Borgen (2010) s01e06 Episode Script

Episode 6

1 Shouldn't we go through the press release again? It's 10:30 p.
, Kasper.
Perhaps you should get a life.
Is it that tough being a celebrity? I came to apologize nicely, and you treat me like some stalker.
If you're going to work, you'll have to go next door.
- Right? - Yes.
Good night.
This is Benjamin, my spinning instructor.
Hi, Benjamin, could you spin away and let the grownups talk? You can't talk to people like that! Are you dating? "Politics is war without bloodshed.
War is politics with bloodshed.
" - Good morning, Birgitte.
- Good morning.
"Tomorrow 10:30 a.
, President Grozin arrives at Borgen, you greet him.
At three p.
, President Grozin takes afternoon tea with the queen.
And 7:30 p.
, there is a gala performance at the Royal Theater.
" Right, so gala dress in the evening and the pinstripe during the day, right? Yes, that's fine.
But we also need to discuss how we'll handle that dissident, Vladimir Bayanov, who arrived yesterday.
Yes, I saw it.
He and President Grozin are the closest you get to deadly enemies.
What do you suggest? That we deflect by celebrating the Danish democracy for its ability to accommodate two opponents from the same nation.
That we support freedom of speech, free press and all that.
All right.
I've got to go, Kasper.
See you later.
It's your dad.
He says you agreed he could spend the night tonight? Yes.
I forgot to tell you.
I'm sorry, I forgot.
Hi, Dad.
Sure, we're excited.
No, we have a lot going on.
Do you mind grabbing a cab then? Or the metro, of course.
You could ask at the airport if they have a scooter you can borrow.
See you.
So your father is visiting today? Yes, he's coming to listen to this guy.
Vladimir Bayanov.
He's reading his poetry at Politikens Hus.
And what is your plan? Hey, what's your plan with your dad? Nothing.
He'll come here, and we'll take care of him.
You mean, I will take care of him.
Right? Phillip, this is my first official visit.
- Just give me two days, okay? - Sure.
It's nice planning for him to come here at the same time.
I know.
Listen, it would mean a lot to me if you could take care of him.
I think he's feeling a little lonely on Bornholm.
Really? I thought he blossomed after the divorce.
I'm not so sure.
We are talking about one night.
Two at the most.
But you know your dad likes to play schoolmaster with me.
- He's a high school teacher.
- He sees me as the big nasty capitalist, - which feels - Phillip, we can't discuss this.
He's my dad.
I'm asking for a favor.
Will you help me? - Thank you.
- Can't we discuss this? Not now.
When will the prime minister be home today? OFFICIAL VISI President Grozin will sit here next to his foreign minister.
You sit opposite, back towards the fireplace, as a prime minister should.
Will the press come and take pictures before the meeting? - What do you say, Kasper? - Let's minimize the press.
I mean, Grozin is not a very good story for us, he has a dubious reputation as a very cruel leader.
And that's why I'm handing him the seat as head of the Organization for Security and Democratic Development And the gala performance at the theater tomorrow? That's the monarchy's show.
We are just guests.
So relax and enjoy.
The energy and climate minister is here.
He wants to deliver good news personally.
Good, send him in.
- This way.
- Thank you.
Birgitte! Finally, we have a deal.
President Grozin has just decided to buy wind turbines for, get this one billion euro from Northwind in Horsens.
- Is it confirmed? - I just received a fax from the Turgisian Embassy.
And I've spoken with the chairman at Northwind, and the Foreign Ministry.
Everyone confirms.
Grozin is ready to sign after the press conference and the handover ceremony tomorrow.
Amir, congratulations.
Your yelling and screaming at the climate summit in Paris bore fruit.
This makes Denmark the biggest exporter of green energy in Europe.
And it could mean that the Russians will be the next buyers.
That's a good story.
The government is creating new jobs, better environment worldwide and the possibility of new export ventures to the old East Bloc.
Imagine if the industry ended up liking us! Am I right in saying this changes our view on the press during the meeting? Give them the full package.
Big smiles from you, Birgitte.
"You have an opinion until" "It's a great honor to pass on the torch of democracy to the Turgisian nation.
As a token of my admiration and respect" "Admiration"? I don't think so.
We don't have to admire him - just because he buys wind turbines.
- I'll remove it.
Birgitte, do you have a minute? I've been asking for a meeting for two weeks.
I just need a minute.
Yes, of course.
This is a collection of reports from Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, Red Cross and Transparency International.
They all describe atrocities committed by Turgisian security forces, who report directly to President Grozin.
Amnesty describes persecution and repression of ethnic and religious minorities in Turgisia.
I know of Grozin's reputation.
Yet still many believe he has created real democratic results.
Like what? They don't even have democratic elections.
That a man like Grozin is taking over the chairmanship in the Organization for Security and Democratic Development It is a disgrace.
And you know it, Birgitte.
It wasn't my decision to give it to him.
I'm giving him the chairmanship, because Denmark happens to have it right now.
You are receiving him.
There once was a time you would have protested it with me.
That was before you became a pragmatist.
Not being pragmatic is your privilege, Anne Sophie, because you lead a party that's 1% above the cutoff line.
I am prime minister for everyone, including the ones who didn't vote for me.
Remember that, okay? Thanks.
There are 21 million people living in Turgisia, which as we see here is situated on the Black Sea, bordering Ukraine to the west and Russia to the east.
After the Berlin Wall fell, the country left the Soviet Union, becoming an independent republic in 1991.
And in 1996, its current president, Grozin, was elected.
In the country's Southeast mountains lives the Sarkesian minority, led by Vladimir Bayanov in the fight for independence, since the birth of Turgisia.
Our correspondent in Russia, Gorm Hallund, sends us this report from the turbulent region.
Good, Ulrik.
You have 30 seconds.
It's a little "Peter Pepper picked a peck of pickled peppers", isn't it? Thank you.
So, what do you think? You should never wear anything else.
- For the Royal Theater tomorrow? - Yes.
- I won among the secretaries.
- Again? Impressive.
There must be foul play.
What do I do if the queen speaks to me? Do I say "Ma'am" or "Your Majesty"? Is this a so-called hypothetical question? You are right.
It'll probably just be a very boring ball.
Is my speech ready? Yes.
I promised TV1 Radio that you'd give them a brief comment on Bayanov's visit and resistance to Grozin.
They'll call around 3:30 p.
I can't.
I have to pick up my kids.
But they are out for blood.
Bayanov and Amnesty are having a protest at the same time as the gala tomorrow.
Just tone it all down a bit in the interview.
I can't ask Phillip to pick them up again.
I just can't.
I could do it.
That's nice of you, Sanne, but That's nice of you, Sanne.
Thank you I look forward to welcoming President Grozin.
We are going to discuss how to improve security and democracy in the OSDD countries.
Most of all in Eastern Europe.
No, I won't personally meet with Bayanov, but I appreciate him coming here to take part in the debate.
- That's what democracy is about.
- Mom.
Yes, exactly.
I'm only glad that he uses his ability to express himself in this country.
Hold on.
Please give me two seconds.
Magnus peed his pants.
I have to go now.
Talk to Kasper Juul if there are more questions regarding the visit.
Thank you.
My poor baby.
Why didn't you say you had to pee? I have, along with the best in Denmark - Hello.
- Hi.
Why did you shower? - We are starting in a minute.
- Okay He wet himself.
- It's the third time this month.
- Third time? - You haven't said anything.
- I have.
Is there something wrong with him? When was the last time you watched a movie with him in the afternoon? I don't know.
Why? I think he misses you.
And now he's getting time with you by peeing his pants.
- Of course it's my fault.
- No, that's not what I'm saying.
What are you saying then? When the official visit is over, I'll have more time.
Do you really believe that? We have to discuss something.
What is it? Isn't it true that you have shares in Northwind? Yes.
I have to ask you to sell them.
Okay Why? Because tomorrow, President Grozin will sign a deal buying wind turbines for over one billion euros at Northwind.
And it has of course been under-performing for years.
But you know very well we can't profit from something that can be linked to government policy.
Right, but we've had the shares for years.
- It's just a coincidence.
- Yes.
And it's just bad luck, and I'm very sorry, but you have to sell them and preferably right now.
What are you serious? Hello, this is Phillip Christensen.
I'd like to talk to you about my shares in Northwind.
- Grandpa! - Hello! You've got company! - Hi, Dad! - Hello.
- Welcome to Copenhagen.
- Thank you.
- Good to see you.
- You too.
Hi, buddy.
- Hi, Grandpa.
- Hello, Laura.
Tell me, those gorillas with neckties out there, - does everybody pass them or just me? - Just you.
PET are just doing their job, Dad.
Hello, Per.
What's wrong with you? Well, I I just sold some shares and missed out on a - small fortune.
- I thought that was your thing.
Well, screw that.
Money is just paper as we said in my youth.
- Did you have a nice trip? - Yes, thank you.
Who is that guy you're interviewing? It is Vladimir Bayanov.
He's a very famous poet and dissident in Turgisia.
Katrine, are you ready to run through the manuscript with me? - Sure.
- We'll have Bayanov first in the show.
He's on his way now.
- But let's say we'll run through this - Yes.
- manuscript, when you're dressed.
- Sure.
- Good.
- Hi.
- Hello.
- Am I disturbing you? Well, I'm in the middle of something.
Will I see you later? Yes, I'll call you when I'm done.
- Okay.
- Bye.
Well, well.
Somebody's got a young boyfriend, huh? - We are not a couple.
- Oh, okay.
Then what do you call it? I don't know, but we're not a couple.
Are you seeing other people? - Tanja, we're not a couple! - No! - Aren't we done here? - Okay.
Thank you.
Are you all right? Oh, sorry.
Yes, I'm fine.
Vladimir Bayanov.
- Nice to meet you.
- I believe I'm being interrogated by you.
Um, yes.
Uh Would you like us to just go over some of the topics that I would like to talk to you about, before we start? Why? - Well, just - No.
I have nothing to hide.
You can ask me anything.
I'm not President Grozin.
Of course not, um Welcome.
"And with a single word, I am starting my life anew.
I was born to know you.
To call you by your name.
" Damn, that is good! I hope you don't mind me giving your kids some culture.
Not at all.
They only get market economics and soccer from me.
- Have we run empty? - Goodness, yes.
Bayanov was fantastic.
The place was packed.
I must admit I felt some kinship with him.
After all, I used to be a rebel as well.
Hi, Bjørn.
We've just received a fax from the Turgisian Embassy.
They ask us to arrest Vladimir Bayanov and hand him over - to be prosecuted in Turgisia.
- What is the reason? Terrorism, high treason.
Various crimes against the Turgisian nation.
- The list is quite long.
- Is there proof? No, just a long list of accusations.
Then we do nothing.
We see it as a routine inquiry.
- You're serious? - Bjørn.
In the memo I received from your ministry, it says that Bayanov has been living in exile abroad the last ten years, and that President Grozin has attempted to have him handed over many times.
This is just another attempt.
He's shooting blind.
- I have to go.
We don't act on it.
- Okay.
Who's getting arrested? - You weren't meant to hear that, Dad.
- Is it Bayanov? I can't tell you.
What does democracy mean to you? It is like asking what love means to me.
Please elaborate.
Well, it's so difficult to explain, but yet so easy to understand.
We would not die without democracy, but democracy develops the human race.
Because it forces us to embrace and to understand those who think differently.
Bayanov, you are one of the most prominent members of the Sarkesian minority in Turgisia, who is fighting for an independent state.
Often with violent methods.
Do you find that violence is sometimes necessary? Yes.
Violence is necessary because Grozin is trying to destroy my people.
Should we not defend ourselves? But sometimes the Sarkesians do more than defend themselves.
There have been bombs killing civilians and other episodes that can only be described as terrorism.
Do you sympathize with that? Politics is war without bloodshed.
But war is politics with bloodshed.
Yes, that doesn't answer my question.
Before Chairman Mao became the leader of a great nation, he was accused of being a terrorist.
Before Yitzhak Shamir became the prime minister of Israel, he too was accused of being a terrorist.
If you win your war, you are remembered for being a great politician.
If you lose, you are remembered for being a terrorist.
Bayanov are you a terrorist? Is Grozin? Thank you very much for coming here today.
Hi, beautiful.
Was everything okay today? What? Should I not come by? No.
It's my job, you know.
I just don't think we should mix things together.
It's not like we are getting married tomorrow, right? Right.
That's fine.
- Katrine.
- What was that interview? - What do you mean? - "It is the same as asking me what love means to me.
" Kasper, what is the problem? What are you doing? - Are you alone? - Yes.
Listen, the editors give me all the critique I need, - you don't have to call all the time.
- Then I hope they gave you hell.
That was the worst shit ever.
You were openly flirting with your interview subject.
You are so far out.
I don't even want to hear it.
- No, I just got an empty document.
- Ready? Are you ready? Voila! - Good morning.
- Good morning.
Pancakes and coffee are ready in two minutes.
I borrowed your robe, okay? Sure.
Good morning.
- Good morning.
- What's that? - It's my tux for tonight.
- But it's gala, white tie, I told you.
Sure, okay.
I thought it was Should I get my secretary to No, it's fine, I'll figure it out.
Phillip here.
- Where are you going? - The Royal Theater.
Official visit.
- Wow.
- Kids, if you want pancakes, you have to get dressed first.
- Well, get better soon.
- Come, Magnus.
That was Trine.
She's sick.
She's not coming tonight.
- You're kidding.
- What is it? Our babysitter just canceled.
Well, then I better stay another night.
- Could you, Dad? - Of course.
- We should help each other, right? - That is so great.
Turgisian President Grozin arrived in Denmark today to take over the chairmanship in the international organization for security and democracy, OSDD.
President Grozin landed at Copenhagen Airport this morning and is now arriving at Christiansborg, where Prime Minister Birgitte Nyborg will receive him and introduce select ministers from the Danish government.
President Grozin, welcome to Denmark.
President Grozin, can you confirm that the Turgisian government has placed an order with Northwind worth one billion euros.
Like any other country, Turgisia has a responsibility to reduce its CO2 emissions, and we believe that our future lies in wind energy.
But can you confirm you have placed the order? Thank you.
There will be time for more questions later.
Grozin, please come this way.
I understand that Vladimir Bayanov has not been arrested.
That is correct.
We received a request for the arrest of Mr.
Bayanov yesterday from your Ministry of Justice.
And? And it was simply a list of accusations.
As you're probably aware, we cannot act without evidence.
Bayanov is a well-known terrorist.
There's no international arrest order on Mr.
I mean no disrespect, Mr.
But our legal system makes it impossible for me to arrest a man who's legally in the country.
Legally? Bayanov? Yes, I understand he's been invited here to talk about his poetry.
Let me tell you about Mr.
Bayanov's real poetry.
Bayanov was the brain behind the bombing of our police headquarters last month.
The chief of police and five other men on duty were killed.
And almost 20 other people were badly wounded.
There is your evidence, Mrs.
Prime Minister.
Right, this is going to the Ministry of Justice.
I want an assessment in a few hours.
We will be looking into this, Mr.
- What's up? - What the fuck did you do with Bayanov? - Yesterday's interview? - Yes, what did you do? I didn't do anything.
That interview was fine! Right, that was a really great interview.
 It was great! - You're so stupid.
- Great.
Look, I have a ton of requests from foreign stations, who want to use the broadcast.
It's that good.
- Congratulations, but could you please - Come here.
I think we should have a comment from Grozin today.
So I'd like for you to meet with Bayanov in the city.
Ulrik can take the six p.
broadcast, and you stay with Grozin and Bayanov.
- Then get going.
- Okay.
- Thanks.
- Yeah.
But first, TV1 What do we know about that bombing? Oh? Is she free? The pressure is on, perhaps you should try later.
He'll be here in a minute.
Close the door.
Well, then find out.
And quickly, okay? And then get back to me.
Thank you.
Are you going to arrest Bayanov? Not if I can avoid it.
You don't have to tell me it's bad press, I know.
The question is whether it would be worse press not to.
The entire international press has noticed that Denmark is hosting both the president and "the terrorist" who wants to topple him.
BBC, two German and a French channel want a comment.
No, not now.
The minister of justice is here.
- Hi, Troels.
- Birgitte.
What do your people say about the evidence? If you're asking if Bayanov is guilty, I can't give you an answer, but my lawyers don't view the evidence provided as weighty.
There are some pictures and some documents showing that Bayanov once had connections to people who were terrorists in the past.
So I can honestly tell Grozin the case is too thin? Not completely.
Because we can actually arrest him.
Using the new anti-terror legislation, which gives the police extensive powers.
- If there is the slightest suspicion - Yes.
My party voted against the law for this very reason.
It might seem weird, if I use the same law to arrest a possibly innocent man.
But it is very serious to have a suspected terrorist in the country and not react.
We could say we are investigating.
Well, how long will Bayanov stay in the country? Why? We need Bayanov to leave.
Then there is no longer an issue.
And how do we do that? We leak it quietly to the press that Grozin wants to arrest Bayanov and hope he leaves the country.
- And if he doesn't? - He will.
He's not an idiot.
Sorry, but you are due at the Royal Theater in 80 minutes.
Thank you.
All right, the plan for now is we try to get Bayanov to leave the country, if at all possible.
Thank you.
You left a message? Has anybody seen those some jewelry I borrowed? They were in a sort of black box.
- Yes, they are on the desk.
- Right.
They are fancy, huh? Cufflinks and earrings.
Wow, they are gorgeous! Are they the queen's? - The ministry borrowed them.
- There's a ring too.
What about the Knight's Cross? Don't prime ministers get those? Shut up, you old provocateur.
You know my party doesn't accept orders.
When will you be home? You'll be asleep by then, honey.
But I'll say good night now.
It's great that we will be home alone.
Have you ever tasted my waffles with cardamom? - This is ridiculous.
- No, Phillip, it's my job.
And on a night like this, it's your job to go with me.
Three steps behind her, Phillip.
Thanks a bunch.
All right, what time is it, honey? Right.
- What? - Goddamn, you're gorgeous.
Yes! You look like the church wedding that never happened.
Come here.
I have to pee.
- He's serious, Dad.
- All right.
We'll drain off the water without your help.
Now get going.
Pretend to be married.
But they are married.
- You are married, right? - Bye, bye.
Bye, see you.
Tonight we are broadcasting from the Royal Theater, where tonight's gala performance is the classical ballet Swan Lake, with music by Tchaikovsky.
Keep an eye out for Grozin in there.
He's left the hotel.
And arriving here is Prime Minister Birgitte Nyborg with her husband Phillip Christensen.
Your mother is the most beautiful woman in the world.
She looks like your grandma.
When she was young.
Sorry to bother you.
Bayanov just gave a speech at the protest that Amnesty and Solidarity Union held.
Birgitte, he intends to give a personal interview to TV1 and spill the beans on the warrant.
Damn it, Kasper.
Tell Höx to get PET to pressure Bayanov some more.
Honey, we've got company.
So lovely to see you again.
The pleasure is all mine.
This is my wife Elena.
- Enchanted.
- How do you do? Nice to meet you, this is my husband, Phillip.
Katrine, did you tell Bayanov about the warrant? I will tell him, Kasper.
I can't do any more.
- Katrine? - Yes.
Things are rolling.
BBC just had breaking news with Bayanov.
The Turgisians link him with the bombing of the police headquarters last month.
- Shit.
- Yes.
- Shit.
- Okay - Well, I'll of course ask him about that.
- But if he really was behind an attack in his home country with several dead I mean, it's I can't let him go on the air.
I just can't do it.
I just spoke with the boss.
He's very worried.
But we don't know if he's guilty.
And if he is? In your interview with him, he's close to justifying terrorism on live air.
- Do you realize, how big this could be? - Yes, I very well do.
We can't back down now.
Well, I need to talk with the boss first.
I have to.
Should I go there? Yes, damn it! But if he turns out to be a terrorist, we cut the segment right away, okay? Understood? Yes.
- And stay near your phone, Katrine.
- Yes.
- All the time.
- Yes.
I'll call you back.
The Russian foreign minister has just contacted me.
He recommends an immediate arrest of Bayanov.
And strongly criticizes our passivity.
- We need do to something.
- We are in the process of warning him.
Hopefully he's leaving the country now.
And now is a break in the show.
- Comment on the food.
- The queen has invited her guests to a finger buffet in the foyer for the next 40 minutes.
And we can report that the buffet will have canapés with roe, salmon and shrimp and venison from the Royal Deer Park.
Bayanov isn't leaving.
TV1 just announced an interview with him.
Grozin, I understand tour wife I understand that Bayanov is still a free man.
Giving interviews on television.
And, um, the BBC knew that we wanted him arrested and warned him one hour ago.
How did they get the story? I have no idea, I hope you're not implying that.
Tell my, why it is that the Danish Prime Minister has chosen to stand by a terrorist instead of the next chairman of the OSDD? Here we see Prime Minister Birgitte Nyborg and President Grozin in polite conversation.
He has still not been arrested.
Do the lives of eight Turgisian policemen mean nothing to you? Of course they do.
And I do want to help you, but I cannot preempt a police investigation.
The prime minister can order Bayanov detained until the police investigate the matter - No.
- A lack of goodwill on your part must force me to reconsider my investment in Danish wind energy.
Why should I place a billion euros in a country that does not care for my people's security? I strongly recommend immediate action and the arrest of Bayanov.
Things are developing with every minute.
The German chancellor supports an arrest.
France is against.
Russia insists on an arrest.
The entire international press is whipping up a media frenzy.
You have to seriously consider an arrest.
We can always release him later.
Then arrest him.
But be discreet.
Do you have a warrant? Do you decline to comment because the arrest is unlawful? Mr.
Bayanov, would you like to say anything? - Why arrest him? - No comment.
We have free press in Denmark! Viggo, come here.
There goes the internationally renowned poet and dissident Vladimir Bayanov, who was just arrested and taken away by Danish police.
During the last three years, more than 71 political activists have disappeared in Turgisia.
One can only fear that Bayanov will be number 72.
Danish Prime Minister Birgitte Nyborg Christensen ended up caving to pressure from abroad.
What the hell is happening? You arrested Bayanov! - Dad, let me get in the door.
- Do you know what's happening in Grozin's so-called democracy? - I can't take anymore now, Dad.
- It's insane! You don't know what's happening.
- I'll check on the kids.
- I know you've arrested a man without any proof, at least according to the news.
But perhaps that's a lie? Goddamn! I can tell it's mom who wears the pants around here, huh? Enough! A completely magical evening.
Do you think they'll mind, if I sleep in the dress? Have we had a glass of champagne or five? Hey! We haven't even danced.
Come on.
Of course we should dance.
Oh! Sorry! Ooh You treat women like shit.
Don't you, Kasper? Those are malicious rumors.
Sanne, the security committee has an emergency meeting tomorrow.
A lot of documents need to be copied and made ready.
Don't shit where you eat.
Do you know that little proverb? By the way, have you seen your friend Katrine Fønsmark's segment on the arrest of Bayanov? Well, you probably should.
Bayanov, the time is 10:40, you are under arrest.
Why is he being arrested? Bayanov, would you like to say anything? This is only a demonstration of the kind of persecution that we Sarkesians receive.
- Please step back.
- Why is he being arrested? - No comment.
- Can we see a warrant? There goes the internationally renowned poet and dissident Vladimir Bayanov, who has just been arrested by Danish police.
During the last three years, 71 political activists - Hi, Kasper.
- Katrine, what the hell is that Cavling-horny journalism? - I'm not up for this now.
- I don't care what you want.
Kasper, I'm not alone.
We'll have to talk tomorrow.
Who are you with? What does it matter? Is it that guy, Mr.
Fitness? Yes, it is.
Katrine Katrine, I just want to Katrine? Come here! Benjamin, we can't keep going.
Hey, hey, hey.
Speak for yourself.
No Yes! What are you doing here? I don't want to fight.
I give you a perfect story, and this is how you thank me.
What the hell do you mean? - And you just hang up? - Yes, when you call to trash talk me! And I told you, I've got company.
Company? - That's why you are here.
- Stop it.
Katrine, I'd like to Hello.
Hi, Benjamin.
Are you two - Are you a couple? - Stop it, Kasper.
You are drunk and dumb.
- Go home.
- I'm just saying hi.
Right, hi, hi, goodbye.
Right, but can I ask if you are a couple or what? Can I? Benjamin, you are really out of your league here.
Don't do that.
Katrine, I think he's ugly.
You are going home now! - Should I throw him out? - Don't touch me.
Just go in there.
- She told you to go.
- Don't do that.
- She told you to go in! - Relax! - Relax! - She told you to go in! Stop it! Get a hold of yourself! - Fucking relax, okay! - Let him go, Benjamin.
- Let him go.
- Damn it.
Idiot! Come on.
You and I will talk outside now.
Kasper! I'll be right back.
Kasper, go home and we'll forget about all this.
A spinning instructor.
What were you thinking? He's going to college.
Then we must play Trivial Pursuit one day.
- What the hell is your problem? - He's not He's not good enough for you.
What the fuck are you doing? We can't see each other privately anymore.
This isn't working.
Just go home.
Go home.
You couldn't sleep either? - I guess you got that from me.
- Thanks for the awesome genes.
I'm sorry, I was so angry before, that that wasn't quite fair.
It's okay.
- Let's have a drink to help us sleep.
- Perhaps not, Dad.
You just reminded me so much of your mom before.
She was also pretty tough in the days before the divorce.
Dad, I'm the prime minister.
Can you imagine You don't love every single decision.
Are you doing well? You and Phillip? The kids? Yes.
So did your mom and I for the first many years.
Then suddenly we stopped talking.
I've always told you that I was happy about the divorce.
That I felt much better afterwards.
It's not true.
I miss your mom every day.
That divorce is the worst that has ever happened to me.
That's why I have a drink now and then.
I know, Dad.
Birgitte, you must promise me one thing.
Promise me that you and Phillip always will stick together.
I promise, Dad.
Good morning.
You're up early.
When is your dad going home? Today, I believe.
Why? Could you talk to him? I have to go.
I'm meeting the security committee in half an hour.
- Perhaps you could talk to him? - No, I can't.
He's your dad, and I don't have the energy for this talk.
I'll talk with him, then.
But if he's leaving today already, then it might not matter.
I'll wake up the kids.
Good morning.
- Do you want a cup of coffee? - Yes, please.
Do we have milk? Of course.
Yes, yes.
Yes, of course.
Grozin insists on getting Bayanov handed over today.
Out of the question.
- There must be procedures for that? - I don't think Grozin is unreasonable.
The entire point of OSDD is that member countries help each other.
The only OSDD country opposed is France.
How long can we keep Bayanov? Birgitte, we need him out as fast as possible.
We are talking about an international terrorism suspect in a Danish prison.
It can present all sorts of security problems.
And I have to stress that nothing in Danish legislation prevents extradition.
Except Bayanov would probably be executed within 24 hours.
Officially, Turgisia banned the death penalty six years ago.
And yet, 71 of Grozin's political opponents disappeared last year.
That is Amnesty International's claim.
I just don't see extradition as a possibility.
But you'd like to sell wind turbines, right? Am I right? Not if it means committing a crime.
The Green Party cannot support the extradition of a dissident to an unknown future because we want to sell a billion's worth of wind turbines.
How much is a life for you, Troels? - What a stupid argument.
- I don't think so.
One billion is a lot of money.
Remember, the Russians aren't dismissive of buying Danish wind turbines.
And if we first get a foothold on that market Are we discussing whether Bayanov's head is worth a billion in exports? I mean, no, but soon we are handing over the chairmanship in the Organization for Security and Democratic Development to Grozin.
You have to trust him as a democrat.
Or this won't make any sense.
Trust in a man who has committed innumerable human rights violations? - We cannot support this.
- Excuse me, Amir, but this is not something that you or your party has to support.
Oh, really? This is Denmark playing by the rules by extraditing a suspected terrorist to Turgisia.
That's the law, it's not up for discussion.
We have to make a decision.
In a minute, you'll be in there on a sofa getting your picture taken with Grozin.
We don't have to make a decision.
I have to make a decision.
We can sign the extradition agreement after the ceremony.
All right.
- Now I'd like to be alone.
- Okay.
Good morning, Mr.
Good morning, Prime Minister.
President, are you ready for the press conference? - Of course.
- This way Excuse me.
Could I have a moment alone with the president, please? Of course.
That goes for you too.
Would you care to sit down? Thank you.
What will happen to Bayanov if we hand him over? Let's not discuss that on a day of celebration like this.
I can't hand him over if you won't tell me.
My dear Prime Minister, it is up to the Turgisian people and the Turgisian legal system to decide.
I mean no offense, Mr.
President, but I really need to know more than that.
Let me ask you a question.
Why do you consider yourself a better and more democratic leader than I? - Why would you ask me that? - Oh, I think you know.
How old is Danish democracy? 160 years? Ours is 20 years old.
It takes time, Mrs.
Prime Minister.
It takes time.
The Turgisian people are not used to being asked.
They are used to being told.
It is in the DNA of my people to obey the leader.
So if I understand you correctly it is you, isn't it? Mr.
President, who will decide what will happen Oh, are we playing games, Mrs.
Prime Minister? I hope not.
There's a man's life at stake here.
Well, when our democracy is 160 years old, we can talk.
Until then, I will not take any more arrogant lessons from you.
- But you still haven't answered - I expect you to hand over Bayanov before I sign any contract with Northwind.
Oh, by the way I understand it is your custom to pick the journalists yourself at press conference.
Well, I have a favor to ask of you.
Here is a list of journalists that I do not wish to take questions from.
Please respect that.
"My nation believes in the principle of free press and will uphold and defend this in our constitution.
" Do you recognize it? It is part of the OSDD treaty that you're signing today, - as the new chairman.
- There's a time and place for free press and critical journalism.
Today is not one of them.
No more games, Mrs.
Prime Minister.
Make sure President Grozin gets this question.
- Katrine, you need to help us.
- I won't talk to you.
This is not private.
Ask Grozin about this.
What makes you think you can dictate my questions? - I don't, but you have to do this.
- I don't have to do anything.
We have a free press.
The prime minister will give you the last question.
Trust me, you want to ask the question.
Ladies and gentlemen of the press, please take your seat.
Lindsay McGill, The Guardian.
Is President Grozin satisfied with the arrest of Vladimir Bayanov? Yes, I am very happy with the help we have received from our Danish friends.
Yes, can the Danish prime minister tell us, how strong is the evidence against Bayanov? That would be a question for the Danish police.
I'm afraid I cannot comment on that.
Was that the last question? Before we end this press conference, I'd like to say that the President and I have of course noticed the criticism in the international media, concerning the fact that Turgisia is taking over the chairmanship for the Organization for Security and Democratic Development.
But I'd like to quote President Grozin from his inauguration speech from 1996: "Democracy is not a principle you can bend.
It's either or.
It's yes or no.
And today, my nation, Turgisia, has chosen to say yes to democracy.
" I think we have the time for just one last question.
Katrine Fønsmark.
Yes, this is for President Grozin.
Does your investment in Danish wind technology depend on the arrest and handing over of Vladimir Bayanov? I have great faith in the Danish legal system, and I can assure you that I do not link the wind energy deal with the case against Bayanov.
And thank you, I think that was the last question.
You can take some pictures now.
I really appreciate your answer to the last question.
Because I'm not going to hand him over.
And thank you very much.
Thank you.
- Hi.
- What's going on? Well, your dad intends to stay here until Monday.
I I just can't take it.
Even though he is a cute old hippie, so I'm checking into a hotel for a few days.
Wait a second.
Wait two minutes.
Hi, Dad.
You know, I think I'll stay the weekend, so we can hang out.
We don't see each other much.
No, that's true.
Dad, this won't do.
I need time alone with Phillip.
And Phillip needs his robe, his coffee and his red wine.
I need to keep the promise I gave you yesterday, right? Yes.
I understand.
I'll go pack right away.
Bayanov was detained in Denmark for the last 24 hours as a terrorism suspect, but left the country this evening.
He said he was very happy with events, and flew on to Paris to speak at a human rights convention in two days.
President Grozin's official visit to Denmark ended today as well.
Shortly after assuming the chairmanship of OSDD, he signed a preliminary deal valued at about one billion euros with the Danish wind turbine company Northwind.
However, according to sources at Northwind, Turgisia soon after had several questions regarding the wording of the contract.
So it's still to early to tell if the deal will go ahead.
The kids are sleeping now.
Were they sad because grandpa went home? A little.
- But you're happy, I hope.
- Mm.
Shall we tidy up? No.
Not us.
I will.
But first you stay where you are, while I go fetch the best Turgisian wine there is.
A gift from the official visit.
I don't know how you pronounce it, but the literal translation is supposedly, "The Blood of the Martyr.
" Yes Mm-hmm.
How does it taste? Hmm.
Do you know that your wife loves you? I love her too.
But I'm not so sure about that prime minister
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