Borgen (2010) s02e05 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 5

1 How do you feel about meeting your dad's new girlfriend? - Are you okay? - Yes.
- Cecilie.
- Nice to meet you.
You too.
We're laying the groundwork for something that for once extends beyond our term.
It's called Our Common Future.
Laugesen set up this country's foreign minister.
Get someone else to write your shitty story.
Katrine will find a new job with her pretty face, but it's pretty fucking brave when you're a washed-out old drunk! Have fun on welfare! You don't want this, or you can't, or you don't have the time.
I want to save my relationship.
It's best if we don't see each other.
"Much that passes as idealism is disguised love of power.
" - BERTRAND RUSSEL It's tradition to lay a cornerstone when you build a house.
We find it a better symbol to plant a tree.
You see, the government has a great plan for Denmark that we want to grow into the new Danish welfare society.
It's called Our Common Future.
Our Common Future is about welfare.
It's about education, tax policy and environmental policy.
We need to work a little more, and a little longer, and we must educate our young people better.
We must compete on quality and creative know-how and take care of the environment.
Go the Common Future's website and learn how you can contribute to our future welfare state.
Our Common Future is our common responsibility.
Cut! Perfect.
Whose great idea was it to come out here? H.
, it's symbolic, okay? We're planting a tree and an idea in the hope that it'll branch out.
- Nobody plants trees in January.
- It's symbolism.
- Did my rubber boots show? - No.
Have a nice Sunday.
Birgitte, we should pass the bill with Solidarity Union.
No, we want a broad compromise, Amir.
In all modesty, Our Common Future is the most groundbreaking reform of the Danish welfare society we've seen in the past 20 years.
It's the most important issue of my term, so I want it to endure.
I agree, so let's pass it with the left-wing parties.
Is it fair than one half of the Danish people forces the other half based on a two-vote majority? Sure.
Isn't that what we call democracy? Or did I get something wrong? I have an important meeting now.
We'll talk.
- Talk to you later.
- Bye.
- Do you have a meeting today? - Yes.
I have a meeting at my office with the Liberals and the New Right in an hour.
If I close the deal with them, I have my broad compromise, and then we have an enduring deal.
- See you.
Have a nice Sunday.
- Sure.
What about the tree? What do I care? Dump it.
Nobody plants trees in January, do they? EPISODE 15 PLANT A TREE You know the level of ambition for the entire bill.
We'll start by closing the deal with a focus on climate and environment.
And the Worker's Party and the Green Party? I'm sounding out the field on behalf of the government.
The Danes are best off with a broad compromise.
You're too hard on trade and industry.
The industry is already struggling because of the crisis.
- Give them a break.
- And the farmers too.
Give industry and agriculture until 2025 to meet your CO2 emission and pesticide requirements.
That's a deferral of more than 10 years.
We can't agree to that.
But I assume we could discuss it, Birgitte? We can discuss everything.
- Then I hope you're not in a hurry.
- Oh, I'm not.
The government is hard at work on the environmental part of the bill called Our Common Future.
In principal they have a majority to pass it with Solidarity Union, and the Worker's Party, with their new chairman, H.
but sources in the government say that Birgitte Nyborg has approached the opposition, too.
And, political editor Torben Friis, why is Nyborg doing this, when she has a left-wing majority? Nyborg is a bridge builder, or she likes to think she is.
And these are quite massive reforms of the Danish society so she wants all of parliament on board.
But, Torben Friis, isn't she gambling with her support? I'm thinking here of of the Green Party, led by Amir Diwan, who are nowhere near Hesselboe's liberal ideas about the environment.
Yes, it could seem like it.
Haven't you gone to bed yet? No, I couldn't sleep.
Did you see Anne washed your clothes, and laid them on the stairs? So you're all ready for camp.
When is dad leaving for Boston? The day after tomorrow.
He's coming here for breakfast, before he leaves for the airport.
When are you going to pack? Hey, what's up? I don't want to go to camp.
- What? - I don't want to go.
Sure you do.
You're going to camp with your friends.
They're not my friends.
And I won't go.
Laura, sure they're your friends.
We'll pack tomorrow.
Now go to bed.
Amir, did you get the compromise draft? Good night.
- Did you read my draft? - Yes.
I'm aiming for a broad compromise, Amir.
I think we can get the support of the New Right and the Liberals.
This is a unique opportunity.
I was thinking that your ministry could present it.
Since your fingerprints are all over the deal, especially with climate and environment.
Please stop.
Look, this is not the issue here.
And please don't pretend this is the original package we're passing.
Because it isn't.
It's freezing.
Let's walk.
We had one of the most ambitious environmental policies in Europe.
What the hell happened? I can't find it in your draft.
We are in a global crisis, after all.
We can't work our way out of it and also hogtie the industry.
That's not what I'm saying, but that's no reason to let them steamroll on.
We're not, Amir.
We're proposing harsh regulations and introducing new green taxes.
But they've been completely watered down.
And you're going solo in your negotiations with the opposition.
I've been sounding out the field.
Amir, I want this deal to endure, no matter if we win the next election or not.
And that's great.
But the issue is there's not enough of our policy in what you've negotiated with the opposition.
No, Amir And regarding the environment It's simply become to slacked.
Sometimes politics is all about finding the best compromise.
But it's also about fighting for your ideals.
That's why we Look, I simply disagree with your wish to get the right wing's support.
It's your prerogative as the prime minister.
But it's also my prerogative as party chairman to say no.
That's all there is to say, so On these terms, the answer is no.
If you retract your offer to Hesselboe, he'll have a field day in the press indicating you're a weak leader.
Thanks, I am well aware.
Amir has good polls and is playing hardball.
I cannot grasp why he doesn't see the potential of a broad compromise.
Amir is a media darling.
The hunky, well-educated Muslim.
He was on the front page of Politiken last sunday.
He's without a doubt the minister who gets the best press.
He's a princess.
He's not a team player.
He only plays for himself.
Did you read they installed a water filter at the ministry for climate to fill their recycled bottles? Look, Kasper.
This is the most important thing I will ever achieve.
A huge welfare package comprising education, tax reform and green growth all in one.
Amir is in my government and won't even agree to the green growth because it gives the industry a tiny break.
- The guy's hypocrisy is amazing.
- What do you mean? You know, he has a passion for vintage cars.
He got an old Cadillac from the 50's shipped in from Cuba.
It makes a hell of a mess and runs What, 2-3 kilometers on the liter? Not very smart for a climate minister, right? Why hasn't anyone told me? I don't know.
I thought you knew.
He was in Metroman a few months ago and called the car his refuge.
- Why didn't the press latch on to it? - You know the press.
They forget stuff.
He's so popular, you know.
I won't go back to bloc politics.
I really believe in the compromise with the Liberals and the New right.
If Amir is the only obstacle, maybe he needs to be pushed a little.
You want to remind the press of his hypocrisy with the car? I want him back as a team player and not a solo rider.
If it's possible to make it hurt but not more than we can still reach out and save him.
Is that possible? Of course it is.
I'll leave it to you.
Katrine! - Hi Torben.
- Well, I must say - What the hell are you doing here? - I had some meetings.
I hear you're no longer with Ekspres.
They fired you? So that's the word? Is that what you said when I quit back in the day? Let me take a wild guess.
You came here for a job interview.
You're going to host the new hit show "Dance Dance Dance", or the new crime show or whatever.
You hold me in high regard.
I don't know how humble you've become, so It's my privilege not to continue this conversation.
See you.
Deep in the dark wood Was a little elf If you're lucky, you could See him wet himself Great! Looking for this? - How long will you be away? - Only a week, okay? - Remember to get me a Celtics cap.
- I will.
- Be careful crossing the street.
- Bye, sweetie.
- Right - Have a great trip.
Thank you.
Yes Perhaps I ought to tell you that Cecilie and I are looking at a house in Dragør we might be able to rent through a colleague of hers.
In the old part of Dragør? Yes, if everything falls into place.
Laura! I've been up there three times.
If you want to say goodbye to your dad, now's your last chance.
You don't have to shout.
- See you, sweetie.
- Yes.
- See you in a week.
- Yes.
What about breakfast? Do you You're not going to answer that.
- How is she doing? - She's fine.
She's just being a real teenager these days.
Look This is probably not the time, but Cecilie thinks Laura seems stressed and isolates herself, and that we should be mindful of her.
I just think she's being a teenager and is hard to figure out because of all the hormones.
I thought so too.
- Just thought I'd mention it.
- Sure.
Take care.
Have a good trip and tell Cecilie I said hi.
Come downstairs, young lady.
I dare say Our dear Amir is being halal slaughtered by TV1 down there.
I usually ride my bike in Copenhagen, and my ministry has a hydrogen car Just because you have a hydrogen car, doesn't change the fact that you own a gas-guzzler.
Like I was saying: Yes, I do have a Cadillac, but I keep it in the garage.
I drive it a couple of times a year, - A couple of hundred kilometers, max.
- Do you understand the voters Here is a picture of the Danish minister for climate and energy, who, in the name of the environment, has cost the average motorist a fortune in green taxes.
His vintage car just happens to be exempt from the green taxes that apply to everyone else's more eco-friendly cars.
Lars Hesselboe, any comment on Amir Diwan's Cadillac? I am, as is everyone, amazed at the hypocrisy of the climate and energy minister.
Politicians and ministers should always practice what they preach.
The climate and energy minister will have to defend himself.
The prime minister is not going to interfere in his personal matters.
Okay, bye.
I know about your strategy.
I just wanted to ask Didn't you get a bit more than you bargained for? Well, it is impossible to Sure.
It's impossible to predict something like this in the press, but They are really not holding back.
Was it your idea? Hi.
You're still not packed, I see.
You're still not packed, Laura? Shouldn't you get started? You leave for camp tomorrow.
No, I won't.
- Stop it.
- I don't have any nice clothes.
What? You have nothing but.
What about this one? It's really cute.
No, it's fucking ugly.
And it makes me look really ugly.
Oh, come on.
You look great in it.
- You used to love this.
- You don't get a fucking thing! I'm not pretty.
I'm so fucking ugly.
I'm tall, skinny and spindly.
You're beautiful, honey.
And I don't want to go to bloody camp! It's so like you to answer the phone even though we're talking.
So don't go to camp, Laura.
I don't want to fight with you.
Hi, Kasper.
No, I was just talking to Laura.
Yesterday, we heard Amir Diwan tell us, that he almost never drives his beloved Cadillac.
But today, Ekspres can prove the minister last summer alone drove at least 2,000 kilometers.
He took a quick trip to Skagen two times during week 29, also known as "The Hellerup Week.
" So unless Amir Diwan has had foot pedals installed in his Cadillac, he's burned up at least 500 liters of lead gasoline in a few months in the environment he apparently only wants the rest of us to protect.
Amir, not only are you a polluting pig, you're also a big fat liar.
I'm sure my voters understand I comply with all regulations Aren't you in a hurry? You leave in 20 minutes.
Where to? - To camp, Laura.
- You said I didn't have to go last night.
No, I Well, I didn't mean it, and you know that.
So, you're still not packed? Then I'll just have to pack for you.
Magnus, did you find your book? I can't find it.
Laura, will you help me? Magnus, you need to watch your stuff.
I can't watch it for you all the time.
Hey, watch your tone, Laura.
You helped with his homework last night, you can help him now.
But you're his bloody mom, not me! Sure, fine.
Are two pairs of pants enough? I'm not going to do it alone.
Help me, Laura.
Hey, hey, hey, sweetie.
Sweetie, what's the matter? - You're always angry with me.
- No, I'm not, sweetie.
No, no Hey I'm not angry with you.
I'm sorry.
I'm not angry with you.
It's just a crappy morning.
You know? It doesn't matter.
I won't make the bus now anyway.
Yes, you I'll give you a ride to school.
That leaves plenty of time, okay? Okay.
Eat your breakfast and take a shower, while I pack.
You have plenty of time, okay? You're going to have a great trip.
Laura - I found the book.
- Great.
Put it in the bag.
I found it all by myself.
- What would you like? - Could we have a smoothie? A blackberry smoothie.
- Could you make it with orange juice? - Absolutely.
Hi, Katrine.
What a coincidence.
What are you doing here? - I'm meeting a friend.
- I see.
My bad.
This is Lotte, my - girlfriend, and this is - Hello.
- Katrine.
- Katrine.
An old friend.
I've heard so much about you.
- Good things, I mean.
- Me too.
I think - I'll grab that table over there.
- Of course.
- I'll bring your smoothie.
- Super.
- Nice to meet you.
- Yes, bye.
- Hello.
Can I have a latte? - Sure.
Won't you join us? No thanks.
Isn't she stunning? - Beautiful.
- Very.
Anything wrong, Katrine? No.
I'm just trying to keep my distance like you asked me to.
Those weren't my exact words, but that's your business.
Want to meet up soon? We might bump into each other at Borgen.
I'm meeting Lars Hesselboe.
Thank you.
- You're going to see Lars Hesselboe? - Yes.
You're looking good these days.
Katrine, I really want to kiss you.
- Hello, Katrine.
- Hi.
- Sorry to keep you waiting.
- That's okay.
- Please sit.
- Thank you.
As you may know, my spin doctor resigned his position three days ago.
A nice way of saying fired.
But like I said, the position is available.
And I must admit I've had my eye on you.
Why, thank you.
I wonder why you agreed to work for Laugesen at Ekspres.
Well You have thrust.
You're articulate, and you have a keen political mind.
In my view, you have everything my party's media advisor needs.
Thank you for the kind words.
And I guess it doesn't hurt that I signal something else than the Liberals' perceived values.
Your party's current problem is that you look like a bunch of old suits left behind by progress.
So you could use a young woman who looks like she holds leftist views, to create a new image.
Yes, exactly.
And for that reason I would expand your field of responsibility.
You will be my spokesman woman during the election next year.
And you'll come with me to the prime minister's office, when we win.
What do you say? What if I don't vote for you? None of my business.
As long as you make others do it.
- Go home and think it over.
- Sure.
And Let me have your answer tomorrow before noon.
Hi, sweetie.
How are you? I'm fine.
I just wanted to talk.
Is this a bad time? It's never a bad time for you, sweetie.
What are you guys up to? The others are playing softball.
That sounds fun.
Does the party support your environmental policy when you drive a car like that? Mom, are you there? Yes, I am.
Did you have fun playing softball? No, the others are playing.
So you said.
So How's the food there? The case about the climate minister's Cadillac has exploded the last few days.
Torben Friis, our political editor here, what's going on? Ulrik, it's actually a very simple case that has suddenly turned into a veritable witch-hunt, I'd say.
Yes, almost all the papers have latched on to it.
The tabloids are running some pretty personal and tough headlines.
And some accusations have no connection to this.
To me it is a very clear example of what I'd call the tendency to a merciless Law of Jante in the Danish press.
Basically, "don't think you're anything special," and "don't get too cocky," and so on.
Thank you, Torben Friis.
And now to How did he sound? Like a cornered man.
The climate and energy minister is here.
Fine, send him in.
- Amir.
- Birgitte.
They are being really hard on you.
I really feel for you.
It's the worst experience of my life.
The accusations in Laugesen's book were nothing compared to this.
They're lying in wait at my home, my summerhouse.
They go through my trash.
They find trivial old personal matters and blow them out of proportion My kids are bullied at school, because their dad is "a liar".
Some bastard put a note in my little girl's backpack that said: "All Pakis are polluters.
" So I had to explain to a little girl Amir I only see one way out.
We have to get you some good PR.
And I know you fight for your principles.
Which I have a great respect for.
But if we Or rather, if you could accept the broad compromise we could put an end to this.
Let's do that, okay? Sure.
Sure, let's do that.
- Oh.
- Thank you.
- Good to see you again.
- You too.
So Have you considered my offer? Yes.
It hasn't been an easy decision.
I assume the proposed salary was okay? Oh yes, nothing wrong with that part.
- After you.
- Thank you.
- A drink? - No thanks.
Lars, I have one major concern.
How do you see a possible new government? With the Freedom Party? They certainly won't be part of a coalition.
They're far from ready.
Our little dance with Svend Åge has been too close and cost us voters.
So politically, I wish to distance myself from them.
That sounds wise.
It will also signal change, and that is crucial.
To you or the voters? In regard to this question it makes no difference.
When you stare at me like that, I get the odd feeling of being examined.
Isn't that an advantage now we're going to be on the same team? Good.
I'm very pleased about that.
I took the liberty of having these made for you.
THE LIBERALS PRESS ADVISOR - KATRINE FØNSMARK - Like them? - Yes, they look great.
Well, then Cheers.
And welcome aboard.
55,000 a month plus benefits, travel expenses, free car and phone.
Sounds like an okay deal to me.
So what's the problem? Thank you.
That you're not a Liberal.
You deeply disagree with him.
Three years ago you couldn't have done it.
- But it's not three years ago now.
- Touché.
I guess there are limits to how liberal even Hesselboe can be.
We're going to distance ourselves from the Freedom Party.
There you go.
Already you're influencing Danish politics behind the scenes.
- Hi, gorgeous.
- Hi.
I'm just going to grab a shower.
I've been sweating like a pig today.
Some heater went off the rails at the prime minister's office, so it's bloody 35 degrees.
Why are you setting up food like that? We have guests coming over in a minute.
Don't tell me you forgot? Then what about the wine? This just isn't okay, Kasper.
I keep making changes for your sake.
I hardly ever see you these days.
You promised me this.
Fine Want me to go get that wine? I'll get the wine! I'm sorry, Lotte, but a dinner date doesn't mean that much compared to being outvoted in parliament! Where are you? I don't want those feely questions.
Drop it.
Then what do you really want? What do you want, really? Why won't you come and hold me? It is my great pleasure to announce that it looks like we'll be able to pass the first part of the governments big reform package.
We now have a broad majority in parliament in favor of the green growth package.
I feel like we can be proud of the result on behalf of the climate and the environment.
What did it cost to get he Liberals and the New Right onboard? I feel like we can accept the concessions we've had to give.
At the end of the day, politics is getting the best compromise possible.
Kiss me.
Move this Come on.
Seems like I can't get anything right these days.
Maybe there's a reason for that.
I've been thinking Maybe it's this place.
This apartment.
Maybe you feel like you moved into my old relationship.
I don't want you to feel like a guest here.
I want you to feel at home.
I want to be with you.
You know that, don't you? I'm sorry, but I have to check that.
It's from Birgitte Nyborg.
There's trouble.
The Coordination Committee is meeting tomorrow, I have to get in there.
You know how it is.
Right? - Okay.
- Don't wait up for me.
I may stay the night there.
Okay? Good morning.
The climate and energy minister is waiting in the Mirror Room.
He insists on speaking with you.
Thank you.
Good morning.
Are you okay? Yes.
- I've just been up since the presentation.
- I think it went well.
I spent all night trying to explain to my group and party, why the Green Party once again had to give way on key issues to be in this government.
But I couldn't.
They sat there, loyal and ready to buy my bullshit again, but I just couldn't sell it to them.
Right, but That's the tough part of being in government, Amir.
But what's the point of being in government when you can't carry out your policy? We've escalated the Afghan war, and now you let the industry keep polluting for five more years.
It's a compromise.
Okay? Necessary to accommodate the Liberals.
Why do we follow liberal policy? - Explain it to me.
- We don't.
- They also had to - That's fine, Birgitte.
I can't be in this government anymore.
I've come to tell you that the Green Party is resigning from government.
Amir, stop this.
Don't be so drastic.
Sit down.
- We'll talk.
- No Will you please listen to me for once, Birgitte! It's not up for discussion.
We're resigning from the government.
At least tell me if you intend to topple the government? And get Lars Hesselboe back? You have 24 hours to mount a new government.
Then we'll send out a press release.
And yes, we'll support your green package, but after that we negotiate on a case-to-case basis, Birgitte.
It's going to cost you from now on.
For your information, I'm currently considering calling an election because the Green Party has resigned from government.
But I probably won't, because Amir promised me, they won't topple us on the green compromise.
They will vote yes.
So, hopefully, we'll get the reform package passed.
They'll probably vote for all parts of Our Common Future the rest of the government year out, which on its own is a great victory.
A victory that looks like a defeat.
Anyway, we've got 24 hours, before the Green Party issues a press release.
Twenty-four hours to form a new government.
I'm not coming home tonight.
See you tomorrow.
That's all.
Call in H.
and Pernille Madsen for an urgent meeting, okay? Right.
Yes? The foreign and finance ministers are here.
Send them in.
We don't want to be disturbed.
Of course.
What the hell is going on, Birgitte? Amir couldn't accept the five additional years for the industry.
We must say, this is your responsibility, Birgitte.
And we will expect to be compensated when we divide up the four ministries.
The division of ministries already reflects party size and polling.
So I propose we divide the Green Party's four ministries equally among us.
- But we didn't - Shut up about ministries, Pernille! That's not what this is about.
The government has broken because of your insistence on a compromise so broad that the Green Party had no choice but to resign.
Right? Listen! Your environmental policy is vague and wavering.
Your key issues have been in the air since Höxenhaven died.
Someone has to take the wheel, guys.
Yes, but the deal was closed.
Let's have a cup of Jytte's very sour coffee.
Acting up, is it? I hear you got a new job? Yeah.
Do you want this? Yes.
No, Laura.
You mother is still in a meeting.
But I have better things to do than talk on the phone.
And so does your mom.
So, goodbye.
Thank you.
Keep me posted, okay? Bye.
- What's up? - The government is falling apart.
The Green Party is about to resign.
Bloody hell! How do you know? Old connections at the ministry.
What does my media advisor suggest? She says you should demand an immediate election.
Nyborg has apparently lost the support from when she started, so now the voters should get to decide who leads the country.
I agree.
What will she respond? The classic approach is, she'll tell you about negative parliamentarism.
She'll say the government doesn't need to have a majority, as long as a majority isn't against them.
To which you'll respond that it is an arrogant interpretation of democracy, and that this is a prime minister under pressure grasping at straws.
I think I've gotten myself a real media advisor.
Yes? Yvonne Kjær and Svend Åge Saltum are here.
Show them in.
Weren't we distancing ourselves from Svend Åge? Sure thing.
If I had 18 months to lead an election campaign, but I don't.
The situation has shifted.
We must be tactical.
If Nyborg goes down on this, we have to act fast.
We can't confuse the voters with new signals.
But we do want to signal change.
Don't base your majority on the Freedom Party.
No, no.
We won't announce that now.
Right now we just need any majority.
When we take over the prime minister's office we'll find out who our friends are.
This is all about coming into power, Katrine.
Yvonne! Welcome.
Hello, Lars.
Meet my new media advisor, Katrine Fønsmark.
Hi, Yvonne.
How nice.
I didn't expect to find you on our side of the fence.
But looks can be deceptive.
Svend Åge.
My new press advisor.
- Hi, Katrine.
Welcome to the club.
- Hello.
Are you ready to give Denmark a new government? Preferably in a jiffy! - Come, let's all sit.
- Yes.
I think it'll work.
When the storm settles, it may prove to be an advantage to have just a two-party coalition.
I'll call you, when I've got the agenda for the press conference.
- Thank you.
- Thanks.
Kasper, call a press conference tomorrow at 2 p.
- And everyone agrees on this? - Yes.
By the way, your daughter Laura called while you were in the meeting.
Thanks, Jytte.
Hi, sweetie.
You called? I hope everything's fine.
I'm free now, so call me back, if you want to.
Excuse me - Excuse me? - Yes.
A Cecilie Toft is on the phone.
- Did she say what she wanted? - No.
- Birgitte speaking.
- Hello, Birgitte.
It's Cecilie.
I've picked up Laura from camp.
- And I think you better hurry home.
- What do you mean? She just fell asleep on your bed.
What happened? I think Laura suffered an anxiety attack.
Her teacher said she'd been tired and sullen from the first day.
She didn't want to partake when the others played softball or watched movies.
She complained of stomach ache and spent most of the time in bed.
Apparently it culminated today when she refused to leave the bathroom.
She was crying.
Apparently, it was quite alarming.
Why didn't they contact me? They tried, but without luck.
So they called Phillip in Boston, and he gave them my number.
I don't understand.
I spoke to her yesterday and everything seemed fine.
Well, I'm glad you stepped in, Cecilie.
Thank you very much.
Sure, no problem.
I don't think she'll call an election.
Then you guys must lean on her.
What about the compromise you were making with Amir? Some details still need to be settled.
I think we must demand more concessions.
If we can get the Worker's Party to resign too, the government is done for.
How is your government looking? Why don't you say "our"? Well You won't get around giving the Freedom Party a couple of ministries this time, Lars.
You know that.
Do you think the voters are ready for that? Are you afraid I'm going to scare them off, little Yvonne? But will it help our campaign, Svend Åge? What do you think, Katrine? I think the Freedom Party is still too much of a protest party to look like government material for the voters.
I agree.
Look at your parliamentary group, Svend Åge.
You can't be proud of all of them, right? Hell, I know that.
But I'm in the process of cleaning out the loonies.
You'll have to sit this one out again, Svend Åge.
And continue as our supporting party.
If we do it like that then our support comes at a price.
More money for pensioners and the underprivileged in society, and we'll demand a strict tightening of the refugee and immigration laws.
Is that even possible? Nowadays you need a doctor's degree and half a million to get a citizenship.
Listen here, little girl.
You may love your little immigrant shop around the corner, but you don't know what it's like to be a frightened Danish family living in a Muslim ghetto.
Agreed? - No, we do not agree.
- That's quite enough, Katrine.
I dictate the policy here.
I'm sorry, Svend Åge.
Right Let's get on with it, shall we? - Good night, Yvonne.
- Good night.
Bye, Svend Åge.
Bye, and thank you.
Put a leash on that filly, will you? No problem, I'll handle it.
Katrine, we need to talk.
- Lars - Yes.
This won't work.
I don't think I'm cut out to make you prime minister.
Oh? Why not? Because I sincerely don't think you should be prime minister.
I'm sorry.
Good morning, sweetie.
I'm so sorry I wasn't there for you.
And for not listening when you said you didn't want to go to camp.
I had no idea you were so upset.
What happened? It's hard to explain.
It's just Suddenly I was just afraid of everything.
Afraid of the others.
Of dying.
Suddenly I couldn't breathe.
And I couldn't get hold of you.
You didn't answer your phone.
But, sweetie, Jytte said you called and I called you back right away.
She kept saying you were busy.
That you That you didn't want to talk to me.
Thank you.
Good morning.
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
- I need to ask you - Yes? Is it true that my daughter called you yesterday? Yes.
Not once, but ten times? And she was crying and asked for me.
Yes, but you said And the school called saying it was important.
- But you didn't let them talk to me? - But you asked not to be disturbed.
What makes you think I don't want to be disturbed by my crying child calling again and again to speak to me? Well, this is the prime minister's office and not a kindergarten.
And as of now, you no longer work here.
Get out.
Jytte Well Go away! You can't control your dog.
- It was not even near - Oh, give me a break! - It was biting the ear! - It wasn't! Get rid of that dog! If you can't train it then get that shit put down! Crazy bitch! - Hello.
- Hi, Katrine.
I hate people who can't control their dogs.
So, are you helping the Liberals to victory? I couldn't do it.
I had to say no.
You're 30 years old.
I thought your days as an idealist were over? Well, they still are.
I'm going to host an emotional porn show for TV1 on Tuesdays.
I see.
"Thicker Than Water", it's called.
I'm reuniting families in prime time.
But it means a lot for the participants, so that's nice, I guess.
I had thought there would be more offers.
The reason is Michael Laugesen.
He's on the board of Channel 2, and he knows everyone on all other channels.
He drinks red wine with all the editors of the written press.
He called all his old friends to warn them about us.
Really, Hanne? Hell yes.
That's how it goes.
The worst part is that it works.
I can't even even get a job as a page girl at Horsens Folkeblad after this.
What are you going to do? I'm not doing a damn thing.
I'm getting kind of old.
- Let's go for a - Don't give me that look.
Don't pity me.
I've got my dogs and two good bottles of red wine back home.
Weren't you in the middle jogging? - Huh? - Yes.
See you.
Dogs! As the sun sets in Northern Colombia, we leave Charlotte and her father, who have found each other again after 38 years apart.
Thanks, Katrine We'll do a new camera test in Bravo.
I must say.
Very touching, Katrine.
- Thanks.
- Camera 3 to the other side.
Yes, I heard from the directors you'd agreed to host this "Thicker Than Water" show.
You lend credibility to it, I grant you that.
It's very nice.
Did you watch me rehearse just to say that? No, of course not.
Ida's pregnant, so Little News at Six Ida? I got that.
But come on, she's pretty good.
If you like big boobs and no talent.
Some do.
But let's stop this.
Look, I actually came because I have a job to offer you.
A six months maternity leave substitute.
That's it.
It's yours if you want it.
I hope you'll accept.
And then well.
What did you have in mind? That you'll substitute as host.
And do some live features as well.
How does that sound? I don't know, Torben.
Okay, let's go from there.
Fair enough.
I say I'll give you 40,000 a month.
Then you say And that's fair You'll say you're worth 60,000.
Then I say you're not worth jackshit after your little stint at Laugesen's.
Then you'll act all pissed, and then I say 41,000, and now we're getting somewhere, and we land somewhere like Shall we say 45 grand a month? And that's end of story.
The end.
Okay? Deal? - There we go.
- Okay.
We'll discuss perks and benefits, when you present your demands.
There is one thing.
I want Hanne Holm with me.
You got that wrong.
- I heard you have a part-time opening.
- Stop that.
25 hours a week, right? Listen I'm the boss here, damn it.
I'm offering you a job.
I'm doing you a favor.
And I'm very grateful.
But I won't accept without Hanne.
I I don't even want to discuss this.
Stop it.
I won't! Torben! We both know that Hanne is the best political reporter in the country.
So bring her.
Bring her.
Walk hand in hand.
But it's your responsibility to keep the bitch sober.
- Okay? - Okay.
Wednesday, my office.
Okay? We'll talk more.
Kasper, please find Sanne who used to work here about a year ago.
I don't know Sanne's whereabouts.
We transferred her.
It'll be hard to get her back.
Are you not the most powerful civil servant in the country? Thank you.
Kasper, come here.
Lars Hesselboe called this morning.
He knows we're under pressure and wants new concessions.
He's not even interested in that compromise anymore.
Not now that he sees his chance to get into office again.
So now what? We'll pass it with the Green Party and Solidarity Union.
Back to bloc politics.
Birgitte, we couldn't have foreseen this.
I can't see clearly anymore, Kasper.
My compass is off.
I've To safeguard my private life and my family I've decided to resign as member of parliament and also as leader of the Green Party.
And I'd like to add that I'm honored and proud to have been part of our country's democracy and not least the Green Party.
Both as ordinary member and chairman Come in.
Is this a bad time? - You're packing up.
- Yes.
I hear you're resigning from politics altogether.
Yes, I am.
Won't you reconsider? It doesn't have to end here.
Right? Just think it over.
I get that you need a break away from government, but it doesn't have to mean an end to our cooperation.
Look, you're an extremely skilled politician.
Your popularity will rise again.
- I have no doubt.
- Look You're probably right, but I'm too sensitive for this.
I can't just shake it off.
It hits right in the heart.
Did you settle things with the Worker's Party? Yes, we're presenting the new government this afternoon.
That's good.
Amir, the story about your car came from the prime minister's office.
I really wanted a broad compromise.
It's the only viable political course when it comes to big reforms.
I didn't feel that you were looking at the big picture.
And you weren't a team player.
So I tried to get you a little in line.
But not that much I deeply regret that.
That just goes to show I made the right decision.
I don't belong here anymore, Birgitte.
- I really don't.
- Sure you do.
You are where you belong.
You're a politician! Did you come to beg forgiveness? No, to get you to stay! Right, but that won't happen.
Okay? I don't know what we're doing here anymore, Birgitte.
When you made prime minister, I thought: "I wonder if she's too sensitive for this job, too.
" But you weren't.
I don't know what we're doing here anymore.
We aren't the same people as when we started out, Birgitte.
It's been a turbulent time for the government, but I know we're stronger for having braved the storm.
So I'm proud to present my four new ministers.
- Let's give them a hand.
- Yes.
Lars Hesselboe, a comment on Birgitte Nyborg's new minority government? I find it wrong and arrogant of the prime minister not to call a general election after what has happened.
The government has failed.
And the voters have a right to be heard.
Well, we will never be housebroken in the eyes of the prime minister but good riddance to that! The red cabinet has gotten so small, there's only room for her, anyway.
Did you get that last bit? Hi, Sanne.
I'm so glad we managed to find you.
Hello again, Birgitte.
I cannot stress enough how extremely difficult this transfer was.
It's amazing it was even possible.
But you managed, I see.
Then welcome back.
Thank you.
Birgitte Why did you want me back? Lots has changed.
I need to be reminded of when I first took over this office.

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