Borgen (2010) s01e08 Episode Script

Episode 8

1 I only had my Eurocard from the prime minister's office.
I'll keep these and fix it with the office.
I know something that could make the right person prime minister.
If it was used wisely.
This, Lars Hesselboe, is a receipt showing that the prime minister has given his wife presents for over 70,000 kroner at the government's expense.
You're only here during the night.
And you and I have almost sacrificed our love life.
You can do whatever you want and be with the kids.
That's what I'm missing.
Then would you like to take over my appointment with the school shrink? A talk about how you prevent a six-year-old boy from pissing his pants.
- Katrine! - Who are you? Your dad's name is Peter Juul, right? But no Peter Juul works at Eurocopter.
My dad took his new wife's name.
He works for the French army.
My mom My mom committed suicide when I was three years old.
“History is a nightmare from which I am trying to awake.
" Well, thank you for today.
It was very informative.
The prime minister is certainly not in favor of whale killing.
- We don't wear ties anymore? - It's summer.
For some.
What's happening to the summer recess? Who told every nutjob there's suddenly an opening in the schedule? Sanne.
It's insane.
Did you know there is a society against the killing of whales on the Faroe Islands? That sounds reasonable.
It's animal cruelty.
It's cultural animal cruelty, which is none of the government's business.
Anything else? Someone named Irene Juul called.
She sounded very keen to talk to you.
Sanne you know you are the only woman in my life, right? Do you want to review the mail? I don't want to.
Is there anything interesting? Ornithologists who want Northern Jutland above Aalborg made into a national park.
Toss it.
Danish UFO Society? Toss it! Oh, yeah, there's this one.
Michael Laugesen is publishing a book about his time at Borgen.
"A biting, revelatory account of people and opinions at Christiansborg.
The title is Exit.
The book that tells the real story of Danish politics, no holds barred.
The scandals, backstabbings and dirty tricks.
" I'll be back in an hour.
You're fast.
I didn't expect you until after lunch.
Do you have the book? We've only handed out ten copies for reviewers.
And all of them signed an NDA.
I just need to know what it says about me.
Can you tell me? Come on.
I saved your ass many times, when you had unconfirmed rumors.
Do this for me.
I'm sorry, I can't.
 This is too big.
Michael is down the hall.
Talk to him yourself.
Hello, Michael.
- What the hell do you want? - Can we talk privately? - Call my secretary.
- It's important.
All right, I have to take a leak.
You have two minutes.
Will you write about the receipts? They toppled Lars Hesselboe and almost made me prime minister.
Would I write about my time at Borgen without mentioning those receipts? - Do you write where you got them? - Read the book.
I personally hate having endings spoiled for me.
Don't you wash your hands? The smell won't go away anyway.
And, Kasper You should save the newspapers' jobs sections the next few days.
Nobody escapes their past.
You dropped something.
REVIEWERS - RECEIVED COPIES SILLY SEASON We've arrived at the school shrink.
Thank you.
I'd like to stress that I'm here today as Magnus' mom and not prime minister.
- So I hope you can look past that.
- Yes, of course.
Phillip told me when he asked for this meeting that Magnus has had some accidents where he peed his pants, both at home and in school.
His homeroom teacher says she doesn't feel like he is in balance these days.
Yes, I spoke with her.
I imagine it concerns me and my job.
It would probably be delusional not to think that his everyday life wouldn't be affected by his mom being prime minister.
So Magnus is peeing because you work a lot? To get my attention.
Magnus has also peed his pants a few times here at school, when you are not here.
I am pretty sure that it is about something bigger than getting your attention.
It's not always the amount of time that matters.
My experience with stressful homes is that it is often the tone and the mood in everyday life that the child reacts to.
- The tone? - Yes, has it changed the last year? As you've gotten more busy.
Yes, perhaps it's gotten a little more direct.
Phillip and I talk a lot of practical stuff.
Practical stuff? I mean More professionally, there's a lot of logistics Um Sometimes there is no time for the same kind of pleasantry.
But are you happy in front of them? What do you mean? Do you think your husband is happy? Yes, I do.
Okay, boys and girls, nothing is happening in the kingdom of Denmark.
Give me something.
- What about abroad? - No.
- What about Laugesen's memoir? - We can't write anything - until we know what's in the book.
- I know what it says.
I know, but it isn't published until Friday, and we don't want a war with Ekspres.
- Anything else? - Yes.
What about koldskål? - Koldskål? - Yes, koldskål, the production of buttermilk koldskål is soaring in the summer.
Is that so weird, Simon? No, but sales are very affected by the weather.
It's been much hotter than usual, so they've sold 25% more koldskål.
More than half a million liters a week.
I have an old dairy worker who can provide perspective.
A perspective on koldskål? That's an excellent idea.
We'll have that at six p.
and plenty of meat and potatoes, right? - Shouldn't we be doing the news? - Yes, but this is silly season, Katrine.
There are at least seven civil wars in Africa we never hear about.
Calm down, okay? Calm down.
There's also the story about cholera in Bangladesh.
- Shut up, Katrine.
- The hell I will! Yes, you shut your damn mouth now.
We have commitments to both the truth and viewer ratings.
I don't have to tell you what the bosses consider important, right? They like a nice, happy story.
Koldskål will be the hot and possibly happy news of the day.
- Torben, you can't seriously think - Shut up.
dairy products are considered I'm not asking you to give me the book.
I just want to borrow it for an hour.
That's all.
I'm not a complete idiot.
I've heard of Laugesen's book.
I'm on top of it.
I'm getting hold of a copy.
What could there be in it? A lot of dirt on a lot of politicians and probably dirt about this government.
Are you in touch with the media advisers for other ministers? What about yourself, Kasper? I'm guessing Laugesen remembers your thing with the receipts.
I'm on it.
I'll get a copy of the book.
- I promise you, this won't be an issue.
- I hope you're right.
- Are you okay? - Yes.
- Hi.
- Hey.
You look like someone with no plans.
Am I right? - No.
- Then cancel them.
Can I buy you dinner tonight? I wouldn't dare to dine with the big bad spin doctor.
I'm not that dangerous.
Besides, you only cover the news on What was it? Koldskål? Oh, shut up.
We might as well broadcast nothing until Friday.
Friday? What's on Friday? Laugesen's book is published.
Oh, right, Michael Laugesen.
I've heard of that guy.
Who's got the book among you guys? Katrine, I know you have a copy.
Who has the book? Kasper, that is very secret.
You don't have to say anything.
I'll mention some names, and you can just shake your head a little.
- Why is that book so important? - Does Torben Friis have it? I don't know.
It's you, you bastard.
 You have it.
I can tell.
You have the book, right? Is it Ulrik? Is it Ulrik? Honey, could we talk a minute? Huh? What? Are you happy? Am I happy? What kind of question is that? I'm asking because I want to know how you feel.
Okay, fine, how am I feeling? I'm busting my ass all the time.
We survive.
I survive.
That's how I feel.
Could you please All right.
If you could have it like you wanted, what would you want? I'd want a different job.
Something different than what I do now.
I teach 22-year-old students about business.
I really want to run a business, on my own.
I'm actually still approached once in a while.
The other day there was some headhunter who called and asked if I was available for offers.
And in that moment, in that moment, I was actually a little happy.
You want a job.
Fine, what does that require? That we ship the kids off to boarding school.
No, but that someone other than you drives and picks them up.
And cooks, helps with homework, talks to them.
- We could try an au pair.
- No.
We we agreed we wouldn't do that.
- Do you want me to stop working? - No.
I'm not saying that.
- It's a question of priorities.
- What are yours? We are discussing you, not me.
Damn, you've gotten good.
Do you know that? Right Birthe, you have to understand.
Can you ask your boss to call me back? That's all.
It can't be that hard.
You're his secretary! Tell him Kasper Juul has called three times now! Right? Hello.
The guard says there is a woman at the main entrance asking for you.
Can't you see I'm busy? I'm afraid he's busy.
She says she's your mom.
Didn't I say I don't want to see you? Then why do you come to my workplace? If you want to contact me, you call me.
Dad is dead.
I'm sorry, what? Kenneth, Dad is dead.
It's so impressive that you work in there, Kenneth.
My name is Kasper now.
What's your plan? Kenneth - it's just - Could you please What do you want? I need help.
And I don't know where else to go.
It's just regarding the practical stuff for the funeral.
The hospital is asking so many questions, and - I don't know what to answer, when - I can't help you.
I can't help you.
If you want help, then call the municipality.
But I don't know what to say.
Can't you come home? I haven't been home since I was 12.
And I feel no need to come home now.
I'll find an undertaker.
That sounds perfect.
Shouldn't you have shown your mom the prime minister's office? She could easily have come up and said hi.
That wasn't my mom.
It was one of my parents' old housekeepers.
A half-senile old lady, who thought I was her son.
Then I understand better why the guard said she called you Kenneth.
It's actually quite tragic.
She just lost her husband.
I see.
Here's design proposals for our home page.
- The home page of the prime minister.
- Do I need to decide that? Well, it's the face of the ministry to the world, so yes.
- Right.
Okay, let's sit.
- Okay.
I'm quite happy that parliament is at summer recess so the rest of us can clear our to-do lists without disturbances.
- Aren't you going on vacation this year? - I'll take a long weekend in August.
We don't produce children's shoes or popsicles here.
We rule Denmark.
And that requires absolute dedication.
But the ministers usually take a vacation.
My predecessor Hesselboe always did.
Hesselboe Hesselboe pretended to go on vacation.
It's important that a prime minister maintains a human facade to the world.
But that didn't mean he actually went on vacation.
There's no time for that at all.
Not for any of us, and Well, yes.
Not for me either.
And your wife is okay with that? My current wife is, yes.
The two former ones were not.
Phillip! Yes.
I've put the nation on autopilot.
We are going on vacation.
Now! Okay.
What? Should we borrow someone's vacation house? I think we can borrow Mads and Marine's place in Skagen.
Should I call them? Skagen? That sounds wonderful, but I don't think PET can clear it with that short notice.
What about the house we rented on Bornholm last year? I don't want a vacation next door to you father.
Doesn't the Danish prime minister have her own vacation home? The sweetest in the country.
I mean, Marienborg.
Your official residence.
But that's a country house.
So? What's wrong with those? Welcome to Marienborg! Thank you, Mrs.
It's lovely to be here.
This is Magnus.
- And Laura.
- Hello.
- And hello.
- Hello.
I just need to hear if the children sleep in the same room.
- No thank you.
- That's fine.
- They'll get separate rooms.
- How nice.
Perhaps you'll sleep in the same bed as some president.
I assume the prime minister knows everything about Marienborg.
Not everything, I must admit.
I'd very much like to give you a guided tour later today.
- Absolutely, I'd love to.
- Just say the word.
I was thinking about dinner.
Let's just make some pizzas.
I promised Magnus.
- That sounds like a good idea.
- Right? Excuse me.
Dinner has already been arranged.
I do it when the prime minister is here.
Oh, we didn't know.
So, you can't make your own food here? - It is not customary.
- Oh.
Tonight's dinner is tenderloin pork with mushrooms in a cream sauce.
Ooh! Yes, many ministers have been very pleased with that.
- Is six p.
okay? - Yes, it's perfect.
Pork at six o'clock.
Couldn't you ask her to take a vacation? - I don't know if you can do that.
- I see.
I thought you were prime minister.
GET THE TRUTH ABOUT BORGEN TOMORROW TV1 NEWS Everyone fears Laugesen's revealing book about Borgen.
Will this be a problem for you? No, I don't think so.
Kasper is getting a copy.
It would be nice to have read it before it's published.
- What's in it? - Gossip.
Who's fucking who.
There are always rumors at Borgen.
Who are you fucking, then? What? Is there anything about you? I don't think so.
 I don't really have skeletons in the closet.
No, that's true.
You are the good girl.
Straight A's and dresses covering the knees.
You're so well-mannered that you can't even send the servants on vacation.
Are you suggesting your wife is a little boring? No, no.
I just have a nice wife.
Don't believe everything you read in the papers.
I'm dirty as hell.
I can't sleep.
There are strange noises.
Come to us, then.
Come here.
Yes - Come on.
- Don't touch me.
- All I'm asking is - I'm telling you, - to borrow that book for 30 minutes.
- if you don't leave now, I'll call the guards, understood? - If you don't give me that fucking book - Just go! - You are finished! - Yeah, bite me.
What the hell are you doing? What do you mean? Did you tell Kasper that I'm the only one here with Laugesen's book? - No! - Are you sure? - Yes, of course! - Then it's pretty odd he calls me all day to get to see it, and then turns up here and threatens me to hand it over.
- You must have misunderstood, Ulrik.
- I'm sorry.
I've misunderstood something? "You'll never interview the prime minister again.
" What's to misunderstand, Katrine? Ulrik, is there something about Kasper in the book? I've signed an NDA, Katrine.
You say that it's never been a problem that you two dated, but what the hell is this then? Hello, this is Ulrik Mørch.
You can't take the driving test if you can't pass theory.
Just drop by on Monday, and then we'll talk, right? You're holding on to me! - Okay.
- Now, now.
I'll only be in Aarhus for three days.
Kenneth, come here.
It's going to be cozy, right? When Mom is out, there's nobody to decide, we can make noise and watch videos as much as we want.
We're going to have a real guys night.
And we'll eat Dad's food, not Mom's, right? I'll make us burgers with mayo.
And fries.
And the whole shebang.
And afterwards, we'll have ice cream.
Do you want coffee? Don't you want some coffee? No, thank you.
The undertaker isn't here yet? It's nice to see you.
It was now, right? These are Dad's shirts.
Won't you look through them? There are some pretty new ones.
No, thank you.
I think you have the same size.
In the end, he was just skin and bones.
He was lying on the sofa.
I don't want anything.
Yes, it is important to take your time in making the decisions that feel right for the deceased.
It just needs to get over with.
Right, some feel that way.
But there are many things to decide.
The funeral, cemetery.
Any last wishes.
- Obituary.
- A quiet funeral, please.
And the funeral, will that be in a church? No.
He wasn't a member of the Danish Lutheran Church.
Kenneth, your dad was a member.
Didn't we agree that I would handle this? He wasn't a member.
A coffin burial or cremation? - He's to be cremated.
- Right.
Then we need to discuss burial plot and headstone.
I wonder if there's still something called unmarked graves.
I'd like to have a place to You won't take care of the grave anyway.
- You know best, Kenneth.
- Yes, I do.
An unmarked grave.
Well, then I think we are about done here.
There will be some documents that your mother needs to sign.
Possibly already tomorrow.
As soon as you have them, we'll meet here, and I'll get my mom to sign.
Of course.
And like I said, as quickly as possible.
- Dad, are we going in a canoe together? - Yes.
- We'll sail faster than the girls.
- As if.
- I'll go get a sweater.
- Okay.
It's Mom's.
It's Kasper.
Here, we'll hide it under the mat.
Mom, let's get going! Right, get in.
We'll go as soon as Dad is here.
That's my cell.
Where is it? - Yes, Kasper? - Hello.
I couldn't get the book.
But? But I have a strong feeling Laugesen doesn't hold back.
Does he have something on any of my ministers? I don't know.
But I'm pretty sure the book says that I got Laugesen those receipts that toppled the government.
Do you have a strategy if it gets out? No.
- Okay, we better meet and talk.
- Yes okay, yeah.
I'll see you.
All right, worst case is that Laugesen hits you with everything he knows.
- That could get pretty ugly.
- Yes, I know.
As I see it, we have two ways of spinning the story.
The one is passive, where Laugesen shoulders the blame.
You showed him the receipts during a party, but not for him to use.
But Laugesen chose to use them anyway and betrayed my trust.
That was also my angle.
- But it doesn't seem so credible, right? - Right.
What's the alternative? The worst explanation.
That you gave Laugesen the receipts on purpose.
And how would I survive that? What if you saw the receipts, somewhere we won't go into, and became so morally indignant due to Hesselboe's corruption that something had to be done? So you approached your employer, me at that time, suggesting that we publish them.
I refused.
You went frustrated to Laugesen.
Because I thought Hesselboe's actions should have consequences.
- Precisely.
- You fired me for going behind your back.
Our collaboration ended because of moral disagreements.
If I one day become prime minister would you be my spin doctor? What the hell are you Hi.
Look what I found.
What is that? This is supposedly Jens Otto Krag's favorite champagne.
- Really? - So says Mrs.
- And she never lies.
- Have you tasted it? Yes, I've cheated a little.
Oh! The kids are watching a movie.
Steensgaard said she would watch them, so they don't come barging in the next 90 minutes.
- I see.
- Yes.
So I think you should just kiss your wife.
Um, yes.
Honey, wait.
I shh! Well, I I can't do it like this.
Should I do something different? No, no.
You shouldn't.
It's I'm I'm not in the mood.
I see.
All right.
Yeah When are you? I can never feel it anymore.
No, that's because you're never home.
We sleep together every night.
You get in at three a.
, with a computer under your arm.
Right, but now we are on vacation.
There's peace and quiet, and And we have time, and we I just tried to arrange it so we could have sex for the first time in a month.
Yes, and that's fantastic, but I'm sorry, I can't participate in the official program.
I miss my wife.
I tried calling you 800 times.
Why the hell won't you pick up? Because we've been busy.
You threatened Ulrik today.
Have you gone insane? Why is that book so important? What is in it? What do you mean? Now I know why you flirted with me yesterday.
Oh, stop it, Katrine.
It's our job to get information.
Yes, I know.
And you tell the necessary stories to get what you want, I know that, but What? You still haven't understood after all this time that if you only told me the truth, there is nothing I wouldn't do for you.
Do you want a beer? I am curious about the book.
There is one interesting piece of information that I never got out of Laugesen.
And what is that? That is of course how Laugesen, in the last election, got a hold of the much-discussed receipts from my wife's London shopping trip.
You've never publicly said when you saw those receipts last.
It was when I gave them to my adviser, Ole Dahl, who left Christiansborg with them in his bag the same night he passed away.
Two days later, Laugesen shoves them in my face on TV during the final debate.
What happened in between, I have no idea.
Could Ole Dahl himself have given the receipts to Laugesen? No, that thought is absurd.
Ole was very loyal.
No, I think the truth is to be found somewhere else.
Thank you.
Whether the truth is to be found in Michael Laugesen's book, the rest us of must wait until tomorrow Was it you? Did you give Laugesen the receipts during the campaign? Is that what he has on you? You will tell me what happened the night Ole died and you came to help.
Then take a seat.
Kasper, for once, tell me the truth! It's true that I got the papers that night and gave them to Laugesen.
But I didn't go through Ole's bag, if that's what you think.
I did it to try and save you and your career.
And then, when I was leaving, the bag fell over and the receipts fell out.
That's it.
And then you took them.
Katrine, the papers show that this country's prime minister acted illegally.
It's a citizen's duty to report when he see's something like that.
Is that your prepared explanation for the press? That you did your civic duty? You stole from a dead man.
Look here.
I need name and address there.
A signature here.
And finally, a signature here.
Here you go.
Um So, name and address here? Come on.
Name and address.
Yes, feel free to read it through if you want.
I don't even know where to start now.
Then we'll take them one at a time.
Let's start with a signature here.
Can't sleep? Me neither.
I saw the light, so I know you're awake.
Do you miss Mom? She gets home on Tuesday, right? Do you remember the game we played the last time Mom was on a trip, and you couldn't sleep and slept in my bed? I think I can sleep now, Dad.
But we are having fun now, right, Kenneth? We decide our own bedtimes when we are home alone.
I'm tired now, Dad, and I'd like to sleep.
I'm sorry, do you have a moment? The crematory just called.
They have a slot tomorrow already at 12:30 p.
A slot? For cremating your father.
We can of course find a later time, if you don't feel It's fine.
Tomorrow is fine.
There was one last thing.
Do you have an opinion on what clothes the deceased should wear in the coffin? - No.
- Then we'll take care of that.
Then I'll see you tomorrow at the chapel.
Excuse me.
One moment.
I'd like him to be cremated in this.
Climate and Energy Minister Amir Diwan is a talentless hound dog.
Minister of Finance Bent Sejrø had a secret relationship with New Right's Yvonne Kjær.
And Minister of Justice Troels Höxenhaven is gay.
Since this morning's publication, this book has caused mayhem at Borgen, where several politicians threaten to sue Laugesen for slander.
One of the more interesting revelations is that the Moderates' spin doctor Kasper Juul found the receipts that toppled Hesselboe - Hey, Birgitte.
- Good morning, Kasper.
How the hell is it that several of my top ministers are talking to the press - without coordinating with us? - I can't gag them.
Didn't you speak with their press people? We have to get out a unified message here.
I spoke with them, but not all spin doctors can control their politician.
- When can you be at Borgen? - At noon.
At noon? Laura, cut it out.
It sounds terrible! Kasper, you've known for days that the book would be published today.
I'll be there at 11:30.
- Right, see you.
- Amir, a comment? - No comment.
- A comment on Laugesen's book? - No comment.
- Is there truth to Laugesen's accusations? It's a disgrace, and he'll hear from my lawyer.
These are completely baseless accusations! I demand an immediate retraction, and we'll sue for slander.
If you sue for slander, you risk an endless discussion about the matter.
I don't need to prove that I haven't fucked every woman in my parliamentary group.
Of course you'll get asked about it, Amir.
And Höx will have to engage in a discussion on whether he's gay or not.
I won't.
This is absurd.
I've lived happily with a woman for 16 years.
Don't let Amir or Höx discuss the rumors in the press.
I agree, but somebody has to.
TV1 is out there asking for a comment.
And you'll give it, as brief and relaxed as possible.
You've been pulled in during your vacation for a trifle.
Birgitte, it's important we stop this before it grows.
And you're not going to reply to the dirt on you and Yvonne Kjær? Damn it, you know this.
I had an affair with Yvonne.
It didn't go well.
It was actually a real mess, well, but done is done! Bent, you have to deny it! You've slept with the enemy.
If he denies the affair, he validates the contents of the book.
He agrees that the book has value and significance.
Exactly, this must be smothered with silence.
Look, it's already in all the papers, Kasper.
Yes, but they all refer to Laugesen's book.
If we don't comment further on the stories, it will look like mere gossip, and we don't have to take that seriously.
So the strategy is we don't comment on gossip.
Let's at least demand a retraction.
No retraction.
For this to work, we need to keep quiet.
You need to say something yourself, Kasper.
The most serious accusation in the book is the one about you, damn it.
That Laugesen dug up dirt on Hesselboe during the campaign.
That's concrete.
It's the whole reason the former government lost.
I don't understand how we can keep quiet about that.
Birgitte Nyborg, how do you feel about the revelations in Laugesen's book? Very relaxed.
- Have you read it? - No, and I don't intend to.
I'm not interested in gossip.
Why did the prime minister stop her vacation and come here? A prime minister could have other things to do than feeding the press.
And the proven accusations made against your spin doctor? I was familiar with the situation regarding the receipts when I as prime minister rehired Kasper Juul.
Can Kasper Juul stay on? Kasper Juul will personally brief the press.
I'll react to that.
 I can't say more now.
- Thank you.
- Birgitte Nyborg! Seriously, it's my summer vacation.
Thank you.
I'll coordinate with the ministry and call you back.
Okay, thank you.
TV1 wants me on the news tonight.
That sounds good.
Do that, Kasper.
We won't get out of talking about this anyway.
Kasper just so we are on the same page.
A media adviser can never be a liability for the government.
I can't make political sacrifices to save you.
So for our future collaboration, Kasper I hope you handle it well.
Here's the meatloaf.
- It looks delicious, Mrs.
- Thank you.
Yes, it's such a nice, light summer dish.
Laura, get off that cellphone now.
Come and eat.
It's just so hot.
I'm not hungry.
Sit down.
Did you guys play tennis today? No, I fell on the pavement.
He's a wimp who cried for ten minutes.
And you are a turd! Don't talk to each other like that.
We talk nicely to each other.
Now we will eat and hang out, right? Why can Mom text but I can't? Because Mom is prime minister.
Dad, how long are we staying here? Louise is having a party on Friday.
Can we be back by then? Ask your mom.
Well? I don't know.
We'll talk about it.
Going here was a joint decision, right? - Magnus, could you pass the potatoes? - Yes, of course.
No, not right now.
- But it depends if you have time or not.
- You're ten years old.
Just give them.
Give me the potatoes! - You're not present.
- You've had enough.
- What do you mean? - You know what I mean.
Give it here.
No! Okay, let's go home.
Yeah, all right, let's do that.
Come on, kids, let's pack.
I'm inviting Ida over tomorrow, okay? Yes, that's fine.
Hey, could you pick that up? Hello, it's Laura.
Dad, it's for you.
Some Sascha Rousing from some headhunting thing.
This is Phillip.
That sounds pretty good.
Sure, tomorrow morning is fine.
They have a really big job they want to offer me.
I'll of course say no, but I have to go meet them.
If you're interested, I have a little booze for guests who are nervous about being on screen.
No, thank you.
I've done this before, so Of course, it was just a suggestion.
- Tanja.
- Yes.
Laugesen is coming in as soon as you're done with Juul.
That's great, thanks.
He wants to sit down with you on air to discuss the story.
Yes, but I'm only doing this interview alone.
I just wanted to give you the offer.
As you've done twice already.
The answer is still no.
- Please look up.
- Yes.
- It's my daughter, is it okay if I? - Sure.
Thank you.
Hi, honey.
No, Mom is at work.
You know that.
We are on in 20 seconds.
I just wanted to apologize for my behavior last time regarding the book.
It's fine.
- Just so - It's completely fine.
Five seconds.
Four three two one and go, Ulrik.
Now we have the story's main character in the studio, the prime minister's spin doctor, Kasper Juul.
According to this book by Michael Laugesen, you gave him the receipts that toppled Lars Hesselboe.
How did you get them? How I got them, I'm afraid I can't talk about.
But as far as I understand, you got them from Hesselboe's then-spin doctor, - Ole Dahl - As I said, I can't reveal my source, and I'm sure that you will understand that as a journalist.
Then let's talk about something else.
How did Michael Laugesen get the receipts? I showed them first to Birgitte Nyborg.
She wouldn't use them, so I showed them to Michael Laugesen, and he would.
How do you defend going to the leader of another party after your own party leader refused to use them for moral reasons? I can't.
But I disagreed strongly with her decision.
The receipts clearly showed that the Prime Minister of Denmark misused government funds for private purposes.
So I felt a sort of moral obligation.
Fine, let's say you acted ethically, and if that is true, I don't understand, because Birgitte Nyborg fired you? That's a common misconception.
I'd like to point out that I left because of the disagreement.
And we of course discussed everything before we decided to work together again.
So you feel you can continue your job with with this in tow? That depends, whether you believe that a moral person can work as spin doctor for the prime minister.
We are out of time, Kasper Juul, thank you.
You're not spin doctor for nothing.
In France, farmers protested for the fifth time I saw you with Ulrik.
- You handled that nicely.
- Thank you.
But you are an expert storyteller, so I don't have energy for this.
I don't think you understand.
Yes, it's about you.
Someone who'd rather lie about everything instead of being able to look yourself in the mirror.
That's what you hear from overprivileged, spoiled people who've never experienced how much shit there is in the world.
Goodbye, Katrine.
- But we were chatting so nicely.
- No.
You talk, I leave, okay? Then leave.
That's easier than standing still and taking responsibility.
My dad died.
Okay? So your dad just died? I see.
Like, dead dead? Or did he move to France again? Hi.
Oh, no, you're home? I had to come home and change.
I'm going to give a comment to TV1 regarding Kasper and the receipts.
I see you're having yourself a beer at 11 a.
Have you begun to drink seriously? I went to that headhunter's meeting today.
They want me to be CEO for Via Electronics in Northern Europe.
Wow, that's big.
I'm really sorry, honey.
You really deserved it.
I said yes.
What did you say? I said yes to the job.
 I'm taking it.
But we agreed that it wasn't possible.
Yes, but the problem is that I want to do it.
- You want to? - Yes.
I want to, do you understand? I want to.
You've called Kasper Juul.
Leave a message.
Hi, it's me again.
I wanted to talk about yesterday, but call me when you have the time.
The prime minister's office.
It's Katrine Fønsmark.
Can I speak with Kasper Juul? He's not here, I'm afraid, he had a funeral to go to.
- A funeral? - Yes, um But I think he'll be in later.
Should I give him a message? No, that's fine.
defended his actions yesterday on TV1 News, and the prime minister sees no need to act further.
Kasper Juul has long been one of my most trusted employees.
Nothing will change that.
But you were against him giving Laugesen the receipts? Yes, that's true.
But Juul made a personal, moral assessment and took the consequences of it.
I can only respect that.
Wasn't Mom coming home at 11:30 a.
? Kenneth you and I need to talk.
You know, it's very important that we keep our little secret to ourselves this time as well, right? Mom wouldn't understand it.
She'd be very sad and angry with you if she heard anything about this, Kenneth.
You don't want to make Mom sad, do you? Kenneth, look at me.
Do we have a deal? Hello! Well, there's Mom.
No more burgers for you and me, huh? We need to be at the chapel in 15 minutes.
Aren't you getting dressed? Mom, we are due in the chapel in 15 minutes.
Go get dressed and let's go.
I can't, Kenneth.
I can't.
Your mother? She's not coming.

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