Borgen (2010) s01e04 Episode Script

Episode 4

1 Ekspres asks you, as a citizen, if Nyborg is the right prime minister.
You need a media adviser.
Hanne Holm is at Ekspres now.
They take the outcasts.
Are you resigning? I'm not resigning before we've started! - Everything is chaos.
- Just like home.
We are still us, right? I sent you a message in the New Year's speech.
A tribute to life and small kids.
I had an abortion a few hours ago.
- Why are you and I never in sync? - Kasper You're good.
Thank you.
"If you hush a ghost, it will only grow in size.
" Proverb from Greenland - See you, Simon.
- Bye.
TV1 News, Simon Bech.
It's for you.
I'm afraid she just left.
He'll only talk to you.
He says it's urgent.
TV1 News, Katrine Fønsmark.
I'm outside in the parking lot with information you will appreciate.
Who is this? Come to the parking lot, by the large containers.
Leave it at the desk and I'll take a look, okay? I have to deliver it personally.
Come out here, alone.
It concerns the safety of the kingdom.
I'll wait five more minutes.
The choice is yours.
- Do you have a minute? - Sure.
Katrine! Hello.
Did you see anything? No I mean, a silver gray Renault.
So? Was that it? Yes, I think so.
Stop! Don't turn around.
Don't turn around! Stay there.
Go back toward the car.
Why didn't you come alone? What did you expect? Here, look inside.
Who are you? Look inside.
It's a story you don't want to miss.
I have to know who you are, or there will be no story.
That could topple governments.
How often do you think we hear that? Just look in the envelope.
What is this? Are they prisoners of the American CIA? These photos could be doctored.
Have them checked.
All the photos are in high resolution on this USB drive.
Look at what it says on the hangar.
"Thule air base.
" CIA prisoners on Danish territory.
There have been rumors.
There's the evidence.
Who are you? I'll contact you.
Why me? Because you don't always do as you're told.
It's like this: My source contacts me, not the other way around.
And I promised not to tell you who he is.
But he works in military intelligence.
Are you absolutely sure? I know his name.
I've seen his ID and employment contract.
- Can we say his name? - No.
- No? - He's "a source close to the military.
" What is his motive? - He says he loves Denmark.
- Don't we all? I think there's more behind.
I'll suss it out.
Dan and the guys have spent two days on the pictures.
They say it looks legitimate.
Semi-professional equipment.
High resolution.
 No sign of doctoring.
Torben, when do we run it? You have to be 100% sure of your source.
- Right, Katrine? - I am.
- Absolutely sure.
- I am 100% sure.
We could all get fired for this.
It's not a game.
Do you realize what this is? - Didn't you once get a Cavling Prize? - Oh, shut up, will you? I have a larger responsibility.
You think everything is damn easy.
No, but you've seen the pictures, and I've checked everything, - and you now it's good.
- Relax.
We'll run it.
What the fuck did you expect? One and go, Katrine.
Behind me is the evidence.
CIA uses the Thule Air Base in Greenland for stopovers with illegal CIA prisoners.
It's 8:30 p.
 This is TV1 News.
Where did they get those pictures? TV1 still won't give up their source, even pressed for it off the record.
The military must have some idea.
They are looking into the leak.
You have a meeting about it shortly.
We also need to talk about your first 100 days.
- What? - You've been prime minister for 100 days.
- Good morning.
- Good morning, everyone.
The press likes stuff like that, so we need a good story, that defines you as prime minister.
All right.
As long as we keep it about concrete political results, and not family cozy time with Phillip and the kids.
You'll love it! - Sanne? - Yes.
Clear this morning's schedule.
You have an appointment with your hairdresser at 11.
No, Sanne, not anymore, because we are clearing the schedule.
- Thank you.
- Yes.
Yes, I'll get rid of her.
The HK union is just being very difficult in this case.
The Security Committee is waiting in the Mirror Room.
The foreign minister is returning from China, so it will be the ministers of justice and defense as well as their attachés.
Who does the committee believe is responsible for the leak? We don't know.
The chairman of the Greenland Parliament is coming to Denmark for an explanation, I've given him 30 minutes tomorrow.
We do owe him an apology.
Uh, "apology," we refrain from using that word in regards to Greenland.
It implies culpability and leads to unexpected expenses.
Okay, but we need an actionable plan on this today.
I won't pay the price, because a former prime minister gave Bush all he wanted.
Good morning, gentlemen.
- Good morning.
- Please stay seated.
Are we letting the Americans land planes with CIA prisoners in Greenland? Listen.
Don't play secret gentlemen's club games with me.
- Are these flights taking place? - We don't know for sure.
What does that mean? That our agreement with the US says we don't have the right to check American planes at the Thule base.
Isn't that agreement from the Bush-era? Then it should have ended long ago.
CIA is a state within the state.
It's hard to strip away their powers, once they have them.
What does Washington say? The US ambassador will come by the Foreign Ministry today.
Will you pass on, that Denmark, their ally through several wars, - expects an explanation? - Yes.
I see no reason to damage our otherwise good relationship with the USA.
And what of our otherwise good relationship with Greenland? Greenland isn't our primary concern right now.
It just so happens that Greenland is under my ministry.
And I must admit I am a little worried about the poor execution of a cohesive policy, and how this might be reflected in the press.
We grant them self-government, but rule over them when it counts.
Who will stall the press until we figure out something? - We'll save me for now.
- Yes.
Shouldn't it be the defense minister, since the leak was from his ministry? Many people work at the Thule base, it isn't necessarily one of our people.
And the Ministry of Defense does not fear the press, if that's what you think, Troels.
I never implied that, Hans Christian.
All right, Hans Christian goes on tonight.
Very well.
We doubt the authenticity of the photos and remain skeptical.
No, we are examining their authenticity.
And we take this very seriously.
- Okay.
- Good.
The news chose to characterize the prisoners as illegal, right? Yes.
But as far as I know, no one has yet documented that the prisoners actually are illegal.
Perhaps that's useful.
Yes, Mom.
Defense minister Hans Christian Thorsen, good evening.
Good evening.
How can you allow these landings on Danish soil? Let's calm down.
Denmark and the US have had good and close relations for many years.
And I see absolutely no reason that they should suddenly want to violate international law on Danish soil.
- Come on, let him have it.
- But you must admit that the photos of orange jumpsuits remind you of the Guantanamo Bay prisoners.
First of all, Guantanamo is closing.
Secondly, I see some men in orange prisoner suits in these photos.
These are the same suits that thousands of criminals in the US penal system also wear.
Whose to say specifically these prisoners are not legal? Can you answer that? So, you see no reason for further action? Yes, of course.
We are looking into the matter and take this very seriously.
But I don't think we'll get any closer to it at this moment.
- Thank you for coming.
- Are you letting him go? Now we turn to declining house prices.
Server start.
- Why didn't you attack him? - Why the fuck is Katrine in my ear? You could at least ask what the prisoners are doing in Greenland.
Katrine, we are live.
- What the fuck are you thinking? - Ulrik, damn it, when a minister says "we won't get closer" and looks away, it means he's lying.
Ten seconds.
Please do this afterwards.
We have a show.
Thank you.
- Ulrik.
It's Torben.
- Yes.
Listen, that interview was simply not good enough, end of story.
- Ulrik, you are on.
- The association of realtors Good evening.
Congratulations! I saw that Thorsen wrapped up this issue nicely in the news.
The issue is far from over, Bjørn.
We've been called to a meeting in the Foreign Affairs Committee tomorrow.
I assume I'll be handling it.
It shouldn't be hard.
So far, doubts have been sown on whether the prisoners were even illegal.
And you are well-briefed from speaking with the Americans, right? What was their explanation? The ambassador couldn't go into details.
Details? I'm not asking for details, but for a yes or no.
Does the CIA do flights like these in Greenland or not? Bjørn.
"It's on a need to know basis, and you don't need to know.
" You let the ambassador get away with that? The Americans are hard as nails when it comes to foreign policy.
But, Bjørn, you are Denmark's foreign minister and the injured party.
What about the Committee on Foreign Affairs? I'll do it myself.
Did you come home to comfort the lonely housewife? Ha ha ha.
I've been hanging out with dumb men all day, so I'm grateful I'm not married to one.
- Up with you! - Ooh! Tights are the most awkward Why is the door locked? Because we are rearranging the furniture, honey.
Can I have some chips? Yes! You are a very attractive man.
Very, very attractive.
It's been three weeks since we last had sex, because I work and have been so tired.
What if we had some fixed days, so we knew that we got it done? Can't we just have sex when we want to? This doesn't prevent us from having sex, when we want, but if we had fixed days, like Tuesday and Saturday.
Tuesday and Saturday? Tuesday I wrap up the weekly meeting of ministers, and Saturday is off.
This is an outlandish conversation.
Now I'm getting scheduled sex with the prime minister? Yes.
You didn't put up much of a fight against the defense minister today.
I thought it was a shitty interview as well.
You could topple the government with this.
The previous government did it.
The system knew about it.
The civil servants knew everything.
We both know that civil servants in Denmark never talk.
- I'm talking.
- No, you are whispering.
You're a whispering, anonymous source.
I need more.
I have something for you.
Come on.
Transcripts from the control tower at Thule that day.
Landings and takeoffs.
The underlined is the plane from the photos.
Compare the flight numbers.
It happened.
And here Two missing person bulletins from Human Rights Watch.
Afghan farmers abducted by the Americans.
Notice him with the red hat.
He's on the pictures from Thule.
Now they can't deny the prisoners are illegal.
Why are you doing this, Carsten? Honor.
Tell me some more.
I've been in the military for 25 years.
When I see the flag I see something I'm ultimately willing to die for.
When I was young, I was in the Sirius Patrol.
I've driven nearly 4,000 miles in a dogsled in Greenland.
Through a darkness, you wouldn't believe.
Then it begins to mean something.
For ten years, I've watched as we have lost every notion of sovereignty when it comes to the US.
We've become their eager little brother.
We join them in their wars without asking for a valid reason.
We help them capture innocent people.
We let them use our territory for whatever they please.
How long has this happened? Long.
Since 9/11.
And before that, it was nukes, they landed with up there.
And when one of their planes crashes, and a nuclear bomb rolls out on the Inland Ice, we help them clean up their shit.
One of their bombs is still up there.
It has to stop at some point.
I've been here too long.
I want you to know I'm willing to do whatever it takes to publicize this story.
I know the risk you are taking, and your story will be heard, I promise.
But I have to be able to reach you.
Do you have a number? Out of the question.
Carsten, I must be able to contact you, or I won't get any further.
Say a word you normally wouldn't say when you end a broadcast.
" - Hello.
- Yes! - Good morning.
- Good morning.
- Katrine Fønsmark? - Yes.
It's the police.
We have some questions.
How did you get into contact with the man who gave you those pictures? - What? - Did you contact him or the other way? - How did you do it? - I won't divulge my source.
- You would be wise to do so.
- What were your names? - I can't divulge that.
- Please show your ID's.
I am in my apartment with two officers trying to force information from me about my source in the Thule case.
What are your names? Show some ID! It's Katrine.
I need to talk to Pia right now.
I wanted to be sure that we agreed regarding Greenland before I send in their chairman.
- Is he already here? - Yes.
Is he waiting out there? Yes, but he's used to it.
Listen, the Inuits have massive problems with their administration.
They need us.
We've just given them rights to their own underground in a new deal.
What if there's oil? They can't have it both ways, right? I'd give him 15 minutes tops.
He can have a cup of coffee.
He won't get money or an apology, but we are sorry about Thule air base.
Yes, but with the comment, that we don't know what's happened.
And that perhaps nothing happened at all.
Niels Erik.
You've been permanent secretary here for eight years.
You have a seat on the Security Committee.
What do you know about the flights? I don't recall attending meetings where they were mentioned.
This way.
Birgitte Nyborg.
Jens Enok.
- Welcome to Denmark.
- Thank you.
Yeah it hasn't changed a bit.
Except for the paintings.
A change of government requires new art.
Hopefully more than that.
 Take a seat.
Thank you.
So, Jens, thanks for coming down here, um I can't say very much, because we still don't know exactly what has happened, um at the Thule air base.
We are working on Birgitte, it's fine.
No need to explain.
We've already done our duty by meeting here.
You can't tell me anything.
And you can't apologize, because you weren't the ones who violated Greenland's territory.
We are locked in our old positions.
Greenland is the small one compared to Denmark.
Just like Denmark is small compared to the USA.
Kalaallit Nunaat.
That's Greenland's name in Inuit.
It means the Land of the Inuit.
But that's probably more hope than reality.
I'm sorry.
Shall we drink some coffee? Yes, let's get some coffee.
Say you'll call right back.
- We have to - Say you'll call back.
I'll call you right back.
PET woke me this morning, practically breaking in to find my source.
How do you know it was PET? They said they were police, and I called Copenhagen Police and they knew nothing about that.
It was PET.
When they move like that, it means we are spot on.
This is on another level now.
It's with the boss.
I can't run this case, unless it completely holds up in court.
I can't.
Look at this.
Look at it.
Just look at it.
I met with my source last night.
Those flights happened, the prisoners are illegals, and the evidence is right there.
It's good all the way, Torben.
I have an expert from the air force ready to confirm that those are landing lists.
And I phoned Hanne Holm to get her in the studio tonight.
Hanne Holm? She's an expert in the old Thule cases, right? She says it's a clear continuation of the authoritarian foreign policy we've used against Greenland since the 50's.
Are you still here? Look, my source is risking his life for our sake.
I hope you know that.
Not to mention that this is of vital importance to the entire country.
- Isn't that why we became journalists? - Shut up, damn it.
This is good.
We'll break it on the radio at noon and go wide tonight.
Okay? - Excuse me, do you have a light? - Sorry.
Kasper Juul.
It's Katrine.
Can the prime minister play tonight? I had hoped you'd like to play with me instead.
Not now, Kasper.
We really want a comment from Birgitte Nyborg at 8:30 p.
Katrine, if you're thinking of the meeting in the foreign policy committee, I doubt there is more in that case.
I'd listen to the radio news, if I was you.
It is in two minutes.
- Do we get the prime minister first then? - Only if you and I have a date.
Not if it's to get my source from me.
Would I ever do such a thing? Fine, then it's a date.
It's a date.
Svend Åge, do you have a light? Thanks.
I hear that your Mrs.
Prime Minister is drinking coffee with the insulted Eskimos.
I think they prefer Inuit.
I know that Ms.
Nyborg loves indigenous people, but there must be a limit to how indigenous you're allowed to be, huh? What are you aiming at? They can't govern themselves.
The young get no education, their industry is a mix of corruption and Stalinism.
They drink like bottomless pits and sexually abuse their children.
And what does that have to do with secret CIA planes? Your government depends on the Solidarity Union.
In a minute, there is a meeting in the Foreign Policy Committee.
I don't think you should let the left wing pressure you into any concessions to Greenland.
You have the support of the Freedom Party to avoid that.
- Can I pass that to the prime minister? - Sure.
There is no limit to the self-government of Eskimos according to the Reds.
If you want control, you should be able to control yourself, right? A source with the military intelligence reveals to TV1 News that it was illegal CIA prisoners who landed at the Thule Air Base.
New images reveal that several of the prisoners are missing, supposedly innocent Afghans that several human rights organizations have been looking for.
Same to you.
Bye, bye.
There is a meeting in the Foreign Policy Committee in 90 minutes.
We need a clear policy.
They will of course ask how the press got this information.
Some officer probably leaked it.
The military leaks like a sieve.
Please! That was the US ambassador.
They fear we might feel pressured into giving Greenland a say in future military agreements.
The Solidarity Union is also babbling about the fact that they should.
Svend Åge from the Freedom Party has told me we can count on their support in not giving Greenland any concessions.
What if the source leaks even more? - When does this end? - Right now.
As we speak, the police are headed to TV1 with an indictment.
I'm sorry.
The journalists can be charged with fencing confidential information.
Since it turns out these are secret documents stolen from the military, which TV1 is selling to its customers.
You can't do that! Why not? That's just the law.
Because it is terrible press arresting journalists, perhaps? It's not because you used to have a relationship with one of them? Hold on a second! What are we doing? Cooperation with the Freedom Party to keep the Inuits away from influence? Arresting journalists? We've been in office 100 days and already sound like the old government.
Yes, it's just pragmatic politics.
It is not this government's pragmatic politics, Troels.
Kasper Juul promised us the prime minister if she makes a statement.
Way to go.
As I just told Pia, the background will be perhaps preferably a closeup of the prisoners at the base.
And, Katrine, you should definitely hold the physical list with landings.
That would work great.
Something you can refer to.
Something everyone can relate to.
Hello, we are from the police.
We are here to announce that since TV1 has participated in the distribution of stolen information, the responsible will be charged with fencing as per the criminal code section 152D.
Fencing? This concerns news chief Torben Friis, editorial chief Pia Munk and journalists Ulrik Mørch and Katrine Fønsmark.
This also means that you may not publish the aforementioned information.
Your boss has been informed.
Well, fucking hell! This is crazy! Fencing? It's a joke! - This is press history! - This is big.
- I have to go.
- We'll top it with this.
Kasper Juul, can we talk? The prime minister is due at the Foreign Committee in 15 minutes.
That's why I want to draw your attention to something.
I just spoke with a colleague at the Defense Ministry.
It turns out there are special circumstances regarding the American flight to Thule.
Um "SL.
" There.
It stands for "Security Landing.
" Which means that security concerns precipitated the landing.
An emergency landing? Exactly.
A technical issue forced the plane to land at Thule.
This completely changes things.
Let's ask her opinion regarding freedom of speech.
That's a good idea.
It's crazy that they think this would stop us.
Bring it on.
We have to talk strategy.
I just spoke with the boss.
I've agreed with him that as long as the case is on against the station, we won't broadcast the landing lists.
- Excuse me.
- What, Torben, are we letting them win? And we can't use the pictures of prisoners.
No, Katrine can refer to them, but we won't show them.
It's tough to interview Hanne Holm on a picture I can't show.
Absolutely, but that's also why she should not come tonight.
Okay? - Then you're closing the case? - No, Katrine.
The prime minister will come to the studio later and have ample opportunity to explain.
- Ulrik, damn it.
- Yes.
- Torben is right, I guess.
- Yes.
Then I'm just furthering their agenda.
I can't do that! - Sure.
You're a professional.
- Just about the only one left.
Look, this is not a discussion.
It's a formal order.
- Torben - Enough! I won't discuss it.
This is really uncool, man.
I'm sorry.
I don't know why no one called you, but you came in vain.
Torben won't let you go on air.
And he won't let me use the lists or the pictures from Thule.
He's spiking the story? In agreement with management.
Katrine, we need to talk.
Will you look at that, Friis I didn't know your type came without balls.
Yesterday, TV1 showed photos with illegal prisoners landing at Thule.
The minister of defense refused to comment them, but we have reason to believe that they are real.
What do you say? I can confirm the flight happened.
- It happened? - Yes.
The flight happened.
We've looked into the matter, and it turns out it was a special emergency landing.
- Emergency landing? - Yes.
And when a plane requests an emergency landing, you don't ask about the cargo.
It's all there in the landing lists you talked about on the radio today.
We are currently prevented by the police from using those lists.
I don't comment on ongoing police matters, but I'd like to say that the government, of course, has no intentions - of limiting freedom of speech.
- Let's go back.
- So the US plane did an emergency landing? - Yes.
Can you rule out that other flights happened? - I have no knowledge of any other.
- But can you rule it out? We're out of time, Katrine.
I have no knowledge of others.
I can't really say more.
- Which means you can't rule it out.
- Katrine, stop it.
Now! Unfortunately, we are out of time.
- Thanks for coming.
- Thanks.
Perhaps I'm being naïve, but I had hoped it would be more than 100 days before I lied to the Danish people.
You didn't lie.
You really don't know of any other flights.
That's what you said.
I could have said that the Americans have been doing what they please on Greenland since World War Two.
You closed the matter in a good way.
The press and the Foreign Committee got an explanation.
You should be happy.
I'm ecstatic.
I just need to get used to a bitter taste in my mouth.
What if I went to Greenland, Kasper? And gave them a briefing.
As a gesture.
You said yourself we need a positive story to mark the first 100 days as prime minister.
I'd hoped for something other than Greenland.
- Greenland is so fucking unsexy.
- Right.
Just arrange it quickly, okay? Yes.
What the fuck was up with that interview? Why didn't you use the material? - Are you a complete idiot? - Listen.
My boss shut me down.
I wasn't allowed any real questions.
Do you know how much I risk with this? This is my life.
- You said you'd go all the way.
- I do, but the police charged us.
And because my boss is a pussy, it means I can't use the material you gave me.
And you didn't mention the emergency landing.
- That would have been nice.
- It doesn't matter.
It's just one landing among many.
So the prime minister lied on TV? Every time the Americans land up there, its an emergency landing.
Do you realize who we are up against? I should never have contacted you.
That's fine.
Yes, I'll call back later.
See you.
Perhaps we shouldn't do this.
What's wrong? I can't tell you.
Who was on the phone? I can't tell you.
- Do you see? This will be a rough night.
- We could just stick to private stuff.
You lost a child three weeks ago, for example? - Are you mad? - Every woman's favorite question.
Fine, you lost this round, don't make such a fuss.
- We lost? More like democracy lost.
- Relax.
Fine, ask me a question, and I'll answer honestly.
All right.
Did you know I would be charged? Did you know? Yes, perhaps.
This isn't going to work.
Why didn't you warn me about the police? - Katrine - Aren't we friends? Damn! Your minister charges me.
Höxenhaven is not my minister! And did you tell me about the landing lists, or did I have to hear it from the news? What difference would my warning have done? I'd have known you weren't only loyal to your job.
That's odd.
Somebody was here.
Somebody was here.
I couldn't catch him.
They went through my computer.
A journalist's computer.
He was right! Was that why we were meeting at the café? Did you have a hand in this? Did you? Oh, shut up.
Do you realize, what you're accusing me of? Just a second.
Who is it? The woman you got fired for drinking, you know.
It sounds crazy, but I think intelligence people broke in last night.
That doesn't sound unlikely with this case.
I called all the guys.
If the police want to continue this, they'll have to charge 50 journalists and not just you at TV1.
Which means that they will drop the case.
- I don't know what to say.
- You could say thanks.
This makes it impossible for that Olympic pussy, Torben Friis, to prevent you from continuing.
So you should just get to work.
I need a new angle for the story, or Torben won't agree to it.
What if your source went live on the air? He won't.
He's still in the service.
Not for long.
They'll find him.
You have to tell him that he must come forward, or all will be in vain.
Do you know why he does it? He says he thinks we've cowered too long before the US.
- And that he'll die for the flag.
- Damn, men are primitive.
Make sure he makes his statement first.
Do you know how to contact him? Perhaps.
That's all for the news today, and we managed without snow on the screen.
Thank you for now.
What on earth was that? "No snow on screen.
" Is that our new motto? I panicked.
Someone remove this glass.
There we go, boys and girls.
How about these headlines? Amazing support from our colleagues.
And a victory for democracy, I'd say.
Didn't you want to close the case? The day you learn to shut up, you'll have a bright future ahead of you.
- Is this the main story then? - Well I can't figure out if there's more to the story, if you know what I mean.
It's still a good story.
I'm just saying that perhaps the story has been told, Katrine, but perhaps you didn't hear? - Any other news? - Yes.
The prime minister is going to Greenland to brief them.
That's great.
Let's get some shot of the plane - Right? - Yes.
takes off.
It's pure spin, it means nothing.
It shows the government feels guilty! Perhaps it was the case, Katrine, that Nyborg has a very different and very open way of leading we're just not used to.
The only evidence we have is that one flight the prime minster lectured us was an emergency landing.
Do you have more from your source? Because now is the time.
Do you? - No.
- No? Thank you.
Great, thank you to Deep Throat.
Nice job, Katrine.
Listen, we should of course also do a story about us being charged in this case.
- When they get up there, it might be fun - Yes.
to get that eloquent Eskimo to say a little - Thanks for coming.
- about what Nyborg will eat I'll find an angle.
Sure, and lay it on thick with gravy and potatoes and something, right? - Torben! - Yes.
- I want you to meet someone.
- Yes.
My name is Carsten Ockels, military intelligence.
That emergency landing it wasn't the only CIA flight to Greenland.
I'm ready to tell all about it on air.
- Have a nice trip, Prime Minister.
- Thank you, Simon.
A few updated numbers on Greenland.
The newest economic scandals.
The suicide rate among young people constantly rising.
Substance abuse and such.
Just "FYI"? They say it's beautiful up there.
It's easy to lose your perspective.
The intelligence community has found that rat.
I don't think we need to worry more about him.
What does that mean? - Have a nice trip to Greenland.
- Thank you.
Hi, honey.
You called? Are you staying the night in Greenland? Um, I don't know.
I haven't seen the entire program yet.
Why? Well, it's Tuesday.
And on Tuesdays, I'm banging the prime minister.
Have a nice trip, honey.
Kasper will be two minutes late.
Uh, yes, it became a little hectic with arranging it all, but the chairman of parliament is allotted an hour and a half.
Then an hour with the parliament, then a short press conference with red carpet, drum dance and kids in kamiks, and finally the official handshake with you and the chairman.
Do we need to stay the night? No, we plan on leaving tonight.
Greenland is behind us.
In regards to time zones, I mean.
- Sorry I'm late.
- We can leave now.
By the way, regarding the official photo, would you say you are a medium anorak and size 38 in kamiks? I can never remember my kamik size.
- Could you take my jacket? - Of course.
- Ahh.
- Why is Sanne on this trip? She won at drawing lots among the HK union secretaries.
One them always has to come with us on a trip.
It's tradition.
Mail received in the Foreign Ministry from the US ambassador.
The American president has announced he'll come for a short visit this summer.
Isn't it fantastic? So it's payment for not making a fuzz about Greenland? My bad.
Greenland gets a visit from the Danish prime minister.
Good for them.
We'll get it done quickly.
And then we'll start planning with the Americans.
It's absolutely perfect, Birgitte.
You've been in office 100 days, and the leader of the free world visits.
Birgitte Nyborg has landed in Nuuk, where she'll meet with chairman of parliament, Jens Enok Berthelsen, to brief them on the much discussed pictures from Thule.
I've just been told your official size kamik is 39.
They'll be a little big.
Don't forget the parliamentary meeting at two o'clock.
- Welcome.
- Thank you.
Jens, I want you to know, I'm happy to be up here, and I hope we can find a way to end this matter together.
What? It's nothing.
But this "matter" started 300 years ago.
When Hans Egede colonized us.
And you want to wrap up that matter in an hour? I was talking about the American CIA plane at the Thule base.
Oh, that.
That only started 60 years ago, when Denmark forcefully relocated an entire village to build the base.
I can play the game and be nice when I visit you.
But don't expect me to be silent when you are a guest in my house.
Doesn't Greenland have a responsibility? Was it our own fault that you colonized us? No.
But you're making it hard for those who want to give you more freedom when you are guilty of nepotism, mismanagement and laws that smell of corruption.
More than 40% of students in your high schools drop out, because your elementary schools aren't good enough.
And we don't run those schools.
We are trying to handle that.
Are you? Because sometimes it looks like you are waiting for the ice to thaw, so you can strike oil and get rich.
What if the oil isn't there? Who the hell do you think you are? If you had just given us 24 hours, I could at least have shown you a little of what this is about.
Shown me what? You could have met the ordinary citizen in Greenland.
But you don't care.
Kasper and Sanne, come in here.
Move the press conference, and, Sanne, move all appointments, we are staying until tomorrow afternoon.
Thank you.
- Carsten Ockels hasn't shown up.
- He will.
The show is in five minutes.
We can't do it without him.
- It's out.
- Hell no, Pia! Hell yes, Katrine.
Did you deliver the goods? Did you? Did you? No, so we're pulling it.
- Pia.
- Yes.
- Early retirement is the story - Torben! We can report that the flights are always called emergency landings.
The angle is a live interview with your source, who is not here.
End of story.
But I'll call him, and he'll come tomorrow.
It's Katrine.
I couldn't do it.
- Carsten, we had an agreement! - The service contacted me.
They want to slam me for breaking confidentiality.
You were prepared for that.
There are some things about my past.
I got very sad when my wife died.
I took quite a lot of pills.
There was some dereliction of duty Listen, people will understand.
When I was in the Sirius Patrol in Greenland, I was charged with rape.
The charges were dropped, but Were you guilty? When I got home today, there was an envelope with copies of everything.
Copies of receipts for pills.
Statements from psychologists ten to 15 years ago! A report from drunk driving, when I was 18.
The rape! Imagine the picture they will paint.
That I'm a sick and untrustworthy person.
They left a message on my phone.
They know my daughter starts working as a teacher next month.
What school will hire the daughter of a traitor and a rapist? That's what they said! They absolutely said that! Carsten, they are trying to scare you.
Where are you? I'll come to you, okay? They want to take my honor from me.
We still have time.
If you go live tomorrow Are you listening? You're losing a story, Katrine.
That's all.
That girl back then.
From the rape was she an Inuit? Hi.
Has anyone heard from Ockels? We spoke last night, but got cut off.
No, but, Katrine, please sit, I need to talk to you.
Listen, um I just got a call from an old cop buddy.
Carsten Ockels was found dead this morning in his apartment.
Probably pills, but officially a heart attack.
No one will know about it, because military intelligence is putting a lid on it.
They fucking killed him.
We can't say that on the air.
We can't.
But it's still a good story.
No denying that and it's yours.
And I think you should tell that story if you want to.
Tell about your meetings, tell what happened and what he told.
I'll support you.
I'll talk to the boss.
I've got your back here.
But if we do that, the military intelligence will still assassinate his character.
It will hurt his family.
They don't care if he's alive or dead, they will still take away his honor.
Yeah, but it's up to you.
This guy, he was only 19.
Our biggest problem is that we are dying as a people.
Birth rates are dropping.
The young leave Greenland.
But the worst is that the suicide rate has exploded.
And it's the young men who are killing themselves.
Like him.
What have you tried to do about it? Almost everything.
Suicide hotlines, psychologists, anti-depressants.
But every year it gets worse.
Twenty percent of all young in Greenland have attempted suicide.
That is a tragic world record.
Why do you think it is like this? Since the old days, there have been suicides in Greenland.
You'd throw yourself from a tall fjeld.
The fjeld was called "Nakkartaffik.
" "The place where you fall.
" But those were old people.
Who felt they had given all they could and were now a family burden.
Back then you committed suicide out of pride.
Perhaps the young commit suicide because they have nothing to be proud of.
Why do so many Inuits drink? Why are so many boys and girls abused? Many don't know who they are anymore.
I have a plan for this country.
If it is to be carried out, we have to give back our people their self respect.
I want those suicide rates down, Birgitte.
And how do we do that? Perhaps by letting the Inuits sit at the table when the big decisions are made.
Security and foreign policy.
But that's exactly what you can't give us, right? Kasper.
We need to talk to the Americans.
Some things are going to change.
Nothing that will disturb, right? You saw how the visit from the president made headlines, right? Sanne.
Set up a meeting with the foreign and defense ministers.
Damn it, I forgot to buy something for my kids.
I took care of that.
There is a bag with assorted things for you here.
- Thank you.
- Why destroy something clear cut and easy? You sell our policy.
I make it.
End of story.
- Are they asleep? - Yes.
Mom! Hi, honey.
Oh, my! - What a welcome.
- Did you bring anything? Yes, I did.
It's a genuine polar bear tooth.
- Wow.
- Isn't it big? A tupilak! Thank you.
I'll bring it to school tomorrow.
- I hope there's a soul inside.
- There should be.
Now to bed, okay? - Yes.
- Yeah.
Good night.
- Good night.
- Sweet dreams, kids.
See you tomorrow.
What are you doing? It's just a little black book.
The account you asked for, right? Let's see.
Saturday you were very tired, right? - Tuesday, Greenland.
That's two rounds.
- Hmm.
Then you have to borrow, which means you probably will - be lying on your back - I get it.
- the next two weeks.
- My sexual reform was not a good idea.
- It was an occupational injury.
- Hmm.
How was it? How was Greenland? Uh It was magnificent.
It was depressing.
I think it is the most beautiful place I've ever seen.
All at once.
I'm not sure if we did Greenland a favor back when we discovered it.
How nice.
It's made from baby seal.
There wasn't anything more politically incorrect? Of course.
There's also a thong made of musk ox somewhere.
"Major Carsten Ockels was a highly treasured colleague And the defense minister thanks him for excellent and faithful service.
" Was I right to stop chasing the story? You followed his choice.
And you're sparing him from humiliation in the press, so yes, you were.
But his death was in vain.
His revelations had no impact.
I actually think they had.
In other news, negotiations for expanding the US radar at Thule began today, and for the first time, they took place in Greenland with their chairman of parliament at the head of the table.
Negotiations are expected to be over in two weeks, but experts say it might take longer now that the Inuits are a part of the negotiations.
Now to the USA.
The American president has canceled his planned visit to Denmark this summer, apparently due to a packed schedule in Washington.
TV1 News, Katrine Fønsmark.

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