Borgen (2010) s03e01 Episode Script

Season 3, Episode 1

1 You knew Bent had a blood clot and kept it from me to promote your own interests.
Did you tell Express I knew about his illness to discredit me? PM KNEW OF SEJRØ'S EMBOLISM Kruse is a no-go as minister.
You can't fire him now.
He's number two in the party, he's your EU minister.
It stinks.
I just told our party secretary you're resigning as deputy leader.
You are the new European commissioner.
You must understand that I'm 31 and will probably want children.
I love you.
You gave up too soon.
Birgitte, you were never home.
Everything was chaos.
Of course it was, Phillip! I had just been made prime minister! You know where to find me.
Hell, no one ever praises the PM, so I'm going to.
That was damned well done! Today we've shown our vision for Denmark.
I'm very proud of that.
I'm going to leave it to the Danish people decide who they think will make the best prime minister.
I hereby call a general election to be held on Tuesday, June 11th.
"In the middle of life's journey, I found myself in a dark wood" Dante, "The Divine Comedy" TWO AND A HALF YEARS LATER The thing we must not do during this financial crisis affecting the west is act like the two tourists who meet a leopard on the savannah.
One of them takes out a pair of running shoes and ties the laces.
The other says, "Are you crazy? You can't outrun a leopard.
" The tourist replies, ”Oh, I won't have to.
All I have to do is outrun you.
” Any questions? Yes.
Do you agree with big business sector subsidies? No, but I don't need them.
Yes? You retired from politics after your defeat by Hesselboe.
What would you do if you were prime minister today? I will say what I always had to say at the end of my press conferences as PM.
As a matter of principle I don't answer hypothetical questions.
I have a meeting at 10:00 with the CEO and the British architect.
The board meeting is at 1:30 p.
So let's move on.
Chemical waste.
We discussed this the last time and the time before that, yet there doesn't seem to be any progress in the removal of the organic solvents that were discharged into the river.
We did look into it.
 The local government approved the facility.
Including sewers and disposal of waste.
Let me just remind you that we are in the 21st century.
Ethical standards actually mean something between consumers and companies, especially when you are running a pharmaceutical company.
I expect us to try and find a solution.
Jeremy, could you give us an update on the new building, please? We are a little pressed for time because the contractor ordered a less glossy tile for the west facade, so we have to wait for a new shipment of the correct tiles.
And how long is that going to take? It's only a matter of a couple of weeks, but it's important that we wait.
But, Jeremy, we are about to launch a new series of products.
- Suspending is not an option.
- No, I understand.
But neither are the wrong tiles.
- I am sure you agree.
- Okay, let's move on.
We need to run through the agenda for the board meeting Your department has lost a lot of viewers.
150,000 from the main news programs.
120-130, I think.
The aim of public broadcasting is to make TV people want to see.
But to me, public broadcasting is more about quality.
And unlike the rest of the management, I also think there is also great value in news programs that don't talk down to people.
People talk about your ratings.
I prefer to talk about the high scores viewers give your programs.
- So we're not going to talk ratings? - No.
No? Not if you keep on delivering formats as powerful as Juul & Friis.
I'm pretty proud of that myself.
So, Torben, I've recommended you for the job as head of the entire news and current affairs division Now, I don't make the final decision, but they tend to listen to me.
So it might be a good idea for you to wear a freshly-ironed shirt on Monday.
Hey! It's the pilot.
It's a plane.
What did they say at daycare? Everything's fine.
He made a bit of a fuss when I left, but that's all.
You are a tough little man! - Did he sleep? - For two hours.
Hungry, sweetie? Oh! You like that one? Well I'll pick him up at 5:00 on Friday.
Does that work? That's great.
Remember to pack his stuffed dog.
He really missed it the last time.
- Sure, but it's a cat.
- Okay.
Then it's an ugly cat that says "woof" at our place.
I had to shop around to find the organic pear baby food.
I bought diapers as well.
- Hi, Grethe.
- Hi, Kasper.
- Good to see you.
- Likewise.
- Are you staying for dinner? - No, I'm off.
- I'm making your favorite.
- Well, thanks anyway.
Bye, buddy.
- See you.
- Bye, Daddy.
- Bye.
- Bye, Kasper.
You are handling this great.
Come here, sweetie.
Lie down.
You need a new diaper.
Come on.
No, no.
The red one.
Don't expect expensive gifts every time I'm away for a couple of days.
Oh, you think it's only fair? It's great meeting you.
I have to go in here now.
It was great.
Thanks, see you later.
I'm going to take a quick shower and then I'm off to eat.
And you? Okay.
What about Magnus? Is he staying over? Okay.
Give him my love and tell Dad you can come stay with me the day after tomorrow.
I'll be home by then.
You too, sweetie.
I am so sorry.
I can't seem to find my own room.
Would you mind if I use your bathroom? I desperately need a shower.
Oh, you got lost? They gave you a much better room than mine.
- I used to be someone, remember? - Mmm.
- Thank you very much.
- Anything for you, Mr.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
My God, there is food enough here for a week.
Fine, let's stay for a week then.
We're not gonna be allowed to see each other in Copenhagen, are we? - Did you read The Guardian this week? - No.
Apparently Denmark has tightened its immigration laws again.
- Probably wouldn't let me in, would they.
- I am sure they wouldn't.
Not you! So tell me, as a former prime minister, would you consider me a dangerous terrorist or more of a a refugee parasite? Jeremy you don't want to discuss politics with me.
Why not? Are you defending what is going on in Denmark? Of course not.
It's just personal, politics, to me.
It's not really your business anymore, is it? This is very, very good.
This is absolutely delicious.
What is that? That's snake.
- Are you okay? - Really? Yeah.
For you, sweetie.
I love it.
For you, darling.
- You can't buy them in Europe.
- You can.
Theis has got one.
And his is a newer generation.
- Thanks, my dear considerate Mom.
- Thanks, Mom.
- And a kiss.
- No.
How's school? I got a B+ on my essay.
Really! I changed the ending and used the outline like we talked about.
Hey, it's Kasper.
difficult for the opposition parties to swallow.
And Hesselboe is out to win supporters.
That is going to be difficult.
- You watch Juul & Friis? - Mm.
Mathilde and Sara think he's a hunk.
We are talking about giving courts the power to expel people from the country for relatively minor offenses.
I have to ask will the opposition yield that far? I mean, is it at all possible? Labour walked out of the PM's office.
The Moderates are due there this afternoon.
Is this project feasible? They've certainly adopted a new style since Birgitte Nyborg was their leader.
And when you worked for them.
Can't get into that, but did you see what Jacob Kruse said yesterday? How do the Moderates stand on tightening the deportation rules? - Is it in breach of human rights? - Well, I'm not a lawyer.
The Freedom Party wants misdemeanors to lead to deportation.
Aren't you legitimizing that? Let's not attach too much significance to legal quibbles.
- So deporting people for - Oh, come on! are legal quibbles? Let us enter the negotiations first.
Not quite the clear statement we're used to from the Moderates, Kasper.
The other tourist says, "Are you crazy? You can't outrun a leopard.
" "I don't have to.
I just need to run faster than you.
" Any questions? Yes.
We've heard the Moderates are attending talks with the government on the new financial package.
What would you do if you were PM? I wouldn't compromise my principles in order to get in on a minor deal that violates human rights, a key issue to the Moderates.
We must not allow this country, once known for its tolerance and the Scandinavian welfare model to close the door on the outside world.
That is something - I'd be highly aware of.
- Thanks.
Let's all meet at the airport.
We all need to be there.
- Torben.
It's important.
- I'm on the phone with Washington.
- Five minutes.
- It's about Gregers.
I've spoken to him.
All's well.
He loves us.
Gregers doesn't work here anymore, Torben! - He was fired an hour ago.
- No way! They've announced who's taking over as head of programming.
- Who? - Alexander Mø Alexander - Hjort? - Hjort.
- The guy from Warner Brothers? - Yes.
Martin from Planning will be made head of coordination making divisional managers redundant.
- I don't believe it.
- He's on his way here, so get to work.
On what? Your e-mail server had changed its name.
Thanks, but doesn't it take forever for it to receive my e-mails? Your internet connection is slow.
Call your landlord.
- How much is the rent here? - Not that much, Phillip.
- It's a great location.
The kids love it.
- I get that.
Magnus's room is the size of our old living room and kitchen combined.
- Phillip - Hmm? In March, when you're in Hong Kong, I have important board work.
We have to work something out.
You were saying? Did I interrupt? How would you feel about me going back into politics? Okay.
Oh, my God.
Well, I think it would do the Moderates a world of good.
- Are you being ironic? - I mean it.
Kruse may have streamlined the party, but it's out of touch with the voters.
Certain people will feel threatened.
The right-wingers who were peeved at your collaboration with the left.
And Kruse's posse, not to mention Kruse himself.
It depends on what your plan is.
Member of parliament? Party spokesperson? - Spokesperson on foreign policy? - Sure, or financial.
But definitely not leader.
- No.
Definitely not leader.
- Right.
- Torben Friis! Good to meet you.
- Welcome.
I'm a huge fan, so this is an honor.
- Hi.
- Alex Hjort.
I'm a huge fan of your department.
I have some questions and thoughts, but you run a great show.
And kudos to you for inventing Katrine Fønsmark.
She's the face of the network.
Katrine! Oh, there she is.
Speak of the devil, huh? Have him call me back.
- This is Alexander Hjort.
- Call me Alex.
I was just telling Torben that I'm a huge fan of your work.
Thanks! - Hi.
- Hi.
I hope I didn't keep you waiting long.
We're in negotiations.
- Thanks for taking the time to meet me.
- Of course.
I'm all for letting bygones be bygones.
I was in a difficult position back then.
But I've straightened things out with Sejrø.
All is good.
You're doing a great job as party leader.
Jacob, I've decided to leave the corporate world and get back into politics.
I fully respect that my role in the party will be different now.
I'm prepared to backup your leadership.
Yes, I hear what you're saying.
You're a first-rate politician and a role model for many people.
But I am afraid I have to disappoint you.
I don't see you fitting into the Moderate plan any longer.
I just can't.
Well, maybe in the European Parliament.
I'm afraid your return would divide the party and confuse voters.
I'd fight for our common project and work for you.
We have a great balance in the party right now.
You'd be too weighty.
It'd rock the boat.
As the leader I have to decide what's best for the Moderates right now.
And I have to say thank you but no thank you for your fine offer.
I have an announcement to make.
Torben and I want to give you all a quick briefing on what the new management structure will mean to the news at 6:30.
At the same time we'll say goodbye to Gregers and have a glass or two.
- A glass or two.
- Thanks! So much for that night off.
Hi, Mom.
Uh, I'm afraid I'm going to be late tonight.
Will you put Gustav to bed? Yeah.
I miss him too.
Kiss him a thousand times for me.
Go home as planned.
They won't tell us anything new, and you don't know Gregers, do you? No but it's important to stay on top of things.
It's important to see your child too.
What do you mean? Sorry.
You know best.
- Katrine? Handicap or Africa first? - Africa, I think.
- Great, handicap it is.
- Why did you ask? That's all for now.
Have a good night.
Damn! Were we still on the air? I don't think you could see it.
- Who put that cable there? - Kris.
- Kris! Got anything to say? - It won't happen again.
- What was that? - It won't happen again.
Take my mic, someone! Hey, Katrine.
Are you okay? I just sprained my ankle because you insist on manning my show with trainees.
Hey, calm down.
- We all make mistakes, Katrine.
- Goodbye! - I thought you were working late.
- It wasn't important after all.
Mama! I'll cook us a nice dinner then.
- Mom, you don't need to cook.
- I want to be put useful while I'm here.
- And I want to put Gustav to bed.
- He tried to say "grandma.
" Isn't that cute? Grandma Grandma.
Why the hell did you go and move the diapers? I'm going to move them back.
Go ahead, dear.
Right! He kicked me to the curb.
- Did you eat humble pie? - Like you wouldn't believe.
No, he was totally dismissive.
- So it's just back to Hong Kong? - Yes, Bent.
What else can I do? Contest his leadership.
Any member can challenge the leader at the party convention.
What an insane idea, Bent.
It could split the party.
Anyway, the convention is in a month.
That's barely time to campaign.
I saw your interview with Jacob Kruse the other day.
Thanks! - How's Kasper and your little boy? - Gustav? Fine.
- But Kasper and I split up.
- Right.
What I'm about to say is confidential no matter the outcome of this meeting.
I'm going back into politics.
I'm going to challenge Jacob Kruse as leader of the Moderates at the annual meeting.
I need a media adviser and press chief.
Why don't you call Kasper? Our project was the prime minister's office.
I have other plans now.
As a journalist, you gave me a run for my money when I was PM.
I know turned down the job as an adviser to Hesselboe due to political differences.
I think you're the one I'm looking for.
What do you think? Talk to me about why you want to get back into politics.
You tell me.
You know me better than most reporters.
Why would I? You believe the Moderates are behaving cowardly.
They don't stand up for their principles.
If they won't even block the Freedom Party's policy of values there's not much left.
But the party convention is in a month.
So make up your mind fast.
Name your price, and we'll see.
Who's funding this? I am, to begin with.
The party will later.
It's a big decision.
I need an answer in 24 hours.
Please don't mention this to anyone.
Let's have a look.
I know, I know.
Gustav, look.
Let's see what's on TV.
Look at that.
A little bear.
Grandma I'll be right with you.
Grandma Coming, sweetie.
- Grandma! - There, there, sweetie.
- Grandma! - There, there, sweetie.
Dada! Shh.
Oh, damn it.
Shit! Mama! MOM Hi.
I just tucked him in.
We need to talk about something.
Hi, dear.
It's just me.
I took the six o'clock train.
Hi, pumpkin.
Katrine, don't do it.
You've got a steady, well-paid job.
What does she have to offer? Darling, you're a single mom.
- We'll get it ready for 8:30.
- Okay.
That's a deal.
Are you in a meeting? - No, we're done.
- Good.
Can I have a word, Torben? Sure.
Well? I'd like to go on leave.
As of now.
- How many members have you got? - A little over 10,000.
There are 92 districts, each headed by a district leader.
And they have voting rights? Yes, plus the ones who are in the parliamentary party, Eighteen at the moment.
So 110 people get to decide this.
Exactly, so I need at least 56 votes at the conference.
I'll take care of the parliamentary party.
You take care of the rest.
You know all the district leaders.
I'll draft a media strategy.
Don't release it yet.
No, but it may leak soon enough.
We must keep our cards close to our chests.
We must talk to the most influential people first and win them over.
Jon tops my list.
He's got a lot of influence in the party.
Especially after you left.
- Jon Berthelsen? - Yes.
He tops mine too.
We don't always see eye to eye on things, but we share many principles.
Jon and Kruse don't get along very well.
The government is still making overtures to the Moderates.
The growth stimulus package has been criticized by the opposition due to the inclusion of proposed tightening of the immigration laws.
Several pundits are saying that this marks a change of course for the Moderates.
Last year, psychological work-related injuries Hi, Jon.
Birgitte calling again.
I haven't heard from you but I presume our 11:00 a.
meeting is still on.
Looking forward to it.
- Hi.
- May I see your pass, please? - Are you serious? - Yes.
I don't have one anymore.
I'm going to a meeting.
- You ought to be registered then.
- No.
Is that necessary? Please call and ask for a formal appointment? It's Birgitte Nyborg Nyborg, yes.
The guard won't let me in.
Hey, it's Nete.
I'll bring you as my guest.
Nete is here.
All is good.
- Long time no see! - Yes.
- Hi, Birgitte.
Nice to see you.
- Hi, Helge.
We missed you.
How could he not let you in? Hi, Birgitte.
- Hi, Lars.
- To what do we owe this honor? Oh, this and that.
Just paying my party a courtesy visit.
Well, I'm I must be getting on too.
I bet it won't be the last time I bump into you here on a courtesy visit.
Have a good day, Lars.
Birgitte, I just heard all your messages.
My phone's acting up.
Nice to see you.
- And you, Jon.
- Sure.
Well, let me get straight to the point.
I want to re-join the Moderates.
Jacob Kruse doesn't want me to, so I'm going to challenge his position.
And you know what I stand for, and we agree on certain issues unlike you and Jacob.
That's great news, Birgitte.
- You like the idea? - You just made my day.
If anyone can get us out of this logjam, it's you.
The party's in a state of apathy following our three years in power.
Three good years.
I'm glad you're on board.
I didn't say I was on board.
I love the idea, but I can't promise you my support just like that.
Many things have happened since you left.
It's not just a question of what Kruse can and cannot do and what he stands for.
He's coerced and threatened a lot of the old heavyweights to support him.
Particularly District Leader Henning Johansen.
You know how much clout he has in the party.
I'd say you'd have a third of the district leaders.
Maybe more of the parliamentary party, but not enough.
You're basically saying that if I'm elected party leader I have your support.
Yes, I guarantee you that.
Of course she hasn't forgotten her political skills.
It's Birgitte Nyborg! Johansen, you know me.
I'd never back this project if I weren't sure.
What? And what about Kruse and property taxes? He's turning into Hesselboe.
Sure, but - Right - How did it go? - I will.
- Sure.
Okay, yes.
I see.
Look, we'll get the necessary votes.
There's no risk.
Jon Berthelsen is a long-time supporter of Birgitte.
I'm sure he's behind us.
Yes, we have had feelers out.
He's very positive.
- Sure.
- What are you doing? We can't find the red car, and it's turning into a bit of an issue.
We need to know where you stand.
- Okay.
- There's the red car.
We need to know where you stand.
Okay, call me back.
What did Johansen say? - Isn't he going to daycare? - He's got an eye infection.
What did he say? Uh, he wouldn't make any promises.
I'm surprised that Kruse has got such a hold on the old ones.
Now what? Let's break it.
Birgitte Nyborg is making a comeback in Danish politics after two years as a lecturer and member of various boards.
We spoke to Nyborg earlier.
I'm very pleased to be back in Danish politics again.
It's like I never left.
Is it a case of an old circus horse missing the stage? No.
It's a case of an old circus horse believing a large number of people are not being heard.
Martin here.
Martin! You can talk to Birgitte at three.
I'd like an hour with her.
I can't give you more than 45 minutes, so you'll just have to talk fast.
Bit tight but we'll make it.
Sound, ready? A minute and a half.
Ulrik, you'll do fine.
Remember, he forced you to challenge him.
Smile, be dynamic.
You are one of the people.
If Ulrik tries to provoke you, commend him on his question.
- Give me your watch.
- Why? It costs like three months salary for the common Dane.
Have fun.
- Hi.
- Thanks.
Four, three, two, one.
Welcome to TV1 News, where the biggest story of the day is former PM Birgitte Nyborg's return to politics.
- Birgitte Nyborg, welcome.
- Thanks.
This is you arriving in Parliament with your family after the landslide victory which made you prime minister.
Which makes me wonder: Isn't this comeback risky? Aren't you nervous? Well, I do not think my work is finished.
Many Danes aren't being heard.
People who used to feel part of the Moderate project but no longer do.
I want to represent them.
But isn't challenging the current leader, Jacob Kruse, a drastic move? I had no choice.
We have different goals.
Contested elections are never fun, but it's better than a divided leadership.
We must settle once and for all whom the party backs.
Many people are happy to see you back in the game.
But others say you were a great politician.
You have been prime minister.
Are your great achievements behind you? Are you a has-been? That's a good question.
I thought my time was over, that I had left politics behind.
But I can see we're moving in the wrong direction, and I have to act.
My answer is simple: I am a politician.
Thank you for coming.
Reactions were varied in Parliament.
And we're off.
- Great, thanks.
Welcome back.
- Thank you.
All right.
We're rolling.
It's District Leader Johansen.
He'll declare his support for Birgitte tomorrow.
ONE MONTH LATER This dramatic day could have major political consequences.
At the Moderates' convention, the delegates will elect their new leader.
Either Kruse or former PM Birgitte Nyborg, who's made a sensational return.
Tonight the two candidates will speak to the delegates who will then vote.
Birgitte, are you going to win? I feel I have considerable support, which gives me great pleasure.
Jacob Kruse, you've come straight from negotiations in Parliament.
Yes, but today my main focus is the party, not Parliament.
How do you feel about competing with former PM Birgitte Nyborg? I'm not the slightest bit nervous.
Politics are all about getting results.
That's what I stand for.
How does this affect the party? - Are we ready? - She's ready.
Hello! - Is Birgitte in there? - Yes.
She is working on her speech.
I just came to say the mood is great in there.
People are happy to see Birgitte again.
Oh, my God.
Hi, Peter.
She's sweet.
Birgitte does have a lot of respect.
Birgitte is the greatest politician this party ever had, and they know it.
But Kruse is feared somewhat.
They know he comes down hard on disloyalty.
Three, two, one.
And we're live Good evening and welcome to this special edition of Juul & Friis, where tonight we'll be focusing on the party convention that has become quite a hot ticket.
You can say that again.
But we are talking about a former PM trying to make a political comeback.
The Moderates have chosen a bombastic setting.
- Oh yes, the Arken Museum.
- Very intellectual.
I can't help teasing you.
Don't you feel a yearning when you see Nyborg getting back in the game? No time for chitchat.
This is a showdown.
Kruse vs.
Fair enough.
Let's go over to Birgitte Nyborg.
- She's about to give her speech.
- Standby, Arken.
You're on.
The next item on the agenda is the election.
The first speech will be given by one of the two candidates, Birgitte Nyborg.
Not only have I missed you.
I've missed working with you to change the direction our party is taking Unlike Kruse I don't think we should make overtures to the government if it entails making ideological concessions to the Freedom Party that are anathema to the principles this party was founded on.
That's the choice you face today.
I'm looking forward to working with you again to create a Denmark we can be proud of.
Thank you.
I don't know about you, Kasper, but I can't help being puzzled by this somewhat sporadic applause.
What's going on? This is after all their former leader.
It's their first PM in 50 years and they can't even applaud her back to her seat.
What's going on? They're called the Moderates for a reason.
- So they can't applaud? - They're above that.
They hate being "folksy".
But they weren't swept away, I'll give you that.
- It wasn't Nyborg's best speech.
- It wasn't bad.
She made her political messages clear.
She thinks the current leadership has swung too far to the right.
Let's return to Arken.
Jon Berthelsen, the former minister for education, is about to speak.
Did you hear that? Did you notice Birgitte Nyborg telling us just a moment ago that she'd missed us? She had missed us.
That's nice to hear.
But have we missed her? Have we missed Birgitte Nyborg in the Moderate Party? That's the question.
After Birgitte finished her speech, I wasn't full of questions.
I wasn't full of questions, no, I was full of emotions.
The feeling that this was the return of a great statesman to the political arena.
And allow me to say Allow me to answer that yes, we've missed you, Birgitte, on the political scene.
Bent! Something's up.
Please return to your seats.
Several of us have probably noticed that our chairman, Jacob Kruse, had to leave the meeting early.
He had to go to a meeting with the PM.
The are negotiating the new financial package.
Jacob apologizes for the delay.
He'll be giving his speech in 45 minutes.
The good news is that there seems to be a breakthrough in negotiations.
Let's get TV1 News up on the screen.
FINANCIAL AGREEMENT REACHED We have reached a historic financial agreement which will do much toward getting the economy back on track.
I'd like to take the credit myself but I have to say it was thanks to Jacob Kruse's visionary goals that we reached this agreement.
Jacob, go ahead.
Thank you very much, Lars.
I would like to say that I am proud to have been able to put such a clear Moderate fingerprint on this major and significant agreement.
The Moderates are back in the game.
We're going to create results.
Jacob? Critics will say you've made a deal with the Freedom Party which is in breach of human rights.
Look, those are all vague speculations about some legal details.
Let's pat ourselves on the back for completing this agreement.
I have to get back to the party convention now.
He timed that one well.
To the question of whether I've missed Birgitte Nyborg my reply is sure.
Sure, I've missed the well-meaning, well-spoken and very well-dressed Birgitte Nyborg who stood here filling the rooms with all her visions of a modern notion of solidarity, that however Excuse me but to me it sounds like what we used to call champagne socialism.
With whom does she intend to collaborate in Parliament? She won't talk to the right wing.
The left wing is gasping for air.
Tonight, dear friends, you've seen me deliver results.
Real political results.
In my opinion you face a very simple choice.
The choice between Nyborg's dream factory and the real world.
I hope and believe you will do the responsible thing and place the Moderates in the latter.
Thank you.
In favor of Birgitte Nyborg as new leader, 51.
In favor of Jacob Kruse as new leader, 59.
Jacob Kruse has been re-elected as party leader.
- Congratulations, Jacob.
- Thank you.
Birgitte Have you got five minutes? Go ahead, Torben.
And so Kruse was re-elected leader of the Moderates after a dramatic contest.
Is this more than just Nyborg leaving the convention? Is it also the briefest comeback in Danish history? I can't see Nyborg as a rank-and-file Moderate.
- What about another party? - No, Nyborg is too idealistic.
So a return ticket has been ordered for Nyborg back to where she came from.
So to speak.
Kasper Juul Torben Friis.
- It's been a long night.
- It has indeed.
Have a good evening.
Damn, I thought she'd make it.
Rumor has it you're moving up in the world.
- Do I need to look for a new partner? - Not yet.
Hold your horses.
Something like that takes time.
See you.
I know it's late, but I'd like to have a conversation.
It's important.
- Well, let's talk.
- Great.
I've gone through the last six months' ratings.
I'm astonished.
Far be it from me to lecture you but you do know the term "contact price"? The price of making a program compared to the number of viewers.
- Yes.
- Let me give you an example.
While we showed the convention, TV2 showed an American sitcom.
- How much can an episode cost? - There's a difference between news 60,000 kroner.
That sitcom had 700,000-800,000 viewers.
That equals a contact price of 0.
10 per viewer.
Unlike a convention with remote unit and a studio costing 240,000 and only 300,000 viewers.
The same goes for all your programs.
They are too expensive considering the ratings.
Gregers had another set of priorities.
Let me introduce you to my world and the questions I will be met with by management.
Why does the news take up so much of the programming? And why is the head of news still called Friis? They won't be able to understand how TV1 can afford to let their most popular anchor, Katrine Fønsmark, go.
- I haven't had time to - Don't answer me now.
Think hard about these questions.
Let's have a talk about it in a couple of days.
Hmm? Okay.
See you.
- Did you talk to TV1? - I did.
We need to find out what's happened with this party.
- I don't know - God damn it! That's politics for you.
You win some and you lose some.
There now.
Mommy's here, okay, sweetie? Mommy's here.
Grandma Let me take him, dear.
You need to get some sleep.
Come here, dear.
Grandma will take care of you.
Good night.
Come along, darling.
- Grandma.
- Yes, yes.
Well It's a lot of square meters.
327 to be precise.
The building has a quaint story.
In here.
It used to house underpaid seamstresses.
The bathrooms have been damaged by water.
During the war it housed a workshop for a locksmith who collaborated with the Germans.
The owner knows it's rundown and in need of a loving hand.
And the price reflects it.
Think it over for a couple of days That won't be necessary.
- What? - When can I have it? As soon as you've signed the deed.
What do you plan to do with it? Hang on.
It will be home to a new party.
BORGEN is a work of fiction inspired by real events.
The series references historical figures and events in Danish politics prior to 1982.

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