Borgen (2010) s02e09 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 9

1 - Birgitte.
- Cecilie.
- Phillip says you're a pediatrician.
- Yes.
Fønsmark is here.
You won't get preferential treatment.
Nor will you.
You only got those papers because you're shacking up with Kasper.
Using them will have consequences.
Anything wrong, Laura? I won't take the pills.
We have talked about that.
You have to.
- Call an ambulance.
- Your daughter is seriously ill.
You're both going to have to change your lifestyle.
"Success is not final; failure is not final.
It is the courage to go on that counts.
" - Churchill In her opening speech Nyborg expressed her animus against the former government's privatization of health care.
She prefers a national health service.
Let's hear what the PM said.
Instead of spending money on tax cuts to impel Danes to buy private health insurance, we say: Let us spend that money in favor of the public health system instead of giving tax advantages to those who prefer private hospitals.
The PM means that private hospitals contribute to the declining quality of public hospitals because Sanne, where's Kasper? - Here he is.
- I have to go now.
I am coming.
Hi, Sanne.
"No problems".
"No problems"? Limp over here, will you? - Birgitte - Drop the excuses.
I've been informed.
You invite the spin doctors to your annual coordination day.
You play indoor football.
You wear boxing boots on artificial turf.
- Yes.
It's a team-building thing.
- Two torn ligaments.
- A couple of months like that.
- No.
One month.
Don't play sports.
You're not cut out for it.
- You have lousy motor skills, okay? - Yes.
You're cut out to sit behind your desk and use your head.
See the irony? We need to get a major health care reform passed.
- Right.
- Thank you.
It's my assessment that Laura needs long-term therapy to change her negative thought patterns and remove her anxiety.
And phase out the medicine over the longer term.
- I'm afraid there's a 50-week wait - You must be kidding.
- Yes.
- Really? That's a whole year.
Psychiatry has suffered a lot of cutbacks.
But there are alternatives.
The private hospital Liseholm specializes in cognitive therapy.
They have a program for girls in Laura's age group that is a success.
How does it work? The girl moves in and undergoes a two-month therapy program ending with a three-week process, in which the girl is gradually discharged and returns home.
Yes, but can we get her in? My patients are admitted right away.
You should know that the treatment is fairly expensive.
- A private health insurance covers 85%.
- Laura, what's going on, sweetie? What's keeping you? Call off the press conference.
The conference room is crammed.
What about your meetings? I don't know - The Minister of Commerce rang - Stop by my place and brief me later.
- I'll handle the conference.
- Great.
Thank you.
- You'll call her.
- Hi, Phillip.
How did it go? They suggested this place called Liseholm.
I've only heard good things.
What else did they say? Look, I I'll only be - I don't know when I'll be home tonight.
- Sure.
I love you.
- Need your crutches? - No.
I'll wait till they have left.
So that's why Katrine has free access to the PM.
Sleeping her way to the top.
Hello, people.
The PM won't make today's press conference.
- Damn.
- But you didn't make the trip in vain.
You are the first reporters ever to be stood up by Birgitte Nyborg.
That's news in itself, wouldn't you say? Thank you for coming and sorry.
Word has it Solidarity's going to force the government to make concessions.
- Any comment? - I can't speak for the government.
But the PM would say she takes no heed of rumors.
I thought so.
Has the PM got her sights on an international post? That's all for today.
You and Kasper had better go public with your relationship.
What do you mean? You know how reporters gossip.
I heard Ruben going on about you.
- What did he say? - Never mind that.
You might lose your job, if Torben hears about it in the wrong way.
- See you.
- Yeah.
Hand me my crutches, will you? Damn it! Don't you want anyone to know? I'm not going to hand the Express the headline "Ministry on crutches".
The word is out.
Birgitte isn't About us.
You and me? It was naive of us to think no one would find out.
I'm scared it'll get us into trouble.
But we never leaked anything to each other - We have.
- Once.
Once is enough.
Birgitte won't think it a problem.
You're one of her closest advisors.
I'm a temp.
I may be out of a job soon.
He's not going to fire you.
You're his star.
- I can't get a job anywhere else.
- Oh, you have your crutches.
I bet she's the new UN high commissioner for human rights.
Oh, come on.
She's the Danish PM.
The UN? The UN is a toothless debate club without any real influence.
Not an attractive post at all.
It just isn't.
- Sure it is.
- No, it's not.
- She's ahead in the polls.
- That is exactly why.
- I don't buy it.
- I heard her daughter's ill.
I heard it was her aunt.
Look, if no one's got a story, let's just get back to work, okay? Speaking of Torben? Ulrik.
Okay! - I don't want to go, mum.
- Magnus.
- Remember this? - Yes.
It's a beautiful place.
It may not be for long.
He said two months.
Sure, but Let's take one day at a time.
You're not staying, if you don't want to.
If you don't like it you come home.
- How old am I there? - About ten months.
Laura was five.
It was before you got divorced and Laura went mad.
Let's go get some dinner.
- Yes.
Good idea.
- Yes.
- See you.
- Sure.
I need to talk to him about the press conference.
I'll be two minutes.
- Hi.
Hi, Laura.
- Hi.
How did it go? Solidarity is going to make you pay for their vote for the health care reform.
Speaking of the devil It's Anne Sophie.
Hello, Anne Sophie.
What do we need to work out to make you vote for our reform? I was wondering that.
How are you? Fine.
Good answer.
No one understands anyway.
When I was 13, I spent a month in a mental hospital.
Don't tell anyone, okay? Okay, Kasper.
I have to meet with Anne Sophie within the next 48 hours.
- The bugging case still annoys her.
- She has to get real.
She cornered herself with her stupid remarks on terror.
You're the PM.
That makes no difference to her.
We just have to prevent any rumors about losing our majority.
- Bye, Laura.
- Bye.
By the way, Birgitte I'm dating Katrine Fønsmark, and I've moved in with her.
- Wow.
- She's not a reporter at home.
- But you're still a spin doctor.
- Of course.
If she happens to hear anything, she can't use it.
- Thanks, Kasper.
- Bye.
Where are you? I am right here.
The PM gives us her blessing.
What did Torben say? Not a whole lot.
- You didn't tell him.
- No.
There wasn't a free moment.
Everyone went on about the PM's cancellation.
I'll tell him tomorrow.
Her daughter is suffering from serious anxiety attacks.
- You shouldn't tell me.
- No, I know.
But maybe I needed to tell you.
When I was Laura's age I know that look.
I love you.
- Where do you want to eat? - In front of the TV.
You cripple.
Phillip? Hello.
- You must be Laura.
- Hi.
Lisbet Kofoed.
Hi, I'm Line.
I'm a nurse.
Would you like to see the room before we talk? No.
I understand, Laura.
You don't want to be here.
Would you like to tell me how you feel? You you don't understand.
Excuse me? - You don't understand anyway.
- Sweetie, you don't know that.
Or maybe you're right.
Maybe we don't understand.
If that is the case, I understand.
Let me try to describe how I think you feel.
You feel as if you're behind a glass wall out of contact with your parents and your friends.
You have trouble breathing when there are too many people around.
You find it difficult to relax and to fall asleep.
You're afraid your heart will stop beating if you let go.
You're exhausted in the morning and awake at night.
You don't want to take your medicine because you feel it's weak of you and you feel you're letting down your parents.
I'm just guessing.
I'm good at guessing because there are others who feel exactly like you.
I try to help some of them here.
If Laura stays here, I think she will make great progress.
Often a change of scenery is enough to break the pattern of thought, and that's a big step.
What do you say, Laura? Would you like to give it a try? I would like to see the room.
Come with me then.
I need to talk to you about something.
I'm dating Kasper Juul, the PM's spin doctor.
I thought you should know.
- That's all.
- Have you gone mad? Are you aware of the possible consequences? Are you? - You can't date her spin doctor! - But I am, and we've moved in together.
Do you want me to clear my desk? I hope you know the mess you're getting yourself into.
If I suspect any pillow talk between the two of you, you're out.
Is that clear? Yes.
So, are you going to have kids? I don't know.
But what do you think? Are you or aren't you? - No.
Not right now.
- Okay.
But when you are or when you start trying do let me know, will you? I need to know I have enough people on duty to make this paper work at least adequately.
But congrats.
Katrine, listen here.
We're moving the interview with the health minister to the News at 8:30.
Ulrik's going to do it.
It just makes for a better flow.
- What do I get instead? - I'll tell you.
The editing boys are finishing up a story on second-hand smoking.
- What's up? - Wow, what a cool story.
I am looking forward to presenting that.
I really mean that.
Birgitte! - Birgitte! - Pull over.
- Did you get my e-mail? - Yes.
You want me to cut the tax advantage twice as fast as we agreed.
It's as bad as in America.
We never should've had those tax advantages.
Still, families now budget for them, so we can't just cut them overnight.
We're talking private property rights.
- Only high-income groups'll suffer.
- We're phasing them out gradually.
Don't you want your health reform to go through? - Is that a threat? - We're not giving it away for free.
That's your style, isn't it? We are not just parliamentary cheerleaders to all your bills.
So, do you want to get your health reform passed? Yes, Anne Sophie.
I am going to.
We've met plenty of your demands.
This is one too much.
If you want to topple a PM, you've supported until now, then opt for Lars Hesselboe instead.
Okay? Good morning.
Kasper, step into my office.
Lindenkrone just laid more demands on me.
I closed the discussion, but we need to word the bill in favor of their views, even though she didn't get what she wanted.
- I'll whip something up.
- Good.
And Laura just got admitted to a private psychiatric hospital called Liseholm.
It's going to cost a fortune, and we need to find out how to pay for it.
It would be foolhardy to use Phillip's private health insurance, seeing as our reform bill declares war on private health insurance.
I agree.
- I don't want this to hit the media.
- We'll keep a lid on it.
But it's a scoop.
The PM's daughter is in a private hospital the very thing you oppose.
Who stands to gain from it politically? The opposition.
Only it's not Hesselboe's style, unless he really wants to score political points on Laura's illness.
You never know.
- I won't have my family smeared.
- The risk is there.
I can't guarantee protection from the media.
You have to.
I don't want to lose our fine public health system in favor of conditions like those in America.
Birgitte Nyborg doesn't want health care American style.
- Will she ban private hospitals? - No.
She wants to cut the tax advantages of private health insurance to avoid having taxpayers support private hospitals.
The health reform is in keeping with the government's battle of values.
Looks nice.
The black things are blueberries, not olives.
- Can I eat in front of the TV? - No, we eat at the dinner table.
- Can I have a Coke? - Sure.
How was school today? We talked about Laura being in hospital.
Kirsten said it was like being at boarding school.
Alex said his big brother is at boarding school in Roskilde.
What did you say about Laura? Just that she's in Liseholm to get well.
Nothing else? Sure? Is Dad going to sleep over again? He doesn't live here, so I don't think so.
- Bummer.
- What's on tonight? - "All About Wine".
- Off you go then.
- Alex' dad hosts that show.
- Okay.
I don't want to miss that then.
Hey there.
- Guess what.
- What? I told Torben today.
You did? And? His main concern was whether we were going to have children.
- He has no worries then.
- Why not? - Because we're not having kids.
- Okay? And why not? Because we work around the clock.
Not a life for kids.
- Kids deserve to be taken care of.
- Absolutely true, Kasper.
But who says we're going to work around the clock for ever? Dream on.
Don't tell me how to live my life.
What exactly are we debating? We're not debating anything.
You sound as if we already talked this over I think.
I just don't get it.
Do you want kids now? I'd just like to be able to imagine a future that you hadn't already mapped out.
You know none of us knows what the future holds.
If we had a baby, maybe we wouldn't work as much.
But it's a principle of mine to disregard hypothetical questions.
I see.
Some principle.
- What did you do today? - I had breakfast with the others.
Group therapy wasn't really my thing.
Hang on.
Magnus, it's on the couch.
Get dressed, okay? I'm back.
I don't want to talk in front of everyone.
I understand.
So what do you do? I'm going to see a psychiatrist and then Creative Workshop and then we have Body and Movement at 4.
They're keeping you busy.
Sweetie, I'm so happy your first night went well.
Let's see how it goes.
Let's take one day at a time.
- I'll stop by later.
- Okay.
See you, Mom.
- Did I stand you up? - No.
I just didn't think this could wait until we're in the office.
"She wants to cut tax advantages of health insurance for common people and yet the PM admits her daughter to an expensive private hospital.
" She is spending 100,000 kroner - Oh, come on! - I've got a handle on it.
We'll put a lid on it.
It's just Laugesen's personal vendetta.
Hesselboe hasn't commented on it, and I honestly think he's above it.
- How did they get wind of it? - Well, I've kept it a secret.
- What? - Nothing.
- No, it's too far-fetched.
- What? We told Magnus and he told his school mates about the place.
- I can't imagine the parents - Sold the story to the Express? - You'd be amazed at some people.
- So I can't talk about Laura? Hypocrisy is pretending to hold a certain belief, view set of values, feeling or standard that you in fact don't.
Birgitte Nyborg wants to cut tax advantages because the evil private hospitals steal the best doctors.
Yet, she spends a fortune to have her own daughter side-step the waiting list.
If that isn't hypocrisy, I don't know what is.
- He doesn't mince words.
- We have to take a stand.
This has nothing to do with politics.
It's about Nyborg's daughter.
Sure it has to do with politics.
Her health reform is about to be passed.
I agree with Torben.
This is about the PM's daughter and nothing else.
- What's with the solicitude? - We're talking about a kid here.
Simon, can we get a comment from inside Parliament? I bet Hesselboe wants to go on TV.
He rarely does these days.
- When do you need it? - I've got room at 6.
If you're fast, we'll run it in the News at 12.
If not, Ulrik will run it in the News at 8:30.
- Torben - Yes.
What's up? Are you taking me off every government story? No.
Maybe you're afraid I can't keep my work and my private life apart.
I don't work that way.
You're jumping to conclusions.
- Close the door on your way out.
- Okay.
Is it hypocritical to send her daughter to a private hospital? I won't comment on her private life but I find it astonishing that she's out to stop common people from using private hospitals when she herself uses them.
Many thanks.
- That's all we needed.
- Great.
- I need to talk to Birgitte Nyborg.
- In here.
Group therapy in ten minutes.
- Hi, Kasper.
- Hi.
I'll go and see about the group therapy thing.
I need to talk to Laura's doctor.
- How are you doing? - Hm? How are you doing? Did I ask you that before? - How did you get well? - Who says I did? I started talking to people and realized that maybe I wasn't as crazy as I thought.
They say you don't have to do group therapy if you don't want to.
But you have to do something.
- She wants to discuss that with you.
- Okay.
Kasper and I are going to go for a walk in the garden.
Let's go outside.
If Hesselboe enters the debate, you have to respond.
That's just the way it is.
What's my story then? Your daughter is ill, and so you had to admit her to a private hospital.
But you still wish to strengthen the public health system.
And I want to cut tax advantages of private health insurance.
We can't accept waiting lists of up to 50 weeks.
- Exactly.
And go emotional.
- How do you mean? Don't just stick to the facts.
You're the mother of a sick daughter, too.
I'd suggest you say that you're PM for part of your life, but a mother throughout your life.
That's tacky.
- Not if you say it.
- I really don't want to.
- Where's Laura? - She did group therapy after all.
Kasper Juul just called.
The PM wants to do a live interview.
Great work, Pia.
She wants to meet the allegations of hypocrisy regarding her daughter.
Let Ulrik do it at 8:30.
- We have agreed - Easy now.
If we do it in the News at 6, we can run the reactions at 8:30.
Much better.
And as for the reactions - Thank you for coming.
- Thank you.
I'm going to lead up to the interview, and then we're on.
Four, three, two, one.
You're on.
Still, you want to strengthen the public health system and yet you use a private hospital.
I can't split it up like that.
My daughter is very ill.
Many Danes are in the same situation as me.
The long waiting lists forced us to find an alternative.
You've been PM for three years.
Why haven't you alleviated the situation? But I have.
Look at all the bills we've proposed and you'll see we've tried to better the situation.
It takes time to correct Hesselboe's long favoring of private hospitals.
- You blame Hesselboe? - No.
But Lars Hesselboe wanted a different Denmark than I do.
We do not want to weaken the public health system.
We want a strong public health sector.
This case has caused quite a stir.
Laugesen attacks you fiercely - Oh! - He calls you a hypocrite.
Do you understand that sentiment? If I'm a hypocrite for wanting what's best for my daughter, as well as a strong public health sector, then I'm a hypocrite.
I'm sure the voters agree that I can take care of my child and oppose a state-funded privatization of the health sector.
It does raise the question if politicians should have higher moral standards than the rest of us.
What is your opinion? Politicians should have higher moral standards, and I think I do.
But I'm also morally obligated as a mother to do what's best for my daughter under the given circumstances.
That's why I'm looking forward to our health reform of which I'm proud.
Anne Sophie, you've heard me refer to the health situation in USA.
I was showing my appreciation for your support, but I want your yes before we vote on the reform.
Was that a yes? Thanks, Anne Sophie.
Talk to you later.
Solidarity is on board.
We'll pass the reform on Tuesday.
Well done.
I've got it.
- Who the hell are you? - Hi, Laura! Look this way.
How are you, Laura? Face this way.
Nice place your mom found for you.
Don't you think? Great, Laura.
Just one more picture.
I've arranged an interview with Weekendavisen.
- It's Liseholm.
I have to take it.
- Of course.
It's Birgitte.
What? I'm on my way.
- Michael.
- To what do we owe the honor? Trespassing is punishable by law when a person enters a property in a non-public place.
Or not leaving after you've been told to.
I know the law, and I'm sure you know that cases of public interest override those principles.
Seriously? You seriously believe public interest warrants sending a paparazzo to terrify Laura and trigger a new anxiety attack? - She was on the mend.
- We didn't want to terrify anyone.
Run the photos and face the consequences.
Should the courts find the Express guilty of breaking the law, we'll be happy to print an apology on page 18.
Thank you.
Hi, sweetie.
Hi, sweetie.
Fuck, this is insane! They're all over the place.
Maria, get away from the window.
Maria, Stefanie and Sophia, get away.
Put down the ball.
Get away from the window, please.
Sit down.
This is so ridiculous.
Maria, sit down.
Stefanie, go on downstairs.
Good morning, Kasper.
How is Laura? Give us something.
What's the hospital fee here? How long is she staying? Say something.
I'd like for you to consider whether you find this decent press coverage.
Okay? - Give us something.
- Oh, come on! Give us something! Hi.
Are you okay? Yes.
Phillip is going back to town.
Will you help him avoid the press? - Sure.
- See you.
Hey, Phillip.
Let me escort you to your car.
We want to show compassion, but you have to give us something.
Give us something.
- woman.]
Give us something.
Come on.
- People want to know.
Try to tell me what's going through your head.
We're going to move sports indoors so they won't be hounded by the press.
If Laura doesn't feel up to it, she doesn't have to.
- Yes.
Laura is in a bad way.
- Yes.
She needs to be here, but our phone's been busy because of reporters all morning.
Relatives can't get in touch, and that can't be.
- Of course not.
- It's too stressful for the patients.
For all of us.
Yes, I understand.
We just don't have the resources.
I hope you can make it settle down.
I have to think of the other patients.
We depend on discretion.
You don't have to elaborate.
I understand.
This week's top story is still that of the PM's mentally ill daughter.
- There's no beating that story.
- "The fucking PM neglects me!" Her daughter had a nervous breakdown during the peace talks.
Has Nyborg taken care of her child during the past three years? - Did she see it? - Yes.
Don't go in there now.
Birgitte, we need to talk.
I despise the people behind this.
They're hurting a child.
How the hell do they justify that to themselves? Having a job like that is low and disgraceful.
They're all rats! They went through our garbage can this morning.
My bodyguards found some men rummaging about.
- The Express? - I don't know who they were.
I don't know what they hoped to find.
Laura's pill jars so they can write their trash.
What's the point? Huh? Who benefits from it? Who reads it? What do people get out of it? I'm minister for the press.
I protect them and their rights, so they can write their destructive crap and ruin people's lives.
All done? We need to talk strategy.
I have here today's menu at Liseholm.
Lunch: An elaborate buffet and apple pie.
Dinner: Grilled salmon, sauce hollandaise, bulgur salad with tomatoes and fresh-made bread with garlic-parsley butter.
Ordinary Danes may have a bad taste in their mouths but our PM's daughter hasn't.
Bon appetit.
- He makes me sick.
- Pia's going soft on us.
- He's unbelievable.
- He just went on about garlic Okay.
Let's get him in the studio for a talk about press ethics.
And their pursuit of the PM's daughter.
And let him rant on unchallenged? We can't get hold of the PM's Office.
No, they call us instead.
It's Kasper Juul.
Ulrik Mørch speaking.
We can do that.
They're going to put all relevant info in the case at our disposal.
He asked me to meet him at the PM's Office.
Just don't believe everything he tells you.
Juul is going to twist it all to their advantage.
You're afraid of sending me out on my own? - This is Ulrik Mørch.
- Welcome.
I'm Sanne.
Hi, Sanne.
Kasper is waiting for you in the Hall of Mirrors.
- Hi, Kasper.
- Ulrik.
Thanks, Sanne.
So, Ulrik.
I don't know how you'll angle this.
- And you don't need to tell me.
- I won't.
I suppose you'll be interviewing Laugesen about press ethics? We're willing to give you everything.
Birgitte wants to comment, but she doesn't want to talk to Laugesen.
We may be able to persuade Laura's psychologist to give her take on it.
How does it affect the patients? How stressful is it for the hospital? We may be able to get the nurse who was with Laura to make a statement.
Is that too tabloid for you? Don't worry about that.
It's a nice angle on the invasion of privacy issue.
The nurse you have in mind will the nurse work on TV? Charismatic.
Decent woman.
She's outraged by the way Laura has been treated by the press.
You'll get problems with your boss.
- He'll think you got that angle from me.
- Have you got that nurse's number? I'll have Sanne get it for you.
As the PM, Nyborg has to expect to be the object of public interest.
That's just how it is.
In a democracy, the media watches those in power.
Some may find that cynical, but the PM ran for public office.
Her decisions affect people's private lives.
The Express protects the weak by monitoring the powerful.
It's hardly our job to protect the PM.
That is the job of other people.
Does that justify this interest in the PM's children? We aren't interested in the PM's children.
But your front page pictures aren't of the PM Those pictures show the PM's hypocrisy.
They're as harmless as if they were taken at a premiere or a concert attended by the PM and her children.
You think it's harmless to photograph Nyborg's sick daughter? Yes.
Those pictures didn't make her sick.
We'd like you to see this.
How exciting.
We're playing baseball, when a photographer starts photographing.
When a young girl suffers from anxiety she doesn't benefit from feeling hounded.
This may worsen her condition and make our job more difficult.
A patient suffering from anxiety mustn't be made to feel afraid.
This is a different version.
Do you still think you're protecting the weak? This was taken out of context.
We protect the weak.
That has its price.
And on that note I'd like to thank you for coming.
- Alright, Ulrik! Great.
- That'll teach the bastard.
You're so smart I want to fuck you! Sorry.
That wasn't fair.
We're on soon.
Feel free to stay.
- But it may look a bit strange.
- You're unprofessional.
Totally unprofessional.
Today the government is going to present the health reform package Nyborg wants to focus more on the public health system.
The abolition of the tax advantage on private health insurance.
I took the ball today.
What? At group therapy.
I took the ball and began talking.
I just thought I'd let you know.
Lisbet Kofoed wants to talk to us.
It doesn't look as if the media interest is waning.
We've had a meeting with all the nurses and doctors.
The other patients' parents are deeply concerned.
It's affecting their children.
People get photographed.
They get questions about your daughter.
- It's going to pass.
- Maybe so.
But when? Just today between 30 or 40 reporters have called us.
We've spoken to our lawyer, and we can't ban the press.
This is a public park and there is public access to the clinic.
The police won't help us.
They say it's a difficult assessment.
And I have to say we just don't have the capacity.
It pains me to have to ask you to find another place for Laura.
But she's grown really fond of this place.
- And you think she's better, don't you? - We do.
Yes, and that's why it pains me, but I must think of our other patients and the clinic.
I'm very sorry.
- Maybe we can do something.
- I have to think of our other patients.
I am very sorry.
Perhaps we can do something.
I can't imagine what.
You're a very public figure.
I just don't believe it! I am very sorry.
Please give me 24 hours before we have to take Laura out.
As long as I'm the PM, the press won't agree to leave Laura alone.
Of course not.
Not now that the case has gone from being a private to a political issue.
Please stay on for a while.
Is there any precedent of The PM got her reform package passed despite the turbulence surrounding her.
And Lars Hesselboe seems to have called a truce? Let's see for how long.
He's going to ask his spokesman to use this advantage Has Nyborg weathered the storm? It's difficult to say.
But the government is a success.
A PM will always be subject to extreme public pressure.
Thank you, Torben Friis.
Thorsen is here.
Show him in.
Hello, Birgitte.
Congratulations on the reform.
You pulled it off.
Thank you, and you too.
But that's not why I asked you here.
How did Torben take the news? He says I can sleep with anyone I like.
As long as it's not the mediocre Channel 2 reporter.
- How's the leg, Kasper? - It's going well, thanks.
I'm next in line to join the band Limp Bizkit.
I'm glad you haven't lost faith in our press conferences.
Before we begin the PM wants to say a few words.
I'm sorry I had to cancel the press conference on Tuesday.
I won't deny that am astonished to see just how brutal the press coverage of me and what should remain my private life as PM has become.
It's vital for my family to overcome these hardships and for the government to get peace to work.
And so I implore you, the media to respect my daughter's need to be left in peace to get well.
However, a PM can't avoid the attention of the press.
This story has become one of public interest.
This has lead me to make the difficult, but necessary decision, to obtain leave as PM in order to focus on my family and daughter.
Vice PM H.
Thorsen will be taking over my official duties.
- How long will you be on leave for? - That depends on my daughters well-being.
Will you call an election? No, I don't.
This is only about me, the PM, not Parliament.
Birgitte Nyborg I will take your questions now should you have any.
Thorsen, how is this going to work
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