Borgen (2010) s04e03 Episode Script

Inuit Nunaat: Land of the People

I have mood swings, I get hot flashes.
I get these suddenly irregular heartbeats.
You're going to your check-ups after your breast cancer, and your values are completely normal.
Yeah, but I can't keep changing my shirt three times a day.
I'm the Foreign Minister.
The other day, I ranted at my employees.
Yes, but we talked about this, Birgitte.
You're going through the menopause, right? - Well, I know there are some pills.
- Yes, and I won't give them to you.
Because you had breast cancer.
Besides, I don't believe in using medication for a natural condition of the body.
You can't control nature.
Four employees have asked for days off in lieu next week.
I never use days off in lieu.
Remember him? I love starting the day with one of Torben's quizzes.
Who is he? Oleg Kutozov.
A prominent member of the Russian opposition ten years ago.
Maybe it's not that weird you don't remember him.
He's been dead eight years.
He was poisoned by a radioactive polonium in his tea at a hotel room in Frankfurt.
And the man who brewed that tea is this man, Mikhail Gamov.
He owns the drilling company in Greenland.
- Yes.
- That's bloody good, Torben.
Who told you? A former colleague of Borgen owed me a favour.
He thinks Nyborg knew about Gamov.
I'm almost certain that Gamov is the one Nyborg was questioned about in the Foreign Council.
If that's true, she lied to them.
Do you think you can get any members to confirm it? On screen, I mean? No, no, that's illegal, it's a breach of confidentiality.
But we could be annoying as hell and ask the question anyway.
We could do that.
INUIT NUNAA LAND OF THE PEOPLE TV2 found out that Gamov co-owns the company.
And 15 minutes ago we received a disclosure request.
From TV1? They also asked for a comment, and their reporter is on the way.
Birgitte, can we, er? Two minutes.
Don't you think, in light of all this, that you should get a special adviser? I think I'm doing fine without a spin doctor.
And it shows that I'm not one for self-orchestration like most other politicians.
- Such as the Prime Minister? - For example, yes.
Did you see her latest post? Lunch boxes? Yes, but it works.
What will you say when they ask about Gamov? - Are you applying for special adviser? - No, I'm not.
I have a good position where part of my job is to ensure that you comply with the Ministerial Accountability Act.
Now, let's not blow this out of proportion, huh? I mean, I did the Americans a tiny favour which didn't have any consequences at all.
It's not exactly grounds for impeachment.
And even if it slips out about Gamov, that I denied knowledge, they still have to prove that I knew.
So what are you going to say? Nothing.
If I talk about Gamov, I'll breach my confidentiality and legitimise members of the council to talk about him in the press.
And that's too big a risk.
What about the oil? What's the plan? I will stick to the good news.
The climate benefits.
I spoke to the Premier last night.
She agrees with me.
Jens Jakob Steen, as leader of the opposition, how do you react to TV1 having received information that the controversial, Russian businessman, Mikhail Gamov, is one of the owners of the oil company in Greenland? Can you confirm this is what Birgitte Nyborg was asked about during the meeting? The Foreign Minister was evasive in her statement.
I believe there's reason to consider that she might have been withholding information.
Do you have confidence in Birgitte Nyborg? It's too early to say, but we take this matter very seriously.
Birgitte Nyborg, what do you say to the fact that one of the owners of the oil company is Mikhail Gamov, who's suspected of being connected to the mafia and will soon be on the EU sanction list? I assume it was Gamov who was discussed at the meeting.
Once again, I must stress that council meetings are confidential, but with regards to the oil in Greenland, I'm happy.
The Premier yesterday announced that she also believes that the climate must be seen as more important than the oil.
And I'm sure that many of my capable Greenlandic colleagues agree.
Thank you.
Is the Greenlandic flag something you arranged? - Yeah.
- You're getting the hang of it, Oliver.
I am the brother of Malik's grandfather.
We used to go whaling together.
I I am a whaler.
That's my identity.
But maybe it was difficult for Malik to find his identity.
As a child, he was always happiest when we went whaling.
I would like us to sing the song we always sang when we went hunting.
I often dream of you ♪ Because you are so loving ♪ You who live ♪ So far from me ♪ But when the dreamy visions ♪ Come to me ♪ I thank God ♪ You come close to me ♪ I have always had faith ♪ That happiness will return ♪ And grant us ♪ Love of life ♪ There's nothing to find.
There's no proof of my knowledge of Gamov.
Oh, I'm being called into a meeting.
I'll talk to you later.
Right? Bye.
Jon, what a surprise.
The press is on your back.
It'll blow over.
But seriously, where the heck did Kristian Møller from Solidarity get that information on Gamov? I've enquired everywhere.
The only thing I know is that his assistant got a call while we were in the meeting.
- But the timing is spectacular.
- Yes.
Listen, I'm actually here on a more personal matter.
I got a call from the national police.
They've been in contact the West Zealand police earlier today regarding the pig transport story last week.
- I don't know if you followed the case? - I saw that it happened.
There were three activists, they got one of them, now he's spilled the beans on the other two.
It turns out the one driving the truck Well, it's It's Magnus, your son.
- Magnus? Can't be right.
- Well, the police are quite sure.
I'll gladly help if I can.
He shouldn't get any special treatment cos he's my son.
What are the charges? Vandalism, trespassing, and theft.
His sentence might be suspended, but there will likely be damages to pay.
- That copy is for you.
- Thanks.
Isn't that the former premier, Jens Enok Berthelsen? Hans and Jens are old friends.
Hans, my condolences.
- Thank you very much.
- It was beautiful.
We're all meeting for coffee.
You're more than welcome to stay.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
See you soon.
- Bye.
- See you.
Asger Holm Kirkegaard.
I'm Birgitte Nyborg's new acting Arctic ambassador.
Jens Enok Berthelsen.
And I'm one of, er, Nyborg's capable Greenlandic colleagues, as she was kind enough to call us in the news earlier today.
Yeah It's nice to be told that the Greenlandic people prioritise the Paris Agreement over their own independence.
She seems to know us better than we do ourselves, hm? Well, I don't think that was what she meant.
That's what she said.
I don't think I should stay for that coffee.
Shall we head back together? Yeah, yeah.
What will you do instead? I was thinking of having a look at Knud Rasmussen's house.
- Ah.
- And his father's church.
What is it with you and Knud Rasmussen? I'm just a big fan.
He was so amazingly brave.
And, at the same time, he was this wild adventurer, he was also a poet, and an academic, and an author, and a lady-killer, and family man.
He was full of contradictions and paradoxes.
What's the best thing he's written about Greenland? Er "Nature is great, but are not men greater?" Will you look at me when I'm talking to you? What were you thinking?! It was taking a stand.
You can do a bloody stand on the square in front of the Parliament! This was trespassing! It was theft! It was a criminal act! Yes, and isn't it a criminal act when the industry kills 25,000 pigs a day? - Don't evade the issue.
- Guess who taught me.
Tell me, wasn't animal welfare also a key issue for your party Mm-mm-mm.
We're not talking politics.
We're always talking bloody politics, Mum! I hope you know I can't protect you in this.
No, and I promise you I wouldn't want you to.
Cos I stand by my actions.
You stand by the fact that 17 of the pigs had to be put down because they'd been so stressed by your manifestation, that they ran into a highway where they were a danger to traffic? Hey, would you like some company? Yeah.
Very much so.
You didn't stay long for coffee.
No, there were too many agendas.
Have you had your Knud Rasmussen fix? Perfect.
It's just so amazing.
Right in there was where little Knud sat and listened to his father, the pastor, preach about the great Christian Danish God.
Sometimes I think that many of Greenland's problems could have been avoided if Hans Egede had just sailed on by.
So we should have remained as noble savages, or what do you mean? No, no, that's not what I mean.
Maybe Knud Rasmussen doesn't mean the same to us as he does to you.
When I was in high school, we met at the church to have drinks.
I've brought some gin and tonic.
If you feel like it.
Yes, I'd love to.
This is the best place to sit and enjoy one, that's for sure.
Okay, that's ingenious.
You just picked up a 3,000-year-old piece of the ice to cool down our gin and tonic.
That's just perfect.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
It's crackling.
Those air bubbles were trapped inside two, three million years ago.
God's farts.
Cheers to you.
Hans just wanted to start negotiating with me right away.
- I have to - Yeah, that's right.
- I need to go this way.
- Yeah.
But Do you want to grab some food, or? I have a previous engagement.
I need to talk to my husband.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
- Thanks for a lovely day.
- Yes, thanks.
I enjoyed it.
- See you later.
- Yeah, see you later.
Can I borrow the car? Can you borrow your mum's car to drive to the police for questioning? - No, you can't.
- Even though it's parked right outside? This is some small extra punishment you're giving me? It's not up for debate.
Mum, the trains don't connect at all.
It'll take me two hours to get there.
That's what's called "reality".
Says the one about get picked up in a ministerial car.
From: Oliver Hjorth - Watching the Channel 2 news? The matter of the Foreign Minister Birgitte Nyborg possibly withholding information has entered a new dramatic phase this morning.
Nyborg has had a majority behind her, but now her support is crumbling since the North Atlantic Member of Parliament, Jens Enok Berthelsen, who was usually very supportive of the government, a few minutes ago stated that he no longer feels he has confidence in Nyborg.
When I see a minister lying or withholding the truth, I have to react.
Therefore, I must say that I no longer have confidence in Birgitte Nyborg.
The government no longer has a majority supporting Birgitte Nyborg as Foreign Minister.
If the opposition can agree on a vote of no confidence, the Prime Minister will be under great pressure to remove her.
Oh dear.
Looks like I'm not the only one who's broken the law.
Just go and find your train pass.
Did you violate the Accountability Act? Shit.
Car's here.
I have to go now.
And take the car! Here.
Yes, this is Birgitte.
I've no idea what's going on.
Jens Jakob Steen is trying to get a majority for a vote of no confidence.
What's he got? He has 42 from his own.
Er, he can add 27 from the Freedom Party, and then he has to talk to the New Right.
They like Nyborg a lot, er, but if he makes it worth their while, I think they are more than willing to help topple her.
- And what does the PM have to say? - She just tweeted.
"There are strong interests at play when it comes to the oil in Greenland.
" "I have confidence that the Foreign Minister has it under control.
" Okay, so Kragh is still supporting Nyborg.
- Yeah.
- No, no, notice the phrasing.
She says the matter is under control, not that she has confidence in Nyborg.
We can work with this.
How much will it cost to get New Right to topple Nyborg, and what will it cost to get Jens Enok back? Today will be a day of negotiations at Borgen, and we need to know the balance.
Nyborg's head is for sale.
We can't sit around and wait.
I'm on my way.
You're right.
But remember, you also have an editor in charge of news.
I'll keep studying the documents.
Listen, Birgitte.
The headline up here is all about the oil and the government crisis which it has caused.
You've convinced the Prime Minister to go against the oil.
That has made life goddamn difficult for Hans.
He's promised everyone up here that they will be oil billionaires and they'll get their independence.
And that's why he's made his old friend Jens go against you.
I know Jens Enok.
I can talk to him.
- Hi, Jens.
Do you have a minute? - Yes, of course.
- I've been expecting you.
- Yeah? Well, Jens, I thought we worked pretty well together when you were premier and I was prime minister.
And I doubt you care about what I've said or haven't said in the Foreign Council about some Russian.
That's certainly correct.
But I don't think you have the best interests of the Greenlanders at heart.
Do you really want your kids to grow up in a world where the ice is melting faster and faster? And where the planet can't feed itself in the end because of climate change? It's funny how this line of reasoning revolves around making me feel guilty.
Do you know what kind of a world we live in in Greenland? It's a world where you might have to choose between your Greenlandic identity and getting an education.
A world where the entire power apparatus is built by Danes.
If we don't speak your language, or think your thoughts, or make our society similar to yours, we have no chance to accomplish anything.
And now we finally found something in our own underground of such great value, that we will actually be able to get our independence.
And then you and Copenhagen tell us that we're not allowed to pump it up because it's bad for the climate, that you've basically ruined yourselves.
And suddenly, Greenland has to pay for 200 years of pollution by the West.
Don't you think we're paying that price already? Nanna Kvist, you have just held a meeting in the New Right.
What was the party's position on a possible vote of no confidence? We take the matter very seriously, and I expect a complete explanation from the Foreign Minister if I'm to continue to have confidence in her.
It's completely insane to want to topple a minister because of a confidential meeting no one can discuss.
I've had a fruitful meeting with Benedikte Nedergaard from the Freedom Party.
We agree that the Foreign Minister betrayed our trust when she misinformed the Foreign Council.
Yeah? Michael Laugesen, what are we witnessing here? Well, we are seeing a Birgitte Nyborg who's put too much faith in her own infallibility.
And in her belief that this is just a trifle.
But it's not a bloody trifle when a minister is being untruthful.
A government can only act when it has the confidence of the Parliament.
The pivotal question is, how long will Signe Kragh continue to have confidence Birgitte Nyborg? And that leads us to the next question.
If the leader of one of the parties in the coalition is forced to resign, will that bring down the entire government? There's quite a storm brewing.
Look, this is a completely absurd situation.
The Americans asked me to briefly withhold information about Gamov because of an ongoing intelligence operation.
I regarded it as a trivial matter.
But then I was asked directly about him in the meeting.
That is a very odd coincidence, isn't it? You think a conspiracy? - You know what I mean.
- No, I don't think I do.
It's very unusual that the North Atlantic mandate suddenly acts unilaterally to seek a vote of no confidence.
What do you think it's about, hm? I think it is about the oil.
I think it's about you sometimes moving a bit too fast, and your being too far removed from the voters.
Signe, we are party leaders, the two top ministers in government.
We should settle this now.
Can't you put Enok Berthelsen in his place? You have a certain clout.
You made sure you were handling the Greenlandic oil, now you've got it, so you're going to solve this.
I will.
There are those who want heads to roll, but I really hope it will only be a flick on the nose, even though it's your nose, Birgitte.
You have a very famous nose.
An adviser once told me that there are 20,000 votes in your nose when you wrinkle it in that charming way.
And that corresponds to a mandate, and that's all you need.
Excuse me, what are you trying to say? That it won't be the government which will be toppled by this.
Yeah, well, you have a busy day.
So, you're supposed to be having coffee at Bent Sejrø's, but consider postponing it in light of, well, everything that's going on.
Majken, I think we'll head to the Foreign Ministry instead.
The good news is that the press still hasn't mentioned the story about your son and the animal transport.
Erm, and we have complete confidentiality at the ministry, of course.
To: Magnus - Hi, sweetie.
Hope all went well with the police? Thinking of you.
Love, Mom You have a briefing at 2:30, then it's the Egyptian trade delegation, and both TV1 and Channel 2 has called 15 or 20 times.
Yes, that's what I replied.
"The minister does not want to comment on the matter at the moment.
" And, er, Rasmus has asked for a briefing at the end of the day.
I mean, only if you, or if your position - Only if you're forced to.
- I want to go to Bent's after all.
Majken, we're going to Bent Sejrø's.
It's very lovely.
Grandpa, Birgitte Nyborg's here.
Oh my.
- Hi, Bent.
- Hello, my dear.
You resigned? Or are you just looking like someone who's resigned? No, not yet.
Did you lie to the Foreign Policy Committee? Technically, I withheld information for 36 hours.
So, yes.
Should I resign? That's not the right question.
What is the right question? Yes, come on.
You've asked it many times.
What are my options? Can the the the Greenlandic runaway train be stopped? No, I just tried.
Only if I change my position and support exploiting the oil.
This isn't about me withholding some trivial information.
This is about the fact that this is the first time they can stick it to the government.
It looks like I either change my position and support extracting the oil, or I resign.
The Prime Minister's told me I'm on my own.
Well, that Signe Kragh is a textbook example of a person who came into power much too early.
She has a habit of dragging every decision in the government into her office.
But didn't I do that? Yes, but you listened when I told you, hey? No, that Signe Kragh is a textbook example of a person who came into power much too early.
My grandpa is being examined for dementia.
Oh, okay.
Don't worry about it, Bent.
I'll figure it out.
Birgitte, you know what? Sometimes in your career, you're faced with some very important choices.
Choices which will define who you are.
Choices which you'll be remembered for.
Which you can be proud of or regret.
I know that resigning takes a lot of courage.
Bent, I'm 53 years old.
I'm divorced.
My children My children, Bent.
You know that I live alone.
My double bedroom doubles as my office.
I have a flower subscription to make sure I get any flowers at all.
If I'm not the woman working 19 hours a day as Foreign Minister, who the hell am I? The bravest person I know.
You know what? That Signe Kragh is a textbook example of a person who came into power much too early.
Can the editorial staff meet over here, please? Friis, do you have a moment? Okay, listen up.
I've just been tipped that they're changing the agenda for Parliament tomorrow, and I'm 95% certain that we're looking at a vote of no confidence.
Yeah? Okay.
Don't you think Kragh and Nyborg have agreed to protect the government? I don't think Nyborg will allow herself to be unseated by a vote in Parliament.
- She'll resign before that.
- You believe she'll resign? Yeah.
At least we have to plan as if it's a very real possibility, and if she resigns as Foreign Minister, she resigns as leader of the party.
- Then we'll need a portrait ready.
Dan? - I'm on it.
We love Nyborg.
Lots of strings.
- Greatness and fall and so on.
- Exactly.
We need an interview with Bent Sejrø, her old mentor.
Since he's retired, he always says no.
I know him really well.
I'll call him.
I've forgotten there's a parents' night in half an hour.
I have to go.
We're planning a farewell to one of the greatest politicians in modern time.
- Can't your partner go? - She's out of the country.
- Narciza, it's for your show.
- Ah, Katrine Birgitte Nyborg isn't more important than my kid.
Well, then I think the rest of us should do our job.
Anybody not know what to do now? - Not me.
- Good.
Hi, Mum.
Hi, honey.
What's going on? - You're home early.
- It was a bit of a special day today.
How did it go with the police? You didn't reply to my text.
Er Yeah, I think it went alright.
I think we'll get off with 30 days' suspended sentence.
And damages for the pigs.
This is Alba.
- Hi, Alba.
- Hi.
So, were you a part of the pig transport as well? Yes.
- Do you need a hand? - No, I've got it.
I'm sure the 17 pigs are happy to know that they died for a good cause.
So you think what is going on in the food industry is okay? No, I don't.
I just air my views in a slightly different way.
I suppose we're all trying to avoid innocent victims, aren't we? It's funny, cos maybe there wouldn't have been so many innocent victims if your generation hadn't trashed the world.
Your generation has this undesirable habit of always choosing to play the victim instead of acting and actually creating some change.
- Well, I think we're on our way.
- Well, I don't think you are.
- You're more than - Hey! How love it was that we could all meet! - Hello? - You have We're heading off.
Alba, say bye.
Yeah, hello? Yeah, I'm sorry for calling this late.
It's fine.
It's not late up here.
I was just checking emails anyway.
Well, I didn't really manage to convince Jens Enok Berthelsen.
- I don't know if you've been watching - Yeah.
I saw it.
You know what? I have a hypothetical idea I would like to brainstorm with you.
At the moment it seems like I have a choice of resigning or changing my opinion on the oil.
From: Emmy Rasmussen Enjoyed G&Ts with you.
Life's a bit complicated.
Hope you understand.
- You there? - Yeah.
I I don't think you should resign.
Yes, I I just don't like the oil, Birgitte.
I don't like the oil either, but then I have to resign.
To: Emmy - I'm a civil servant.
We're not scared of complicated.
They probably won't miss me up there in Greenland anyway.
No, you're probably right.
So what are we looking at? Shall I try to give you arguments in favour of fossil fuels, or is that too crazy? Well, my back's against the wall, so I'm trying to get an overview of my options.
Then I would focus on the fact that the world will be dependent on fossil fuels for at least another 30 or 40 years.
Yeah? Our consumption is rising.
We just don't talk about it.
That can't be right.
It's true.
Birgitte Birgitte, my phone is almost out of battery.
- Can we continue over the computer? - Yeah.
- Good.
- I'll call you.
- Hi! - Hi.
- Greenland is far away.
- Yes.
It took ages to get through.
Oh, your hair look so nice! - It's over the side.
- Oh, right.
Well, I have my meeting with my minister, right? You're rocking the ponytail.
It suits you.
Makes you look ten years younger, Birgitte.
Well, listen here.
OPEC says the world's oil consumption will break all records over the next five years.
But doesn't Denmark have days where we're being powered completely by wind or green energy? Yes, if we only look at heating up our houses.
Not if we're counting energy for industry and transport.
Look at India, China and the US.
- What do they use? - Petrol.
This is great.
Go on.
And where does Are you still there? Yeah, yeah, yeah, I'm listening.
And where does the world buy most of their gasoline? In the Gulf States, primarily Saudi Arabia, and they are notably not democracies, and the women hardly have any rights.
And they don't respect the most basic human rights.
So, we need the oil, but we don't like the countries we buy it from.
We don't like them very much, no.
Furthermore, Denmark will be able to produce oil in a much more sustainable way than any other place on the planet.
So Denmark and Greenland is going to produce green, democratic oil.
Is this too far out? Yeah, but let's give it a go.
Okay, but if that's what I'm saying, we need a new majority in Parliament.
We need to be able to get 90, but we can't at the moment because we've lost one of the Northern Atlantic mandates.
You will get Jens Enok Berthelsen back if you change course, but then you will lose Solidarity Unity.
The Environmental Party, that's 27 votes.
What about your own party? You're pretty hardcore on the climate agenda as well.
It won't be a problem.
I'll get them to toe the line.
Which means I have to find 27 votes.
The 18 from the New Right isn't enough, and the Freedom Party's 27 will cost too much on immigration.
That means That leaves me with the Liberals.
I have to talk to Jens Jakob Steen.
Some will argue that it's a good thing the two of us don't spend too much time together.
You're now a proponent of fossil fuels in Greenland, and you're looking for support on the right.
- So? - Yeah, he's ready.
You can just Yeah, just relax and go ahead.
Thank you very much.
Hi, Bent.
- Long time, no see.
- It was nice of you to come in person.
Well, I had to when you say no to the rest.
- What a lovely place you have.
- Oh, yes, we like it a lot.
- I can see why.
- We like it.
- What a strange day.
- I'd say that again.
What do you think she'll do? She will fight to the end, and then she'll resign.
She won't let the Prime Minister unseat her.
I can promise you that much.
Was that your advice to her? I only ever gave her tactical advice.
She brought her own ideals.
- You ready? - Yeah, we're ready.
If I can get you repeat that last sentence, I'm sure somebody will shed a tear.
Okay, okay.
Look at this.
I became a politician because I had an opinion on how the world should be.
And I still have.
Okay, cut there and add some of the comments.
Is there a press release? - Has she resigned? - No, no, easy now.
I'm still studying the documents.
Is the obituary ready? We are.
It'll be awesome.
Listen to this.
Birgitte Nyborg will leave behind a considerable legacy as we say goodbye to the politician who became Denmark's first female prime minister.
I haven't taught Birgitte anything except how to count to 90.
She brought her own ideals.
No, it takes incredible political courage to resign.
If she was standing beside me, I would say, "I'm damn proud of you, my girl.
" Get a grip.
You get a grip.
Is it true that you want to unseat me because of an assumption that I knew about a certain Russian? And only an assumption? You must have known about Gamov, Birgitte.
- Do you have proof? - No.
But anything else is unlikely.
But at the same time, the Liberals want to extract the oil, and in that context, you have nothing against dealing with the perhaps deeply criminal Gamov.
As long as I haven't withheld information about him.
Well, it's politics.
All that matters is that there a majority against you.
Do we agree that you don't care about Gamov? Off the record, yes.
You just don't want me to prevent the Treasury making billions from the oil because of environmental reasons.
What is this conversation really about? What would the Liberals say if I, and therefore the government, choose to exploit the oil in Greenland? You're offering me the Greenlandic oil to save your own political career? Okay, Nyborg's personal secretary confirms that she will be on the six o'clock.
That's great.
Holy shit.
They've changed the Parliament agenda again.
So no vote of no confidence? I think there's a real possibility that she'll resign during your interview.
I know that look.
It's called, "Are you still Foreign Minister?" You asked for a video conference with our ambassador and a commercial attaché at 4 p.
I asked Oliver to postpone it.
Because you think I might've resigned by tomorrow, it'll be easier to handle with my successor? - No, we - Rasmus, it's fine.
Any responsible Permanent Secretary would have written the farewell speech and made sure everything was ready for the reception.
I haven't.
I trust that you are minister until you tell me otherwise.
Hans won't like it, but what do you think about this phrasing? As our joint statement? Yes.
So did you grow up with this milk which won't go sour for years and years? Yes, I did.
You'll have to get used to doing without Danish milk while you're here.
But doing without it is a good thing.
It builds character.
No, I don't want to keep going.
This makes no sense.
Everything is up in the air.
We don't know if your minister will still be in her seat tomorrow or what the official policy will be.
- We're doing our work, right? - Will Nyborg quit? You know something.
Does your Premier maintain that the climate is more important than the oil or is Hans outsmarting her? You know something.
And that's why it doesn't make any sense for the two of us to continue.
I will get the first flight back to Nuuk in the morning.
This might be the last time I'll see you.
That's for the best.
Are you saying I have no backbone? I don't have one when I'm with you.
Birgitte Nyborg has had some very dramatic days since the notorious meeting in the Foreign Council where Nyborg, according to the opposition, gave unclear answers regarding the ownership of the company that found oil in Greenland.
The matter took a serious turn for Nyborg when the Greenlandic Member of Parliament, Jens Enok Berthelsen, chose to withdraw his support to Nyborg and thereby the government, because Nyborg, according to him, had broken the Ministerial Accountability Act by withholding Boy, Narciza struggles a bit with the technical terms, "Accountability Act".
Prime Minister Signe Kragh has so far chosen to support Nyborg, but has yet to comment and has been strikingly silent all day.
Is this Nyborg's hour of destiny as Foreign Minister? And what is up and down in this complex case of oil, - foreign and security policies? - Thank you.
We have the person of the hour here.
Welcome, Birgitte Nyborg.
And let me begin by asking you, have you misled the Foreign Council? I certainly don't think I have.
The ownership of the oil company is very complicated.
But you have a majority who believe that you misled them.
What's your comment? Well, obviously that affects me.
When you realise as a politician that you're too far from the people you represent, you have to act.
And therefore I have something to say.
Holy shit.
She's doing it.
She's resigning.
If she resigns now, we still want to know what happened.
We have to face the fact that we live in a world which will be dependent on oil for at least 30 or 40 more years.
What the hell are you doing? Much of the oil the West is buying is produced around the Persian Gulf by countries who are often at war with each other, who do not respect human rights, who aren't democracies, and where women are more or less oppressed.
So, the question is, shall we continue to buy expensive oil supporting countries whose political systems we disapprove of? Or shall we, in a limited period, choose to produce our own oil? Denmark is actually already pretty good at producing oil She's changing her stance.
On live television.
so we've decided that we will proceed in a responsible way to examine the possibilities for producing oil in Greenland.
Tear into her now, Narciza! That does seem like a change of direction.
Does that mean the government also supports independence for Greenland? No! Fuck! Independence? What are you doing? She's changing her stance! - That's what you need to ask about! - It's Pia's show, dammit.
- Yes, we still hope - You can be sure as hell it isn't.
You have to press her on that vote of no confidence.
So you are saying that Denmark is going to make money on Greenlandic oil? - Why isn't she pressing her? - She's just changed stance! She has to hold her accountable! Katrine, what are you doing? We're in the middle of a broadcast.
Have her ask Nyborg how she will explain to her voters that she's become a supporter of fossil fuels! I'm sorry, but I am the editor on this news broadcast, Katrine.
But this isn't good enough! I'd like you to leave now.
So finally, Birgitte Nyborg, what's the name of Denmark's Foreign Minister tomorrow when the council convenes to address this? The same one as today.
- Thanks for coming.
- Thanks.
And now we move on to the Tax Agency where several employees have confirmed internal disputes If it was up to me, you wouldn't have gotten a freebie like that.
You know my job well enough to know that there is no such thing as a freebie.
I would just like to know what you will tell your voters.
You've made a complete U-turn on one of the central parts of your political program.
Well, we could have had a conversation about that if you still had your old job.
But now you're head of news, and you decide who I talk to on TV.
This interview is over.
From: Nadia Barazani - Call me ASAP.
From: Thomas Meldgaard Our climate policy? From: Jon Berthelsen You can't drop our climate policy without consulting the party.
Good job.
Do you really think so? Yeah.
You think what I said about oil in Greenland was fine? - You have no problem with that? - I don't create policy.
I'm a civil servant.
You lot are damn well-trained, aren't you? - Do you want my opinion? - No, actually not.
Has the ministry been planning my farewell reception today? No.
Yes, you have.
I can tell by looking at you.
Which was it? The sparkling wine and little fruit pies? Or the strawberry cakes from La Glace? Oliver, which was it? Okay.
It was the strawberry cakes.
The New Democrats celebrate the principle of having room for differences and the right to disagree.
If you ask me if I have any concerns about the consequences for the climate and the environment of a Greenlandic oil adventure, the answer is yes, I have.
But if you're actually asking me if I still have faith in Birgitte Nyborg as leader of the New Democrats, the answer is actually the same.
Yes, I have.
Did someone forget to inform their support base? You have a meeting in the Foreign Council.
I assume everything has been arranged? Your car is ready for you.
Signe Kragh tweeted: Nice to see my talented Foreign Minister on @TV1News.
And I should just warn you that climate activists are protesting in front of Parliament against your statements.
So I see.
Think I'll take my bike to work today.
You look really good, Benjamin.
- Hey, Benjamin.
- Hi.
What are you doing here? I'm going to my regular meeting with the press officers from the different parties.
- How long have they been in there? - An hour and 15 minutes.
She started the day by talking directly with the demonstrators.
You can say a lot about her, but she is damn good with people.
She is.
Anything else? Er, tried to get a hold of the Prime Minister, but she won't be making any comments before the meeting is over.
Of course.
There is some sort of bitch fight between Kragh and Nyborg for sure.
Nyborg is in a different league to Kragh, and Kragh knows it.
You admire her.
- I admire the politician.
- They're coming out.
Birgitte Nyborg! Birgitte Nyborg! Birgitte Nyborg! Slap on the wrist? I did, but that won't keep me up at night.
And now we can finally get to work.
Commentators have been calling your change of heart an Eskimo roll of historic proportions.
Any comments? I will willingly embrace that term.
Anyone who's been to Greenland knows that performing an Eskimo roll means that you continue forward in the same direction and furthermore you will keep your cool.
- Thanks.
- How - Jens Jakob Steen! Jens Jakob Steen! - Jens Jakob Steen! There is a long way from a vote of no confidence to a slap on the wrist.
Why did Nyborg get off so easily? There is no proof that she knew she was misleading the council.
But the matter was badly handled.
As leader of the Liberal Party, I am first and foremost happy and proud that we convinced the government that we can't ignore an oil find worth billions, since the Greenlanders agree.
Jens Jakob Steen, how do you feel about Will you let Asger know? - Yes, I'll do that.
- Ta.
Jens Jakob? Do you have a minute? Yes.
Didn't she get off easy? She will get hell for changing policy that way.
A slap on the wrist means nothing in that context.
Since it won't be a secret for long, what was she asked during the meeting? Well, that's confidential.
I can say a name, and if you don't say anything, I might be right.
Mikhail Gamov? Thanks.
TUESDAY FLOWERS Not a great day for democracy today, was it? It's as if everyone in Borgen forgot what they were actually angry about.
Now they just want a second car in the garage.
Are you telling me that your highly paid investigative reporter should stop going through all this material we have been granted access to? No.
Do you want help? You wanna look, there's plenty here.
- Text messages.
- That's just my thing.
PRODUCING SUSTAINABLE OIL Congrats on your Premier now also supporting the oil.
I also hate politicians who take a stand right up until they change it to something completely different.
Yeah, but on the positive side, this could mean that Denmark and Greenland will negotiate on sharing the proceeds.
But I just thought that maybe that you were the one from Greenland who was, and that I might be the one from Denmark who was to negotiate, hey? Do you remember what I said about doing without? That it's good for you? HI, CLIMATE TRAITOR LOVE, THE PIG BUTCHER - Do you want coffee? - Yeah, please.
Texts from Oliver Hjorth, April 15 2022 - May 9 2022 Hi! Oliver Hjorth.
Secretary to Birgitte Nyborg.
Does the Swedish Foreign Ministry know about Mikhail Gamov, and could Sofia Hellström meet with Nyborg before the N5 meeting? I think we can unseat Birgitte Nyborg.
It's from Birgitte's personal secretary.
He asks if the Swedish Foreign Minister can meet with Birgitte to talk about Gamov.
But it was sent before the meeting where she denies all knowledge of Gamov.
I'll be damned.
Do you dare topple her? Subtitle translation by: Helle Kaiser-Nielsen
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