Borgen (2010) s03e08 Episode Script

Season 3, Episode 8

1 call a general election to take place on November 8th.
I might just sleep at the office.
You come home to sleep, even if it is just for ten minutes.
Have a chat with Pia.
I've noticed you two really get along.
I haven't mentioned it to anyone.
Can you help Birgitte tomorrow before she goes on TV1? You don't have cancer, but you have precancerous cells.
I need medicine that can keep me on my feet 15 to 16 hours a day.
That's the very minimum in an election campaign.
Millions or billions? Birgitte Nyborg, it's not a minor detail.
This is an election campaign.
A completely unprepared senior politician breaks down on air.
It's great TV! It's been a long day.
"Know well what leads you forward and what hold you back, and choose the path that leads to wisdom.
" Can we patch this up at all? Look! BIRGITTE NYBORG IN FREE FALL Page after page after page! We can't.
And they write - It's obscene.
- Yes.
- But it's - It's a swamp.
I know things look bleak.
Hello, friends.
Of course they are being hard on her.
She's a party chairman.
She's a former PM.
They show no mercy if she's less than brilliant.
That being said, we must tell a new story.
New story? There isn't one.
The story is that she lost it.
Good morning.
There is something I want to talk to you about.
I would prefer that only the leadership participates in the meeting, so please step outside.
I have had surgery for precancerous tissue in one breast.
I am now undergoing radiation therapy, with ten days to go until hopefully declare me fit.
I hope you understand why I have not told anyone.
But yesterday tells me it is no use pretending it hasn't affected me.
You have all had to struggle with the results, especially Katrine.
I will have to cut back a bit.
I promise I won't take on more than I can manage.
We have to talk about how we're going to present this to the media I was thinking that we shouldn't involve the press, but rather keep it in this closed circle.
I doubt if we can keep it secret.
You'll get loads of understanding and sympathy.
We'll miss out on that if you keep it secret.
I don't intend to go for the sympathy vote.
It would serve as a good explanation for last night.
I know, but I'd really rather keep it between us.
I'm not dead.
"YOU HAVE A STANCE" Something wrong? What time did you get home? 2:00 or 3:00 a.
4:00 a.
You had a shower and buried your shirt at the bottom of the basket.
I had been at work all day.
I was sweating.
It smelled like Did you sleep with someone? No, Karoline.
Have you, Torben? No, I mean, I Damn it.
It just happened.
Karoline - Just a one night stand.
- Who is she? I can't even remember her name.
An assistant.
It's You don't know her.
- I'm sorry, it was a mistake.
- A mistake? I am sorry, darling, I've got to go.
- Don't go! - We'll discuss it tonight.
Torben! Torben! Okay, I just love the front page of Berlingske! "Ruthless debate.
" Whoo! Bravo! What's going on? We're front page news, Torben! Come here.
Our ratings are going through the roof.
We've set a new bar for politics on TV.
At floor level.
We're looking behind the facade of politics.
We will show them triumph, we'll show them fall, and we'll show them rise again.
That's how we'll win this election.
See you, Alex.
We've been found out.
- What? - Yes.
Karoline knows.
She asked directly I said it was just once.
She doesn't know it's you.
You don't have to say anything.
But Hi! Torben.
It'd be nice to know what we're doing next.
We need to have a chat about the party presentation videos.
Top politicians are under immense pressure during an election.
Even Birgitte Nyborg can have an off day.
That's all there is to it.
She isn't the only member of the party, you know.
Jon Berthelsen is proposing a tax reform EXPRESS KNOWS THAT BIRGITTE IS ILL It's out.
Kåre Søndergaard from Express left a message.
I haven't called back.
We've one chance to control this.
We need to tell the story ourselves.
Use one medium: TV.
TV2 does emotional best.
And they're a good choice what with my past job at TV1.
It'll be brief, matter-of-fact, and unsentimental.
And then we return to talking politics.
For the next 24 hours you are going to be talking about your illness.
It's the biggest personal story of the whole election.
We'll shoot it here.
You are at work.
You are not ill.
You are professional.
Who will you give it to? Dorte Brix.
She is Denmark's darling.
They love her in Jutland.
And she honors agreements.
No questions about her family.
Only questions about Birgitte.
Sure, that is fine.
- Have you got everything you need? - Yes.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Jon, Sejrø, and Nete are reviewing our previous ideas on the economy.
We'll need to appear extra informed now.
Everything must be fully accounted for.
I'll see too that.
Okay? Of course.
- Ready? - Yeah.
- Thank you for giving us time.
- Of course.
Breast cancer is very serious.
It must have been a shock? I must stress that I got off lightly.
BIRGITTE NYBORG TALKING ABOUT HER CANCER Thousands of Danish women get it a year, many far worse than me.
Do you have a message for Danish women who get breast cancer? I have personally now certainly come to appreciate the importance of I HAVE CALLED 8 TIMES.
the treatment guarantees my government enacted.
The papers have been hard on your performance last night Why are we not doing that? Huh? Why do the New Democrats choose TV2 for this and not us? We're in the middle of an election.
Get your acts together! I think they understand where I'm coming from now.
I am feeling fine.
I am receiving treatment.
I am working alongside my talented fellow party members.
My illness is irrelevant in term of the election; from now on it's all politics.
- Hi! - Hi, Mom! - Hi, darling! - Hi.
Have you missed me? No.
Who sent all these flowers? All kinds of fools who care for you.
Fools like me.
Thank you.
Jeremy is trying to reach you.
He actually messaged me on Facebook asking you to call him back.
Okay, super, I'll call him in a moment.
Laura, I just I need a word with Mom.
If you need me to take the kids, just say so.
I am mainly worried about Magnus.
He is afraid of losing you.
Tell him he is not going to.
He'll believe it coming from you.
Sure, will do.
And remember to take care of yourself.
I am.
- I want you to - I'll survive.
- They are beautiful.
- They are.
Call that boyfriend of yours.
Sure What? How do I make him understand he needs to keep his distance? Why? I can't take any more people being worried about me.
There is an election going on and he is fantastic but I don't have enough hours in the day to be a mediocre girlfriend, a mediocre mom, and fight an election.
Good thing I'm not your boyfriend! It is incredibly courageous of Birgitte Nyborg to go public and talk so frankly about her illness.
Is she fishing for votes? No, it's far too serious for that.
- Have a good day! - Bye! Is it tactics, announcing her illness? Is it spin? No.
Cancer is too serious for that.
I don't believe it was a one-night stand.
It's been going on longer.
On August 24th when you went away on that leadership seminar You seem to be the only one who went.
I phoned your secretary and she said it never even took place.
Tell me who she is.
Who is she? Who is she, Torben? - Tell me! - Pia.
Your editorial secretary, Pia? Fire her.
- I can't, not just like that.
- Have her transferred.
- I can't! - You can't work with her all day.
Yeah, okay, I'll transfer her.
As you know we'll be going live tomorrow at 8:00.
You get a few minutes of introduction.
Then we'll run the election videos.
Finally, you'll be given five to 10 minutes of discussion depending on how long we spend on the videos.
Oh, there you are? Any comments as regards the running order? Right.
Anything else? It'd be nice if our video could be discussed with a different tone from the usual.
What tone might that be? That know-it-all Copenhagen-centric irony applied to everything the Freedom Party stands for.
Can you drop that? I expect the video will include wheat fields and Danish flags.
You get it! Should we talk about why it so narrow-minded? You don't exactly represent the masses yourself, do you? Denmark's most popular presenter.
Designer shirt, iPad and take-out coffee rather than the in-house coffee.
Gosh! You've been saving all that up? Uh, Svend Åge.
I understand your video isn't quite ready yet.
We need to review it.
I am meeting Thorsen and Carsten Bjerre to decide on a joint position.
We won't get all we're hoping for, but we must have something to put on the negotiating table.
- Got anything for me? - Yes.
Not closing small schools? How do we fund them? Long term it'll pay for itself.
The costs of keeping small schools open is nothing compared to the revenue it generates locally - because people don't move away.
- Great.
Anything else? And we are insisting on keeping special needs classes rather than forcing kids into normal classes and saving on teachers and calling it "inclusion".
We need a rally in Copenhagen in a few day's time.
With a united opposition we must show that we are an independent party.
- Good idea.
- In light of the positive press coverage we should pick a big venue.
- That won't be an issue for us.
- Yeah.
Am I late? No, no, not at all.
We decided to make good use of the time and had a little chat.
- We were sorry to hear you were ill.
- Thanks.
Labour and the Greens offer our condol - We're sorry.
- Great.
Have a seat.
Did you read my proposal? Yes, we have.
But the joint manifesto has already been settled.
What? We're confident you'll agree to it when you're read it.
OUR DENMARK "Our Denmark.
" What's all this? Our vision for Danish society.
How long have you been working on this? We're not even mentioned.
I won't add you until you have had a chance to read it, Birgitte.
But I want to stress that it is not open to negotiation.
It's no secret that the Greens and the Labour Party have always been close.
So obviously it's self-evident that overall opposition policy arises from that fellowship.
We see the New Democrats as an important part of the new government.
I expect to see you at the press conference tomorrow.
We must present a united front.
A united front? When you have decided on all the policy issues in advance under a title my people will find hard enough to swallow as it is? "Our Denmark" is great! No! The New Democrats have to make our mark before we can approve anything.
Birgitte, we know you are having a very hard time.
You have a lot to contend with.
Your performance on TV the other night had consequences.
We feel it will be best for everyone if you take a back seat for a while.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- Is Dan around? - He's at lunch.
Karoline knows it's you.
I mean, she knows it's us.
She's completely losing it.
She can't stand us working so closely together Stop, stop, stop.
Torben, stop.
Why are you telling me this? Because I am hoping you'll understand my decision to transfer you to the documentary unit.
- The documentary unit? - Temporarily, of course.
What am I meant to do there? Sorry, but I can't go home unless I transfer you.
I don't know what to say.
You don't have to say anything.
Not a word about education.
It's an old school socialist manifesto.
- Søren, what do you think? - The worst thing is that it won't work.
Every single one of these proposals were analyzed by the labor market commission I sat on.
We couldn't recommend any of them.
They simply aren't effective.
- Can you be more specific? - Sure.
For example, the millionaire tax.
Sounds great, right? But there is no real revenue in it.
And it's a damaging signal to anyone wanting to start a business.
I agree.
Is there any possibility of us changing anything? Include our education proposals? Thorsen says take it or leave it.
I don't think I can vote for this.
It'd be media suicide to break ranks with the opposition.
It'd be suicide in any case, wouldn't it? But with this presidential election idea, we have to back someone.
We should consider backing Hesselboe.
And promise to prop up the Moderates? We'd no longer be a party.
By backing Thorsen we still have a reason for existence.
Tomorrow, we'll say we agree with the joint project.
And then try to get as many of our own views out there as possible.
And that sound bite during the intro? Yeah.
There he is! You're late! There is an election on.
I'll see you tomorrow.
The video is finished.
You're all dolled up.
I've just been to a rally at this fancy school.
Benedikte, may I ask you a question? Stays between us, all right? How much do you play on your appearance? About as much as you, I should think.
Yes? I can't spend more time on that right now.
Let's talk later.
That's good.
- Let's look at the video.
- Yeah.
Wheat fields.
I knew it.
Just for you.
All of it.
- You are very insistent, aren't you? - And you are very alluring.
Be nice to me in the studio.
Otherwise I might not be able to do this.
Oh, fuck! Just a moment, just a moment.
Yes? Hi.
It is simply old-fashioned.
I can't really defend it That's how it is.
I put out a feeler to the Liberals.
They know some of us want to be in the government after the election.
He must simply not be allowed to gather all his old supporters.
Yes, of course it will be nasty, but Saltum uses the same methods.
What are you doing? Ask Torben.
Did you transfer Pia? Uh, documentary needs help.
During an election? It sometimes helps to put pressure on new people like Lise.
Pia has all the important shows.
You can't shove them all onto Lise.
- Of course not.
Tom will be helping.
- Tom? "I have been on web content since my heart attack" Tom? If you remove our best director, we'll have to talk to the bosses.
Pia, Pia.
We need to talk.
I don't know what came into me.
You aren't going to documentaries.
Stay with us.
We can't do without you.
Okay? Sorry.
- Nice to see you.
- Same to you.
Hans Christian.
Today the opposition presents its joint manifesto, "Our Denmark".
Our vision for a Denmark based on welfare, fair distribution of resources, and solidarity.
Please save your questions for the end.
First of all, Carsten Bjerre and I will go over the booklet point by point.
Thank you, Hans Christian.
A Denmark of solidarity, a future-proof Denmark, our Denmark.
Thank you.
Were all the policies drawn up by the Greens and the Labour Party? And agreed on with the New Democrats.
Can Birgitte confirm that? Naturally.
So you support the millionaire tax you have hitherto opposed? Yes.
Cooperation requires compromise and sacrifices.
But as a party we have independent measures on other areas such as education Today we are gathered here to present the opposition's joint vision and not each party's own.
Are there any New Democrat fingerprints on any of this manifesto? Birgitte Nyborg has had enough on her plate recently.
We fully sympathize.
The party has signed up under the opposition flag and declared its unequivocal support for me as its leader.
Can Birgitte Nyborg confirm that? Yes.
We can't give up now.
We must put our own policies across.
Which nobody wants to hear about.
But the battle is not lost.
Is it, Nete? - No.
- No! We started with Nescafe and a white board and got this far.
We're not done yet! Perhaps we should book a smaller venue for the rally.
- Or it could be embarrassing.
- I'll see to it.
But If we are going to break through in the media we will have to make use of all the press contacts we've got.
I'll call TV1, of course.
Erik, you Well, I know the editor of Radio 1, Zealand, an old school chum.
And the papers Jon, you have a friend at Politiken? Super.
And Nete? Yeah, I'll come up with someone.
Um We'll brief them that we're announcing new measures tomorrow.
Okay? Hi, Bjørn! I actually got a hold of you.
No, it's about a paper - Hi, sweetie.
- Hi, Hanne, I have a good story for you.
It better be good.
Torben is extremely disappointed that you gave Birgitte's illness to TV2.
Yes, but now you're getting this.
New Democrats have an education reform.
We want to bring back village schools.
- Just mail us the proposal.
- I'd like to set up an interview.
Nete and maybe Birgitte.
But only to talk politics.
We're concentrating on "Our Denmark" as the top story.
"Our Denmark" has nothing on education.
We do.
That's our proposal.
You know how it is.
You're a tiny party.
We prefer to talk to the big ones.
Sorry, but that's how it is.
See you.
It's just not right! Chill, Nete.
Let's try a bit of optimism! We can't all find an exciting new media job if this thing goes down the tubes, can we? No, I'm sorry.
Truly, I'm sorry.
What are you doing here? Laura let me in.
But I told you I can't see you while I am campaigning.
It's just not possible.
You can't see me? Are you completely crazy? You tell me you've had, in secrecy, an operation for cancer and you expect me to stay away from you? I can't do that, I am afraid.
I am in love with you.
I know you have a busy schedule, I know you don't have time for anything but I don't care.
You just take all the time you need.
Do what you have to do.
And when you get home I'll be here, okay? On November 8th, you will decide whether to preserve Denmark.
It is still your Denmark.
It is still up to you.
FREEDOM PARTY WE TAKE CARE OF DENMARK Saltum, is it always summer and billowing wheat fields when you close your eyes? The Freedom party focuses on what's fine and beautiful about Denmark.
It's what we love.
Those are the values we cherish and protect.
That sounds great, but when will your party join the government? Don't you want to participate in making the decisions? Under my leadership the Freedom Party has grown slowly but surely for the last ten years.
We've supported the Hesselboe government.
We have left our mark in every single political area.
Benedikte Nedergaard, what does the younger wing of the party say? Daddy knows best? We have always spoken frankly Could the Freedom Party help form a government? Where did that come from? I don't rule out that the Freedom Party will one day form part of the government.
That is what politics is about.
Isn't it a problem when the chairman doesn't want to be in government but the deputy chair really wants to? Benedikte Nedergaard is entitled to her opinions.
But it's the chairman who decides the party line.
Three stay on Saltum.
And his name is Svend Åge Saltum.
That's settled then.
Yes, the Freedom Party is still one big happy family.
Thank you for joining us.
Ulrik, where did that come from? Hey, what was that? What are you up to? What do you know? Who have you talked to? That's a very good question.
Did you eavesdrop on my phone call? That is unconscionable.
As unconscionable as seducing me so I'd go gently on you.
You are an asshole.
An asshole who does his job.
Now? Yes.
- Good morning, Birgitte.
- Fresh polls? Yes.
They're not very good.
We're being punished for being a small party and for selling out.
At least the press is now mauling the Freedom Party.
The Moderates are presenting a proposal on education on TV1.
- Now? - Yes! It costs more money to shut small schools than to keep them open.
What about local communities? They lose their economic base whenever a small school closes.
We will stop cutbacks in the name of "inclusion", too.
The Moderates want to make sure kids with special needs have special needs classes with teachers who are experts in the area.
There is no doubt that will They're stolen our proposal.
It's theft.
You can't copyright policies, but that's quite the coincidence.
- How could this have happened? - I don't understand it.
I know the Moderates have always been very progressive in this area, and most of us are former members, but still.
It was our proposal almost word for word.
Well, now we have to distance ourselves from Kruse.
Can you get me onto a debate with him? Preferably on live TV.
So I can shove our views in his face.
TV1 will put Birgitte and Kruse on tonight.
Funnily enough because they think we dropped our education idea because it was too close to the Moderates, but the angle is "Is there room for both parties"? Perfect! We must emphasize areas where we are farthest from the Moderates.
What do we have? Stay away from integration.
It's a loser.
- Yes.
- I agree.
Then there's energy? Kruse has tied himself to the government's lack of vision there.
We can use that.
Wind power, we have an idea for a research center.
Wind power is something Kruse has always written off as too costly.
The electorate is having difficulty telling the New Democrats and the Moderates apart.
Both party leaders are here.
Birgitte Nyborg, do you understand the voters who can't choose between you? Kruse says the Moderates are a party that will back Hesselboe.
And? Can you elaborate? When I was the Moderates chairman we had an ambitious green profile.
Kruse tows Hesselboe's line, which is hardly ambitious.
Kruse, don't you have any environmental ambitions? Of course I have.
The Moderates want more wind energy.
We will suggest that much of our power should come from sustainable sources.
Interesting point, Jacob.
You have consistently voted against wind power as too costly.
We want to reduce those costs.
We will set up a research center for wind power.
It will set the standard and make investing in wind power attractive.
Thank you.
I expect we'll be hearing more.
But in terms of energy perhaps the two parties are not far apart.
Get this off me.
Somebody is leaking our material to the Moderates.
People are in and out of our offices all the time.
It can't be them.
The latest papers were only available to the party leadership.
It could be us two.
Erik or Jon.
Nadia is hardly ever there.
Ravn hasn't got full access.
He wasn't there when we discussed it.
- Sejrø.
- Never.
It's inconceivable.
It's beyond him.
Disloyalty is the only thing I absolutely cannot tolerate.
We have to stop this.
I must question all of them.
One by one.
- You can't.
- I have to.
You are party chair.
They mustn't feel you ever suspected them.
I'll do it.
You may need help from somebody with nothing at stake.
Polls show the electorate is punishing Birgitte Nyborg and her party for their practically invisible role as part of the opposition.
This according to a new poll following the opposition's big press conference yesterday.
I seem to be stuck in an opposition I don't believe in anymore.
So it's We're dying as a party and I have to do something radical, something to break this deadlock.
- If it's not too late.
- If it's not too late? Excuse me, but didn't practically win the people on the night before the election - when you became PM.
- Yes, but that was another time and different circumstances.
Yeah, but I'm just saying you gave your best speech ever.
You did the complete opposite of what was expected of you.
Perhaps that is what you need to do now.
Good morning.
Birgitte, what is going on? If we begin to doubt each other the party will be devoured from within.
Bent, sit down.
There are secretaries and campaign staff out there that mustn't hear this.
Information is flowing from our innermost circles to the Moderates.
We must find the culprit.
It must be Jon, Erik, or Nete.
Kruse will speak before Birgitte in the panel debate tonight.
Ravn and I will brief the three on what Birgitte's going to stress.
But each briefing will be different and then we'll see which briefing Kruse draws on.
Brief them on their specialties.
It'll arouse least suspicion.
Good idea.
Nete, integration, Jon the tax moratorium and Erik, justice.
Make sure they're all assembled here before I go on TV.
The little hall has been booked.
We'll have to use the big one - Can't we cancel? - We've already announced it.
The media would love it if it was leaked that we can fill our own hall.
We need to find some more people.
There is another matter.
I haven't had a wink of sleep.
I've been thinking.
Those of us who founded this party staked everything.
It mustn't go to waste.
I am afraid that unless we do something drastic we won't make it.
But I believe I have figured out what to do.
I want to share this with you before anyone else sees it.
Please read it.
This could finish us.
Better that than fading away.
Of course, I have to inform everyone who matters.
If this leaks, we are dead.
We'll use two presenters tonight, Ulrik and Hanne to get more flexibility.
After the panel debate Ulrik and I will sum up.
- The intro will be on the teleprompter.
- What a cushy job! - What? - You just have to read aloud! - And think of the salary! - I am green with envy.
Pia, I thought you'd been transferred.
Pardon me, but it's because Torben has had a little affair with Pia.
I have repeatedly asked for them not to work together but it hasn't happened.
Uh, Karo, can we talk in my office? I can't transfer her.
I tried.
The others tore my head off.
I had to take her back.
But it's over.
I would like the house key.
Why? You can stay and sleep here.
Without your family bothering you.
Torben, give me the key.
Give me the key, Torben.
- What about the kids? - You've never shown any interest.
Why begin now? So we're going to launch a proposal on justice tonight.
The age of criminal responsibility should be changed back to 15.
Of course.
Fourteen year olds are still children.
- Is there something wrong? - No, that's all.
- I've talked to Erik and Nete.
- I've talked to Jon.
This is not exactly pleasant.
I know.
But we'll all meet here tonight.
When people are back at the office.
How do we know the culprit will go straight to Kruse? We don't.
I am pleased you're here.
It's a great help to the party.
Want to come out for a smoke? I've given up, unfortunately.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- I thought you might need it.
- Thank you.
We've had no clues yet.
- Just give me a signal.
- I will.
Birgitte will be joining us shortly.
I have asked the campaign staff to go outside.
We need to talk about an extremely dangerous situation.
Someone's passing our ideas and plans on to the Moderates.
It is destroying our campaign.
And the mole must be one of the people in this room.
These past few days all our internal political discussions are getting to Kruse.
Our slogans are being snatched by the Moderates and our rallies are being sabotaged.
We all have friends among the Moderates.
We share many views.
We are way beyond coincidence.
One of us, you say? There is another reason we're here.
Birgitte has also made a vital decision on our political line.
It's You, the leadership, have to be informed before we announce it.
But we can't begin to discuss it until we've agreed some ground rules.
So you're telling us to keep our traps shut.
Please give me your mobile phones.
Seriously, on! What the hell? Do not leave this room until the party leader debate is over.
How nice to feel like a grown-up! I am not giving up my phone.
I'm sorry.
It's the only way we can prevent a leak.
Do you agree? Thank you.
- Good evening.
- Good evening.
Let me start by saying that we have a viable party.
We have professional communications, competent candidates, sustainable policies, and people who can promote them.
Yet it is as if all this is of no real use.
We are stuck.
So I hope you'll support me in what I intend to do next.
It's about our right to exist and our survival as a party.
Ulrik, can I stand beside Lindenkrone? Come with me, Carsten.
You've got a lovely spot.
Ladies and gentlemen, take your places.
Yeah? We'll ask for a new glass for you in a moment Week two of the election campaign and the tension is growing.
Who is the next prime minister of Denmark? Hans Christian Thorsen or Lars Hesselboe? The reds are catching up with the blues but Hesselboe is still solid.
But he will be challenged on tonight's program.
Welcome to the party leader debate.
I'd very much like it if I didn't have to talk all night about the so-called rebellion against the party leader in the Freedom Party.
Thank you.
Jakob Kruse? How do the Moderates intend to set the agenda? You seem keen to distance yourself from the New Democrats.
The Moderates will do as we've always done.
We will do what our voters have asked us to do.
I would like to point out One major reason for the foundation of the New Democrats was to make us look as if we are against integration.
It's a trifle tiring.
Let's dispel such misunderstandings right away.
The Moderates are preparing several measures in the integration area This is absurd.
I'd like to It's definitely something we'll get back to, Jacob Kruse.
Lars Hesselboe, I have seen you.
But I'd like to put the ball in your court, Birgitte Nyborg.
Why even have the New Democrats when the Moderates are open to negotiation on integration? Yes, Ulrik.
As Jacob Kruse has said that a vote for the Moderates is a vote for Lars Hesselboe, we are definitely needed.
Of course you might also ask if a vote for the New Democrats is just a vote for Thorsen.
The opposition has counted on us without giving us any influence on the proposed policies.
As a party we can't live with that.
We hereby disassociate ourselves from the bloc politics we've seen so far.
- Whoa.
What? - Camera two.
Stay with her.
The New Democrats are no longer part of the united opposition.
We are no longer backing Thorsen for PM.
Who are you going to back? - Nobody.
- Yourselves? We will cooperate with whoever can help us promote our policies.
But people won't know who they're voting for if they vote for you.
We do have a multi-party system in this country, Ulrik.
A vote for the New Democrats is a vote for the New Democrats.
Keep asking her.
You can't not back someone, Birgitte Nyborg! You bet I can! Last week you let me keep things complicated.
This week you must let me keep things simple.
Right? The New Democrats will pursue New Democrat policies, not other people's.
Can I interject? Lots of comments.
Lars Hesselboe, a short comment? How interesting to learn Nyborg no longer backs Thorsen.
I just want to say Were you afraid we'd lose? How dare you? Do you realize what you've done? Bent.
Nete, sit down.
Please stay here with me.
Birgitte wants to talk to you.
She is on her way.
You'll do the intro there And we'll turn to three.
- Yeah.
And then you take over.
- Yes.
- On camera three.
- Great.
- A word? - Sure.
That was one cool program.
Nyborg's bid to go it alone will be front page news again.
- Thanks.
- Well done.
- We liked it too.
- Great.
One other thing - We're about to go on air.
- I hear your wife dropped by.
You promised me the affair was over a long time ago.
Your little affair is affecting your work.
Way beyond what I can accept.
- Alex, I can explain.
- No need.
- Five seconds.
- Sort out your life.
Five seconds.
And give us a fantastic show.
And go! Go ahead! Good evening and welcome to Your Vote.
We've got the party leader debate covered with lots of analysis and a look at how the parties stand as we enter week three.
Welcome, Torben, our political editor.
ULRIK: THANK YOU, TORBEN Thank you, Torben.
You have always been my hero.
Do you know that? I am your biggest fan.
At that press conference with Thorsen you were so compliant.
You just conceded.
You did as you were told.
You were weak.
You were not Birgitte.
You had lost your touch.
Was it you who contacted Kruse? I always did like him.
He phoned me after the press conference.
A hand reaching out before the ship goes down? What did he offer you? A return to the party? A cabinet post at the right time? I want to make a difference.
For who, Nete? Mainly for yourself, I fear.
In politics, the things that really matter take time.
I hope you will see that one day.
You are through with this party.
I thought you quit? You have a stance Aren't you starving? In that room is a candidate who is no longer part of the party.
So I'll be spending the next few hours canceling agreements and debates.
We have an event tomorrow in a hall that is far too large.
We haven't enough bums to fill the seats.
It's going to be embarrassing and it is my fault, so You need to eat.
Come on.
And now anything could happen.
Cue outro.
And with that point made by Torben Friis we say thank you for joining us.
Thank you, Torben.
Thank you, Ulrik.
And outro start.
What the hell are you doing? Were you trying to make a fool of me? Torben, are you okay? - Torben? - Yes? Easy now.
Torben? - I'm sorry - Relax.
I can't Birgitte Nyborg's withdrawal of backing for Thorsen is front page news today Birgitte Nyborg has made the right move This morning's poll shows that voters have confidence in Birgitte Nyborg.
- Birgitte - Thanks.
It was completely the right move to leave the opposition.
To go it alone.
I wanted to say it yesterday.
We are alone but stronger than ever before.
Have you seen the papers? Katrine, did we get the little hall? - The Moderates still have it.
- They won't need it.
No need to worry about that now.
Yesterday's suit? Sleeping at the office now? - Yes.
- Ambitious.
Thank you.
BORGEN is a work of fiction inspired by real events.
The series references historical figures and events in Danish politics prior to 1982.

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