Borgen (2010) s02e06 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 6

1 Magnus, get your act together! I can't do it for you.
- Don't use that tone with him.
- You're his mum, not me! - You better come home.
- Why? I think Laura has had an anxiety attack.
I didn't know you were that upset.
Everything just frightened me all of a sudden.
The climate minister is here.
I want to inform you that the Green Party is withdrawing from government.
A comment to Nyborg's minority government? It's wrong and arrogant of the PM not to call an election.
This is the Prime Minister's Office, not a nursery.
You don't work here anymore.
Hej, Sanne.
Why do you want me back? I need to be reminded of my early days here.
- Hi.
- Why are you setting the table? The guests arrive in a moment.
Did you forget? What about wine? I'll get the wine! Hej, Stine.
It's me.
I'll be there in 15 minutes.
"Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you.
" Matthew 5:44 FOR SALE Kenneth? - Can I have a look at the knife? - You know you mustn't play with it.
- Why not? - It's my grandfather's hunting knife.
It's not a toy.
My grandfather always said: "Never remove the knife from its sheat unless you are drawing blood.
" Alright, then.
Let's get you a bite to eat.
Dad's friends will be here soon.
We're playing cards.
- I am not hungry.
- Nonsense! I'll make spaghetti.
Hello? Hello.
Stig Rasmussen, the estate agent.
We spoke on the phone.
Kasper Juul.
Alright then.
We managed to sell it.
I rang your mum to let her know.
She is a bit - She is in a nursing home.
- Sure, I I did drop off the paperwork with her at the nursing home.
I understand you grew up here.
Must be difficult to sell it.
Kenneth? - I just want to sleep.
- Are you sure? You can play poker with us.
Would you like that? Look at me! You are not a child anymore.
You can join in the fun.
I can teach you how to play.
Dad's friends would also like to teach you.
Excuse me.
Excuse me.
Excuse me.
Your mum asked me to give you this.
She was very insistent.
I am not sure what it is.
We need to sort out the household effects and furniture.
- It must have sentimental value for you.
- No.
My mum has what she needs at the nursing home.
- Could I ask you to empty the house? - Sure.
Call me when you are done.
The key is right there.
EPISODE 16 THEM AND US I just don't understand why Mr.
Hesselboe is of the opinion that we have a democratic problem because the Moderates and Labour continue their coalition now that the Greens have resigned.
Everybody here knows that the government doesn't need a majority as long as it is not opposed by a majority.
Hesselboe knows that having led a minority government for seven years.
The next order of business is a motion submitted by Svend Åge Saltum.
Come on, Svend Ǻge.
The Freedom Party proposes a motion asking Parliament to do something about the rise in juvenile crime.
Specifically, by lowering the age of criminal responsibility from 14 years to 12 years.
According to the latest statistics a whole generation of parents has given up on raising their children.
They arrive here from the furthest corners of the earth and let their offspring roam the streets armed with knives and guns throughout Denmark.
If a 12 year old is armed he has become an adult and is no longer a child and should not be treated like a child.
How typical! The new coalition is under pressure and Svend Åge trots out his tired clichés about the age of criminality.
Sadly, the new Minister of Justice and the Labour hardliners lap it up.
Thorsen can't handle it by himself.
I'll ask Thorsen and Brodersen to come and see me.
Svend Åge? How in hell can you face yourself as a politician? When all you ever do is spread hatred and petit bourgeois Stop staring at me so stupidly! You are a political parasite.
And that is all you are! - Birgitte wants a word.
- Not now, Sanne.
You'd better go in, Kasper.
Anything wrong? I am fine.
Today, Kasper decided to express his uncensored views on Svend Åge Saltum to Svend Åge Saltum Fascinating to see that you are an angry young man, but it's not really appropriate for the PM's press officer to let rip at a leader from another party.
I apologize.
Sanne, please order a small tin of assorted biscuits from La Glace and enclose a card that says: "Dear Svend Åge, I apologies profoundly for my behaviour in the corridor today.
- Yours sincerely, Kasper Juul".
- Is that really necessary? And you give it to him in person.
But we're meeting with the Minister of Justice and Thorsen Not anymore.
I'll handle that.
I don't need a special advisor to complicate the talks Apologize! Listen, Holger.
There is nothing new in that motion.
The Freedom Party wants to lower the age of criminal responsibility.
It's Saltum's pet project.
He is trying to undermine the new government.
The problem is that Saltum is right.
Society's sense of justice is offended every single time young criminals escape punishment.
But the Labour Party doesn't want to lower the age of criminal responsibility.
No, definitely not.
But many of us think it's a step in the right direction.
At 14 years, it is already a year lower than that in the other Nordic countries.
In the UK it's ten years.
The latest figures show show that there has been no growth in juvenile crime in the past ten years.
But the number of assault cases has risen by 200%.
Listen to me.
They want to divide us.
Don't let them boss us around three weeks after we form a new government.
So for tactical reasons, we need to defeat this motion.
And have an internal debate on the issue at a later date.
Smells like you're shelving it.
We'll discuss it at the appropriate time.
Come in.
I am waiting for you to say something.
Which I expect will sound like an excuse.
Kasper? Kasper? - Yes? - Hi.
- Hi.
- Do you remember me? Lisa.
- From Skagen? - No, from the last Labour Party party.
- We were really drunk - Sure.
I am in the party press office now.
Could we have a chat at some point? - Of course.
- We'd like to coordinate a few things.
I love coordinating, so Drop by.
Thanks! What are you doing here? I thought you were back as a regular presenter? I am just temping for someone who is on maternity leave for six months.
I am a presenter when needed and otherwise just a roving reporter.
Maybe I'll see you at a press conference now and then? Perhaps.
Rumour has it that you hurled abuse at Svend Åge Saltum.
I told him what I thought of him.
I am sick of addressing everyone here as "mr" and "mrs" and what do I know, even though we despise them.
I just apologized to Svend Age and it was a bit of a disaster.
It's really great that we could meet up and talk about Laura.
It was a The field trip was quite an eyeopener.
I do think she is feeling better already.
There's been no recurrences and it's important that she is back at school.
No recurrences and not other major issues.
I still believe we should I think it would do her good to talk to a psychologist.
It's not for me to decide, but I think you should consider medicine.
What kind? Anti-depressants.
Just for a while.
To prevent any recurrences.
I presume you disagree.
Cecilie is a doctor.
She But not a psychiatrist.
You are a pediatrician.
That is correct.
But not only psychiatrists prescribe these kinds of drugs.
No, all GP's hand them out to our children and have done so for the past 10-15 years.
So we won't consider that, right? Please don't get me wrong Are we considering this, Philip? What I am saying is Cecilie might be able to look at this situation more objectively.
Objectively, I don't think you should give children anti-depressants.
And that's how objective I can be about my own child.
Talk to me.
We have an appointment with the psychiatrist tomorrow.
I'll take Laura, and then we'll get his view as well.
Sure, then we'll have that as well.
- Sorry, Cecilie.
I didn't mean to - It's okay.
Birgitte, Svend Åge has been assaulted by a 13-year-old second generation immigrant.
- How serious is it? - Very.
He is 13-years-old.
It is grist to his mill.
- I mean Svend Åge.
- He appears to have got a concussion and he may have broken his arm.
That can be fixed.
Fuck Sven Åge.
He'll exploit this politically for the next two weeks.
A party leader has just been assaulted! Svend Åge Saltum was out for a walk with his wife in Nørrebro.
Several youths followed them and a 13-year-old allegedly pushed Saltum down some steps.
The 64-year-old party leader has multiple injuries.
Standby, Katrine.
Katrine Fønsmark is outside the hospital.
What can you tell us? Go ahead, Katrine.
I am outside the hospital where we have just been informed that Saltum may return to his room any time now.
Get the camera in there.
Don't get left behind.
Get your question in now! Come on! Svend Åge Saltum, what are the doctors saying? I have a serious fracture of the left arm, I have sprained my left foot and I have had a real bonk on the head.
The say people from Jutland are not streetwise, but I can assure you that this one knows exactly what the street looks like.
What do the doctors say? People from Jutland Are strong and tough ♪ Brave both then and now ♪ What goes up must go down ♪ Listen here.
Call him reactionary, right-wing and what else, but it's bloody good television.
Morning, Svend Åge.
My mum told me yesterday she might vote for Svend Åge.
Not because she agrees with him, but because she feels sorry for him.
Can I withdraw her mum's right to vote? Sanne's mum agrees with a significant number of Danes right now.
We have to go on the offensive and throw down the gauntlet.
You look like a teacher taking a soft line with the scoundrel who pushed an old man down the stairs.
What are you going to do? What you pay me for.
Influencing the press.
You've kept a low profile after having to form a new government.
We are in a weaker position, but don't let the public think you're paralyzed.
The legal department just called.
The Freedom Party has called an urgent inquiry debate with you.
- When? - The day after tomorrow.
The day after tomorrow? The president thinks we should take the agitated mood seriously.
Do what you find necessary, but use your professional judgment.
- Moderate Youth, Rasmus speaking.
- Kasper Juul from the PM's Office.
Hi, Kasper, what's up? I've got an idea for an ad that should come from you.
- It must ready the day after tomorrow.
- Okay.
Let me call you back.
Katrine, that interview with Svend Åge, do you call that good journalism? You are basically applauding him as he leaves.
You used to be so brilliant.
And sharp.
 What happened? I should've taken a critical lunge at an old assault victim? Yes, because Svend Åge never misses an opportunity to play the martyr and you guys let him get away with it every time! Is your editor scared shitless of being called politically biased? - 30 seconds, Katrine.
- Saltum is on live in a moment.
- Thanks.
Welcome, Svend Åge.
- Thank you.
How's the arm? It must be the most photographed cast in the kingdom of Denmark.
- People from Jutland are tough as nails! - Five seconds.
Five seconds.
Three, two, one.
The central figure, discharged last night, is with us tonight.
Welcome, Svend Åge Saltum.
- Ready.
- First of all, how are you? I get by on painkillers.
Ready on 2.
These past years I've been subjected to everything from verbal abuse to having eggs thrown at me.
But that didn't shut me up.
3 on the question.
Objectively speaking, don't you and your party profit from the martyr role? You've lost me now.
She's not sticking to the script.
People sympathize with you whenever you're the target of angry outbursts.
What a nasty question.
Do you think I want to be beaten to a pulp so I can use that politically? - No.
- To be assaulted and mocked - Ready, 1.
- She hasn't changed one bit.
I wouldn't wish this on my enemies.
Finish off.
- I understand.
- I'm in a cast! How dare you? In a program paid for by the license fee? - Finish off, Katrine.
- Where the hell did you learn this? - God damn it! - Ready 1.
That's all for today.
Thank you for coming, Svend Åge Saltum, and get well soon.
- I know.
- You ask the questions we want answers to, but it doesn't work because it's lousy TV! I can paper my walls with complaints tomorrow! What happens now is that we have to discuss if TV1 is biased, leftist I'm sick of it.
Okay? Sorry.
You said it.
I'm going to call him up, so you can tell him you're sorry.
- Look, I'll e-mail him.
- Svend Åge, Torben Friis speaking.
I've got a very remorseful anchor here.
She'd like to talk to you.
Hello, Svend Åge.
Sorry, sorry, sorry.
Listen, I very much regret that I Sorry.
asked you that question.
I was way out of line Sorry.
and I'm very sorry.
Hi, sweetie.
Hi, sweetie.
- How was your day? - It was okay.
How did it go at the psychiatrist's? - Fine.
- Great.
- He seemed competent.
- Did you like talking to him? Sure.
- You'll be seeing him again.
Okay? - Sure.
- How does that feel? - Yes, fine.
He gave us these.
- I'm going to my room.
- Bye, sweetie.
Anti depressants? He's a psychiatrist.
One of the best.
But you're Laura's dad, right? Is this you trying to be loyal to Cecilie? This is about Laura, so keep your jealousy out of this.
- How dare you! - You have to accept - Not everyone sees it your way.
- I thought we saw it the same way.
We don't condone loading kids with happy pills, for Christ's sake! I don't know who you are.
I don't know who I'm talking to.
She is not popping one of these, until I've talked to the psychiatrist.
- Not even one.
- Fine! The assault on Saltum has caused a public uproar.
Organizations are taking to the streets today to support freedom of speech.
The far left has called a counter-rally calling for Nørrebrot to be Saltum-free - This is great.
- Hi.
Hi! Just put in on her desk.
I've been to see your legal staff.
Have you got a minute now? I'm pretty busy right now, I am afraid.
Let's meet later or tomorrow perhaps? - Have I got your number? - I'll text it to you.
- I have yours.
- You do? What's up? The PM has been summoned to an inquiry debate.
What about? Why is this debate so important? An inquiry debate is a test of the government's majority.
It's one of the opposition's strongest weapons, because it ends with a vote.
They hope to secure a majority in favor of their policy so they can legislate.
So they can force the government to pursue a policy they're against? - Exactly.
The majority decides.
- What can the government do? Their only option is to come up with an alternative bill.
I'm afraid we can't accept this wording.
We're facing a frontal attack by the opposition who wants to force us to pursue a policy against our wishes.
Against your wishes.
We must reach an agreement.
"The government doesn't find it unilaterally suitable to lower the age of criminal responsibility from 14 to 12 years.
" But Labour doesn't agree with you Moderates on that.
That's why we write "unilaterally".
We agree that lowering the age doesn't solve all problems, don't we? The wording is too negative.
Try: "The government understands the intention of lowering the age.
" I won't be accredited with that view.
We must be able to find a softer choice of words.
Or How about: "The government finds it hard" Kasper.
We need to draft a bill saying as little as possible while still gaining us the majority.
How do we phrase it? Okay How about: "The government acknowledges that incidents like this can offend the public sense of justice and commits itself to implementing crime-fighting initiatives.
" That doesn't say anything.
It's just idle talk.
It says we don't like juvenile crime and will do something about it.
It does.
- Yes? - Okay? Good.
See you tomorrow at the debate.
- Ulrik? - Can I call and get confirmation? Ulrik, come here, please.
I want to make it clear that Hanne is not getting hers old job back.
'Her' old job.
As a political editor.
She is joining us as a reporter.
Hey, reveal my salary, while you're at it.
Pia, we have two guests tonight.
Yes, Saltum and Lindenkrone.
Here's hoping for a better interview this time.
Isn't this interview borderline trite? That all depends on the outcome.
I'm aiming for a good debate.
It won't be a debate, but an argument Let me finish, Ulrik.
I have a wild angle for you.
Saltum's arm isn't broken at all.
It's all a PR stunt.
- How do you know? - You're saying he lied about it? - That's the word on the street.
- Great story.
No, no, no, listen, people.
I have heard that story before.
It's a hoax planted by Kasper Juul.
The PM's office is desperate.
- Still, let's follow it up.
- I know we're under pressure.
- I'm not under pressure.
- Let's make an effort, people.
Don't buy the spin doctor's bull.
Welcome back.
- Thank you, darling.
- Thank you for that little lecture.
TV1 is not in anyone's pocket, though many people would like to think so.
Okay, crucial to the live debate tonight is: Balance balance and Well balance.
That's all I have to say about that.
Have you got a second? - What was crucial? - Balance.
Holm isn't back for good, is she? Yes? There's a Dr.
Iversen here.
Hans Christian, I'll call you back.
It's Laura's psychiatrist.
Show him in.
- Hello.
- Poul.
- Please sit down.
- Thank you.
My daughter came home with these the other day.
- Much to your dismay, I gather.
- Correct.
I don't condone giving children antidepressants.
You have to realize she doesn't always tell you how she feels.
During your time in office, she's been a good girl, an A student.
Laura feels her mother trusts in her and she wants to be worthy of that trust.
This has been so hard on her that she's developed anxiety.
It just seems so drastic You take antibiotics for pneumonia and antidepressants for anxiety.
Laura needs this for the talk therapy to work.
It's the best thing you can do for your daughter.
Svend Åge Saltum, you just want to put more immigrants in jail.
No, I want to jail troublemakers Camera 1 on him.
Still, it's good to hear you admitting most troublemakers are immigrants.
That is not what I am saying.
Studies contradict that.
What studies? - Katrine, let Lindenkrone answer.
- Let's try to keep a civil tone here.
Please don't interrupt each other.
Anne Sofie Lindenkrone Isn't it true you live in Jutland and have an apartment in Østerbro? - Svend Åge.
- May I speak now? Yes, go ahead.
- Thank you.
- What were you doing in Nørrebro? You go for a walk in an area where you know you aren't welcome.
One might suspect you of seeking out conflict.
Are you saying there are areas where we politicians No.
But you are at risk.
So the assault was my own fault? Because I hold political views it's my own fault I am assaulted.
Does that apply to all citizens? Has she lost control of them? Is that what you mean? You mean that Saltum is a jerk.
- So go ahead and beat him up.
- Let him rant.
It's cool.
- It's fine.
- You are probably the type I took a lot of flak the last time, so even this is better.
People say my arm isn't broken.
- Am I in charge here, or are you? - You are.
Let me just dispel that rumor.
This is an X-ray I would like to show the viewers dispelling that ludicrous rumor.
That settles it then.
What kind of stupid rumor is that? I bet Svend Åge started it himself so he could pull this stunt.
Ready for tomorrow? - Sure.
- They'll be gunning for you.
Point the biggest gun at me then.
Why haven't you done anything about juvenile crime, little Miss PC? But I have.
The government focuses on social initiatives.
Why do you reward violent kids? Shouldn't they feel the consequences? How do you sleep at night, Madam PM when you constantly ignore public opinion, you softhearted liberal cow? All studies show that social initiatives work better than punishment, you fascist redneck.
The past 25 years have seen a boom in literature on child psychiatry.
Never has a generation craved a firm hand as much as this one.
Your kind-hearted government has neither the talent nor the courage Judges, prosecutors, prisons and the police are opposed to your proposal.
You ignore the recurrence rate.
The recurrence rate? Is the PM demonstrating her academic superiority? She sits in her ivory tower with her elitist friends thinking everyone loves the multicultural world.
Well, get this.
We don't.
We're at war here.
We don't love them, and they don't love us either.
So take off the kid gloves for once, little goody two-shoes or I'm fucking gonna chew you up! We must take into consideration the scientific studies in this field, Mr.
Svend Åge Saltum.
We can't base our legislation on a primitive thirst for revenge.
- Kasper Juul.
- Rasmus, Moderate Youth.
Hi, Rasmus.
I've e-mailed you a draft.
Okay yes.
- The girl is good.
I like her expression.
- Okay.
I want a harder background.
I want it to hurt.
And I want it to say: "The future according to the Freedom Party.
" Okay.
Good evening, Lisa.
I'm still at the office, so drop by, if you want to.
Let's try them for a while, okay? I've read up on them, and they say there are no side effects.
- I can do it.
- Sure.
I'm going to bed.
- Sleep tight, sweetie.
- Good night.
Good night.
Sleep tight, okay? Let's sit for a while.
I think you should go home.
Who's Stine? I don't know any Stine.
She seems to know you well.
She called an hour ago, upset that you didn't return her calls even though you liked fucking her.
She considered herself your girlfriend.
Your girlfriend! Are you mad? How the hell could you do that? What kind of man are you anyway? I thought we were going to have children.
I don't want children.
Why not? Kenneth.
You can never tell anyone what you and I do when Mom isn't home.
No one.
It would upset Mom so.
She might leave us.
So you and I have to keep our little secret to ourselves, okay? Kenneth.
If you promise Dad not to tell Mom anything if Dad can be sure you'll be grown-up about this Do we have a deal? I'm sorry.
Good morning.
Good morning.
What's up? Are you okay? Have you been drinking? Maybe.
Kasper, my office.
Now! This is a disaster.
Brodersen and his supporters are furious about what they see as the Moderate Party's politically correct solo crusade.
We can forget about the bill you drafted.
- Your ad just killed it.
- Talk some sense into Brodersen.
We don't have time for that, Kasper.
Are you behind this? Yes or no.
Are you drunk? No.
Get dressed.
What got into you? Your job is to protect me against media attacks not to provoke them! You're losing it, Kasper.
If I suffer defeat now, how can I keep you on? Tell me! It's time for the inquiry debate.
I give the floor to Mr.
Svend Åge Saltum.
The Freedom Party proposes the following: "The government must lower the age of criminal responsibility from 14 to 12 years.
" Far be it from me to polemicize on whether the PM is to blame for my condition.
Thank you.
However, the government's failed judicial policy is to blame for rendering society unable to punish my assailant.
- The PM's in for it.
- Mr.
Saltum overlooks facts.
Serious research shows that prisons just turn out new criminals.
Does Mr.
Saltum really think we should turn our children into skilled criminals in their early teens? Make them apprentices to hardened criminals Back then we respected authority.
We weren't above coming down hard on troublemakers.
Not out of malice, but out of pure love.
Why won't the PM give young people the firm hand they're longing for? Doesn't Hassan who pushed me deserve to know what he did wrong? Madam PM.
It seems Mr.
Saltum is still stuck in the schools of the 1950s seeing as he refers to 12-year-olds as young people.
They are children.
I'm sure not many of us, having been subjected to Mr.
Saltum's hostile outpouring these past two hours would find Mr.
Saltum fit to take care of a child.
- This is an outrage! - Order! I must ask the members to calm down.
And act dignified.
We will reconvene at 1 p.
Girls, we have to get the PM in for an interview.
At 8:30.
Katrine, you do it.
- Katrine is just a substitute, right? - I make the decisions here.
Katrine, call Kasper Juul.
What happened? Very unlike Svend Åge.
Svend Åge lost his young daughter in a tragic drowning accident.
He tried to save her, but in vain.
Talk to him.
- I'll find him and apologize.
- Good.
Svend Åge, have you got a moment? I wasn't aware of your personal tragedy.
My words were harsh.
It was never my intention.
I'm very sorry.
Activists have entered Parliament.
We need to clear the risk.
- Stay here for now.
- No! I think you need a cup of coffee.
Sit down.
Here, Birgitte.
Thank you.
And do have a cookie.
Help yourself.
So here you are, Birgitte.
Eating cookies with the devil incarnate in his office.
Talking to us is okay.
Eating with us is a different matter.
That's taking it a bit too far for a moral creature like yourself.
I'm not the only one who derails the debate, am I? By asking you critical questions? You completely ignore my line and the crux of the matter or even the facts.
You keep provoking, until people yell at you in frustration and then you play the martyr.
- Are you referring to my arm? - Exactly.
What has your arm got to do with the legislation? - It's politics, dear Birgitte.
- No, Svend Åge.
It's manipulation.
It's not politics.
It's not constructive.
You throw your accusations around, but it's all a load of bullshit.
And then it's up to us decent people to clear No I can't talk to you.
- I lose my dignity.
- It's your own fault we yell at you.
You won't listen to us.
We've been silent long enough.
- We aren't house-broken, are we? - Oh, poor you.
Listen to yourself! You're playing the martyr again.
No, I'm not! There is a Denmark you don't know and which you wish didn't exist.
Little families with their plastic- wrapped furniture and TV dinners.
Someone has to look out for them, and you sure as hell aren't! But you are, Svend Åge, by sending kids to jail! - Happy days are here again! - Excuse me.
You're good to go.
Thank you.
I've spoken to Brodersen's supporters.
We may be able to sway two of them but we still need three or four votes to pass the bill.
Let's ask the speaker for a respite.
No, Kasper.
I'm sure the speaker has seen the ad too and hates it.
We've already lost.
I've apologized to Svend Åge - Why must we apologize? - He's democratically elected! His personal tragedy makes his stance even more incomprehensible.
Kasper - After a loss like that - Hey! Stop it! I'm not afraid of losing my job.
I'm afraid of the Freedom Party's ridiculous bill.
I can't stand it.
All it does is rob our children of their childhood.
It turns them into small adults.
It forces them into a world that is dead serious.
It robs our children of their childhood.
Are you through? I'm going in.
Why does the PM disregard the public sense of justice in favor of the welfare of a small group of juvenile delinquents? No answer.
We've asked the PM what future she sees for democracy if she won't guarantee the safety of the elected representatives on the streets.
Again, no answer.
Let me just remind everyone that this meeting is set to end at 3.
The PM's answer now will be the last in this debate.
- Go ahead.
- Thank you.
Let me assure Mr.
Svend Åge Saltum and everyone else in here that I hold the public sense of justice and democracy in high regard.
Democracy is all about dialogue.
The dialogue these past few days has been very irreconcilable.
I acknowledge my part in this and apologize.
I very much want to end this "them" and "us" rhetoric which sets the tone every time we disagree on these emotional issues.
On behalf of the government, I propose a new bill.
"Parliament appoints a committee of experts and delegates from all parties to look into the pros and cons of lowering the age of criminal responsibility.
The commission will report back to the social and judicial committees.
Parliament acknowledges that urgent action is called for and does not rule out potential penal code amendments as long as they respect the welfare of the children.
" Surely every member of Parliament agrees we have a joint responsibility to protect both law and order and our children in particular.
Let's not take away their childhood.
We must not rob them of their childhood.
Thank you.
And so ends the debate.
And now for the vote on the government bill.
Please vote now.
FOR - AGAINST - NEITHER - IN TOTAL PASSED The government bill voted on passes by one vote.
Svend Åge Saltum's bill stands rejected.
My boss would like to have the PM in for a live interview tonight.
You are not looking for me.
I don't work for the PM anymore.
What happened? I got fired.
And Lotte left me.
So I fucked that up too, Katrine.
You know me.
I'm thorough.
I love you, Katrine.
I've never loved anyone but you.
You share your secrets with those you love.
Have you never longed for a witness? Someone who knows everything? Kasper! - Do we look for a new media advisor? - No.
Give him a day to self-reflect.
- Kasper Juul.
- This is Rasmussen, the realtor.
I just wanted to tell you we've emptied your parents' house.
There's nothing left.
Thank you.
What's this? Kasper? 12-YEAR-OLD BOY ABUSED FOR YEARS Today, sentence will be passed on the father of 13-year-old Kenneth.
The father and three of his friends stand accused of abusing the boy.
The sexual abuse began when Kenneth was eight years old.
The abuse escalated to include intercourse and other sexual abuse.
Despite several warnings from teachers, the abuse was not revealed until the 12-year-old stabbed his father.
He wasn't charged, as he was below the age of criminal responsibility and is now in a juvenile detention center.

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