Borgen (2010) s04e02 Episode Script

The Lesser of Two Evils

- Hi.
- Hi, hey.
- Welcome to Ilulissat.
- Thank you.
I'm Hans Eliassen, Foreign and Raw Materials Minister.
Asger Holm Kirkegaard, er, deput No, I am Birgitte Nyborg's new acting Arctic ambassador.
Can we do that again? Yeah.
Sorry, but you seem a bit confused, so we'll do it once more.
Are you filming? Mie Lorentzen, TV1.
We're doing a portrait of Hans Eliassen.
I emailed yesterday and told you the network would be here.
Er, okay, yes.
Well, just go back in and come back out again.
Let's do that.
Just do the same as before, just less confused.
- Yes.
- Mm-hmm.
I hope it's okay to go straight to the negotiations.
You don't need to stop by the hotel first, do you? Erm, no, no, that's fine.
 I'm ready.
THE LESSER OF TWO EVILS - Good morning, Birgitte.
- Hi.
- Yeah - Thanks.
We won yesterday.
It was awesome.
- Congrats.
- Thanks.
Birgitte, the Foreign Policy Committee chairman wants a meeting about Greenland's oil.
- It'll be Thursday, 9:30.
- Great.
And we won't just inform them.
I hope to persuade Parliament not to extract that oil.
Can we get confirmation that Mikhail Gamov is personally involved in the drilling company? Can the company's ties to the Russian government be confirmed? Who knows most about the Russians? Excuse me.
What's going on? We are sweeping your office for bugs.
That's what's going on.
Could you carry on somewhere else? Swedes.
Know the most about the Russians.
Er, well, you have an N5 meeting this afternoon in Copenhagen for all Nordic foreign ministers, including the Swedes.
Will you get in touch with her secretary and ask for a discreet chat before the meeting about our new Russian friend? Thanks.
Rasmus, lose the scarf, okay? Of course.
I thought we were meeting at your office.
Have a seat.
- Erm - Cake? - Ivalo baked it herself.
- Yes, please.
- Thanks, yes.
- Help yourself.
- Coffee? - Yes, please.
When When are the others joining us? Your office, your department head, the civil servants? Well, it's just the two of us.
We'll handle this ourselves.
We We We're not allowed.
We're not allowed to.
We're not at the same level.
You're a minister, I'm a civil servant.
We can't do that, and We're discussing the principles, okay? Greenland's subsoil belongs Greenland.
And then once we get the oil revenue, we will phase out our block grant, and once that is phased out, the oil revenue belongs to Greenland.
But I imagine that Copenhagen would like a cut of the billions.
I have to take a pee, Hans.
Can I use the bathroom? Birgitte, I'm standing in Hans Eliassen's utility room.
In his private home.
I just left the table.
The man wants to negotiate how to divide the oil revenues now.
That is so typical of Hans.
It's strategy.
I'm negotiating directly with the minister.
I haven't even had time to mention the climate.
Get me the number of the Premier.
He just asked how many billions Copenhagen wants.
Listen up, Asger.
You need to get out of that utility room and out of those negotiations.
Tell him that you can't negotiate directly with a minister.
And that it's the view of Copenhagen that the climate is more important than the money.
We have to negotiate at the same level.
I will talk to the Premier.
- Hi.
- Who are you? Erm I'm Asger.
I'm negotiating with Hans.
- You're from Copenhagen, right? - Yeah.
- Yeah.
- Yeah? And it's about the oil? - Yes, yeah, yeah.
- Yeah? He's going to screw you over in a big way.
- Oh, okay.
- Yeah.
You have the Swedish minister in 10 minutes before the meeting.
Hi, Naja.
This is Birgitte Nyborg.
Naja, we're having a bit of a challenge with Hans Eliassen.
Okay, my guy will contact your guy.
And then we'll rein in Hans.
It's great to see you again.
We're very grateful that you'll use Sweden's good contacts in Moscow.
No problems.
So I have been checking up on Mikhail Gamov, and he is definitely a pretty dodgy character.
He has been flying under the radar since leaving the Russian government, but he's still a part of the president's Security Council.
Even if it's completely unofficial.
And he was deeply involved in the annexation of Crimea.
And breathe.
Calm down.
It's a lot worse.
I have through some very reliable sources in Brussels found out that he will be put on the European Union's sanctions list due to his in what we normally call the Russian Mafia.
That he also launders money for them.
But, Birgitte, it doesn't have to be dangerous just because they're Russians.
In Sweden, we've often been able to maintain a well, a constructive dialogue with them.
Yes, but you're neither a full NATO member nor a US ally like we are.
No, this is going to be a problem.
You don't look like you have a problem.
Maybe it's the problem that could work to my favour.
Good afternoon.
But the oil billions that are discussed will pave the way for our independence.
And I would be proud to be part of moving us in that direction.
Yeah? Well, what have we got? We're looking at the latest footage from Greenland.
We're editing them to make a portrait for six o'clock.
We have some of the highest quality standards in the world for mining and oil extraction.
So I'm certain that we will get the right framework in place.
Asger Holm Kirkegaard, deputy I I'm Birgitte Nyborg's new acting Arctic ambassador.
Who the hell is this Danish clown? - Can we do that again? - Yeah.
Nyborg's new man in Greenland.
He looks like he's got a hangover.
He can't remember his own title.
Isn't that kind of cool, actually? To show Greenland being in control and Danes fumbling.
Well, we don't have to be any more politically correct than that.
Was that meant for me? What was? No, er Birgitte Nyborg's new acting Arctic ambassador has gone up there to convince Greenland how important the climate is for the Danish government.
Good luck.
They're already fighting over the oil money on Greenland.
- "In Greenland.
" - Excuse me? "In Greenland".
That is more correct.
It is an autonomous territory.
Any news from the drilling site? What does the PET want to know? We've heard there are a lot of Russians.
Can you confirm that? What about the owners? Have they been there? Do you know who they are? Things like that, Malik, hey? Have you talked to the Navy about reinstating me? You have to get me something, Malik.
There's going to be a big meeting on Thursday.
I think important people are coming.
We'd We'd like to hear more about that meeting.
- Yeah.
- Malik! Come here.
I need to talk to you! Sorry, I'll be right back.
- I'll wait here.
- Yeah.
Let me know, Malik.
Hi there.
- Hi, Dad.
- How are you? - What are you doing? - I got a new tooth.
Wow! Can I have a look? And does it hurt? I need to buy him boots and a jacket.
- I've paid what I'm supposed to.
- You're smoking joints.
You're sailing an expensive boat.
Is the small amount of child support all you can spare? Come on, you know that it is not my boat.
It's my employer's.
Don't lie.
You're working for a big oil company which has just found oil.
Look, that has nothing to do with me, and you know it, right? It's okay.
Looks like I'll have to talk to Hans.
No, no, enough.
Don't Don't do it like this.
See you later.
Any new people? Yeah, have you signed the papers? - What's that about? - Just go in and sign them.
Are you new? Yeah, I just got here.
What's this about? Got to tighten the reins around here.
Too many people asking too many questions.
What am I signing here? Basically, that the CEC can sue the balls off you if you flap your lips too much.
I'll need your cellphone.
Fill up the coffee in the barracks.
Afterwards, I want you to run to Ilulissat and pick some people up.
- Looking for something? - No.
Erm, not at all.
There's, er, coffee on the table.
Please, take your seats over there.
Has the Justice Department received any news from the PET operation in Greenland? Especially regarding the owners of the drilling company? Is it possible to press them for a reply? I talked to the Swedish Foreign Minister today and I was told some pretty interesting things.
Jon, I have to run.
 I have company.
Yes, we're actually done.
I must say, you're not trying to win any design awards, are you? But it's bulletproof.
There's an alarm button, and it can withstand almost anything.
But your son wasn't thrilled about it either.
- Is he here? - Yeah, he arrived a few hours ago.
This is nice.
You happened to be in the neighbourhood and wanted to stop by? Yeah.
Why Why have you turned my room into a panic room? - Because it's the best suited room.
- Well It just doesn't make me feel very, er, welcome.
No, but you have moved out, haven't you? Yeah.
Or are you planning on staying? I was just wondering, erm, wouldn't it be nice just for a couple of days? I can sleep on the couch.
I haven't got a room.
Karoline and I, we're not in a good place.
And it's her apartment.
Well, I don't think you're being very nice to her.
Has she thrown you out? - Have you done something stupid? - No, Mum Have you met someone else? You have? You have to be a good person, right? - Are you parenting me? - Yeah.
That's a few years too late, isn't it? With the oil billions they're discussing, it will pave the way for doing what we have dreamed about for so many years.
- I don't believe it.
- Then we can benefit the entire country - Mum.
- Hm? Is he seriously bragging that they're gonna burn off a lot of oil? Well, I'm shutting that down, honey.
Well, he has the final word on the matter.
No, in the end, Denmark has the final say.
We can get our independence.
And we have the foundation to do it, in close collaboration with the Canadian oil company.
It is here by the Disko Bay that oil has been found.
And now Greenland and Denmark will begin negotiation on how to share the oil revenues.
But down on the docks, some have already started celebrating.
Cheers! The Disko Bay? I think that's the bowhead whale's feeding ground, right? Erm, no, I don't think so.
Yeah, Mum.
I did a project on it in the 5th grade.
We made this totally cool poster.
Dad helped me to make the drawing of the bowhead whale.
Oh, yeah.
You don't remember.
The police still have nothing to go on in the case of the hijacked pig transporter which was abandoned in a field near Ringsted on Monday.
The pigs were let out by unknown perpetrators and created Oh? No more news for us? I think I'll take a shower.
- Hello.
- Hey, Frederik.
I just wanted to stop by and check that everything was okay.
- Thanks.
- Can I have a seat? Yeah, of course.
There is a small matter I'd like to discuss with you.
I received an email yesterday from the press advisor for Greenland's Prime Minister.
He wasn't overly thrilled that you chose to end yesterday's segment with some drunken teenagers.
Okay, er But were they unhappy with the segment in general? I mean, it was a completely positive story about the oil.
Well, no, she felt it was a bit of a cliché and a stereotypical way to portray Greenlanders, so Yeah.
But can't we agree that we still make independent news, right? - Certainly, yes.
- Right.
Can we also agree that there is a big problem with alcoholism in Greenland? I think that if it had been me, I would've reminded the Premier and her press advisor that during the COVID pandemic of 2020, they themselves put out an immediate end to the sale of alcohol in several locations to protect the children.
- Mm-hmm - Don't you think that illustrates the problem with alcohol in Greenland? Yes, certainly.
But then you should make a segment on that.
Yesterday's segment was about oil in Greenland.
Let me ask you this.
If oil had been found in Esbjerg, would you have rounded off the story with drunk teenagers? No, of course not.
So let's just agree that from now on, as an executive, you pay closer attention to the balance.
Will he bring any news? Hello.
Er, what did the DG want? Should we know about it? No, no.
Er, where are we with regards to Greenland today? We need to shape up.
Yesterday's segment just wasn't good enough.
I talked to a well-connected source this morning who informed me that a lot of people are annoyed at what he calls Birgitte Nyborg's "caffe latte politics".
Well, some of us are from the filter coffee generation.
Can I get a translation? He says Nyborg ignores the misery which also exists in Greenland, just as she forgets how important the oil is for their independence.
It's not a completely irrelevant criticism of Nyborg.
That she's out of touch with the low-income, uneducated people.
I think we should run that story.
Birgitte Nyborg's elitist climate correctness versus Greenland's reality.
Ah, yeah, that's great.
We can have Birgitte face Maybe a popular Greenlandic politician with their heart in the right place.
Our new darling in Greenland, Hans Eliassen? - Mm, Hansy.
- Yes.
Okay then.
Let's call Nyborg.
See if she wants to do it.
GREENLAND THRILLED BIRGITTE NYBORG FURIOUS HANS ELIASSEN THE NEW SHEIK OF GREENLAND Want to run through the meeting with the Foreign Policy Committee? Yes, please.
Well, the government has an ambitious climate policy, and we believe that it is a political mistake and deeply reactionary to invest in fossil fuels.
The spokesman from the Freedom Party with a question.
In the Freedom Party, we have been informed that there's oil for at least 2,000 billion kroner.
Does the Foreign Minister believe that Denmark's international reputation as a green country role model is worth that much? - I can't place that dialect.
- It's Herning.
Please answer.
Well, maybe the Freedom Party would find its beloved freedom a bit curtailed if the sea levels rise and the ocean covers some of our country.
Don't come across as arrogant.
- Yeah, I could hear it.
- Yeah.
Why does our government believe it has the right to meddle in Greenland's use of its raw materials? Denmark handles Greenland's security and foreign policy matters.
An oil find of this size will always turn into security and foreign policy, and gives us both the right and the duty to intervene.
That's a matter of interpretation.
We also know that a large part of the oil company has fallen into Russian hands, which the United States would never allow.
Furthermore, one of the important owners is the Russian national Mikhail Gamov, whom the EU is planning to sanction and who launders money for the Russian Mafia.
That is not someone we can do business with in any shape or form.
Just like that.
- Good.
- Very convincing.
But do we know how much Gamov actually owns? If it's not a substantial part of the company, your argument falls apart.
- I'll call Asger later.
- Yeah.
Remember to use a secure line.
This bit.
It reminds me of you.
When will I touch the ground? ♪ Touch the ground, the ground? ♪ That's good.
Do you think he'll be here soon, or? - Yeah, I'm sure he is.
- Hi! Hans.
- Didn't we agree to meet at nine o'clock? - Yes, but have you seen the weather? They spotted bowhead whales.
So we're going sailing.
What size of boots do you use? Er, 43 44.
You know what? I'll go get some for you.
I'm not going, Hans.
Sorry I'm a bit late.
It was a bit foggy by the airport, so it was a bit difficult to land.
But Yes, hi.
Asger Holm Kirkegaard, I'm the acting Arctic ambassador.
Emmy Rasmussen.
Good to meet you.
I'm Head of Department at the Prime Minister's office.
- Hi.
- Here's your boots here.
- Emmy.
- Yes, we haven't actually met yet.
No, I've just started.
- Shall we get going? - We are going sailing, I believe.
The whales have been spotted.
They were spotted yesterday and the day before.
I need to know what's your mandate from the Prime Minister.
Shall we discuss that in private? What's going on? What is this? Naja sent me.
I assume that's okay with you.
She, er, wants to talk to you.
And while the two of you talk, I will deal with the ambassador.
I was thinking it should be a bit like this.
- Oh, our tattoos? - Yeah.
- Aren't they cool? - Very.
But I can't afford it this month.
I'm paying extra child support.
That sucks.
Malik! Hey? - You should remember this.
- Hey! - Hi again.
- Hi, hi.
Yes, hello again.
- Hi.
- Hey.
Sorry about that.
I think we should, erm, go the drill site.
Is that okay with you? - Yeah.
- Hey! How's it going? - How long's it been? - So long.
Have you moved here? Yeah, I'm working for the oil company.
- Ah.
- Yeah.
We went to high school together.
- Hi.
- Hi.
I'm Malik.
I work for the drilling company.
- Okay.
- And I'm Tanja's big brother.
Yes, okay, yeah.
So, are you Hans's son? No, erm My sister is Hans and Ivalo's adopted daughter.
Our family's always had some troubles.
- Shall we go? - Er, yes, but shouldn't we wait for Hans? He has to discuss some things with the Premier, so he's staying here.
He's talking with her right now.
The ones that become parents at an early age and therefore don't get an education.
Oh my, that tree has a pungent smell.
It smells great.
Smells like summer.
- You think so? Summer? - Well, yeah, like in Denmark.
Ooh He doesn't look well.
Pardon me, but could we turn down the heat on the air conditioning? - Can't you roll down the window? - I've tried that.
- It doesn't work.
I can't get it down.
- Press that button.
I am pressing it.
It's child-proof or something.
Can you please turn down the heat? Yeah, that's it down.
I I need to take this call, and I simply need a break.
Please stop as quickly as you can.
Just pull in.
Can you hear me here? Birgitte, the connection is really bad here.
Let Let me try Hang on! I'm just gonna have a - Hello? - Hello? Yeah? Yeah, I'm here.
Erm, yes, I can hear you now.
Asger, listen up.
We have received further information about Mikhail Gamov.
Money laundering, mafia connections, things like that.
He might be going on for the EU sanctions list.
Holy shit.
It is crucial to find out how big a share of the company is held by Gamov.
And I've asked the American ambassador for a meeting today to find out how much the Americans know.
But has Hans mentioned the Russians at any point? Especially Gamov and how big a share of the company he owns.
No, but in general, Hans only tells people what Hans wants them to know.
He has figured out a long time ago that Copenhagen does not want Russian owners, so he only calls it "The Canadian Company".
But it is unclear how much Gamov owns.
If he only owns 10, 15%, we can't use it for anything.
But I am heading to the site now.
- Shall I press them on the ownership? - Yes, please.
I need to know for the Foreign Policy Committee meeting tomorrow so we can hopefully shut this down.
Asger? New acting Arctic ambassador? - Right.
- Congratulations on the job.
Thank you.
Ready? Obviously, the actual facility would be 40 to 50 times larger than what you just saw out there.
We'll blow away those mountains there.
We're talking roughly 20 million cubic metres of bedrock.
- Wow.
- Yes.
Now, if you don't have any further questions, I think that was that.
- Thank you so much.
- Thank you.
My pleasure.
Oh, just one more thing, Caroline.
By the way, erm The Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs has had a little look at the the ownership of CEC.
And is it is it correctly understood that you're no longer a 100% Canadian-owned company? That is correct.
We've opened up our doors to some international investors.
But the heart and the soul of the company is still Canadian.
Nevertheless, I just, er I just wanted to let you know that your new main shareholder erm Gamov, Mr Gamov, is being investigated by Interpol.
And, to make matters worse, the European Council is also, at the moment, preparing actions against all of his companies.
Which, of course, would make it quite difficult for him to sell the oil.
But, of course, I presume you are already aware of this, right? Of course.
Unfortunately, if you'll excuse me now.
Thank you.
Thanks again.
What kind of sanctions are the EU planning? No idea.
But it seemed to make her think, right? How do I feel about having a younger woman as a boss? Well, I'll answer by quoting a great US Secretary of State, Madeleine Albright.
It goes, "There's a special place in hell for women who don't help each other.
" Well, exactly.
Au revoir.
The American ambassador is in the elevator.
We are stopping at 6:00 p.
tonight because of your son's birthday.
You're live on TV1 at 9:30, and Hans Eliassen will be joining you on a direct link from Greenland.
Shall I get a present for your son? Erm - Thanks.
I'll handle it.
- You're meeting Stranton now.
This came 30 minutes ago.
You can use it if you want.
It seems the Russians are suddenly very interested in Greenland.
I've called this meeting because I wanted to personally inform you of a potentially serious situation brewing in Greenland.
I've been informed that several Russian companies have bought their way into the company drilling for oil in Greenland.
But perhaps the US is already aware of this? I mean, as you know, anything related to foreign or security policy is based on a "need to know" principle.
I don't entirely agree.
There's an equally important principle of "nice to know".
And I have no doubt that you will find it nice to know that I have received an application from Moscow.
An application for a Russian consulate in Nuuk, not unlike your own.
So, it's been common knowledge for years that Russia has no interest in Greenland, but them applying for a consulate in combination with buying into the company drilling for oil, as well as the fact that the primary owner, the primary Russian owner, is none other than Mikhail Gamov.
It sure paints a picture of a new strategy, doesn't it? I suppose this is the point where you tell me how I can scratch your back? Well, you could tell me that the US will under no circumstances accept Russia operating in Greenland like this, and certainly not with those people.
Which would mean no more oil.
Something I will then have to pass along, tomorrow, to the Foreign Policy Committee at 9 a.
It's no wonder you feel sick when you're staring into a computer all the time.
Do you know where you are? Yeah, I know.
I'm in Ilulissat, where Knud Rasmussen was born.
I've read everything he's written several times.
I don't doubt that.
But don't you want to see what he saw? Shall we show him the Icefjord? - Do you need a hand? - No, I'm good.
- Are you sure? - Yeah.
This place is called Nakkaavik.
It means "the place where you fall".
In the old days, people feared famine more than death.
So they all had to contribute.
If you couldn't do that any more, then this was where you threw yourself down.
- Well, thank you so much for now.
- Yeah, thanks for now.
It was nice to meet you.
It certainly was, yes.
- Go home safely.
- Thanks.
- See ya.
- Takuss.
- What? - Yeah.
- Can I give you a piece of advice? - Yeah, sure.
I don't think you'll pick up any ladies here with those shoes.
- What's wrong with my shoes? - Women here like a man who stands fast.
You can buy some more practical shoes over there.
I'm not trying to pick up ladies.
There? I mean, the blue one over there? Yeah.
I'll take a look.
Why haven't I heard from you? Isn't the meeting tomorrow? You know I'm talking to the guys in the Navy.
I'm trying to get you back.
So I need you to deliver your part of the agreement.
Here's a thermos just like the ones you use out there.
Except that we've tampered with it so we can listen in on the room where you place it.
Okay? Yeah.
I've been shopping.
- Wow.
- Are they better? Much better.
Looking good, yeah.
Who was that? Er, a guy I used to know.
Let's go.
Er, Sejrø is on the list.
Shall I try to fit him in on Friday? No, it'd be too much pressure.
- Er, drop Sejrø and remind me next week.
- Okay.
And we'll pick you up again at 8:15 if you have to go to makeup I have to.
 I have to.
And can you ask them if they have that lotion that keeps you from sweating? Er, clear, long-lasting, I can't remember what it's called.
I'll check it out.
You are a bit late.
And I'm really sorry you only have an hour and 45 minutes for your son's birthday.
Don't worry about it.
 He's used to it.
Is he also used to you not getting him a present? Oh, for fu No! Ah! - You're giving him a necklace.
- Yeah? And a pair of trainers.
You told me he was an environmentalist, so I bought them in vegan leather.
- And how did you know what size he is? - I called your ex-husband.
If you keep this up, you'll end up permanent secretary.
It's nice to be promoted for one's skills.
Sally only wants meat.
- Karla's pescatarian - Hi.
Sorry, I'm late.
Happy birthday.
- Thanks, Mum.
- Oh - You had a nice day? - Yeah.
You've met Ellen, Ida's mum, right? - Yeah.
- You met last year.
You weren't Foreign Minister then.
Congratulations on the appointment.
Thank you very much.
- No.
- Yeah, just unwrap it.
What could it be? What could it be? Ah? They are fucking awesome! Yes, they are really nice.
Yeah? And the size is right.
- Yeah.
- They are cool, Mum.
- Thanks.
- It's Laura.
- Hi.
- Hi, Karla.
Having fun? Yeah.
Magnus's mum is here as well.
She's my mum as well! - Hi! - Hi, Laura.
I'll call you, Laura.
- Happy birthday.
- Hi.
- Is it still cool to live in New York? - Yeah.
Has Sarah moved in yet? Last week.
She's actually standing over here.
- Oh? - Hey, Magnus.
Happy birthday.
Thank you.
Then you just need a kid so Mum can become a grandma.
Dad can become a dad and a granddad at the same time.
Oh, for goodness' No, no, Laura.
Hello? Laura, hey, hey, Laura? - Did you read the article? - Yes, it's really exciting.
I've actually used some of it in the paper I'm writing.
- Okay, cool.
- But, honey? Honey? I'm almost done with your introduction.
I'll send you the notes.
Thanks, Dad.
It's my turn now.
I'll take you to the other room.
- Can you say goodbye to the others? - Bye! - Bye! - Bye.
I've completely forgotten to congratulate you.
- Thanks.
- And welcome.
What? - Nothing.
- Yeah.
What is it? It's just good to see you going around enjoying life.
I don't think I've ever been as happy as I am now, actually.
I mean, sorry.
That sounded wrong.
No, it's correct.
It's good that you feel like that.
I just love not working as much.
And I'm very happy I don't need to apologise to anyone for working as much.
From Oliver - We're outside - Ah.
The car is here to pick me up.
- Well Just come in quickly.
We'll just sing.
To: Oliver Hjorth - two mins.
Now, now, now, now! And it's Magnus's special day ♪ It's the greatest day for his birthday ♪ It's Magnus's special day ♪ We need to be at TV1 in 15 mins.
To: Oliver - Coming.
- when everybody ♪ - Starts to hum ♪ And listen up When everybody hums ♪ Congratulations, honey.
I really have to go.
- I'm going on the news.
- Yeah.
I'll sleep at Dad's place for a few days.
- Okay.
- Is it okay? - Yeah.
Of course.
- Yeah? Okay.
- And you'll have a real bed to sleep in.
- Yeah.
With all due respect, I think Birgitte Nyborg's world is very far removed from the reality in Greenland.
Right down here, by the harbour there, are people working on pretty low wage jobs.
If you ask them if they would like to live a better life now that oil has been found in Greenland, they will say yes.
What is your reply, Birgitte? Is your perspective simply too far removed from ordinary people? Well, I'm just an ordinary person myself, but it is my job to have a perspective which includes both the society we're all a part of and the world, so, once in a while, I have to make decisions which may hurt the individual but benefits the community.
And, Hans, fishing is actually the most important source of income for Greenland, besides the Danish block grant.
And right down there on your harbour, people are beginning to catch a lot less cod.
Because the water is getting warmer.
The individual fisherman doesn't consider it, but it's actually a cry for help from an ecosystem which climate change is about to destroy.
So, maybe you ought to be the one who changes his perspective.
- Hello? - Hi.
Hi, Mum.
What's up? Thank you for the whale.
It's cute.
You're welcome.
- Look, erm - What's up? Well, let's say that I'll take the couch, so you can sleep in the bed.
That's so sweet, Mum.
But, listen, it's completely okay.
We're having fun with Dad and Ida and all the kids.
Then you don't have to think of me and fill up the fridge, right? - But, honey, I'm always thinking of you.
- Oh, wait.
Yeah? Two seconds.
Yeah? - Hello? What were you saying? - I said I'm always thinking of you.
Hello? - Mother? - Hello? Mum, I almost can't hear you.
Is it okay that I just call you in the morning? - Yeah.
- I'll call you tomorrow.
- Bye, Mum.
- Yeah.
Good morning.
Oh, morning! The US ambassador is here.
What? I have the committee in 45 minutes.
Yes, but he insisted.
He's in the World Room.
I tried to get a hold of you.
- Richard.
- Birgitte.
- So good to see you.
- Did you forget something? No, no, no, not at all.
I - Two days in a row.
- Must be my lucky week.
Before we get started, uh, I just thought I'd let you know that the president sends his warmest regards.
Thank you very much.
As you know, he appreciates professionalism in our closest allies, and, um - Can I be frank with you, Birgitte? - Sure.
So, I have been a part of some very interesting conversations lately.
Um, as I'm sure you're well aware, in 18 months, Bomani Ndjamena will be stepping down as the Secretary-General of the United Nations.
And we are thinking that it is about time we had someone who is a European and a woman fill the seat.
Now, with your experience as both prime minister and foreign minister and all your international relations, we think that you would make the ideal candidate.
I realise this isn't something we can discuss officially yet, but I thought I would just pass that along.
But, Richard, this little meeting of ours.
Why the urgency? It's really just a trivial matter, Birgitte.
Obviously, we're grateful that you informed us of Mikhail Gamov and his buying his way into the oil drilling company in Greenland.
Have you told anybody else about him? No.
Not yet.
So the United States would like to ask a favour of our old ally.
We know that you're headed to a meeting at the Foreign Policy Committee where you'll undoubtedly be asked about your knowledge of ownership in the oil company.
The CIA is currently conducting an intelligence operation against the Russians, and we would like to use the information you gave us in order to exert maximum pressure on them.
Is there any way that I can ask you not to mention Mikhail Gamov's name? Well, I do suspect that mentioning his name is what will convince the committee that Denmark and therefore also Greenland should terminate the oil project.
All we're asking for is 36 hours.
But the meetings in the Foreign Policy Committees are completely confidential.
With all due respect, we have experienced on several occasions that information from the committee has been leaked.
It would really, really mean a lot to us if you could help us out here.
And we would be very appreciative of it.
Of course.
I just have to say that there is a high risk involved.
I have it under control, Rasmus.
- The car's here.
- Oliver.
Oliver, give me two minutes with the minister, please.
I know what you're going to say.
If you lie or hold something back from the committee, it is the same as lying in front of Parliament.
It could cost you your job.
And when there is even an article in the Financial Times.
There is nothing about Gamov, is there? We don't have all the details, and that's all I'm going to say.
But you know more than you plan on saying.
And wasn't Gamov going to be your trump card? Yeah.
It's very important to the Americans.
Rasmus, I hear you.
You have done your duty as a civil servant.
You've informed me of the risk, and as a minister, I'm willing to take that risk.
Thank you.
I am therefore certain that the US, as our most important ally, will find it very hard to accept Russian owners of the drilling company in Greenland.
So we don't think the oil project can continue.
First it is Jens Enok Berthelsen from Independent Greenland, and then Jens Jakob Steen from the Liberals.
Go ahead.
I have to say that it seems the Foreign Minister is both exaggerating and politicising her own desire to stop the oil project.
I completely agree.
For instance, the US is perfectly aware that Europe gets a considerable amount of gas from Russia, and they accept that.
I can assure you that the Americans are not going to accept that Russia has direct operations in Greenland where the Americans have special strategic interests.
Okay, then let's ask the Minister of Justice who has a PET operation on the way Greenland if they've found anything disturbing about the Russian owners.
We haven't, at the moment, found anything that would be cause for concern.
Yes, I think we're almost done here, aren't we? Oh, Kristian Møller from the Solidaric Unity gets the final question.
Question for the Foreign Minister.
Does the Foreign Minister know of any specific Russian owners of the drilling company, or only the companies mentioned in the Financial Times article? No, I don't.
The Foreign Ministry is gathering information.
So, if I specifically ask about the name Mikhail Gamov, the Foreign Minister cannot confirm that he is among the owners of the company? As I said, it's being looked into.
There was a meeting in N5 a couple of days ago, where you talked to the Swedish Foreign Minister.
Am I right in thinking that the Swedes would be the ones to ask if you wanted to know what was going on in Moscow? That's correct.
Then allow me to ask once again if the Foreign Minister is aware that the Russian national Mikhail Gamov is one of the owners behind the company drilling for oil in Greenland? I don't have all the information yet.
So, no, I'm not aware.
Hey, Malik.
Was there any new information on the oil in Greenland? No comment.
Is this ministry a sieve? How the hell did that get out? We don't know that the leak is from this ministry.
No, but where the hell should it be if not here, Rasmus? It has to be someone who works here who can't keep their mouth shut! Oliver? I have to remind the minister that I am the one giving the orders to the civil servants in this ministry.
Well Well, then you should give orders and figure out which one of your employees has leaked this.
Magnus, honey.
What are you doing here? I thought you were at your dad's.
But, er, I'd like to sleep here for a few of days.
Really? Hmm.
Did you, er, buy my birthday gift yourself? Yes, of course.
You're such a fucking bad liar! It's actually unbelievable.
Still love the trainers! Subtitle translation by: Helle Kaiser-Nielsen
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