Borgen (2010) s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3

1 All this could be yours! But power isn't a cute little puppy that jumps up into your lap.
You have to grab it and hold onto it! The only important question is: Do you dare? Be at Borgen nine a.
tomorrow and clear your desk.
- Did you get fired? - No.
I left on my own.
Come on, damn it! This isn't funny! I loved him so much, Mom.
He had something wrong with his heart, but I didn't know.
- When is his funeral? - Today.
He was married, Mom.
He had a wife and two kids.
They didn't know.
We've chosen to support another prime minister.
- Who? - Me.
PREGNANCY TES Three, two, one and go.
Today Denmark got its first female prime minister.
A short while ago, Birgitte Nyborg Christensen presented Here they are.
Denmark has a new government.
"Democracy is the worst form of government, except for all those others that have been tried from time to time.
" In just two months, Birgitte Nyborg's government has managed to negotiate the new finance budget bill.
The final vote is expected the day after tomorrow, and many call it the first big test for the prime minister.
Hanne Holm is political editor for Ekspres.
What is at stake here? Well, the finance bill is needed for Denmark to function properly.
And if this bill isn't passed, the government usually falls with it.
Birgitte Nyborg, things progressed quickly with the new finance bill.
Why was that? Sometimes things just work out.
I assume you don't want a prime minister who's slow.
What will you do differently, Birgitte? We're having a press conference in 30 minutes, I suggest you show up.
Good morning.
You have a briefing with the ministers of finance, foreign affairs and climate in five minutes.
At ten a.
, there is a press conference in the Mirror Room, and at 11 there is - Danish Industry.
- I think that's tomorrow.
Oh, right.
At 11 a.
, the director of the National Art Museum is coming.
- Really? - She's coming to help you figure out which pictures to select for your office.
It is the custom.
The prime minister gets to choose.
It should definitely be different than Hesselboe's.
More modern.
At noon That's fine, Sanne, I need to focus on the press conference.
Did she just curtsy? Sanne is not very good.
We'll get rid of her.
It an issue with the HK union.
No other department will take her.
So the prime minister gets her? We'll need the text for your New Year's speech in four days.
And the position as your special adviser has still not been filled.
I haven't needed a spin doctor much so far.
But you will now.
Guess who is the new editor in chief at Ekspres.
Your old friend Michael Laugesen.
He wants your head on a plate.
I didn't ruin his political career.
His own party fired him.
Who became prime minister instead of Laugesen? He hates you, Birgitte.
Who is this from? Hanne Holm is at Ekspres now.
They take the ones no one else wants.
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
I'm going to tell you about the finance bill today.
to quickly pass a new finance bill that clearly shows a political shift in Denmark.
Any questions? Hanne Holm.
Has the prime minister secured a broad majority during the night? No, Hanne, as you probably know, we are passing the bill with the smallest possible majority.
- Trine.
- How are you going to do that? When two members of the Worker's Party just said they will vote against it? What do you mean? Parly Petersen and Vagn Fousing are refusing.
Their press release looks very genuine.
You seem to have lost your majority, Birgitte Nyborg.
THE ART OF THE POSSIBLE I've never been so humiliated in my life! - What's going on, Bjørn? - I have no idea.
You will whip them into line, understand? Yes.
We are voting the day after tomorrow, and they will follow.
My office in an hour.
Parly Petersen, why are you suddenly defying the party line? Well, I'm sure it's nice for the prime minister and her elitist chums to agree to help the poor in Africa, But what about the poor in Denmark? What about the retired people? Why protest now? You must vote according to your conscience.
It says so in Grundloven.
Gather the coordination committee and the financial committee.
Already done.
 We're meeting in an hour.
The press is hounding us.
Papers, radio and TV want a comment.
- They'll have to wait.
- Who will handle them? I am already looking for a media adviser.
Until then, the Moderate's party secretary must help.
Sanne! Postpone the rest of today's meetings.
The speaker wants to meet now if you're pulling the bill.
We will get them in line.
Tell them we'll stick to the schedule.
There is something fishy about how this is happening.
They've had every chance to say something, and yet, they wait until now.
It's tantamount to a coup.
What are your options? Are you testing me? One: Marrot beats them into line, and we pass the finance bill.
Two: They have some demands that we accept, and then we pass the bill.
Three We withdraw the bill, start over and lose all credibility.
And others have come to the same conclusion.
Prepare to get really pissed.
Laugesen has commented on it on Ekspres TV.
Excuse me, the director for the National Art Museum is here.
Sanne, I told you to cancel her.
I won't have time for paintings.
Tell her to choose something on her own.
Something modern and different Something modern, Sanne.
Thank you.
I want a new secretary.
Denmark has a prime minister who's unfortunately not up to the task.
It is that simple.
Politically correct to the bone, but no talent for politics.
And no, this is not about her being a woman.
It's about her not being competent.
Ekspres is asking you as a citizen: Is Birgitte Nyborg the right prime minister? You need a media adviser.
Not in a week or two days, but now.
Hey, beautiful.
We are going to be colleagues.
You boss called and asked me to come in as a political analyst because I know Birgitte Nyborg so well.
Well, congratulations.
Could you just So enthusiastic.
You're still mad because of the funeral.
That was two months ago, okay? - You are forgiven, Kasper.
- Thank you.
Were you in the hospital? Would you mind not looking through my stuff? Relax, it was sitting right there.
I had a routine exam for cervical cancer.
Would you like to hear about that? I'm sorry.
Katrine, what's wrong? Nothing.
I have to go to makeup.
We'll talk later, all right? Why do you keep punishing yourself when you're feeling like shit? - Who says I feel like shit? - Me, because I know you.
Perhaps you don't anymore.
3 YEARS EARLIER - Save some for me.
- No way! - Hey, save some for me! - Mnh-mnh.
Hey! - So selfish.
- Selfish? I'll bet your parents don't even know about me, right? Oh, shut up.
Of course papa knows about you.
What? "Papa"? What's up, Crown Prince Frederik? - That's what he's called.
- How's Papa? Why don't you call him dad? Because he's lived in France for 25 years.
Oh! Fucking hell! You lived there with "maman"? - Mama.
- "Mama.
" Mais oui.
- Oui, oui, oui.
- Or Sandrine.
- Oh, okay.
- Her real name.
Isn't it weird to call someone mom when she isn't your real mom? Not when my real mom is dead.
Mama is a stay-at-home wife, and papa became rich building helicopters.
For Eurocopter.
For the French army.
- I don't want to talk anymore about them.
- Oh? - When will I meet them? - Soon.
- You've been saying that for six months.
- Yes.
- You've met my family.
- Yes.
But your family lives in Randers.
My family lives in Southern France.
You said I'd meet them for Easter, right? Then it was the summer vacation, then What? Then the fall break, then winter Look I'm serious, Kasper.
When will I meet them? I'm serious too I need a kiss.
- I need a kiss.
- No, when will I meet them? When will I meet them? A tiny kiss.
Okay, a tiny one.
Didn't you want a kiss? I didn't specify where.
Your permanent secretary says you're considering hiring Tore Gudme from Save the Children as spin doctor? Yes.
His views are in line with everything the Moderates stand for.
Have you seen his resume? He is the youngest associate professor of rhetoric ever.
I'm just saying that Laugesen goes for the jugular.
Who would you send into the boxing ring? Someone who kicks ass or a professor of rhetoric? Bjørn Marrot is here.
Bjørn, did you speak with Parly and Vagn? Yes.
I did as you said and pulled no punches.
And? It didn't work.
They won't budge.
Bjørn, they can't be in your party if they don't vote with you.
And they took the consequence.
They left the party.
They've gone independent? SPECIAL NEWS BULLETIN Welcome.
Glad you could join us.
The government majority is in peril, and the finance bill crisis deepens with every hour.
- A short while ago, Parly Pedersen - Standby server.
and Vagn Fousing said that they, after an ass-kicking from the party chairman, left the Worker's Party and are now independents in the parliament.
Server start.
Stick to the script.
We don't say "ass" on this channel.
Christ, she's not looking well, the girl.
No, it's no good, guys.
Get Tanja to pat her face.
- How long until I'm on again? - 28 seconds.
Why? - Two seconds, I just - What's wrong? What the fuck are you doing? You are on in 20 seconds! What's going on? Camera one, show us.
Fucking hell.
Ten seconds.
Ready with short news, if she doesn't get back.
- Can I help you, Katrine? - It's fine.
Five seconds.
Four get her out.
Three - We're rolling, girls.
- Two one And go.
But the finance bill is not the only drama at Christiansborg.
Former prime minister Lars Hesselboe is still waiting to see if Standby server.
if a majority votes for an investigation into his spending - of public funds as prime minister.
- Server start.
- Fucking hell.
Well done.
- That was close.
You'll have to call the AB group and get them here.
Yes, tomorrow.
Okay, then.
I'll see you.
There is a very handsome man here.
His name is Tore Gudme.
Yes, please send him in.
- This way.
- Thank you.
- Hello, Tore.
- Hello.
Thank you for coming on such short notice.
Of course.
I sensed that it was urgent.
I follow the news.
- Please have a seat.
- Thank you.
I realize you currently have a very important position, and I respect that, but nonetheless I I wanted to ask, if you yes? I think I know what we are talking about.
Everything in this job is classified.
I have to answer quickly with a clear yes or no.
If I say yes, I drop everything and get here right away, right? - Yes.
- Okay, good.
Tell me what you need.
- I need a media adviser.
- Spin doctor.
But I don't view spin doctors as princes of darkness and that nonsense.
I don't let my spin doctor control my politics.
I do the politics and my spin doctor handles my press relations.
Listen here.
I could spend hours trying to sell myself, but you don't have time for that.
You asked me here, because you know what I can do.
But I'd like to add that I actually believe in you and your political message.
Do you see that as a prerequisite of being a good spin doctor? Probably not.
I guess it depends on ones level of professionalism.
I don't want to be that professional.
If I might add a follow up question Of course.
I read your resume.
Very nice, very impressive.
Denmark's youngest associate professor of rhetoric.
Degrees from Harvard and Princeton.
My question is your entire career you've been on the winning team.
How would you tackle adversity? Analysis.
I'm sorry I have so little time.
- You need time to think, of course.
- No, I have thought, and I say yes.
Could you start next week already? I know it's Christmas You don't need me next week.
You need me tomorrow at eight a.
, right? - Can we make it 7:30? - 7:30? I'll be here.
- Thanks.
- Bye.
- Hi, honey.
- Hi.
That's my new spin doctor.
All right.
Did you take him for his looks, or does he have other qualifications? - Hi! - Hi, Mom.
This is so great.
Are you guys out for a walk or? Christmas presents, damn it.
Oh, honey, that's going to be a tough one.
Hi, Laura and Magnus, do you want to come with me and see the Mirror Room? Yes.
The finance bill is crumbling.
All is chaos.
That's just like at home, then.
Your bodyguards from PE have officially moved into the garage.
So the greenhouse is the new bicycle shed, okay? The two independents haven't confirmed the meeting yet.
I can call if they do? - Give me an hour.
I have an hour.
- An hour? Well, that's fantastic, honey.
Silent night ♪ Holy night ♪ All is calm, all is bright ♪ All right, now Magnus and I have a secret errand.
That's perfect, because Laura and I have a secret errand as well.
- Yes.
- So we'll see you later.
- Good.
- Right? Bye.
Do you think we fooled them? So, should we should we walk along Strædet? I made a list.
I figured you didn't know what we wanted.
You are so great.
- Did Magnus wish for all this? - Yes.
Oh! He's become expensive, huh? - It can probably wait.
- Just take the call, Mom.
It's Sejrø.
The independents are here now and waiting.
I'm on my way.
Well, I have to go.
Didn't you say an hour? Yes, I'm sorry.
Go on, Mom, don't worry.
I'll see you.
Mom isn't coming? No, Mom has a finance bill that is crumbling.
Now, let's buy some presents.
- Yes.
- Come.
- Thank you.
- Thanks.
They are waiting inside.
What do you have to offer? A couple of million to the elderly.
I'm not cutting foreign aid or any of our big issues.
I'm not changing policy for some independents.
You just sounded like a real prime minister.
We appreciate your concern for the retired.
That's why we've managed to find another 210 million in the budget for them.
Well I see you've really made an effort for us.
But There is another matter, I've long had in mind.
And in politics, you have to act while you can.
What are we talking about? A freeway to Ringkøbing.
Thank you for the meeting, Parly.
We'll be in touch.
They are nuts.
But I'll see what I can do.
Perhaps we don't need Parly and Vagn.
I just spoke with Hesselboe.
The Liberals and the New Right have an offer for us.
They want to meet.
- Really? When? - Now.
You and me.
Hesselboe and Yvonne.
Don't mention foreign aid.
It's small money and a provocation for them.
They will want money for police and defense.
No way.
I'm not reopening the entire bill at this stage.
And if Hesselboe is a patronizing idiot, I am leaving.
Just let me talk, Yvonne.
Yes, but somebody has to beat some sense into the girl.
Hello, Lars, that was an unexpected call.
It's not because we support your policy.
But I saw no need to send the country into crisis and turn us into Italy just because you can't control your people.
Birgitte, you no longer have a majority behind you.
I don't need one, as long as there is no majority against me.
Let's take a seat.
You could of course reach an agreement with the two independents.
But is Denmark best served with a finance bill that has you begging - from two traitors? - With all due respect, Parly is burdened by neither conscience nor academic qualifications.
Do you want to save this government? Well, it would require your being forthcoming.
There are parts of your very politically correct, puny finance bill, that we can't accept.
I believe, what you call political correctness, I call social responsibility.
Let's not get emotional.
Here is our proposal for an agreement.
There are non-negotiable things.
And we want the first press conference.
Yvonne, let Birgitte look at it first.
Can I take a guess? Tax cuts, more police and defense, fewer green tariffs and harsher punishments for young criminals? Yes, of course we require concessions, if we are to keep you afloat.
Denmark got a new government two and a half months ago.
We do not pursue right wing-liberal policies.
A government pursues the policies necessary to survive.
Think about that.
The answer is no.
I won't be remembered as the prime minister who was just a stand-in for the Liberals.
The alternative is not being remembered at all.
We could have negotiated.
This was no negotiation.
They were ultimatums.
Then Hesselboe would have been the father of the country who saved the little girl from drowning.
Our only option is Parly and Vagn.
Go home.
I'll talk with Parly all night if I have to.
I'll give them as little as possible.
Bent, am I a complete idiot? Perhaps.
But you are the bravest idiot I know.
Are you still prime minister? Two days ago I had a finance bill and a majority in parliament.
Now we're negotiating with two crazy independent about a freeway to Ringkøbing.
Do you have a majority if they get their freeway? - Yes.
- Then give it to them.
To buy peace? I think the kids want to see you this Christmas.
- Even if it costs a freeway to Ringkøbing? - Mm-hmm.
Are they mad because I wasn't here to say good night? Well, you promised to read for Magnus, and he wouldn't let me do it.
But he's okay.
He's sleeping and will be fine tomorrow.
Would the prime minister like to come and help wrap the presents? I think I managed to distract Magnus enough, that Santa survives another Christmas.
They will have a great Christmas.
I promise.
- Don't worry, I'll pull the heavy load.
- No, you shouldn't.
Yes, you should.
- Hmm.
- We are still us, right? Mm! Good morning.
- Good morning.
- Good morning, Sanne.
The Minister of Finance is waiting, and the director for the National Art Museum called to ask what style Sanne, I won't have time to deal with it.
She decides.
Good morning.
Did you sleep here all night? No, I haven't slept.
We won't land that six-billion-kroner freeway before the vote tomorrow.
You'll have to ask the speaker for an extension.
Go to the bulldog? She hates me.
You don't have any other choice.
You have to go to the bulldog.
The dear Mrs.
Speaker refuses to postpone the vote.
Now I risk a vote of no confidence.
This is Denmark, not Italy.
The parliament is divided.
Manners are thrown out the window.
Everything is about gaining a majority.
Please get me a majority, Bent.
The problem is we can't agree on that freeway in the government.
Amir and the Green Party don't want it because it passes the most important breeding grounds of some endangered animal.
But I wonder if Amir won't value his survival as minister over the animal.
Perhaps, but Solidarity Union won't agree either, and then we are still without a majority.
I've asked around.
But we discussed that freeway in parliament some years ago and dropped it.
Why does Parly bring it up now? His constituency is there.
It's completely out of proportion.
What if we spin it? We leak to the press that Parly doesn't care about retirees and just wants an expensive new freeway for his constituency.
It's not fair to leak confidential negotiations.
My guess is that Parly withdraws his demand and acquiesces.
We risk being voted down tomorrow.
We are past fair play.
You should do it.
All right, we just need to see how far you are along, Katrine.
Could you please lie down, unbutton your pants and pull up your shirt? Let's try to get a picture.
Let's see if we can see something.
There's the baby.
What's that flashing dot? That is the tiny heart.
I can do a picture for the dad if you want.
- Should I do that? - Yes, thank you.
- He would have liked to be here today - It's no problem.
- He got called to work.
- He can come next time.
But this evening, a source close to the negotiations said you have a new demand.
Now it's a freeway to Ringkøbing.
- Explain that one, Parly.
- Yesterday, your fight was about helping the retirees.
Do you see how that might confuse voters? Not when they understand that a freeway actually helps the retirees.
- I think you need to elaborate.
- I think so too.
Do you know how long old people wait for an ambulance in that part of Jutland? Three times longer than someone in Copenhagen.
He's out of control.
But some might see a connection with the fact that it's your constituency.
Yes, give it to him.
Tell that to little five-year-old Anna and her family.
Last Friday, her grandfather collapsed and needed an ambulance.
But there was a traffic jam on the old highway, resulting in his death on the way to the hospital.
You see, had there been a freeway, he would have made it.
Then he and little Anna could have spent Christmas together.
Our prime minister has said we should treat people from third world countries as if their lives were worth just as much as ours.
But how come a person from Ringkøbing apparently is worth less than someone from Somalia? And we will pass that on to the prime minister He's letting him get away with it.
There is no logic to Parly's arguments.
It's not about arguments, but public opinion.
And Parly just won that with little Anna, who misses her granddad.
MAJORITY FOR INVESTIGATION OF HESSELBOE How do we survive the vote tomorrow? With blackmail.
Well, you've kept the paintings.
- They are actually being replaced.
- You have a problem.
With your finance bill.
- I need a week.
- You've lost your majority.
A vote of no confidence now and you're out.
I am the only viable leader of the government right now.
And you know that.
And you don't believe I could become prime minister? Yes, I do.
And it is exactly the possibility of being prime minister again some day that I want to offer you.
You have an investigation looming over your head because of the prime minister's credit card.
- They won't find anything.
- I don't think so either.
But while it looms, you are potentially a man who stole from the treasury.
Such a man can't be prime minister.
What do you want? Without the Moderates, there is no majority for an investigation of you.
I am offering to stop it in exchange for your support for an extension of the finance bill.
Give me a week.
I won't vote for your finance bill.
- And the New Right won't either.
- Is that so? Do you speak for the entire opposition? Yvonne has done as I've told the last six years.
I think that will continue.
Just give me one week.
You don't pick up your phone.
Perhaps I want to be alone.
I just wanted to hear how you were doing.
Why do you want to be alone? No reason.
I'm working.
I'm going to Jutland for Christmas.
- Okay? - Yes.
- Is that what you want? - Are you going home? - I mean, to France? - No.
No, my parents are in the French Polynesia.
Bora Bora.
It's a new thing they're doing.
Don't they ever miss Denmark? What's to miss in Denmark? You.
Well, my parents aren't sentimental, so I think I'll eat at Hotel Sankt Petri.
Do you want to come with? I have my family, you know, Kasper.
Remember them? They live 18 kilometers outside of Randers, and it smells like detergents and the stuff they spray on the fields.
But it's okay.
You're welcome to come if you're alone.
I'm not alone.
I'm joking.
I'm going to be with my uncle in in Skodsborg for some Christmas thing.
We'll be about 25 people.
It'll be great.
I'm pregnant.
I'm sorry.
I'm pregnant.
Are you kidding me? Who's the dad? Ole.
That can't be possible.
It must have happened one of the last times.
We were not very careful.
It's fine.
It's none of my business.
I assume you're getting rid of it.
- No.
- What? You can't have a child now.
Why not? Because you can't manage a child in your life right now.
- You just made evening anchor at TV1.
- Do you hear yourself? We're talking about a child, Kasper! The love between me and Ole, damn it.
You're 29.
You have your whole life for kids.
But not with him.
Katrine! Katrine! 3 YEARS EARLIER I'm sorry I'm late.
What was so important? - Who are you? - What? Who are you? You dad's name is Peter Juul, right? But no Peter Juul works at Eurocopter.
You did some checking up on me? Your mom, who died when you were three? No Lise Juul lies at Slagelse Cemetery.
The cub reporter has been at it.
- You lied to me! - I didn't lie to you, okay? - I may have omitted details.
- Tell me them! Fine, relax! My dad took his wife's name when they married.
He works with the damn French military, so I doubt that if a journalist called the reception, that they would freely hand over all information.
Damn it, Katrine, even I don't know what he does, besides making helicopters.
My mom is in an unmarked grave.
My mom committed suicide, when I was three.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, honey.
Come with me.
- Are you coming? - Today, the government avoided being voted down when the Liberals in a surprise move chose to delay the vote for the finance bill.
And parliament has now, most unusually, been scheduled to meet between Christmas and New Year.
- Kasper Juul, welcome.
- Thank you.
You were spin doctor for Birgitte Nyborg and the Moderates.
Tell us what's happening.
We are seeing a prime minister facing great adversity.
Parliament is divided.
And still Birgitte Nyborg manages to score a small tactical victory by gaining six more days.
Could you explain for us how Nyborg managed to persuade the Liberals? I think this is a classic trade-off.
If any of you heard the radio news today at noon, Birgitte Nyborg said she didn't find it necessary to investigate Lars Hesselboe.
So she gets six more days to negotiate, and he gets left alone.
No one wants to look at his receipts.
In other words quid pro quo.
All right, I've now Christmas shopped for 11 minutes! I had to ask my security guards what to buy for my husband.
Have you seen this? Yes.
It will blow over, I guess.
Blow over? Did you see Tore's response to Laugesen today in Politiken? - It's very well written.
- Listen, Birgitte.
Laugesen is turning public opinion against you.
And your new spin doctor answers with an article in Politiken.
He's no good.
He can't protect you.
- Then my results will have to protect me.
- Results don't mean shit here.
Bent, what should I do? I work 20 hours a day.
The press hounds me, and we've lost majority in parliament.
Do you want sympathy? Aren't you prime minister? - What the fuck does that mean? - That you are prime minister.
- Are you resigning? What's your answer? - Of course not! I'm not resigning before we've even started, damn it! Find those six billion for that freeway and let's get to work! I believe in this, Bent.
Write that in your New Year's speech.
- Hi.
- Sorry.
Isn't that what you say on Christmas Eve? With forgiveness and all that shit? You don't say that often.
It is Christmas Eve, so Are you in Skodsborg with your uncle? What the hell is that in the background? Are you having a party with the Smurfs? My brother has set up Christmas lights in the courtyard, with speakers and all.
He's so lame.
He's also threatened me with an 25-foot-tall pepper grinder and steel drums if I'm not married by 30.
Then you better get moving.
Are you sure you're doing the right thing? Yes.
Oh, I think they are calling for me now.
I'm coming now! Katrine, we're about to eat, so Okay, yeah.
Merry Christmas.
- Hi, Mom.
- Hi, honey.
They're not sleeping.
Was that a little rejection, Phillip Christensen? No, I saw that guy your old spin doctor Kasper on TV the other night.
He figured out your little trade with Hesselboe.
And then I thought Why didn't you pick him as your new adviser instead of Gudme? That's not going to happen.
I won't work with Kasper again.
The man is without morals.
Since when does a spin doctor need that? He crafted a fantastic election campaign for you.
In my world, you choose the best.
In my world, you choose the right one.
And I choose you.
And say thank you for the present.
It was a damn expensive fountain pen.
Yes, but you gave me that exact same one three years ago.
Oh, God, how embarrassing.
- How embarrassing! Sorry! - Come here, honey.
Get over here.
- Mm! I'm sorry.
- It's okay.
- What the hell? - Just leave it.
It's mine.
Yes, it's your new friend Tore Gudme.
- Good morning, Tore.
- Sorry to disturb on Christmas morning - but have you read Ekspres today? - No.
Laugesen claims there is something going on between us.
It's grotesque.
It's such a dirty trick.
An unseemly mix of gossip and hate campaign.
Yes, but it's damn effective.
My neighbor asked when I'll schedule elections, and my mom called to ask if I'm getting a divorce.
- It ends now.
- How? TV1 has asked us to meet Laugesen in a live debate.
- Would love to.
- You can't.
You are prime minister.
He is editor of a newspaper.
You are not on the same level.
- It would look weak.
- But I can meet him.
And I'd love to push back a little.
We can't! The opposition will murder us if we let a spin doctor - do a political debate.
- I won't debate politics, I'll answer specifically on this muck involving me personally.
- I'll discuss press ethics.
- It's a fine line you're walking.
One misstep and all hell breaks loose.
The analysis is simple.
Laugesen's aim is to undermine Birgitte's credibility.
Our aim is to make him fail.
That's it.
Plain and simple.
I think we have been silent for too long.
Time to act.
I agree.
I'll contact TV1 right away.
- Good.
- Merry Christmas.
Laugesen is deadly.
How much TV experience does Tore have? He's a professor of rhetoric.
I should be there by six o'clock.
Check it with Pia.
Okay, we'll do a briefing when I get there.
Okay, bye.
You're coming for Christmas lunch at granddad's tomorrow, right? They just asked me if I could do a big interview tonight.
Somebody's sick.
So I have a plane back in two hours.
Granddad will be so disappointed.
Yeah, I know.
Watch the 8:30 show tonight.
I'm sure you'll understand.
Didn't you say you fainted last week? It was nothing dangerous.
People do actually die of stress.
It's not stress.
- You're always working, Katrine.
- It's not stress, Mom! Honey, you don't know that.
Yes, I do.
You're pregnant.
But my little baby.
- How far are you - Almost 11 weeks.
Why didn't you say anything? Who is the Ole.
So the baby has no dad? Ole is dead, Katrine.
You don't get it.
- What's to get? - Nothing.
Mom, we love each other and are having a child together.
You guys aren't, you are.
And you're alone.
Katrine Haven't you said goodbye properly yet? - Why are you always so hard on yourself? - You think I should have an abortion? - No, no.
- You believe in God, what do I know? God has nothing to do with this.
- You have to watch out for yourself.
- I have to go now.
Katrine! Okay, good.
Are you ready to go on tonight? - Sure? I can easily get Ulrik - Don't give it to Ulrik.
It's fine, I'm ready, okay? Get Tanja to give your face some color.
You're pale as a corpse.
And smile, damn it, Katrine.
Okay? Smile.
This is not a funeral parlor.
- What? - You haven't told him? You want a child.
But no one can know.
Is this the championship in denial? - Because it's Ole's and he's dead? - Shut your mouth! And today Laugesen has a front page with a picture of you and the prime minister, with a headline suggesting a flirt between you and Birgitte Nyborg.
- What is your response? - It's a grotesque situation with no basis in reality.
Ekspres shows its level of professionalism in its criticizing of the prime minister.
What level is that? Ekspres has declared itself a mix of tabloid and people's tribunal.
Even though we all know which part of the population they represent.
Careful, careful, careful.
I find that very interesting.
Which part of the population is that? Shall we call it "the vision-less losers"? You mean those who don't read four foreign newspapers every day? Like you, Tore? We can certainly see that Ekspres appeals to the absolute lowest common denominator by calling a man like Parly Pedersen a hero of the people because he criticized the government for sending money - to poor in Africa.
- No politics! You don't think freedom of speech gives Parly Pedersen the right to speak? Or Ekspres the right to criticize your prime minister? I think it would be nice if freedom of speech was restricted a little for Ekspres.
No, no, no.
So you're here as media adviser for the prime minister advocating a limit to freedom of speech? Laugesen, stop that.
Isn't that what you are saying, Tore Gudme? No, I'm saying Laugesen is chief editor for Ekspres to help his own political career, and I think his board of directors should consider that.
I think the prime minister, who's also minister of the press, - would love to look into it.
- No! Shut up, Tore! So right now, you're threatening to have me fired.
Right? Like everyone who disagrees with your prime minister? We don't have time for a last comment I would love to hear Tore's thoughts on all those sackings about to come.
- Thanks for coming.
- Thank you.
LOVED AND MISSED I know who you are.
You shouldn't be here.
- You should know something.
- I don't want to know anything.
Do you understand? He's my husband.
I think you should leave.
- I'm sorry - Fuck off, damn it! Papa just got a call about going to Sydney for a military conference.
It's the week we were going to visit them.
So I thought, why not do it during the winter break? - It's not working out.
- What? Us.
We are not working out.
What do you mean? Weren't we figuring it out? Kasper, you're fantastic.
I just can't let it go.
I don't believe a word you say to me.
I don't know what's fact or fiction.
There's always a new explanation.
Something is always not quite as you said.
Perhaps you just need secrets.
Stop it, I don't need anything! Fine, so you don't, but The problem is I don't believe you.
- Katrine! - And then I can't believe in us.
I swear on my life, this is a misunderstanding.
I don't think it is.
I think this is who we are.
There are no secrets.
But that doesn't matter anymore because it is inside me now.
I think we love each other.
So do I.
HOSPITAL I thought you needed some good news.
After twisting the arm of the Green Party and the Worker's Party, I've managed to get six billion for the freeway.
Here's a draft agreement.
Pretty impressive, Bent.
But Tore Gudme is called an amateur in every newspaper.
I fired him this morning.
I'm not sure he understood.
He had never been fired before.
What will you do? We'll meet with the independents and sell them this damn freeway, and we'll vote on the finance bill tomorrow.
- Let's get out of this deadlock.
- Who'll handle the press? - Bent - You've had fun with an amateur.
Please call a professional now.
I'm Kasper Juul.
I have a meeting with the prime minister.
Hey, you have to sign in.
That's all right, Benny.
This way.
It's pretty impressive that you found six billion for a freeway, Bent.
The government parties have reluctantly agreed to the settlement.
The independents will be here in an hour, I expect to close the deal fast.
I think you are wrong.
Now he's getting his damn freeway.
I don't think Parly wants a freeway.
- What do you mean? - I think he wants you to resign.
I think Parly is a political tool for someone who's after Birgitte.
Michael Laugesen? What do we know about Parly's past? Wasn't he deep in shit seven or eight years ago because he fiddled with per diems from the European parliament? - And who saved him? - Laugesen.
Are you saying he ordered Parly to break from the party line? Of course.
When Laugesen resigned as party chairman, he could no longer help little Parly.
Parly is isolated.
He gets no chairmanships or spokesman posts.
He'll lose his seat next election.
He's finished in Danish politics.
So why not repay an old debt, do a friend a favor and get his 15 minutes of fame? So toppling the government is a friend to a favor? - Yes.
- That's too far out.
I may have a lively imagination, Bent but you should give him a call.
This is Parly.
Hello, Parly, it's Birgitte Nyborg.
We have a meeting in an hour, but it will be a short meeting, because you're getting your freeway.
Let's take care not to misunderstand each other.
I mean, there are still several things standing between us.
If I'm going to vote for your finance bill tomorrow, we'll also have to discuss construction of a new hospital in Skjern.
Parly, I'll have to discuss that with the government.
I'll call you.
How dare he! There's nothing we can do.
Yes, there is.
What? We can do what our own party has stood for the last 50 years.
Cooperate across the middle of Danish politics.
- We have to contact the New Right.
- We tried that.
No, we spoke with the New Right and the Liberals together.
They belong together.
Do they? Do you know what that will mean? It would be a great victory for the government.
- The New Right hates the Green Party.
- Bent for the first time in eight years, - there is no bloc politics in Denmark - Shh! Shh! Could you please quiet down? Do it at Marienborg.
She'll love it, that old snob.
Hi, Yvonne, it's Birgitte Nyborg.
Nice of you to come.
I assume it's important.
Tomorrow I'll announce the postponement of the finance bill, and I'll pass a temporary bill.
On what grounds? That I find it vital to make a broad agreement across the aisle.
With the New Right.
Please sit.
What would be our reason for not toppling you? It makes no sense to topple me right now.
With all that chaos after a new election.
That goes against everything in your party.
Law and order.
God, king and country.
And it's time we end the partisan fighting in parliament.
We disagree on many things.
But we agree on even more.
Tea? I should have asked you to bring some of your fantastic cookies.
My support will cost you, Birgitte.
- What are we talking? - 400 million more for the police.
- Okay, agreed.
- 600 million more for defense.
As long as we are talking equipment and education, not an expansion, then it's fine.
The tax on pollution? The industry doesn't like it.
Then we'll have to help them retool for a more carbon-friendly production.
You don't have the money.
Less than nine billion won't do it.
Four billion.
- Eight.
- Five.
Six billion and that's that.
And I won't hear anymore about foreign aid.
It's more a principle than a question of money, you know that.
Where will you get six billion from? From a freeway, I don't think we will be building.
Do we have a deal? I think I have to talk with Hesslboe about it.
We have formed a government together for six years.
Of course.
So he was right after all.
- Who? - Hesselboe.
He said the other day, you always do as he says.
Did he really say that? Yesterday, Birgitte Nyborg managed to make an unexpected settlement with the New Right on a new finance bill.
We have political editor from Ekspres, Hanne Holm, on the phone.
You call it a decisive victory for Nyborg? She was at the edge of an actual vote of no confidence, but now Nyborg can claim that she not only negotiated a finance bill, but also divided the opposition.
That's what you call good political craftsmanship.
Thank you for joining us.
And from unexpected agreements to PET wants to know if you'll spend time at Marienborg after the New Year's speech.
Oh, fuck, the New Year's speech.
I took the liberty of making a draft of the New Year's speech for you.
Is it good? - You're looking sharp.
- Thank you.
I must say you've made an interesting choice of paintings.
It's certainly modern.
Sanne, please call the director for the National Art Museum.
Even after the financial crisis, Denmark ranks among the ten richest countries in the world.
Yet, many have criticized the government's wish to double the foreign aid and not use the money to take care of ourselves.
But I believe we take care of ourselves by taking care of others.
Let me explain with simple arithmetic.
When 1,000 children are born in Denmark, five of them will die.
In Afghanistan, it's more that 200.
It is an unbalance that makes people desperate, creates war and breeds terror.
Those are the arguments for economy and security.
I believe that the most important argument of all is that 200 children dying is 200 too many.
I believe that everyone in the world must have the chance to see their kids grow up.
I believe that the meaning of life just might be to pass it on.
- Yes.
- Thank you.
That's pretty well done with a hangover on a January 1st.
Thank you.
- I'll consider voting for you next time.
- Really? Come and see this.
- Did you write that speech? - Yes.
I thought you were a cynical asshole.
I am.
But your wife pays me a fortune to write this emotional crap.
Here's the champagne.
- Wonderful.
Thank you.
- How fun.
- Do you want a taste, honey? - Yes.
- Yes.
- Did you get my message? I sent you a message in the prime minister's New Year's speech.
- It was a tribute to life and children - I've had it removed.
I had an abortion a few hours ago.
I'm sorry to hear that.
Why are you and I never in sync? I have to go, Kasper.
Happy New Year.
- Here you go.
- Thank you.
You're good.
Thank you.

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