Borgen (2010) s02e10 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 10

1 I'm dating Kasper Juul, Birgitte Nyborg's spin doctor.
I thought you should know.
That's all.
Have you gone mad? Are you aware of the possible consequences? His concern was whether I'd be going on maternaity leave straight away.
- Then he has nothing to worry about.
- Why do you say that? - We're not going to have children.
- Interesting.
Why not? Today, the judge will pass sentence on 13 year old Kenneth's father who stands accused of having violated his son with three friends.
- Call an ambulance.
- Laura needs long-term therapy.
The private hospital Liseholm has a program for girls like Laura.
You must be Laura.
My family needs a chance to overcome these hardships.
And so I've made the very difficult decision to go on leave as PM.
During my leave, H.
Thorsen will take over my official duties.
"To be or not to be.
That is the question.
" Shakespeare, Hamlet Is the summons to the meeting ready? Good.
Can it wait? Good morning.
We're going to need an extra copy of the Legislative Committee report.
I'll get that.
We're out of sugar, and the minister takes cream in his coffee, not milk.
Hurry up, he will be here shortly.
We need to go over the Security Council meeting at two.
We've put off Betancourt for a month now, since Nyborg went on leave.
Let's go to Brussels next week.
Yes, I think that would be best.
The Greenland Premier is pressing for a talk about mineral quotas.
You handle that.
Don't give them any more than absolutely necessary.
Yes? Okay.
My turn.
The News wants to run a story - with the angle: "Who's PM in Denmark?" - Mm-hm.
On the pretext of wanting a comment on the reform bill, they're pushing Who's pushing? TV1.
I'll refer them to the relevant Let's not appear exclusive.
My gut feeling tells me not to open this debate now.
Still, I'd like to talk to them.
You want to do the interview? Yes.
As foreign minister? No, as acting PM.
I'll call them right away.
Have you got a number, Kasper? EPISODE 20 "A SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT" Hi.
- That was Maria? - Yes.
- She looks nice.
- She is.
She's a really good painter.
She wants to go to the art academy.
I'm sure you can tell she's much better.
She spends a lot of time here.
It's fantastic, and we're very happy.
And today's good news is that Lisbet Kofoed, Laura's psychiatrist, has decided to reduce Laura's dose of anti-depressants by half.
- Really! - Great! We're going to phase out the pills.
When will she be off them completely? If this keeps up maybe in a couple of months.
Thank you.
- Is that the original stucco? - Yes.
I knew that.
- The light is great.
- Yes, it faces south.
The price is reasonable considering it's the embassy neighborhood.
- Mm.
How big is the apartment? - 252 square meters.
252? Wow! And with French doors.
And there's more this way.
The kitchen's in here.
- Great.
- That's the nursery.
Lots of space.
It could work as an office.
Of course.
But there's a really good office next to the living room.
- And this is across from the bedroom.
- I think we'll use it as an office.
- Lots of closet space.
- Yes.
Oh! I'm sorry.
We'll have it removed before you move in.
Didn't you say the apartment was emptied and renovated? Yes? If we spend millions on this, we get to decide how to use the rooms.
Get it? Of course.
Excuse us for a second.
Come here.
Behave, will you? What? I get that you don't want kids, okay? Keep the realtor out of it.
- I'm not.
- Yes, you are.
And why the hell do you want a castle like this? Why must it be so posh? Why do we need a luxury flat? That alone won't make us happy if you can't get used to the fact that we're a couple.
Where did that come from? When you picked me up on Wednesday, you stayed in the car.
For your sake.
Because I don't want to get your coworkers all worked up.
- I don't want to talk about it.
- Katrine It was I won't talk about it with a stranger right outside the door.
Oh, shit.
We've seen more than enough.
- Hi, Kasper.
- Hi.
Sanne sends her best.
Thank you.
Cleaning up? I got some extra time on my hands.
Thorsen was too busy to meet.
That's a first for him.
- Sit down somewhere.
- Thanks.
- How are things at the Office? - Good.
Or okay.
- Today's first meeting - The cabinet meeting.
It went fine.
The Security Committee meeting went well.
But the Greenland Premier wants to discuss mineral quotas.
That can wait till I return.
Thorsen set the ball in motion.
But Greenland doesn't interest him.
He put Niels Erik in charge of negotiations.
What? - Tell him to postpone it.
- He's PM.
No, I am.
He's acting PM.
When are you coming back? When Laura has recovered.
I'm went on leave to support her.
Your absence is turning into a story we can't control.
Your poll numbers are falling for the first time since Kharun.
Thorsen is going on the News tonight, live, as PM.
Laura's rate of recovery is directly proportional to my absence.
My focus is on her, and that's how it's got to be.
My guest tonight is Denmark's acting PM.
- H.
Thorsen, welcome.
- Thank you.
You are in charge of the implementation of the reform bill, the government's most prestigious project, 'Our Common Future'.
The last parts of the package will be passed with a narrow majority.
- That is correct.
- Why is that? The opposition won't cooperate.
Why not? They feel an election coming on, but I assure you that isn't the case.
Is it because of Nyborg's absence? No.
Nyborg and I are in total agreement.
It doesn't matter who kicks the ball across the goal line.
I think it's a shame in light of the broad compromises we have achieved.
Vice PM is not an actual title in Denmark.
It's a title usually adopted by the leader of the other cabinet party.
- Is it hard to be in charge, untitled? - No.
When you're it, you're it.
It's not an altogether uncommon role for Labour to lead the nation.
Thanks for coming.
- Torben, I want to talk to you.
- Sure.
- Great interview with Thorsen.
- Thank you.
Ida's coming back from maternity leave.
- Yes.
- You said you'd get back to me.
Christ, yes.
I've been busy.
Can we do this later? If you're not pleased with my work, I hope you'll tell me.
What are you talking about? Not pleased with your work? Eh - Hi, Kasper.
- Hi, Torben.
Eh, yes We'll do this later, okay? - Okay? - Sure.
You came to pick me up? Thanks.
- Right.
Just ignore them.
- Okay.
I'll just go get my bag.
What an honor.
- Yeah.
- And flowers Your minister did a good job.
What? Your minister did a good job.
Thorsen isn't my minister.
But thank you.
But I'll pass it on.
- Want me to take the flowers? - Thank you.
See you.
You bet.
You're a tough cookie, sweetie.
I'm so proud you've done all the group therapy sessions.
I want you to know that.
I don't want you to think that you need to confide in me.
Only do that if you want to.
It's not such a big secret what we talk about.
Right now, we're talking about how I shouldn't feel I'm letting you down because I don't do as well in school as usual.
Don't ever feel guilty towards me.
I don't care how you do in school.
You can't let me down, sweetie.
It's okay, mum.
It's just therapy.
We talk about everything.
I just wanted to let you know.
- See you tomorrow.
- See you.
Torben Friis, is Nyborg's absence a problem for the government? It's unavoidable that her now month-long absence leaves a mark.
The legislative work is running smoothly.
What can't be overlooked is the psychological factor.
The country cannot be without a leader without it being felt.
And how is that being felt? While the Moderates keep a low profile, Labour make their mark.
There's been backstage talk about this in Parliament but now everyone's talking openly about it, even from the rostrum.
It's becoming part of the rhetoric surrounding the upcoming election.
Laura is soon ready to be discharged gradually.
What does that mean? She doesn't have to sleep here.
She can sleep at home and come to therapy during the day.
Well done, darling.
I'm quite sure you can go back to school in the fall.
See you next week.
- Bye, Laura.
- Bye.
Please take this.
I'll be right out.
Sure, okay.
Look, I don't want to make a big deal out of this, but Laura said something I can't quite shake off.
Yes? I make her feel guilty for not being good enough and for not doing well in school.
I just want her to get well.
Look, Birgitte.
Laura has learnt a lot during her stay.
She's a very bright and strong girl.
Your divorce took its toll on her, naturally.
That's life.
Children always forward a bill to their parents.
Hey, that's the main theme of any Greek tragedy.
Nice chatting with you.
I'm a mother too.
I've made millions of mistakes.
They've made me all the wiser.
You can't work 24 hours a day and be a good mother at the same time.
But you can't stop working.
What kind of role model would that make you? I don't feel like a role model.
Sometimes, I'm happier working and not having to deal with my family.
Join the club.
I think all workaholics feel like that.
Let me make this clear: Laura did not get ill because you made PM.
Do you understand? Thank you.
Dad, stay and have dinner with us.
No, Cecilie is on her way.
Let's go and have dinner with Laura.
Mikkel asked me to come over later.
Sure, no problem.
- Don't forget your backpack.
- Yeah.
You're really winding down, huh? Laura said you hadn't been at the Office for a month.
I've turned into the Birgitte of your dreams.
What do you mean? I'm home much more now, aren't I? Sure.
Is there something we should talk about? Yes, Phillip.
So You were too quick to take off.
I think you were far too quick to move on.
Birgitte, you weren't here.
You were absent 24 hours a day.
- It just didn't work.
- Of course not.
I had just made PM! What the hell did you expect? For us to make the transition like that? It takes time to find the right balance.
We had to invent it.
- In less than a year, you were gone.
- Yes.
After you told me to sleep with someone else.
- I hoped we could stick together.
- But how was that supposed to work? I don't know, but you were weak, and you quit.
- You let me down.
- I see.
- Hi, Cecilie.
- Hi.
See you, darling.
- I'm just yelling at your boyfriend.
- Okay.
Has to be done! - But I'm done now.
- Okay.
- See you.
- See you.
Let's go.
Can we talk? Sure.
I can't quite find my place in all this.
Seems to me you're all getting You all seem like a family again.
Birgitte and I have to deal with this together.
This is about Laura, not us.
I know it's about Laura.
I'm trying to say that I feel really left out.
Cille Don't.
Come here.
Come on.
Come here.
I can't do this.
Do my toenails for me, will you? I do my own.
Okay, here.
Hi, sweetie.
Let's find a restaurant near you and go out for dinner, the two of us.
- Magnus is sleeping at Mikkel's.
- I am afraid I have plans with Maria.
You go ahead and have fun.
Don't mess about! Some other day, okay? Sure.
Have a great time.
- Thanks for showing it again.
- Sure.
It's a big decision.
It's a great apartment.
I think you can get a reduction, if you move fast.
The price would be 5.
8 million kroner with a monthly mortage payment of 33,000 kroner.
- Kasper.
- Yes? Are we sure we can afford that in the long run? You know how much we make between us.
Sure, but my job situation is still uncertain.
I might be between jobs for a while.
If you can't stay on at TV1, we'll find you another job.
I have to take this.
Kasper speaking.
Are you considering maternity leave, or? That's really none of your business.
Kasper! Haven't we seen what we need? Do we need to see more? I was thinking if we took down that wall, we could make a neat walk-in closet across from the bedroom.
How do we proceed? Katrine! Oh, for fucks sake.
Excuse me.
Hi, Bent.
- Hi, Birgitte.
- Hi.
- The garden looks wonderful.
- Quite a change, huh? Are you fixing your bike? Do you have time for that? That just won't do.
Hi, dear friend.
A cup of coffee? Yes, please.
Home-made cookies.
How is Laura? She's doing good.
She required long-term therapy, but she's much better.
That's just great.
Birgitte, I think you'd better return to work.
- Is that why you came? - You watch TV? Yes.
Your absence gets more attention than our political work.
You've been gone an entire month.
Not many PM's have done that.
I want Laura to get well.
That is more important.
You said she was on the mend.
If I go back to work, and she has a relapse That's my main priority right now.
Birgitte, I think you have to make up your mind where on your list of priorities you put "prime minister.
" Please talk to me.
You have the right not to want children, and I have the right to want them.
It's not okay that we can't talk about it.
- Luckily we have talked about it.
- No, we haven't.
It can't come as a shock to you that I'm 31 and probably want kids.
I'll gladly talk about having kids.
But I don't want to pass on my DNA.
But why not? Why? How can you even ask? We can't live in the shadow of your past.
I'm just facing up to reality.
I'd rather do the responsible thing than feel I'm entitled to everything.
What reality are you talking about? You're living proof that kids survive the worst things.
I don't want any, okay? Then I don't know what I want.
Where does that leave us? I don't know.
Everyone at Parliament is now openly discussing, if Nyborg will return.
I do understand that her daughter needs care.
Maybe the country would be better off, if she let someone else take charge.
Torben Friis, who could take charge? That's the big question.
There is no obvious candidate.
Bent Sejrø has resigned.
So now what? They'll have to let someone from another party become PM.
Thorsen has done quite a good job lately.
But I'm not sure that Thorsen can beat Hesselboe.
Might Nyborg resign without calling an election? Yes, it happened once before, in 1972 when the PM at the time, Krag, made us a member of the EEC.
He went on to say he had "a special announcement.
" That's one way for a PM to say he's resigning or calling an election.
Krag subsequently resigned.
- Welcome back.
- Thank you.
Does it look familiar? Oh yes.
You were here last time, as well.
Hi, Christoffer.
Please call a meeting of the Coordination Committee.
- Welcome back.
- Please call the party secretary.
- Yes, of course.
- Thanks.
- Birgitte.
- Niels Erik.
The amazing thing is we've hardly felt her absence.
You and the rest of us have been working our butts off Hi.
- It's great to see you again.
- You, too.
Yes, you too, Birgitte.
- We missed you.
- Thanks.
Hans Christian.
Welcome back.
You've been in our thoughts during this difficult time.
They're beautiful.
How very considerate of you.
Thank you very much.
They are beautiful.
I'm touched.
Find a vase for them, will you? Don't hesitate to put us in charge again.
That's nice to know, Pernille.
Let's get to work.
We need to get all our bills passed before the holiday.
We have two days to get the last part of the reform package passed.
It's not just the opposition who's in election mode.
Let's get to it.
We often say women lend an air of humanity to the corporate world.
Women are more in touch with their feelings.
But a PM must be able to cope with an extreme work load.
Do we really want a PM who goes AWOL for a month just to take care of her sick daughter? I'm glad Nyborg is a good mum.
But do we want a good mum for PM? - I can't stand that man.
- Settle down.
What's the angle? Can't we just - Can a woman be PM? - No, it's more like Can the PM afford to be human? Have a family? Go on vacation? Torben, you can't be serious.
I'm dead serious.
Otherwise, I wouldn't say it.
I do believe that.
We'll give the PM a chance to defend herself.
On Focus with Katrine.
Are you with us? I think the PM will like the idea.
- To be interviewed by Katrine on Focus? - Yes.
Nice and intimate again? Sure.
That would be great.
How intimate do you want it? Pia, get it rolling.
- How long have we got? - 15 minutes.
A friend of mine used to be an advisor to the government, but now he works for the conservative think tank.
Rumor has it, Hesselboe is working on a tax cut proposal to be presented in the next parliamentary session, by no means lofty promises, which can be brushed aside like this.
So what do you think? It could prove dangerous.
Hesselboe knows you have to call an election before next summer.
That gives him time to make a strong base for his campaign.
His tax cuts could make him come off as Santa Claus.
- And I'm the mean housewife who says no.
- Yes.
- Hi.
- You came? - Well, I promised.
Hi, darling.
- Hi.
But after those headlines It's my job.
I'm sorry they wrote about you, too.
I did see that.
But even when they write about me, it's all about you.
And now it's legitimate to criticize the PM for her gender.
- Some food? - Yes, please.
- Any comments on Nyborg's return? - It's marvelous.
But that doesn't set everything right.
Her absence created a power vacuum, and Parliament is stressed.
Many people connect her absence to her being a woman.
Nyborg knows that best, so why don't you ask her? Lars? When will Birgitte be back? At 2 pm.
- I'm going to Liseholm.
- Good idea.
- Have you seen today's papers? - Yes.
They're all about you.
- Your absence and qualifications.
- Yes, I saw Hesselboe.
TV1 wants to interview you tonight about being a female PM.
Are they flogging that horse, too? Must we debate whether a woman is fit to be PM? No.
That debate is beneath me.
You can't afford that.
- What do you mean? - We're behind in the polls.
Hesselboe would win an election today.
This is the hottest topic being debated right now.
Ekspres goes all out and asks if women get off work easier.
The majority of Parliament want me for PM.
You have to stand up for yourself.
I'd love to debate politics.
But I'll be damned, if I'll debate my gender.
The PM says no to going on Focus.
What is she afraid of? Maybe she won't debate her gender.
She needs the air time.
The opposition is breathing down her neck.
If we can't get the PM, let's get the guy who wants to be PM.
Katrine, you're still game, right? Sure.
But I used to work for the man.
Doesn't that disqualify me? You think you won't be critical enough? You? I'll be too critical.
Ulrik, swap with Katrine.
- You take Hesselboe.
- Okay.
That is no problem.
Critical isn't my angle, you mean? Line up the questions together.
Of course.
Katrine Fønsmark is unavailable.
Please leave a message.
Damn it.
You look like my mum got her way.
Just say the word, if you need help.
I've got a handle on her these days.
I've got other more private stuff, on my mind.
You and I know that life is a crock of shit, when it comes down to it.
Only if you let your anxiety rule you, they say here.
Well, they're so smart here, aren't they, Laura? It's the shit that makes you stronger.
What's going on with you? Did they bump up your dose of happy pills? What is it? Hi.
Ì am here.
Let's go.
I'm glad you're doing better.
Your mother's room is up there.
She's right over here.
- I haven't seen you here before.
- No, it's my first visit.
Prepare yourself then.
Your mother has severe dementia.
Juul? Mrs.
Juul, you have an unexpected visitor.
Your son, Kasper.
But I don't have a son called Kasper.
Kenneth? I swore never to see you again.
But there's something I need to know.
Why did you let him do it? Did you hear me? I've met a girl.
She wants to have my baby.
How did that song go again? climbing up your trunk Sleep tight little Jumbo And rockabye Darkness soon falls in the jungle How did it go again? as well as Rhino your uncle That's it! Good.
six Canadian wolves.
Six males.
A dad and his five sons The wolf mother is dead Katrine.
Come in here.
I never really got back to you about your job situation.
It's gone surprisingly smooth.
You and I have never had such a smooth teamwork before.
Could that be because you knew your job was only temporary and that's brought out a side we rarely see? Humility.
A side we're not used to.
I don't have a burning need to provoke you, Torben.
No matter what, I'd be really sad to miss the daily frustration you cause me as a member of my staff.
You're a pain in the butt.
But if you promise me to stay true to yourself then welcome on board as a regular host.
Katrine, one last thing.
Yes? We've been hit by pregnancy many times.
Ida's been there.
Theis from research.
Dan's got twins.
Makes it tricky to make a roster.
Could we make a deal for you not to get pregnant in the near future? That is all.
I'm not going to have a baby anytime soon.
Okay - Welcome home, then.
- Thanks.
We need women politicians.
Some of my best colleagues are women.
However, many women strive, more so than men to combine their work life with a close family life.
Batman jumped from the train! Some jobs don't allow that.
Yes, that was crazy.
Was it a good movie? - Stay and say good night, Dad.
- Brush your teeth and go to bed.
There he is again, huh? But without his wife this time.
- Did you neglect your family? - Absolutely.
It's not a nice realization, but I have to own up to it.
My wife was in despair, because I neglected her when I was PM.
I just have to admit that it's part of my nature to hold my duty as PM higher than anything else, even my family.
Doesn't that make you a bad person? Maybe.
I'll let others be the judge of that.
I am in no doubt that Nyborg is a good person.
She must be to take such good care of her child.
But however, that's not what the upcoming election is about.
Danes aren't called to vote for the best human being.
They should elect the best PM.
Thank you.
They invited me in, but I didn't want to debate that topic so he got the opportunity.
Maybe that was a bad call.
- I'm ready.
- Okay.
Say good night to your dad.
- Yes.
- Good night, buddy.
Dad's picking you up tomorrow, so you'll see him in a bit.
Drive safely.
- I'm only reading a very short story.
- That's not fair.
A long story, please.
A very short fight, and a very short story, okay? Patient, four years old.
Subfebrile, weak muscle pain.
Prescription: Panodil, 250 mg.
How nice.
You came to pick me up? Did you get my message about the plane tickets for Friday? Yes, but I can't make it I don't think I can go.
All right.
I The kitchen guy calls me every day wanting to know if we've decided on the grey or the blue cupboard doors.
Shall I tell him to wait, too, until Laura has hopefully recovered? Or what? This is not about Laura, is it? Cecilie I can't I can't be in a relationship with you right now.
- I'm sorry.
- So am I.
Is it because of her? Is it? Just answer me.
Is it because of Birgitte? Yes, maybe.
Do you know what these past six months have been like? Yes.
Cecilie Do you want to know what this is about? You started something with me without having finished what you came from.
There's some Thai takeout in the fridge, if you're hungry.
I love you.
Hey, hey, hey.
What's all this? Sure you've got enough gear with you? I promised Mark a sword fight.
It's not role-play weeekend.
Put them back.
You have to be able to carry your stuff.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Hi, Dad.
Magnus is repacking.
He'd packed enough toys for four weeks.
He'll only be away for three days.
I broke up with Cecilie.
I won't tell the kids just yet.
They like her, and they don't need any more confusion in their lives.
Are you okay? Damned if I know.
You've still got swords.
Yeah, but I can carry these.
Can you? Did you bring any clothes? What about your toothbrush? - Have a nice trip.
- See you.
Coming, Dad? Take care, Phillip.
You know where to find me.
See you.
Let's go, buddy.
Good morning, Birgitte.
You have a visitor.
- In my office? - Yes.
I thought it was okay.
- My! - You deserve a pretty sight.
My hydrangeas have turned blue again.
Maybe it's an omen.
- Hi, Bent.
Great to see you.
- Hi.
- Nice haircut.
- Yes.
What brings you here? I wanted to congratulate you on the reform package.
It frustrates me to see the media going on about the gender issue.
Why the hell don't they write about your fantastic achievements? I ask myself the same question.
Do you recognize do you recognize this note? Our notes from the first meeting about the government program.
Three years ago.
One: Rethink the Danish welfare model.
Two: Secure the environment through long-term planning.
Three: Strengthen the health system, make it independent of private insurance.
Nobody ever praises the PM.
It's always the other way around, so I'm going to praise you.
You've done a hell of a job.
- Birgitte - Thank you, Bent.
Have this framed.
Next year will be uphill.
I've tried it before.
25 billion kroner.
You want a number, right.
Hesselboe is threatening with tax cuts worth 25 billion in September.
Just to tell you what you're up against come the election.
Fortunately, Hesselboe doesn't call all the shots.
Good girl.
That's all I wanted to hear.
- They need lots of water.
- And they'll get it.
- Bye.
- Thank you.
Kasper, are today's polls reliable? Yes.
50/50 with 0.
2 percent in our favor.
Niels Erik.
Please call the speaker.
- Of course.
- I'm off to see the Queen.
I'll be back before Parliament meets.
Birgitte Nyborg, any comments on Hesselboe's criticism? I'm here to do politics.
We're about to pass the last part of the reform package.
That is my answer.
82 for, 80 against.
The government bill is passed.
I bet your minister regrets handing Focus over to Hesselboe.
What makes you say that? Well he succeeded in casting doubt on her ability to make tough decisions.
Nyborg is the best PM Denmark ever had.
Order, please.
The PM requests the floor for a special announcement.
Order, please.
Order, please, Members of Parliament.
Elna Munch Helga Larsen Karen Ankersted Mathilde Malling Hauschultz.
I hope we all know these names.
These are the four women who were the first of their gender to gain a seat in Parliament in 1918.
And thus ended the Parliament debate about whether women are cut out to be politicians.
To all those who wish to debate whether women should enter politics on equal terms with men and ultimately become Prime Minister, I can only say: You're 100 years behind.
So many insignificant topics have been discussed.
Did any of you really believe I intended to resign and become a housewife? You must not know me at all then.
I very much want to end all these foolish discussions.
Today, the last part of the government reform package was passed.
We've shown you where we want to take Denmark.
I'm very pleased and proud of that.
That's why I'm going to let the Danish voters decide.
Not what gender the PM should be, but whom they feel is the best PM for Denmark.
See you.
I hereby call a general election to be held on Tuesday, June 11th.
She beat you to it, Hesselboe!
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