Borgen (2010) s03e09 Episode Script

Season 3, Episode 9

1 I have had surgery for precancerous tissue in one breast.
I am now undergoing radiation therapy.
Did you sleep with someone? - Who is she, Torben? Tell me! - Pia.
I would like the house key.
- What about the kids? - You've never shown any interest.
Why begin now? I am announcing a general election on 8th November.
We're waiting, Birgitte Nyborg.
Perhaps someone else would like to say something.
I can't My party leader crashed and burned.
How do we rise again? The New Democrats need a visionary economic policy.
We need you to finish the work you started.
I am happy you're back.
Someone is leaking our policies to the Moderates.
You had lost your touch.
You are through with this party.
Unless we do something drastic, we won't make it.
The New Democrats are no longer part of the united opposition.
We are no longer backing Thorsen for PM.
This could finish us.
Better than fading away.
"He who dares, loses his footing for a time.
He who dares not, loses himself.
" A week ago the New Democrats announced they were going it alone rather than supporting one of the candidates for PM.
Many predicted that this was the death knell for the party.
But the latest opinion polls suggest the New Democrats will win five seats.
Congratulations are surely in order, Birgitte Nyborg.
Mission accomplished.
There are still a few days to go so nothing is for certain.
But we are really pleased with the support we are seeing and it does look promising.
- Congratulations on the polls.
- Check your itineraries.
Taxis are due in 20 minutes for those going to Jutland.
Any questions? My friends, we've done damned well.
Let us raise a toast in coffee.
I agree.
It's quite a feat that we managed this despite being on our own.
Cheers! Unfortunately Express hit the nail on the head.
"Same product, different packaging.
" Voters can't tell us and the Moderates apart.
" So we have set up a public meeting with the Moderates to explain the difference between our policies.
Debate between Birgitte and Kruse? No, a peaceful talk.
The Moderates have a new style.
First they steal Nete and our policies - Now they want to be friends - Where is Nete? If you ask me she is bent over a desk receiving Kruse's gratitude.
Thank you, Jon! The media have bought the story that she left for personal reasons.
The bus leaves in two minutes.
Thank you um Søren has prepared a critique of government economic policy for you.
Let's go.
Jon, I'll be with you in a sec.
Jon is right.
And I am going to act on it.
We We're doing well.
With eight days to go the polls are looking good.
Projections are stable.
Six seats projected.
We won't get more than six if we continue like this.
We have to get more.
The true battle is between the Moderates and us.
We need a new strategy.
"SENSE AND FEELING" I'm just writing a prescription for an ointment you can use if you get a rash or irritation after the treatment.
And we'll see you again for a check-up in nine month's time.
So that's it? I am in the clear? Your treatment is over.
There is no sign of the disease.
But you may experience a reaction, - physically and emotionally.
- Sure.
Birgitte, I hope you realize that you have had a shock.
I know I can't tell you to relax.
But do take care of yourself.
We mustn't be too desperate in our efforts to get on TV.
Right, clothes for tonight's debate.
TV2 are running this election debate like a handball game, so be prepared to speak in sound bites, red cards, cheerleaders - Uh, Katrine.
- Yes.
This might not be for me.
- Can't someone take my place? - Like who? - Nadia is the sporty type.
- She's in Arhus.
Erik? Red parties will be in red, blue in blue.
I suggest you wear orange.
Katrine Fønsmark.
Do I have to provide my own hair ribbon? Flip-flops? Resin? Kristian can do Ringkøbing and Erik can do Aarhus.
- Hi.
- Talk to you later.
- Hi, darling.
- You've got some flowers from Jeremy.
And yucky Thai take-away in the fridge.
Magnus bought it.
I have a debate in half an hour.
- Hello.
- Hello, you! How are you? Thank you.
They are so beautiful.
Can you see them? Just a little congratulations from me on finishing your last frigging treatment.
It feels good I have to say.
I'd love to celebrate and dance and I am going to a meeting now, but I'll be back and I thought it would be great if we could, um I really wish you were in the country.
Don't you have a lot bonus miles - so you could take the plane tonight? - Well, I have just received a pretty amazing piece of news myself.
They want my bridge.
Really? - Yes.
- What? Finally! - They said yes? - Yeah.
They said yes.
They said yes.
They want my bridge.
That means I have to go to Helsinki to finish the contracts When? When? Uh, in about 30 seconds.
Really? Now? Okay.
- Can I tell you one thing? - Yes.
- I think you look really beautiful.
- Oh, really? Yeah.
Very beautiful.
I would like to kiss you right now.
- I have to go.
- Okay.
Safe trip.
One thing is for sure.
If you, like the government Have a look at this! give industry carte blanche to use fossil fuels to get us out of the crisis Jon Berthelsen - You are - Jon Bertelsen.
- You are - Jon Bertelsen.
You are time-wasting! I'll give you one more chance to answer a simple question.
Will your tax reform mean tax cuts for the rich? Let me finish describing our Time-wasting! Red ball.
- Have you done your stretches? - That program was a scandal.
It was important for us to show our faces.
What are you reading? Just background.
You are up to something.
You and Birgitte.
What are you trying to say? I hope Nete's deceit hasn't hit us too hard.
Our party used to share everything.
We still do.
Let's hope so.
- Huttelihut! - Thank you.
- Is he a bit peeved? - Not really.
- I enjoyed last night.
- Me too.
- It's getting to be a habit.
- Good or bad one? Good.
Some young people to see you.
Hi! - Emma? What are you doing here? - You're not answering your phone.
Jonas said you were here.
Can I borrow the car? - You called? - Only four or five times.
- This is my daughter Emma.
- Hi, Katrine.
Gracing her old dad with a visit from Stockholm.
Jonas told me about you.
Only good things.
I won't keep you.
Car keys? Yes.
I'll just show you where the car is.
- How long do you need it for? - I need to drop Jonas off - and pick up some stuff.
- Sure.
- Nice to meet you.
- Same to you.
Your new family! Hey, the news! Red bloc has made some headway seven days before the election but the polls put blue well ahead.
The New Democrats are the only party not supporting either side and not saying who they'll back.
But their six seats won't make any difference either way.
If you have any questions, do get in touch.
Mogens Winther.
Magnus? Welcome, Jacob Kruse.
The mood between you and the New Democrats was harsh.
But it's more conciliatory now? We shouldn't confuse the electorate by fighting a party so close to our own.
There are far more important issues at stake.
For example? One example is countering the Freedom Party.
- And a greener approach.
- You have voted against both.
What do you expect from the public meeting? To emphasize the importance of a more centrist approach.
The hypocrisy of the man! I can't watch it! I know.
But what can you do? I am going to beat him.
How will you do that? By attacking the Moderates as a party.
And Kruse in particular.
Good morning.
Rumor has it that the executives are discussing us.
Big changes in News.
Good thing then that I am head of news and not Alex Hjort.
Just until Karoline and I work it out.
Coffee will be ready soon.
Kruse never shows his feelings.
He presents himself as coldly rational.
Almost to the extreme.
Why? He has no feelings? He never appeals to the emotions.
He doesn't respect anyone who does.
Maybe he is afraid of emotion.
Kruse actually has a terrible temper.
When he started in politics he had to fight to control a volatile, touchy, vindictive side to him that he has hardly shown since.
For good reason.
It is not at all endearing.
He simply can't control his temper.
- It has nothing to do with politics.
- But it brings politics down to earth.
- Bold move.
- Bold? Must it resemble a debate from 1964? The bar is so low that nobody wants to watch it.
Everyone I know changed channels.
1 million viewers.
A share of 43.
That's a fifth of the population.
But they rated it poorly.
- So you are right there.
- Nobody managed to talk politics.
Anyone who did got booed off.
What can I say? The ratings are in.
And that's that.
Good morning.
- Morning.
- Did you watch TV2's handball game? I certainly did.
- Do you want my opinion? - Yes.
It was a shambles.
Journalistic trash.
No politics in it at all.
Badly made and nothing to do with public service.
I agree.
But it works.
I can't judge the content.
But our competitors came up with something that has real impact.
- We can't ignore that.
- Our strong point is our credibility.
And that is fine.
But right now our credibility is being challenged by a highly competitive format on TV2.
The executive expects a countermeasure from us.
Are the polls in? - No change.
- We can play safe from now on.
That'll give us 5 or 6 seats in Parliament.
"A job well done.
" But the Moderates and the Freedom Party will take Hesselboe to power.
We'll be the opposition party no one will give the time of day.
Or we can do something else.
We can persuade the electorate that we are the party of the center.
That Kruse has betrayed centrist values, gone all right wing, and may even work with the Freedom Party.
You want to mount an assault on our old party.
I will attack Kruse politically at the public meeting using harsh words.
But we agreed a more conciliatory tone with them? They'll be totally caught off-guard.
My guess is he will lose his cool and act irrationally.
We've got this far by conducting a decent campaign.
It's a huge gamble.
You risked so much by leaving New Right.
We have all staked a lot to get this far.
I suggest we try and win this.
Aim for decisive influence in parliament.
Must it be today? The Moderates' voting record.
I'll call you later.
Hi, Bent.
I'm not sure.
Can I call you when we get back? Yes, if there is time.
I'll call you when I get back.
Hello, Bent.
I hope you know what you're doing.
You know how angry Kruse can get.
His party organization is bigger and better off than ours.
They'll go gunning for you.
Kruse spied on our party and has tried to undermine us.
I know what I am doing.
I want to provoke him.
You risk letting the genie out of the bottle.
Are you ready for that? Let's hear it for the leader of the Moderates, Jacob Kruse! DIALOGUE ACROSS THE CENTER Hi there! That's Kruse's new spin doctor.
And the leader of the New Democrats, Birgitte Nyborg! Hi, Jacob.
Traditionally, in Danish politics the center is what everyone fights for.
But between your parties, all we see is peace and friendship.
There are far greater divisions in the political landscape at present than those between us and the New Democrats.
Do you agree, Birgitte Nyborg? I agree that the Moderates have adopted many of our policies now.
I don't blame them.
Let me ask a more provocative question You could put it this way.
Birgitte Nyborg needed a political comeback.
It wasn't possible as part of the Moderates so she founded the New Democrats with great aplomb.
Jacob Kruse seems to think that you are still a Moderate at heart.
Is that so, Birgitte Nyborg? I wish I could answer "yes", but I can't.
Because the party I belonged to no longer exists.
Under Jacob Kruse's leadership the Moderates are betraying everything the party stood for.
A couple of examples.
This is the Moderate manifesto.
It states that the Moderates work to improve the environment.
As party leader, Kruse has voted for no fewer than eight bills subsidizing heavy polluters or postponing the introduction of CO2 quotas.
So we'd better remove that part of your manifesto.
There you go.
The manifesto also states support for the implementation of human rights.
But Kruse voted with the Freedom Party for the new expulsion act which contravenes the international conventions on human rights, so I think we'd better remove that too.
This isn't what we agreed.
We agreed to talk politics.
This is politics.
The Moderate manifesto states that you work to secure children's rights.
But he voted in favor of putting 14-year-old children in prison.
Another principle bites the dust.
I could keep going.
The most important reasons I became a Moderate are there on the floor.
That's why I started the New Democrats.
Somebody has got to fight for these principles as you no longer want to.
EXPRESS NYBORG DESPERATE Anything wrong? - What does it say? - Nothing.
The Moderates are mad at me.
Listen, both of you.
I was pretty hard on Kruse last night.
There will probably be consequences.
You may read nasty stuff about me.
- Such as? - Personal stuff.
The election is heating up.
They're digging out old stories.
We must be prepared and preferably not even read it.
It's not about you or me.
It's the election and it'll blow over.
Agreed? Good.
Finished? Yes.
Aren't you having anything? I'll have an apple on the way.
You'd better get ready too.
- Good morning - Morning.
So Hi, kids.
Moderate Youth have taken a double page spread.
With a website, nyborgisahypocrite.
It's just the beginning.
But I have stuff on Kruse we can pull out.
Dictatorial, internal mutterings, Kruse's expenses as a commissioner.
That is not kids' stuff.
We'll stick to politics.
Let Kruse wear himself out with personal attacks.
Off we go! Bye.
Don't forget your apple.
Oh, yes, I nearly forgot that.
Have a lovely day.
Bye! Birgitte Nyborg "abused her ministerial chauffeur privileges".
a tactical move to announce her breast cancer as PM she used illegal immigrants to do her gardening We don't comment on personal attacks, but we would like to discuss As PM, Birgitte Nyborg always had an Air Force plane on standby.
Birgitte Nyborg "out of touch with ordinary people" say the Moderates.
- We're in the final phase.
- We certainly are, Ulrik.
What we're seeing now is negative campaigning.
Which is unusual in Denmark.
The Moderates are trying to create negative coverage about Nyborg and the New Democrats.
And the red tops, led by Express, print stuff like this.
NYBORG ABANDONS FAMILY Marriage break-up and her daughter using a private clinic.
- Hi darling.
- Hi.
Goodness I have missed you.
Let's get you out of these clothes.
Birgitte really took a beating after her attack on Kruse! Journalists keep phoning to ask about old stories.
And I tell them only if they pay well.
Of course.
When are you going to retaliate? That's not our line.
Of course not.
So you won't be interested in hearing about young, newly qualified Kruse who got a job at the ministry of trade in 1999, married Mrs.
Kruse and after a liquid lunch crashed his car, also containing his mistress, into a tree With an alcohol level of 1.
3 The girl received minor injuries.
Kruse didn't have a scratch.
He lost his license and received a suspended sentence.
Case closed.
End of story.
Why hasn't this come out before? He's been through several background checks.
There's a five-year limitation.
File is gone.
Unless you know a policeman.
As I do.
I can get you proof if you want.
It's a good one.
It's not our thing.
He's concealing a criminal past.
Birgitte will say no.
Don't tell Birgitte.
You protect your politician by not telling her.
She can't be caught lying.
And you know who to go to this time.
Someone who will protect his source.
Kasper Juul, what do you think Birgitte Nyborg says about this muckraking? She realizes that it is the work of Kruse and the Moderates even though Laugesen and Express are the mouthpiece.
Birgitte Nyborg should answer some of these charges.
The polls are reflecting that many votes are disappointed in her.
The New Democrats are also being praised for talking politics while Kruse The Express.
May I talk to the news desk? One moment.
Or, um Can you just put me through to Martin Krog? - Of course.
- Thanks.
Martin Krog speaking Hello? Hello? Hello? Jacob Kruse, what about the declining support for the New Democrats? It shows that voters don't feel happy about their economic policies.
They've shown that they should have paid more attention in math.
The same old story.
But Torben Friis, what is this really about? Birgitte Nyborg's credibility was seriously undermined - during the first party leader debate.
- On this channel Exactly.
She suddenly lost the plot.
She couldn't describe their policy.
She didn't know the numbers.
Voters don't forget things like that.
It may prove decisive.
Thank you.
- Hello? - Yes I have found out something about Jacob Kruse.
He was convicted of drink driving in 1999 and lost his license.
A woman passenger was injured.
She wasn't his wife.
Is it just me or do I smell Kasper Juul? It can be leaked so it can't be traced back to us.
It's not about who it can be traced back to.
We'd still be morally responsible for the victims.
- See you.
- Bye.
FACTS ABOUT BREAST CANCER You should be asleep! Mind your own business.
Are you playing games again? THREE DAYS UNTIL THE ELECTION - They'll be given millions.
- Millions or billions? It was on YouTube this morning.
104,374 hits.
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
I've seen it, don't worry.
- When do we strike back? - We don't.
That's our strategy.
We are political.
They are personal.
But it works.
We're losing support.
The tide will turn.
We'll win it all back.
They should be concentrating on selling their own policies.
- We're getting far more coverage.
- Negative, a lot of it.
I am just a layman, but surely we need to persuade the average center voter that our economic policy is better than the Moderates.
- Isn't that right? - Yes.
I've been looking at Kruse's latest statements.
I've looked to the tax reform they've announced, there are flaws.
His calculations are extremely optimistic.
The Moderates usually work with leading economists.
I know, but I am pretty sure I am right.
Jon, you're going on the radio and we're going to a rally.
If we're to attack their economic policies we had better be right.
I'll have to do all the calculations if I'm to be more precise.
Are you right? Worth a shot.
Remember, we can't attack them on incomprehensible technicalities.
- The concluding debate? - We've booked the Stock Exchange.
- Great.
- Excellent, Torben.
The Stock Exchange is a bit outmoded.
Are we doing it the usual way? What do you suggest? A boxing ring for Hesselboe and Thorsen? I think it'll be good.
Much sharper than usual Pacier.
What's the problem? Must it be so erudite just because we're TV1? - Have you had Alex on the phone? - I just want to ward off criticism.
ALEX: COME SEE ME I can do some hard-hitting lighting.
- Great idea.
- Lighting? Come on, Torben.
I've heard your opinion.
It's so amazing.
Send me some sketches.
It'll be "fantastico.
" - Nice one.
- See you.
Do you know Lasse and Emil from Development? - No.
- They're awesome It's crazy.
So Torben In regards to the election, you've got to change tack.
We are.
The channel that wins election night wins the election.
We have the concluding debate the day before.
Win the viewers there, and we'll have them the next day.
So it's got to be right on the button.
I think it will be.
We are implementing several production changes and It'll be more acute, much more like an interrogation.
Stop for a minute.
We've already got the viewers who are into politics.
What about the viewers who are not normally into politics? We need to ask: "What is that segment into?" Games.
This is not a game.
It sounds like a political game show.
It shouldn't be below us to entertain people.
We're talking scoreboards.
Flashing lights in the consoles.
Special effects.
The studio audience will use remotes to signal who is winning.
You can't be serious.
Those guys are sharp.
We are already onto the visuals.
You have already started? So anyone can waltz in with a tasteless proposal for how to cover election night? We're not talking bad or good taste.
It's fucking tacky.
- We're talking - It has nothing to do with politics.
It's what works.
I assume that when your staff are told to execute it it will feature TV1's journalistic integrity and credibility.
Is that it? - Torben.
- Yes.
We'd like to do this in close cooperation with the news desk.
So I assume you'll brief your people.
- Hi.
- How long have you got? - How long can you give us? - A couple of hours? Fine.
Bye, Mom Bye.
- Have fun with Daddy, right? - Yes.
How about a walk along the waterfront? Some hot chocolate? Or a cola if Fancy that? - Okay.
- Let's go, then.
Are you doing well at school? Great.
Why don't you just come home? Because Mommy and me can't seem to get along right now.
And it is my fault, but I am doing my best to get us back together.
Because I love you very much.
And I love Mommy very much.
Do you understand that? Have you ever been on that? - No.
- It's only a zone two fare.
I've never been on it.
You haven't? It sails right past your work.
- Hot chocolate? - Yes.
TWO DAYS UNTIL THE ELECTION Have you seen your other boot? Yes.
I know you're down there.
Then just go! I am not ready yet.
- Damn! - What's up? I'm out of milk and the bread was moldy.
All he's had is fruits rolls and mackerel.
- Still better than what he gets at Dad's.
- It fell down.
- Hi, kiddo.
- Can you take that? - It fell down.
- Has he fallen down? - But you're looking great.
- Ha-ha.
And congratulations.
The polls say the Moderates are slipping.
Thanks for saying Kruse is orchestrating the witch hunt.
It is Kruse.
I saw Kruse with Laugesen yesterday, and the journalist behind the articles.
You didn't use it? Kruse's drunk driving? No.
If it doesn't break tomorrow it'll be too late.
They won't print it on election day.
We're not using it.
I didn't do it for you.
I didn't.
Thanks for looking after Gustav.
I know you're busy.
Not as busy as you.
Oh? Jealous, are we? - Bye, darling.
- It's under the table.
Oh, there it is! My mom will take him tomorrow.
See you.
- Enjoy.
- Thank you.
Hi! Give daddy a hug! Standby for a run-through.
Dolly voiceover action.
The choice is yours.
The last word before judgment day.
They enter simultaneously? Tonight's presenters - Ulrik Mørch and Hanne Holm.
- And Hanne - Eight parties.
- Eight party leaders.
- Who'll win? - And who'll lose? - The choice is yours - When we play The Power Game! For goodness sake.
I look ridiculous.
- I can't walk - Hanne Get the old lady to turn a bit.
Who's that talking? A young chap from Development called Lasse.
Hi there.
Hi there, Lasse from Development, Listen.
I may look like a clapped out Soviet air hostess.
But this old lady is not going to take direction from a film and media studies student.
Shall we move on? Start again from the top.
- See you tomorrow.
- Have a good trip home.
Hi, Laura.
I'm from Express.
Got a moment? - Talk to my mother.
- I want to talk to you.
Did you know your mom jumped the hospital queue because she is a former PM? Women with cancer were forced to wait because of your mom.
- How do you feel about that? - Let me pass.
How do you feel about it? A reporter stopped me downstairs to ask how I feel about my mother queue-jumping.
- Is he still downstairs? - He's gone now.
Mom? It's too late.
They need to leave my children alone.
Damn it! You know how it is.
They can call me a hypocrite, a bad politician, and a bad mom, but they must lay off my children.
It is definitely Kruse's doing.
Run it.
Run what? Get the dossier.
What are we talking about? Kruse was arrested for drunk driving in 1999.
We are thinking of using it against him.
Birgitte, don't do it.
He's gone too far.
It is not politically relevant.
I don't care.
He went for my children.
Hello, you have reached Jeremy Welsh.
Please leave a message.
Hi, it's me.
Uh, I hope Helsinki is treating you nice and And that people are enthusiastic about the bridge.
I am afraid I've gone over to the dark side.
It would be really nice to hear your voice.
I miss you.
So if you get that chance, give me a call.
It's not the SMEC economic indicator model, it's not DREAM.
It's some kind of macroeconomic quackery if you ask me.
Give me a moment.
Just start.
Start! Are you okay? Sure.
Who is that? Some of my students giving me a hand.
I need their help.
- What will they come up with? - Any flaws in the Moderates' math.
They are the best brains taking my course.
Just a moment.
Yes? I've sent you the police record and Kruse's false statement.
I'll fetch it right away.
- See you.
- Hey, hey, hey.
What's going on? I have obtained something highly compromising about Kruse.
- Personal stuff.
- Which you want to use.
- Yes.
- Isn't that what we don't do? I thought we were going to defeat him with politics? And my brain trust? Tactics sometimes change.
- Tactics? - Yes.
We have no option.
You don't understand this game.
You bet I don't.
We'll need to examine every decimal.
Hi! No! Hi! You came! ONE DAY UNTIL THE ELECTION - Katrine speaking.
- Birgitte here.
The Kruse story doesn't seem to be in the papers.
You can fire me, but I couldn't do it.
It was a bit rash of me.
I am so grateful.
Good morning.
Good morning.
- Where's the economic hit squad? - I sent them home.
Some ammo for the closing debate.
- You found something.
- Yes.
It is way too complicated.
You'd never get it.
Sorry! I must brief Birgitte properly this time.
But it's watertight.
You're welcome.
Torben - Torben - Hmm? Time to wake up.
- Yes.
What is it? Huh? - It's morning.
Time to wake up.
Morning? Okay.
What are you doing in here? People are turning up for work now so I figured I should wake you.
- What's the time? - 8:20.
- How did you know I was here? - We all know.
Don't touch me.
Just leave the room.
I'm on my way.
Okay? It's November.
So it's not hay fever.
It's Torben and me.
We - We know.
- Yes.
- What is going on? - He can't talk about things.
Everything is in turmoil.
I think maybe he needs some time.
Right? Sure, sure.
I want to show that I am there for him.
His marriage needs to end before he can move on and then you and Torben have a chance.
Hanne I know it's silly.
But I am crazy about him.
There, there, dear.
I am just so crazy about him.
- I am sorry.
- No need to be sorry.
Talk to Pia.
Why? You know what I am talking about.
She's miserable.
You rejected her.
- Isn't that the way it is? - Yes.
Things like that you have to tell a girl.
- No wisecracks from you, please.
- Ah, popularizing democracy.
Come, we have 10 minutes.
- Birgitte will go there.
- But they'll be on from the start.
No, they'll be presented.
Shall we hear Birgitte's intro? Ladies and gentlemen.
For the New Democrats, Birgitte Nyborg! She'll get 20 seconds to talk so things don't get too technical.
What about explanations? Only brief, or she'll get this Shall we move on? Torben, which do you prefer for the countdown? This one Or this one? Torben? Torben? The studio audience will decide who leaves as a winner or a loser.
That's great.
Torben? Can't we drop this Mr.
and Mrs.
News bit? It's so awful.
Ditch it.
Everything! Get it out of here.
It looks like a tin-pot laser show.
This is a debate.
Politics is what counts here.
It's not an amusement park.
Hanne, put some decent clothes on.
Ulrik, think of something.
- We can't - I don't need your input.
Move it.
It supper time! I am leaving in 25 minutes.
The kids are watching the debate with Jeremy.
Bye! Magnus, now! Supper's on the table! Come on! - Switch off and eat.
- Shut up! - Hey! What's all that about? - Mom, wait.
He sits up at night googling stuff about cancer and diagnoses and morbidity.
He's scared that you're keeping something from us so we won't be sad.
Magnus? Magnus, please come back out.
My darling I am cured, darling.
And it's not just something I am saying.
The doctor says I am cured, too.
I'm doing really well.
I am not keeping secrets.
I am not telling lies.
You have to believe that.
Okay? - Hi, Ulrik.
- Hi.
- You are looking radiant.
- Thank you.
You too.
- Where's the game show? - Gone.
Torben's a hero.
So it's an ordinary debate? Yvonne, feel free to call me conservative.
No game show.
You'll get loads of time.
I know I always sound as if I think you're an idiot.
But you are a talented idiot.
I'm not getting my audio feed.
What is happening? Why can't Ulrik hear me? Pia Sorry I snapped at you.
I I shouldn't do that.
It doesn't help.
- Is that better? - Yes.
- I just wanted to tell you.
- Okay.
- 45 seconds.
- Ready? What is this? - Where is the set? - I tossed it, Alex.
I didn't like it.
20 seconds, so We are ready.
We are getting close.
Are you all ready in there? Take your places.
Five seconds.
Four, three, two, one - Looking good.
- Intro.
- It's starting.
- Okay.
Welcome to the final debate on TV1.
And welcome to our party leaders, and to all of you at home.
- Are you sure, Hesselboe? - We are in no doubt.
We must cut income tax to ensure competitiveness.
But the poor will pay for it.
Not if we use our model.
This election is about whether we'll continue to have unity.
And four.
Next question.
Why vote for you? Jacob Kruse? This election has proved that although the New Democrats are close to the Moderates voters regard us as the economically responsible party.
Jacob, you say you'll cut taxes by 10 billion kroner while increasing welfare spending by 12 billion a year.
But when we do the math for you He promised the voters 12 billions - but only have 3 billion to give.
- Three billions.
And the 12 billion will be spread over 4 years.
So when you say 12 you mean 3 billion a year.
Correct? It's a fair question.
Make him answer.
Get an answer.
Have you promised 12 billion for welfare but will only give them three? It's a misunderstanding.
The money is for the whole term.
Some newspapers misunderstood.
- In the Moderate manifesto - Other people are waiting.
Hanne, I have just learned how Kruse turns three into 12.
One more question? - One.
- Thank you! Jacob, the manifesto promises 10 billion in tax cuts because you claim the Treasury says it can save 10 billion by cutting in the public sector.
But the projections are based on - Now he is getting angry.
- Look at him.
He's squirming.
So seven of the ten billion will actually go back to the Treasury.
- You are left with a shortfall.
- Isn't it getting a bit technical? I think I can handle it.
But please teach me your conjuring trick.
Switch to Kruse.
How do you have 10 billion for tax cuts if you've already spent 7? - Jacob Kruse - He is sweating.
Unfunded tax cuts.
Yes or no? - I don't have to explain the math.
- Just explain your own policies.
Which promises are you going to renege on? - You are being frivolous.
- Unfunded promises are frivolous.
And it's irresponsible to take the voters for a ride.
But less so than voting for Nyborg out of pity without knowing what you'll get.
- Now, Jacob, shall we move on? - Move on? What do we do now? - Perhaps I - I'll tell you what you get.
- Birgitte, your time is up.
- You will get a former PM.
One who has delivered results in Denmark and abroad.
You'll get a former company chairman who knows what industry needs.
A party leader with enough faith in her party's policies to go it alone.
And a woman with the guts to admit her mistakes.
That is what you get.
And that was tonight's final word.
To all the viewers I want to say Look at your mom.
thank you everybody out there.
- And we're done.
- That was great.
- How dare she! - Jacob, a word.
- Torben - Yes.
The way you threw out the executive's concept is the bravest thing I have ever seen here.
Thank you.
Hey! Congratulations, that was - amazing! - Aw.
- Thank you.
- You were incredible.
You were amazing.
You completely nailed it.
- Well, I guess I proved my point.
- I have never seen anything like it.
- I was at the edge of my seat.
- Really? Yeah.
It was amazing.
I didn't understand all of it but it was very impressive.
- Didn't you get Laura to translate? - Yes, quite a lot.
And what about Magnus, did he watch it as well? Mm-hmm.
I saw he's fallen asleep in my bed.
It's been years.
What is it? What's the matter? Feel here.
It's a lump.
It's, uh It's another tumor.
You have to call the doctor first thing in the morning.
I am sure it's nothing.
BORGEN is a work of fiction inspired by real events.
The series references historical figures and events in Danish politics prior to 1982.

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