Borgen (2010) s03e03 Episode Script

Season 3, Episode 3

1 What is this? It's my place.
You're going to form a new party.
Nyborg is going to form a new party.
Interested? Count me in.
You're our first MP here.
We've approached Jon Bertelsen.
We haven't heard from him.
Good! He can't be trusted.
- Hi.
- Jon! - I didn't think you were interested.
- I figured I would hear you out.
This is is going to be a bombshell.
I need to know you're with me.
I'm with you all the way.
- Any word from Katrine? - No.
I haven't heard from her.
You hand me loser stories.
I want to see winners.
I'm very eager to negotiate with you.
I know I haven't been until now - Torben - Please come back.
My wife is black.
I just helped pass a law my own son could be the victim of.
What are you going to do about it? Less than two minutes ago I resigned from the New Right Democracy is dialogue.
The New Democrats are going to fight to re-open that conversation.
"Some men change their party for the sake of their principles, others their principles for the sake of their party.
" Good morning.
Did you hear the government rejected the Greens' bill? - About the national park in Jutland.
- Uh, no.
It's an outrage.
Excuse me.
TV1 is hosting an integration debate and want us on the panel.
- Excellent.
- It's a great opportunity.
Birgitte, this is the book I was telling you about.
He predicted the crisis two years ago! I'll read it and then we'll discuss it.
Good morning.
Good morning, Lis.
We need to come out with a policy statement.
What is our stand on corporate tax? - We haven't defined that yet.
- Hi.
Jon, TV1 wants to talk integration.
I'm sorry, but we simply can't talk here.
- Birgitte, I want to ask - Sorry.
We're in a meeting.
We've become a mass movement.
There's a difference between a mass movement and a mass of movements.
Well, at least here there's some peace and quiet.
TV1 wants us to participate in an integration debate.
Integration is a key issue of ours and it would be a good idea to show face another than mine.
Birgitte can't wear all the hats.
We need a spokesperson on integration.
How about you, Erik? You know the debate first-hand.
Thanks, but I'd only be putting my son in an even worse situation.
He must not suffer because of my political ambitions.
Anyway, I've been justice critic for the past 15 years.
No thanks.
I'll do it.
I held the post for four months for the Moderates I'll be honest and say it was with mixed results.
Your definition of a multicultural society was to just open the borders.
Maybe I'm all the wiser now.
How about finding a new candidate? Maybe even immigration spokesperson that is an immigrant.
That would match our profile.
Great idea, Katrine.
I know this fantastic guy from Greenland.
You are not exactly a brown candidate if you're Inuit.
It should be a Muslim.
An old study mate of mine knows an Indonesian guy.
He's lived in Denmark for 20 years and he's really smart.
People will think Japanese, Chinese, big business.
Indonesia is the world's largest Muslim country.
It depends on what people think.
People think my wife is a mail order bride from Uganda.
No, we don't want an African.
Let's find a fully-fledged Muslim from the Middle East.
- With a large beard and hair all over.
- Enough of this before it turns into a discussion about eugenics.
Let's find the best candidate.
Katrine's got the ball, but anyone can suggest candidates.
I'll find someone with the right shade of brown.
- Welcome to the creative workshop.
- Thanks.
This is where TV1 is going to think out of the box.
Sit down.
You and I are going to do a focus process of the News.
Alex, will this take long? I have a staff meeting that's about to start.
It may seem stupid, but take it in.
Even the furniture's challenging here.
It forces you to think outside the box.
- Okay.
- We both had to bring something.
- So what have you got for me? - Yeah.
Um Integration.
Everyone wants to know what Nyborg's party will focus on.
I thought an integration debate might get them out in the open.
- How would you tell that story? - A classic panel debate.
Whatever happened to Dilemma? It was too fatuous.
All ranting and raving and hysterical applause from the audience.
I I just had to cancel it.
Young viewers liked it.
Unlike your other programs.
Young people don't watch the news.
If a program lacks an edge, you give it that edge instead of shutting it down.
- Let's revive Dilemma.
Great idea.
- I never said that.
I brought something too.
I focus on the viewers.
Our news at the moment tends to be "Thank God it wasn't me" TV.
Wars, catastrophes, crises.
 You name it.
I think it's time for "I wish it was me" TV.
- Yeah.
- How about some really sexy money shows? Successful people would love it, and unsuccessful people like to dream.
We have to be innovative.
The management wants positive stories.
"I wish it was me" TV.
- Uncritical, you mean? - No.
More like "I wish it was me".
Stocks, rates, finances.
And Dan, I'd love to hear your visual takes on it.
- Sure.
- Great.
- We need to set the right mood.
- That mood being? A "I wish it was me" mood.
Mood? Yes.
Why won't it print? Is it our party platform? Because I was thinking, as a decent party of the center we should have a section on Christian values in our platform.
- "Christian values"? - Good seeing you here.
Have we met before? It's not the party platform.
But why is the printer out of paper? Hasse just printed 50 copies of a book that he wants to distribute.
He should clear it with us first.
Please tell him.
Hasse! I've drawn up a list of potential candidates.
I think he is a good candidate.
Jawad Hammidi.
Works as a mentor helping young people leave gangs.
He used to be in a gang and received the Integration Award last year.
Gang crime is a social problem rather than an integration problem.
I believe in the mentor program and, in our experience, they work.
May I ask, if you're a practicing Muslim? Yeah.
Yeah, I am.
Just like Danes are Christians.
- What does that mean? - I believe in God.
But I break a lot of the Koran's laws.
I eat pork.
If someone serves it to me.
Uh, but not hot dogs.
They're full of crap.
Um, what does that tattoo on your neck say? It's not a radical Koran verse.
I got it when Adila accepted my marriage proposal.
It's a quote from the poet Rumi.
"Lovers don't meet out in the world.
They're in each other from the start.
" It says you charge for coffee? Is this correct? Yes.
We have no income at all.
- We all have to chip in.
- Okay.
Some of us put in a lot of hours here on behalf of the party.
It's a little cheap that we have to pay for a cup of coffee.
We don't take you to court if you don't.
So it's voluntary? - It's a request.
- I haven't got any coins.
It's on me.
Um Will his violent past be a problem? He was 14.
He's worked ever since to make amends.
It shouldn't.
Katrine and Nete.
This is Jørgen Steen Andersen.
- Jørgen Steen Andersen.
- Hello.
Jørgen Steen Andersen.
I booked the conference room.
So The conference room? I wrote it in the party calendar.
If you would He's a great candidate.
I can't get that neck tattoo out of my head.
What do you think of a tattoo in Arabic? But he explained it.
What will a voter think about a tattooed Muslim convicted of violence? So his tattoo disqualifies him? Maybe we should look for a woman.
A Muslim woman? That was a quick meeting, Jon.
Good thing you booked the room.
Have you found a candidate? - Not yet.
- We're considering a woman.
Two women just agreed on that? Will my gender get me kicked out? You're gay, so you're halfway there.
So we're looking for a Muslim woman? Yes.
An outstanding candidate.
Preferably highly educated.
Someone with clear opinions.
And who can go on TV in five days.
Hello? Kasper? - Hello.
- Hi.
We're up here.
There's been a minor mishap.
What happened? Gustav played hairdresser.
It's my own fault.
We'd been cutting and pasting, I fell asleep and he had the scissors.
What's more fun to cut? Dad or paper? Dad! You haven't got any hair.
- It had to go.
I looked crazy.
- What did you do, sweetie? My darling.
- Did you cut off all daddy's hair? - Yes.
Give mom a hug.
- My little hairdresser.
- Are you a little hairdresser? Good heavens.
Does it suit me? Yes.
- Sure.
- Hmm? If you were a prizefighter or a hip hop artist.
I don't know how much street cred it lends to a political commentator Jesus.
What are you going to tell TV1? I'll think of something.
I'm not due there until next week.
- Thanks for picking him up.
- No problem.
Things are crazy at the moment.
I've got 112 unanswered emails and two phone conferences later.
Hey, I've been there.
- Did he have a good day? - Sure.
He had a great day.
They say he's such a sweet boy at the daycare.
What's this for? Okay.
- Well you want to go home? - Yes.
- Yes.
- Come here, sweetie.
- Bye, bye.
- Bye, Daddy.
We'll let you know, if we hear about any openings for a bouncer.
Thank you.
I miss you already.
- What are you looking for? - The black plastic bowls.
I can't find them.
What's up? They go all numb sometimes.
We found the bowls.
The bathroom stinks.
I called the plumber.
- Why did Laura get the big room? - Because she has friends over.
- I have Lars over.
- But you're much smaller people.
Right? Whip up some positive energy.
You sound just like when you were PM.
Huh? You just hate not being the rich boy.
I don't want to live in this dump.
My school is 45 minutes away.
A little uncalled for! Well, it is a dump.
You think? Good morning.
- Good morning, Bent.
- Good morning.
An electrician put in a new electric panel.
It cost 5,200 kroner.
- My goodness! Okay.
- We have to pay for our domain name.
We'd better start collecting membership fees.
Bent, my friend.
How many have signed up? Just over 13,000.
But the collection is coming to a halt.
We can't get anyone to go out and do it despite these hordes of people doing God knows what? Birgitte, good morning.
Got a minute? Not if it's about money.
You've booked the conference room all day? I drafted the financial policy we discussed.
There's an outline on the first two pages.
This looks very thorough, Jon.
Lower corporation taxes by 4%.
I have more news.
I got us one million kroner.
- What? - I got us a million.
Jørgen Steen Andersen, RPS Bank.
I heard he was interested and approached him.
And what does he expect in return? He just wants to be part of the project.
An exclusive meeting with you might be an idea.
Make him feel special.
He's a great admirer of you.
Jon may have gotten us one million.
Wow! Amazing! - Yes.
- And I may have found a candidate.
Her name's Parvin, she's from Iran and is a fifth-year law student.
Most of her family are doctors and lawyers.
Isn't she great? She wears a headscarf.
Is that a problem? It's the first and last thing you see.
She's eloquent, well-educated, and modern.
She is I really like her sense self-irony.
She's very quick.
- She wears a headscarf.
- Yes.
So does Aisha Nagrawi from the Solidarity Party.
That's why she wasn't re-elected.
Think it was because of the scarf, or because she was a pain in the butt? But we can just ask her to take it off.
We can't do that.
What if Parvin turns us down and then says the New Democrats asked a Muslim woman to repudiate her faith in order to be run for us? We have to turn her down.
Tell her she's too young.
Seems you have to raise some money to be popular here.
- Birgitte.
- Jørgen.
I'm very happy to meet you.
Thank you.
Frankly, I'm mad about you.
I've always loved your energy.
Your new party is just what Denmark needs right now.
Your vision and timing is perfect.
There are those who'd say our vision wasn't quite clear yet.
Your course is clear.
I remember your statement about the tax ceiling.
That was right after my time as PM.
Sure, but your position hasn't changed? We haven't yet discussed that in the new party.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
I took the liberty of ordering their set lunch menu.
- You do eat fish? - Yes.
Don't worry, this is completely informal.
- I'm just thrilled to talk to you.
- I can tell, yes.
I feel very privileged to be part of the project.
And our bank would love to have New Democrats as a customer.
You want to talk about money? A little bird told me that your pockets are not exactly bulging.
I've given it some thought.
I'm prepared to give Denmark's most exciting party another half million.
I've got everything ready.
Here are the account details and credit cards.
Let's settle the formalities soon.
Here you go.
Thanks a lot.
Let's eat.
Just pay them all.
The money's already in the account.
Even the extra half a million.
Sure, buy a new printer.
And pay three months' rent.
And power and heating.
Let's settle our debts.
Okay, see you tomorrow.
- Hi, Phillip.
What are you doing here? - Sorry.
I I gave Magnus a ride home.
He needed my help.
- Hi, Mom.
- Hi, darling.
Dad put my skateboard up on the wall.
- It looks awesome.
- Great.
So - Seems like you're settling in.
- Sure.
- My handyman says it's a dump.
- Yeah.
That wall needs fixing, but - Nice though, huh? - Sure, sure.
Say, have you have you had a glass of wine or two? Five tiny glasses.
I've had a grand lunch with a banker who expressed great interest in my party and me personally.
- Jørgen Steen Andersen.
- Okay.
He gave me 1.
5 million.
Really? No strings.
He emphasized that it was out of sheer enthusiasm.
Sounds really, uh great.
You sound suspicious.
Jørgen Steen Andersen would give anything without expecting something in return.
He didn't make any demands.
Just so you know.
- Hey.
I let myself in.
- Sure.
What's his temperature? I took him to the doctor, he's got an ear infection.
Oh, no.
He's on antibiotics, and they're working already.
His fever is going down.
The doctor says the antibiotics will do the trick.
Poor baby.
I'm so happy you could pick him up.
But of course.
I mean that.
We work around the clock, but we don't seem to get anything done.
- It's a killer.
- I'm sure you're doing a fatastic job.
How was your first day on the job as a baldie? Has Torben seen it? No, I've been working from home.
- I've got a meeting later this week.
- It'll have grown back out by then.
Got a snack for the road? - I'm starving.
- Sure.
Or you could stay for dinner.
I'll cook some more rice.
A TV dinner? And now it's time for TV1's new business program.
BUSINESS Just a wee glass and then Then I'm off.
I'd like to welcome our expert on business, Nadia Barazani, chief analyst at Kredit Syd.
Sum up the state of the financial sector for us, please.
Are we going up or down? That's easy.
We're going down.
- You don't mince words.
- Only hopeless optimists think otherwise.
Southern Europe is threatened by national bankruptcy.
The Chinese are buying up Europe so fast we ought to learn Mandarin.
- Yes? - Are you watching TV1? Turn on the TV.
No! Wait.
Wait a second.
- Okay.
- Yes.
I hear CEOs saying we've weathered the crisis.
Let's be honest.
They're talking to their stockholders so they don't mention the harsh realities.
If the stock exchange plummets She's senior analyst at Kredit Syd.
Nadia something.
I want to talk to her.
The reality is not for fragile souls Man, she's good.
Ulrik really needs to focus.
Next, we have a story from China Great find, Pia.
Thanks! - Good morning.
- Good morning.
- I fell asleep.
- Hey, no worries.
You slept as heavily as Gustav.
He isn't running a fever anymore.
Maybe it's healing to be with both your mom and your dad.
Or maybe he inhaled my wine breath all night and that cured him.
The big question is: Fried or scrambled? Sounds delicious, but I have to get home.
I have a meeting soon, and I need a bath and clean clothes.
Nice breakfast though.
Kiss Gustav from me.
- Can I grab a roll? - Yeah.
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
Hasse, I haven't read your book yet.
Ladies and gentlemen, free coffee.
Good morning.
What about all of us who've already paid for coffee? I'm glad you could come in.
I was curious to see this media phenomenon from the inside.
Jon, I booked the conference room.
This is the conference room? Nice.
I might as well move my desk out here.
I've gone over your draft, Jon, and I want you to assure me that's there's no correlation between Jørgen's goodwill and this paper.
I don't like your tone.
There's a lot of details that we've not discussed as a party.
Policies are formed in the tension between reality, idealism and the wishes that emerge from groups whose sphere of interest borders on the policy you wish to pursue.
Did we get money for taking advice in certain political fields? Did we, Jon? No, of course we haven't accepted any advice.
Do you disagree with anything in that draft? There's a fine line, right? I'll talk to Jørgen Steen Andersen.
Birgitte, can you approve this animal welfare campaign? BETTER CONDITIONS FOR ALL ANIMALS Look! We got a great deal on banner ads.
10,000 kroner.
I can't approve anything for 10,000 at the moment.
- What did she say? - TV1 has offered her a job.
She doesn't think that's compatible with a political career.
- Great lunch yesterday.
- Yes.
Very enjoyable.
Lunch? I'm going to stick to mineral water.
I think I think we need to talk.
I'm glad you're so wild about us.
We appreciate that.
But I need to know your agenda in relation to your generous donation.
What do you expect in return? I have no agenda.
That money is a gift.
Just a minute.
But I assume we will find a certain harmonization of views.
Harmonization of views.
Birgitte in any democracy, politicians need some funding from business, don't they? The corporate sector needs a voice in Parliament.
"You scratch my back.
" Our money seemed very welcome.
This morning, 232,000 kroner had already been withdrawn.
The skilled politician is the filter through which corporate interests pass.
I'm not going to give you 1.
5 million for free, am I? On the other hand, I don't expect to get everything I want.
Did you ask Jon to write the passage about lowering corporate tax by 4%? No.
I suggested he write 7%.
But he didn't have the nerve, so he settled on four.
Is that a problem? Can you lend me 100,000 kroner? 100,000? Our corporate policy has more or less been sold before we even had a party manifesto.
I want to call off the collaboration and pay him back his money.
But we've already spent 250,000.
I can raise the 150.
Can you lend me the money? - Torben? - Yes? - I've been trying to get hold of you.
- Right.
- Creative Workshop tomorrow morning.
- Of course, of course.
But I'm here about the business show.
- Okay.
- it starts out just great.
I feel invited.
Love the jingle.
Excellent wrapping.
I feel welcome.
Ulrik comes off as competent.
Hands me the theme.
I'm curious.
They are not patronizing.
- You speak to my segment.
- Great.
I'm so glad.
But 45 seconds in, you lose me.
Why? - Why? - You lose me there because there's a lady supposed to fill me in on the stock market, etcetera.
Instead she tells me that everything's going to hell.
There is no hope.
Barazani is extremely competent.
Didn't I ask for a show with the headline "I wish it was me"? - Yes.
- And that is how it is presented.
But then you give me a Pakistani prophet of doom, stomping my every hope.
Is that great television? - Is her skin color a problem? - Oh, come on.
You're saying her skin color is a problem.
I'm talking about the messaging.
But if you insist on talking skin color it doesn't help your vague narrative that all the viewer thinks about is how well integrated that expert is because she's Pakistani.
I'm talking about the message.
Her message kills all hope.
She's telling the truth.
Is it against your notion of public service to let viewers think life might be worth living? Want me to find someone else? I'll tell my staff it's your idea.
You're welcome to.
Just don't let them think you aren't the master in your own house.
Dan, how about you go fetch a sandwich for yourself? Just a minute or two.
Pia, I've been thinking about Nadia Barazani.
Hmm? It won't work.
- What do you mean? - You know We have to find someone else.
Sorry, but Half an hour ago we were ecstatic.
- What's the problem? - I watched the show.
She's too gloomy.
I don't feel welcome.
She doesn't make me feel welcome.
You've lost me.
Nadia is razor sharp.
So are lots of people.
It's just not I don't see her fitting into the narrative TV1 has to deliver.
- Narrative? - Yeah.
- Is that Alex speaking? - This is my decision completely.
She is sharp.
But it's incompatible with the story TV1 has to deliver by giving a Pakistani prophet of doom the floor.
A "Pakistani prophet of doom"? - Hi, Nadia.
- Hi.
- Can we talk again? - Sure.
Let's go in there.
I was on the board of DIK Invest until I became a market analyst.
Why did you change your mind about this position? There's no conflict with being a TV commentator anymore.
It seems someone had second thoughts for some ugly reason.
The color of my skin may have had something to do with it.
It stirred some emotions I can vent through political work.
Sounds appalling, but lucky for us.
We'd like to offer you the job as spokesperson on integration.
That's not my field of expertise.
I have my views on integration but they're sharper than people may think.
I think we should make demands on people who want to live here.
We want to be realistic and not too politically correct.
Live from China A country in - Hi.
- Hi.
- How's he doing? - He's almost as good as new.
I just want to follow up on the things we discussed earlier.
- Oh, about his clothes? - Yes.
Warm clothes from now on.
Great idea.
- Anything else? - No.
Do you need help with him tonight? I mean, you helped me yesterday.
It's easier to handle him together.
It's not a problem.
I just don't think it's a good idea to get Gustav used to that.
I've got to go now.
- Okay.
Talk to you soon.
- Have a good night.
- Hi.
- Good morning.
Hey! New style.
Do you like it? Look at this.
It only cost me 600.
- Let's spend money on a new printer.
- We haven't got any money after all.
- I'll explain later.
Find Jon for me.
- Birgitte! Birgitte? I'm arranging a debate meeting for young couples on family planning.
Including a critical debate on abortion.
Will you come? What do you mean "critical"? Young people are so laissez faire.
I think our views on this diverge considerably, Lis Hold that meeting.
And we're charging for coffee again.
Katrine, go over everything with Nadia before you send her off to TV1.
- Sure.
- Great.
Man, she's in a foul mood.
She's charging for coffee again.
Excuse me, but I need to talk to you right away.
Birgitte, this is Gotfredsen from the Agricultural Interest Organization.
I'm afraid this is urgent.
Well, I'll call you later then.
- Thank you.
- Thanks for coming.
- You're welcome.
- I'm sorry.
That meeting could have landed us one more donation.
Jon, I'm here to talk about just that, buying and selling political clout.
It's not a supermarket where anyone can come in and buy favors.
That's not the case.
It is.
At best you're selling them an illusion and that won't do.
You're twisting our platform.
Our party coffers are empty.
But we can't sell out to big business, before we've won over the voters.
That's why I've paid back the money to Jørgen Steen Andersen.
We aren't ready to accept such large sums when they're linked to promises in areas we don't agree on internally.
Internal agreement is great, but we need friends.
We need consistent action and clear rhetorics.
What kind of environment policy will you pursue after receiving 1 million from the agriculture lobby? We must establish our positions first.
Whoever agrees with us can then offer financial support.
Isn't it time for our staff meeting? Sure.
I've just come from a great and wonderful meeting with a young dynamic executive from Nordea.
She's razor sharp, eloquent and, Ulrik gorgeous.
What more could you want from a brand-new financial expert? I'll be great.
Now, about this firework fire Torben, I'd like to say something.
- Any time.
- Sure.
Quite a lot of us are astonished that you fired Nadia Barazani as a regular commentator.
Your reason for doing so astonishes us even more.
I didn't fire anyone.
We tried her out She didn't work.
That's it.
But that's not true, Torben.
We were all over the moon about her.
Then you changed your mind with a very strange choice of words.
- Are you referring to our private talk? - I'd never do that.
- But this is a matter of principle.
- Principle? Nonsense.
Do you deny that you called her "a Pakistani prophet of doom?" - That's taken out of context.
- You did.
Torben, please describe a context in which it would be okay to refer to an employee as a Pakistani prophet of doom.
I can't think of one.
Oh, come on, people.
Whatever happened to your sense of humor? - Can't we tell it like it is? - According to the employee handbook "Two or more employees can demand a written reason if the decision is of a principle or particularly radical nature.
" Have a look.
You can forget that.
That won't get you anywhere, Ulrik.
No one's accusing you.
There is nothing there.
- It's as much for your sake.
- Let's get on with the news.
Any news about the fireworks fire? Did you talk Nadia through the integration issues? Uh - We had a brief talk.
- And? Sorry, but I'm a bit out of sorts.
Gustav's got a middle ear infection.
I just need you to prep her properly.
Nadia has done debates before.
Can't Kasper help you? It's just It's complicated at the moment.
Sometimes he's so hard to read.
One of Kasper's major strengths as a spin doctor was his straight face.
No one really knew what he thought.
Many people made the mistake of believing he thought the same as them.
It's a little like this place.
What do you mean? Now and then I think our popularity springs from the fact that everyone reads their own dreams into the party because we haven't yet defined our policies.
You'll talk to Nadia? Yes.
Oh, crap! It's me.
I forgot to pack Gustav's antibiotics.
Why didn't you notice? I'm going to drop them off at your place.
I'll let myself in.
- Hi, - What are you doing here? - I I dropped off Gustav's antibiotics.
I called you like a billion times.
I noticed they were missing, so I went out and got some.
- Where is he? - Asleep in the courtyard.
A bite to eat? - No thanks.
- Are you okay? Sure.
I was just worried he hadn't taken his antibiotics.
- See you.
- Yeah, bye.
As a commentator I was told to wear a gray suit.
I guess you want me to be colorful and multicultural now.
Uh, looks great.
Let's go through the issues before we throw you to the lions.
Affirmative action.
Good concept, but we don't want to take away people's own drive.
How do you feel about the immigration policy pursued by Hesselboe during the last three parliamentary terms? The rhetorics are nasty, but they do have some good points.
- Come again? - The rhetorics are shrill.
Still, they've tightened the rules and implemented some good measures.
Please elaborate.
We can't open up our borders to people who'll end up on welfare.
It's culturally unsound too, and the government has countered this.
Culturally unsound in what way Must I spell it out? I may be a Muslim, but I'm not naive to Islam's impact on the third world.
Parts of Pakistan are incompatible with the advanced Danish society.
The Salafists oppose freedom and democracy.
Why let them in? We have to take the edge off some of your statements.
If Denmark is advanced, does that make Pakistan underdeveloped? Absolutely.
There are some in my family that I'd hate to see become part of Danish society.
They're still living in the Middle Ages.
But it's refreshing that she stands by her own unpolitically correct opinions.
She said things like, "Muslims living in the Middle Ages and are culturally backward.
" That won't do.
We have to provide a spokesperson on integration in an hour and a half.
Why didn't you see this coming? There are sandwiches on the table.
Three different kinds.
Nete, we need to talk to you.
Welcome to Dilemma.
Tonight's topic is integration.
The expulsion bill has given rise to considerable discussion in the media and Denmark's new party, New Democrats, more or less sprung from this debate.
Among my guests are their spokesperson on integration, Nete Buch.
Jesus, her tits fill the screen! We will be known as the party with the biggest boobies.
Take it easy.
From the Freedom Party we have Benedikte Nedergaard.
- Nadia would have done okay.
- Stop it.
Nete will do fine.
I'm glad our party is being heard.
This entire debate proves that most Danes have this message for criminal immigrants: We're going to kick you out, if you can't behave.
Even the politically correct Moderates have come to their senses but innocent new girl Nete Buch is still echoing the naive slogan: "Everyone's welcome.
Come on in.
" Doesn't Benedikte have a point in calling you and your party naive? Of course we can't just open the door let everyone in.
But it's not just a matter of who we let in.
We want those we do welcome to play a part in society.
That's why the rhetoric we employ is extremely important.
You think the tone of the debate hampers integration? Yes.
I don't like it when Nedergaard visits a domestic violence center for immigrant women just because it's a great photo opportunity.
And the day after the visit, she posts a picture on Facebook of a 13-year-old boy who's called her names in a harmless e-mail.
- Threats of that nature actually - Let me finish.
Let me finish.
Your profile has 24,000 fans.
Nedergaard's caption to that photo was the boy's parents' address and the question, "Do we want more of his kind?" And that is the question.
So when you ask the new girl who exactly contributes to the failures of integration in Denmark, I can only answer that you do, Benedikte Nedergaard.
All right! She must've listened to us.
Alex, you're going to love this.
I found a new commentator.
She's just ultra cool.
- Got anything for me? - A complaint.
Eight of your staff have complained because you fired Nadia Barazani.
But that's absurd.
I mean I don't know what went wrong.
But when I receive a complaint with allegations of racism, that worries me.
It's blown out of proportion, Alex.
They are hysterical Consider yourself lucky your staff and Nadia didn't go to the press.
Let's agree that you used that expression first.
What I say to you confidentially and what you give as a reason are two very different things.
We have to work on your leadership style.
- Because of this? - Among other things.
You and I are going to see a lot more of each other.
To what end? Finding a new version of Torben.
It's badly needed.
We can use those pictures - Hey, Torben - Not now.
Hi, Kasper.
Hi, Torben.
- Did we schedule a meeting? - Oh, no.
It's just I just want to go over a minor detail with you.
- A lot of the others like the idea.
- You may not be ready for the party.
Did you read my memo on state regulation of the financial market? I skimmed it, Hasse, and we need to go over a few issues.
Round up the others for a talk.
- Conference room? - Broom closet.
First I'd like to commend Nete on her TV performance.
Sharp and to the point.
I gathered you because we need to enter a new phase.
It's time to do political work and put the summer camp fun behind us.
We need to collect membership fees.
- I propose 300 kroner.
- Too cheap.
- No, too expensive.
- Sounds just right then.
We need to define who we are and what we stand for.
After that we'll find out who's with us and who's against us.
This party can't be a club where everyone's welcome any longer.
Hello! Your attention, please.
I'd like to thank you all for a fantastic time.
Thank you very much.
Now, please direct your attention to our big notice board.
In many ways our party resembles that notice board.
You could even say that right now our party is that notice board.
Have any of you actually read what's on it? I have.
I read it from A to Z last night.
And what a marvelous read.
What a lot of dreams.
What a lot of opinions.
What a lot of hopes.
And illusions.
I read that the party is in favor of a green environment.
But we also want to liberalize agriculture.
We want to nationalize parts of the bank sector but we also want greater corporate freedom.
We want to lower taxes, but raise them a little too.
One party can't embrace all those positions.
I must admit I don't agree with quite a lot of what that board says.
Of course, we're all in favor of animal welfare but we don't want to make animals our fellow citizens.
Hasse I skimmed your 450-page theoretical book whose primary goal is a state-run corporate sector.
Sounds like a soft version of the USSR, and that will never be our policy.
Though we're all for cultural Christian values, love thy neighbor and so on, we will never question women's right to free abortion.
People have come to us with viewpoints that are more extreme than we intend to be.
To them I have to say politely and with respect: This is not your party.
We've been high on the feeling of being a mass movement.
Now it's time to slim it down and set its course.
And so I'd like to thank you all from the bottom of my heart.
Thank you.
We'll be in touch.
Thank you.
Thank you so much.
BORGEN is a work of fiction inspired by real events.
The series references historical figures and events in Danish politics prior to 1982.

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