Borgen (2010) s03e07 Episode Script

Season 3, Episode 7

1 Great.
That's been carried.
Søren Ravn is our new candidate.
I simply can't stand it here any more.
- And you are on your way out, aren't you? - Yes.
I'm sick and tired of TV1.
I want you right now.
See you tomorrow night? Sure, or Wednesday may be better.
There were parties at the Soviet embassy.
You had relations with secretaries from the embassy.
Relations? Ah, well, we flirted.
Flirted? Or more than that? Søren Ravn has withdrawn his candidacy for the New Democrats.
Cell changes? What does that mean.
To me they look like precancerous cells, of what we call category 3.
You'll need radiation therapy every weekday for five weeks.
Every weekday? "You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.
" Are you still in pain? A bit.
Fatigue? I am not sleeping much at night.
Three or four hours.
But I am used to that.
Three or four hours.
- That's not enough.
- Ah When are you going to stop being brave? I'm not.
You say I am not ill.
I said that you don't have full-blown cancer.
But you had very serious precancerous initial stages.
We don't cut people up or prescribe radiation for no reason.
Have you considered the possibility of bringing your children or relatives or a friend with you? It could make the situation easier.
It's best that I do this.
There's milk.
You don't look like you go to the gym every day.
You haven't seen me in a t-shirt.
Feel that.
Go on.
What are you doing here? Why aren't you at school? I got a flat tire so I'm waiting until next period.
Young man, that is no excuse.
Try public transport for once.
Yeah? You don't skip because of a flat tire.
What about you, Laura? - What? - Aren't you going to school? - No.
I have a late start on Mondays.
- Okay.
If we agree to a compromise, then we should have a united approach, so Birgitte ought to be here too.
I couldn't agree more, absolutely.
Where was she yesterday evening when she stood me up at the PM's? I was at a parent-teacher meeting.
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
And Anita got hold of me from Christiansborg to inform me that Hesselboe's negotiations with the Moderates were dragging out.
We should have a quick conversation.
I am due back there in an hour.
No, Hesselboe has postponed until 11:30 so we have lots of time.
UNANSWERED EMAILS I promised you'd call the two at the top today.
"THE FALL" Birgitte? Yes.
Managing your schedule is not easy.
People are asking why you're away.
Is there anything we should talk about? No.
I am just busy as always.
Kids and politics is a tough combination, as you well know.
Torben, did you see my new roster? Yes.
It's right here.
Good work.
Torben! I know you're getting my texts.
I know, I am just not good at that.
I can't I've so much on my mind.
You know what I want.
All I get in return is "it's not a good time.
" You should have said "I'm sorry but I can't get my head round our relationship.
" You can't, right? Ah, this looks very cosy.
But we have a meeting.
- Should we? - I'm coming.
What have we got on today's top story, the stabilization plan? Rumor has it that Hesselboe is talking to the New Democrats today.
Odd that Hesselboe is now seeking wider compromises.
What do the latest polls say? I think we need to take it easy.
I've heard no election rumors, so Me neither.
And he's got 15 months before he has call one.
I agree.
If we do have to talk polls the latest poll gives the government 50.
5% with the Freedom Party.
But it's not like him.
But it would make sense to talk about how we'll plan our election coverage.
Pia, that should keep you busy.
What about the government talks? Well Uh, Simon, head over to Borgen.
For God's sake.
He needs to cut this out.
I waited five hours last night.
Now we have been waiting for two.
It's the PM's privilege.
Hello, sorry to keep you waiting.
Hello, Lars.
That's quite all right.
Difficult negotiations take time.
Shall we? Yes.
The international debt crisis means we need a robust stabilization plan.
So I must stress that any measures against the banks are out of the question.
And there will be no public investment in green energy for seven or eight years.
So the New Democrats won't be able to leave their mark on the compromise.
It's a very sensible compromise.
There'd be pride in signing it.
It's not an autograph collection, Lars.
I can't offer you any more than I already have.
Which is nothing.
- Why are you leaving the talks? - There were no talks.
- You're not part of the negotiation? - We did not agree with Hesselboe.
- You agree more with the opposition? - Yes, indeed.
- And the green growth package? - We sticking to it.
Even if the Labour Party might not? Let's wait and see.
We hear they might renege? No comment on that.
Now, if you'll excuse me.
- What's that about? - I need to talk to Thorsen.
Hans Christian.
Glad I caught you.
I've got two minutes.
Is the Labour Party negotiating with the government? According to the rumors you are giving up the green growth plan.
We are, of course, keeping our options open.
I hope you're not selling yourselves short.
Give me a break, Birgitte.
I need to run.
If Hesselboe wants a big compromise, it has to cost him.
If you give in, you risk splitting the opposition.
You aren't PM any more, are you? And I don't work for you.
Your party has three seats.
Mine has 45.
Now, if you'll excuse me, I am in a hurry.
Hi, kiddo.
Gosh I have missed you.
I saw Birgitte and Jon Berthelsen making a getaway from the press.
"No comment.
" It's the same as admitting that she hasn't got her shit under control.
She did very well in an impossible situation.
No need to put your professional face on with me.
Unlike you, I mean what I say.
Rumor has it that she has not been very accessible.
Is something going on? Does she tell you everything? Did she tell you everything? If it means you can't do your job you must insist on being informed.
- Thanks.
- You're out of toilet paper.
Is there anything else? Bye, kiddo.
Daddy loves you.
Say bye to Daddy.
Bye bye - See you.
- See you.
Birgitte speaking.
Hi, it's Katrine.
When will you be at Borgen? - Are the others there? - Jon is.
Nete and Erik will be soon.
I forgot to tell you but actually I have a dental appointment so I'll be there there later than expected.
Sure, no problem, see you later.
The new lovebirds in Danish politics.
The debate can begin in a moment, but before that the PM would like to make a special announcement.
Prime Minister.
"A special announcement?" We have been through a pretty turbulent time Ulrik Mørch.
- Torben? Check this out.
- Yeah.
Come look.
Something is happening at Christiansborg.
In recent weeks the government has been trying to arrive at a mutual understanding about the serious economic situation facing the country.
However, we have not succeeded.
It is vital to have a wider coalition behind our stabilization plan.
I have therefore asked Her Majesty to call a general election to take place on November 8th.
I don't believe it.
Not now, damn it! - Order in the house! - He decided weeks ago.
We need get hold of Birgitte.
A new draft for the rest of the day on my desk in 20 minutes.
Okay? We'll extend the news, both the six o'clock and the 8:30.
Pia, wait! Ulrik, you are hosting a special broadcast in 20 minutes, all right? Henrik? Call Simon and Martin at Borgen, or whoever is there.
We needs reactions and comments.
Louise? Phone Mikkel.
Tell him to set up the election studio.
All vacation and time off is hereby suspended.
We need all the people we can get.
Pia, plan tonight's party leader panel debate.
But those other stories We'll use Studio 8, get new graphics.
It's crucial.
Dan, don't let TV2 steal the best cameramen.
We're booking all the wireless kits we can get so we can cover all of Denmark.
Pia? Phone Miro and book those big OB units.
Sure! I can't get hold of Birgitte She is at the dentist.
Find out who that is and call them.
Or call her daughter, Laura.
It's an emergency.
We need to reach her.
Katrine Fønsmark speaking.
Ulrik here.
We'd like to have Birgitte on TV1 at 8:00.
- For the debate.
- Can I call you back.
I need to talk to her.
I'll call you in 30 minutes.
I hope Hesselboe didn't catch you all with your pants down.
Oh, we're fucked.
We're also fucked.
Big time.
Miro wants 100.
000 a day for the big OB truck.
What? - Last time we got it for 70.
- Shall I turn them down? No, we need it.
Here is an update on the debate.
The Greens, Lindenkrone, and the Freedom Party will be there.
We haven't heard from Hesselboe yet.
- Thorsen and Nyborg will confirm.
- Can I get an answer? Of course.
- Do you have a moment? - Of course.
Of course.
I'll be back.
Great job running the show.
I am behind you 100% for this election campaign.
Thank you.
I appreciate it.
- Promise me one thing.
- Hmm? TV1 will beat TV2 in the election.
We have credibility.
Maybe we're a bit posh.
But this time we can't lean back because we think we are the best and still lose the ratings war.
This year we have to make the best TV and have the most viewers.
We will win this election.
We will win this election.
We will indeed.
- Have a good election campaign.
- Thank you, Alex.
Hi, Pia.
Hi, Pia.
 What's up? TV2 booked Hesselboe and Thorsen for a live debate from Borgen.
Just the two of them? They want to make it like a presidential race.
It means our party leader debate will look different from theirs.
Sure, but it also means Hesselboe and Thorsen can't get here till 9:30.
We can't do that.
We'd go up against TV2's show Masterquiz.
We'll be slaughtered.
They have a million viewers.
That won't work.
Can we schedule it after that? 10:00 p.
? That won't work.
What do we do? I've got five parties on the phone.
We've got to have a debate.
Otherwise we'll get butchered.
We'll postpone it until tomorrow.
Tell them to come at 8:00.
That is the best solution.
What about tonight? A debate between the number twos from each side? They might be tired of the presidential debate.
Yvonne Kjær Versus Carsten from the Greens.
Everybody was taken aback by the snap election Lars Hesselboe has called well over a year earlier than expected.
Tactically it is being seen as a very shrewd move by the prime minister.
Mom? Mom? What is it? Have you been asleep all day? No, I've only been napping for five minutes.
So you've heard the news? What? That they've called an election? The major arterial roads, central Copenhagen, and the major cities.
No, the Rødovre Centre is not your best offer.
I am sorry to be so late.
I'll call you back.
Everything has gone wrong today.
I have heard all your messages and I'm fine with TV1 tonight for the party leader debate.
It's cancelled.
TV2 is putting on a "presidential" duel between Hesselboe and Thorsen.
TV1 is pushing the party leader panel until tomorrow and doing Yvonne from the New Right and Carsten from the Greens tonight.
So we won't be on TV this evening? Right.
Listen up, everyone.
Um We have 20 days and 19 hours to campaign.
We currently have 24 candidates.
We need a few more.
Preferably 10 or 15, that should do it.
And then there is the financing.
Jon and I have come up with a plan.
We have 900,000 in the account.
That is not much.
We need a million on top of that.
Jon, what about Jørgen Steen Andersen? I'm awaiting his call.
And posters? Liberal Youth has plastered their posters at Nørreport station already.
The government parties have bought the best placings in the press.
Same goes for the busses.
We'll just have to be creative.
Jacob Kruse, has the Labour Party approached you? I can't see what the left wing would have to offer.
So rumors the Moderates don't know who to back for PM Yeah.
We're backing Lars Hesselboe.
- Thank you.
- You are welcome.
Hesselboe has bought Kruse.
Say what you want but he knows how to play the game.
He has 102 seats.
Does he see a majority? I think he does.
And he can split the opposition.
- He's been preparing for months.
- They have 45 million kroner in funding.
They have a head start and we are playing catch-up.
So be it.
Hesselboe and Kruse together can crush us.
Kruse has just made the stupidest mistake.
He has eliminated the Moderates as a center party by accepting the Freedom Party.
Let's prioritize what we want to put across.
The major issue will the economy.
We need to be clear.
Our financial plan has to make sense.
And it has to be green It is a huge task to draw up a new economic policy.
We could do with help.
What about Søren Ravn? Maybe he'd be prepared to help with the campaign as a consultant.
As long as I am economic spokesman.
But with his exit from the party, will he be interested? Yes, but this is an election.
Will you ask him? Sure.
The snap election caught the opposition with its pants down.
Also a couple of news desks.
I doubt that! Let's look at the opposition, This graphic shows Solidarity, and the Greens with Carsten Bjerre, their new chairman.
All we know about him is that his heart beats for endangered species.
And Ulrik Here's the Labour Party, the strongest opposition party.
Can Thorsen make himself into a credible candidate for PM? And finally we have the New Democrats.
There is no doubt about it.
They face an uphill battle in their quest for representation in Parliament.
If they get in, who will Birgitte Nyborg back for PM? - There we go.
- Hi, kiddo.
Everything should be there.
So great that you can take him.
It's not going to be a regular thing.
Mom can't make it till Monday.
I have quite a bit to do as well.
Did they give you an extra show? Will you manage? You know what being party spin doctor is like.
Speaking of spin doctors I heard you were a bit reticent about the party leader debate call? I couldn't get hold of Birgitte.
Spin doctors say yes immediately.
If you are to do well, you need all the screen time you can get.
It's the only thing that counts.
I have to run.
Bye, darling.
I'll text when I can pick him up.
Tomorrow, right? That's an immediate yes.
If you can't get hold of me on this, try my other number.
I have two phones for the duration of the campaign.
Talk later, right? Yes.
Dad's gone for a run but he'll be back soon.
Are you at high school? Yes.
Is it about the election? I better wait for your dad.
- Supper in 30, okay? - Dad? - Yes? - Come here.
Birgitte Nyborg asked me to contact you.
I am not running for parliament.
Will you start the cooking? I know you don't want to run.
The New Democrats need to draw up a clear, visionary economic policy.
We need you to finish the work you started.
I can't get involved again, Katrine.
I have just started a major new research project at university.
It is taking up all my time.
Um Could you at least help Birgitte before she goes on TV1 tomorrow? A couple of hours? Yes.
- The Labour Party created - You have no credible alternatives.
- Please don't interrupt.
- We created the welfare state - Pizza? - Mm.
- Our fundamental values - That is what I mean, Thorsen.
I am well aware Thorsen is taking a beating.
So are we.
We can't compete after the quiz.
We'll be slaughtered.
The election doesn't end tonight.
We'll do a fantastic debate tomorrow.
scared of outsourcing - Katrine Fønsmark.
- Hi, it's Pia.
Hi, Pia.
- Sorry to be calling so early.
- That's okay.
We have a few ideas for our election coverage that we'd like to run past you.
We want to follow the party leaders round the clock, using GPS.
Via our website, viewers can track their exact whereabouts.
That sounds like fun.
That's a resounding yes from us.
After all, we need all the screen time we can get, Yes! - Catch you later.
- Bye.
Good morning, Nete.
Birgitte, I want you to know that all the odds and probabilities say that the people who best get through an ordeal such as this and survive involve their families.
My family, my children that is know nothing about the operation or the radiation therapy.
I don't want them to.
It's my problem and I'll deal with it.
Everything I have achieved in my life hs been against all the odds and probabilities.
I need medicine that can keep me on my feet 15 to 16 hours a day.
That's the very minimum in an election campaign.
I need to be able to think clearly.
The pain is too great right now.
The next three weeks will be hell.
We've been there before.
We'll manage.
I need to ask for a bit of space, right? Space? I am going to be working round the clock.
Some days I might just sleep at the office.
No, Torben, forget it.
You come home to sleep even if it is just for ten minutes.
Sure, but I'll put up with a lot.
But you sleep at home.
If we only see you for two minutes, that's what we'll get.
That's enough.
You can manage that.
Even during an election.
Right? Okay.
Remember what the counselor said.
Proper goodbyes.
I get an text at 11:52 p.
telling me I've got eight minutes to approve the photo for a poster.
- It's a great photo.
- It looks like I have drunk sour wine.
That is what you look like.
I've got new glasses now.
Really, Jon! Just get the old ones out again.
TV1 want to follow the leading candidates 24/7.
The journalists will be given GPS transmitters.
Viewers can follow the party chairmen on the TV1 website at any time.
- Cool! - How fancy! I am not having a journalist shadowing me constantly.
They'll just stay in the vicinity and we this way we'll have access to a journalist at all times.
I don't want that.
- It's a huge opportunity for us.
- I don't think so.
I have to stress this is the wrong decision considering our need for media coverage.
You can't simply approve a journalist leaning on me 24 hours a day.
You've never been media-shy before.
It's beneath us.
There's an election on! I am doing my job.
And I am your boss.
Say no.
We'll talk about it after the debate.
When is Ravn due? After you've met the other opposition parties.
Are we really going to use the traditional set-up with the right wing on the right, the left wing on the left? Let's put the main opponents closer together.
Hesselboe and Thorsen there.
But this is not a presidential debate.
It is amateurish to line people up according to who will fight most.
Have you seen the ratings? - Yes.
- Yes? The debate was a disaster.
That quiz on TV2 is untouchable.
The people who actually decided to watch the political debate on TV1 didn't like what they saw.
You scored 3.
4 on quality.
That is not much.
Have you seen how TV2 think outside of the box? - They invent the narrative and the demand.
- Demand? They invented demand for a duel yesterday.
They invented a narrative about a presidential election.
But seriously This is Denmark.
We have eight parties.
Yes, but he who invents the stories is the one they watch.
They are the ones who pay you to make TV.
Give them something they want to watch.
If you make stuff they rate at 3.
4 then you are letting down the viewers, the station, and, in the final analysis, me.
What should I do? Do whatever you like.
Just give me a good story.
And show me you want to win the election.
Alex speaking.
Hi, there! Good of you to call.
No, I've just been dealing with a staff issue.
When do you want it by? I can't promise that.
So what now, Torben? We have to do it better and faster and for half the money? Is that it? We tend to be very traditional with these election broadcasts.
Very conservative.
The way we The camerawork, the lighting, the sets, and the direction, Pia.
What is wrong with my direction? You tend to play it very safe.
Am I not superficial or modern enough? We have to win this election.
Um Dan.
- Boys, help me, eh? - Yeah.
Let's think outside the box.
Uh, Dan, how many times have we used this set? - Three or four times.
- Precisely.
And every time, you say you'd prefer a straight line rather than a horseshoe.
It will mean much better visuals.
They'll have to lean forwards to see each other and fight for their corner.
Let's do that.
Let's do something dramatic and make some great television.
We'll put them in one long line.
Lindenkrone, Saltum, would be fun if they get into a fight.
Yes, we're not here to please them but to make great TV.
The opposition needs a joint declaration on the economy.
It's not secret that our four parties are very different.
Which is why this is urgent.
We have to launch an alternative and we may not have time to draw up a joint economic policy.
But we can at least present a shared ambition during the debate tonight.
Do excuse me It's me.
I am in a meeting.
You handle the economy tonight, Birgitte.
Thorsen may be the leader of the opposition, but But on these issues I think you should take the lead Thorsen's too long-winded I agree.
Right then.
Right, where were we? - Keeping busy? - I'd say.
Thank you.
- Hi, Pia.
- Hi.
- Hi, Katrine.
- Hi.
- Good to see you.
- You too.
We have asked all the press officers in here to brief you all on how we intend to conduct the election.
We appreciate it and would like to cooperate as much as possible.
We're looking forward to tonight's debate.
As regards to the GPS thing It won't be ready till tomorrow.
Um, Birgitte is very much looking forward to the debate, but she has to say no to being followed by 24 hours a day.
No? But it's a gift for all the smaller parties.
Why not? Privacy.
Oh, give me a break.
Privacy? There's an election on! The other parties have all agreed to this GPS thing so it is going ahead.
If you opt out you'll miss out.
And you won't be given a pet journalist at your call 24 hours a day.
I would find it super disappointing if I were you.
But the decision is yours.
Anything else? No, I don't think so.
If we want to talk to Birgitte Nyborg, we will call you.
Don't call us.
We look forward to your call.
Thank you.
That's not how we talk to people, Torben.
Hi What's up? Birgitte rejected the GPS idea.
I just told Torben, who has cut us out of the election and made it look like my fault.
Sit down, Katrine.
No election was ever won because of some TV gimmick.
Birgitte is a winner.
She the strongest candidate of them all.
She is the best politician in the field.
So just get her into that studio tonight.
I promise you she will handle the rest.
Okay? The, uh, green profile I presume you still want it for your economic policy? There are quite a few economic analyses now that not all green taxes are detrimental.
Actually, I have a proposal for taxes that distribute the burdens evenly.
Have a look.
The first column shows the percentage I see it.
Let's keep it at that, clear, simple phrases.
That's fine.
But environmental taxes can have an influence on competitiveness.
I propose a compensation scheme.
Companies who cut CO2 emissions by one percent Can I stop you there.
That's more than enough for me.
I'll only get the microphone three or four times so headlines will have to do.
Let's leave the details until after the debate.
You underestimate your own importance in this debate, Birgitte.
The TV stations are moving away from just giving people 20 seconds.
They want to hear your point.
Can I take this with me? Can you do without it, because I really appreciate your input, Søren.
I hope we can draw on your expertise another time.
Katrine, I'm going home for a couple of hours.
See you at the studio.
Bye, Søren.
I'm sorry.
I must have misunderstood what we were trying to achieve.
As a former PM, the lady must know what she's talking about.
Let's hope so.
But it was lovely seeing you again.
Good evening.
Good evening, Svend Åge.
Good evening, Yvonne.
- Hi, Carsten.
- Hi, Ulrik.
- There? - No, no, no.
I always stand third from the right.
Yvonne? This year we are not using the classic right-left set up.
Lindenkrone, Svend Åge, Birgitte Nyborg, Kruse, Hesselboe, Thorsen.
Yvonne, Carsten Bjerre.
That's not what we agreed.
You'll have to change it.
That won't happen.
Tell her no, Ulrik.
You're looking fabulous.
Really! So I'd like you right over there.
That was trashy, Ulrik, but it worked.
You're very warm, Birgitte.
- Did you run all the way here? - No.
Have you still got that no-shine cream? So you haven't forgot about that? Me? I never sweat! I've got a new kind.
It's fantastic.
I'll go and get it.
You are feeling okay, right? Yes, thanks.
This stuff is amazing.
You could work out for an hour and nobody would notice.
It's not right! We can't stand - Look at Saltum! - Svend Åge! What's he doing with that lectern! Put it down! It's fine where it is.
- I can't see anyone! - But we can see you.
That's what counts.
TAKE ONE TABLE You'll be standing in a straight line.
I hope that works.
Of course.
- Hi, Birgitte.
- Hi, Torben.
- Hi, Birgitte.
- Hi, Ulrik.
- Where do I go? - Right there.
Quiet please! Thank you.
We're almost ready.
Ten seconds, Ulrik.
I just want to follow the battle.
Six five four Three - You can sit there.
- Two One and go ahead Ulrik.
Welcome to TV1's party leader debate.
Firstly, how unified is the opposition? Are you as unified as you'd like to believe? Anne Sophie Lindenkrone, what have you got in common with Nyborg? Magnus, Mom's on! - I'll just finish this game.
- There is candy! more than I'll ever have with Hesselboe.
And Birgitte Nyborg.
Can you confirm your unalloyed loyalty to the opposition? Our candidate for PM is also Hans Christian Thorsen.
That's a really great arrangement.
Works brilliantly.
Three on Carsten Bjerre, please.
Carsten Bjerre for a quick comment? Hesselboe, if we continue to delay on CO2 quotas one day there won't be anyone left to delay for.
But who is to finance them, Carsten? Be so kind as to tell the electorate.
Birgitte Nyborg.
The right hang their ethics and principles in the hallway every single time the housekeeping budget is affected.
- Agreed! - Principles? New Democrat economic policy has a consistent green profile.
We want to improve competitiveness too.
But you can't delay environmental taxes just because of the crisis.
We want to hear about the arithmetic, please.
Camera four.
I have seen you all.
Birgitte Nyborg? Denmark's competitiveness will be improved if we can sell our products cheaper abroad.
How is that connected with higher green taxes? You are oversimplifying.
We in the New Democrats believe the electorate will stand together to ensure a more sustainable world for our children, and Excuse me! This is not about standing together.
You will increase the costs of production.
How is industry to be compensated? Let her answer.
Camera two.
Birgitte Nyborg? Green products automatically command higher prices.
In the West the critical political consumer is a major component So industry should compensate for green taxes by putting its prices up? It's not that simple, but it's a bit too complicated to explain all the variables here Ulrik, take charge.
You've just told us that you are not scared of complicated issues.
Please tell us how competitiveness is improved by higher prices? Yes, but aren't there other important issues in this election? - A tax reform - I'll do my job, you do yours.
I am the moderator.
I choose the subjects, you answer the questions.
Quite right, Ulrik.
That sounds very fair.
I'll try to do my job, then.
An excellent question by the way.
Naturally revenues from green taxes will not merely benefit the treasury.
They will enable necessary investment in infrastructure which we will need to put the crises behind us.
Right now thousands of managers and company owners have just learned they'll have to pay increased environmental charges.
We're talking billions.
Please explain how they can become more competitive if producing their goods becomes more costly? - Millions will come back to them.
- Millions or billions? Billions, of course.
Millions or billions? It isn't just a tiny detail.
Let me remind you that this is an election.
We don't want Svend Åge Saltum to say this is culture radical chat.
I'll happily say that.
She seems very unsure of herself.
So, Birgitte Nyborg show us the math.
I am sure our viewers and Danish industry all want to see them.
The exact calculation of green taxes is not that simple.
No, they are complicated.
But now is your chance.
Please show us.
- Camera four.
- No! We can't do this.
Torben! Let her answer the question.
Camera two.
We're all waiting.
Naturally we are not going to reduce competitiveness without compensating industry.
We'll do so via a transparent tariff system - It sounds opaque to me.
- Can we get a word in? We'll get to you in a moment.
We're waiting Birgitte Nyborg.
There must be others who would like to say something.
I can't take up all the time.
She's been tortured enough.
Let's move on, Torben.
This is not okay, Torben.
- Move on.
- Come on, move on! Nyborg is not the only one who'll be made to sweat tonight.
I have seen you, Lindenkrone.
Lars Hesselboe? I'd like to comment on Birgitte Nyborg's words I do not believe - Camera one.
- that the challenges Stand by continuity.
It's a start.
I think we scored some important points and Yes, I did tread water a bit, but that's how it is.
- Birgitte.
- It's been a long day.
We'll discuss it tomorrow.
It could be a little tighter but I think it was super cool to have them in one long line.
What brings you here? I hear our head of programming was in this room during the broadcast.
And that he dictated editorial decisions.
No, he did not.
Alex is new.
It was fair to let him watch.
Parts of the debate were completely below the belt.
We now demean people like that? Stop it, Hanne.
She's a former prime minister not a new girl in class.
Or shouldn't she be challenged? That was as much public service as pulling the wings off a fly and watching it crawl around.
I don't understand how you can defend this, Torben.
I don't see how someone with your experience, Pia, could direct like that! I don't agree with you.
A completely unprepared senior politician breaks down on air.
Emotion, drama, it's great TV.
It's in bad taste.
That's what it is.
Maybe we went a bit far.
What the hell.
That happens.
But we have set the political agenda for tomorrow.
We should be proud of it.
I am, at any rate.
Well done.
Sleep on it.
We'll discuss it tomorrow.
See you.
Pia Hanne is absolutely right.
If that's how you and Alex want it, do it yourself.
I'm sorry.
You didn't even open the candy.
Are you done in there? Is Magnus asleep? Yes.
Mum, I turned it off.
It can get a bit dull, the economics stuff.
What's the matter? Why don't we ever talk? We do talk! - You don't talk to me.
- Darling, I do.
I should have made sure she listened to you and was properly prepared.
The first day and my party leader gets blown to smithereens in front of a million viewers.
I have no idea what to do.
Next time she had better be a bit more specific.
Of course.
But We showed that we couldn't provide a clear economic policy.
But I can.
I just told the university not to count on me for the next three weeks.
But why? I don't know.
I must love lost causes.
Hmm? I was a communist, after all.
See you tomorrow.
Morning, darling.
- Good morning.
- I have I made breakfast.
But I have just had an apple.
What Please sit down.
- Sure.
- Magnus, are you nearly ready? - Yeah.
- Look, I made breakfast.
- Okay.
I have got to get to school.
- Yeah.
You can miss first class today.
There is something I ought to have told you ages ago.
Uh I just couldn't.
And And it upsets me because I don't like keeping secrets from you.
But now I have to say it.
CELL CHANGES, PRE-CANCEROUS, MEDICINE, NEXT COUPLE OF WEEKS The doctors found some cell changes in one of my breasts.
It turned out to be precancerous.
Um, they have removed it.
Magnus, they have taken it away, the dangerous bit.
But I haven't been going to the gym in the morning these past weeks.
Actually, I have been having radiation therapy at the hospital.
So they can get everything.
And I'm still getting treated.
It means that I am not sick.
But I am also not in top form, either.
I am not particularly I am tired.
Sometimes very, very tired.
And I know you've been able to tell.
Baby Hey But it's gone.
But it is gone, yes.
And it'll all be completely fine.
BORGEN is a work of fiction inspired by real events.
The series references historical figures and events in Danish politics prior to 1982.

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