Borgen (2010) s02e07 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 7

1 Laura has had anxiety attack.
I think you should consider medication.
We are against shoving antidepressants down kids' throats.
During your time as PM, she has had to act very mature.
It's been so difficult for Laura that she's developed an anxiety disorder.
This is the best solution.
Who is Stine? She's upset that you don't call her even though you shag her every week.
Katrine, I love you.
I have only ever loved you.
You share your secrets with those you love.
Bent, I am so sorry about this.
About everything.
Amir is a media darling.
He is the hot, well-educated Muslim.
If Amir is the only hurdle, then perhaps - we can lean on him a bit.
- I don't recognize our views.
I must inform you that the Green Party is leaving the government.
I wasn't seeing clearly.
I lost my bearings.
We could not have predicted this.
"The Dane is a doubter because the history of Denmark is that of the demise of a strong tribe.
" Johannes V.
Jensen He is waiting in the hall of mirrors.
He is having coffee and his favorite specialties from La Glace.
I will be there in a moment.
We usually don't make Crohne wait.
He will have to get used to being treated the same as everyone else.
We don't have to serve specialties from La Glace just because Crohne is coming.
Is that the third jacket you've tried on? I have come because of Africa.
But let me start with something else.
These past ten years Denmark has participated in several wars alongside the United States.
And our restrictive refugee legislation has erased our image as a tolerant nation ages ago.
Thanks to your friend Lars Hesselboe.
Regardless, Denmark's reputation in the Muslim world has proven costly for Danish exporters.
One billion? 1,5 billion per annum? Right now there is an opportunity to ameliorate the situation if we care to take a closer look at one of Africa's - forgotten wars.
- Which one? Kharun.
- Are you familiar with the situation? - Naturally.
There is a civil war.
The Christian south wants independence.
The Muslim north say no.
The EU has tried, unsuccessfully, to appoint a mediator from a member state.
Africa is complicated.
Nobody wishes to take that political risk.
Including you, Madam Prime Minister? What is your actual interest in Kharun, Mr.
Crohne? In monetary terms.
A contract involving construction projects worth five billion kroner.
Oil refineries.
I can't allow our policies to be directed by the financial interests of Denmark's biggest company.
There is no need to.
You would surely do so because of concern for Africa? That is not how it is going to look.
I am afraid I can't take this on.
I am sorry.
When I saw you for the first time you struck me as a person of great vision.
What happened? My visions are still intact, but I prefer my visions to be my own.
New reports of intense fighting in the oil-rich province of Sarifan around the town of Orisia in Kharun.
The Red Cross estimates that 250,000 people have already fled the area.
In the studio tonight is foreign minister Hans Christian Thorsen.
You have talked to the UN ambassador.
Did anything positive emerge from the Security Council meeting? - Unfortunately not.
- Wasn't the Council able to agree on anything? Sure, the council did agree to urge the African Union to seek a solution to the conflict as quickly as possible.
Has the African Union ever been able to stop an armed conflict before? Not to my knowledge.
Thank you.
We will return to you in a moment.
The refugees from the A contact at Berlingske Tidende sent me this before they publish it tomorrow.
It's the new Freedom Party campaign.
THANK YOU, BIRGITTE NYBORG You are welcome, Svend Åge.
" The Freedom Party don't pull their punches.
Has the election campaign started? Nyborg won't have to call this year.
Sure, she doesn't have to.
I agree with Katrine.
The opposition knows Nyborg is hard-pressed.
- Should we get the PM on the news at 8:30? - If the election campaign has started we need a bigger set-up.
Saltum and Lars Hesselboe in one corner, Nyborg and Thorsen in the other.
What do you think? - Fabulous idea.
- Actually, I think that's a great idea.
Let's use that new debate format - What's it called? - Dilemma.
A live audience always works.
Katrine, you'll present it.
Right? - You bet.
- I thought there was an agreement that only the permanent presenters did Dilemma Katrine is not a permanent presenter - This is about station-profiling - Really, Ulrik? Some difficult words there! Listen, you get 8:30 pm, Simon 6 pm, Ida is on maternity leave and Henrik has the flu.
I could go on.
In your own words it's great station profiling to put a programme on the air.
Understood? Great, Ulrik.
Let's have a chat about the other snippets.
Let's go.
I Yes - Hi, Kalle! - Hi, Katrine.
What are you doing here? I am no longer at Express.
I have gone freelance.
One of those listening to the police scanner while the rest of us are asleep? Amongst other things.
I have some pictures you might be able to use.
That limo belongs to Joachim Crohne.
- And where is he heading? - Christiansborg.
He is a rare visitor.
Nyborg doesn't want to be seen to pander to big business.
Do you think it's any use to you or does it only interest nerdy people like you? Right.
I'll keep this and see if Torben is interested.
- Thanks! - Sure.
Roast chicken always works.
Anne, get Magnus to eat some veggies rather than just meat and bread.
And listen And do ask Laura to take her pill before she leaves.
Thank you.
- Is that the Freedom Party ad? - Yes.
It's in all the papers.
Svend Åge really gets his money's worth.
THANK YOU BIRGITTE NYBORG They are all asking for a comment.
TV1 has called three times.
They want you on Dilemma tonight with Svend Åge.
I turned them down.
We could use a victory soon.
Why do you advise against commenting on Freedom Party pronouncements? It only proves that their criticism is justified.
We will take in more refugees from Kharun now.
Yes, do I know that we have eased our refugee legislation.
Should we make it clear that we pursue a different policy than Lars Hesselboe? If we can't implement something new at least stand by what we have done.
So you want to go on the programme tonight? Yes, I would like that.
- Hello.
- Hi.
Hi, darling.
Laura and I have had a chat and things are looking well.
That is my understanding, too.
That's what you tell me as well.
That is great.
And your new hairstyle suits you.
You did mention you have difficulty sleeping.
Yes, I am finding it difficult to wind down at night.
- Even when you are exhausted.
- Pills can cause sleep disorders.
It'll pass.
My advice would be for Laura to take the pills during the day so you sleep better at night.
How long will I have to take them for? That depends on your progress.
What's your guess? For Laura's sake.
I'd say a couple of months.
It may indeed.
But it's important that you take the pills, because if you don't, you may suffer a very dramatic relapse.
You don't learn to live with your anxiety overnight.
It's hard work.
She'll be fine.
There is no doubt about that.
- Hi, Katrine.
- Thanks.
We're just having a quick meeting.
Let's pop in here.
I am the host and Nyborg has agreed to go in front of an audience in Dilemma.
Saltum and Hesselboe will be there and we're awaiting confirmation - from Thorsen.
- He will be there, but we only want to talk about the Freedom Party ad and the war in Kharun.
- Seriously! - No! And no talk about an election.
I know you want to, but we don't.
- Not yet.
- Wimp.
Shut up.
Okay, that is fine.
I am surprised that you agreed to this so easily.
Is it because I am the one asking? I tried to get Birgitte to say no.
- Okay.
- Did you expect preferential treatment because we're dating? No, Kasper.
And the same goes for you.
Would you like to comment on these? Sexy pictures of you? Joachim Crohne was here for a meeting on the third.
The PM's diary for that date doesn't mention such a meeting.
- Then there probably wasn't one.
- But there are pictures.
You have a picture of Crohne at Christiansborg.
We have a corner office on the second floor.
The Queen has full use of the first floor.
She and Crohne plays bridge every week.
Do you want me to believe the Queen plays bridge with Crohne in parliament? You'll have to ask the Queen about that.
- Let's get back to the programme.
- Sure.
- We're on 3 - The UN does have it problems That is one of the reasons - On 2 - it is Svend Åge Saltum's turn.
I would like to ask the foreign minister if the war in Kharun will lead to more refugees in Denmark.
You can't present it in those terms, Svend Åge We're part of a bigger world, and that is why If the flow of refugees continues, will the PM guarantee that despite her easing of the refugee legislation some of them won't claim asylum in Denmark? Birgitte Nyborg? Lars Hesselboe is correct.
We will get more refugees when wars erupt.
We eased the restrictions to emphasize that this government believes that Denmark has a responsibility to look after those in need.
But Birgitte Nyborg Denmark has its own problems.
An economic crisis, indebtedness, unemployment.
Can we afford to be idealists? I don't see how we can afford not to.
We are the 12th wealthiest nation in the world.
This is a level of suffering we can't even imagine.
Yes, we can afford it.
But why does it have to be on Danish territory? Can't you just help them where they live? What business can these presumably decent people in their long, flowing robes possibly have in Silkeborg High Street? Let me tell you that, Svend Åge.
Their country is at war and their homes are in flames.
That's why we extend a hand? Are we not obliged to? - Is it not our obligation - We'll have to finish here.
It is incredibly naive to believe that little Denmark can do that.
May I remind the prime minister of Grundtvig's wise words: “We are not made for the heights and the gale: close to the ground is where we do best.
” And thus Grundtvig had the last word in tonight's edition of Dilemma.
The last word about this topic has not been said yet.
Thank you for coming.
In the province of Sarifan many villages have been razed The Security Council convened again this evening to watch a video interview with a 14-year-old girl who was gang-raped by one of the many militias also involved in the conflict.
Something the UN ambassador from North Kharun condemns as propaganda.
The five permanent members of the Security Council were unable to agree on a resolution giving the UN a mandate to intervene.
Nor did they agree on sanctions to be imposed on the warring parties.
The UN made do with a declaration of principle urging the parties to cease the fighting.
I need to talk to you here.
I know it's late.
- Coffee? It's not warm.
- No, thanks.
What is so important that it can't wait till tomorrow morning? What if I said we should try to stop the war in Kharun? Fantastic idea.
Are you serious? I am considering it.
The EU has asked if a head of government from one of its member states to volunteer as a mediator.
No one has agreed.
Because it's a lose-lose situation.
In my first opening speech, which you wrote, I said that the Danes were better than they thought This is not fair.
This is 100% about you.
You are just upset that you can't get anything passed in parliament.
I understand where you are coming from, but it's 3 am, I am super tired and we have a long day ahead of us tomorrow.
Kasper, sit down.
Listen We actually have a unique opportunity.
We hold the presidency in the Security Council and can set the agenda.
- The EU and the African Union.
- It's a crazy endeavor.
So what about the Norwegians who got the crazy idea to solve - the Israel-Palestine conflict? - Exactly! How did that go? They are still killing each other.
The Oslo accords resulted in Rabin and Arafat meeting and shaking hands.
It was almost a success.
You've made up your mind, right? I have now.
Hello, Sejrø, welcome back.
- Thank you, Niels-Erik.
- Birgitte is waiting for you inside.
Bent, I am so happy to see you.
Good to see you.
All well? They say that if I just take my medicine, I can live a normal life.
You look great.
And the walking stick suits you.
- Things are looking up.
- They are indeed.
Kharun? Birgitte, you are out of your mind.
Didn't you try to stop her? What do you think? It is a welcome change, considering how passive our foreign policy has been recently.
There is a reason for the high ceiling in the PM's office.
This is where grandiose plans are hatched.
And that's certainly the case right now.
What now, Bent? If this is to have any chance of success one thing is crucial.
The regime in North Kharun is Islamist.
The conflict is being cast as being Muslims against Christians.
You can't just assume that a women from an American ally can get North Kharun to sit down at the negotiating table.
A Muslim mediator? Yes.
Persuading him won't be easy.
Throw it gently this time, please! - Do you promise? - Yes! - Hello! - Hello.
- Hi, Sara.
- Go to mummy, darling.
- She has grown.
- Yes.
Amir, I was sorry you left Parliament.
The way it happened and my role.
Have you started smoking? No.
Not officially.
Are you familiar with the situation in Kharun? There is war and the UN is completely paralyzed, as usual.
I am considering mediating in the conflict.
With EU backing.
North Kharun is Muslim.
I would like my negotiator to have the same background.
It sounds like a completely doomed idea.
I know you are under pressure domestically, but that is really desperate, isn't it? It's about a potential catastrophe in one of Africa's biggest countries that we may be able to avoid if we act.
It's all about improving your image, Birgitte.
You are asking me to play the nice Muslim and be your enabler in your personal flagship project.
- Am I correct? - No.
There is no flagship project.
I am asking you to enter a burning house with me.
I am sorry.
It is not my burning house.
Good luck.
Good to see you, Bent.
 Foreign Office permanent secretary Vedfeld.
Bent Sejrø.
Okay, what are our chances of forcing the parties to the negotiating table? Hans Christian.
The British are choosing to follow the American line on this.
- That line being? - They won't pressure South Kharun.
The US "supports fledgling democracies.
" With arms.
Any other bad news? France won't pressure North Kharun.
Nor will China.
Their ambassador made that very clear.
They are a population of almost 1.
3 billion with increasing energy demands.
They buy oil in Kharun and pay in arms.
So we're on our own in this attempt to force them to negotiate.
Cheer up.
We've assembled a great team.
I spoke to Amir, and he doesn't want in either.
I see.
Well, we won't get any further today, so let's meet again tomorrow.
- Yes.
Good to see you.
- Likewise.
- Can I see them.
- Oh, my God.
This village was destroyed long before the war broke out.
We all know Africa is suffering.
But it's yesterday's news, isn't it? We want people who are alive, vivid pictures and preferably Danes.
I won't settle for a phone interview with a British anthropologist.
Our news must be alive.
Okay? Sure.
Well, get to it, for God's sake.
And drop this.
- Aren't you going home, Bent? - Really? After you dragged me back in? It's impossible.
No one is interested in peace.
That comes as a surprise to you? You have one year left in that chair.
Don't you want to do more? Sure.
It sounds nice and easy.
Easy? You want to make peace in Africa.
It's going to be the hardest thing you ever set out to do.
Listen here.
You have something not many people have.
You've got power.
Everyone asks themselves what they'd do if they had the power.
You have it.
I'm the PM for a population of five million.
You're head of state.
Part of a club with just 192 members world-wide.
If you call, they pick up.
That is how it works.
So, what do you want to do? I want to stop that war, Bent.
- What are my chances? - I'd put my money on the war.
You need an ally.
Someone charismatic and powerful who will support you in the media.
Particularly the ones who hate you.
I'll try to broker peace in Kharun.
We may not succeed.
I'm going out on a limb here.
Why are you telling me this? You want me to admire your personal courage? No, I want you to support me in relation to the media and your friends in the opposition.
What did you have in mind? If I fail, you're going to go public with your support for me the day after.
Not on page 8, but on the cover of the right-wing papers.
Please remind your friend Hesselboe to commend the PM on her initiative.
That's more like it, Mrs.
You're quite the businesswoman.
Well? I'm trying to find a Danish expert on Kharun.
No one referred me to a state official, but to a businessman.
- Okay.
Who? - Niels Mikkelsen.
He works for Crohne Industries, and Kalle gave me these the other day.
Crohne's limo arrives at Parliament for a meeting that doesn't exist in any calendar.
Coincidence? Crohne meets in secret with the PM after war breaks out in Kharun in which he has invested billions.
Could be a coincidence.
But it's our job to distrust people.
That it is.
Katrine Fønsmark from TV1 News.
Could I speak to Niels Mikkelsen? Why didn't you want to meet at Crohne? Because I don't work for Crohne Industries.
I'm a close business associate of Crohne's, but I'm independent.
Do Crohne Industries want to conceal their real business in Kharun? Investing in the third world is a high-risk venture.
Many fail.
That's why Crohne Industries let someone else make the overtures.
Seeing as Crohne Industries' presence in Kharun is so significant, I guess Crohne has an economic interest in securing peace.
- That's a fair assumption.
- So if we have information that Crohne is meeting with the PM, can you then confirm that? You really have to ask Crohne or the PM about that.
Government troops are allegedly behind massacres in Kharun to clear areas for oil companies.
Do you know anything about that? No.
But it sounds unpleasant.
Still, Africa is the land of many rumors.
It's easy to get confused.
- I'm sorry, but I have a meeting now.
- Thank you for your time.
Thank you, Monsieur Betancourt.
Talk to you later.
We've been through all relevant Muslims in Denmark, but none of them have the charisma and clout we need.
We'll just have to make do with an interpreter.
Good morning.
Good morning.
We have Betancourt and the rest of the EU behind us.
Kenya would like to play a part.
Their resources are small, but still.
Crohne is on board.
Unofficially, of course.
His powerful connections in Kharun are going to pull some strings.
Time is essential in this regard.
The UN got these pictures from the US.
- More burnt-down villages? - No.
Troop concentrations.
As could be expected.
This is far from the front.
They're from the Nubisia region in the North.
There's been ethnic tension between them and the North Kharun regime.
What are you telling us? This may end in ethnic cleansing.
Under the guise of war, many things can happen.
What time frame are we looking at? A ceasefire in four to six months.
But how will the situation be then? - Yes? - Amir Diwan is here.
It's a bad time? No.
One moment.
So this is where you make peace in Africa.
I want to help.
But don't think I'm doing it for you.
I don't.
This is too important for me to let my personal issues with you get in the way.
If you need my help We do.
We've got an addition to the team.
I couldn't think of a better Arab-speaking negotiator.
Welcome, Amir.
The diplomatic process may take up to six months.
- Six months? - Yes.
Well, we can be sure they've killed each other off by then.
There is another way of speeding up the process.
What if I, personally, conduct the preliminary negotiations? To increase the level.
You want to go to Africa? That's a gamble.
In my experience, that will lend respect to the entire peace project.
- Vedfeld? - It'll demand a coordinated effort.
Isn't that what we're here for? It's crucial to keep this under wraps.
We need to make the media believe it's business as usual here.
Okay? We'd best get ready to leave as soon as possible.
- Sorry, I'm a little late.
- No problem.
It's been fun.
There's some leftover chicken for you in the fridge.
Great! - Is Laura okay? - Yes.
She's mostly been in her room.
- But we had dinner together.
- See you tomorrow.
Laura! Laura, I'm home.
Come down, will you? Hi, sweetie.
Had a good day? - Mom, I'm watching this.
- You need to turn it off, sweetie.
An important issue at work means I have to go away for a couple of days soon.
You're never home.
We always have to eat Anne's stupid chicken.
I know, but this is a very important matter.
- Granddad has agreed to come.
- Granddad? Fine.
- Okay? - Sure.
Let me taste Anne's stupid chicken.
What's up, Laura? I don't want to take the pills.
Laura, we've been over that.
You just have to.
There is no way around it.
Well, I won't, and I'm not going to.
- Birgitte, what's up? - Laura refuses to take her pills.
We need to talk to her about it and make sure she takes them.
Yes, but I have to go away, and I asked my dad to come and stay but I don't want him to deal with it.
Can you take the kids? Sure.
Only, we have builders all over the place, and I don't know You could stay here.
Let's do that.
North Kharun produces 480,000 barrels of crude oil a day.
95% of their GDP.
That says something about the importance of this area I just spoke to Vedfeld, and we've had a little breakthrough.
Your entering into the negotiations paid off.
President Al-Jahwar has agreed to meet you in the capital of Sahore.
- Great, Birgitte.
- This doesn't guarantee anything.
No, but we've got our foot in the door.
We'd better get cracking then.
I've got shirts to iron.
Bent You've been a tremendous help to me, but - Oh, I'm not going to Africa? - You almost died recently.
Stop right there.
I refuse to be sent packing now.
The PM's Office can't take on the liability of letting you go Don't let that paper pusher prevent me from going to Africa.
No way.
I promise to bring my doctor's statement, my walker and respirator.
I'm going to Africa, goddamn it.
You can't do this to me.
Thank you.
Well? A Swedish oil company was charged with breaking international law due to the methods they employed in finding new areas in Kharun.
If Niels Mikkelsen operates in Kharun, he must know something about it.
You'd think so.
Word is the Freedom Party is going to turn their rhetoric up a notch.
Saltum says Nyborg is out to turn Denmark into a multicultural society.
Ulrik No, Katrine is on at 6.
What will the PM say about that? Do we expect Nyborg to come running every time Saltum challenges her? Who knows? It's worth a try.
Call Kasper Juul.
Sorry to keep you waiting, but here's our itinerary.
Reporters are referred to me directly, if they call the PM's Office.
We'll play the game.
No problem.
You're only gone for three days.
What are you going to say, if they lean on you? The PM is in France for meetings.
Keep a lid on it until both parties are on their way to Denmark to negotiate.
- Good luck.
- Thanks.
We'll need it.
So, what did Nyborg say? No comment.
We'll have to find another angle.
Did you lean on her? - Of course.
- Get her to comment on Kharun as well.
And slip in Crohne's name too.
Hanne, it's not going to happen.
Nyborg is in France to meet with their premier.
Kasper and I ought to refrain from that kind of pillow talk, but you know That is not what makes me wonder.
How on earth is she going to meet with the French premier? Why? Last night I saw he's on a state visit to Hungary.
North Kharun will say it's a conflict between Muslims and Christians.
They'll do their utmost to come off as true believers.
And therefore I doubt Al-Jahwar will shake a woman's hand.
How will I find out? Place your right hand on your heart.
That's a fine and proper greeting.
That way we won't focus on differences.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- Home already? - The PM's away, so I left early.
I was told to get hold of her today, but I said she said "no comment.
" Please let me do my job.
Just call and I'll make up some excuses.
Wine? Yes, please.
Nyborg is meeting with the French premier in Paris, right? I believe so.
You're not sure if the PM is meeting the French PM? Hey, they don't tell me everything.
So, no.
- Hungry? - Yes.
I'll run down and get some Thai.
- Hello, Vedfeld.
- Thank you.
- How do you do.
- Welcome to Africa.
After you.
We booked you suites and negotiating rooms at the Freedom Palace Hotel owned by the government.
Be warned that all rooms are bugged.
- Is the president coming? - We're working on it.
- But he's special.
- Anything I need to be aware of? Yes.
Al-Jahwar is a Cambridge graduate.
He speaks fluent English, but will probably speak Arabic.
To make a political statement? Exactly.
No Western woman is going to teach him anything.
You're on his turf, ma'am.
The major oil fields at the heart of the conflict are Karni and Friendship.
In the border area, right? The Sarifan Province.
Al-Jahwar maintains that the election in the South was rigged.
Election observers approved it.
95% of the population voted in favor.
Downplay the fact that the president is wanted by the Hague Tribunal.
For crimes during the civil war.
Yes? This is Mr.
Sadiq Barghani from the Kharunese foreign office.
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
I am terribly sorry.
There seems to be a grave misunderstanding.
I understand that the PM was expecting to meet president Al-Jahwar.
Yes, very much so.
I am afraid the president won't be able to make it to the meeting.
He is on at trip, away from Sahore.
But luckily one of the advisors from the oil ministry will be able to meet.
I have to remind you that I am the Danish prime minister.
I only negotiate on the same political level.
I will not negotiate with a civil servant.
But I am afraid there is nothing I can do.
Well then my trip was in vain.
Please, Madame Prime Minister.
Vedfeld, please.
Vedfeld, please wait.
Please! Madame Prime Minister.
Please, Madame Prime Minister.
Something wonderful has just happened.
President Al-Jahwar has unexpectedly arrived in Sahore.
- And will meet with us? - Yes.
- Today? - In a very short while.
Thank you.
I just said it was a disgraceful way to treat a Muslim brother.
And? That Crohne Industries would like to give their head of state a gift.
An expensive one.
Omar Al-Jahwar.
Amir Diwan.
This is Madam Prime Minister, Birgitte Nyborg.
Thank you very much for meeting with us, Mr.
I wish to return the prime minister's gratitude.
I'm sorry to inform you that your trip to Kharun is pointless.
Our troops have all but defeated the South so I don't see any reason for us to make concessions.
Allow me to be bold, Mr.
President I am sure that certain people in the Arab world think of Denmark as an arrogant anti-muslim nation, that is the loyal friend of the USA.
The West sees you, Mr.
President as a war criminal, because of your actions in the Nubisia-province for the past five years.
They certainly don't see the highly respected politician and Cambridge-fellow that the people regard you as.
They say you shouldn't judge a book by its cover, but we still do that, don't we? To me it seems that both our nations could profit from a change in the international perspective on our nations.
Wouldn't you say? Is that not worth a couple of hours of conversation? Very well, Madame Prime Minister.
Let's talk, then.
One down.
Expensive promises.
Aid is one thing, oil is something else.
- Can we sell it to the South? - Let's just get the North to come.
Hopefully the South will follow.
- The plane leaves in 50 minutes.
- Thank you.
Bent, I'm going to lay low.
My Arabic dialect makes me seem pro-North.
- See you in the lobby.
- Bye.
We have no connections there, but Niels Mikkelsen wants to meet again.
Niels Mikkelsen is amazingly resourceful, isn't he? I can prove that the PM and Crohne are meeting about Kharun.
You're a darling.
You just got us our story.
Even better.
Birgitte Nyborg is in Kharun.
The PM is in Africa without anyone knowing? - I thought she went to France.
- Kasper lied.
Have a look.
PM'S TRIP TO KHARUN OIL FIELDS IN KHARUN Where did you get this? From his briefcase.
We can't use it, but Torben will have to admit it's a good story.
You bet we can't use it.
Aren't you dating? Yes, and we're on opposite sides of the fence.
He lied to me.
He didn't lie.
The spin doctor threw the reporter off the track.
He would have done that with any journalist.
It's his job.
Well, it's my job to make the public aware of the facts.
You only got hold of those documents because you're Kasper's girlfriend.
You're in for it, if you use them.
Torben will question your relationship to Kasper and know you exchange information.
The PM's Office will be informed.
Your private life is your own matter but don't tell the guy you go through his stuff.
If you want to keep him.
- You're such a genius.
- I am indeed.
Jakob Lokoya is chief of the Tienga tribe, one of the biggest in the country.
He's a warrior, first and foremost.
Not a sophisticated man.
You'd be wise to acknowledge his skill on the battlefield.
I'll do my best.
Be aware of his harsh stance on homosexuality.
It's common in this part of Africa.
Should he touch on the subject, you'd best ignore it.
I'm afraid we have a flat tire.
But they're working on it.
Sure, I will.
- Everything fine back home? - Yes.
We've got the EU behind us.
And the UN is happy to have us doing their job for them.
- We're a long way from home, Bent.
- Yes.
We sure are.
Who's taking care of the kids while you're away? Phillip.
And our au pair, Anne.
The kids love her.
How are Laura and Magnus? Fine.
Do you have a picture? I haven't seen them in ages.
- I like this one.
- Aw! My, they've grown.
That is wonderful.
Look at Laura.
She looks all grown-up.
Anything wrong? Laura has been suffering from anxiety attacks.
It's serious and has been for several months.
I'm sorry to hear that.
She is gettting treatment.
She's seeing a psychiatrist.
She get anti-depressants, so she's slowly getting better.
And how about you? I can't It's difficult.
I can't help her, you know? If there's anything I can do, just say the word.
I haven't really told anyone else.
It's strange keeping it all inside.
We're ready to roll.
Madame President Nyborg.
You are most welcome here in Atifana.
- Thank you very much.
- May I present to you his excellence, President Lokoya.
I cannot express how happy I am to receive you, Madame Prime Minister.
You are a brave woman.
We need peace.
I am very glad to be here, your Majesty.
No, no, no.
No 'majesty', please.
To you I am "Jakob".
- Thank you.
- Hello.
I am afraid I have some bad news.
China has threatened to support the North further.
- Oil pipeline? - Exactly.
China insists that if you win your independence, you will still use the North pipeline and sell your oil to the Chinese.
- How can they insist? - Because they are China.
And remember, you will still be an independent country.
Your freedom will only be limited in relation to who you'll sell your oil to.
You are right, Uncle.
I must stress that China should pay no less than market price for your oil.
This is how the world is.
As far as we can negotiate a fair, territorial agreement, we can agree on this matter.
I assure you, your country's cry for freedom and peace has been heard.
It would be an honor for me to conduct the negotiations in Copenhagen.
You are a good friend.
My dream is to make South Kharun a shining example for all of Africa.
We have great resources.
We just need to work together.
It's not an easy task to create a modern democracy.
But I am trying to reform our society, both in spirit and in technology.
Everybody in South Kharun is entitled to equality and freedom, except homosexuals of course.
But this is not a problem.
There are no homosexuals in South Kharun.
It's just not part of our culture.
But we must discuss the territorial dispute.
Thank you.
We've received more photos from six years ago of the massacres long before the war.
I thought Torben didn't want to run that angle right now.
Look, put them aside for now, unless they're particularly interesting.
I don't think so.
No familiar faces in the photos.
Just forget them.
See you.
- Who was that? - Dan.
If you still want that interview, call tomorrow.
She's due to arrive then.
- From France? - Yes.
- Let me just take this out.
- No, she's not.
She's arriving tomorrow, but But what? She went to Kharun.
She's been there the past couple of days.
I haven't been able to tell you, but now it looks like there be peace talks in Copenhagen.
Wow! - Congratulations.
- Thanks.
I missed you.
Want me to take out the trash? I have some more to put in the bag.
Wine? Yes, please.
- That went okay, Bent.
- Sure.
It went fine.
- You're good, Birgitte.
- Thanks.
But I think we sold the same piece of land at too high a price to both men.
They're coming to Copenhagen, Bent.
To talk.
That's what's important.
That's what's important.
"There are no homosexuals in South Kharun.
" Jesus Christ! Dad? It's 7:30.
7:30? Thanks, sweetie.
- Good morning, buddy.
- Good morning.
- I can't sleep on that couch.
- Why don't you take the bed? Well, it's Mom's bed.
- I'll be home around 4:30.
- Okay.
Did you take your pill? No, but I'll take it later.
No, you'll take it now, Laura.
Eat your breakfast, Magnus.
Laura take the pill.
- Checking up on me? - Just take the pill, Laura.
Happy? Sure, sweetie.
It's important that you get well, that's all.
- Okay.
- Yes.
Get dressed, okay, Magnus? TO BE CONTINUED
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