Borgen (2010) s03e10 Episode Script

Season 3, Episode 10

1 We won't get more than six seats if we continue like this.
And we want more.
Under Kruse, the Moderates are betraying everything they once stood for.
That is why I founded the New Democrats.
Someone has to fight for those principlessince you won't.
- Torben - Yes? Time to wake up.
Don't touch me.
Why don't you come home? I love you.
- Ever been on that? - No.
It sails right past your work.
It's getting to be a habit.
Emma, my daughter.
Would The Freedom Party ever join a government? It is quite possible that the Freedom Party would join the government.
What is happening? - Where is the set? - I got rid of it, Alex.
I didn't like it.
Now he's getting angry.
It's irresponsible No more so than voting for Nyborg out of pity without knowing what you'll get.
- What is it? - It's a lump.
It's, uh It's another tumor.
"Nearly all men can withstand adversity, but if you want to test a man's character, give him power.
" Election day.
The polling stations are being prepared across Denmark.
Around four million Danes have the chance to vote.
How many will exercise that right? We just don't know yet.
Thousands of officials are getting the ballots ready before schools, community centers and town halls open their doors.
Is Denmark going to get a new government? Hello, Jeremy Welsh.
- Aren't you having anything? - Of course.
I'm a bit on edge.
It's election day, so And I am putting yogurt in my tea.
I am bonkers today.
Ignore me.
The latest polls give the Moderates 12 seats and the New Democrats 7.
The numbers changed.
Not enough.
I am still here.
You crushed Kruse.
Surely you're making inroads I can't just change the time frame.
It's totally unheard of.
You'll back Thorsen, right? Right now we need enough seats to get influence.
I'll get ready so we can go to polling station.
Is Jeremy coming? No the media will be there so it will just be us, okay? - Mom, your earring.
- What? - You forgot one earring.
- Thanks.
It's not what we planned.
- Breast surgery department.
- This is Birgitte Nyborg.
I phoned earlier for Mogens Winther.
About a new lump in my breast.
Mogens Winther is in surgery.
I'll ask him to call you after.
Yes? - Problems at work? - Mm-hmm.
Well, you'll have to sort it out.
But not today.
Not in the middle of all of this.
Today my bloody bridge can wait.
What news? No news.
The doctor is still in surgery.
They'll give him the message when he gets out and he will call me right away, I hope, and I'll call you.
- Mom, are you ready? - I am coming.
I'm right here.
"THE ELECTION" Kasper Juul, former spin doctor for Birgitte Nyborg, we all saw Jacob Kruse's unfortunate outburst at the debate last night.
Why isn't it reflected in the polls? The polls we are reading now were conducted before the panel debate.
But Kruse's outburst is in all the papers this morning.
My guess is it will be reflected in the result.
We can't do any more now.
It's up to the voters.
You can have a good breakfast for once.
So what do you say? - Soft-boiled? - Hard-boiled.
My daughter came home last night.
Um Have you seen my She knows about you, okay? Take a deep breath.
And come and have some breakfast.
- Okay? - Yes.
The big question is red or blue? Political commentators say it's probably Thorsen's last stand.
TV1 will be following the election live from Borgen.
Torben, you have not been cooperating.
And last night you went against a direct order.
Alex Hjort recommends that we terminate your contract forthwith.
You will be paid a year's salary in return for non-disclosure.
Do you hear me? Please clear your desk immediately and leave your computer behind.
Torben, didn't you tell TV2 "no" to having their man in the control room? I've been fired.
You what? I'll get back to you.
Listen, please, I have an important announcement.
Unfortunately, Torben Friis has been dismissed without notice.
I can't go into the details right now.
- It is election day.
- Yes.
I know it's bad timing.
Torben left us no choice.
But luckily you're professionals What are your hopes? For a high turnout of people voting.
And a good result for the New Democrats.
- Do you want her back as an MP? - If I were 18 I'd vote for her.
Thank you.
You can't be serious.
No! You can't campaign there! Not right next to the polling station! - The youth chairman.
- We don't want a scandal today! - Were these party gobstoppers your idea? - Yes, they are surprisingly good.
An old man handing them out to innocent children in the square! Give me a break! Jon refused to hand them out because they're not organic.
You don't want to look like a pedophile.
We need to move 150,000 votes.
I need to stay out of jail! We'll take it as it comes.
- Can you take that? - Sure.
Hi, Nadia, Jon has just been on breakfast TV and now he's on R1.
Yes? Yes.
I'll tell her.
I had to go home for a change of clothing.
That was not okay.
I am too old to have to explain it to my kids why the person I am making eggs for has left.
Is the problem me having grown-up kids? That That I am 20 years older than you? Is it? Maybe.
You realize we are being totally modern? I come from Randers.
Oh, that explains it.
Søren, it's not that I don't think I am tremendously fond of you.
Um But it's election time and everything is crazy.
It's more than that.
Isn't it? I'm sorry.
Okay we've had the conversation.
No need to avoid me next time.
Keep it pithy.
Sound bites.
We need headlines About the party leader panel TV2 want their man in the OB unit.
And? We always produce the panel when the results are in.
But now TV2 want their man in.
We'll have two voices in our ears.
It's absurd.
Didn't Torben say no? He tried.
You'll have me and Pia in your ear.
We'll back you up.
What? You in the control room? You are not a journalist.
No, but I do know about TV.
That is why I am here.
Let's forget about that.
And it'll be mainly Pia's show, so no worries.
So you'll let TV2 in? It's great idea.
It'll give us the chance to end earlier than TV2.
You cannot be serious.
- I am quite serious.
- Not for fucking real.
Leave it for now.
End before the panel is over? You wouldn't understand.
I was reporting news when you were still at daycare.
Oh, did you? All the statistics show that people watch the party leaders for first 15 minutes.
Then they quit.
If TV1 signs off while there are still lots of viewers we'll win the election in terms of the number of viewers.
Do you understand or should I say it again? That's it for now.
Hello? No, it's just a staff issue.
- I can't direct with Alex there.
- I can't have two voices in my ear.
We can't let a non-journalist decide when to end the program.
Nice to know your flirting with him is over.
Call me a traitor.
I played squash with him.
That's all.
Something's got to be done.
Who can do anything on election day? We can.
Excuse us Hi, Anders.
This won't take a minute.
We simply do not see how you can sack Torben Friis on election day.
We don't dispute your right to dismiss him, but the timing.
But to remove the captain and not care who is in the control room! If Alex Hjort is to take the helm, a man with absolutely no experience on the job, we will not be held responsible.
And it will be without us.
Have you voted? I hope you'll make the time.
It's important.
- Hi! Can I have your autograph? - Of course.
- What if I don't vote for you? - What matters is that you vote.
Why? Just a moment.
I've got to answer this.
Don't move! Hello.
- It's Dr.
- I found another lump.
You've got to see me today.
- I can fit you in at 1:00 o'clock.
- Thank you.
I am quite sure this will be nothing.
Tumors don't just grow in a matter of days.
I don't know.
I may just not have noticed.
But you were treated until a week ago.
The doctors would have seen something.
They don't really know either, do they? That's the problem with cancer.
No one knows how it works.
It just hits randomly.
It's not evil.
Or unfair.
It's just Tough luck, so Deal with it.
Hope, pray.
Do whatever.
My doctors have been great.
I was fine.
I really thought That I was out of it.
That I was Out in the clear and then I am back where I started.
Why do I even bother to hope or - Pray or anything.
- Sweetheart, you're not making any sense.
Of course I am not making any sense.
This doesn't make any sense.
That's what I can't bloody stand.
It's so I've strived all my life to do something that has meaning.
To make sense of it so that To make things important and valuable and meaningful.
But in the end it's just meaningless.
It's just a big hole and I can't It's tearing me apart Stop the car! There.
That's not a lump.
- But I can feel it! - No.
It's just lymphatic fluid around the surgical scar in connection with radiation therapy.
- Mogens, it's a lump! - No, Birgitte, it's fluid.
But I can feel it!! What are you doing? Removing what you think is a lump Right.
Have a feel.
- It's gone.
- Yes.
Your treatment is over.
You've had a shock.
It's election day.
Your nerves are jangling.
Try to take things easy, just for the next couple of hours.
And remember to breathe! That's right.
Right down into your tummy.
- Treat yourself.
- Yes.
Spend time with someone you love.
Thank you.
It was not a tumor.
It was a liquid.
And he Just took it out with a syringe, so it's It's all gone.
I am fine.
I'm really sorry I That you had to see me like that in the taxi.
Oh, please.
Don't think anything of that.
- So you are completely safe? - Yes.
- Oh, God.
That is such good news.
- Yes.
Oh, my God! I have never been in love with Pia.
I haven't.
I was attracted to her, yes.
But She just thought I was fantastic when not many others thought so.
I always thought you were fantastic.
But you were never there.
I wasn't.
I admit that I'm the one who's screwed everything up.
I am sorry.
But I miss you.
All I want is to be with you and the kids.
I know I don't in any way deserve it.
I just want my wife back again.
- Go on, answer it.
- Let's just go home.
Yes? Okay.
Yes? Bye.
That was TV1's chief executive.
"Ulrik and Hanne will quit if you don't do election night.
" God, how typical.
There is always something more important than us two.
I think we should go home.
I miss you.
Run along, for God's sake! It's election day! Hi.
Hi, kids, great to see you.
Hi, Mommy! Ghastly kids! This is Katrine.
This is Jeremy.
Hi, Jeremy.
We've blown up at least a thousand.
Yeah? Well done! And the day's first exit poll Exit polls.
It may not reflect the final result.
The Liberals are stable but Labour have fallen back slightly.
The New Democrats have made slight gains and may win eight or nine seats.
But the Moderates are stable on 10 or 11 seats.
Damn! But this may change.
Voters are more undecided than ever.
300,000 Danes may switch allegiances during the day.
Torben! Old boy! We were just beginning to realize how much we need you.
- I know we can be annoying.
- Yes.
You can be.
But right now let's make good TV.
A quick briefing.
Pia? Where are we? We are ready to leave for Borgen but we're still getting hassle from TV2.
- Here he is again.
- Let me.
Torben Friis speaking.
I'll be brief.
You and I will have a clear agreement.
One man alone will be calling the shots tonight, and his name Yes, exactly.
See you.
Shall we? All the candidates are out and about.
I am about to vote for Jon.
It's important he gets in.
Katrine, you mustn't tell me that! Turn off your phone and do your civic duty and vote.
Okay, bye.
Into the cage we go.
There we go.
BALLO NEW DEMOCRATS And now we fold it There we go.
- Shall I help? - Yes.
Yeah? There Jacob Kruse's outburst towards Birgitte Nyborg in the party leader debate and criticism of the Moderates' economic policy seems to be swaying core Moderate votes according to the latest exit polls conducted by TV1.
This afternoon the distribution of seats has started shifting.
The Liberals still lead, but Solidarity are gaining, while the New Democrats are making headway and the Moderates are losing ground.
Good evening.
I hope you made it to the polling station in time.
Birgitte? - The polling stations have closed.
- Off we go.
Let's go, kids.
The polling stations have closed and the first results will be ready in a couple of minutes Let me take your coats.
- Hi! - How are we doing? Quite a long way from real influence.
- Here we go, sexy.
- Do you like it? The first constituencies are reporting in now.
They confirm the trend set by the very first exit polls.
The Moderates are losing out to the New Democrats.
Five minutes until the first arrivals at Borgen.
- Okay, I'll just pop out for a sec.
- Great.
Great to have you back, Torben.
Thank you.
I've been wanting to tell you for a while Yes.
I think you're fantastic.
But the time with the two of us was a real mess.
I am sorry.
Um It's over between us, Pia.
I love my wife and children.
I am sorry if I made you think otherwise.
I meant it more in professional terms that it was good you were back.
Word is going round that Alex Hjort has quit.
- What? - He is very welcome to.
Simon, can you hear me? We're waiting.
Hanne, your scarf is crooked.
We'll have the complete results in ten minutes.
And even here the New Democrats have made gains and it looks as if they'll win 12 seats.
- How many do you need? - For decisive influence? We are only one seat short.
- We don't know how it'll end.
- It'll end well! It will.
It's looking good.
We are in double figures, damn it! Well done! We may just end up with the deciding vote.
If we do, my greatest ambition is a new government.
- What does Denmark need? - A new government! Politics must reclaim the center.
The Freedom Party should be excluded and we need to be included.
Cheers for us! Cheers! Over to Christiansborg where Svend Åge Saltum has just arrived.
You've lost two seats.
There's nothing useful for me to add.
But you can't get rid of us that easily.
We almost have the full results.
The Liberals have had a really good election.
The big winners are Birgitte Nyborg and the New Democrats with 13 seats.
- Oh! - Hey! Well done everyone! You've smashed the Moderates.
You own the center.
Look at the blocs.
Work this out.
Solidarity have made huge gains.
The Moderates have had the worst result in their history and only win five seats.
Thorsen wants to meet and so does Hesselboe.
We're going to get some crazy offers.
Is everything okay? Yeah, it's fantastic, it's just really, really complicated.
We have five taxis downstairs.
Get ready to go.
It's really impossible to see who the winners are.
We've gone up It's going to be a long night.
But very good news.
Very good news.
Don't worry, I'll tidy up.
Leave it.
Would you like to come with me? Are you sure? Would you? Yes.
What a cliffhanger.
What kind of parliament are we going to get, Torben? One that will find it hard to ignore Birgitte Nyborg.
Neither bloc has a majority without the center parties.
The New Democrats are the biggest center party now.
We're outside Christiansborg so I'll have to run, - Say hi from me.
- Magnus says hi.
We have to time it for the journalists.
Who is on the steps right now? Um The boring Green guy, what's his name Okay, pull forward.
Sorry, Carsten - Are you the one who decides? - No, the electorate does that.
- Who will you back? - It's too early to say.
But a vote for us is a vote for change.
Did you have dinner together? Yes, we did as a matter of fact.
It's teeming with people at the entrance.
A chaotic scene.
Birgitte has arrived with her partner, the celebrated English architect Jeremy Welsh and her two kids.
Behind her we see ex TV1 presenter and now party press officer Katrine Fønsmark.
Birgitte Nyborg looks triumphant.
20 minutes to go until the party leader panel.
When I look at all of you I am so proud of you.
From beginning as an idea hatched by a handful of people, we now, thanks to you, have won 13 seats in Parliament.
Yeah! And now thanks to you we have won 13 seats in Parliament.
Congratulations, everybody.
Cheers! Congratulations, everybody.
Cheers! Denmark needs a credible, dynamic government - Ah.
Here comes TV2.
- Hi, Pia.
- Hi.
Nice to see you.
- Have you lot been good? Brilliant.
Haven't we? And we're getting better and better.
- We'll beat you in the ratings.
- So you say every time.
Hi! And well done! Thank you very much.
- Nice to meet you.
- Jeremy.
I've heard a lot of good things about you.
Thank you.
- Heard a lot of good things about you too.
- Okay.
I just gotta make a call.
So are you officially an item? - Yes.
- It's weird seeing you arrive.
With Jeremy and the kids.
I had to get used to it.
And I think I am now.
He seems okay.
- Shall we see to the animals? - Yeah.
He's asleep! Go home to bed.
Come, darling.
- See you, Mom.
- See you.
- Fix us a new government, will you? - I'll do my best.
Come, darling.
With me is former special advisor Kasper Juul.
Kasper - A very muddy situation? - Absolutely.
- My take is - We have to interrupt you Simon is ready with Nedergaard.
Sorry, but Simon Bech is with Benedikte Nedergaard.
Sorry, you know what it's like.
Can I get back to you? Are the youngsters breathing down your neck? Yes, of course, and so they should.
Listen They don't know what loyalty means.
To them, politics is a step up the career ladder.
You lot are not a hair better.
- Some of us are, surely.
- Kasper - You begin as journalists - Right.
You spend all your waking hours getting exposés on politicians.
Then you become spin doctors and spend all your time fooling your former friends and journalists.
And it's hard to believe but two minutes later you're journalists again.
And yet you still have the audacity to ask us where the cynicism comes from.
I wish I could have got that on TV.
Kasper you look like a man who misses the circus ring.
Being part of it is different than just yapping about the mischief we get up to in there.
You never know when it's your last election.
- What's Benedikte doing in there? - She's on instead of Svend Åge.
Ready to go on air.
Dorte on camera four in five seconds.
Four, three, two, one.
And Dorte.
Denmark has voted.
And here they sit.
The party leaders of the new parliament.
Let's talk to one of the major players.
Lars Hesselboe, are you going to remain prime minister? Yes, if you ask the electorate.
The Liberals are the biggest party and we have had a splendid election, so yes.
Hans Christian Thorsen, who is our next prime minister? The electorate has given a majority to the opposition of which the New Democrats were part and of which I am the leader.
And the woman in the middle.
Congratulations on the result.
Many thanks.
You hold the deciding vote.
Who is our next PM? It is too early to say.
You know what the two men next to you stand for.
It can't be that difficult.
It's one of the most complex distributions of seats ever.
The trick will be to form a government that can stay the course.
The Moderates have had the worst election in their history.
You only have five seats left.
Jacob Kruse, where does your party stand? Yeah, we just have to get our legs back under us, figure out what happened, make the best of things, and move on.
So if Thorsen is to form a government he won't be able to ignore Anne Sophie Lindenkrone and Solidarity.
Can you work with Birgitte Nyborg at all? - Is Nyborg willing to work with us? - That's actually a good question.
What do you say to that? There's nobody we won't talk to.
One of the changes that leaps out at us is that it is not Svend Åge Saltum who's here for the Freedom party but you, Benedikte Nedergaard.
Svend Åge is exhausted.
He asked me to represent him.
- The little liar! - Look! Saltum's singing! This is fantastic television.
The party is by no means over.
You can see everything from despondency to euphoria.
But there's an intense desire to resolve the question of who's to be PM.
Tonight will see the answer.
Hesselboe has started negotiations.
Word is that the Freedom Party want to be in government.
- What about Labour? - Thorsen had a poor election.
If he can't form a government, Pernille Madsen will topple him.
Hi, Birgitte! - Congratulations! - And to you! Hi, Birgitte.
- Pernille is here as deputy chair.
- Of course.
I thought we should chalk the lines and see who'll lead the talks during the negotiations.
I am delighted that you've decided to stand with us.
My party and I have major issues with the economics of your "Our Denmark" plan.
I can't start by ditching our election manifesto.
In the long term we can discuss it.
But nothing is sacred.
We'll have to discuss it before we can discuss who's to be PM.
I'll have to stop you there.
We can't allow cuts to corporation tax or a growth rate dictated by some central bank.
- Easy now - We are not going to give way.
- Is that non-negotiable? - Yes.
So our similarities are greater than our differences.
- Now for Hesselboe.
- Yvonne is there but not Benedikte.
Which is food for thought.
But the Freedom Party may have approached Labour.
No combination is being left unturned.
Everyone wants to find a solution.
I have convinced Hesselboe that talks with Thorsen are going well.
They seemed to buy that, so you can go for broke.
- Good to see you.
- Likewise.
Yvonne and I have just been discussing the situation.
We are not naive enough to think that you will support a government with the Freedom Party in cabinet.
I envisage a coalition with the Liberals, the New Right, the Moderates, and you.
And of course there will be several senior cabinet posts for you.
I am not interested in talking cabinet posts right now but in discussing the content of the new government's platform.
- That will take time to discuss.
- Of course.
We can already say that we can't support your cuts in public spending.
We can no longer afford welfare as we know it.
We can't afford the tax cuts you promised the electorate.
Unless you are willing to seek a consensus it will be hard for us to form a government.
It may be more pragmatic to negotiate with you from case to case.
To sign agreements with you but allow you to stand on the outside.
There is also a third option.
That you make concessions.
That is what I have heard.
But call me when you have any news.
That's fine.
- it's a bit of a hornet's nest.
- Yes.
- I think I'll - Yes.
Take care.
Okay, what have we got? Thorsen, stymied.
The Labour Party facing a faction war.
And Solidarity overplayed their hand.
- They won't overturn a red government.
- Until they do.
A government with their backing will be economically irresponsible.
The markets don't always react negatively to red governments.
The alternative is a blue bloc that is far too cocky.
- with a leader I have fought against.
- We are not backing a blue government.
But we can't have Thorsen without Lindenkrone.
We won't have a majority.
- Listen to Birgitte.
- I am.
We choose both sides.
What? We form a government with Thorsen and do our economics with the right.
It's New Democrats policy to maximize our influence.
Not at any price, Jon.
We need a stable government, not short-term solutions.
Even if they look better on paper.
Hesselboe is putting together a majority without us.
What? Impossible! I am old enough to remember 1978 when the Liberals teamed up with Labour.
So, yes, they can form a majority without us.
- We can't not use our seats! - It's tactics.
It's got to be.
"There may be other combinations.
Meet me in the gallery.
" Birgitte? Hans Christian.
- Good evening.
- Good evening.
Or good night.
I know this is an odd place to meet, but I have my reasons.
Evening! - This meeting is confidential.
- Of course.
It's no secret that we see eye to eye on quite a few matters.
But reaching agreement was tricky under Svend Åge's leadership.
But you're taking over? Congrats.
A modern Freedom Party under Benedikte, I can work with this.
But the Freedom Party's values? Many disagreements were because of Svend Åge's language.
I can promise we won't require more restrictions on refugees.
Let's focus on areas where we can meet.
Social policy, business policy.
We are talking the Labour Party, the Freedom Party, the Greens, and hopefully your own party, Birgitte.
After all, we are all interested in a change of government, aren't we? A showdown with the curse of bloc politics.
And here we suddenly stand with a historic chance to form a majority government and bring the left and right together.
I hope you understand the gravity inherent in our proposal.
Desperate times require courageous solutions.
A government spanning the center.
And with this need for action and stability, we are willing to discuss whether the post of prime minister should be placed in your hands, Birgitte.
They offered me prime minister.
- Who has? - Thorsen.
Impossible! It is his sole ambition! Pernille wants to topple him.
It's his last resort.
To remain chairman by offering me the job of PM.
A government consisting of the Labour Party, the Greens, us, and Benedikte Nedergaard.
A majority government with me as PM with only 13 seats, Bent.
Has anyone the right to take power with so few seats? The electorate didn't vote to have me as their PM.
And we said right from the start that we wanted to deprive the Freedom Party of any power.
What are my options? I'd hoped for a government under Thorsen.
But it's unrealistic if it relies on Solidarity.
Give the job to Hesselboe? Can I push him to where I want him? Finally, the big issue: who can form a majority? I can if I accept this offer.
When have you seen me happiest of all? When you were prime minister.
And I can be PM again.
This time for a majority government.
It's an historic opportunity.
Government decisions can be implemented the next day.
I don't have to ask anyone.
Do you realize what I would be able to achieve? I have the power.
Do I have the power? We need to hang on for the talks.
- He's not.
- He is.
- He's not.
- He is.
- He no longer has a lighter.
- Look! Okay.
It's a deal.
- Torben? - Yeah? Yuck! Thanks everyone for a great evening.
Well done.
Dan and Pia, super cool.
Hanne and Ulrik, you did it.
My ass has been be saved by an old women's libber and a sorry, a metrosexual media darling.
That's what you are, isn't it? Well done, thank you all.
It was great.
Really great.
There is more good news.
"Head of programming Alex Hjort to leave TV1.
" Really? We'll see how that goes.
Drive safely.
Hi, darling.
PM'S OFFICE Are we getting you back again? Be careful what you wish for.
- Lovely to see you.
- You too.
- He'll be out in a moment.
- Thanks.
They have offered me the prime ministership.
With 13 seats.
Much is offered at this hour.
But I think we should form a stable, credible government with you at its head.
Based on certain conditions.
I'm listening.
We form a government across the center.
With the Liberals, New Right, and the New Democrats.
The Moderates are too devastated and need to find their footing again.
We must aim for a responsible economic policy.
You know what we want.
Broad-based agreements, the necessary welfare reforms, a green backbone to our policy for industry.
A certain easing of restrictions on immigration.
That's quite a mouthful.
I can enable you to count to 90, Lars.
Where do you see yourself, hypothetically speaking? Where you'd prefer me to be.
Outside the country.
As foreign minister.
You've got audacity, eh? We both know it'll be tricky to form a government.
But I need to know if you think we can see eye to eye.
Or you'll become prime minister.
That possibility exists.
I am sure we can see eye to eye.
The electorate will like that.
- Hi.
- Hi.
I really don't care how old you are.
I suppose I'd given up believing in anything.
Probably an occupational hazard.
I think I want this.
It terrifies me, too.
Good morning.
So, does Denmark have a new government? Yes.
And we're in it.
Uh, Hesselboe will remain prime minister.
Oh, dear.
Did he have to be? I think I did what was best for my country.
And what did your country do for you? I'll probably be Foreign Minister.
You got the best gig in government.
Breakfast in bed or No, that's okay.
But thanks Do I do this to you two too? Surely not? I mean I don't know.
Sometimes perhaps.
Good morning Morning.
Do you mind passing me that? There is some in this one.
- Milk? - Please.
- Thanks for your efforts.
- Well played.
You're welcome.
It's been a pleasure.
Great meeting you.
Hi, Torben.
I was just saying my goodbyes.
I am moving on.
But it's been fun.
Alex? Next time you want some fun, go to the fair.
I am pushing for Erik for Justice, Jon for Finance and Economic Affairs, and me for Foreign Minister.
It is a pretty decent place to work.
It's my second home.
BORGEN is a work of fiction inspired by real events.
The series references historical figures and events in Danish politics prior to 1982.

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