Borgen (2010) s03e04 Episode Script

Season 3, Episode 4

1 You want to start a new party? We are the New Democrats.
We must define who we are and what we stand for.
Torben, Eight of your staff have complained to management.
You and I will be seeing more of each other.
It's complicated at the moment.
Sometimes it's seems like we might get back together and sometimes he is a bit difficult to read.
"Danish pigs are healthy - they're bursting with penicillin" - The guinea fowl? - Yes, please.
- And you ordered the pork? - Thank you.
- What did he say? - "Grisen.
" - "Grisen.
" - Grisen - "Grisen.
" - Yes, "grisen.
" With a smile.
Yeah, I love the sound of Danish.
It's very, very charming.
We are very charming people.
Particularly when we were raping and pillaging vikings.
Taking over England, remember.
I think it was about a thousand years ago for three or four years.
Very long years.
Very, very important period.
Well, let's raise our glasses to, um, Cnut the Great.
"Knud den Store.
" "Knud den Store.
" - Knud den Store.
- Very good.
And to the School of Architecture.
Very nice of them to assign you five days of lectures.
And thank you for daring to go out with me here in Copenhagen.
- Did I dare? - Well, what might be the headlines? "Who is that dark stranger having dinner with the former PM?" I don't think anyone cares.
I completely forgot about it.
When I came back there was no one there.
So I planned this whole scene.
I knew exactly what to say, exactly what to do.
- And Are you okay? - Yes, I am fine.
- You don't look so good.
- I just need some more water.
Honestly, you don't I am just going to go to the lavatory.
Can we give him a hand here? Are you all right? Aw.
I've got it.
"ONE MAN'S PAIN" Well, then? What do you mean? Did you sleep well? Gustav sleeps better here.
Maybe I should move back here.
No way you'll ever get around to it.
So Did you talk to Mom? Not lately, no.
She is worried about you, Katrine.
She should probably mind her own business, but I mean We will always be her children, won't we? How wise you have grown from a life surrounded by pigs! Come on So Is there a boyfriend you can tell me about? Give me a break! - Really? - No! Still thinking about Kasper? I certainly am not.
Maybe you should say good morning to the pigs? I've seen enough pigs in my life.
NYBORG'S NEW BOYFRIEND "YOU MAKE ME PUKE" - Yes? - Didn't you get my messages? - I only just turned on my phone.
- You only turned it on now? Yes, I was in the country, needed a bit of peace.
But we agreed to text how things were going.
- Legally I can do whatever I want.
- Legally? We are legally separated.
This conversation shows why.
Yes "YOU MAKE ME PUKE" The whole newspaper's about it! You've done it before.
But I am not there anymore.
- Any messages? - Ulrik called you.
What happened to our complaint about Torben? He got a reprimand and has regular meetings with Alex.
- Have we got a new lunch service? - No, this is just supper I forgot to pick my son up after handball and the punishment is I do the shopping and cook twice a week.
We'll need another fridge.
They had five packs of pork for 100 kroner.
It's a good deal.
It's really cheap.
You have a meeting with Alex in ten minutes.
Tell him I am too busy.
There's too much news.
You gotta to see this.
It's crazy.
Yes? Better? Is that Secret lover pukes all over former prime minister.
- We can use that.
- No, we can't.
It is too yucky.
- It's funny! - We don't do funny, Dan.
Give it to TV1 Evening or something.
We can't agree to reducing by half pig farm inspections.
- Shouldn't we discuss it first? - Why? We are a party, not three independents.
The government already has a majority in favor.
If that's how we think no wonder no one listens to us.
As a party we need to take a view on everything.
We lack impact.
We desperately need to put ourselves on the map - with a cause to make us visible.
- Yes.
Right now it's difficult to get in the papers, they are only interested in gossip.
And no, I'm not talking about that.
It must be so hard for her.
She hates that kind of press.
You are so into Birgitte.
It was also rotten to put it on the internet.
TV1 Evening want Birgitte to tell her version of the story.
- What? - I asked her and we turned them down.
- Thanks! - I assume you agree with me.
- Hello.
- Hi.
- Hey.
- Aw.
Are they keeping you here? The Danish healthcare system is very thorough.
You did a good job.
- I thought it was just food-poisoning.
- No.
I'm afraid it's a little more complicated than that.
Um I'm I'm allergic to antibiotics.
Why have you been taking them if you are allergic? I didn't think I had.
That's what complicated.
They ran some tests and apparently the antibiotics were in the roast pork.
- What? - I know.
It sounds silly.
It sounds disgusting.
Apparently the pig had been injected with a special kind of oil-based antibiotic that's hardly used anymore.
It must have been slaughtered before the quarantine period for the medicated animal had fully expired.
I've never heard anything like that before.
It hardly ever happens.
It's a once in a lifetime thing.
Last time it happened was in the 60's.
I am just happy you were there to share it with me.
Does anyone know? Um, there's been some front pages.
A lot of gossip and a YouTube clip.
- Somebody filmed us? - And it's incredibly popular.
- Over a 100,000 hits this morning.
- Oh, my God! A 100.
000 people have seen me throw up on the former prime minister.
I got you some papers.
When are they are letting you out of here? They say maybe tomorrow.
- Yeah? - Yes.
I have had to postpone my lectures so I will be here for a few more days.
I'll pick you up tomorrow and take you to your hotel.
- You don't have to do that.
- No, but I will.
And I sent your clothes to the dry cleaners.
I'll bring them as well.
You're too kind.
I know.
- Welcome to the front pages! - Thanks.
Are you all right? Yes, thanks, Nete.
So my little supper is stealing the headlines.
- 120,000 hits on YouTube.
- We've never been more popular! And it's even true for once.
Jeremy threw up all over me.
- A dodgy steak? - Actually no.
He had an allergic reaction too much penicillin in his pork.
How disgusting.
It's a unique situation.
The Food Inspectors have checked the meat.
A pig that was given an injection of a special kind of antibiotic.
A few days later the pig was slaughtered and a mistake seems to have been made which affected Jeremy.
- It shouldn't be possible.
- We'll kill the story with silence.
We don't want it to be an issue.
- What if it is an issue? - What do you mean? Tomorrow you have to vote on a bill to about reducing inspections, right? He nearly died because of lack of inspections.
We can use that.
- No, it was a one-off.
- But it happened.
Although a unique case, fewer inspections will mean more cases.
And TV1 Evening wants Birgitte tonight.
Birgitte is not going on TV to talk about being puked on on a first date.
It's an odd feeling, but for once I agree with you, Nete.
When British architect Jeremy Welsh sank his teeth into a nice bit of Danish pork he certainly didn't expect that by this morning 120,000 people would have seen him throw it up again.
When the architect's fellow diner is Birgitte Nyborg it isn't just accidental, it is front page news.
- Welcome, Birgitte.
- Thank you.
Your slightest movement can be captured forever by anybody and subsequently find its way into the media.
- How does it feel? - Well, of course, it isn't pleasant.
I know I'm an object of attention.
I am quite okay with that.
I have accepted it.
What I find harder to accept is that Jeremy Welsh has to suffer such an intrusion.
- It can't have been nice for him.
- No.
Especially not when he was so sick.
Can you describe what happened? When did you realize that something was wrong? Nothing was wrong until he swallowed a piece of Danish pork containing high levels of antibiotics.
And unfortunately Jeremy Welsh is allergic to antibiotics.
It was an incredibly unfortunate coincidence.
But that must not deter us from getting to the core of the issue.
What is that, in your view? The issue is the way we produce pork in Denmark and the amount of penicillin apparently necessary.
Well said! Now the government wants to ease the regulations for pig farmers and let them choose how to medicate the animals without asking if this is how we want to produce pork in this country.
But back to you, Birgitte Nyborg.
As I see it, we have pushed pig farming beyond the limits.
The government clearly thinks that the law is there to protect the industry.
- Are you watching that? - Yes.
But it should protect consumers.
So it is a matter worthy of debate.
Wouldn't you agree? Yes, absolutely.
Get hold of Christiansborg.
Get a comment from Hesselboe.
Preferably before the second reading.
Isn't it your food day? For God's sake! Seriously! Torben, what about all that pork in the fridge? Uh, I'll get some takeout instead.
Chop suey perhaps.
- I think we need to have a talk.
- Where is Gustav? - With a babysitter.
- Who Stine from the daycare.
What is going on? - What do you mean? - Well, we're just not communicating.
You're all cold and distant.
We said we'd text to say how Gustav was, or a photo or whatever.
And then I don't hear a thing.
We are separated, Kasper.
But we still have an agreement, Katrine.
Just to let each other know all is good.
I think it's affecting Gustav.
How does it affect him being looked after by your new girlfriend? I haven't got a new girlfriend.
I found her bra at your place.
You went through my stuff? Her things weren't exactly hidden.
They were all over the place.
I don't have a girlfriend.
I see some women.
But not when Gustav is around.
"I see some women!" Nice.
You are the father of a little boy.
You can't go round behaving like a fucking teenager.
We should not have keys to each other's apartments any more.
Have you got stuck, darling? Remember all your stuff.
We can't come back to get your PlayStation games.
As if! Ask Dad about that math assignment.
He will definitely be able to help.
I'll just copy off someone else's answer.
- What? - It was a joke.
Express online has a lot of stuff about Jeremy.
They've even posted his CV.
- Are we going to meet him? - Don't count on it.
He's leaving soon.
It's just weird that YouTube has a clip of a guy puking on my mom and I've never even met him.
I don't want to meet him.
What if he throws up on us too? Are you two dating? No, Laura, we aren't.
No need to be ashamed of him.
He looks cute.
When did you go all nice? Nothing to do with you, don't worry.
Sweetie, you are daydreaming.
Do you need a winding up? How did your children take it? Well, they thought it was pretty funny, actually.
A little embarrassing.
But, um Well They asked lots of questions about you.
They would quite like to meet you.
That's really sweet.
Tell me about your plans.
Are you going ahead with the lectures? Yes, it's just three days of two hour lectures.
It's not a problem.
But you are not well and you are going to stay in that hotel? I'll be fine.
Look at you! You are not fine.
Old man! No, I know you are not dying, but you are not well.
You should be staying at my place.
Come and stay with me.
The kids went to their father's.
Yeah? - Please? I can't cook though.
- I can cook.
Yeah? Lars Hesselboe, Birgitte Nyborg says you're protecting the pig breeders? Does the PM have a comment? Birgitte Nyborg is not a member of parliament.
But the three independents may express their views to the house.
That's how parliamentary democracy works, isn't it? Those were the words of PM Hesselboe - Did he rise to the bait? - He wouldn't even name our party.
Svend Åge Saltum What do you say to Nyborg's comments on animal welfare? Quiet, please.
I see her comments as a classical example of how ignorant third parties are suddenly shocked by the realities of Danish agriculture.
But she would perhaps rather have the pigs die of diseases than fulfill the function intended for them to start with.
We just heard from Svend Åge Saltum - Saltum can be provoked.
- Yes, to put it mildly.
Saltum has a pig farm himself.
Any talk of agriculture winds him up.
We will provoke him in Parliament.
Whom does he like least? - He likes me.
- He thinks I am far too PC.
- Now where does he gets that from? - What about you? I am gay and a vegetarian.
Jon will do it.
The government has cut a deal with Svend Åge Saltum that can't be undone.
But that doesn't mean it is pretty.
And it absolutely does not mean it is acceptable.
In the last 50 years we have moved from keeping pigs who lived in large pens, wallowed in the mud, and led proper piggy lives, to storing pigs in huge industrial plants.
They never see the light of day.
They live hellish lives.
That a pig breeder like Svend Åge Saltum, who knows that animals are not just insentient machines but creatures of flesh and blood, can bring himself to subscribe to such measures is not only repellent but utterly disgusting.
Thank you.
Jon Berthelsen is requested to employ a more formal tone in future.
Torben, switch to Christiansborg.
They are arguing.
Perhaps Jon Berthelsen just can't take the heat of the slaughterhouse.
After all, he has already come out of the closet and revealed himself to be a vegetarian.
So just what makes him think that we should take him seriously when he pontificates about the way we produce pigs? Huh? Because that is what we do.
We produce pigs for one purpose: To slaughter them, chop them up, sell them to the supermarket and eat them.
- We want him in the studio.
- Should we? - Yes, it's great.
- I'll get Pia to phone him.
The Danish pig is the longest in the world and we are the ones who have made it so.
We're proud of it.
P3 is asking if you'll appear early tomorrow.
Well done, Jon.
Good work.
That goes for all of you.
We are really beginning to build an issue here.
- But we haven't rattled Hesselboe.
- I hadn't really expected to yet.
We're getting exposure and Saltum took the bait.
Now we need to keep the momentum.
Saltum knows all about pig breeding.
It's his home turf.
To poke him where it really hurts, I need to know more.
Asger, this is Birgitte Nyborg.
Birgitte, my brother Asger.
- Hello.
- Hi.
- I guess I know who you are.
- Do you know what brings me here? - No, not entirely.
- Legislation to cut back on inspections giving the pig industry free rein to do what they want.
We don't think it's is a good idea.
Why not? I know you behave decently, but what about all the others? We mind our own business here.
We don't want to shame anyone.
Just tell us about pig farming.
It probably doesn't smell quite like Copenhagen.
But this is where we breed the pigs.
They are cute, aren't they? - When do they get to go outside? - Outside? Yeah.
- They don't get to go outside.
- But they used to? Many years ago.
Not any more.
They get a bit of fresh air on their way to the abattoir.
Why are they caged? Sows can easily crush their piglets if we don't use farrowing crates.
- Can I pet one? - Yes, you can.
- Ooh.
Is it nervous? - No, it is fine.
Gestation crates keep the sows from moving about, too.
How long are they fixated for? From conception till they farrow.
115 days.
The problem is you're too good at your job, right? How big do pigs get nowadays? Up to two meters.
- Two meters, that's your height.
- Yes.
The gestation crates are sometimes too small now and squish the sows.
- Leaving bruises, right? - They're only good for sausages.
They are not pretty.
And the inspectors issue warnings.
And those are the inspections the government wants to reduce in number.
We're meant to put them into sick pens, if we follow the rules.
But you don't always get them into the sick pens or kill in them time.
Ah, don't make us sound worse than we are.
We receive warnings when that happens.
We have to get bigger and produce more and yet we hardly make ends meet.
It is not easy, I can tell you.
Why not concentrate on quality? Surely size isn't everything? Nobody will pay for quality.
Changing to that model would cost me much more than I could ever earn.
Yet we kill pigs all the time.
- You mean slaughter them? - Oh, no.
In Denmark we destroy 25,000 piglets a day.
What? - A day? - A day.
We breed sows to have as many piglets as possible.
So the sows have litters that are far, far too big.
No wonder you won't eat them.
- Don't you eat your own pigs? - No.
The ones I eat are out the back.
- Outside? - In a pigsty.
Rummaging in the mud, the way God intended them to.
Thank you ever so much.
It has taught me a lot.
Thank you, Asger.
Anything I have told you must not lead back to me.
My colleagues are under pressure.
- I am not a snitch.
- Asger, don't be silly.
I mean it, Katrine.
Understand? I am your sister.
I promise.
Scout's honor.
The debate on the new pig breeding bill is in full swing in the house.
But it really kicked off yesterday thanks to Birgitte Nyborg's supper out.
What is your problem with Danish pig production? We have moved a long way away from nature.
Quality and animal welfare are apparently issues to be avoided.
That goes for most foods The industry knows it is not photogenic.
Although we have a highly efficient industry, we are often sold a very different story when we shop for its products.
Then we are told the story of the old farm with the Danish flag flying above the billowing wheat fields, which is a long way from reality.
Actually, it's the image the Freedom Party uses sell its policies.
The Freedom Party did not wish to appear tonight.
Why discuss a bill for which there is already a majority? Thank you, Birgitte Nyborg.
Oh, there you are! Now for sport.
Don't ask me to watch some farmer's show! Torben, chill.
- You have to watch this.
TV1 North.
- Saltum letting his hair down.
We certainly don't mind showing people how things actually get done in Denmark today.
You see, we cut off the piglets' tails so they don't bite each other.
We only cut off a third, because that is the rule.
We'd much rather cut off the whole thing.
But ignorance has set the limit.
It can't be very pleasant for the piglet? Pleasant? No, I'll be damned if it's pleasant.
But on the other hand it is quickly forgotten.
Show this to the MPs and air it.
Hesselboe will simply have to comment.
- For real?! - Yes, on the news at 6 o'clock.
And then take up as an issue on Juul & Friis, right? Fucking great.
Excuse me, may I see your pass? I don't have one.
Torben says the pig story may end up on Juul & Friis.
- Clever of you! - What do you mean? It's just hot air yet you got yourself a whole load of exposure.
Hi, Kasper.
Hey! Hi.
This way.
So that's his new girlfriend or what? I don't keep tabs on Kasper's dating life.
He doesn't exactly exercise restraint.
Not even with that new haircut You know? Katrine, how about you and I go out for a glass of wine one evening? Just for old time's sake? What do you say? Ulrik You say "We'll talk about it" and I am due in make-up.
- See you.
- Indeed.
- That's great.
- Yes.
- Enjoy yourself.
- Thanks.
Hi, beautiful! Is that mummy? Had a good day? What a nice surprise! Yes, I happened to be passing.
So I thought I would Did Kasper say when he would pick him up? I think Stine was picking him up today.
She sometimes helps him like that.
I see.
I'll just take him with me now then.
It's I had no idea people did things like that.
You must have had a suspicion.
No, I had no idea.
Such systematic abuse of innocent creatures must stop immediately.
But your own chairman was wielding the knife.
Can you make such a demand? Svend Åge has been under pressure because of the witch hunt against him - Do you have a grater? - Cupboard? - Here? - Yes? the oppositions relentless persecution.
It started with a speech by New Democrat Jon Berthelsen.
Danish pig production is a vital industry.
The New Democrats will not be making unrealistic animal welfare demands.
So, risotto with mushrooms, lemon rind and parsley.
Oh It looks amazing.
I can't comment on animal welfare and the Freedom Party.
I'm sorry.
I have to watch this.
Danish pig production must continue Oh, well.
News that I don't understand.
But I find the recent debate highly unnecessary and very, very shrill.
He is made of Teflon.
What? I'm sorry, I'm saying that he is made of Teflon.
He just He doesn't bow.
He is - You worry too much.
- Oh, do I? I am the leader of a party that no one knows exists and this man We can't even get him to recognize us.
He hasn't mentioned our name.
People have to know that we are a real political party now.
I have noticed that there has been, um quite a lot of pigs on the news recently.
It's a bit of a coincidence, isn't it, that it started right around the time that I was ill.
Yeah, I might have used it politically a little bit.
- Oh, you might have.
- Yeah.
I might have, you know completely exploited that.
I am sorry.
Oh, well, I guess that's what you have to do.
I guess so.
What? You know.
Suddenly, you and me Oh, I see.
- We're a couple having a TV dinner.
- Exactly.
It's fine.
- Is it? - Yes.
Trust me, this is good.
And now we have to have sex.
- Is that so? - I am afraid it is.
I wanted to fuck you at the hospital but it didn't seem appropriate.
That was a super story.
Excellent job.
Torben? Hey, we'll talk later, okay? That's fine.
Yes? - Did you see the mail from Alex? - No, why? "Dear Torben.
I have just seen a man cutting off piglet tails on the news.
Have you considered how many children are viewing at this time? TV1 is also a family channel.
We don't show violence against animals while people are having dinner.
I assume you agree on this.
" - Shall I reply? - No.
He has no right to interfere.
It is my decision.
- Yeah? - Let me in! You don't answer your phone.
You pick up Gustav on one of my days.
What is going on? Lower your voice? He's asleep.
I just thought it was sad for Gustav to be looked after by strangers rather than his dad when his mom has time to look after him.
You are way out of line.
Am I? Okay.
It was all too easy to see where your priorities lay today.
Stop turning everything I do against me.
She'll be feeding Gustav soon while you shag one of the others.
- I am taking him home.
- He is fast asleep.
- He's my son and it's my day.
- You don't want him when he's awake.
I don't know what has got into you, Katrine.
I don't understand.
You want a judge to determine custody? Yet again the prime minister puts the lid on a scandal.
You need to acknowledge his skill.
I can't see what we should have done differently.
But at least we managed to shake Saltum.
Benedikte Nedergaard has huge support in their party nationally.
Svend Åge has no idea that he's fanning the flames.
No, there are no internal rifts in the Freedom Party.
I can refute that.
But what about the dramatic reactions to your piglet demonstration? Oh, that.
All I did was show people how things are done in real life.
On my farm, we obey all the regulations to the letter! Svend Åge follow the rules "To the letter!" If people can't stomach it, they should stick to celery burgers next time they are at the supermarket.
The Freedom party has pursued the same policy for over 20 years.
It's the policy the Danes want and it's the policy we'll continue with.
Both inside and outside our party.
- Katrine speaking.
- Asger here.
Saltum's farm has also received lots of warnings.
He is no better than the rest of us.
He goes on TV and tells blatant lies.
It puts all of us in a bad light.
I won't have it.
- You didn't hear that from me.
- I know.
Erik? Saltum breaks the rules too.
That might be something for TV1.
- A bit unsavoury.
- But interesting.
Katrine Fønsmark? What a rare honor! I heard from a reliable source that Saltum has received a number of warnings on his farm, despite him saying the opposite on your program.
I thought you only supplied news to our competitors? Cut it out, Torben.
I try very hard to be even-handed.
What do you think? Interested? Don't you think it is a bit shady that the press officer for the New Democrats, is feeding me this story? Absolutely.
And I know TV1 will confirm the facts and investigate the story before you go any further with it.
You can be absolutely sure that I will! - Okay, fire away.
- Listen to this Yes? - TV1 will follow up on the story.
- Super.
That's great.
- Anything else? - No.
Well, yes, actually.
Could I ask you for the number of that divorce lawyer you used? The thing is Yeah.
Um Kasper dates a lot of other women, and that's his choice, of course.
But he leaves Kasper to be looked after by strangers.
So I picked up Gustav on one of Kasper's days and Is Gustav being looked after insufficiently at Kasper's? - Well - Is he dressed and does he eat well? Does he look healthy? Is he happy? - Yes, but - Case closed.
I get it, but mixing your own hurt feelings up with the way you share your son doesn't lead to anything good.
Trust me.
I'll keep you updated on what TV1 says.
I think we should lay it on thick.
Photos of pigs.
Conventional Danish porkers in restricted pens.
With lesions, right? Yes, you'll get that.
The inspection reports show that in the last year Saltum's farm has received four animal welfare warnings concerning his pigs.
- Let's use them! - What were they for? Pens too small, sick pigs that should have been destroyed.
- Worse than other farms? - Not at all, Kasper.
But it means we can show people pigs that are suffering.
- That will make the Danes happy.
- Yes! Listen, the Freedom Party is working on an amendment.
- Saltum? - No, Benedikte.
- Nedergaard? - She is getting her way.
Will he let her? - She's young.
- And fit.
No, seriously - She is unbearable.
- Protector of little animals.
- Get Saltum and Nyborg.
- Perfect! More people shouting.
Use that tail cutting clip again.
- Is that a good idea? - Yes, perfect.
It's a great concept.
We're making Juul & Friis, not Yuletide Fun.
And our expert here looks like a vicious biker.
Hi, Svend Åge.
It's the guy who doesn't deserve his salary.
Nine million pigs are destroyed a year.
40% of our hogs are diseased when they reach the abattoir.
And 30 cases of culpable neglect are reported to the police Yes.
- Long time no see.
- You've done well.
- Good to see you.
- Likewise.
- Hi.
- Hi.
What happened to your hair? - Oh, no! - Did you get too hot? - Ready? - As ready as can be.
- Be aggressive.
- What else would you expect? We will start with an intro, me and Torben, so if you stand back - Not too much.
- Hi, Torben.
Glad you could make it.
Five seconds to broadcast Camera 3.
In politics this week, a modern version of Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tale about the feather that turned into five hens.
In this version a simple case of a stomach ache developed into something that is affecting the entire Danish pig industry.
For the New Democrats, the pork chop consumed by British architect Jeremy Welsh may prove extremely profitable.
Because it has put Birgitte Nyborg's independents on the political map.
Birgitte, you must be delighted? Not at all.
Not while Danish pig production is still trying to compete with the world on quantity rather than quality.
Svend Åge Saltum.
Hasn't Birgitte Nyborg got a point? Shouldn't we, to a greater extent Danish pork exports earn billions of kroner for Denmark year after year.
How does Birgitte Nyborg think Denmark can do without pigs? I don't think that at all.
I want us to do better.
Things are not good enough as is.
Unlike Birgitte Nyborg, not everyone can afford 250 kroner for a rib roast, can they? In the last 50 years the Danes have doubled their meat consumption.
Yet they want lower prices.
If we expect to only pay 18 kroner per pound of pork roast, then we force Svend Åge Saltum and other pig breeders to produce pigs that have to be destroyed because they are too weak.
Now that is not good enough.
How about we stop ascribing human emotions to industrial products? Give me a break.
We make a product for the supermarket and it's good enough to be exported to many other countries.
What is the problem? Birgitte, are you above eating what most Danes eat? Not at all.
But when 40% of our pigs are sick and nine million are thrown away a year because we produce too many, is that good enough? Don't we need improvements? You don't even eat them yourselves! What is this nonsense? I know a farmer near Randers who keeps other pigs separate out back, for his own family to eat.
That is not good enough, Svend Åge.
It's the shopper who votes with their wallet.
They would never dream We produce garbage because that's what people prefer to eat.
The Freedom Party has been bustling with activity since its chairman declared last night on live TV that Danish farmers produce what he called "garbage" for the Danish consumer.
Simon Beck is ready to tell us more after the party meeting that has just ended The political debate over the last few days on animal welfare has inspired debate within the party.
But everyone in the group is now in line with our official policy.
Which is? We speak for the animals.
We demand an immediate ban on tail docking and the creation of a special animal police force whose duty will be the enforcement of the animal protection law.
You must excuse us, we are going to have talks with the Liberals.
Svend Åge Saltum No comment I have no comments at all.
How many times do I have to repeat it.
No comment - The Liberals won't agree.
- And Nedergaard won't budge.
Not now that she has her entire party behind her.
- That is great.
We're making a difference! - We really are.
It feels great.
Now, get a comment from Lars Hesselboe.
- Yes, of course.
- Torben? Hi.
- How are you doing? - Fine.
- All well? - Mmm.
- Torben, a word.
- In my office? No.
Didn't I recommend that you refrain from using the piglet clip? Sure.
But you used it again.
On your own program.
How do you expect me to react? That's up to you.
But, yes, it must be tough on young children forced to watch piglets having their tails clipped off.
- But I deemed it necessary for the story.
- We're not talking about However, Alex, I have no issue with showing it again on Juul & Friis.
A program that is on at 10:30 in the evening.
If there are still children watching, it's not my problem, but the parents.
Is it good TV to show an old man abusing innocent creatures? I am head of news, Alex.
I decide.
That's my job.
I see.
Later, Alex.
Way to go, Torben.
It's a madhouse at Borgen.
What is that? Benedikte emerged from her meeting with Hesselboe yelling her head off? Okay.
Don't look so pissed off.
Smile, Erik! We haven't won yet.
She knew Hesselboe would never accept her demands.
You think she'll give in? She's nothing to gain otherwise.
If she gives in All this will be history.
Hesselboe wants the Moderates to make a deal and to cut out the Freedom Party.
- He won't do that.
- Sure he will.
But he has no majority without them.
Hi, Lars.
Can we meet with you and your independents? Sure.
But use our party name.
My mistake.
Will the New Democrats meet me as soon as possible? I think that's possible.
3:00 PM? - We're going to Christiansborg.
- Seriously? I'll just cancel my meeting It'll be just Jon and I.
To show we are a party and not a handful of independents.
- Hello.
- Good to see you.
You know Bent and Christian.
- Christian.
- Hi, Lars.
I am not bearing gifts.
If I was then I might have a deal with the Freedom Party now.
Not with their demands.
I won't let their little amendment to the law on pork production get more attention than it deserves.
Should we get started? I understand that you have already talked to the Moderates? I suppose you'll expect Jacob Kruse to emerge hand-in-hand with you? And that you've presented tacked on harsher penalties for any farmers who do get caught despite the less restrictive inspections.
Maybe threw in a million or two for organic farmers? Something along those lines.
There must be no doubt that we think Danish pig breeding as it is today is unsustainable.
But we can't put that in our bill.
I realize that, Lars.
We want an independent commission to see how bad things are and how much it would cost for the whole industry to convert to a greener, more ethical, more quality-minded methods.
You want a government-funded discussion club? You got it.
But surely that's not all? No.
You must admit that this deal is not just with the Moderates and a couple of independents, but with the New Democrats.
Refer to us as a party.
We will emerge from our talks side by side.
Our name must be in the press release.
We want to be credited with setting up the commission, too.
And? A kind word from the PM would be appreciated as well.
There is an upper limit to everything, Birgitte! Well, we have agreed on a compromise that will immediately benefit an important export industry.
It will also save public funds.
I am grateful to the parties who have made this deal.
We're going to set up a commission to examine Danish pork production.
This splendid initiative is based on a proposal by the New Democrats.
Over to the Minister of Agriculture who has more details about the proposal.
Cut! Back to Ulrik.
And camera on Ulrik.
Go ahead, Ulrik.
Pundits say this is a triumph for the New Democrats, who have now put themselves on the political map.
I can't tell the prime minister to come in earlier because I have to go home and make pork chops for the boys.
I can't.
Hello? Hello? Pia says the pork in the fridge belongs to you.
- Yeah.
- It's disgusting, Torben.
It's got this delicate layer of white fur on and a whiff of I do believe it has passed its best before date.
And there is no room for our stuff either, so Unless you're breeding something special, maybe you can remove it? Of course Unless Of course, I'll I'll throw them out.
Of course.
- I'd really appreciate it.
- No problem.
As long as it doesn't result in another complaint.
No, Ulrik, it was a great show tonight.
Pia, what's this about him and Alex? They seem very close - They've started playing squash together.
- Okay.
So they're showering together.
Uh, I just wanted to say thank you.
For what? It means a lot to all of us to have our old boss back.
When you act like you did today, it makes us proud of what we do.
And not some kind of stupid meta-narrative I do try to do my best.
But it's the whole news desk Torben, I just wanted to say thanks.
Okay, thanks, great.
Oh, yes Mmm.
"Torben, that is the last time you defy me in front of the staff.
Otherwise you'll have to consider whether you are still part of the team.
Regards, Alex.
" You've called Kasper Juul.
Please leave a message or send me a text.
It's me.
I just wanted to say I just wanted to say sorry.
I think you should pick Gustav up tomorrow.
You're reading already? They are saying we won as a party, but The pigs lost.
Yes, something like that.
There is some truth to that, isn't there? I don't know.
You get what you wanted, recognition.
And the pigs at least get a commission.
I loved your risotto.
- I am sorry I forgot to say it.
- It was a labor of love.
I have to go.
Take care.
Don't eat pigs you can't trust.
I'll see you.
Soon, I hope.
You're difficult to get a hold of.
I've called several times.
Go home.
I don't want you here right now.
- What?! - I told you.
I wasn't to be quoted.
I made that very clear.
- I am so sorry - And Birgitte Nyborg goes on TV.
"She knows a farmer near Randers who won't eat his own pork.
" Now I am involved.
- Do you understand? - Yes, Asger, I understand.
But listen I found it here this morning.
"From farmers under pressure.
" What do you want me do? What should I tell Rikke and the kids? I wanted the best for You wanted the best for yourself.
And not for the first time.
Goodbye, Katrine.
BORGEN is a work of fiction inspired by real events.
The series references historical figures and events in Danish politics prior to 1982.

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