Borgen (2010) s03e02 Episode Script

Season 3, Episode 2

1 I used to be someone, remember? We must not allow this country to close the door on the outside world.
I want to get back into politics.
I don't see you fitting into the Moderate plan any longer.
- He kicked me to the curb.
- Contest Kruse's leadership.
That'll get you back in.
- If I win, I have your support? - You bet.
- You're the one I need.
- I want to go on leave.
Katrine, don't do it.
You're a single mom.
They've announced who's taking over as head of programming.
Torben Friis.
I'm a huge fan of your department.
Why does the news take up so much of the programming? And why is the head of news still called Friis? It's looking great.
In favor of Jacob Kruse as leader, 59 votes.
Jacob is re-elected.
It's rather rundown.
What do you plan to do with it? It will be home to a new party.
Katrine, we just need your accounts.
The printer's was more expensive than expected.
27,800 kroner sounds reasonable.
I'll transfer it today.
It's almost 30,000.
Hell, I can't let you pay all that.
- It was my own decision.
- You quit all your board jobs.
I could get them back, if I asked nicely.
And will you? Time will tell.
Give me that.
And then there's your salary and severance pay.
- I'm going to transfer 100,000 for both.
- I can't accept that.
- It's not up for discussion.
- I'll get my old job back.
I'll do it tomorrow.
It's on now.
- Today Parliament - Here we go.
saw the second reading of the controversial deportation bill.
DEPORTATION LAW The bill is part of a major financial deal between the government and the Moderates and proposes the deportation of immigrants found guilty of misdemeanors.
They're going to kick you out for slapping someone.
Why doesn't he explain what a misdemeanor is? Jesus, Ulrik! Kruse's whipped his troops in line.
They weren't asked.
Well, my friends thank you.
We did our best.
You're due in makeup at 5:30.
I have to do my gracious loser act on TV1.
Did you lose because you've been away from Denmark too much? Did you lose touch with the people? Actually, being away has given me a clear perspective of this country.
And it's not a pretty picture.
- You mean the immigrant policy.
- Indeed.
The Moderates backed a new deportation bill today.
How do you feel about that? It's a sad day for Denmark.
People may not be aware that this gives us the right to deport people for mere misdemeanors, like spitting or slapping someone.
What would you propose? I want to make people aware that this is wrong.
This bill would never been passed if the Danes had been asked.
- The Danes haven't been asked? - I don't think so.
One thing I do wish for our democracy is that people had more of a say.
Once again, government is steamrolling a bill down our throat.
Rushed through like a thief in the night, in a very calculated manner.
I'm sure I'm not the only one who thinks this.
I just hope others who share my views will make themselves heard.
And now for the inevitable question: What's next? Well, I'm not going to lead the Moderates.
- How about one of the other parties? - No.
I can rule that out.
- There you have it.
- Thank you.
Birgitte Nyborg is saying goodbye to Danish politics.
Good interview last night.
I do feel, however, that you could've leaned a bit more on her.
You want me to kick a loser while they're down? No, just, what exactly are her plans? - Is it back to the corporate sector? - The EU? Or a top job at the UN.
- And Katrine? - What do you mean? I find her plans more interesting now that Nyborg is out of politics.
So our staff can now come and go as they please, Torben? - If you're good enough.
- Stop it.
Please get that Roma story ready, I'm leaving it in your hands.
Okay, thanks.
Your new anchor at six o'clock looks like the chubby girl at school.
Well, Katrine leaving fucked up the duty roster.
I'm really I don't know what to do about it.
Nyborg said goodbye to politics yesterday.
So I'm thinking Get Katrine Fønsmark back.
Well, I'm working on that.
I am.
I'm doing everything in my power.
Really, I am.
I am.
- It's your first priority.
- You bet it is.
It's as spick-and-span as when I moved in.
It just needs a coat of paint.
Can I move out at the end of this month? Great.
I'll call you back.
- We're moving? - I'm considering it.
You didn't think to ask me? I thought I'd tell you nice and quietly when I knew what was going to happen.
I don't want to move.
Mom says we're moving.
I'm checking out my options, in case we can't afford to keep this.
It's what you've said from the very start.
That it was only temporary.
We rent this place, Magnus.
We don't own it.
See you.
This sucks! Bye.
Mom, there's an Erik Hoffman at the door.
It's not every day one gets a visit from the the New Right.
I am not here on party business.
I am here as a private individual.
I was very touched by your interview last night.
The deportation bill.
- You agree with me? - You did a very brave thing.
I would like to thank you for that.
- Erik, you just voted in favor of it.
- I'm the deputy leader.
You know the drill.
Thank Thank you very much.
So here I am having a wonderful continental breakfast.
- Where are you? - I am in Frankfurt.
Can't we meet up so that we can eat properly? I am sorry.
I can't right now.
I can come to you.
Gotta be in Helsinki for a few days to discuss a new bridge project.
I could stop over in Copenhagen.
You're not really here, are you? What is going on? Just making my mind up.
Big decisions.
Well, you take your time.
In the meanwhile, we can share my continental breakfast over Skype.
Fønsmark! - Hey.
- Hi.
Funny, I was just talking about you.
- Really? - I can't wait to get you back.
Torben did leave me a message.
How about a glass of wine? - I can't.
I'm in a hurry.
- Rain check? See you.
Can I drop the last binder off? Where are you? - Hi.
- Hi.
- Here you go.
- Thanks.
Going back to TV1? I guess.
You did well on the news last night.
- Take care.
- You too.
Katrine! - Yes? - Can I show you something? Here we are.
What is this? It's my place.
A new center party? The Moderates are right wing now.
You want the "decent" Moderates.
No, I want to reach out to the Danes.
People aren't into politics.
Across all parties, membership is dropping.
One out of five people is against democracy.
One out of ten.
I read that survey.
Coffee? Thanks.
- It's fantastic.
- No, it's not fantastic.
It's a few thoughts on a whiteboard.
What's your honest opinion? It's been quite a while since you charmed the public and led the Moderates to a landslide victory.
Before you became prime minister.
- I've lost my popular appeal? - I had to hide your expensive watch.
You're out of touch with the people you want to engage and far from the girl who didn't mince her words.
- Milk? - Thanks.
- Can I get a party up and running? - If you get the right people behind you.
Who are the right people? Hi.
- Hi, dear.
How did it go? - How did what go? - Didn't you stop by TV1? - I never made it that far.
Anything wrong? On the contrary.
I'm going to help Nyborg form a new party.
- In your spare time? - It's a full-time job.
Denmark hasn't seen a new party in a long time.
- Will you get paid? - I don't know.
I'll manage.
Are you broke? A neighbor said you're three months behind on your condo fees.
Don't you see how huge this is? A new party.
- Led by a former PM.
- I have a train to catch.
- It's confidential, so don't - You get Gustav back on Thursday.
Want me to come back Thursday afternoon? - Sure.
- Love you.
I love you too.
Don't forget you're having Kasper and Gustav over for dinner tomorrow.
Our angle is that they're rushing the third reading of the bill? Yes, correct.
Put the deportation bill piece on before the minister of agriculture The management is discussing your meta-narrative here at TV1.
You have a tendency to focus on people who have failed.
Yesterday you ran a negative story on the deportation of three immigrant boys.
Whereas TV2 focused on Hesselboe getting his bill passed.
A success.
But it's relevant to tell the public about the victims of the bill.
You want a more right-wing profile? No, it's not about politics.
Any word from Katrine? Not a sound.
I talked to her.
She seemed very interested.
You talked to Katrine? I am the head of the news division, am I not? - So I hire and fire people.
- Mm.
But that's going to be difficult if the management interferes with my work.
No offense meant, Torben.
See you.
This bill is a borderline breach of human rights.
Isn't that a problem? Then you'll say something about "public sense of justice" We must think of the public sense of justice.
We have a lot of problems with our young immigrants.
We welcome the well-integrated, but the rotten apples Hi.
- Hi.
- Is this a bad time? - No.
Come on in.
- No, I This will just take a moment.
I bet you're being swamped with job offers, understandably so because you're a hell of a reporter.
I just want to enter into a dialogue with you, maybe offer a small raise - Torben, I have to tell you - You don't need to answer me now.
- I hear you.
Come on.
- You don't understand.
I don't need your answer now.
Sleep on it.
Think it over.
I just came to let you know that I'm very eager to negotiate with you.
I know I haven't been until now Okay then Damn it! I just want you back.
Call me, okay? Hello? Did you see the news? The debate of the bill was rushed through in just three days! Stop by Borgen and ask the secretariat for the rules about party subsidies.
As you see, there is a difference between three and four members.
Many thanks.
Back on the job already? Not sure I'd call it a job.
I'm starting from scratch.
You and Birgitte know the ropes better.
What do you mean? The new party.
Hasn't she? - I thought you - No! She can't be serious! Let's go outside.
I have a meeting with my party.
We need to - I ran into Sejrø.
- Katrine, you didn't! - I thought he knew.
Sejrø just celebrated 40 years with the Moderates.
Kruse may have derailed him, but he's still a part of the Moderates.
I wasn't thinking.
You have to understand what being a member of a party entails.
I'm betraying the Moderates now.
That's how Bent sees it.
I wanted to tell him myself when the time was right.
You don't want him in the party? At best, I hoped to get his blessing.
Well he'll come round, the old timer.
I'm thinking a core nucleus of four or five MPs.
Find out how Nete feels.
She really likes you.
Sure, but she's also extremely ambitious, damned hard-working, and she writes surprisingly well.
Here we go.
Hi, Bent.
Okay, what's going on? I didn't mean for you to hear it this way.
I saw you the other day.
Why didn't you let me in on your thoughts? I know we lost, but give us some time to regroup.
You intend to form a new party.
Birgitte, it's insane.
You are a former Moderate prime minister.
I don't condone our policy anymore.
Influence comes at a price.
You paid a price as PM.
I never compromised human rights nor our party's fundamental principles.
The Moderates are instrumental in getting a disagreeable bill passed which will give us the right to kick people out for misdemeanors.
Is that okay? You don't abandon ship at the first gust of wind.
This is your party.
I'm loyal to the ideas, not the institution.
How can you support Kruse? The Moderates have been through many different leaders.
But you hang in and fight the good fight.
- I tried.
- You just want revenge.
No, no, no.
It isn't a matter of revenge.
It's I traveled so much after the change of government because I couldn't stand being here knowing what was happening without having any influence.
Birgitte, I implore you not to do this.
Don't do it.
Do you hear? Are you listening to me? This is serious.
I have to do this.
The ball is rolling.
In that case, I'm no longer your friend.
Did you arrange a meeting with Jon? Backing me at the convention must have hurt him.
He ought to see the advantage of joining us.
But after my meeting with Bent I'm having second thoughts.
I've never seen him react like that.
He took it personally.
Am I doing the wrong thing? Being unfaithful? We have to be very careful about whom we approach.
This is going to be a bombshell.
- I need to know you're with me.
- I am.
Nobody's interested in a new center party.
Neither the right or the left.
- We're going to steal their seats.
- I'm with you all the way.
Come in.
- Hi.
- Hi.
I hear you and Birgitte Nyborg are forming a new party.
We'll cover it tomorrow on Juul and Friis.
- You can't - I'm joking, Katrine.
I'm joking.
Your mom told me.
Stop that! Ow! You scared me there.
Of course my mom blabbed.
Isn't it crazy? But I think the time is right.
- Isn't it crazy? - Sure.
Sure We agreed we should have dinner now and then.
- Right? - Sure.
I know.
Kasper And I know the experts say it's best for Gustav that his parents get along.
- It's just a glass of wine.
- Yes.
I'd better take Gustav home.
- Right.
He's beat.
- Yes.
- It looks delicious.
- Thanks.
Want to go home with Daddy? And you want to bring this? - Hi.
- Well, well! We don't see much of you these days.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- Is Torben in? - He left already.
I think his missus wants him to spend more time at home.
- It's a bit late for a job interview.
- Yeah.
- I'm off to make-up.
- Have fun.
- Thanks.
Good to see you.
- You too.
Miss Fønsmark! - Torben left.
- Good luck.
You're back? No.
I came to see Torben.
You owe me a glass of wine.
Good morning.
I was just on my way out.
My boxer shorts? - I'm really sorry - I had a great night.
Erik Hoffmann? You know him from Copenhagen Business School.
He taught corporate law.
He was great.
He's very conscientious, correct and loyal.
What? He paid me a visit after he saw my interview on TV1.
He thought I'd said some brave things.
I'm not surprised.
He's married to a women from Ethiopia who is a lawyer.
She worked in London and still had to fight to get a residence permit here.
He was so desperate he almost moved to Malmö.
- To Malmö? - Yes.
To bypass a set of laws he helped pass? He's kept that quiet.
He's very discreet.
What do you want with him? I'm going to form a new party.
You're what? A political one.
A new centrist party.
You're You're nuts.
You think? I see.
And you need Erik to make your project palatable to the right.
Hey, Kruse This is going to kill Kruse.
- It's all very hush-hush.
- So that's why you have seemed upbeat lately.
- The New Right is my party.
- You're only bound by your beliefs.
It's your constitutional right, and you swore to uphold the constitution.
Birgitte, it's very brave of you to approach me.
But I have to turn you down.
I'm sorry to hear that.
This, of course, will remain between us.
Hi, Nete.
- Hi Katrine.
Good to see you again.
- Likewise.
- If that is the right thing to say.
- Right.
- It was a tough weekend.
- Yes.
- Birgitte was grateful for your support.
- You still see her? Not really.
We have some loose ends to tie up.
Nete - Can I count on your discretion? - Sure.
A new grouping is in the works.
You want to challenge Kruse again? Is that possible? I don't dare to.
Not within The Moderates, outside.
- Outside parliament? - Yes, but not really outside.
A group made up of like-minded homeless politicians.
A debate group? No, more of a kind of forum for people who think a change is needed.
An independent political group outside Christiansborg.
- Exactly.
- A think tank? No.
This can't get out.
I wouldn't even know what to say.
Nyborg is going to form a new party.
Why didn't you just say so? - Interested? - Count me in.
- Hi.
- Hi.
What a great place.
It looks just like the beginning of that Coldplay video.
You know "Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall".
- Have a seat, Nete.
- Thanks.
And welcome.
You're our first MP here.
- Katrine isn't a politician I take it.
- I'm an adviser and handle the media.
I try to keep a low profile due to my TV exposure.
I'm the only politician so far.
Besides you.
I haven't told a soul.
Not even my dog.
Keep it that way for now.
You could start by leaving the Moderates to become an independent.
I don't owe them a thing.
Kruse put me on ice after the convention.
Still, if I keep going to the meetings, we'll know what's going on.
We approached Jon Bertelsen, but I doubt he's in.
I haven't heard from him.
No, sorry.
Don't apologize.
The man can't be trusted.
Birgitte, with respect, if you take him in, he's going to undermine you.
He'll take over the party within a year.
Okay, let's forget him for now then.
- Birgitte Nyborg? - Yes.
My ex-husband donated some surplus furniture from his bank.
He doesn't know what the capital of Albania is.
Good thing you aren't the replacement host.
I'm not giving him the 8:30.
He can do the online news What about that girl you know - The chubby one.
- I didn't say that.
- Is that the list? - Yes.
- Didn't you talk to Katrine? - Sure, and I hope she says yes.
I talked to her.
You talked to her? Okay, so good news? Don't count on her coming back.
I didn't mean to interfere in your firing and hiring work, Torben.
You saw her privately? You could say that.
It was quite private.
- Torben? - Hello? Hi, Thomas.
Torben They won't let us see their documents.
The Ministry of Agriculture.
He's slept with her.
Hjort's sleeping with Katrine.
- What are you talking about? - He just said so.
Jesus Christ, Torben.
- Isn't she coming back? - Look The head of programming can't sleep with a former employee! - Where is she? - I don't know.
What are Nyborg and Fønsmark up to? I'm going to call Katrine.
- Hi.
- Hi, dear.
Did Kasper stay the night? It looks like you had company in bed.
When I confide important news in you, I assume I can trust you.
- What? - Kasper knew about the new party.
- He is Gustav's father.
- He works for TV1, Mom.
- He knows everyone at Borgen! - Okay.
I thought you confided in each other.
When I confide in you, don't go blabbing to anyone.
You don't understand how important this is.
I'll check on him.
These are the kind of fellows that risk being kicked out now because of the new deportation bill that's been met with heavy criticism.
- Some call it a legal mess.
- Correct.
The government doesn't want a drawn-out debate over this bill.
- Why not? - It's being rushed through.
They aren't very proud of it, hence the short consulting procedure.
- But they have their majority.
- Exactly.
And the Moderates delivered the deciding votes.
Is the old cultural-radical party of intellectuals divided? Absolutely.
Several Moderates refuse to take part in the vote.
Is a new wing forming within the party after Nyborg's failed leadership election? I don't think so.
Kruse has silenced the critics.
What is Nyborg up to? Is she pulling the strings somewhere? I'm sure Birgitte Nyborg has left the political arena.
Many thanks.
- That's it for tonight.
Kasper Juul - Torben Friis Thank you.
I sincerely believed we had to tighten the immigration laws.
Particularly after the irresponsible policies pursued by Labour in one minority government after the other in the 90s.
People crossed our borders in hordes.
We couldn't afford it.
Neither economically, socially nor culturally.
We were peasants.
Hell, we still are.
But then it just happens You don't notice.
This constant tightening of the laws.
Until finally We forget that the legislation is us.
We are the law.
The law is us.
I started to read the bills I had help pass.
I couldn't see myself in them.
And that is a problem.
My wife is black.
We have a son, Emil.
My wife won't let him wear a hoodie.
She doesn't want him to look like an immigrant kid from the projects.
She just won't have it.
Emil keeps pestering her.
And this morning there he was, he had saved up for one himself.
Why can't he wear one when all the other boys can? It's hard to explain to him that different rules apply to him than the others.
And to top it off, I helped pass the new bill.
A law which my own son may indirectly become the victim of.
I'm sorry.
Don't apologize.
What are you going to do about it? This needs some work, but it's a fine standard release.
It's more the point of No! Welcome, Erik.
Nice place you've got.
- Coffee or tea? - Tea's fine.
- Welcome.
- Thanks.
- Sit down.
- Yes.
I'll go give Birgitte a hand.
So How are things in the New Right? - I'm certainly not going to tell you.
- Sure.
At this early stage where we're a majority of former Moderates I'd like to stress that everyone's an equal around this table.
We're all in the same boat and we - Hi.
- Jon! - I didn't think you were interested.
- I figured I would hear you out.
- Erik Hoffmann just arrived.
- Hi.
- Hi, Jon.
- That's one way of putting it.
I assume I'll be registered as co-founder.
- We're all co-founders here.
- When do we go public? I know this undercover stuff is unpleasant, but hang in there.
If a man like you goes independent, all the red flags will go up.
We need to define our key issues.
And we need a member from the left.
I have to take this.
Hello? Hello.
Birgitte, we want to share some thoughts with you.
- It's a far cry from the PM's office! - Couldn't we have met somewhere else? It's my duty as party leader to heal the wounds after the convention.
- You come to give me your blessing? - I come to offer you a seat.
The seat you asked me for.
You're an obvious candidate for the Moderates.
- Who else? - And there's more.
Jacob wants to make you deputy leader.
- Are we talking a shared leadership? - Shared leadership.
With one boss.
We'll sort out the practicalities.
But I am sure you'll understand that this will put the Moderates in a strong position.
- Come home.
- But that's just it.
It's not my home anymore.
It's no longer the party I once joined.
Developments these past two years have undermined the Moderate project.
The most viewed video is one of you shaking Hesselboe's hand.
The Moderates have turned into a right-wing supporting party.
So is that your answer? If your offer implies me supporting your line, the answer is no.
That settles it then.
I hope you realize that since we can no longer work together, it makes us opponents.
There is no middle ground in the current political landscape.
I'm going to fight you tooth and nail, Birgitte.
Birgitte You'll have my resignation within the hour.
I am no longer a member.
Katrine, round up the troops.
We need to draft a press release and call a press conference tomorrow.
No, it didn't turn out right at all.
I can't talk about it now.
Promise me it's only a draft, okay? It has to be a draft.
Call me back before you release it.
How do we start? - "Nyborg has formed a new party" - "Nyborg and leading Moderates.
" "Birgitte Nyborg and leading MPs have formed a new party.
" - What's the name of our party? - We don't have to say.
I'll send it out.
- What will we call ourselves? - The Center Party? - The Independents.
- No, too irresponsible.
- Center Greens.
- Too 90s.
People won't buy it.
- How about the New Moderates? - No, we're not a party of defectors.
Democratic Center.
I like the democracy part.
The Free Democrats.
Or is that too liberal? Well, sorry The New Democrats.
Because we're new, and we're democrats.
- Not bad.
- Neither too leftish nor too rightish.
Something new.
- Fine.
- Jon? New Democrats.
That's our name.
Gather round, people.
- Nyborg is forming a new party.
- Can we squeeze that in the show? The Moderates' media adviser is spreading rumors.
Let's break it when we're sure.
It's Katrine.
It's true? We still have that footage? Okay.
Lots of luck.
The press conference is tomorrow at noon.
Katrine is their media adviser.
Listen up.
We're in for a busy day tomorrow.
We may have to do special editions too.
- Let's break it now.
- Not until we get the press release.
- But it's news.
- We don't know the specifics.
I want an exclusive with Birgitte Nyborg tomorrow night in the studio.
You're still up? The eye infection is back, so he has to stay home tomorrow.
Want me to look after him? I don't mind.
Although I do miss your dad a bit.
I thought you liked this.
- It's almost midnight.
- I'm sorry I didn't call.
What's that? Sorry I didn't call.
You have a young child.
I'm sorry, but it's as if you don't realize that.
- Mom, please - I'm serious.
You don't understand that you can't continue living like you did before.
Your home falls apart unless someone tends to it.
- Your finances - Mom, please - I mean - Please! Dad and I helped you even when you had a well-paid job at TV1.
Now you're involved in an unpaid political project.
I am sorry, but I don't really know who's in charge here.
Neither do I.
Perhaps because you watch over me like a hawk! You make me feel guilty.
I am trying to help you because your focus is everywhere else.
No! I do things my way.
I won't make apologies for my career.
Nobody's saying you should be a housewife! Just get your priorities straight.
Sometimes you behave like a spoiled little brat.
Maybe it's hard for you to be a mother because you're a child inside.
Go home.
I mean it.
Go home.
- Katrine - No, you're absolutely right.
Thanks for your help.
Gustav and I will manage from now on.
My Mom couldn't take him and Kasper's at work.
He's got an eye infection, so I can't Okay.
Hey there, sweetie.
Up you go.
Hush now, sweetie.
- This is it.
- Yes.
So you chose today to bring your child to work.
- Are you okay? - I haven't slept a wink.
- Join the club.
- Thanks.
He just fell asleep.
The press conference is being moved to a larger conference room due to the massive interest.
Scores of reporters fill the halls.
When a former PM forms her own party, it's a sensation.
You bet.
We can't wait to hear the reactions.
What's the new party called, Torben? Some say the Center Party, some say Democratic Center Birgitte I wrote a text to Yvonne Kjær offering her my resignation.
I can't send it.
Sure you can, Erik.
In a few moments it'll be official.
That'll make everything much easier.
Erik, just press "send".
- This is it.
- I'm sorry.
Good morning.
Thank you! Welcome to the first press conference by the New Democrats.
Birgitte Nyborg, why have you formed a new party? Because I'm deeply proud of what we've achieved in this country when we are at our very best.
And because I just can't keep my mouth shut.
I can't help questioning the Denmark I'm seeing.
Are we inhospitable? Are we bigoted? Are we arrogant? Devoid of solidarity? Is that us? As Danes? As a people? The answer is a resounding "no" if you ask the New Democrats.
But that is the picture parts of our legislature paints of us.
The message we send to the world and to each other.
We want to restore our pride in being Danish.
All of us.
Birgitte! Yes, Hanne Holm.
You didn't make Moderate leader.
An indication your days in politics are over? Only bad politicians give up when they don't get their policies through.
I know the media don't understand idealism but at the core of this is a desire to change the world.
You look like a gang of ex-Moderates nobody wants to play with.
Aren't you just a Moderate defector project? Sore losers? No, we've teamed up because we want to voice the Let me introduce Erik Hoffmann, former deputy leader of the New Right.
Glad you could make it.
Less than two minutes ago I resigned from the New Right of which I've been a member for 27 years.
It's been no easy task for me nor the others to leave our parties that we've been members of since we were young.
Our agenda is not a petty one.
We believe serious change is needed.
I had enough when I was asked to vote in favor of a bill enabling Danish judges in this country, based on the rule of law, to deport citizens for the smallest of misdemeanors.
I cannot be a part of that.
In this building we make laws.
Laws on which the Danish society is built.
We are now passing more and more bills that border alarmingly on breaching the constitution and human rights.
Bills that are the waste product of political horse-trades.
They're rushed through because they're too shameful to discuss.
People don't get to have their say, and it's not just shoddy, it's decidedly undemocratic.
Democracy is dialogue.
And that dialogue is fading away.
The New Democrats are going to fight to re-open the conversation.
- Nete, have you seen my bag? - Look in there.
Excuse me.
- Congratulations.
- Thanks.
- Hi.
Congratulations on your new job.
- Thanks.
- You did great.
- Thanks.
I stopped by TV1 the other day to We'd like an extended interview with Nyborg on the 8:30 news tonight.
I'm afraid she can't.
She can't? Why not? We gave TV2 the first exclusive.
It musn't appear that we're only friends with TV1.
You certainly have one friend at TV1.
Alex Hjort.
- You're out of line.
- You gave it to TV2? You gave it to someone else? You really disappoint me.
- What are you saying? - A tiny bit of loyalty would've been nice.
And you stab me in the back like that Your greatest political achievements have been made with me by your side.
I know.
What do you want me to do? I want you to let me join your new party.
You have 10,000 likes on Facebook.
How does it feel? Great.
It indicates many people want Denmark to change political course.
- Do you want to be PM? - I want of influence.
The office I hold is less important.
Why did the other channel get the exclusive with Nyborg? I mean, her media adviser is one of your former employees.
You're closer to Katrine than I am.
Remember what I said about the meta-narrative? The last time we saw Nyborg on TV1, she was a loser.
Here's the winner Birgitte Nyborg on TV2 in a successful interview.
We've got a problem, if you keep on handing me loser stories.
He wants to take the Moderates in a different direction One of the sensational things at the press conference was the the former New Right - Hi.
- Hi.
BORGEN is a work of fiction inspired by real events.
The series references historical figures and events in Danish politics prior to 1982.

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