Borgen (2010) s01e05 Episode Script

Episode 5

1 Perhaps I'm being naïve, but I had hoped it would be more than 100 days before I lied to the Danish people.
- What's happened? - Can't tell you.
Who were you talking to? I can't tell you.
Do you see? This will be a rough night.
Let's stick to something private.
You lost a child three weeks ago, for example.
It's been three weeks since we last had sex, because I've been too busy.
What if we had fixed days? - Tuesday and Saturday.
- So now I'm having - scheduled sex with the prime minister? - Yes.
"History tells us that all armed prophets have conquered.
The unarmed ones have been destroyed.
" Okay.
Let me get this straight.
Henriette, you want to introduce quotas to ensure that company boards are at least 50% women? That's nothing new, Bent.
It just seems a bit dramatic in print.
Forty-five percent.
 The bill will say 45%.
It's a technicality.
A board with seven people can't have 50% women.
I don't get it.
It is simple arithmetic.
Forty-five percent allows for an uneven number on the board.
Uh, will there be penalties? We hope it won't be necessary.
- It could be.
- I agree.
This is a part of the coalition agreement.
We discussed it months ago.
This is nothing new.
I just figured we would soften it a bit.
Henriette and I will present it tomorrow at the weekly press conference.
- Pernille.
- As social services and equality minister, I just don't understand why this is not my territory.
It has been allocated to the minister of commerce, since it affects trade and commerce.
It's more than a simple matter of equality.
What's simple about equality? All right, this is just for your information, the final bill might look very different.
Let's adjourn.
Thank you.
Bent, why wasn't I informed? You can sit the evening before the press conference and speak against the bill.
Neither Sejrø nor your permanent secretary were enthusiastic.
Permanent secretaries never like things that change the status quo.
They are civil servants.
So I must have no other gods than you? No, thank you.
What's with you and Henriette Klitgaard? - What? - You keep staring at her.
What do you mean? You don't stare like she's minister of commerce.
I look at her like a hot minister of commerce.
Shouldn't we go through the press release again? It's 10:30 p.
, Kasper.
Perhaps you should get a life.
Good night, Sanne.
Good night.
- Hi.
- Hi.
MEN WHO LOVE WOMEN Dad, where is my exercise book? I have no idea! So? I don't like it.
It smells of government regulation.
It is government regulation.
- You'll get beaten up for this.
- Yes.
Where will they attack? First they'll hit the fact that you're proposing it.
But it's not me.
It's Henriette Klitgaard.
Sure, who is also a woman and what 38? She has a PhD in market economics and MBA from Princeton.
How do you know that? I read the financial news.
And I worked with her at Simtech a lifetime ago.
She had a job there.
- Anyway - Yes.
- Today is Henriette's show.
- Yes.
You're asking for a fight.
They'll see it as a pure women's club.
Why is it that when a woman achieves a senior post, she has to apologize for being a woman, be ten times as competent as a man in the same job and swear to never, ever give other women favorable treatment? It's about self-worth.
It's not the men who force you to seek their approval.
I've never asked for a man's approval.
How do I look? Looks great.
- And from behind? - Very nice.
Thank you.
And we expect to pass the bill before summer break in Parliament.
Yes, that's it for today.
Thank you, Henriette Klitgaard.
Any questions? Do you only want more women in the private sector, or does it go for public boards as well? The laws of this country apply to all.
Does it apply to the government and Parliament? Sorry.
Does it apply to the government and Parliament? My own party already fulfills the quota.
The composition of Parliament is up to the voters.
I'm not changing the constitution.
You are highly educated female leaders.
Aren't you examples that this legislation is already redundant? - Shall I take that one? - Sure.
The fact is that the most powerful positions in the business world are still only occupied by 5.
1% of women.
But our prime minister was chosen by the people, which suggests the people are more up-to-date than business leaders.
Back in the saddle.
Pedal hard.
Go! Back in the saddle, I said.
Excuse me.
I'm Benjamin, the new instructor.
If you want to go at your own pace, please sit at the back.
You're ruining it for the others.
- I don't think so.
But okay.
- And remember fluids.
You didn't bring water.
That's really unhealthy.
Is that your breakfast? Yes.
I could help with nutrition if you want.
But I'm not eating croissants because I think it's healthy.
I eat them to destroy myself with fat and sugar.
He'll have to send an e-mail Damn it, then ask him to call back.
We are having Henriette Klitgaard for an interview tonight.
Okay? - The Clit? - What? - They call her that in the ministry.
- The Clit? Right.
Let's call her "Minister of Commerce.
" Did you see her resume? Look.
This lady is a former model, has four degrees from foreign universities, is a mother of three and not 40 yet.
I bet she's a terrible cook.
The most interesting thing is, she is the only minister in the government not elected to Parliament.
The prime minister headhunted her from a top job in the private sector.
Let's do a segment on that.
It will be her baptism by fire tonight, no doubt about it.
Six or 8:30? We want to be first, so me at six p.
, right? You could base it on what makes the best TV.
- Excuse me.
- What looks best? Speaking as a journalist.
What do you mean? It's a female minister with a feminist bill.
Should we pair her with a female anchor and do girl power, or do we balance it with me at 8:30 p.
? She looks great.
Well, that's definitely an argument.
- Girl power? - Yes.
Would we rather delay the news because a man should interview her? No, it's about the message we are sending.
You're a woman, she's a woman.
The bill is about helping women.
It might get a little "cheese with cheese on it.
" Since when does the sex of the anchor influence our journalism? - We don't - He just said it.
When the case is about gender, we should consider it.
Listen, the case is about equality.
We are saying Katrine can't do it, because she is a woman.
- It makes no sense.
- It makes perfect sense.
No, it doesn't.
It's grotesque.
I could do it.
What do me and Ulrik do then? Ulrik, 8:30 p.
 This is Torben.
No! So we expect to pass the bill before summer break in Parliament.
But aren't quotas for codfish and not women? Damn! He's good.
Quotas are a tool we use in areas that can't regulate themselves.
We have quotas for students too.
And we can't call all students codfish.
- Take that, Ulrik.
- So if I understood you correctly, you believe women need a bill to be able to get a slice of the pie.
This is about breaking up closed systems in the business world.
So highly educated women in leadership don't have to wait years for change.
- Sure - Some things must be regulated.
We have legislated parental leave, and recently, we voted for equality in the monarchy, so perhaps it's not that dangerous, Ulrik.
Henriette Christ, he is eating from her hand.
Yeah, but she is fucking hot.
I can tell you that.
What will that be? The carrot is a tax benefit for the companies that quickly let the desired amount of women onto their boards.
The stick is tougher taxation of companies that fail to comply.
And ultimately, they may be denied the right to operate in Denmark.
But let's see if the carrot isn't enough.
Come on, Ulrik.
Attack her! We are all excited.
Thanks to Henriette Klitgaard.
And from quotas and bill proposals to speeches and sing-along.
- Today is International Women's Day - See you.
so we sent reporter Julie Sylvest into the streets with a bra on.
Hi! - Long day? - Yes.
- Katrine.
- What? I just wanted to apologize for this morning.
I didn't mean to criticize.
It's fine.
Of course, you decide what you eat.
Yes, I do.
And now I want to go home, if that's okay? Is it that tough being a celebrity? Excuse me.
That you can't even talk ten seconds with someone who's only a fitness instructor? Hey, hey, hey.
I came to apologize nicely, and you treat me like some stalker.
- That's a little far out.
- I did not do that.
If you really want to know I didn't even recognize you this morning.
I don't watch a lot of TV.
And on TV1 I prefer - What his name? - Ulrik.
Ulrik, right.
Ulrik Mørch.
Why do you prefer Ulrik? He gives people a chance.
Hey Benjamin.
What are you eating? Coco Pops.
He was tired when we bought groceries yesterday.
I couldn't say no.
- Do you want the headlines, Mom? - Yes, give them to me.
Violent protests in Burma.
The National Bank warns of an increase in interest rates, and Um I see.
Who is that? It's the minister of commerce in Mom's government.
Why doesn't she have clothes on? Yes.
Now it begins.
- Hi.
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
- I ordered you breakfast.
- Thanks.
- I think I'll skip the croissant.
- Are you sick? No.
I'm just trying to eat more healthy.
Maybe I just want some water, actually.
Water? - Are things that bad in show business? - Yeah.
It is very hard making it these days.
It's an all-boys club at the editorial meetings.
Funny, with us, it's an all-girls club.
She's quite a tasty thing, that commerce minister, huh? One that gives women acute inferiority complex.
You are not the only one who feels like that.
Can you say "Pernille Madsen"? Well, it should be her responsibility as social services and equality minister.
My lips are sealed.
I'm sorry.
She is pissed.
But that is confidential.
- Okay? - Sure.
Tell me about you now.
Reality or what you want to hear? What do I want to hear? That I'm single.
And long for someone from my past.
And that I don't mean Ole.
I liked Ole.
But you also like the idea of you being hard to get over, right? Rubbish.
It's from my time as a model.
I was 21.
I was a student and needed the money.
- Of course.
- Is there more? I wasn't a Miss Wet T-shirt, if that's what you think.
I only worked for large and renowned agencies, but I bet there's plenty of lingerie shots.
I did many of those.
Perhaps we should meet and discuss an overall media strategy regarding your past as an underwear model.
- Rune can take care of that.
- Of course.
Just remember, we have a lot of eyes on this.
Coordinate all statements with us.
"Perhaps we could meet and discuss your past as a model.
" That's not what I said.
"I could help with the media.
I mean if you need it.
" Birgitte.
- Yes.
- I'm not flirting.
- You're flirting.
- I'm not.
Oh, boy, how you flirt.
Do I flirt? No, at least not with me.
Pernille Madsen has been calling all morning.
She really wants a meeting.
She was very insistent.
I'll call her.
Pernille Madsen does have a point.
She's the equality minister, and we keep her out of the loop.
- What do you think? - Fire her.
I can't stand Pernille Madsen.
What's the problem? She's a feminist who's been around way too long.
It all reeks of softball, Femø and pork chops in the Worker's Party.
No, I can't stand her.
Is that something for you and your psychologist, Kasper? I'm just saying that those women will be the first against the wall when the revolution comes.
You asked, I answered.
Oh, boy, how you flirt.
I'm glad you took time for a little chat.
The leadership of the Worker's Party is puzzled by your choice of minister to promote the bill.
The leadership will have to take that up with me.
Here we are.
I am the vice-chairman.
And I'd like to know, why such a big issue that obviously belongs with my ministry was given to the Ministry of Commerce.
I wish to shift the focus in the debate, Pernille.
My choice of ministry is tactical.
By choosing a female minister well-respected by the business community, - we make ourselves less vulnerable.
- Really? A minister who's a former lingerie model? They would never have found pictures like that of me.
And apart from that, I'd like to know why you aren't keeping your promise regarding equality at the head of government.
What do you mean? Seven seats in the Coordination Committee, but only two women.
I assume you had yourself in mind, Pernille.
The social minister has never had a seat in that committee, not in any government, no matter the party.
I can only say that my influence in the Worker's Party is pretty big.
And we don't want to disturb our coalition.
You owe us by giving this issue to Henriette.
It's pure favoritism.
What do you want? I want to be in on all meetings Henriette has in this matter.
And my name should be at the top of the pile for the Coordination Committee the next time there is a reshuffle.
The very top of the pile.
Good chat.
Birgitte, we've been approached by Crohne.
- That Crohne? - Yes, Crohne Industries.
He wants to meet with you to voice his opinion.
I suggest we let him come by at six p.
Do we agree that in Denmark it's difficult to get a meeting with the prime minister? Hmm? And you offer him a meeting the same day he calls? - We usually meet with Crohne.
- "We"? This office.
I know Hesselboe met with him often.
Yes, the two of them had a good relationship.
So good that the press thought Crohne directly dictated the government's commerce and tax policies.
Crohne is one of the most influential people in Danish society.
Is six p.
okay? No, I'm having dinner with my family.
- I can be here at eight p.
- Good.
How did it go with your essay, Laura? It was fine.
I got an A.
That's really great.
Congratulations! Thanks.
I got an A on the last one as well.
- Can I go play video games? - No, honey, let's hang out together.
- Do you have homework? - No.
Then run off.
Can I go practice the piano then? I promise to wear headphones.
Sure, it's fine.
Who the hell invented the concept of quality time? A bunch of sick bastards.
You've just been away so much.
Just wait till we're watching a movie on the sofa.
They'll be purring on you.
I have a meeting.
I see.
Guess with who.
Who? Joachim Crohne.
Really? Well, he's used to having a direct influence on this country's laws.
My permanent secretary was very insistent.
Of course he was.
He is in a networking group with Crohne's CEO.
- He is? - Yes.
He's in networking group three if I remember correctly.
Okay, I see.
You sound like you think it's unhealthy for democracy.
No, but I just don't think ministers and civil servants - should be chummy with business leaders.
- Oh? So we're getting a divorce or what? I'm not a businessman.
I just teach.
Besides, it's damn provoking to see how hot you dress up for another man.
- For Crohne? - Yes.
He's 600 years old.
You've always liked mature men, right? You hurry home.
This way.
We have great understanding of the fact that you as the first female prime minister feel obligated to do something for the women's cause.
But it has always been the supreme right of a company's leadership to decide who sits on the board.
But it still is.
Half of them just have to be women.
When a symphony orchestra is choosing a new violinist for the string section, they set up a screen on the stage.
Behind it the applicant comes and plays.
In the end, they choose the best.
Not the best man or woman, but the best violinist.
But nobody fills board seats like that in the big companies.
We do.
Could you then explain to me how come the number of female leaders in the highest positions in the workforce haven't changed notably for ten years, despite the fact that women have overtaken men in the universities, and there are more and more competent women to choose from? All comes to those who wait.
How long should we wait? It took women almost 70 years to get the right to vote.
Many boards are all men.
And they call one of the old boys when a board seat needs filling.
And you know it still happens like that at most places.
I must stress that we do not intend to let ourselves be forced away from our free choices.
And I must stress that the laws of this country apply to all Danish companies.
A consequence of this therefore could be that Crohne Group moves its activities abroad.
I have the greatest understanding of the sympathy in your proposal, but I can assure the prime minister that we are a billion dollar enterprise in tough international competition.
We can't risk incompetent leadership in our companies because of government regulations.
Should I see that as a threat? By no means.
You make a living by having opinions.
The rest of us must live with the consequences of them and must therefore take necessary measures.
You might like to consider that.
I would like to hear your decision within 48 hours.
I know the way out.
They have? Isn't that first on Monday? Have a seat.
That's fine.
All right.
Listen up.
An hour ago, I had a meeting with Crohne.
And it ended with him threatening to move all activities abroad if we pass this bill.
Don't say I didn't warn you! We should take this very seriously.
It is a completely unreasonable reaction to a bill, he doesn't even know the details of.
I think it's just as much a reaction to how the bill was presented.
I doubt Crohne is so unthinking that he can't tell presentation from product.
Perhaps the bill went too far.
I mean, we could have suggested a transition period for two years and perhaps 30% women for starters.
And this comes from the equality minister? - What do you mean? - If we say 30%, we recognize that men have more of a right to board seats.
Either this is equality or it isn't.
Thank you, Henriette, I think we get it.
Birgitte, we have to shift policy.
Birgitte, we have to.
From a media perspective, it is not great that we break such a big story and then retract because of some resistance.
May I point out that Crohne accounts for 11% of the Danish economy? Eleven percent, my dear friends.
Eleven percent! And Crohne sets the tune for the entire Danish business community.
They will follow him.
So it's reasonable that Crohne should dictate the laws to the prime minister? No, damn it.
But that's how it is! He is stronger, Birgitte.
We are talking about losing 170 billion kroner.
Not to mention a load of jobs.
That will be a fun story to sell as good news to Berlingske Business and Børsen.
Crohne gave us 48 hours, before he would act.
We continue unimpeded.
- Fight fire with fire.
- Yes.
If we flee at the first sign of trouble, we lose.
Hear, hear.
Be careful, Birgitte.
Bent, please! I can't stand this panic surrounding Crohne.
I'm not saying it can't end with us making concessions.
But let's use the time to try and shift public opinion into forcing Crohne to accept a better deal.
Nice shoes, by the way.
Louboutin is a genius.
I see, so you know shoes as well.
- Do you read women's magazines? - No, I just know everything.
What does the little tattoo on your ankle mean? It's the Chinese character for "woman.
" Yes, if you were ever in doubt.
It's so that men who know everything can reveal their boundless ignorance.
Dropping your pen on purpose was a little cheesy, by the way.
But thanks for the compliment.
- Do you have a minute? - Come in.
It must be awful for Henriette.
With the press being so hard on her.
She's very much affected by it.
- You think so? - I think she's very outspoken sometimes.
But it's understandable.
There is a lot of talk about her here.
At Borgen.
Among journalists and spin doctors, you know Stuff about how she achieved success at such a young age.
With men.
Really unpleasant for her.
Well, we can't take that seriously.
No, but let me know if you want me to take over for her.
If the atmosphere is getting too charged.
No, I see no reason to shift around responsibilities.
We shouldn't listen to gossip, right? Right, sure.
But we need to discuss, what I will tell the press.
TV1 called me.
They want me to come in tomorrow.
They want to know how I feel as minister of equality, since the minister of commerce has taken over my area.
Pernille, you can't do that.
I have to.
My own party has the same thoughts.
Pernille, we are under attack.
You can't expose internal strife in the government.
No, but I won't keep being humiliated like this Pernille, I'm your boss, telling you no.
Cancel it.
A pretty masculine leadership style.
- I thought we discussed things.
- And we just did, and I made a decision.
Kasper, come in here.
The door.
How did TV1 find out there's conflict between Klitgaard and Madsen? Find out, okay? Hello, Katrine, it's me again, please pick up.
You aren't at home.
Call me.
- Katrine, we need to talk.
- What's wrong? It's confidential.
This is Benjamin, my spinning instructor.
This is Kasper.
- Hi.
- Hi, Benjamin, could you spin away - and let the grownups talk? - Relax! We need to talk now.
I'm really sorry, but I think I have to It's no problem.
It's fine.
I had a great time.
- Yes.
See you.
- Bye.
You can't talk to people like that.
- Are you dating? - Stop it.
Did you call and ask Pernille Madsen to be on the news? Did you? Because I told you there's a conflict between her - and Henriette Klitgaard? - No, because it's a damn good story, when the minister of equality is kept out of a case on equality.
Everything we discuss is confidential, and I told you this morning.
Forget about that interview, Pernille Madsen won't be on the news.
Awesome, I love when you decide things.
When it comes to a government crisis, I think you can live with it.
Kasper, this is why I left you back then.
Because your world starts and ends with you.
Your priorities, your agenda, your secrets.
I have no secrets.
You only have secrets.
Birgitte, seriously.
Crohne threatened to leave Denmark if we pass the bill.
He's a tough, old bastard.
So you think he's cool, huh? A cool old man blackmailing the prime minister.
No, but I did say you'd get battered for this, right? Come here to me.
I have 48 hours, honey.
What are you doing? Finding everything on Crohne.
You probably have to take it seriously.
It's not that he's just annoyed that he's being forced to have women on his boards.
It's because you are interfering in his way of running a business.
And he's definitely not the only one who'll react like that.
It's just a proposal.
Nobody says we'll do it.
No, exactly.
It's like in poker, when somebody goes all-in.
They might not have the cards, but it's pretty expensive to find out.
- And poker is not your game, right? - Why not? You don't know how to bluff.
You are a girl.
Do you disagree? You bet I do.
Really? Girls do nothing but bluff.
- Is it true? - Yes.
I see.
Well, I just had to take a look at something - What was it - No, honey.
Well if you're going to work, you'll have to go next door.
- Right? - Yes.
Mm! Good night.
- What's that? - It's called oatmeal.
I'll put some freshly grated apple on top.
- That's gross.
- No It's healthy food.
I thought you should experience it before you turn 18.
- No way.
- Yes! Coco Pops on weekends and Mom's oatmeal on weekdays.
- The commerce minister is on fire.
- Laura, get dressed.
HENRIETTE'S "RECIPE" FOR SUCCESS MY MANY MEN So, did you get some work done last night? "Henriette Klitgaard had a surefire recipe for getting to the top as a young woman.
It mostly involved lying on her back.
" Well-written.
"Ekspres has been in contact with several of Henriette's acquaintances, who tell that Henriette Klitgaard actively targeted powerful men as sexual partners.
" They can't write that about a minister.
- They make it sound like she's a whore.
- I mean It's in Ekspres, and Laugesen is editor.
They are unscrupulous.
- It's defamation.
- True.
But in theory, she might have been a lively girl, right? A lively girl? What does that mean? Nothing.
What? - Did you fool around with her? - No, stop it.
When you worked together? You fucked her? It was 17 years ago - You slept with my minister of commerce.
- It doesn't matter.
It matters when you keep it a secret, then it must be - No, but we don't discuss all those - "All those"? Those we had before we met each other, damn it It was a Christmas party at the company.
We were drunk.
My minister of commerce.
I mean, she was 21 years old.
She was a receptionist.
She was a student.
Could you review my list of ministers and put an "X" by those you've fucked? A little circle.
- I will.
- Thank you.
Good morning.
Good morning.
Birgitte, I don't know where they got this, but it's way overblown.
It sounds like they've been in contact with some men from your past.
Don't you see it? This is classic chauvinism of the worst kind! When a man has many conquests, he's irresistible, but when it's a woman, she's a whore.
But did you? - Excuse me.
- Conquer many men? We are discussing a reaction to this, correct? If we are to press charges or throw some mud, we need to know Excuse me, this is private.
Not anymore, is it? Hundreds of thousands of Danes have read about it.
I haven't slept with all these men.
I had a completely normal, average youth.
Boyfriends and the odd one night stand.
Mistakes are made at office parties.
I mean it's no secret that Laugesen hates this government and especially me.
This time you are in the firing line, I'm afraid.
Laugesen is acting on orders.
Who's run this story? Three media outlets have in the last 12 hours.
First and foremost, Ekspres.
Then the free newspaper CITY.
Ekspres is owned by something called CPH Press.
Which again is owned by CITY Media, the publishers of the free newspaper.
Celebs and Royalty is published by the media outlet Orion.
Which is owned by Mermaid.
Which is owned by Crohne Media Inc.
- Joachim Crohne.
- Precisely.
- It makes perfect sense.
- Yes.
And that's excellent work, Kasper.
It might be true, but we can't use that.
We can't prove it.
We'll shoot ourselves in the foot if we try.
Birgitte, listen.
It's a great story.
We won't use it.
We are factual about our politics.
And you're appalled by the attacks on your character.
I'm serious.
- How do we handle the press? - We don't react.
Henriette needs an interview tonight, live.
On TV1 or Channel 2.
Nothing from the prime minister, this concerns the Ministry of Commerce.
- But everything is approved by me, okay? - Yes.
- I'll arrange an interview.
- No.
I think I should do it.
I have good connections.
Henriette, I'm really sorry that you have to experience this.
I'm serious.
- I guess it's part of the job.
- No.
- What now? - A gift for you.
What's the price? No price.
It's a gift.
Unwrap it and let's see if I want it.
Interview with Klitgaard.
Klitgaard has refused comment all morning.
Why does she now want to be on TV? Please, Katrine.
Stop thinking there's a hidden agenda every time I call.
That's got to be the quote of the day, Kasper.
So what do you say? Really? Okay.
Okay, Bent.
- Am I disturbing you? - No.
Klitgaard is on at six p.
with Laugesen.
With him? TV1 felt it would be too one-sided if it was just her alone, so they are bringing in Laugesen to represent Ekspres.
Klitgaard can under no circumstance say that we are negotiating with Crohne.
I agree.
Thank you, Sanne.
Danish Metalworker's Union.
That's tomorrow.
- The ombudsman on the Faroe Islands - The State Ombudsman.
Oh! She's not very competent.
No, but she has a great ass.
Klitgaard can't reveal anything.
She has to keep focus on the attacks on her personally.
It was Sejrø on the phone before.
He's spoken with Danish business leaders.
Five of the biggest companies in the country support Crohne.
If he pulls out of the country, so will they.
- So you're abandoning the bill? - We are under great pressure.
This is highly confidential.
Klitgaard can't know.
Make sure she stays the course.
Coordinate with her press adviser.
Rune Holm.
He's an amateur.
But you are not, Kasper.
OCCUPIED Well Rune, do you and I need to make sure your minister doesn't make stupid mistakes tonight? Yes, I think we should.
How did you get so arrogant? Practice.
Where is your press guy Rune? I just figured since you insist on coordinating the press on this, we might as well meet and talk directly.
Is that a problem? The prime minister asks you to avoid certain things tonight.
It's imperative.
The prime minister's talks with Crohne can't be disclosed.
Furthermore, you can't mention that Crohne owns Ekspres.
Generally, avoid Crohne.
Explain it to me.
Laugesen is not easy to face on live TV.
He makes people say unbelievable things.
So I'm just sticking to the fact that we'll pass the bill no matter what? Right? Perhaps don't mention the bill either.
- What? - Keep the focus on your character.
I don't understand.
Is there something you're not telling me, Kasper? Is it Birgitte? Did she change her mind? - Is she giving up? - Stick to the program.
You're asking me to do a TV duel with an asshole without a conscience, who spreads the most absurd lies about me - That's how - and nobody tells me anything? - That's the job.
- Yours or mine? One day you should tell me how it is to be devoid of morals and decency.
Be fucking professional! Listen.
What the fuck are you doing?! - Are you giving up on the bill? - Yes, damn it! Yes! Your meeting starts now.
Show yourself out, okay? Let's call it what it is! Am I being interviewed by one or two people? Thank you.
I think it is lovely when a women is generous with herself.
You just don't expect it from a minister of commerce.
- Michael, I'd like to know - One is on.
why is it relevant for me as a citizen to know who the minister of commerce slept with in her youth? You don't believe citizens need to know the people they elect and their morals? Morals? These are unfounded assertions.
None of your men have denied it.
Because this discussion takes place below the belt.
Or because it is true.
Let's leave the discussion of true or false a minute.
Michael, let me remind you of an article on you in Politiken last month where you talk about your time as a student, and I quote: "Back then it was all about shagging as many chicks as possible.
You have to sow your wild oats.
" Do different rules apply to men? - I don't know.
- Perhaps you have an issue - with educated females in high positions? - Not at all.
I like beautiful women in all positions.
- Let's keep focus.
- But since it seems like it's very important for you to discredit me as minister of commerce.
It might be pertinent to ask if your story serves other interests.
- What do you mean? - Please elaborate, Henriette.
Yes, please do.
It's no secret there are conservative forces in the business world that strongly oppose my proposal to bring more women on to boards.
- She can't do that.
- But perhaps not everybody knows, that your newspaper is owned by Crohne Media, who are very interested in making the government give up the bill.
- That's the most absurd - It's no more absurd than you telling stories about me.
Let him answer, Katrine.
I'm afraid we are out of time.
Thank you for coming.
She is a tough interviewer.
- Today, the Frederikssund Art Museum - She didn't let him answer.
was finally completed to the joy of What did you tell Klitgaard? I told her to be careful.
Did you tell her we might give up the bill? - I don't remember my phrasing - Kasper, damn it! Crohne will be here in an hour! Now he can say one of my ministers publicly accuses him - of influencing the government.
- He damn well is! But we can't say that, Kasper! What were you thinking? Yes.
The permanent secretary and finance minister are here.
Send them in.
Call Klitgaard and tell her to be in my office tomorrow.
I want no excuses! What the hell was that interview? We risk a lawsuit from Crohne! I doubt it.
He can be persuaded with the right means.
Yes, if we give up the bill.
And it seems the most reasonable thing to do.
- It's the only thing we can do.
- No! It isn't.
It supposes that we believe Crohne will make good on his threat.
We can't assess that now.
He'll be here in an hour! What do we know about Crohne? Kasper, what's in his file? Biggest industry leader in Denmark.
Knight of the Order of Dannebrog.
Started the Crohne Trust for charitable purposes in Denmark.
They did the restoration of Dybbøl Mill and paid for the new wing at the National Art Museum.
Thank you, Kasper.
Niels Erik.
Doesn't Crohne play bridge with the queen? You do know him very well.
Yes, I do.
They meet every third Thursday.
And he always attends the Queen's New Year's banquet? And all the court galas? Is it true they sing every morning at Crohne's headquarters? What do they sing? "In Denmark I Was Born.
" Sorry, are we playing Jeopardy! on Crohne? - I'm trying to figure out - Whether Crohne is bluffing.
Look at him.
The greatest living Dane.
The wealthiest Dane.
All the biggest titles.
He's friends with the royals.
He donates to national causes.
The man is almost 70 years old.
Does he want to end his days leaving Denmark, because he has to let a few women into his companies? In Denmark I was born 'Tis there my home is ♪ That's a big risk to take.
It's a calculated risk.
Listen, Katrine.
You have to be open to just a little bit of criticism.
- And now I've heard it, Torben.
- Look through the tape.
You let your guests sit and bicker live.
It was all women's camp and "death to Laugesen.
" You don't get answers if you don't ask questions.
- That wasn't what you did.
- Yes, it was.
The anchor must moderate the verbal exchanges between guests.
The director is calling.
I wonder why.
Because he is going to kick my ass because Laugesen probably already called to complain, and whose fault is that? Whose fault is that, Katrine? This is Torben.
Funny how the critique is different depending on who made the mistake.
Yes, I'm critical, and sometimes it gets out of hand, - but I'm critical towards my guest! - Katrine.
Katrine, you are rambling.
Should we figure out that interval training? Sorry.
I want to teach you to run.
You can't teach me.
I've been running for 15 years.
Like in women's magazines.
- And Randers Handball Club, yes.
- I want to see it.
Tomorrow? - I don't know if I - You said you were going running tomorrow.
Shall we say tomorrow at your door at eight a.
? Um See you then.
Okay What? I didn't say I was running tomorrow.
That guy is totally hot.
- Never mind.
He's probably dumb as a rock.
- He's into you! That guy, his name is "Yes, please!" - Oh, is it? - Katrine, repeat after me.
"Yes, please!" Well, Mrs.
Prime Minister, do you have an answer? No.
Do you need more time? No, the answer is no.
You run the biggest company in the country.
But in this house, we make the laws of this country.
And we don't mix those two things.
That is a regrettable and nonchalant attitude, considering the consequences.
The consequences of the prime minister and the government bowing to you would be much bigger.
For democracy.
It will no doubt pain me to abandon Denmark after a lifetime here.
You won't do that.
You won't move 10,000 jobs abroad because three women have to be added to your board.
Is that so? Then what will I do? You show yourself as a modern business leader who adapts to a new era before anyone else.
Because you won't be forced by legislation.
And you'll be first to secure the most competent women for your boards.
And what do I get in return? The gratitude of the prime minister.
The green tariffs you intend to pass during this spring will hurt our factories especially hard.
I would appreciate a little longer timeline than you suggest, for retooling our operations.
An additional two years.
You handled that quite well.
Thank you.
But don't think that will make me a Moderate.
Mm! Your wife just beat the richest man in Denmark at poker.
Is that so? - Congratulations.
- Thank you.
Shouldn't we celebrate? No.
Sleep sleep tight.
Good night.
Good morning.
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
Good morning.
What's going on? Big envelope without return address.
PET had to check it.
Is it a bomb? Well maybe.
Good morning.
- Good morning, Kasper.
- Good morning.
We have a problem.
Henriette Klitgaard is a liar.
Her resume isn't true.
- What? - We just received an anonymous envelope with a print of Klitgaard's resume from The Blue Book.
There is quite a lot of documentation showing she didn't take the exams - or have the jobs she claims.
- Is it credible? Yes.
Very much so, unfortunately.
Two universities deny she's been enrolled there.
She never finished her PhD.
Who might have sent this? My guess is Crohne.
Not personally, but some of his people.
Birgitte, this is a recognition of the settlement you reached.
He's sending you the weapon he would have used against the government.
Does Ekspres have this information? Probably.
But they won't use it.
Crohne won't allow it.
Damn it, Kasper.
I personally supported her all the way.
I know.
Come in.
Congratulations are in order? Yes, it seems the bill will pass.
- So all women should be congratulated.
- Take a seat.
Uh, I want to apologize for losing my head on TV.
Yes, that was unfortunate.
But that's not what I want to discuss.
Do you know the rules of amnesty? Under special circumstances, society can decide that all who have committed a crime will escape punishment, if they turn themselves in voluntarily.
What if I told you that you could speak freely if you had something you felt you should have said about yourself? - What would you do? - Nothing.
There's nothing you would tell me if you knew there were no consequences? About your past? I mean If you're referring to my little run-in with your husband, because that It's not that, Henriette.
I'm speaking as prime minister.
It's something else.
Something much more grave.
I don't know what that would be.
Then I'm terribly sorry.
That means I must ask you to resign as minister.
Look, I didn't get to be minister because of these exams.
- This is many years ago - You lied.
To the public, the government and to me personally.
Listen, this was necessary for me in the beginning to even get noticed for the right jobs.
It's nothing.
- And I've served you well as minister.
- Yes.
But I can't have ministers who lie to me.
- Then the minister has to resign.
- Gitte, this isn't necessary.
Believe me.
This isn't necessary.
We'll find a good way to do it.
That doesn't have to come out.
I suggest you give me your resignation this afternoon already.
But I've done nothing that loads of talentless men haven't always done.
I embellished the truth.
Yes, but I have no need of a talentless man.
I need a competent woman.
Today, Minister of Commerce Henriette Klitgaard resigned after a series of turbulent days thanks to media attacks.
In the press release, Henriette Klitgaard says she's resigning for her family's sake.
The last few days of press coverage regarding my character has shaken me deeply.
This has made me realize that the price attached to this job in my case has become so steep, that I no longer neither can nor will expose my three children, my husband nor myself for any more.
- So it was a day of change at - Mom! Hi, honey.
taken over by Equality Minister Pernille Madsen, who now sits near the top of the government due to her position on the powerful Coordination Committee.
- Hi, Mom.
- Hi.
- Did you have a nice day? - Very much, thanks.
You took a brave decision, and I look forward to continuing your work here.
A visibly moved Klitgaard said goodbye to her colleagues.
And because I've been so fond of all of you, it's hard to say goodbye.

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