Borgen (2010) s01e09 Episode Script

Episode 9

1 All of us up here have become very professional.
I believe we have to admit when we are wrong.
I became a politician, because I once had an opinion on how to organize the world.
- My dad has died.
- So your dad just died? I see.
Like, dead dead? Or did he move to France again? You still don't understand, after all this time, that if you only told me the truth, there is nothing I wouldn't do for you.
I went to that headhunter's meeting today.
They offered me the CEO job of Via Electronics in Northern Europe.
I'm really sorry, honey.
- You really deserved it.
- I said yes.
"You won't know what hit you before it's too late.
" -US Arms Manufacturer - Could I just - Sure.
- Congrats, Phillip.
Fantastic! - Thank you.
- We'll miss you.
- You too! - Here you go, honey.
- Thank you.
Now we, Phillip's students, would like to say a few words to you, Phillip.
So we've written you a little speech that we have called, "Ten things we'll miss about Phillip.
" Number one.
We will miss your fantastic lectures.
There are few, who can make international finance interesting, but you have succeeded.
Number two.
We will miss your great ass when you are wearing jeans.
Number three.
We will miss how you always supported our ambitions.
It has been incredibly inspiring - Yes, Kasper.
- When are you coming in? I'm at Phillip's farewell reception, why? The Defense Ministry needs approval of their press release on the purchase of the new fighter jets.
They want it released today.
- I'll be there in half an hour.
- Okay.
the big support you are when we sometimes can't figure out what we are doing in this field of study.
And finally we will miss your great ass, when we see it for the last time leaving the door at CBS, but we are certain that we in the future will see it on the cover of newspapers around the world.
Congratulations! Cheers for Phillip.
Cheers! Cheers.
Thank you so much.
- That was so nice.
- Thank you.
Here is the latest press release from the Ministry of Defense.
You should know there is considerable dissatisfaction that press releases from all ministries must be approved.
Since when is that a rule? I said that at the cabinet meeting when you were absent.
I felt it is necessary.
Stripping authority won't promote passion at work.
Höxenhaven held a completely unauthorized press conference during the bugging case, and it was mostly embarrassing, whiny statements, after Laugesen's book last month.
It won't do.
What does it say, Kasper? Um, Hans Christian Thorsen recommends that the parties of the defense agreement choose the airplane type F26 Defender, because it's best in the market, and because our allies have chosen the same type, which is a big advantage during international operations.
Then it says that the total investment has been increased by ten billion Stop right there.
Ten billion? Well, military hardware and weddings are always more expensive than expected.
- Could you be more concrete? - It's just an adjustment of the total expenses.
Personnel, maintenance and so on.
But there seems no doubt that this is the right plane type.
There's plenty of doubt.
As far as I remember, the two other types of plane considered are much cheaper.
Kasper, we are withholding the press release for now, and the minister of defense must explain why he chose the most expensive type.
- Anders.
- Yes.
I'd like info on all three planes to look through.
Damn it, that won't be popular.
The Ministry of Defense has fought for a month to get this press release out.
What's up with her? DIVIDE AND CONQUER All right, listen up, friends.
Today's top story is that we apparently have finally found the type of fighter jet Denmark is buying.
- Pia.
- Right, the press release is coming.
The defense minister will sit down with Katrine at six to talk about it.
Katrine, are you prepared? - Yes.
- Yes? Everything suggests we will choose the F26 Defender, which also secures the Danish industry orders for at least nine billion kroner.
Oh, I need to take this.
Yes? What is your angle? Are we buying the best plane for our pilots or for the industry? I'm scared of the big, strong men ♪ And the cars honking in the traffic ♪ - What the hell was that? - Seriously, our approach to the military isn't that Denmark should be some demilitarized Maoist peasant society.
I don't understand what you mean.
I'm saying there is another angle.
New fighter jet secures big orders for Danish industry.
- That's a great idea.
- Yes.
Let's all be spin doctors for the government.
- Or not lie about them.
- Easy now.
We'll put the angle somewhere between conspiracy theory and clickbait journalism.
Dan, I really need some kick-ass pictures.
- Lots of bling, right? - We have awesome pictures.
Pure Top Gun.
Gravy and potatoes right there.
We need to talk to pilots.
Simon? I'm going to Skrydstrup later today, and I've already arranged to get in a cockpit.
- What a lucky boy.
- He must be happy.
- Congratulations.
- That was the Ministry of Defense.
There won't be a press release today after all.
I guess the interview is postponed.
- What's the reason? - The usual.
Unfortunately, not all details have been confirmed.
- Such bullshit.
- Friis, what do we do? Well, what do we do Friis, Friis, Friis We'll move the story on the salary of bank CEOs to the top.
Why do you have time for lunch today? Because your dear minister of defense couldn't decide on a fighter jet.
You don't seem surprised.
So the prime minister is involved? I'm not saying anything.
She's got plenty on her plate, Birgitte Nyborg, huh? She's prime minister.
"All of us up here have become very professional.
" It's a quote from your boss.
I re-watched the party leader round from last election.
Remember? Yes.
You fell over backwards when she ditched your speech and went off-script.
"I think we have to be who we are sometimes.
I don't think it will stop us from being good politicians.
" Does that still go for her? I'm still not saying anything.
And what about your dad? You're still not talking about that either.
There's not much to say.
He's dead.
But you didn't say anything the day he was cremated.
You haven't said anything.
It's not that unusual to go quiet when you lose someone.
I just thought it might be good to talk about.
Kasper, your dad was cremated in a little chapel in Korsør, and besides you and me, only a caretaker came.
It's a little hard to believe he was a big businessman in France.
Won't you tell me who he was? No.
You didn't like him, did you? Did you? - Katrine.
- Kasper, did you like your dad? My dad was an ugly little grease stain.
He lived a boring-ass life in Korsør, a city that God forgot.
That's all.
But why did you lie about him? - Kasper.
- Because I hated that life with him! So I started telling stories about the life I'd rather have.
And I've been to shrinks, Katrine, I know all the interpretations, and I can't take it anymore.
THE FUTURE OF DEFENSE DENMARK'S NEED FOR FIGHTER JETS Well Are you really supposed to read all that? What did you say? Can't somebody read it for you and give you the highlights? Yes.
I'm going to bed now.
Good night, honey.
Good night, Birgitte.
Sweet dreams.
The F26 Defender is the next generation jet fighter from Trident Technologies.
It is built to deliver both air-to-air and air-to-ground supremacy, thanks to its superior power and state of the art bomb and missile systems.
The highly advanced stealth technology allows the Defender to strike without being noticed.
With the F26 Defender, you won't know what hit you before it's too late.
Thank you.
- Hans Christian, will you start? - Of course.
The picture of our enemy in the future unequivocally points to a need for flying, technological platforms that cannot be traced by modern radar systems.
An F26 Defender is the only plane that fills those requirements.
When I read about the three types considered, the Defender is the only one not yet in the air.
That must carry risk for technical issues in the beginning, right? The Trident factories have guaranteed us that will never happen.
Well, that's what factories always do.
Besides, several reviews point out that in a few years there will be radar systems that can trace the stealth technology, which is the Defender's best feature right now.
Naturally, we can't predict the future, but we can concentrate on the present.
Bent, we have already decided to buy new planes.
I know you know more about this than me.
But before we can explain and defend an investment of more than 130 billion, - we keep an open mind.
- With all due respect, the High Command has worked on this project for several years.
With all due respect, the High Command has a string of bad purchases behind it.
Armored carriers that crashed.
Helicopters in constant need of repairs, and unmanned planes that never got airborne.
We'll put this on hold for now.
And look into the matter.
Bent Yes.
- Bent, do we have a meeting now? - No.
And I'm not here as your minister of finance.
I'm here as your friend.
Do you have a minute? Birgitte you're the one who has to see the big picture.
But be careful that you don't get lost in details and single issues.
130 billion is not really a detail, is it? Yes, it is.
It's a detail in the greater balance.
Thorsen is your Minister of Defense.
Yes, but that's not comforting.
I often feel like he's in the pocket of the military.
The CIA flights on Greenland, for instance.
If you make yourself responsible for all the government's decisions, all the mistakes will fall back on you as well.
No prime minister can withstand that in the long run.
The ancient Romans called it "divide and conquer.
" You have to let your ministers do their jobs and in the worst cases, make mistakes.
Because then you can fire them.
Unfortunately, my experience tells me that there often is something wrong.
I mean, what will you do? What if something happens in the Ministry of Health, will you then decide who gets to be director of Rigshospitalet? Just let the Ministry of Defense buy those planes! Approve the press release and let's move on, right? Damn it, these negotiations have been going on almost a decade.
You just happen to be the prime minister who has the job now when the order is given.
Yes, and it is the ruling prime minister that everything falls back on.
Damn it, Birgitte! You have to trust that the experts - will do - That's what I can't, Bent! Well, then then tell me something.
Who is the prime minister while you run around doing our jobs? I thought you had quit.
Yes, I thought so too.
The press release from the Ministry of Defense came from Ritzau.
They chose the Defender, and the prime minister will come in at six p.
That's great.
- We'll just do as we agreed, okay? - Sure.
By the way, I asked for information access at the Military High Command to gain an overview of the selection process for the plane.
- Katrine, damn it.
- I know.
Listen, there are at least ten colleagues here who dream about your job.
They really want to be on screen, but they don't have what you have.
So let them do their job.
And trust them to do it well.
I'd like to be driven home now.
Thank you.
Yes, I signed my contract yesterday.
But I won't start until next month, so I'll have plenty of time to read everything.
Yes, yes, but listen, I have to go now, so Okay, fine then.
Thank you, bye-bye.
This is really shitty, Phillip.
But I just found out your company delivered hardware to the cockpit of the Defender for 5.
5 million euros.
So? But Via Electronics is just a subcontractor of another subcontractor.
Yes, but does that matter? Something from your company is in the fighter jets that my government decided to buy.
So you are profiting - from my government's decision.
- Birgitte.
You're seeing ghosts here.
Via Electronics has no direct deal with Trident.
We are subcontractors to another company, who made the deal.
The sum is absolutely peanuts compared to the order from the Danish government.
There is no issue.
Believe me.
I'll just call and check with Kasper.
It's nothing.
As I see it, this amounts to buying gasoline for the ministry car at some gas station in Jutland, and it turns out Phillip is CEO of the gas company.
- Are you sure? The press won't hound us? - No way.
Your government is a paragon of virtue when it comes to this.
There is nothing on this.
I promise you, Birgitte.
Thank you, Kasper.
You might just have saved my marriage.
Don't forget to watch Thorsen tonight, right? Yes, bye.
Most of our NATO allies have already invested in the Defender.
Naturally, that is a great advantage, when we collaborate on the international missions.
Danish industry will profit greatly on the reciprocal deals that follow an order of the F26 Defender with the Trident factories.
Has this influenced the decision? Not directly, but is it a bad thing that the industry also makes money? But, Hans Christian Thorsen Is it the best plane for our pilots or the best deal for our industry? It is definitely the best plane.
And may I remind you that it's both about All right, Katrine, wrap up after the answer and on to the next segment.
and also the kingdom's security.
Thank you for coming.
The purchase of new fighter jets is a part of the defense settlement - Run server.
- and will be presented the other parties in Parliament's upcoming session.
Looks like you learned about fighter jets, little girl.
Standby in the studio.
Ready, Katrine.
And go, Katrine.
So The minister of defense is hiding something.
Is that so? What would that be? I don't know.
Something doesn't add up.
Oh? You're not just a little hurt by the final remark he gave you? That was way out of line.
That's just Thorsen.
Soldier and a chauvinist, it's refreshing sometimes, right? If we can survive this fresh breath of chauvinism, you could ask why an old military man is even interested in the industry's profit from fighter jets.
Katrine, I hear you, and I feel where you are going, but believe me, there's nothing there.
Can we move on? Good morning, does this have any merit? We are looking into it.
Anders, the minister of defense must be in my office in an hour.
Yes, ma'am.
CORRUP Friis, Friis, Friis.
What do you say to this? Hanne Holm writes in Ekspres that the minister of defense has been on six expensive hunting trips funded by Trident, the Defender's builder.
A classic Hanne Holm.
Number one watchdog of corruption.
- Isn't that good? - Yes, it is, damn it.
It's great.
But I don't think the Danish people are interested in more stories about ministers buying a bit too expensive red wine.
I think they are, but I researched, and grouse hunting is the most expensive you can do.
It easily costs 25,000 kroner per person, per day, not including food, wine and hotel.
- It's crazy expensive.
- Fine, let's get Thorsen in the studio.
And you'll ask the research department to find other participants from the hunt.
Yes, Dad.
The files are here from the Military High Command.
That was unusually fast.
What's that? Like I told you yesterday, I asked for information regarding the planes.
Katrine, we've discussed this.
You are a highly paid anchor.
You don't chase stories.
We have people for that.
I know, but I had already asked, and I never thought it would come so fast.
Is the little girl still hanging on to Thorsen's chauvinistic remark from yesterday? Would I be that touchy? This is Torben.
Military High Command, this is Lars Bang.
Hello, Katrine Fønsmark, TV1 News.
Listen, I've received some files from you, but some appendices are missing.
Yes, I'm terribly sorry, but we've moved our archive, and not everything is in place yet.
Oh, I see.
When can I get them? I can't say, but if you have specific questions, you are welcome to visit us.
I'd love to.
When should we say? Could you come now? Now? I must admit I often see you on TV.
I'm a big fan.
- I think you are very talented.
- Thank you.
How long before the archive is in place and you can find the missing appendices? I don't know.
Like I said, we just moved it, but let's see if we can't answer your questions.
Since it's you, we'd love to be of service.
- Thank you.
- It's in here.
Here's the material on the different plane types, and the chief of the High Command took his time to be here today.
Thank you, Lars.
The Defender has several key abilities, which led to our decision to choose that one.
Excuse me, but I'm not inquiring about the technical details.
But the technical details were the top factor for choosing the plane.
It's the decision process itself that I want an overview of.
Is it correct that you, as chief of the High Command, were with the defense minister at the briefings in Scotland? That is correct.
It was a natural part of my job as minister of defense.
And besides, those meetings in Scotland had a highly educational content.
Which consisted of eight course dinners, drinking red wine and going hunting? The trips are actually the part of my job that I like the least.
I don't see anything wrong with me studying the capabilities of the different types of planes - before we invest 120 billion - 130 billion.
Has the press seen these papers? Which papers? The daily itineraries from the trip.
Perhaps you could tell me how the meetings and trips actually happened, including all details.
Among other things, we had the plane's different weapon systems reviewed.
Is it true that there were some expensive hunting trips in connection with the meetings? I must admit that it wasn't the price of the meetings that had my attention.
What was the ratio of hunting versus work in your estimate? There were two meetings of two hours each on a three-day trip and then the rest was hunting, lunch and dinners.
Fried foie gras with expensive Italian wine Goddamn.
I don't arrange these trips.
But even though you dislike traveling, dinners for 10,000 kroner can't have been unbearable for you.
I've been informed that exclusive hunting trips like that in Scotland can cost up to 25,000 kroner per participant, per day.
Did you have second thoughts about going on such an expensive trip? Lord in heaven, little young lady, the Trident factories are a billion-dollar enterprise.
I doubt it had any impact.
And however much you might like it, I can assure you that nothing corrupt happened at Glen Farlan.
Glen Farlan? One of the estates where we gathered.
Could I see a daily itinerary from the meetings? No, I don't think we have them anymore.
No journalists have asked to see the itineraries, and if they do, I can quickly spill some coffee in the right places.
What's your name? Henrik Mikkelsen.
Listen, Henrik Mikkelsen.
You are in the prime minister's office.
You'll never use that tone with me or at all if you want to keep your job, understood? Hans Christian.
Should I know anything else? No.
All right.
- Well then, thank you.
- Thanks.
I'm sorry we couldn't be of more help.
It was a great help.
 Thanks a bunch.
John McCoy speaking.
Yes, good morning, my name is Katrine Fønsmark.
I'm a journalist at the Danish broadcasting company TV1.
I'm calling to ask about a guest of yours.
I'm sorry.
I can't help you.
We don't talk to journalists.
Hello, Jeff Carlyle.
Good morning, my name is Katrine Fønsmark.
I am a journalist at the Danish broadcasting company TV1.
John McCoy just gave me your number.
How can I help you? I understand that you are the hunting guide at Glen Farlan, is that correct? No, that will be another time! Goddamn.
I know I wasn't supposed to dig anymore, but I just spoke with someone at the estate in Scotland the minister of defense visited, and he had an interesting story.
- Damn it, Katrine.
- Listen.
Thorsen didn't just participate in some hunting trips.
He received two hunting rifles as a personal gift from Trident, valued at 250,000 kroner.
I'll be damned.
Can we document it? What do I do? Now you're asking me? Damn, I'm not used to that.
It suits you.
You call the ministry and say you want to change the premise for the interview.
That it won't just be about the hunting trips, but generally gifts that the defense minister has received.
If they make a fuss, you tell them, we know about the hunting rifles.
Then they'll play ball.
- But he'll have time to cover his tracks.
- Sure.
But if you don't do anything, you'll risk him shutting up and then the interview is ruined.
And just be glad I'm not yelling at you for playing investigative journalist, okay? It has nothing to do with the awesome story I've found? This conversation is over.
Off with you.
I can assure everybody that we are working hard to find the best solution for the Danish air force.
In the end, this is about the security for all of us.
So you don't feel it has influenced your decision that the manufacturer delivering the plane you chose - invited you on expensive hunting trips? - No, not at all.
You also received a gift during the last - hunting trip, correct? - Yes.
When you travel the world as a minister Before we go on, we should probably hear what Jeff Carlyle, one of the hunters on the estate, has to say.
The last day of the weekend, the minister received a pair of guns with his name engraved on it.
They were brought to his room.
What kind of guns, if I may ask? A pair of Purdey shotguns.
Would you know the price of those shotguns? Uh, around 25,000 pounds.
That sounds like a fancy gift, Hans Christian Thorsen.
As I said, when you travel the world as a minister, you sometimes receive official gifts.
They are not mine, but the ministry's.
But when your name is engraved, not the ministry's, I suppose it is - a personal gift? - Correct, and when I found the error, I sent the guns back immediately.
And when did you discover your name engraved? I don't remember exactly.
You don't remember when you discovered your name engraved on rifles worth 250,000 kroner? - No, he doesn't.
Ready two.
- No.
I think I just answered.
Katrine, wrap up and go to the next story.
Was it today, yesterday, a week ago? - I don't think we'll get any closer to it.
- Stop here, Katrine.
Thanks for coming.
- Server start.
- You're welcome.
Great, Katrine.
I guess the little girl learned about rifles today.
Hans Christian, damn it! I asked, if you had told everything, and you said yes.
Then I have to watch in the news that you received a rifle worth 250,000 kroner.
What the hell is going on? - It was an oversight.
- An oversight? Of course, this is not an easy situation, but as long as Hans Christian hasn't been caught in a lie - When did you return the rifles? - Earlier today, when I learned - that the news had the story.
- All right.
The important now is that Thorsen is brief, precise and correct in the press.
This is just an unfortunate misunderstanding.
Nothing more.
We must plan a collective strategy for all ministries because the press will hound us for a while.
This is extremely problematic.
This hurts us all.
It hurts the government.
I hope you understand that.
I can guarantee there is nothing more in this case.
That's of no use to me.
You've said that before.
Thank you.
I'll show myself out.
I'll be in touch.
I told you so.
Forget about Thorsen.
If you fire him now, you'll steal all focus.
We've chosen the plane, and the opposition is satisfied with the choice.
That's it.
What do you suggest? Let him stay.
He closed it.
Not very elegantly, but he closed it.
But we need to discuss something else, Birgitte.
Something, I'm afraid could be more serious.
Phillip's new job.
What? You said it wasn't a problem.
No, but that was before all this with Thorsen.
Right now, the press is searching for the slightest mistake in the government, and they'll say that the nice girl's government suddenly got its hands dirty, and I've spoken with several colleagues at the other ministries, and they all say that the press wants blood.
And if they can find the least, even though it's just a subcontractor of a subcontractor, they'll jump on it.
A countermove must be possible.
Not as far as I can see.
Birgitte, you've been spotless so far.
It's a damn good story if they find any dirt on you as a person.
And I'm sorry, but there are no mere trifles anymore.
They are going for the jugular.
You know the process.
This has nothing to do with reality.
What are you telling me, Kasper? I don't see a way for Phillip to keep that job.
You're home late.
Phillip, we need to talk.
What? We can no longer control this.
What What can't we control anymore? The minister of defense's trips and expensive gifts has made the press smell blood.
So? They'll dig up everything.
Look, Birgitte I don't quite follow you.
I'm terribly sorry, Phillip, but I'm afraid you can't take that job.
What the I already took the job! What are you talking about? I'm saying they will use it against me.
I'm saying we can't afford the tiniest mistake right now.
- It could topple the government.
- Stop it! This happened long before I started there.
Yes, but the press won't see it like this.
They don't care about who started when.
You are the CEO of a company making money on a decision I made.
Birgitte, I already took the job.
I said yes to it! The news is out.
I was in Børsen! Do you realize how embarrassing such a retreat would be for me? Do you? Of course I do, Phillip.
I understand your words and frustration.
Don't talk to me like you're someone from HR! You are firing me, because you can't fire your minister of defense.
Right? The government's credibility is on the line, Phillip.
We cannot afford to let them lay so much as a finger on my character.
- My husband can't have this job.
- No, but can you have a husband? Can you? Kasper wrote a draft for a press release that Via Electronics should publish tomorrow.
Yeah, that's pretty great.
I see it's my own idea to quit.
Because I won't sow doubt about the prime minister's credibility.
What a great husband you have.
- Phillip, I need to know if - Birgitte, I will quit.
But don't fucking count on me stepping up for anything else anymore.
Where are you going? Embarrassing for the government.
Will the prime minister fire Thorsen? She won't.
That's too serious during negotiations for a defense budget.
And a deal for 130 billion, I don't think so.
The other stations are calling all the time for last night's clip of Thorsen.
That was a great interview, Katrine, I must say.
Really great.
Did you talk with research? We are combing through all government meetings.
Trips, obscure dinner meetings, lunches, perks, gifts, everything.
It would be even better if we could get the prime minister here.
- She has a reputation as a girl scout.
- I have called them a bunch of times, but the answer is always that we can speak with the defense minister, so We could also ask Katrine to call her very good friend Kasper Juul.
I mean, you did express interest in being an investigative journalist.
- Right? - Yes.
All right, we have a deal.
I only see one way for us to survive this.
By shutting our mouths until the storm settles.
That's why I've rejected any comments to the media.
We'll do like in an extramarital affair.
Deny, deny, deny.
What if we respond with total transparency? Show we have nothing to hide.
Publish the ministers' calendars.
Lists all the gifts.
Everything available online.
I think that is dangerous ground.
What's the danger? Your ministers will see it as another round of control from you, now with the Danish population as a witness.
That's great.
The population elected them.
It's only fair.
It will be unpopular as hell in your government.
- Could you handle that scrutiny? - Yes.
Phillip will resign.
- They send out the press release today.
- How did he take it? I'm sorry to disturb.
But the after-school club called.
Your son hasn't been picked up.
And your husband doesn't answer.
Thank you, Anders.
Well, he must have been delayed.
So this one is 388%.
Now we've done the first three.
Can you go on now? Yes.
Where is Dad? He's just so busy these days.
The minister of defense got a reprimand, and he apologized, and I consider it an unfortunate misunderstanding that should not, however, prevent us from getting the planes that the military wanted.
And I most of all consider that an achievement of the New Right.
- Hi, Kasper.
- Are you watching? At least the New Right likes us.
They better.
I gave Yvonne 600 million - for the military in the finance bill.
- Mom.
I'll get you in the news tomorrow evening.
Then you can reveal your plan of openness without looking like someone playing tricks.
That's great.
Look, Kasper, I'm doing homework with Laura, - so I'm going to hang up.
- See you.
- Mom, how do you find the average? - Let me see.
- Here.
- Okay.
That's too much.
When Hi, Dad.
Yes, it's fine.
We are doing homework.
Or Mom's doing it for me.
Ask him where he is.
We got pizza and coke.
He's on a playdate.
Katrine Fønsmark here to meet Kasper Juul.
- Yes, go right ahead.
- Thank you.
- Bye.
See you.
- Bye.
My boss thinks I should use my personal relationship with you in a professional context.
Then we better stick to that.
Do you want coffee? - A glass of water, please.
- Right.
You can have your interview with the prime minister after all.
Oh? Why? Because Birgitte Nyborg has decided on total transparency from now on.
As a principle.
So we are putting all calendars, trips, meetings and so on out on the web.
That will be a logistical hell.
Thorsen really made life tough for Birgitte Nyborg, huh? She must be under heavy pressure to suggest that.
- Didn't you watch the news today? - I did it.
Yvonne Kjær clearly stated that government is not under pressure.
We enjoy general confidence in parliament.
The plan is to let everyone see what goes on in the ministries, so And Birgitte wants to talk about that in the interview? What about Thorsen? I don't think the prime minister has any more to add to what the defense minister said.
I figured there was a "but.
" You get your interview.
The prime minister gets the chance to explain our new openness, exclusively.
There aren't many "buts" in that, except the "but" in front of the sentence We could give the interview to someone else.
- Hi, Bent.
- Hello, Laura.
Thank you for coming out here, Bent.
I can't really leave the kids alone.
- You'd like some coffee, right? - Yes, please.
Well, like I said, I intend to go on the news tomorrow to present my proposal for new transparency in the government.
- I've sent out the mails.
- Oh, I know.
All the ministers blew up.
Me included.
What's happening, Birgitte? The journalists are standing in line to dig up dirt.
- We can't take it - That's not what I mean.
What's happening with you and your family? And where is Phillip? Listen, we can't take it, could you please help making the other ministers understand? - Where is Phillip? - I don't know, Bent.
I keep calling him.
He won't pick up.
I also called our friends, who might now, but nobody has seen him.
Don't do that, I'll just start crying.
I had to ask him to resign his position.
He was really excited about that job.
It's a terrible contradiction.
In Parliament, we fight for the modern family.
Where both Mom and Dad can work.
But marriages only last at Borgen if the spouse stays at home.
Does he have another woman? No.
Laura, I have to go to Borgen for a short meeting.
I'll be right back.
Could you watch Magnus? Yes.
- Great.
Call me, if there is anything.
- Yes.
Good night.
Hi, Freja.
- Hi - Can I come in? - Uh - Thank you.
What's going on? I'm sorry, I thought I am terribly sorry.
Mom, it's late.
It's time to get up.
I'll be right there.
I'm out of clean underwear, and I can't find Magnus' swimming trunks.
Trunks? Why does he need swimming trunks? - It's Friday, he's got swimming lessons.
- I'll think of something.
We are out of milk.
Mom, when is Dad coming home? Good morning, Kasper.
Good morning, Birgitte, are you on your way? No, we are eating breakfast.
All right, you are going on TV1 News tonight at 8.
30 p.
It's all in motion.
- You must appear - Of course, I'm there in 30 minutes, - and then we can discuss it.
- Good.
- All right, bye.
- Bye.
Magnus! Get up! The interview with the prime minister is our top story.
- And all questions are cleared? - Yes.
Have you seen the press release about Phillip Christensen not being CEO at Via Electronics after all? I read it, and we are not asking about it.
I promised we'd only discuss her new plans for transparency, that's it.
And do you know that the research department found out that Via Electronics delivered hardware to the Defender for a tiny sum? Yes.
It looks like Birgitte Nyborg's proposal about complete transparency will hurt her own husband.
And what's the story? It's interesting to discuss the personal consequences that politicians face.
You have to ask the prime minister's office about personal questions.
And we need to know before the editorial meeting at one p.
- I'm calling now.
- Good.
I won't talk about my personal life, Kasper.
It's not necessarily a bad idea to give this a more personal angle.
Didn't you hear me? Yes.
Is everything okay? - Katrine.
- Yes.
Listen, I just spoke with Kasper Juul regarding the interview with the prime minister, and we agreed there would be no private questions.
Why did you speak with Kasper? Because it is important for the prime minister that we focus in the interview, and Kasper just wanted to stress that.
So he called the little girl's boss? - You could say that.
- Doesn't that tell you - we are on to something? - Yes.
But a deal is a deal.
No private talk.
But it's not private, Torben.
That's the point! The government's transparency is a professional, political decision, which besides being a big diversion from Thorson's fuck-up, makes it impossible for Nyborg's husband to keep his job.
That is interesting.
Not only does the minister of defense not have to clean up after himself, his mess also has consequences for the prime minister's husband.
That's fine.
A very skilled analysis there.
- But where are you going with this? - I want this case back on topic! The minister of defense, who just spent 130 billion - of the taxpayers' money, is corrupt.
- It won't go anywhere.
I want Birgitte Nyborg to admit that the transparency is a diversion and ask her if her husband is paying a fair price to save the government.
There will be no private questions! And as your boss, I have decided that in this case, we don't want to fight the prime minister.
The story is not worth it.
And she's shut down the story.
If he hadn't quit, you could have fired away, but that's not the case.
I disagree strongly with your assessment.
You're welcome to do so.
I have here an e-mail confirming our appointment with the prime minister.
Take a look and if you still have doubts, just yell out.
We are used to that.
All right, Kasper.
Christian is coming to get you.
See you soon.
- Remember to take your shoes off.
- Leave me alone! - You're not my mom.
- Just take them off.
Hey, hey, hey.
Be nice to each other.
Listen, I'm going on the news tonight, so Trine will come and make dinner.
- but I won't be late - Hi, kids! - Hi, Dad! - Hi, kids! Did you miss me? What do you think? Hello, my beauty.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Look, could you run up to Laura's room and play? I need to talk to Mom.
- No - Yes.
- Come on, Magnus.
- It won't be long.
Where have you been? Why the hell didn't you call? I left you so many messages.
I spoke with Freja.
You're lucky she's not the type to tattle to the press.
- Yes, I know.
- Yeah.
But I was scared, Phillip.
You can't just disappear for several days without letting me know.
That makes me scared! I get scared, and I start thinking.
And then I thought that perhaps you were with her.
I was.
I was so insanely mad at you.
And your fucking job.
 I mean, I I just wanted to destroy something, and - Birgitte - Don't! Damn it, what happened? Are you hurt? Mom, what happened? - I fell over my bag.
- Uh I'm so clumsy.
I'm going to wash this.
It's okay.
I was just startled, honey.
Come, let's get some tea.
Are you hungry? So, are we ready for the news? Wait.
Wait a minute.
- Should we call and cancel? - No, Kasper.
We can't.
What the hell happened? You'll think of something.
Hi, Torben, it's Kasper Juul.
Listen the prime minister fell during a workout, so we need your best makeup artist if this interview is going to happen.
And discreetly, please.
All right, bye.
- Are you okay? - No.
- I have to ask, if you can do this - I'll handle it, Kasper.
All right, let's go.
Good evening and welcome to TV1 News on this Friday, September 2nd, - where Prime Minister Birgitte Nyborg - Can you hide it? I can't hide it completely, but it's going to look great.
Later, the prime minister - Come in.
- Yes.
Could you make sure they only film the prime minister from the right side? Yes, I'll talk with Dan and the cameramen about it.
- And only you come in here.
- Yes, of course.
Do you copy, one and three? - We only film her right side, right? - One and three, stick to the deal.
Katrine, you have to switch places for this interview.
- Hi.
- Welcome.
- Thanks for coming.
- Thank you.
- Katrine, four seconds.
- Four seconds.
Two one and go.
In the studio, I have prime minister Birgitte Nyborg Christensen.
- Welcome.
- Thank you.
Zoom out a little.
Don't get too close.
We must be sure not to see it.
cards on the table.
Calendars, trips, list of gifts and more are put online.
Why do you feel it necessary with this transparency now? Because I believe we politicians have a responsibility toward our voters.
And we must never wind up losing their trust.
The initiative for greater transparency has been a long time coming.
The defense minister's trips and the rumors of corruption have made it necessary to expedite the process.
But does this mean that the scandal will have no consequences for the defense minister? I consider his actions as minor mistakes, for which he apologized.
We have broad support in the Parliament behind the defense minister, so I don't see any reason for me to do more.
Could you say that all other ministers now must pay for Hans Christian Thorsen's minor mistake, as you called it? Since everyone will look over their shoulder from now on.
No, this is not about anybody paying.
Nobody is getting punished.
This is about giving the people insight into the politicians' doings.
That only seems fair.
And this government has nothing to hide.
Katrine, wrap up and move on.
Birgitte Nyborg, yesterday a press release from Via Electronics said that your husband Phillip Christensen is resigning - his position as European CEO.
- What is she doing? - Is that true? - Yes, that is correct.
- Why is she doing that? - Katrine, stop this, right now! That's a breach of agreement! Sorry, we have technical problems.
What the hell is she doing? Two is on and be ready for anything.
Her earpiece is out.
Would your husband have resigned if the minister of defense's actions hadn't forced you to expedite this transparency? And could you say that your husband has paid a very high price for Hans Christian Thorsen's minor mistake? The consequences of the decisions that my government and I make naturally reach into my own life, as it reaches into the lives of all other Danes.
That's how it is.
And it should be like that.
Me, my children and my husband are not above the citizens of this country.
My husband took the decision to resign on his own as soon as it became clear that the Defender would be the new plane.
And I'm extremely grateful for that.
That I can count on him.
- She is good.
- Also when it comes to giving up on something that you are very happy about.
I'm deeply grateful for that.
But would he have made the decision if your doctrine hadn't been expedited? Yes, it has nothing to do with that.
It's about the fact that my husband can't profit economically from my policies.
As long as he's married to me anyway.
- Thank you.
- Thanks.
And now it's time for the weather.
Standby, weather.
Camera four.
One segment.
One is on.
Who the fuck do you think you are? What do you mean? You took out your earpiece while I was talking! Have you gone insane? I took it out, because I could hear my echo.
You know that's annoying.
Oh, shut up! Your echo? Wasn't that a good interview? This is about something different.
You didn't stick to our agreement.
There will certainly be a complaint from the prime minister on the boss's desk tomorrow, and you know what, girl? I'm not taking any more bullets for you! I'm done! - Listen - No, you listen here! You have four weeks of vacation.
Go clear your desk and go on vacation and I will call you.
You can spend your vacation pondering if you want to be on this team! I'm really sorry that you got that question.
But you should know that you were absolutely fantastic.
What you said hit home.
That's great, Kasper.
 See you tomorrow.
See you tomorrow.
CALL BEFORE YOU COME HOME I'd like to go home now, thank you.
I spoke with the kids, and they are sleeping now.
That's good.
- It wasn't visible on TV, right? - No, no, not at all.
I'm really sorry about what happened.
I'm coming home now.
We can talk properly then.
We have to find some kind of solution.
With you as leader of negotiations, right? Stop it, Phillip.
I think that the kids expect one of us to be here when they wake up.
So if you want to come home, then I'll go sleep at a friend's place.
What? Why won't you talk to me? Because we don't talk, Birgitte.
That's something we used to do.
I'll sleep here.
Christian, change of plans.
I'm not going home after all.
Do you want to go back to the prime minister's office? No drive me to Marienborg.

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