Borgen (2010) s03e06 Episode Script

Season 3, Episode 6

1 What's the matter with your hand? It's these two fingers.
I think a nerve got stuck or something.
Did you call the doctor? I hear management is talking about canceling the twelve o'clock news.
It has lousy ratings, so that makes sense.
What if we sex-segmented the news? This is my wife Karoline.
This is - This is Alex.
- I see.
Hi, Alex.
Alex Hjort.
Take it easy, Torben.
I'll stay out of your business.
You'd better go.
"I like the dreams of the future better than the history of the past" "The New Democrats have obtained 20,000 valid signatures and its candidates are entitled to run for parliament".
Yes! Congratulations! And a wee dram of Gammel Dansk! Almost as festive as group meetings in the Labour Party! Jon, aren't you too sophisticated for us? Absolutely.
No doubt about it.
It's golden, it's cloudy and it's gone before you realize.
- Right.
- Cheers.
Here's to the New Democrats! Morning.
Nadia, we can run for parliament! Fantastic! The latest poll in Berlingske says that we'd win six or seven seats today.
- Roll on the next election! - But we have no organization, no money, and no candidates.
In regards to candidates, I have good news.
I have found one.
He is one of Denmark's top economists.
He was in the running for the Nobel Prize eight years ago along with two researchers from Cambridge.
Søren Ravn? Yes.
- He'd like to run for us? - Very much.
And be our economics spokesmen? He'll have to get himself elected first, Jon.
You're already looking after education, environment, taxes, and economics.
And we need a detailed economic policy, right? Yes, of course.
- We - Just a moment Yes? I don't doubt Ravn's expertise.
But I was at university with him and he was extremely left wing.
Erich Honecker was his hero.
And more importantly, he was in the Danish Communist Party.
- Yes, he was in it.
- Yeah.
Yes, he was.
Is this a good idea? I understand he is quite the skirt-chaser.
The young ladies couldn't get enough of him.
Okay, we are talking about one of Denmark's most renowned economist.
Let's put it to the vote.
Okay, who is in favor of Ravn being our candidate? I am, and Nadia and Nete.
And Katrine makes four.
Please excuse me, but Katrine is our press officer.
With respect, Katrine should stay out of it and let politicians vote.
Can any of you suggest someone more qualified to draw up an innovative economic policy? He could prove absolutely vital to our election campaign.
Let's vote again.
If it's a tie this time, we'll drop him.
In favor of Ravn? Great.
That's been carried.
Søren Ravn is our new candidate.
"THE SONS OF THE PAST" - Your candidate has an impressive CV.
- Yes.
Søren Ravn's CV just shows how importantly we regard economics.
Birgitte Nyborg, I have to ask you, did you choose Ravn because politics is too important to be left to the politicians? Should we elect technocrats because they are more competent than you? May I? - Of course.
- Um Yes, I do know more about economics than certain politicians.
But I am entering politics because I have views I want to fight for.
That I actually know a bit about the areas I'd be dealing with is difficult to regard as a problem.
Søren Ravn's candidacy has met with approval from other parties.
Hans Christian Thorsen from The Labour Party welcomes Ravn as serious and innovative.
It is hard to find anyone critical of the choice of candidate.
Even members of the government are expressing delight at the prospect of Ravn's contribution to the debate on Denmark's future economic policy.
The New Democrats seem to be onto a winner.
Great reviews.
Yes, what a great reception.
But it doesn't absolve you from responsibility.
- What do you mean? - You're imposing your agenda.
Forced through with the help of your tin soldier, Katrine.
Come on! Strange for the party called "The New Democrats".
Not long ago we sat here and agreed there were several founding members of this party.
Strange that you oppose a candidate even our opponents welcome, Jon.
Maybe this is about your ego.
My ego? You're acting like some autocratic PM, not as a team player.
- Are you no longer a team player? - My focus is on the party.
- You should do the same.
- A vital party job goes to an outsider.
Surely you don't expect me to jump for joy? Another piece of really good news is that over the last couple of weeks we have slowed the decline in viewers for the six o'clock.
We are really pleased, right, Torben? We are very happy about that.
A month ago we made it a bit fluffier.
All indications were that viewers wanted more family-oriented values.
And as Alex says, it's slowed the decline in viewers.
Which is great.
We shouldn't be afraid of listening to our viewers.
- No one should be afraid.
- Absolutely not.
We also asked them if they missed the twelve o'clock news.
But our focus group answers with a responding no.
What do your staff say? Normally, they would kick and scream, but they understand the situation.
- Yes.
- They sure do.
So, Torben, did you tell them we are against abolishing the twelve o'clock? I had no reason to tell them.
The twelve o'clock is the only thing distinguishing us from TV2.
In the real world the only people who miss it are us, the journalists' trade union, and a few readers of Mandag Morgen.
Who says that? A major focus group study carried out by management, Hanne.
I have asked Søren to prepare something for us.
We need to start telling the electorate about our economic policy.
Søren has agreed to lead a series of meetings.
Everyone will be heard and we can hear about his visions.
Is history completely irrelevant here? Bent, you must be able to remember when Ravn wanted Denmark to be a communist dictatorship under Moscow's leadership? We'd be speaking a different language now.
- It's 30 years ago.
- Precisely, only 30 years ago.
Let's put the past behind us.
Erik, let's give him a chance.
We are all inextricably bound by economics.
That is why the rich nations of Europe are trying to rescue the weak economies in the south with billions of Euros.
It's to save ourselves.
Sartre said that one of the most fundamental truths is that there is not enough to go around.
So we compete for them.
Or we learn to share them.
Have we got a crush on the teacher? - Do you fancy him? - He's fucking gorgeous! Control yourself! "The allocation of scarce resources to cover competing needs".
You can express that in simple terms.
Who is to be given, when there isn't enough to go round? And my proposal for a new finance policy for the New Democrats is based on an understanding of the complexity and connectedness that we are all part of, whether we like it or not.
We take a markedly green profile as the framework and a fundamental break with redistributive policies.
A break with "business as usual".
And at this point I usually have a five minute break, if that is okay.
- A break with redistributive policies? - Hi.
An old workmate from Express sent me tomorrow's headline.
Søren, it's the front page of tomorrow's paper.
They want a comment.
BIRGITTE'S NEW CANDIDATE IS A MOSCOW PARTY SOLDIER Yeah I've been here before, so Have a chat about anything else that might come from that direction.
Yes, we better.
I am going for a smoke.
It's an old story they wrote about the time I was made a professor.
Want one? Thanks.
What was their point then? They found it funny that the university appointed a professor of economics who'd flirted with Marxist planned economics.
Don't you think? Without a doubt.
You were in the Communist Party for 13 years? Yes, right Yes, but when the wall fell it was tough to stick to my convictions.
I did a lot of soul searching, like the rest of the left wing.
I had spent my entire youth on it.
But I never tried to deny it.
Though, of course, I strongly repudiate communism today.
Thank you.
And armed revolution? It was in our manifesto.
Hence the term "party soldier".
What else can they dig up? Photos from those days? Compromising information? I have no idea what might be out there.
But I can assure you it will be innocent stuff.
I am just going to have to find a pack of cigarettes.
Listen My little red star I've still got it.
Would it be compromising for me to wear it? You can try.
I'll be five minutes.
There is no meat on it.
It's the old story of his communist past.
He was never a DCP leader and he's never concealed it.
- So what do you recommend? - A "future first" strategy.
We go on the offensive.
We talk economics and not the old days.
An interview in the business press.
Ravn can unveil our visions and criticize the government for not having any.
The ball is in your court.
I need to know how you will do it and I need it before 9:00 a.
I can't do it in time.
- Let's move forward.
Good luck.
- But Hi, Pia.
It was really lovely.
It was really lovely.
Very much so.
Sorry, it's me.
I am just I am just really stressed at the moment.
Just take all the time you need, all right? I want you.
I want you right now.
See you tomorrow night? Or Wednesday may be better.
Getting out once I have been home Birgitte? Hi.
The radiologist asked me to get you for another test.
- Another? - A biopsy.
It'll only take a moment.
- Why would I need a biopsy? - I don't know.
Can I talk to a doctor? - Hello.
Birgitte Nyborg.
- Hello.
Mogens Winther.
I had the audacity to ask to see the head of the department because I can't understand what is going on? - Please have a seat.
- Sure.
- I came here because of - Yeah.
because of these pains in my right hand.
I understand.
The radiologist decided to do the mammography this morning.
It is normal procedure with problems like yours in your hand and arm.
Based on the mammography the radiologist has recommended a biopsy.
Did the X-rays show something? The biopsy is just a precaution.
- Here and now? - To minimize inconvenience to you.
- What it got to do with my pain? - Perhaps nothing.
But the body sometimes sends signals in other locations and ways.
Signals? That there may be something we should look at.
It won't take long.
- Today is really bad for - Now is the best time.
It usually is for busy people like you.
Well If you have cell changes in your breast, time is not on your side.
Right then.
Torben, are we going to start using robot cameras? Yes.
That is the plan.
A dictate from the board? Is that a problem? It's actually a very thorough, modern plan.
All right? I expect some people preferred horse-drawn trams to buses, too.
Are you calling us reactionary for being concerned about quality? Give me a break! This is not a battlefield.
You never stop moaning.
I have had enough.
Drop it.
We have news to report.
Particle filters.
The city incineration plant.
Get me something.
Søren Ravn really lashes out at the government's economic policies.
- It's not a commie story? - Nor is it New Democrat spin.
Ravn's criticism of the Liberals' economic policy seems pretty sound.
Have a look.
- It is already being quoted online.
- Nice one, Katrine! - Let's get Ravn in.
- Yes.
And the Liberal spokesman.
There isn't time for a smoke.
- Has Ulrik briefed you? - Yes, we talked in make-up.
Just so you know, he is vain.
If you feel pressured, just praise his questions.
Can't I just talk economics? That is my area.
Well, you can try.
- Hey.
- Sure, thanks.
How do I look? - Compromised.
- Hmm? - Would you like me to hold that? - Sure.
- Anything else I can hold for you? - That's it.
Have fun.
Hi, darling - Hi.
- How about takeout? Our candidate is on the news.
What's up? I banged my shoulder at work.
Can you pick something good? Our proposed tax reform will create lots of new jobs.
We have reduced the period you can spend on unemployment benefit.
And we are currently working on a pensions reform as recommended by economic experts.
Doesn't it sound good, Søren Ravn? It sounds good, yes.
But I have actually read the Liberal paper.
It will not have any impact on the labor supply that's worth talking of.
Is that Søren Ravn? Yes.
I want to see that too.
it is purely symbolic.
Thirdly, New Right will never agree to adjust pensions.
They have promised their voters the opposite.
Fourthly, we are talking a drop in the ocean.
A drop in the ocean.
You've heard the verdict.
- Without getting too technical - No need to keep it simple for me.
- How about sushi? - Yes.
Søren Ravn shouldn't be so cocksure until he has seen the calculations.
I have sat on three labor market commissions over the years all of which have rejected these calculations again and again.
All the calculations tell us that if you reform sickness benefits, flex jobs, and early retirement schemes you won't get any economic surplus of any size.
The people you dream of forcing into jobs cannot all work.
So the whole basis for your calculations is pie in the sky.
You are trying to fool the electorate.
Søren Ravn, it's easy for you to say.
You don't have to implement it.
This policy? Fortunately, no.
Excuse me, but I am not entering Danish politics to do what's popular but to do what's wise.
A good thing he's on your team, eh? - How about the big mixed menu? - Uh Reforms are required in absolutely vital welfare areas but they are reforms that require courage.
And that's all for this evening.
You've got one hard-hitting friend.
Gustav and my mom are going to make pancakes.
He was so excited.
Lovely! That went pretty well.
You remembered all the good advice about finance policy that I gave you.
- Bye, Kasper.
- I'd have been lost without it.
Thank you.
What about this? A souvenir.
For me? All right.
- Torben, where have you been? - Hey.
- What do you mean? - I've been waiting for 20 minutes! Waiting for me? Why? - We'd agreed to a meeting.
- Right.
I must have misunderstood.
I thought you'd just run with it.
We have to discuss tomorrow's Ravn portrait.
- Yes, of course.
- Yes.
- Did Pia get hold of him? - Yes.
And she told you, too.
Uh - Shall we? - Can we do it tomorrow at 9:00 instead? - In the studio? - Yes, for sure.
- Have a good evening.
- You too.
SØREN RAVN SOVIET SPY? - Good morning.
- Morning.
- I thought you said - There is no evidence at all.
Let's hope not.
- Express Seriously! - What is this? Birgitte, I warned you, and if this man is a traitor Easy now, Erik.
It must be from one of those camps in the USSR for Young Communists.
To recruit them for the KGB.
Who says they recruited him? It's the Express.
- Where is Ravn? - He is on his way.
I'll get to the bottom of it.
I'll talk to him.
- Søren, those trips to Moscow took place? - I never claimed otherwise.
I didn't conceal them.
Birgitte, I had no idea they'd be a problem.
KGB recruitment camps.
Political summer camps.
Lots of people on the left went.
How many did you go to? Four.
From 1984 onwards.
Or three.
One was in East Berlin.
Have you been there since? - Moscow? - Yes.
Two years ago.
With my then wife.
Did you go see any old comrades? Yes, one.
I wanted to see the mausoleum.
Sorry, but I found this old article.
You frequented the Soviet Embassy in the 1980's.
Sure, I went to four or five receptions there.
- Did you talk to any KGB officers? - They were receptions.
I just read that 80% of the embassy staff were KGB.
In that case I must have drunk lousy champagne with some of them But it was never about espionage or supplying information.
- They never tried to recruit you? - No.
- Never? - Definitely No! Okay.
Katrine, what do we do? Complete transparency.
Show we have nothing to hide.
Give me anything you've got at home.
We don't know how they'll use it but our best bet is to make the information available.
Especially to our greatest opponent.
- Who is that? - Express.
COMMUNIST PARTY DEBATING LABOR MOVEMENT INFLUENCE Okay Look here I have found some old photos.
And minutes from DCP meetings.
There you go.
Old party magazines.
- My goodness.
- Yes, indeed.
And also proposals by various labor groups I was on.
Surely they're of no interest? We'll let them see them.
Who is this? Gosh! Not that one.
They're my KGB contacts.
I am trying to help you! - Who is it? - Wait! It's The ambassador to Copenhagen at the time, Malakov.
- And some embassy staff.
- Where was it taken? He could be here any minute.
I'm off.
I'll call you.
- Please.
- What was the occasion? Birgitte! What a surprise! I didn't know you'd be here.
I am on my way home.
I like the transparency regarding Ravn.
But I hope you don't think we'll write whatever you want.
That would be a first.
I do owe you an apology.
- An apology? - Yeah.
For the pictures of your daughter.
We got to close to the line.
Sorry about that.
Michael, you went way too far and you harmed my daughter.
I'll accept your apology the day it appears on your front page.
How about that? Ravn has given the Express access to his past in the DCP.
Everything about his youth.
Moscow, the Soviet embassy I see why Nyborg is fighting for him.
He is an economics genius who can win them the election.
The Freedom Party is agitating to ban Ravn from parliament.
Well, shall we call Saltum? - No, that is simply too unsexy.
- Come on, Torben! How about that woman, what's her name, the new one? Benedikte? - Nedergaard.
- Put her up against Ravn, eh? She is young and represents another wing of the Freedom Party.
- And she's a hottie.
- Indeed.
You are doing tonight's Juul & Friis on Ravn, right? Yes.
- Why? - I just heard from Niels Thygesen.
He's writing about the Cold War and went to the intelligence agency archives.
He's just been given hitherto embargoed details on an espionage case from 15 or 20 years ago which A serious one.
Involving Ravn? Indirectly.
A classmate, Gorm Kofoed.
The leading figure in the biggest Danish spy case ever.
Why isn't it public knowledge? Kofoed died of cancer in 1993.
Before the Stasi archives were opened and it was revealed that he was a spy.
- What did he pass onto them? - All kinds of stuff.
His code name was Phoenix.
He was in the Ministry of Justice.
And he passed on information about intelligence agency to the KGB.
- Jesus.
Ravn's friend? - Ravn's best friend.
There are photos here of Gorm Kofoed.
And there we have Ravn.
Uh, Ulrik, I just need to understand Niels Thygesen simply handed you the story just like that? He'd like us to mention his new book.
- So that's it.
- I agreed to that.
It's completely absurd.
Why the hell has this emerged right now? Two seconds ago Ravn had to defend himself against the Express.
Agreed? And now a new story that his best friend was a former KGB agent.
Maybe somebody showed the journalist the right filing cabinet? Easy now.
It's getting a bit too John le Carré.
The New Democrats would win eight seats if there was an election now.
The Liberals stand to lose seats.
Ravn just demolished the Liberals.
Hesselboe is scared stiff of Ravn.
We can't insinuate that Hesselboe leaked the info on Ravn.
We have no evidence.
We don't need evidence.
- What do you mean? - We just run the story.
- We can't do that.
- Of course we can.
We have no evidence to support it.
We run the story on the news and then follow up in Juul & Friis.
Torben, listen to the man! Come on! Don't you need to go upstairs to talk to Alex about it, Torben? Ask for permission? - Like hell I will! - Torben! - We'll break the story on - The 8:30.
And we'll follow up on it on Juul & Friis.
Juul & Dickhead.
Let's look for some visuals.
How can a person with that background be part of the Danish government? In a democracy isn't that up to the electorate? Of course.
But Søren Ravn was ready to abolish democracy and sell the country to the enemy.
That is high treason.
The period to which you refer was over 20 years ago.
I have put it well and truly behind me.
I never wanted to sell Denmark to anyone or anything.
And I have laid all my cards on the table to show I have nothing to hide.
Today the national intelligence agency published documents showing that your friend Gorm Kofoed was a leading spy.
Obviously, many Danes wonder whether you have told them everything.
I don't think it is obvious at all.
It comes as a tremendous shock to me to hear that Gorm was working for the Soviets.
I was sad to hear that.
But there isn't a shred of evidence that I ever did what he did.
I am not responsible for what my friend did.
Lots of people were tempted.
I was only tempted ideologically.
Isn't that enough? You believed in armed revolution.
You went to cocktail parties with the Russians and visited Moscow.
You have an intelligence agency file.
Yes, I do.
Just like 60,000 other Danes.
But your best friend was a KGB agent.
And in his Stasi file you are on a list of names of interest to the KGB.
That list includes the Minister of Justice, some permanent secretaries, and a number of chief constables.
Are they suspected of being KGB agents? You are accusing me of being anti-democratic and a traitor.
You accuse me of being a spy.
But in this country aren't we innocent until proven guilty? I don't have to prove that I was not an agent.
It's up to you to prove that I was.
And I wish you the best of luck because I wasn't.
Søren Ravn, we're running out of time.
Can you guarantee that there are no more skeletons relating to you and your past? There's no way I can It's a very simple question.
I can't know what the press will decide to jump on.
In future But I can guarantee that I have never been an agent for the KGB or any other foreign power.
That's all for tonight.
Thank you.
That was Juul & Friis.
Didn't he hesitate too long? No, he was very convincing.
I believe him.
Maybe it was just me.
If we are to save his candidacy, we have to be the ones who know most.
Everything must be gone over.
Maybe Ravn doesn't even know what the press might be interested in.
Are there more photos? Who are the people he is with? There's KGB people, so has he had other problematic friends? I'll call Katrine.
If you know anyone who might know anything, bring them in.
I know the deputy chief constable from Copenhagen at the time.
Kurt Bisgaard? My goodness.
Is he? No, Nete, he is not gay.
It's known as "network".
Katrine, Birgitte speaking.
It isn't over yet.
We still have to get to the bottom of this.
I have found someone who can definitely tell us something if he wants to.
Well, just call me.
- Hello, Birgitte.
- Hello, Mogens.
Now, Birgitte, let me show you um, there.
There are some cell changes in what we call the upper fourth quadrant.
Quite high up in the other side of your right breast.
Tiny dots that look like grains of sand.
- Cell changes? What do they mean? - We can't really say yet.
But I do want to tell you To me they look like precancerous cells, of what we call category 3.
And that requires immediate treatment.
It is not a big operation.
You can be out again the same day.
Okay - When? - As soon as possible.
In the next few days.
- That is soon.
- It's the law.
It is something you yourself enacted when you were PM.
The area is about 2 cm by 2 cm.
And I'll do the operation myself.
And we have become really good at making the result look nice.
- Will I need chemo as well? - No.
No, you won't.
Not at this stage.
But you will need radiation therapy 25 times over 5 weeks.
- Meaning every weekday.
- Every weekday? Mm-hmm.
- But I'll still be able to work? - It only takes a couple of minutes.
But don't underestimate the way that a treatment like this - can very much affect you psychologically.
- Right.
We will call you in.
- Do you mind not shoving me? - You are in the way.
You are so irritating.
And don't use my headphones! I need them.
They are not yours.
Hey, you two, stop it! That's enough! You're not three any more.
I mean I'm sorry.
Please be good.
Keep your fucking headphones.
Your wife is waiting in your office.
Hi, darling.
I have been waiting 15 minutes.
Have you? Why? Marriage counseling! How the hell could you forget? Sorry, it slipped my mind.
I really mean it.
I am sorry, darling, it I completely forgot.
I don't know I am under a lot of pressure here right now.
I know.
I don't know what is happening to me.
It's just I can't remember stuff.
I forget.
It's crazy.
I I simply can't stand it here any more.
No, darling, and you are on your way out, aren't you? Yeah.
You have one of the most prestigious jobs in the country, right? - Right? - Yes.
- Yes, I know that.
- You're a highly respected journalist.
Yes - Sorry.
- Come on.
- Otherwise we'll be late.
- Okay.
I am sorry, darling.
Just get a move on.
- Torben.
- Hi, Michael.
- Good to see you.
- It's been a while.
It's been ages.
It has.
- You still drink your coffee black? - Black is the new black.
- Is that what they say? - It is.
I can't wait to hear what this story is that you've got for me? Story? You have found some dirt you want to break in the Express.
We dish out the dirt.
That's fine by us.
I can live with it.
Is it the Ravn case? You must have misunderstood me.
So what's this about then? I'm sick and tired of TV1.
There's no money.
And there's this brand new head of programming.
Alexander Hjort? Yes.
Really irritating.
 34 years old.
Very, very young.
He wears male jewelry, Michael.
I just can't cope.
That really is depressing.
But why are you telling me all this? Because you want me as a therapist or because you want a hug? No.
Because I want to quit TV1.
Oh? And you've advertised for a new political editor.
And we've known each since college.
It's about time we worked together too.
So maybe it's time we joined forces.
So this is a job interview? No, more like an offer to Express.
Hang on a moment.
I hope you know how much I respect you.
- And so I am going to be frank with you.
- Okay.
You aren't sexy any more, Torben.
You are an admin officer on TV1.
This is the age of the younger generations.
For a new editor I look at journalists 30, 31, max 32 years old.
My best advice is to stay put and stay really good pals with the fellow with the jewelry.
- Vasilly Andrejev? - Katrine? Yes.
- Hello.
- Hello.
- I have some coffee.
- Oh! - Thank you.
- You are welcome.
Shall we walk? Sure.
I couldn't go back even if I wanted to.
Oh? Why? Ah I happened to leak some information to the CIA.
But it's okay.
I do not miss Moscow.
And I am how would the Americans put it? Small potatoes.
I am here because I am trying to defend a man I think is innocent.
But the media will not let him go.
You realize I have never spoken about this publicly before, yes? Yes.
I knew Søren Ravn.
He was a bright young man.
And handsome.
All the women loved him.
He was very interesting to us at that time.
He had a lot of potential for the KGB.
Did you approach him? We discussed it several times.
And we talked about it with our agent, Phoenix.
- Gorm Kofoed? - Yeah.
But Phoenix was our most valuable spy in Scandinavia.
And he told us he thought Ravn would say no if we approached him, so we concluded it was too big a risk for us to take.
Because involving Ravn might expose Phoenix.
So, no.
Ravn never worked for us.
Thank you.
I have the greatest respect for people who are loyal.
You'd be surprised to know the many reasons people have for betraying their country.
- Besides ideology? - Yes.
In my world, we call them MICE.
"M" stands for "money.
" "I" is for "ideology" and "C" is for "crime.
" "E" for "ego.
" A lot of people do it just so they can feel important.
Hanne, it's Katrine.
Call me.
I have a present for TV1.
Ravn has now been cleared of any real wrong-doing by the former KGB colonel Vassily Andrejev.
Hanne Holm went to see Andreyev at his home in Malmö.
As the former head of KGB operation in Denmark, what is your reaction to the allegation towards Søren Ravn? They are complete nonsense.
I never employed Søren Ravn.
And I know for a fact that the Stasi didn't either.
Also, I am given to understand that the Danish PE also have nothing to indicate that Ravn was an agent.
Pardon me for being so blunt, but couldn't you have some motives to conceal the truth if Ravn indeed had been a spy? What motives would they be? Maybe loyalty to the KGB.
There is no loyalty.
I believe in Western democracy.
And I do not believe an innocent man should be punished for things he didn't do.
Kofoed was my spy.
Ravn never was.
It's as simple as that.
Nice work, Katrine.
That should be the end of that.
It should.
Express says Søren won't be on the front page tomorrow.
Well done.
Søren, you'll be meeting your constituency chairman tomorrow.
Yeah, I'm going home to read up on him.
Shall we say 11:00 a.
tomorrow? Thanks for your help.
See you tomorrow.
Katrine, we had better talk media strategy.
Um, yes, we've closed the story about the Ravn the spy.
We need to reinvent the story of Ravn the master economist.
Good evening, my name is Kurt Bisgaard.
I used to be a police inspector.
I know Jon from your party.
Jon asked me to call you.
I have information on Ravn.
- Everything you do reflects on us.
- What now? Every single time we scratch the surface, something else pops up.
- Give me a break! - Sit down! - I have homework to do.
- From your party days did you tell me everything? It was 25 years ago.
It's a lifetime ago.
I barely know what I remember.
There were parties at the Soviet embassy.
You had relations with secretaries from the embassy.
Relations? Ah, well, we flirted.
Flirted? Or more than that? Maybe more than that.
With some of them.
Did you and Gorm see the same women? - Women? - Secretaries.
Girls from the party? Yes, what about them? Ida Skov? Who was she? She was a girl I met in 1990.
We went out together.
And why did you break up? I'd had enough.
Is that the whole truth? Yes.
You are lying.
She killed herself.
Why ask if you know already? Why did she kill herself? - Answer me! - That's personal, damn it.
That's for me to decide.
WHO WAS IDA? What is all this? It's my job.
It's my life.
I met Ida at university.
And we were together for five years.
She got pregnant.
But we lost the baby in the sixth month.
And she became terribly depressed.
I couldn't I didn't know how And she ended up She ended up swallowing a jar of sleeping pills.
And I wasn't there for her.
No more questions.
Hmm? No more now.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Has the constituency chairman come in? No, he caught a later flight.
I'm going to pick him up from the airport.
He'll appreciate that.
Yes, he's an old-fashioned chap.
Did you tell Søren to dig out his suit and tie? Ah.
Søren, can I brief you on the Viborg constituency? Can it wait? Yes Birgitte? May I have a word? Nyborg has agreed to an interview.
It's an exclusive.
Hanne will do it.
Cool I think Ravn is on his way out.
Søren Ravn has decided not to run for parliament.
He says he refuses to accept the smears and innuendo in the press based on views he held and abandoned years ago.
Søren Ravn was accused by certain people of being a Soviet spy.
He will remain Professor of Economics at Copenhagen University.
Earlier today, Hanne Holm talked to Birgitte Nyborg.
I regret his decision.
But it is up to the individual to decide whether this kind of publicity is acceptable.
He says he is not prepared to sacrifice his private life.
Is he just too sensitive? No.
His life was turned inside out.
It has been proven that he has done nothing illegal, but the probing of his past has not ceased.
- What about your party? - It is a terrible shame.
Not just for our party.
 Denmark is losing a hugely gifted politician who would have brought great knowledge to parliament.
But those are the conditions for democracy when the press is the fourth estate.
So the press I agreed to pick up my stuff when there was nobody around, so.
I am sorry I was so intrusive.
It is your job.
You must dig up the stories before the press does Nobody has the right to do what I did yesterday.
I went too far.
Thank you.
I have this thing about secrets.
They terrify me.
So they have to be uncovered.
We all carry something with us.
But It is nice to hear you admit it.
Doesn't happen every day.
No I had been looking forward to working with you.
Likewise - Say hi to the others.
- Sure.
Oh, yeah.
You need the key back.
If anyone says "Soviet" or "past" I am going to throw up.
Yes, now we must move on.
To tie up the loose ends, Jon will continue as our finance spokesman.
Thank you, Birgitte.
I'd like check if it's just until you have found a better candidate.
If so, I think we should find another solution right now.
Jon, it's your area till at least after the next election.
Objections? I can live with that.
Anything else? We have the required signatures but we don't have enough candidates.
And perhaps we should take the time to check potential candidates out.
Yes, we must get moving.
- Can we meet about it tomorrow? - I can't make it tomorrow.
Perhaps we could start without you? Of course.
I think it is a shame you can't make it.
I am afraid I can't.
I am visiting my dad on Bornholm.
9:15 then? A nurse will bring you a sedative in a moment.
Some morphine to help you relax.
Have you ever had a full anesthetic before? - No.
- You will hardly notice it.
It isn't a complicated operation.
Is there someone waiting for you when you come round? BORGEN is a work of fiction inspired by real events.
The series references historical figures and events in Danish politics prior to 1982
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