Borgen (2010) s02e08 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 8

1 I think we should try to stop the war in Kharun.
- You're going to need my help.
- Laura had an anxiety attack.
- You should put her on medication.
- You must keep taking the pills.
If you stop, you may suffer a serious relapse.
What is your business in Kharun? A potential construction deal worth five billion kroner.
Government forces are said to commit massacres to clear areas for Western oil companies.
Are you aware of that? No.
President Al-Jahwar has agreed to meet with you in their capital soon.
- Great, Birgitte! - Will you stay here with the kids? - You could stay here.
- Sure.
The West sees you, Mr.
President, as a war criminal.
Let's talk.
Your country's cry for freedom and peace has been heard.
You're a good friend.
Peace talks will be held in Copenhagen.
Wow! - Did you take your pill? - I'll take it later.
I want you to take it now, Laura.
We just want you to get well.
"Take up the white man's burden The savage wars of peace Fill full the mouth of Famine And bid the sickness cease.
" Kipling - Okay! - I won't be home the next few days.
Great, a good night's sleep without groping hands.
Any complaints? No.
- Coffee? - Please.
- How come you're so grumpy? - It's 4:30 a.
I'm tired.
- When are the delegations due? - At 10.
The Foreign Ministry boys have been working on it the past few days.
How did you manage to suspend the arrest warrant for Omar Al-Jahwar? Who wants to know? My girlfriend or the reporter? - Both.
- In that case I don't know.
Will you land the peace agreement? We've got a chance.
If you and your colleagues will back off and let us work.
I will, if you answer our questions.
Okay, then.
I'll try.
How did you manage to suspend the arrest warrant for Omar Al-Jahwar? Gee, it's 4:30 already, and my cab's waiting.
So that's that.
- You're up early.
- I couldn't sleep.
- So she woke me up.
- You were playing video games.
Anne's staying over for a few days because I'll be busy with the peace conference.
- Is it fine with you, Magnus? - Sure.
- Hi, Anne.
- Hello.
- Thanks for coming this early.
- No problem.
- Hi, Kasper.
- Who wants to help me make pizza? - Me! - See you in the Hall of Mirrors.
I made coffee, and there's some money in the brown envelope.
Anne Please remind Laura to take her pill in the morning.
Sweetie? Did you take your pill? No, but I'll do it now.
- What time is it, Magnus? - 6:30, so you want to watch the news.
I have to brush my teeth and get dressed.
Negotiations will take place in several venues.
The Foreign Ministry will hold the talks with the government officials.
The presidents are expected to meet with the PM at the PM's Office.
And the main players: Jakob Lokoya came into power in 2010 when South Kharun voted in favor of independence.
President Al-Jahwar of North Kharun was wanted by the Hague Tribunal for atrocities committed against the South Kharunese people.
The international arrest warrant has, however, been suspended.
It's too early for all these names.
Unless you have twins with colic, you have no complaints.
Get a grip.
- What are you doing? - What do you mean? You didn't take your pill.
That's none of your business.
Understood? If you tell mom and dad, I'll never speak to you again.
Okay? Never! EPISODE 18 "WHAT IS LOST OUTWARDS, MUST BE WON INWARDS" - PART II We're dividing the negotiations into three groups: The Oil Group, the Sarifan Group and the Green River Group all meet in Pakhuset.
Representatives of the African Union, the UN and the EU are observers.
Thanks, Frederik.
Some reporters are attacking Denmark for negotiating with Al-Jahwar.
Technically, he's not a war criminal as the case has been reopened.
The international arrest warrant has been suspended temporarily.
Good work.
I presume we have you to thank for that legal subtlety.
Al-Jahwar is due in 20 minutes.
Amir and I are going to greet him with Niels-Erik.
We'll have coffee next door, while we wait for South Kharun.
North Kharun insisted on arriving first.
Is everyone clear on the agenda? Let's get cracking.
Good luck.
It is with great expectation that I welcome you and your delegation here in Copenhagen.
It is a great honor to be here, Mrs.
Prime Minister.
Shall we? But don't get your hopes up.
Lokoya may very well let you down.
Did you have a nice flight? Yes, thank you.
We had a very pleasant flight.
The oil city of Orisia is under attack.
The South has attacked the North.
This is what happens when you deal with Jakob Lokoya.
You can't say I did not warn you.
But Jakob Lokoya had better have a good explanation.
Damn it! I need them as background stills for a nasty story on the News at 8:30.
- I need them to be brutal.
- Amnesty gave me these last month.
Hey, stop.
Go back.
Zoom in on that guy there.
Thanks, all.
- Katrine, take a look at this.
- What? Isn't that Niels Mikkelsen? - Who's that with him? - Mohammed Azzez.
Al-Jahwar's most notorious general behind the murder of thousands of civilians.
He led the massacre.
I see Katrine, we're on in 15.
You're presenting.
Fighting has erupted on the border between North and South Kharun.
- It's been confirmed? - Not yet.
Pia will go through it.
Makeup! Torben, remember Niels Mikkelsen, the guy Katrine and I interviewed? Look, we're on in 14 minutes.
Let's go, Katrine.
Welcome to Copenhagen.
Thank you, madam Prime Minister.
We are here in great hope.
President, can you please explain to me what happened this morning? - What do you mean? - Al-Jahwar has just left the negotiations.
because he was told that you attacked and captured Orisia this morning.
Orisia belongs to our side of the border and this morning we defended our land and threw out the soldiers from the North.
Your actions haven't helped the peace process.
I am not sure we can get Al-Jahwar to come back.
I am sorry for that.
It is he him who destroys the peace process.
Hey, gorgeous.
You're off work? No, I'm on in a minute.
Any comments from the PM on the negotiations breaking down? - I hoped it was my girlfriend calling.
- It is.
Does the PM want to comment? Why is she on the phone? - On what? - South Kharun attacked the North.
And North Kharun has left.
- Katrine! - I don't know anything about that.
- We know Al-Jahwar left the Office.
- We're on now.
You're breaking up.
Talk to you later.
We're on in five.
Four two, one and action.
This is TV1 News with breaking news.
Before the peace talks even got started, they broke down.
Ten minutes after his arrival, Al-Jahwar left the negotiations.
Allegedly because of news that South Kharun attacked Orisia.
Kharun's most important oil city is expected to be the bone of contention.
- We'll have them draw up a proposal.
- Thank you.
The South Kharunese delegation is going to draw up a proposal but we can't guarantee that negotiations will be reopened.
- Any news from the North? - They're still in Copenhagen.
But they threaten to leave unless the South pulls out of Orisia.
They won't negotiate face to face with the South.
Not in the same room.
Amir, it's your job to keep the North in Denmark for as long as possible.
Tell them we'll try to get the South to leave Orisia.
Great picture, I must say.
It's really good For sure But what's important right now is the stalled peace talks.
You know? Mohammed Azzez is a North Kharunese general and a war criminal wanted for atrocities committed in Kharun.
Yes? And there he is with Niels Mikkelsen, Crohne's man in Kharun.
They're in a massacred village.
Yet he denied any knowledge of massacres.
Sometimes I get just a little bit tired, you know? You know this is a good story.
I know that.
It's a great story.
But it takes three weeks of research, and we don't have the time.
We have to focus on the news tonight.
Save it for after the peace talks.
And that, by the way, is an order.
Torben speaking.
Hi, Mom.
- I didn't catch that last bit he said.
- Get your coat.
We'd like to talk to Niels Mikkelsen.
- Have you got an appointment? - No.
He'll want to talk to you.
- You need to make an appointment.
- We understand.
- We need to talk to him.
- Let me take it from here.
I didn't expect to see you again.
To what do I owe the honor? We came across this photo of you and Mohammed Azzez.
In that case I'd better invite you in.
That's a day I'll never forget.
Dead bodies all over the place.
If that is the word.
How may I help? What are you doing with Azzez? You denied any knowledge of these things.
There had been fighting in one of the areas we passed through.
- I had nothing to do with it.
- But this was before the war.
These massacres come from clearing villages for oil exploration.
You know more than me.
I'd be happy to tell you more about my travels but I'm pressed for time now.
I may have more pictures of me and Azzez.
Maybe even some from that day.
- Can we meet later tonight? - We can wait here while you find them I have a very important meeting with some heavy investors.
In about 30 minutes.
How about 9 p.
at the paper? - Sure.
- That is a deal.
- Thanks.
- Bye.
What would it take for you to leave Orisia? What would it take to make Al-Jahwar realise that Orisia and Sarifan belong to South Kharun? I know that you feel that Orisia belongs to you.
But the hostilities in this area are threatening the whole peace process.
And I don't believe it's worth it.
I'd like to hear your thoughts, Uncle? Well, I agree that Orisia belongs to you.
But I also believe that the peace process is more important than Orisia right now.
My father told me that the only way to solve a problem who seem to be unsolvable is to walk away from it, just for a while.
Change the perspective.
So my advice to you, Mr.
President, is to pull out of Orisia temporarily.
You are a wise man.
But I cannot allow the North to steal my country.
Well, I understand that.
But what if Orisia was no-mans land until after this summit? You leave Orisia but the North doesn't enter.
Thank you for your patience, Mr.
South Kharun has offered to pull out of Orisia.
But only if you agree to consider Orisia a no man's land until after the summit.
Why are you playing games? I gave you 24 hours.
If the South doesn't leave Orisia and give it back to me I will leave Copenhagen.
Sanne, we're in for a long night.
Get Crohne for me on the phone.
Why Crohne? He promised to support me, and he may have to keep his word now.
I'll draw up a press release then.
In case we fail.
- Joachim Crohne is on the line.
- Thanks.
Good evening, Mr.
Didn't we say 9 p.
? - I think he's a no show.
- Damn it.
He had a landline, too.
- Mikkelsen residence.
- TV1 News calling for Mr.
- I'm afraid he's away.
- But we had an appointment with him.
- When will he be back? - I can't say.
Katrine, we did all we could.
We can't go around arresting people, can we? No, but this proves he's got something to hide.
Businessmen like him prefer to lie low.
If two annoying bitches start calling his connections, that could make his life very difficult.
I feel just like one of those bitches.
PRESS RELEASE -PM regrets aborted peace negotiations SHIT SHIT SHIT! - See you tomorrow.
- Good night.
Don't sleep here, Sanne.
No coffee? Sorry.
None left.
- Bent's got some herbal tea.
- Swell.
How's the press release coming along? Cheer up.
It's not over yet.
Good evening, Mr.
I'll be waiting.
See you.
Crohne has come across some very interesting information.
At 2:30 in the morning? As you know, my corporation does a lot of business in China.
I got these papers from a Chinese government official.
40 Chinese attack helicopters are heading for North Kharun's capital.
When they arrive, North Kharun will win the war in just a few weeks.
Is the North preparing for war? It looks like it.
You didn't get this from me.
This explains everything.
I wondered why the North was so cantankerous.
The Chinese ambassador will be here in an hour.
How are we going to use this? Give it to the media.
Let the world know peace depends on China.
- We need to put pressure on them.
- That's quite a gamble.
But it's worth the risk.
Let me warn the South before the media finds out.
Or else they'll feel ambushed.
- And lose the trust I have built.
- Sure.
We need to make the North stay here.
You see to that, Amir.
I'd better get the Chinese on board.
Where did you get this information? I am not allowed to tell you.
Then we have to leave now.
If these helicopters are to arrive in Sahore in five days, then we have to go home and prepare for war.
If you leave now, all hope is out.
If I don't leave now, all hope is out.
Have you ever seen what one of these helicopters can do? Do you know how to protect your children from these helicopters? You don't Because you can't.
One of these helicopters can destroy a village in two minutes and fly away.
Two minutes, Uncle.
I understand that you have to prepare your defense.
But if you leave now the peace process is over and the war begins.
What do you want from me? The North are trying to kill us.
And you want me to stay here and do nothing? I want you to stay here 12 more hours.
And if China hasn't stopped the helicopters I suggest you go home and defend your people.
Okay, keep us posted.
What did Amir say? Al-Jahwar isn't thrilled about the helicopter deal hitting the news.
And the South? Preparing for war.
I've got 12 hours to make the ship turn around.
The Chinese ambassador is here.
Thank you.
You're entitled to be angry at China for delivering military hardware now.
Denmark can't afford to be angry at China.
They're almost 1.
5 billion.
We can't make demands.
I can only ask for help.
I'm not questioning your right to sell helicopters to North Kharun.
But I do find it complicated in the middle of a peace process.
From what I hear, the process does not seem that successful.
I don't know what you have heard.
My staff is working hard and that the feedback I get is positive.
Anyway, Mr.
Ambassador, six years ago, the civil war stopped all oil production in North Kharun for about a year.
China gets around 7% of its oil from Kharun.
Is that correct? If your helicopters arrive in Kharun in five days, the peace process will collapse and instead of negotiating over the oil, they'll go back to fighting over it.
That is not our business.
We just deliver a product that North Kharun has legally bought from us.
But it will be your business.
It will become your business if the Kharunese oil production collapses and forces you to replace 7% of your oil consumption overnight.
From my perspective, the only way to secure cheap oil in the future is to secure peace in Kharun right now.
And you can only do that by stopping the ship and not delivering the helicopters.
A small country like Denmark can't do it alone.
We need help.
From the world's leading nations.
I wish we had had this meeting earlier.
What can I do in 12 hours? I am afraid it is too late.
- Bye.
- Bye.
What are you doing? Getting some water.
Why did you unplug everything? None of your business.
Did you tell Mom about the pills? Sure? But how come you do all this weird stuff? What? What am I doing, Magnus? - You - You want to tell Mom about it? Let's call her.
Don't, Laura.
She won't be asleep.
I'll call her.
- No.
- Sure you don't want to talk to her? Are you sure? I won't tell.
Go to bed then.
Go on.
- Hello.
- You called.
Why aren't you in bed? Magnus had a nightmare.
Where's Anne? I didn't want to wake her.
How sweet of you.
Put Magnus on then.
Magnus went back to sleep.
Give him a kiss from me, sweetie.
Are you okay? I'm fine.
Did you take your pills? Sure.
I'm a little tired now, Mom.
I can hear that.
I really miss you.
Sleep tight.
- Good night.
- Good night.
Look at this photo Robert from De Telegraaf in the Netherlands sent me.
Robert says Telegraaf knows him by the name of Theo Van De Cloe, a man who works in the oil industry.
Again, villages have been cleared.
The locals have been massacred.
Government troops use oil exploration as an excuse for ethnic cleansing.
Still just rumors, mind you.
I keep hearing the same thing.
Rumors galore.
Very little proof.
Who the hell is he? A very skilled businessman.
It's 5:30.
Don't you need to get to makeup? - You're on in one hour.
- Sure.
Sleep is for old people.
EASY NOW, FRIENDS LET'S TALK ABOUT I Things aren't looking good for Nyborg.
That'll teach her.
- It's spot on.
- It's chauvinist.
- Hey, Nyborg screwed up.
- Katrine's right.
A male PM would be applauded.
A female PM gets slaughtered.
- Sharp analysis, bra burners.
- You're welcome.
Any news on those helicopters? I have a military expert coming in to tell us about the ZHI-10.
Any comments from China? No.
The BBC is monitoring the ship live.
We're trying to link to their feed.
Katrine, good work on the morning show.
You seemed sharp and rested.
Thank you.
Anything else? You're the best boss.
Very funny.
No, have the two of you got anything you want to share with us? - Not at all.
- Okay.
- Let me know when that link is up.
- Sure thing.
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
Did you talk to the Chinese? Al-Jahwar and his staff have now officially left the negotiations.
So that's it? Yes.
South Kharun heard about it and don't want to stay a minute longer.
You gave it your all.
God damn it! That's it? That's it? Breaking news on BBC right now.
It's a live feed.
I think the Chinese stopped their ship.
the North-Kharunese capital is changing course, turning around and possibly heading south.
The Yuan Maru is believed - Yes? - Beijing is on the line.
Thank you.
Good morning.
I appreciate that very much.
Thank you.
Kasper, round up the negotiators in the Hall of Mirrors.
I think I have some great news for you.
I'm very impressed by your work these past days.
You deserve a big hand.
On a more serious note an hour ago both presidents threatened to leave and end negotiations.
They didn't though.
China stopped the ship with the helicopters and gave us 36 hours.
So, both the North and the South are back at the negotiating table.
I know you're missed by your families and tired, too, but I'm going to ask you to hang in there just a little bit longer.
Let's finish what we started and show the world that when a bunch of crazy Danes set their mind to something they accomplish it.
Good luck, people.
Can I quote you on that? How about "a source close to the Kharunese oil industry?" Okay, thanks anyway.
Mikkelsen has got a lot on his conscience.
False identity, corruption.
He said Mikkelsen must have known his methods would entail massacres.
But you can't quote them.
Right? Still, the story is coming together.
How would you pitch this story in one minute? What would you say? Niels Mikkelsen, Dutch alias, Van De Cloe No, I'd start with his bribery of Kharunese officials.
Sources talk of huge amounts.
"Sources"? Let's fight for this story, Hanne.
But we aren't getting anywhere.
- That's not true.
- Torben's right.
We don't have a thing.
Just a gut feeling.
A few tiny pieces, but not a shred of evidence.
We don't.
Let's give it to Documentary, and let's get me some wine.
- Coming? - Yes.
True, we have no evidence.
We have a hell of a lot of rumors.
- Mikkelsen residence.
- Fønsmark, TV1 News.
He's away.
And he does not want to talk Please tell him we're doing a documentary on him.
The theme is corruption and the violation of international law.
Would he like to comment on that? I can't help you.
I thought so.
Do tell him to watch it.
The working title is Merchant of Death.
So long.
Hell, I can't teach you any more tricks.
Katrine speaking.
Niels Mikkelsen.
Hello, Niels Mikkelsen.
Any progress? I'm very optimistic.
I look forward to this state dinner.
Are negotiations on standby? No.
A lot of hard-working people are working around the clock for this.
Good evening.
While I wine and dine the alpha males, you close some deals.
Exert maximum pressure on the big issues.
If we exert ourselves, we can close Green River within the hour.
We only have tonight, so do your best.
Okay? Please have a seat.
First, I want to know if you intend to do a documentary on me.
- Yes.
It's turning into quite a story.
- I understand that.
I have to mention that doing business in Kharun is extremely complicated.
I am not personally involved in any of the activities you imply.
So go on air and explain what you're doing next to a wanted war criminal surrounded by dead bodies in a burned-down village.
I've done nothing wrong.
My living is based on my integrity and my network isn't fond of my being hounded by reporters.
So, I've decided to hand you a story of immediate importance to the peace talks if you in return promise to leave me alone.
What story? It would be unwise of me to tell you beforehand.
I want your guarantee that you're going to forget me.
If there's anything in the story, we'll consider backing off.
If not, we're going to keep coming.
I've drawn up an agreement, in which you promise not to bother me personally anymore if you're given this information.
Katrine Fønsmark is outside.
- Has she got a camera with her? - No.
Hey, gorgeous.
I'm here to tell you that we've come across information proving that North Kharun has cheated the South out of 10% of the oil revenues.
The North has been stealing up to $1 billion a year from the South.
We'd like a comment from the PM when we run the story in the morning.
- And if we don't believe you? - I'm not here to blackmail you.
If your information is correct, it will wreck the negotiations.
- Yes.
- But? But nothing.
We're reporters.
We can't just ignore a story like that.
Come and have a look.
At what? This is the heart.
This is where I've spent the last couple of days.
We closed the Green River Group 13 minutes ago.
So now 3.
6 million Kharunese get to choose whether they want to belong to the North or the South.
We expect to close the Sarifan Group within the next ten minutes.
And feedback from the Oil Group indicates great progress.
And while all these people struggle to close a deal the two presidents are meeting face to face for the first time in 2 years.
The people who once fought each other with machetes are now negotiating in the finest democratic tradition how to distribute land and oil.
Sarifan is settled.
Well done.
Bravo! You're witnessing a small miracle.
We've still got Oil to go.
We've still got Oil to go.
Tell me, if you go through with the story.
We can't ask people to stay here in vain.
In less than 12 hours, the negotiations will end.
If we are to achieve the results we have worked for we really must exert ourselves.
Excuse me.
We must get back to the Office.
We have a major problem.
I don't want to run the story.
What? Excuse me, but did we just trade places? You always accuse me of lacking journalistic integrity.
This is a great story.
Thousands of lives are at stake.
We have to consider that.
- Is it worth it? - You've lost me now.
Just before Torben speaking.
Good evening.
Of course.
That was the PM.
Thank you for coming.
Kasper just briefed me.
Please explain the facts to me.
We have no doubt these figures are true.
We have researched it thoroughly.
North Kharun has cheated the South out of 7-8 billion dollars the past 5 years.
Who else knows about this? Apart from us gathered here, only our source and North Kharun.
Please don't run the story.
If you do, the peace negotiations will collapse.
Then China will deliver 40 attack helicopters to North Kharun.
North Kharun will arm the helicopters and two weeks later we'll see the outbreak of a war we can't stop.
This will lead to streams of refugees and hunger and epidemics similar to those in Ethiopia.
With all due respect, this domino effect is hardly our responsibility.
We just broadcast truthful and objective news.
That's all we do.
And I commend you for that.
It's your right to run the story, but Still, I ask you to reconsider.
We're close to reaching a peace agreement.
Excuse me, but I think Yes? Will this meeting stay between us? No one in the media will ever find out? I guarantee it.
We agree not to run the story, if you land the peace agreement.
Should war break out again, we'll run it.
Here you are.
Thank you.
We have copies in full, of course.
Thank you.
- Good night.
- Good night.
- A cup of tea? - Yes.
Why is this unplugged? I don't know.
Anne speaking.
Good morning.
This is Birgitte.
All well? We're fine.
I'll put Laura on.
Hi, mum.
Hi, sweetie.
I didn't come home last night but I think we'll be finished today, so I'll see you tonight.
Did you take your pill? Not yet.
Iversen said not to take it on an empty stomach.
You have an excellent memory.
How's Magnus? He's fine Can I talk to her? But we were just leaving for school.
Put him on.
- Hi, Mom.
- Hi, sweetie.
- How are you? - Mm.
- Mum - Yes.
See you later.
You bet.
Birgitte Good morning.
Lokoya is ready to sign the peace agreement and start the peace process.
Congratulations on a fantastic achievement, Bent.
I'm sorry, but Al-Jahwar wants to reopen the oil negotiations.
They demand a larger piece of the oil in Orisia.
How serious is this? Sounds like last-minute blackmail.
He won't budge.
I understand you want to reopen the oil negotiations.
I just don't consider them closed.
Please have a seat.
President I know that you have stretched yourself more than I could have expected to make peace.
I appreciate that.
Yet I need you to stretch yourself a little further.
I am afraid that is not possible.
Please, Mr.
These documents show that you have cheated South Kharun of more than 10% of the oil revenues over the years.
I see no reason to share this information with the rest of the world if you accept the agreement we reached yesterday.
And withdraw your new demands.
That way we can reach a fair compromise.
South Kharun will never know that you cheated and you will have earned a lof of money that need never be known.
On the other hand If you do not accept the terms I owe to my voters and supporters around the world a fair and solid reason that we did not make any progress.
And I have to tell you I wlll not lie to them.
It is with great gratitude that I stand before you today.
President Al-Jahwar, President Lokoya you have worked very hard and very courageously for peace.
The two presidents have proven that there is hope.
And where there is hope, there are possibilities.
And I therefore declare the Copenhagen Peace Summit a success.
I'm in debt to you, Hanne.
Even though the story didn't pan out.
I admire your work.
Just thought you should know.
Let me begin by thanking you for all your hard work.
I wish I could think of a more original opening line, but I can't.
The bottom line is that you worked hard.
It is with pride and awe that I look at many of you.
Amir, despite everything we've been through, you came running when I asked you to come on board.
You're a skilled politician.
Still, I was amazed to see the unwavering precision and elegance with which you led such delicate negotiations.
Thank you, Amir.
Bent Sejrø, where's he hiding? Bent Sejrø, my mentor, my old friend.
My worst critic and my biggest role model.
Thank you for joining us on this journey and for staying on, even when I was worried about your health.
From now on I promise to say only: "Shut up and take your pills.
" We're on CNN.
The Danish led effort to stop the war between North and South Kharun has managed to secure an agreement Birgitte, something's up at home.
Hello? - Where is she? - She locked herself in the bathroom.
Laura, I'm home now, at last.
Please open the door, sweetie.
Magnus just told me she hasn't been taking her pills.
What? Magnus, why the devil didn't you tell me? How long has she been off them? Laura! Laura! I'm going to kick down the door, sweetie.
Laura, Laura Hey, sweetie.
Look at me, sweetie.
Laura! Laura, look at me.
Hey! Hey, Laura! Look at me, Laura.
Anne, call an ambulance.
Come here, sweetie.
- Where is she? - In some ward.
We've sedated her.
Reactions can be severe, if you go off your medicine abruptly.
Many girls like Laura go off them secretly to prove they're in control.
Your daughter is seriously ill.
You will need to make great changes in your lives.
I'll be right back.
I'm sorry.
Hey, gorgeous, I'm on my way home, and I can't wait to kiss and caress you all over your body.
See you.
Benny, leave it there for a while.
Bye for now.
Aren't you going home? Sure.
I just need to sit here for a while.
Will your god mind us grabbing a brandy? Depends on how good the brandy is.
After hours of work, the parties finally agreed on the ceasefire and both presidents signed it.
Torben Friis, political analyst, what a turbulent couple of days, huh? Any closing remarks? This is a great victory for Birgitte Nyborg.
For once, we can be proud of our PM here in little Denmark.

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