.
The left wing is paralyzed.
You were the one who toppled the house of cards by not supporting Bjørn Marrot.
An incredibly brave decision.
Which nonetheless has left the country in a political vacuum.
I feel a great responsibility after seven years as prime minister.
Denmark really deserves a strong new government after these turbulent days.
We wish to form a middle of the road-liberal three party government.
And we have a concrete offer for you.
We will give you the ministries for health care, education, culture, and we pictured you personally in the industrial ministry, forming a bridge to the economics ministry, where Yvonne will be.
Finally, we would like you to create a completely new ministry.
The Ministry for International Development.
It would be an honor for me to lead a government that takes politics back to where it belongs, in the middle of parliament.
- I'll have to discuss it with my people.
- Naturally.
We don't expect an answer right away.
Shall we say by four p.
? It will be great to get to work.
Now let's have some cookies.
Let's give it a go.
All right, Bent.
Listen up.
Half an hour ago I had a meeting with the prime minister.
The prime minister? Acting prime minister Lars Hesselboe.
And I must admit, it's somewhat intriguing.
He invites us to join him with five ministries.
And as I see it right now, this is our best opportunity.
We keep the Freedom Party from influence and use our seats for actual political achievements.
You can't be fucking serious, Birgitte.
Give me a moment.
What's wrong? A meeting at the prime minister's office? Why not the Liberals' office? Hesselboe had some errands.
Oh, I see.
Hesselboe just happened to have cookies and important ministers from his previous government to speak with you? Probably in his finest suit, right? Looking like a real prime minister.
It's called a power bluff.
Hesselboe isn't worth shit without your support, right? He just lost a fifth of his seats.
He is in a minority.
Five ministries? It's like the man who goes to market with a cow and comes home with a chicken! How long have you been here? Huh? And you get blinded by a new ministry.
For international development? What the fuck will that ministry do? The past years they have done nothing but cut funding for international development! Come.
Look here, damn it.
All this could be yours! But power isn't a cute little puppy that jumps up in your lap.
You have to grab it and hold onto it, or it will disappear! The only important question is: Who can count to 90? Who can count to 90, Birgitte? I can.
Do you dare? One more thing.
No more friends at Borgen.
You have to be able to say no to everyone.
You have to be able to fire anyone without blinking.
What about you, Bent? Can't I keep you as a friend? Sure.
I'm a thing of the past anyway.
All right, tell me your options.
Call the Worker's Party to a meeting right now.
Then the Green Party no.
Call them in right away too.
- Do you have a cabinet list? - Yes.
- How does it look? - It looks good.
I'm I'm not sure we can accept that.
I don't think you have a choice.
We want to form a government with you, but with me as prime minister.
Lars Hesselboe is courting me, and I'll accept, if you don't agree.
I will be prime minister.
Sejrø will be the finance minister.
Bjørn heads up foreign affairs.
Amir, minister for climate and energy.
Höxenhaven, Ministry of Justice.
The government will be younger and will have 50% women.
- 50%? - Yes.
I expect the Green Party will get the ministries we requested.
You will get what we agree on.
Here is my suggestion.
I promised Lars Hesselboe an answer in well, a while ago, so we don't have all day.
Is that a yes, Bjørn? Yes, we are in.
Amir? I can't accept only three ministries.
I can't show my party that.
Let me see that.
I'm sorry, there's been a mistake.
There should be four ministries.
We are establishing a new Ministry for International Development for you.
All right.
So we are in agreement? I'm sorry, Lars Hesselboe just called.
He says you had an appointment seven minutes ago.
Ask him to come here in 15 minutes.
We'll move next door.
No, thank you.
Hesselboe is here now.
Thank you.
I prefer my ministers to keep their appointments.
- I apologize.
- Ah! I'm just kidding.
This is a day of celebration.
Look, Lars.
We have discussed your proposal, and I have to disappoint you.
We've decided to support another prime minister.
Who? If I may ask? Me.
PREGNANCY TES Katrine Fønsmark, you are needed in the studio now.
Yes, but I don't know where the hell she is.
Katrine, you can't be this late! You're making us nervous! - Sorry.
- Yeah.
We are ready.
Five seconds.
Four, three, two, one and go.
This is TV1 News with a special bulletin.
Today, Denmark got its first female prime minister.
Birgitte Nyborg Christensen just unveiled her new coalition, consisting of the Green Party, the Worker's Party and the Moderates.
The average age of the ministers is notably lower than any previous government.
And for the first time, half of the ministers are women.
Well, here they are.
And believe me, no one else has been looking more forward to say: Denmark has a new government.

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