Borgen (2010) s02e04 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 4

1 I've met a woman.
Me and Cecilie cooked up a Mexican dinner.
She's really nice.
Katrine, meet Mikkel.
Our new photographer trainee coming with us to the seminar.
- It'll be fun.
- Yes.
Are you sure you want to move in with me? I'm your chairman, damn it! If you ask me, Höxenhaven's ambitions outweigh his loyalty to the party.
A few minutes ago, Bjørn Marrot resigned as chairman of the Worker's Party.
The parliamentary group has elected Troels Höxenhaven as chairman.
"If an injury is to be done to a man, it should be so severe that his vengeance need not be feared.
" - MACHIAVELLI - Congratulations, Troels.
- Thank you.
- Congratulations, Troels.
- Congratulations.
- Congratulations.
- Thank you.
Since last Sunday, when Troels Höxenhaven was elected chairman of the Worker's Party, he's been swimming in adulation from the party and its closest allies.
Also his succession to the post as foreign minister after Bjørn Marrot's exit from politics has been well-received.
The Worker's Party is obviously benefiting from the change in leadership.
The voters have responded with the most favorable polls in five years.
Worst case scenario, he'll demand more ministries.
He's definitely going to use the polls.
Nothing's changed for now.
They chose to elect a new chairman.
It doesn't concern the government.
I think you should downplay any significance.
He'll be here in two minutes.
Do I look tired? No.
Having trouble sleeping lately? Congratulate him on his election and be relaxed and casual.
I'll be busy at my desk, when he gets here.
So even though the polls speak clearly, I have no wish to rock the boat.
As long as we can run the show as partners.
Of course.
Providing one of the partners is the boss.
Of course.
Well, congratulations once again, Troels.
- I think you'll be an asset to the party.
- Thank you.
Yes? TV1 wants to interview you tonight about the Danish ship hijacked off the coast of Somalia.
- Okay.
- Shouldn't I handle that? I'm foreign minister, and surely this is my department.
Well, we handle a lot of this even though it is foreign policy.
Sure, but Okay, if you really want to.
No, maybe it's a good idea.
Go ahead, Troels.
- Höx leads by one goal.
- Yes.
EPISODE 14 RISE TO BATTLE You're in for a treat.
I had to read the entire pile, but then it got to me.
- So, you've read it all? - Yes.
There's even a Donald Duck comic.
Thanks, Kim.
Have a nice day.
You too.
Good morning, Jytte.
Legislative subcommittee at 11:15 p.
, meeting with the interior minister is now a lunch at 12.
And the minister of traffic at 2:15 p.
The relevant papers are in the files.
Each with its own colour code.
- Thanks, Jytte.
- Good morning.
Good morning.
Jytte is efficient.
The permanent secretary at the foreign ministry told me, they very much want to take over the Brazil state visit.
Perhaps that's good.
I'm pretty busy in March and April anyway.
Bjørn Marrot was a weak leader.
Höxenhaven is not.
Niels Erik, do I detect a wish for a little territory marking regarding the foreign ministry? Good morning.
At 5 a.
Danish cargo ship the 'Fionia' was hijacked in the Gulf of Aden off the coast of Somalia.
It is the 120th hijacking this year alone.
The Danish crew of nine are held hostage by the pirates.
When are they releasing the names of the hostages? Okay, let's talk to their families.
there are about 1,000 active pirates in Somalia Perfect.
I'll call you back.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- I had a great night.
- Me too.
I think it was pretty incredible, what happened at Helenekilde.
But it's made me a little confused.
- With Lotte and - Of course.
It got me a little confused too.
We were drunk, and it was stupid, but we know we're not going there, so let's just leave it at that.
But we were pretty good at it.
But it's the highway to hell, and we don't want to go there again.
I didn't think it was the highway to hell.
You did.
What? I think we're great together.
You never told me why we had to split up.
What are you talking about? You know exactly why.
You insist on keeping secrets from me.
Must we bare all about ourselves to be happy? - You lied to me all the time! - Not about the important stuff.
But you alone decided what was important, so it was you I refuse to have this conversation with you again.
It will never change.
I don't want this.
Go away! - No.
What don't you want? - Go away! What don't you want? - I won't talk to you.
Go away! - Tell me, damn it! Because if anyone's a liar here, it's you! Kasper This doesn't change a thing.
Troels Höxenhaven was without a doubt the talk of the town last week.
What happened, Torben Friis? What's happened is, that the Worker's Party under Höxenhaven is dusting itself off, so to speak.
He has a strong impact, and seems like a man of our time.
People talk about "The Höxenhaven effect.
" Exactly, and - Kasper hasn't come in yet? - No, not yet.
He's on his way.
a foreign minister who comments on this issue with pirates in a very well-founded and credible way.
Sorry I'm late.
Lot's of traffic.
Did you see this? You bet.
The Höxenhaven Effect.
We need to strengthen your leadership profile in the press.
And I've thought of how to do it, which is to use the hijacking.
- The hijacking in Somalia? - Yes.
It's an emotionally charged case.
It's making all the headlines right now, and it speaks clearly to people.
So claim ownership of it and tell Höx to fuck off.
- Are you a little grumpy this morning? - Yes.
- The prime minister is ready to act? - Yes.
I'll suggest the international community to host a conference to discuss the major issue of piracy.
But a solution demands a great joint effort of a humanitarian, political, and military nature.
You'll ask your foreign minister to propose such a conference? No, I'll handle it myself.
As per tradition, the heaviest parts of foreign policy is handled by the prime minister.
So Bjørn Marrot's resignation won't change that? - I see no reason why it should.
- Thank you.
- I thought you said you'd be here soon? - I know, sorry.
Who is he? Why, what have we here? Well, if it isn't two men getting to know each other.
Now, wait a minute! Don't we know that guy from somewhere? - It is Troels Höxenhaven.
- Right you are! He must be gay then.
Bloody hell! Where did you get them? They were sent to us anonymously.
Somebody doesn't like the guy.
Or they think we deserve a scoop.
I suggest that Palle and William take over the pirates and you start on this, Katrine, and you edit it, Hanne.
Deal? Great, girls.
Get to work.
There we go! - Michael, have you got a minute? - Sure.
We thought we'd discuss with you the angle of the Höxenhaven story.
The angle is that Denmark's new foreign minister gets blowjobs from young men.
We can't build a front page story on accusing him of being gay in this day and age.
This isn't about being gay.
- What then? - A man who's been living a double life.
Höxenhaven has been happily married for 17 years.
If a man lies and deceives at home every day, can we trust him to tell the truth at his job as minister? So our excuse is branding him a potential fraud? There have been plenty of examples of Höxenhaven's flawed morals.
How so? The bugging of Solidarity Union when he was justice minister.
Just one question, Michael.
Would you have run the same amount of press on him, if he was a regular ladies' man like you, and had banged his secretary.
I've never banged my secretary.
- Seriously - Or did I? Never mind.
Look, I love the input from you guys, but get cracking on this.
Can't William and Palle write it and we'll take the piracy story? - Hey, I mean it.
- So do I, Katrine.
I pay you handsomely to be this paper's famous reporter on high profile cases.
This will be Katrine Fønsmark's expose on the foreign minister.
We're going to cause one hell of a stir.
Then there's Christmas.
You could have them the week up to Christmas until the 25th, I'll have them the rest of the vacation.
I might want some days off with them too.
Sure, I just want them four days in a row.
Cecilie's parents have a house in Nøddebo, and we'd like to go visit them.
In Nøddebo? Promise me it's not a rectory.
I'm off, kids.
I'm picking you up early tomorrow.
- Okay.
- Bye.
Birgitte Won't you meet her soon? She's part of my life now.
And the kids' lives.
Still, we don't have to plan it, do we? I'll meet her when I meet her.
Right? Sure Sure.
- Bye.
- Bye.
The story about the hijacked ship is now a government matter.
Today, the prime minister proposed an international conference on the issue and foreign minister Höxenhaven went even further and met with the sailors' families.
Troels Höxenhaven, how was it to meet the families of the captive sailors.
It has made a strong personal impression hearing about the sailors' situation.
I just spoke with Jonas and Emilie, and they were of course very concerned about their dad.
- Are you considering doing something? - How can I not? He's a pretty cool dude, huh? Nice of him to help them.
- Hey, gorgeous.
- Hi.
What are you doing here? I just felt like it's been a while.
I know and I've felt really bad about it.
- But this hijacking in Somalia - Sweetie.
You get up at 6:30 and come home at 2 in the morning.
Our last dinner together was ten days ago.
Lotte, I You don't want this.
- Yes, I do.
- Or you can't, or you don't have time, or what the hell do I know But tell me, Kasper.
I'm seeing someone else.
And her name is Birgitte Nyborg.
Lotte, this is the biggest challenge I've ever faced.
And I don't know what else to do, because if I don't give it my all, I shouldn't do it at all.
And what do you do when you want to be a good boyfriend but you've spent all of yourself and time just flies by.
Then what? Lotte Lotte There now There, there I'll be there soon, but call the foreign minister now and tell him I want to see him before the meeting of ministers.
Laura, please get the door! He'll just have to come ten minutes before the other ministers.
He should be able to do that.
What? Anders? I'll call you back later.
You can just come in.
Hello? Hi, Dad.
Hi, sweetie.
- Hi.
- Cecilie.
- Nice to meet you.
- You too.
Right, Magnus, grab your bag.
I'm thirsty.
Thirsty? Then let's get you some water.
The sink's clogged, so Oh, right - Phillip says you're a pediatrician.
- Yes.
That must be rewarding to be.
It is.
Where do you work? Pediatrics at Rigshospitalet.
- Oh, okay.
- Yes.
Probably not as exciting a job as yours.
Oh, I don't know Well, then We should meet some time next week.
I think that's a great idea.
Let's get going.
- It was good to meet you.
- You too.
- Bye.
Have a nice day.
Bye, honey.
- Let's go.
I had a group meeting.
Troels, when I've just announced we'll seek a solution to the hijacking in the Gulf of Aden internationally then that's our position.
Then you don't seek out the sailors' families and promise to intervene, because you won't.
Why not? Piracy is a foreign policy issue.
I'm the foreign minister.
You hold the government responsible for the fate of Danish ships.
And we aren't.
The shipping companies are.
You want foreign ministry officials to negotiate with Somali pirates? No way.
Absolutely not.
And you can refer the press to me in the future.
Are you muzzling me regarding the hostages? Yes, Troels.
I am.
Because I set the course.
Yes? The ministers are here.
- Fine.
Show them in.
- Okay.
He wants to do a theme on concealed homosexuality.
I'm having people from the community in Ekspres TV.
He wants my feminine angle on it, so people don't see through his homophobia.
Do it your own way.
Everyone will think I'm out to get Höx.
He's your boss.
You're a well-paid employee enjoying privileges that no one on the paper has.
I won't feel sorry for you.
Okay, look.
Look at the room.
It looks like this was taken at the government seminar.
And look here.
The file numbers from the camera.
546, 563, 582, 599.
The lowest number is 46, the highest is 99.
They took 53 pictures.
Why didn't we get the others? What's on them that we can't see? I guess these were the four pictures selected by the photo guys.
No, I spoke to them.
Laugesen selected them.
They complained because they thought these four were technically bad.
But he insisted that these were the best.
But it's Hoffmann's job to edit and select photos.
I know.
I just figured that if you had Michael's password I could check it.
Have you gone mad? I don't have his bloody password.
You're heading for trouble, my girl.
But you're right.
I have a meeting with Laugesen in Graphics at 3:30 p.
It takes half an hour, he won't be in his office.
He usually never turns off his computer.
It locks after two minutes, so you need to move fast.
I pay you to write the paper, not to read it.
The government's mandate is the same as before the change of chairman at the Worker's Party.
Yes, Ruben? Ritzau reports that negotiations with the hostage takers in Somalia have hit a wall.
Does the prime minister have a comment? Absolutely not.
Negotiations with the hostage takers lies with the shipping company.
Is that the position of the entire government? Of course.
 Thank you.
- Why do we have to meet here? - I found something.
Who's this? What the hell? Isn't that the trainee photographer you brought to the seminar? Mikkel.
The pictures were taken there.
I think Laugesen set it up from the start.
- Maybe it's a coincidence.
- Knowing Laugesen, you think so? Bloody hell! Laugesen set a trap for the country's foreign minister to expose him as gay.
What do I do? Should I confront him? Michael will claim Höx just happened to bed the trainee.
He's not a trainee.
I spoke with all the photographers.
No one knows him.
He's the key.
Find him.
I doubt Laugesen will give me his number.
He's got a face.
So we'll find him.
This bloody stinks! Hi, honey.
Why are you here? I just forgot something.
Oh? Magnus? Hi.
I'm sorry.
Magnus was sure you weren't home now.
I brought my work home, so I didn't have to stay at the office.
He just wanted me to see his room.
He couldn't handle the next three days without his PSP.
Actually, we've agreed Magnus can't play video games on weekday.
He can't balance school and homework when he does.
I didn't know.
We just need to be on the same page.
It won't do for me to say one thing and you and Phillip or for you to say another.
Yes, sure.
I just didn't know that Magnus Well, it's not your responsibility, and I don't know how I didn't know that Phillip Maybe you should talk about it, then you and Phillip, so If you're in charge of the kids now and then I'm doing my best.
We all are.
Kasper Juul, ASAP.
Yes, one moment.
Your prime minister has a reputation for working late so I was hoping for a quick comment.
She left.
A comment on what? On the piracy affair.
The government has said all needed to be said on that.
Slept during the press conference, Simon? Well, the foreign minister will gladly comment.
We're interviewing him live tonight.
I sincerely doubt that.
Oh? I guess it must have been a lookalike I saw getting ready in make-up.
I guess so.
Have a nice evening.
You, too.
BIRGITTE NYBORG MUTE - We're on in 20 seconds.
- Okay.
Many international negotiation companies are paid according to how low they can negotiate the ransom.
That's a grotesque situation.
Just to save money.
That's hard to explain to a little boy who's dad sits in a cargohold with a machine gun pointed at him.
If it were up to me, I'd involve the authorities right away.
But, Troels Höxenhaven, are you on line with the prime minister on this? She's refused to intervene.
I must also stress that I'm only speaking as chairman of the Worker's Party.
And only because I was approached by the Sailor's Union.
I've bloody had it! You can't have a foreign minister who disobeys a direct order from the prime minister.
You can't! This is the second time that Höxenhaven, in his career as minister, brazenly disobeys a direct order.
But he's also vice-prime minister and leader of the biggest party.
You risk blowing up the government for something that's not even our resort.
I should have fired him on the bugging case.
It was best not to then.
- But I should have fired him! - Yes, you should have! But you talked me out of it! You and Sejrø! My husband has met someone.
The kids love her.
She's really nice and means well.
Is that a problem? Yes, Kasper! It's a problem.
She's a pediatrician.
She cooks Mexican food.
They have a great time.
It's a huge problem.
I'm not big on personal advice and stuff like that Nobody's personal life is more fucked up than mine, but if I may Give me a really lousy piece of advice? Go ahead.
All I want to say to you is It's not like you to give up without a fight.
Troels, I sympathize with your involvement in the situation in Somalia.
But as a skilled politician you surely see that the government's credibility is threatened, when the prime minister and the foreign minister differ in public.
Right, but Let me finish.
I cannot stress enough that our professional relation will be greatly strained if the course I set isn't supported by you.
It was never my intention to oppose your or our position.
And as I said clearly in the interview, I spoke as leader of the Worker's Party.
- The Sailor's Union - Stop, Troels.
You are foreign minister.
You always speak as the foreign minister.
And I hope you see it may be difficult for you to keep that position if you insist on disobeying my direct orders.
I see your point.
But I have no desire to be foreign minister forever.
The Worker's Party is bigger now than it's been the last 15 years.
36% of the voters would vote for us, if we had an election now.
That's a fact.
And it's a fact that your poll numbers are dwindling, constantly.
And we both know it was only because Laugesen made a stupid mistake that the Moderates even came near leading the government.
From my point of view it is inevitable that we will regain our historical position as leaders of the Danish society.
What are you trying to say, Troels? That I want to be prime minister.
We couldn't we just meet at the paper? No, we're investigating our own editor-in-chief.
I have something that will interest you.
I've managed to find someone who has seen your trainee somewhere.
This is from a gay escort website.
- His stage name is Daniel.
- Bloody hell! Got any plans today? I have a press briefing at the prime minister's office.
It ends at 2 p.
Because I've asked our hot young stud to be at this address at 3 p.
He's ours for two hours.
Where are the others? Nobody else is coming.
Didn't you call this press conference? Yes but I only summoned you, because this is only about you.
Our mode of communication has to change.
And I think it's best if we don't see each other.
I won't drop by anymore, of course, and if I contact you it will only be through official mails only.
If I need to contact someone personally at your paper going forward I'll ask for Peter Rørdal or Hanne Holm.
- Kasper - It's for the best, Katrine.
Are you punishing me because we slept together? Am I punishing you? You sure as hell are.
It will make my work difficult, if you deny me access to you.
You'll live.
I want to save my relationship.
Anything wrong? No.
Hi Did you call me? Yes.
It must be a misunderstanding.
I only do guys, so No, we just want to talk.
And we'll pay, of course.
Come inside.
- Come on.
- Okay.
I don't want to.
Unless you want to be on the front page tomorrow, you should stay.
Sit down, Mikkel or Daniel or whatever.
You just have to tell us who hired you to seduce Troels Höxenhaven.
Then you can go.
I was promised my face wouldn't be shown.
- We didn't promise anything.
- It won't.
Just answer a few simple questions.
Who got you into that government seminar? - Hi.
- Hi.
- Glad you could make it.
- Yes, thank you.
There's always the kids, picking them up and practical stuff - So I thought I could be just us - It's fine.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
Well She seems like a great girl, Cecilie.
Yeah Yes.
But Phillip, do you realize Have you Do you know what you're leaving? - Birgitte - Please let me finish.
As I see it I think we're going through a very difficult time.
We can't be together right now.
That's clear.
We can't handle this situation.
It won't work.
But all that will change.
We're We are going to grow old together, Phillip.
I can't I don't understand What kind of reality are you living in? Huh? You and I We've been apart for over a year now.
Haven't we? We split up, Birgitte.
We're divorced.
No, look I think I'd better go.
Hi, Birgitte.
I'm sending over some notes from the permanent secretary on the Somalia case.
How did your meeting with Höx go? Fine.
I guess you didn't fire him then.
Good night, Kasper.
Good evening.
I have some files for you from the ministry.
More work? Well, that's fucking great.
What is it? I don't know.
Definitely some mail.
But Jytte, she - said it could wait until tomorrow.
- I doubt it.
Where should I put it? I don't know.
Where do you think? If you have to bring it back How long do you have I mean, how long is your shift or whatever? I'm at your service, as long as you need me.
Great, Kim.
You sure are dedicated.
Yes, excuse me Want some? No thanks.
A cup of water maybe.
Help yourself.
Yeah - Did you try to fix it? - Yes, I did It It can't be done.
Can I try? Sure.
I bet the sink trap needs emptying.
The sink trap so needs emptying.
Here it is.
It gathers here.
But you can get a self-cleaning one.
Kim, you're a great driver.
- You're a good prime minister.
- Thanks.
Come and have a look Then All the bits and pieces that go down the drain are collected in this trap.
- Oh! - You tighten this.
It should be pretty easy to do.
- No, we'd better - Yeah - Right? - Sure.
Thanks for helping me out.
You have several options.
One: Write it as per Laugesen's instructions.
I bloody can't, Hanne! Must you always be a goody two-shoes? Option number two: We go to Laugesen, tell him all we know, and try to make him drop the story.
- Would he do that? - No.
Third option? We call Ekstrabladet and give them the story on Laugesen's dirty dealings and file a complaint against our boss.
That would be cowardly.
Besides, we lack strong evidence.
Our rent boy won't come forward.
So the only thing, we can say for certain, is it's not certain that either of us have a job tomorrow evening.
Cheers for that certainty.
Hey, I can't walk straight.
You should've thought twice before you started drinking with an alcoholic.
Good morning.
Good morning.
Good morning, Birgitte.
Good morning, Kasper Could you please come and pick me up? Listen, I'm already at the office, and I have a meeting in 15 minutes with three political editors.
I'll send Kim.
No, that's not a good idea.
Why not? Because I wound up sleeping with him last night.
- I'll be right over.
- Great.
But why the driver? It seemed like a great idea last night.
I know those nights all too well.
I'll handle it.
Höx wants to be prime minister.
Now? - That's a declaration of war.
- Yes.
Should we talk with the Worker's Party or call an election? - What do you want? - What do you think? To crush him.
Then do it.
Look, we still have the upper hand.
The Worker's Party is in power for the first time in eight years.
It would be foolish of them to break up the government now.
They still need to show their worth.
You think Höx's threat about pulling out is a bluff? What do we do? We push on.
We do everything to heighten the Moderates' profile.
Then we'll call an election when the polls favour us.
Will you drive me to work? If you promise to keep your hands off.
No way! What did he do afterwards? Tommy, I have to go.
I've got two angry blondes in my office.
Not a chance.
This looks serious.
We know Höxenhaven was framed.
And that you set it up.
You used a rent boy as bait.
I won't even mention how appalling I find your journalistic methods, Michael, and I assume we're going to drop the story now? Well, kudos for your investigative journalism.
Great job, girls.
- So you admit it? - Yes, of course.
But it's not the first or last time Ekspres resorts to methods like that.
And they are justified.
- Since it's a matter of national security.
- National security? Yes.
A minister with that big a secret is an obvious target for blackmail.
What if a foreign intelligence or terrorists got wind of his secret and took advantage of it? It's our bloody duty to reveal such things.
That's an absurd argument.
It's not our duty to smear a minister to keep him from being blackmailed.
If you seriously think you can blackmail a man for being gay in Denmark today, you're dumber than I thought.
Maybe so, Katrine, but the day has only started, and that story won't write itself.
You go and turn your fucking computer on now.
Katrine is not going to write it.
Then you write it, Hanne.
That's an order.
Period! Get to work! You know what, Michael? Get someone else to write your shitty little story, and cram all your other stories where the sun doesn't shine! Hanne, Katrine will find a new job with her pretty face.
But it's pretty fucking brave when a washed-out old drunk like you quits this well-paying a job! Have fun on welfare! Birgitte, I've called you several times this morning.
I've taken the liberty of calling an urgent meeting of the security commission.
on a request from the ministry of defense.
- What about? When? - The piracy case.
- But that was two minutes ago.
- Yes.
Who's there? The minister of defense, his secretary and a naval commander.
- And the foreign minister? - Him, too.
The cargo boat has been spotted near the pirate village of Eyl off the Somali coast.
It's being guarded by a group of third-rate pirates who chew on khat, are very young and seem completely inexperienced.
Several have been seen drunk on the deck.
Thank you, Jespersen.
The Danish frigate Willemoes happens to be 150 nautical miles away, tasked with fighting pirates and with a team of Royal Danish Navy Frogmen on board.
What is the risk assessment, should we choose a military solution? It's our assessment that the frogmen can board the ship at minimum risk and eliminate the pirates.
And the captured sailors? We assume they're all on board.
It sounds like the military has a foot on it.
I've contacted Denmark's coalition partners in the Gulf of Aden.
It's all very well that the foreign minister is ready to go to war, but I'd like to remind you that we make the final decision here.
Just remember every minute counts for the captured sailors.
Is the prime minister afraid of taking responsibility for the decision? Yes, Troels, I'm afraid, when I'm sending soldiers, and both they and the hostages could die.
Anyone with ambitions of taking over my job should be.
I want the navy to confirm that all the sailors are aboard the ship.
It would be a disaster if we attacked only to discover the pirates took one or more hostages ashore.
I'll decide when I know the premise.
I can have it confirmed today.
- Then let's reconvene at 8 p.
- Yes.
- Hi.
- You wanted to talk to me? Kim you know when you've screwed up at the Christmas party? How a moment's weakness may have regrettable implications? Sure.
- We all do.
- Exactly.
Even the prime minister.
What happened last night was the prime minister's Christmas party.
You know the prime minister needs to make crucial decisions on a daily basis, so the prime minister's transport from A to B can't become an awkward problem.
You don't have to say anymore.
I understand.
Then you'll understand why you're no longer the prime minister's driver.
You'll be transferred to another ministry immediately.
Yes, off course.
Please give her my best.
I glad you're taking it this way.
This is yours, I believe.
You still need to look presentable.
- Hi, Troels.
- Hi, Michael.
Well? Sorry, I'm in a hurry.
Don't worry.
I'll be brief.
Congratulations on making foreign minister, by the way.
But something tells me that your ambitions reach higher than that.
My ambitions are not much different than yours were as a politician.
But thanks to you I no longer am.
Imagine being such a coward that you topple your chairman by publishing Are we here to sling mud at each other? - Then go back to your tabloid.
- No, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Of course that's not why I came.
I'm really sorry.
No, I I'm here as a journalist asking for a comment.
A comment on what? Take a look at these.
We'd like to focus on the personal angle.
This is clearly a display of great love between two people.
Ekspres is going to publish these photos within the next 48 hours.
It will probably be on the front page.
But I'd be thrilled to hear what it's been like to live as a homosexual for 16 years, Troels, without your wife and kids knowing anything? I'm doing this since we're old pals.
I'm giving you a chance to tell this to the family at home.
But do call me.
Ekspres would love to hear your explanation for the pictures.
Take care, Troels.
Excuse me.
The foreign minister is here.
He says it's an urgent personal matter.
Birgitte, I need to talk to you.
It's very important.
Let me start, Troels.
I'm sorry about the hostile tone between us, but I really don't feel I have a choice, - when you always seek conflict.
- I'm sorry, Birgitte.
I'm afraid that I must inform you that I'm resigning.
I'm resigning as foreign minister.
What happened? Apparently, some pictures have been taken of me.
Some pictures that Michael Laugesen possesses and intends to publish in Ekspres.
I've been unfaithful to my wife.
And tomorrow I'm going to hold a press release I mean a press conference where I will announce my resignation as minister and as chairman of the Worker's Party.
Are you resigning as chairman and politician because of infidelity? Yes This isn't with a It was not with a woman that I was unfaithful.
It was with with a young man.
But Right now I'm just trying to I don't know, Birgitte.
I really just want to disappear right now.
Listen, Troels.
Many homosexual politicians have great careers.
You can turn this to your advantage.
But you have to take initiative and go public with it now.
Before Ekspres does.
I'll back you up all the way.
You're an extremely skilled politician.
If you spin this story offensively, you could come out looking like a pioneer.
Thank you.
That's very big of you, Birgitte.
Thank you.
Well, our meeting starts now.
Can I stay here for a while? Yes, of course.
The foreign minister isn't coming.
He's been held up by a personal matter.
Is it correct that navy command has gathered all the facts? Yes, all the hostages are aboard.
- Closely guarded? - No.
But I worry that the prime minister isn't ready to run the risk of a military operation.
Then you have no need to be concerned, Hans Christian.
I wish to send in the frogmen.
I see.
Monitor the operation closely and inform me of the result immediately.
Of course.
I let him stay here to collect himself after we spoke.
You were the last person to see him? Yes.
The pills were mine.
I keep an extra pack here for when I sleep over.
I'm being interviewed by the police in a minute.
Yes? The police are sure it was a suicide.
He found the pills in your bathroom.
Then he drove to Fælleden and took them.
He died around 2 a.
They're going to shut the case fast.
But they are kindly offering us the option that it wasn't your pills but his own, which would give us a lot less press.
I think that's a great offer, we should accept.
The world doesn't need to know the pills were yours.
I don't want to lie about it, but if no one asks, I see no reason to say anything.
Could we close it at that? TV1 wants to know when the conference starts.
Well, I don't know.
Have them check the website in an hour.
There's a reporter outside.
Not right now.
It's not that I won't respect your wishes, but I can only give this to you.
What's this? Important info about Höxenhaven's suicide.
You do realize Höxenhaven killed himself because of your story? No, it was Laugesen's story.
And he set the whole thing up.
All the relevant material is in there.
I thought you should know and use it.
Laugesen can't get away with this.
It's also why I don't work at Ekspres anymore.
I promise to stay away from now on.
Yes? Michael Laugesen is here.
Birgitte, it's been a long time.
- Michael, please sit down.
- Thanks.
It's not every day you have the minister for the press all to yourself.
- I'm going to be brief, Michael.
- Okay.
We've come across information proving your complicity in the death of Höxenhaven.
- Complicit? What are you talking about? - Please stop, Michael.
You deliberately framed Troels Höxenhaven driving him to suicide.
If this comes out, you're finished as chief editor, and you know it.
However, his family doesn't deserve to see him all over the tabloids.
So, I want to make you a much too generous offer.
There will be no exposing articles on the homosexual foreign minister from Ekspres.
Put a lid on the case.
Treat Troels with respect.
In return, I won't disclose what I know about your complicity in his death.
But in the future you should carefully consider the merit of your stories, when you try to smear my government.
If not, I won't hesitate revealing your methods as a journalist.
Sure, we can agree that we treat Höxenhaven with respect in Ekspres, since he's dead.
I find all this tragic, too.
But regarding your little threat I don't think I can take it seriously.
The story we would have written was journalism with merit.
A minister with such secrets is a sitting duck for blackmail.
Just like your own private life is a threat to national security.
What does that mean? I'm aware that your love life is on the rocks.
So, it's nice to be on intimate terms with one's driver.
I mean Kim Your former driver.
He really liked his job at the prime minister's office until his boss seduced and fired him.
I don't know what you mean.
Let's just say you leave your knives in the drawer.
And I'll do the same.
Today is a sad day.
The costs that come with a life in politics, the pressure and exposure facing a politician, and a minister more so today are heavy.
For Troels Höxenhaven they turned out to be too heavy.
Troels will be greatly missed.
He is a great loss for the government, the Worker's Party and for all of us who worked closely with him here at Borgen.
Troels Höxenhaven was an eminent politician, minister of justice, party chairman, and finally, foreign minister.
He played a major role in resolving the hostage case, leading to the rescue of the Danish sailors.

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