Borgen (2010) s01e07 Episode Script

Episode 7

1 What are you doing here? I don't want to fight.
- Are you - Stop, Kasper.
You are drunk and stupid.
- Please just go.
- Katrine, I think he's ugly.
- You go home now.
- She told you to Relax.
Relax! Hey! We can't see each other privately anymore.
This isn't working.
Do you know that your wife loves you? I love her too.
But I'm not so sure about that prime minister.
No more friends at Borgen.
You must be able to say no to everyone.
To fire anyone without flinching.
- Birgitte, do you have a second? - Yes.
Once you would have protested with me.
Before you became a pragmatist.
I'm prime minister.
Also for those who didn't vote for me.
Remember that.
"Trust is good, but control is better.
" No, I don't have direct access to the prime minister like that.
You could say that, we do have a friendship from back then.
OFFICES OF SOLIDARITY UNION I think I could talk with Birgitte Nyborg about that.
Yes, we do have our little meetings once in a while.
- Yes.
- That's odd.
- Hang on.
- Stig! Is it something you put in? I'll call you later, Mark.
That's fine, bye.
What is it? It looks like a camera.
Magnus, cut it out.
Birgitte, that's against the rules.
Your office hours are at noon.
I can read a defense report and plant a daisy at the same time.
- No, you can't.
- Yes.
We kept the kids from school because you had the morning off.
- Let's do this together.
- Okay.
- Okay.
- Right.
I'll just grab this.
- Stop it! - Give it to me.
- I can easily - We are doing this.
Stop it.
Kasper, why are you here? We have a problem.
Solidarity Union claims we are bugging them.
We don't, do we? It seems we might.
DON'T SEE, DON'T HEAR, DON'T SPEAK Anne Sophie Lindenkrone, earlier today you found bugging equipment at your party offices.
What is your comment? I am shocked.
This is a scandal.
We are a legal political party, and this is a breach of the most basic democratic rules.
Who do you think is behind it? I don't want to sound like a left-wing cliché, but this wouldn't be the first time PET exceeded its authority.
The secret services are subject to control.
Yes, but not a good one.
The so-called "Control Committee" is bound by confidentiality in most cases.
Hello, Birgitte.
I thought you were working at home today.
I was until my press secretary said that somebody apparently bugged a rival party.
- What is the equipment they found? - I'm wondering the same.
So you don't know? It's hard to confirm or deny something already.
But I've asked PET to brief me.
As soon as possible.
But if it is PET then that bugging must have passed by your desk? I can't recall all of them.
The police do over 3,000 buggings a year.
You don't recall, if PET asked for permission to bug Solidarity Union, which would be illegal? No one is bugged without a reason.
And naturally, a judge signed off on it, before the equipment was installed.
PET follows very strict rules.
So it could be PET? I'm not absolutely sure, and I don't want to misinform you, in case it isn't ours.
I mean, PET's.
But I will keep you updated.
They are already calling the case Nørrebro-gate.
Yeah, but don't worry.
I'm not a crook.
- Okay? - Okay.
Bugged them? That's illegal as hell.
Hold on.
I'll call the Ministry of Justice, right? How was it discovered? Okay.
We'll talk at the editorial meeting, okay? See you in a minute.
That's very good.
Laura, come and join.
Dad, can I please go to Emma's now? All the girls are there.
No, you can't.
We are doing something together here.
Come on.
Oh! Hi, Phillip.
- Hi, Freja.
- Hi.
What are you doing here? It's just about that application we discussed last Wednesday.
I thought you might like to read it.
Yes, um I thought you'd mail it? I thought it was easier to pop by.
Yes, okay.
What was the job? It's the most awesome internship at the National Bank.
I have to get it.
You "have to get it"? You're the one who said we should write proper applications.
That you'd read so many terrible ones in your time as CEO.
Yes, that's true.
If you could just send me an E-mail, when you've read it, then perhaps I could come by, and we could look it over together? Yes.
Uh No, listen, I think I'll just send it to you with some notes and then that's that, okay? - Okay, sure.
- Okay.
- Thank you.
- No problem, bye.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Better late than never.
- Yeah, my bike had a flat.
- Is he good? What are you talking about? Well, we all think he looks good.
Come on, that's private.
I expect we'll get the chance to meet him soon, huh? At the television festival.
- What? - What? You can bring a date.
You're nominated as anchor of the year.
- Ulrik's going to win.
- Yes, but you're dodging the question.
- Who are you bringing? - I've narrowed it down to nine.
You and I could go.
- I'd love to.
- Yes? All right, boys and girls.
Listen, I smell blood.
The bugging of Solidarity Union.
This clears the schedule for both six and 8:30 p.
, okay? - Yes.
- Good.
My simple guess is that a minister will get the boot.
Yes, and that will be the minister of justice.
If it was PE who installed that crap.
I spoke with the ministry, and Höxenhaven will visit me at six p.
to discuss it.
I spoke with him regarding 8:30, and he's very uncommunicative.
All he will say about the bugs is that they are investigating the matter.
- But surely he can say, if it's PET's? - No, he won't comment.
No, he's protecting them.
People say they are practically married.
That's understandable, when you've seen his wife.
Look, there must be others than Troels Höxenhaven, who can tell if PET uses that equipment.
We are talking with an expert for a background segment in Focus tomorrow.
Could we speed that up and get him in today? Well, we could ask him to make a taped interview, where he talks about the equipment.
If possible, I'd like to use it at six p.
with the justice minister.
You'll tell him first, right? I don't think so.
Look, Katrine, that's not how we usually do it.
- We are talking about illegal buggings.
- Yes, but we will inform him.
- Good.
- Yes.
Or not.
Naturally, I do not condone surveillance of legal political parties.
I have ordered a thorough investigation.
But can you deny, even at this stage, that it might be your own ministry, through the police or PET, that carried out the bugging? Remember, that address which now houses Solidarity Union's offices used to be home to the publishing house Reaction, whom many might have had an interest in bugging.
I'm assuming you mean the fact that the publisher sympathized with revolutionary movements around the world.
But wouldn't PET, most of all, have an interest in knowing that? I can't comment on it.
Many could have been involved.
He's feeling pressured.
Take it slow.
criminal networks.
You don't see PE as an obvious possibility? As I said, there are many possibilities.
We spoke with an expert in bugging equipment from one of Scandinavia's biggest security firms.
Listen to who he thinks owns the equipment.
It is one of the worlds smallest surveillance cameras of professional quality.
- Zoom out on camera tw3.
- A Hapac Fischer U-46 CCD camera, which transmits at 2.
5 gigahertz.
The microphone is extremely sensitive.
You can't whisper anything in the room without it getting picked up.
Which means? If it's not PET, then these are people PET should be watching.
It's state of the art, expensive and hard to get.
So if you had to guess at the owner of the equipment, who would that be? PET.
With 90% certainty.
PET with 90% certainty says an expert, Troels Höxenhaven.
Yes, he does.
But I can't comment on it.
- What the hell can you comment on? - If it turns out to be PET, then it's your responsibility, right? I haven't had the chance to prepare for this, so I don't know your expert.
There we go, honey.
His name is Per S.
He works for Pro Sec Vision and is considered by colleagues to be a leading expert on the area.
Yes, but we won't get it any closer.
- Thank you.
- You are welcome.
Now to the real estate market with good news for owners of vacations homes.
That was a good interview.
Thank you.
Don't forget to mention your mom and boyfriend in your acceptance speech on Friday.
No, Ulrik will win it.
Will we get to see Benjamin the hottie in a tight little tuxedo? - I don't think so, Tanja.
- Oh? He's good enough for your bed, but not Billed-Bladet? Didn't you tell me just to get laid? But you've been dating for two months now.
It's uncanny how everyone has an opinion on my personal life all of a sudden.
What's so dangerous about being seen together? - Huh, Katrine? - Bye, bye.
Höxenhaven has an emergency meeting in the Judicial Committee tomorrow.
Great, here we go.
I asked him for a brief before the minister's meeting tomorrow.
We need to keep you out of this as long as possible.
Neither the press or the opposition must think they can go straight to the prime minister with this.
I agree completely.
This is the justice minister's case.
Sanne also told me that Solidarity Union has been calling the office all morning.
Don't open up for that either.
I already have.
I agreed to meet with Lindenkrone.
She'll be here shortly.
Hold on.
Does Lindenkrone have access to the prime minister like that? Solidarity Union has good reason to be furious because of the bugging.
It would behoove us to meet with them.
It is because Lindenkrone originally was your invention? No, it is not because Lindenkrone originally was my invention, Bent.
Could somebody update me? - Who invented who now? - Birgitte got her into politics.
You couldn't be more wrong, Bent.
I met her at a radio debate, when she was still a part of the "autonome" community.
And she was really talented, so I told her to go into politics.
You were practically her mentor.
I wasn't, Bent.
I was not her mentor.
I've just always felt our party should be big enough to agree with even Solidarity Union on a few issues.
Bent has on principle never liked Lindenkrone, - along with the rest of the right wing.
- "Right wing.
" Oh, please.
- No, no, no.
- You've been a little iffy about - regarding the entire redheaded society.
- That's not true.
Could you sort this out over a beer at the next party congress? All right, then.
The analysis is that the government's majority rests on Solidarity Union, so we run a friendly dialogue with Lindenkrone.
Yes, exactly.
Now we quickly need to figure out what we can give her.
Give her? What do you mean? For not toppling the government if it should get that far.
Hello, Birgitte.
- Hi, Anne Sophie.
- Hi.
- Thanks for taking the time.
- Of course.
How are you? - You should know, aren't you bugging us? - Oh! Can't we just agree it's probably a terrible misunderstanding? A misunderstanding? What Didn't TV1 News basically prove that it was your people? My people? Don't make it sound like we're living in a police state.
I'm sorry, but bugging a legal party.
How is that not like a police state? I'll tell you how, Anne Sophie.
You are sitting in the prime minister's office, being briefed and getting an apology.
I'm afraid it's not enough.
And don't take it personally.
It's not like I don't have - sympathy for you and your politics.
- No.
I know that.
And I have of course considered how we might accommodate you further.
How would you do that? PET is completely under Höxenhaven's authority.
So if there's been a mistake, he'll receive a reprimand.
A big one.
Just as you of course would receive a public apology.
And we are prepared to support a hearing regarding the current control of PET.
And who would lead that hearing? A former chief of PET? - No.
- Then who? You tell me.
That's s very generous offer, Birgitte.
But in return, I hope you remember your responsibility as part of this government's majority, and won't fan the flames unnecessarily.
I don't want to make things tough for your government.
Just remember, that our voters voted for us to have a watchdog in parliament.
What do you mean? I mean If it really just is a misunderstanding, like you say, then there is no issue, but if this goes deeper, I won't save you or your government.
Just so we are clear.
Yes, of course.
Let's play a game, where you don't need this.
I don't like that game at all.
What's this? An invitation to the TV station's party gala.
"We have the pleasure of inviting you plus an escort to a party gala, Friday May 27 at seven p.
" - Who's your escort? - No one, I'm going alone.
Why? Because it's work.
- You don't want to be seen with me? - Stop it, we see each other all the time.
We don't see anyone else.
I come here, we have sex.
That's it.
Yeah, well I'm very private in private.
And now I'm asking if I should go as your date.
Hmm? Perhaps.
Perhaps? Yes.
Yes, you should.
Of course you should.
Are you sure? Yes.
Hi, girlfriend.
Hi, boyfriend.
Good morning.
Gosh, this is so wonderful.
Yes, isn't it nice? - Did you sleep well? - I slept really well.
I must say your minister of justice was not very good on TV last night.
- I know.
- What is he doing? He lets PET monitor opposing parties.
In my line of work, you'd call that industrial espionage.
Pretty illegal.
It's pretty illegal in my line of work as well.
And that's not what happened.
Are you sure? Bugging is more and more common.
It says somewhere here that there are 250,000 surveillance cameras in Denmark.
And people keep wanting more.
Do you get a higher grade if you attach a hot picture to an assignment? Yes, that's a clear cut B.
It's a job application.
She asked me to look at it.
She had longer hair in real life.
She came by with it yesterday.
She's applying for an internship at the National Bank.
Perhaps I should have PET follow you.
Yes You're already abusing power, so why not? - Are you ready for the meeting? - Absolutely.
I confirm that the equipment belongs to PE and was set up during Hesselboe's government - to bug the publisher Reaction.
- With what cause? It is widely known in PE that Reaction's offices were used by persons found on the EU's list of suspected terrorists.
And you have names and precise info? I have photos and info on Massoud Bucak from the extremist wing of PKK and people connected to Al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigade and PFLP.
It was the publisher that rented the offices to them, right? It wasn't Solidarity Union? PET has had a very complex assignment.
Solidarity Union's takeover of the offices from Reaction has been overlapping and obscure for the police.
I have the details.
But the Judicial Committee will of course get the full briefing.
Sounds good, Troels.
It is a highly undesirable situation for the government, if there is anything there.
There won't be anything at that meeting I can't answer.
Thank you.
This is taking an extremely long time.
Could you fetch me a sandwich, Ruben? - Troels Höxenhaven - Did you brief the opposition? Anne Sophie Lindenkrone, did you get satisfying answers at the meeting? No, not at all.
The minister of justice was eager to talk about why the equipment had been installed, but he could not explain why he and PET didn't take it down after we took over the offices from Reaction five months ago.
Shortly after - Nyborg's government took office? - Yes, exactly.
And hence, Höxenhaven's responsibility.
Perhaps the minister didn't know you had taken over the offices? I can't speak for PET's role in this, but Troels Höxenhaven was notified of Solidarity Union taking over the offices.
In what way? When we moved in, we invited all the parties of parliament to a housewarming.
The prime minister included.
HOUSEWARMING Lars Hesselboe, a comment on the meeting today? It is a scandal if the justice minister knew that PET bugged a legal party.
Now the opposition is fired up, huh? But you were prime minister when it was installed? Yes, but back then they were the offices of a semi-revolutionary publisher.
Our government would have taken it down the moment a legal party moved in.
I doubt it.
Do you want some water? Had it happened in my time as government leader, the opposition would have demanded my resignation.
Now they must ride their high horse.
And how will you react? We have demanded an emergency hearing tomorrow where the justice minister must answer.
The meeting in the Judicial Committee was behind closed doors.
But this is too important to keep in the dark.
The minister must answer to all members of Parliament.
And the entire nation.
I'm considering calling in the prime minister as well.
That is it! This case is not ending up on my desk.
Sanne! Yes.
I must speak with Höxenhaven.
Tell him to get here now.
No excuses.
The prime minister can't go in and defend herself from the crossfire in Parliament.
- It's terrible press.
- You don't have to tell me.
The justice minister is unavailable.
He's in a meeting with the director of PET.
Didn't I say no excuses? They are having a press conference in the Ministry of Justice in a moment.
At four p.
Press conference? What the hell is that about? I'd like to welcome you all to this short press conference.
Before we begin, I must stress, that since these are matters of national security, there may be questions that I and director of PET, Anders Kruse, must decline to answer to protect PET's operations and methods.
What does the minister say to the critique the opposition levels against the Ministry of Justice? I don't understand it at all.
And in today's meeting, I have have explained that the publisher Reaction has given space to, to put it mildly, suspicious meetings.
But Solidarity Union claims you were personally aware - with the date of their moving in? - Right.
I mean The publisher had decidedly used the offices several times after Solidarity Union's housewarming.
They might have been drinking welcome wine in the front rooms, but a lot of other stuff went on in the backroom.
But I'd like to point out that there in no way has been talk about bugging the party Solidarity Union.
Is the minister of justice suggesting that there is an investigation of a member of Solidarity Union? I can't comment on ongoing investigations.
I'm sorry.
The justice minister must tell us if there is a PET investigation - of a member of a Danish party.
- We won't get any closer to it.
You can't hold press conferences on this without clearing them with me.
- I can explain everything.
- Fine, then do it.
Did you approve the continuation of the bugging after learning that Solidarity Union had moved in? - Listen - Yes or no? Listen! I had received information that greatly justifies the entire bugging operation and will completely reverse public opinion on this issue.
In my office, there is a secret audio file of Anne Sophie Lindenkrone, where she argues for kidnapping of former prime minister Hesselboe's two teenage children.
- Anne Sophie? - Yes.
When was that recording made? It's about six years old.
But then it couldn't be from the bugged room? No, it isn't.
It's from the old demolished Ungdomshus.
And unfortunately there is a lot of noise on the tape as the conversation happened during a party in the house.
But there is no doubt that Lindenkrone considers the possibility.
And I think we need to let the press know about it tonight.
Have you gone mad? What are you thinking? That you'd present baseless accusations using a bad recording that is six years old from a party at Ungdomshuset? A recording that PET obviously didn't take seriously enough to act on.
Listen, it's true.
It is Lindenkrone.
But that's not a rescue plan, Höx! It's an own goal! Come up and listen I won't have anything to do with that recording, and I forbid you from using it.
You can't! You just can't, Birgitte.
This is a very important argument.
I'm speaking on the floor tomorrow.
What can I do? I don't know.
But I'd recommend you figure it out soon.
You are the responsible minister.
And tomorrow you will answer to Parliament in this case.
End of story.
We need the justice minister to answer clearly, if he knew that a legal party was bugged - Anne Sophie, can we talk? - Yes.
- We'll talk later.
- Okay.
Thank you.
- Hello.
- Hi.
You do know that I knew nothing of this, right? I'm shocked by the whole thing, and you should know that Höxenhaven will answer all questions on the floor tomorrow.
But, Anne Sophie, what are you gaining by bringing him all the way down? - Even if he made a mistake.
- Made a mistake? We are talking about a breach of the constitution, illegal surveillance.
Anne Sophie, it would be a big defeat for the government if Höxenhaven must resign.
I'm not asking you to influence your party comrades, but could you please hold back a little tomorrow? For your sake? Yes, you could say that.
You have no political interest in weakening my government, right? So tomorrow we'll trivialize a breach of the constitution for old times' sake? Good.
Just keep me out for as long as possible.
We'll talk tomorrow, Kasper.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Tell me something to make me forget about work.
Well, I have company and - Hello.
- Hi.
I've been going through Freja's application with her.
Oh, right, of course.
You're doing a great job as prime minister.
Thank you so much.
- All right.
I'll be off now.
- Yes, fine.
Thank you for helping me.
- That was really nice of you.
- No trouble.
- Here.
- No, just keep them.
- Okay, thank you.
- Yes.
- See you.
- Yes, bye.
- Bye.
- Bye.
- Where are the kids? Are they not home? - No.
Laura is spending the night at Ida's, and Carsten asked if Magnus wanted to go the circus with William.
They'll be back any minute.
Are you hungry? Hi, Mom! Oh! Hi! - So you were at the circus? - Yes.
- Hi.
- Hello, Carsten.
- It's been a while, huh? - Yes.
Magnus, I'll see you! - Bye! - Bye.
No, honey, no cookies now.
- Was the circus fun? - Yes.
- Look what I got.
- Let me see.
Are we having dinner? - Damn it.
- Yes.
She forgot this.
Some spaghetti with meat sauce, that's what we've got today.
Okay? The prime minister's press conference? - I'll be there.
- She won't say anything.
Could we get her in here? She's been smart enough to stay out of it so far.
But Katrine has a what should we call it, Katrine? A special connection - to the prime minister's spin doctor.
- Great, let's use that.
Funny, how we always wind up discussing my private life.
That's because it's all so secret.
Not anymore.
He's coming to the award show.
- The prime minister's spin doctor? - No, Torben! What is it I don't know? There's plenty.
- My boyfriend.
- That's great.
- Should we move on? - Yes.
I'm going to makeup.
See you guys.
The justice minister is facing Parliament today, and the opposition threatens to summon the prime minister to a debate.
Does the prime minister have a comment? The debate concerns a case solely under the Justice Ministry.
- Yes.
- Does the opposition agree? I sincerely hope they do, as soon as the minister of justice has explained the matter.
And if they don't? That's hypothetical.
But the speaker decides who can be summoned for an emergency debate, and I expect she will see it serves no purpose to summon the prime minister.
Anne Sophie Lindenkrone just said she won't dismiss the possibility of summoning the prime minister.
I trust the justice minister can answer for himself today.
- Yes.
- If it turns out the justice minister has overstepped his authority, will he then continue in this government? Of course, a minister can't continue, if he or she has failed their responsibility.
Höxenhaven knows this as well as my other ministers.
Ladies and gentlemen, thank you.
Can you guarantee him getting fired if he can't answer? Thank you, Hanne Holm.
This concludes this week's press conference.
Katrine Fønsmark from TV1 News.
I have an appointment with Kasper Juul.
- Why do you look at me like that? - You are cute.
- You are so crazy.
- Thank you.
What? - Hi.
- Hi.
Oh, my.
We have fancy guests.
To what do we owe the pleasure? You know that I want an appointment with your prime minister.
- Can we talk privately? - I thought we didn't do that anymore.
I assume we need to discuss options.
As I said on the phone, there's not much to discuss.
This doesn't concern the prime minister.
So no, speak with the justice minister.
You took a meeting with me just to say that? I didn't take it, you asked for it.
I looked into it, and I am sorry.
That's it.
Thank you.
Wait a minute.
Wait, Katrine.
Katrine! You are wasting my time.
Is it a punishment for dating Benjamin? The Fitness Smurf? - How primitive do you think I am? - That primitive.
Oh, I'm sure that little smurf has me beat by several lengths, right? Do you have great talks? On politics? He's so insightful, right? I assume his political analysis is sharp as a knife.
- There is more to life than work, Kasper.
- Not for you.
Don't we have security here? I must ask the justice minister to stick to the case.
Did the minister know that PET bugged the offices of a legal political party? Yes or no? Does Mrs.
Lindenkrone not know that Denmark is a target for terrorists? And that PET fights on the invisible front line? So the justice minister can confirm that PET overstepped its bounds by not removing the equipment? No, but I can confirm that I know of Mrs.
Lindenkrone's sympathies - and attitude towards Denmark's security.
- He can't say that! Could the minister elaborate on his knowledge of my sympathies? I can assure Mrs.
Lindenkrone that there has been plenty of reason to bug those offices.
And that an efficient PE is Denmark's only, uh only guarantee against terrorism.
International terrorism Kasper, we offer TV1 that I go live tomorrow on a charm offensive, if it's not too late.
- Will you set that up? - I've just refused TV1.
Let's stick to our plan.
That plan no longer exists.
Höx just got killed on the floor.
This could end in a vote of no confidence.
We shouldn't expect Höxenhaven to make the tough decision.
Then somebody must do it for him.
Just know that I am prepared to take on the responsibility and accept the consequences.
So tomorrow I'll offer a public apology and then accept the reprimand you of course must give me.
Troels, you have as a minister failed to answer questions in Parliament.
You exceeded your authority.
And on such a fundamental issue as bugging another party.
We are well past reprimands.
Oh As minister of justice you have to have a higher moral than the rest of society, and you haven't shown that.
I see no other recourse than you resigning as minister.
What are you saying? Resign? But I can't.
Listen here.
I haven't even been a minister for a year.
It would seem odd.
We'll, there is another solution.
- Anything else.
- There is nothing else.
There are other solutions.
- I can sack the director of PET.
- No.
- If Kruse resigns, people will understand.
- Enough! Stop before you make an even bigger fool of yourself.
Go home and talk with your family.
Tomorrow, you'll come here and hand in your resignation with dignity.
Right? Birgitte, you must listen to me.
- This can't happen.
I'll do anything.
- Troels - Not this! - Troels, stop it.
- You can't do it! - It's no use, Troels.
It's no use, and this doesn't have to be your last time as minister.
If you resign on your own and apologize, you could be a minister in a different administration.
You are a skilled politician.
Troels, if you won't resign, I'll have to fire you.
You'll get a vote of no confidence after your performance today, and I can't protect you.
There is no other choice.
All right.
Kruse, we have a problem.
I'll need some help.
Where are you right now? I'm sorry.
Kasper, this can't become a problem for us in our jobs.
It won't.
It is when I can't get an interview with the prime minister because you hate the spinning instructor I'm dating.
Dating? So it's official now? Yes.
You have your interview.
Okay? The prime minister is free tomorrow.
Thank you.
And let's not talk anymore about that.
We are professionals, right? I just need to get used to the fact that you've chosen a guy like Benjamin.
I'm sure he's great.
But it is confirmed.
Yes, the prime minister is coming in tomorrow.
Yes, it pays to have special connections.
That's good, Torben.
I'll see you, bye.
You are wonderful.
I am so hungry.
I've been running around at work all day, - everything is cooking.
- Same with me.
I just took over all of Tina's elite classes.
They asked me to teach the instructors.
We should have champagne tomorrow if we topple Höxenhaven.
- Who? - Höxenhaven.
Who is that? You know, the minister of justice.
No, I don't.
Are you telling me you don't know who the minister of justice is? Why is that so important? Well, because he is the minister everyone is talking about right now.
- How could you not know? - I'm not that interested in politics.
No, seriously, you have to pay just a little attention to what's going on.
I'm really busy.
I don't ask you to know all about anaerobic metabolism and amino acids.
That's not the same.
These are the people who run the country.
It's important! Why is your world suddenly more important than mine? It isn't.
- But that's what you are saying.
- No.
- But that's what you mean? - Yes, it is! And you know why? Because we tell the people what's happening in the world! And you sit on a spinning bike, saying "single beat" or "double beat"! Is that really how you see it? No, that's not how I see it, that's how it is! Hey, Phillip, thanks for helping with the job application.
I have a much better feeling about it now.
Say hi to your sweet kids for me.
Look forward to seeing you again.
Love, Freja.
Are you checking my e-mail? No Phillip, I need to know if you are doing something with that Freja.
Oh, please.
She visits you twice in a week and leaves behind all kinds of stuff.
Writing "honey" and whatnot in those mails.
Birgitte, are you jealous? She's 22, damn it.
I'm asking.
No, you're not.
You are checking on me.
Right? All right, fine.
I'm not fucking one of my students.
If I'm missing something, it's adult company.
I'm with people her age all day and with the kids the rest of the time.
That's not where I'd turn if I wanted to cheat.
Then where? I don't want to have this conversation now.
Loyalty is vital for me.
- Also at home.
- Loyalty? Fine.
You're only at home during the night, right? We've stopped counting on you.
Everyone in this house is struggling, so you can be prime minister.
And you and I have damn well sacrificed our love life and sex life on that account.
Not to mention the career I believe I once had.
We have an agreement, right, Phillip? A division of labor.
- You can't cry about that now! - I'm not crying.
The agreement was for you to treat your family as more than just a hobby.
Would you like an update? Laura got a B for her essay.
And she deserved a little gift, and I lied and told her it was from you.
Because she needed to hear you hadn't forgotten her.
I've never asked you to cover for me.
I know what I've been neglecting.
Oh, shut up.
We are both missing out here.
- That's the price.
- Right.
It is! You have freedom, you have time, you can be with the kids! That's what I'm missing.
Fine, okay.
Perhaps you'd like to take over the appointment I made today with the school shrink about Magnus? We are talking about how to prevent an eight-year-old from pissing his pants.
He might have to wear diapers! What are you talking about? Did we wake you, honey? You're getting cold.
I'll tuck you in.
Come on.
If we move that, we can have the guest But we need a short - Pia.
- Yes.
The rumor at Borgen is that Höxenhaven is out.
What? Fired? As good as.
They say it's a matter of time.
Birgitte Nyborg can't let him stay.
I'm in a meeting.
Should I go there and see if anybody will talk? Try that.
But you'll have to hurry.
- Check it and call me back.
- What? Okay.
Who? I'll come down in a minute.
Frederik Ravn, isn't he the weirdo who keeps an eye on both political wings? Yes, why? He's at the reception with a package he insists will interest us.
Excuse me.
- Relax! - Shut up! Anne Sophie, what do you think we should do? I've said it before.
Somebody could kidnap Hesselboe's own children.
Shut up! Lindenkrone is right, damn it! - How would you do it? - Kidnap them! So he can feel what it's like to become childless like the parents in that war he helped start.
I know where their school is.
It doesn't have to be difficult.
- We just have to plan it.
- Where? It stops there.
There is no more on the tape.
- Was that it? - But that is without a doubt Lindenkrone.
Do we know how old it is? The tape says 2005.
What will we do with it? - We run it.
- But it's spin.
Something that the Justice Ministry has leaked.
That may be, but that doesn't change the fact that this is a kick-ass story.
Based on an old recording from a pretty dubious source that PET uses because they have nothing better.
Yes, but The justice minister is desperate.
Why else would we get this? If we run it, it will remove focus from Höxenhaven.
Only because that's a better story! No, because in the public's eyes it will justify his bugging of Solidarity Union, even though the cases are unrelated.
Look, friends.
This doesn't have to be either or.
We can easily run both stories.
What will be the top story? What do you think, Katrine? We have a story about a justice minister, who loves his job, something about terrorism, and there is something with his memory and some dates, which he can't recall precisely.
It's a little complicated.
Then we have a simple story about a well-known party chairman planning to kidnap the prime minister's children.
What do you think? She's not planning, Torben.
She's young and drunk.
- She's saying it.
- Why does the tape stop there? Probably because she vomits right after and goes home with the ugliest guy there to do other things she'll regret.
Listen, Katrine.
A party chairman is considering kidnapping the prime minister's children.
Are you really saying we shouldn't air that? Then you've already decided our focus, and Höx will be a hero.
You need to shut up.
In the end, Höx and PET have only tried to do one thing, protect democracy.
That's all.
You can protect democracy so much, it's no longer a democracy.
Look, I won't listen to that! Save that for journalism school.
This is only about one thing, making awesome television.
- Right now.
- Yes, and we are live in eight and a half minutes, so let's move on.
- Ulrik, you'll take this.
- Super.
Have a nice show.
Is Magnus out of bed? Yes, I've woken him.
Has anyone seen the other black shoe? It's so weird.
I'll take it.
Birgitte's cell, this is Laura.
Mom, it's Kasper.
I'm in the middle of something important.
I'll call from the car.
Sorry, Kasper, she's looking for a shoe.
Eat something.
Which channel? - What are you doing? - Kasper told me to turn on the TV.
But the case took an unexpected turn this morning, when it became known that party chairman Anne Sophie Lindenkrone from Solidarity Union, a couple of years ago apparently considered kidnapping former Prime Minister Hesselboe's two children.
The comment came soon after Lars Hesselboe's decision to allow Denmark to participate in the Iraq War.
We'll run ten seconds now.
Next story is three minutes.
Hesselboe's own children.
Lindenkrone is right, damn it.
- How will you do it? - Kidnap them! So he can feel what it's like to become childless like the parents in that war he helped start.
I know where their school is.
It doesn't have to be difficult.
We just have to plan it.
The minister of justice had this comment this morning: Personally, I find Lindenkrone's statement deeply shocking.
Also in regards to the episode one year ago, when young "autonomes" were let into Christiansborg as Lindenkrone's guests and threw eggs at the minister for integration at the time.
At the justice minister's press conference, it was suggested that there was a PE investigation connected - to the bugging of Solidarity Union.
- Yes.
Is the newly leaked statement from Lindenkrone part of the investigation? I can't comment on that.
He used it.
He used it.
It is deeply disturbing, when a current member of parliament could suggest such a disgusting and criminal act.
No matter when it happened.
We are talking about my children.
Does the recording make you view the current case differently, regarding the bugging of Solidarity Union? Yes, since Anne Sophie Lindenkrone uses those offices, it is conceivable there was a reason for it.
Anne Sophie Lindenkrone, do you stand by the threat to kidnap Hesselboe's children? It was six years ago.
I was young and naïve, damn it.
It was a party.
Who hasn't said something stupid at a party? But do you not agree that you discuss some very serious crimes on the tape? Ask yourselves, who has an interest in revealing stuff like this.
The justice minister and PET leaked this information to cover up the illegal bugging.
So the justice minister and PE are responsible for your statements? I don't have anymore time.
I have a meeting.
They are waiting.
And you've spoken with the New Right, the Liberals and the Freedom Party? Yes, their focus has shifted completely.
Now they are after Lindenkrone and won't back her in anything.
No witch hunt for Höx either.
I don't care what he's doing, I want to talk to him.
Thank you.
Oh, he makes me sick.
He knows he's getting fired and yet dares to leak a recording completely irrelevant for the case that I forbade him to use.
I was kind and offered to let him resign, but no more.
He's getting sacked so hard, he'll never be offered a ministry again.
- Birgitte - We must call a press conference, so I can talk about the sacking.
And, Bent, we must figure out - who will take the Justice Ministry.
- Birgitte, you can't fire him.
I can't fire him? Höxenhaven has actually managed to spin the story.
The press believes a non-existent connection between the bugging of Solidarity Union and Lindenkrone's statement.
Höx and PET now look like heroes, who protect the Danish democracy from an autonome terrorist.
The opposition will likely be satisfied with a reprimand for Höxenhaven and a briefing on the bugging of Solidarity Union in the Control Committee.
We're shooting ourselves in the foot if we mess this up.
The only tactical move now is to keep Höxenhaven.
He disobeyed a direct order.
He's completely unhinged.
He holds his own press conferences.
- How could I trust him? - Don't trust him.
But don't fire him.
And he has completely ruined Lindenkrone's political career.
Because of a statement at a party six years ago.
Birgitte, do you remember what I said about friends at Borgen? This is a political decision.
It is the only right thing to do.
Is it the right thing, Bent? Thank you.
Anne Sophie Lindenkrone is outside and wants to speak with you.
Tell her I'm in a meeting.
For how long? Very long.
Birgitte, I really need to talk to you.
I don't have time right now, Anne Sophie.
I have an important meeting.
Have you heard about me in the press? I'm attacked from all sides.
It's insane.
They are digging around and accusing me of anything.
What did you imagine I could do? You know I just said it at a party.
You now I'd never do something like that.
- I don't control the press, Anne Sophie.
- You could express disapproval.
Say that you view it as a trifle.
For my sake.
You said what you said.
You'll have to stand by it.
Birgitte, you must know I have no idea how the tape with Lindenkrone got out.
There are a few things you must know and take seriously.
You might still be minister of justice on paper.
But in my mind, you were fired at nine a.
this morning in my office, as you should have been.
You've broken all rules in civil service.
And you've betrayed my trust.
Don't be at the prime minister's office unless you have business, and know this I consider you a dead man in my government.
The justice minister has personally guaranteed that a similar situation won't happen again.
Now the Control Committee gets a detailed briefing, just like the minister of justice will answer further questions in a new meeting in the Justice Committee.
With that, I don't feel there is more for me to do in the matter.
So you can confirm that Troels Höxenhaven remains as minister? I have complete confidence in the minister of justice.
Will Anne Sophie Lindenkrone be prosecuted for her statements? That's for the police to decide, but I don't think so.
Her own party also announced that she'll continue as political leader for now.
It is widely known you have a close relationship to Lindenkrone, do you feel personally affected by the case? If I was personally affected every time I was involved in a case concerning an acquaintance at Borgen, it would be impossible to be prime minister.
Thank you.

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