Borgen (2010) s04e05 Episode Script

A Near-Arctic State

1 A NETFLIX SERIES "LET CHINA SLEEP, FOR WHEN SHE WAKENS, THE WORLD WILL TREMBLE" -NAPOLEON BONAPARTE Sweetie, have you seen my keys? - Are you going to class? - Mm-mm.
Sweetie, can we agree that you put your dirty clothes in the laundry basket? - They're everywhere.
- Mm? I expect to be home at around seven.
We can have dinner? Sweetie? Thanks.
The Greenlandic delegation will be at the Foreign Ministry at 11.
We will continue where we left off.
And then there is your quote for Børsen.
"I think Denmark succeeds in doing business with China while at the same time having a vehement, critical dialogue about human rights.
" I don't like "vehement, critical dialogue" and neither will the Chinese.
We can turn it around and call it a "positive, comma, critical dialogue"? - That way we talk about it as a plus.
- Yeah, that's good.
And then, "human rights among other things".
- Have you seen this? - Yes, I've seen it.
- Hi.
My goodness, you have been busy.
- Okay, er, juice? - Yes, thanks.
You're reading The Great Sled Journey.
I thought you'd read it.
I have.
It's well worth reading again.
Here you go.
- I enjoyed last night.
- So did I.
It's It's Birgitte.
Well, answer it.
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
I enjoyed last night.
Yeah, me too.
I know I was a bit harsh towards the Greenlandic delegation yesterday, but we'll make that right today.
We'll treat them to a really nice lunch, and then we'll land a deal.
Hello? Yeah.
Sorry, I'm here.
Yeah Er I just got a, er just got a text from Emmy Rasmussen.
Erm Hans has gone back to Greenland.
- What? - Yeah.
So the negotiations have officially broken down.
You have to go up there and make it right, Asger.
Get on the first plane to Greenland.
Make Hans come round and make sure he doesn't speak to China alone.
Got that.
Hans has gone back to Greenland.
This is hell.
When did he leave? Last night.
I didn't see it until now.
- I have to get up there immediately.
- Yeah.
Me too.
We won't get to enjoy that nice breakfast.
But thanks.
Maybe next time.
Er do you want to be the one to inform Rasmus about the talks? From: Michael Laugesen - Behind Nordea Bank in 7 mins? I have to meet someone first.
Who are you meeting? Er, Majken? Can you just let me off here? I'll make my own way to the ministry.
Oliver? I was just told that Hans has gone back.
- What happened? When did you find out? - Asger called when we were in the car.
- Where's the minister? - She has a private meeting.
It's not in her calendar.
- She made the appointment herself.
- That's a no-go.
- You have to control your minister.
- Yeah.
And it's a problem that Hans has gone back to Greenland.
- Nina, get me Lars and Claus from legal.
- Yeah.
- We need to get hold of Asger.
- He's on his way to the airport.
- Then get his deputy up here.
- This is Nina Estrup.
Can you and Claus come up here right away? - Notify the Treasury.
- The Treasury? I'll handle that.
And I'll inform Niels Erik in the PM's office right away.
Oh, he's gonna kill me.
This is Oliver Hjorth from the minister's office.
Yes, hello, this is Nina Estrup from the Foreign Ministry.
Hi, Niels Erik.
So, we have a slight problem.
Katrine, you have to see what we got from Greenland.
- I mean - I've only started editing.
It has to go online this afternoon.
The Greenlandic Minister for Natural Resources, Hans Eliassen, yesterday left the negotiations with Denmark on potential oil revenues.
This morning Hans Eliassen received representatives from the Chinese group Qingxing Enterprise which bought into the oil company.
China calls itself "a near-Arctic state" to underscore its interests in the Arctic.
And, Hans Eliassen, why did you choose to leave the negotiations with Birgitte Nyborg? It seems like Nyborg needed to read up on the Greenlandic Home Rule Act.
Greenland has regained control of its resources, but is still dealing with Copenhagen and a right to set the agenda.
Does that happen often in dialogue with Denmark? Yes, and not only regarding natural resources.
Nyborg is really going to have to answer to the Americans when they see the Chinese on the inland ice.
Oh yeah, and to the Prime Minister.
It's more fuel to the fire.
There's unrest in the party.
I mean, Nyborg's popularity has fallen tremendously in the latest polls.
She started out as the most trustworthy politician in the government.
A COSTLY U-TURN Now she's near the bottom.
I read this morning that summer is coming.
That came as quite a surprise.
Would you believe me if I told you that I never cared which season it is? Yeah.
I believe you.
But we didn't meet to talk about the weather, did we? Your approval rating is terrible.
Your support base is crumbling.
The negotiations with Greenland could end up as an international crisis.
And your boss doesn't seem to be lacking excuses to fire you.
- Like she fired you? - No, I think that was your doing.
First of all, we have to create sympathy towards you.
And that begins on social media.
Who the hell is running your Instagram, Facebook and Twitter profile? - I run them myself.
- That's goddamn hopeless.
And it ends now.
Your Insta's shit.
There are only pictures of you shaking hands with boring people.
- Like the German chancellor? - Yes.
That was an official picture.
Selfies are much better.
It's called "social media" because you need to interact with your followers.
Look at Signe Kragh.
She bloody well knows what she's doing.
Here is our sweet Signe having a cup of coffee on a bad day.
"Handball girl Signe congratulates the international women's team on their victory.
" Here is Signe's cat on a sheepskin rug.
- I mean, that's - Sweet Signe is baking a cake.
I don't have time to bake a cake.
I'm working.
Then make time.
It's all about building a brand.
Yours is 12 years old.
Something new comes along all the time.
You know what? I just hate to see politicians prostitute their private lives to market themselves.
What were you doing when you rode your bike to work as PM? You knew perfectly well what you were doing back then.
Now you're just slacking.
There is a difference between riding a bike in public and staging your private life.
By the way, you left out something when you were listing my problems, which is that my son hijacked a pig transporter and that several of the pigs had to be put down afterwards, so I'm also the mother of an animal abuser.
That's because it's not a problem.
It could be your salvation.
Shouldn't we do a segment on Nyborg where we show the pressure she's under? Her waning popularity.
We'd need to get someone in who knows her well.
How about Kasper Juul? That's an excellent idea.
Or is that too personal? No, no, it's fine.
But he's in London now.
He's only in Denmark every fourth weekend.
And not the upcoming weekend, so says the mother of his child.
How about you, Katrine? - You've been Nyborg's special adviser.
- That's a good idea.
No, I don't think I should appear on screen now.
Well, as long as you're just appearing as an expert, it's not problematic.
- Hi there.
- Hi.
I agree completely with Torben.
Katrine, you can easily do it.
I think we should get someone else to do it, but if we can't find someone, I'll do it.
And the Chinese ambassador has just agreed to come on tonight at 9:30 and that's your show, Narciza.
Well, cool.
I've got lots I'd like to discuss with China.
As long as we all agree that the topic this time is China's business interests in Greenland.
- Okay? - Yeah.
FACEBOOK: YOU WERE TAGGED IN A POS - Okay, let me just - Yep.
FØNSMARK - TV1 TYRANT, NOT A LEADER Facebook: Fønsmark, go home.
Let the grown-ups work.
Facebook: Power-hungry bitch! Where the hell have you been? The PM's office is furious the negotiations have collapsed.
We'll talk about it in private.
TV1 called.
Hans Eliassen has made a statement about talks breaking down.
- They want a comment in 10 minutes.
- Fine.
Arrange it in the conference room.
- And then - Not now.
How can you make a statement without speaking to the PM first? I have to.
Hans can't have all the coverage.
Hans talked to the press because this ministry messed up.
It was very unprofessional, Birgitte.
We can expect the PM's office to take back the handling of this matter.
You and I aren't playing by the same rules.
You said that, by the way.
You yelled at the Greenlandic delegation.
This will be a shitstorm in the press.
Yes, but to a good politician a shitstorm can sometimes be better than no coverage at all.
This will take 5-7 minutes, and then we have to - Hi.
- Hi.
Birgitte, have a look at this.
You'll be on after this interview with Hans Eliassen.
Why did you choose to leave the negotiations with Nyborg? Not just about natural resources.
For instance I believe that only Greenland should negotiate and sign agreements in the Arctic Council.
Greenland is in the Arctic, not Denmark, after all.
- Okay.
- Okay? Super.
Yes, it's rolling there.
Birgitte Nyborg, is the relationship with Greenland at all icy? It most certainly isn't.
Hans Eliassen is the leader of a party fighting for independence from Denmark, and he is very good at advancing his political agenda by distancing himself from us.
It's just politics.
Have you consulted with the Prime Minister? Anything else would be unprofessional.
As soon as we've any news, we'll let you know.
- Thanks.
- Thank you.
- Take care.
- Thanks.
Birgitte, the Prime Minister is trying to get hold of you.
Yes, I can see that.
Rasmus says he's moved your appointments, so we can go there right away.
That is a beautiful Instagram post you made.
Nice picture.
"Squinting at the sun.
May is the most beautiful month.
" "Remember to notice that.
" Got 672 likes and 1,000 new followers.
- You haven't bought them, have you? - Bought? Didn't know you could do that.
The Prime Minister will see you now.
Let me start by saying that I'm sorry about your son and the pig transporter.
Do let me know if you need some time off.
No, thank you, I don't.
I'm just a bit worried when Greenland walks out of your negotiations because you'd apparently been yelling at them.
It's not unusual for feelings to run high in politics.
But we don't shout in this government, Birgitte.
You're constantly making statements to the media without informing me even though you claimed on TV1 that I had been informed.
As I recall, it wasn't long ago that you told me that this matter was mine and mine alone to solve, and that I was standing alone on an ice floe.
Why do you want to stand on it there with me now? Because the world's two largest economies, the USA and China, have become involved and are on the attack.
And because you proved a long time ago that you're not a team player.
I'm sure you know more about handball than me, but as far as I know there is only one goalkeeper.
You will inform your boss! Is that understood? This won't do.
The two of us like this, it won't do.
And the press knows it and are trying to expose it.
But we won't allow them to do it.
Cos we're not unprofessional.
So what do you think we should do? I'm not the prime minister.
But if were, I think I might suggest to my foreign minister that we hold a joint press conference about the entire matter here in the Prime Minister's office.
And we could concede the right to Greenland that from now on they will speak first in the Arctic Council and sign their own agreements, as well as being featured on all official photos.
That suggestion should come from you, of course.
Because that way we will show, at the same time, that you are the boss and that I'm a team player.
It was announced today that the company behind the potentially considerable oil find in Greenland, which is a part of Denmark, now has Chinese owners.
And just moments ago, Secretary of State Ted Wayne offered the first official comment from the government.
We're very concerned about China now being involved in critical infrastructure in Greenland.
It's something we'll have to discuss with our closest ally, Denmark.
Global News will be following the situation closely.
For background and further Facebook: Stuck-up snot-shovel! Facebook: Total control freak Facebook: When she was young, she was hot Fucked her way to the top? Have you made any comments to that story? The story about me and the Ekspres on Facebook? No, I've spoken to a friend, but Is that friend also a journalist? Who might have spoken to other friends who are journalists? And suddenly the rumours are swirling? It's Well, I can't control Facebook.
You can't.
But the two of us can agree that from now on you don't talk to journalists.
We're closing it now.
You will start no more stories.
That's fine.
Thank you.
Have a good show.
Are you okay? - No.
You're a bit of a disturbance.
- A disturbance? Yeah.
But So are you.
I usually get all doped up when I fly.
- But because I was with you I forgot to.
- Mm.
It's a big deal.
Emmy, hi.
- Hi.
- Hi.
What are you doing here? I wanted to surprise you.
- Er - Excuse me.
I'm Aqqaluk.
I'm Emmy's husband.
Oh, okay.
Where are you going? Do you want to? We can give you a ride to the hotel.
Er No, no, no, you don't have to do that.
There's a car coming.
CEC are sending a car.
I'll just get a ride with that.
It's no trouble at all.
No, it's okay.
I'll just wait.
Thank you though.
Thank you.
Let's just go.
See you later, Asger.
Yeah, see you later.
- Yeah.
Nice to meet you.
- Bye.
Do you remember Malik? The guy who used to drive for you? He was a young Greenlandic guy who, er, just died.
Oh, right.
I remember him.
Very sad.
But I think suicides, it's quite common up here.
Okay "Usually I wouldn't even take part in a heated debate like this where my character is being discussed.
" "And especially not when the rhetoric is so vociferous and unqualified" I can't sleep.
Gustav is making noise.
Gustav! - No more screen time! - He'll stop now, honey.
Past nine.
Go to bed.
I'll check on you in a bit.
She can hear everything through that shitty drywall.
She needs a real room for herself.
I know.
The contractor is coming tomorrow and he have a look at it.
the Chinese ambassador to Denmark, Tao Ying.
- Mr Tao, welcome.
- Thank you.
- China has become a majority partner - Hey.
Hm? Will you read my comments and tell me what you think? unusual that Denmark agreed to collaborate with a country like China - in such a manner? - China and Denmark have signed a strategic partnership agreement, and the oil in Greenland should be considered a continuation of our excellent collaboration.
But, many people in the West can't really imagine collaborating with the Chinese without also having a critical view on human rights issues.
I thought we were going to talk about the oil in Greenland.
- When we talk about the oil - I thought that too.
we're also talking about Greenland, and consequently Denmark, doing business with a country that persecutes people with other views.
For example, a new Amnesty International report recently revealed that Muslims are being rounded up in special camps where they have to undergo re-education because of their religious beliefs.
Shut the fuck up, Narciza.
It goes on to say that torture is being used to achieve these goals.
It's fake news.
I have to stress that you invited me here to talk about Chinese ambitions in relation to the Greenlandic oil - But when we talk about collaboration - Shut up! between Denmark and China, we can't really ignore the fact that China I don't believe it.
That was exactly what I said not to do.
Did you read my comments? Yes.
Y-Yeah, I don't think you should publish them.
I mean, I think you should rise above the noise.
This is private.
That, on the other hand, that is not okay.
She's right that they, erm, violate human rights again and again, but that wasn't what the interview was about.
That right there will come home to roost for you as the head of news.
I'd react to that.
And I would like to do that, but every single time I say something to Narciza she does the opposite.
What did you want to do when you took the job? I want us to be the best.
- That wasn't the best.
- No, it wasn't.
And I have to tell her that.
Birgitte, we must use the Magnus story.
I talked to Denmark Today.
They'd like to see both of you in the studio tomorrow.
This is the most important thing for you now.
I'm pretty sure that Denmark's relations with the US and China are a bit more important.
There are no emotions in that.
There are emotions in your son, and you're good at emotions.
Did you see my post for today? Bam! Emotions.
You've never gotten that many before.
Just wait, you will soon be all of Denmark's favourite Birgitte again.
But tell me, why do we worry so much about the US when we gain more from having a close relation to China? Because China isn't a democracy.
Erm, they don't have a free press, they persecute dissenters.
What do you want me to say? Did you know that what comes out of a dog is really gross? No.
I didn't know you had a dog.
No, it's not my dog.
I'm just seeing someone who has one of those chihuahuas.
Half dog, half rat.
But consider the thing about China.
Can't you see the double standard in Denmark and Europe trading with them more than ever before but China can't even set their foot in Greenland before the US freaks out? It doesn't make sense.
Why not just welcome China to Greenland? Because it's a completely absurd thought.
Yes, and that's why you hired me, right? To say the crazy and inappropriate things, such as making friends with a tyrannical state or inviting your kids on TV.
Birgitte, this is a golden opportunity.
People will love to see you with your hair down and be Magnus' mum.
Michael, we're not talking about my children.
It will work.
I promise.
- I have to go now.
- But think about it.
Magnus? Hi, Mum.
Were you on the phone? It was just work.
Honey, I was thinking, erm Are you paying attention to how much your involvement in that pig transporter is being discussed in the press? Hmm.
You've always taught me you don't have to worry too much about the press.
No, at times I've said you shouldn't worry too much about them.
This isn't one of them.
Mum, what's your agenda? That you use the attention you obviously have right now to do something reasonable.
Like apologising for what happened.
- That you and I will go on TV and say - What? Er, wait a minute.
The two of us on Denmark Today where you apologise for breaking the law and for 17 pigs dying because of it.
Not gonna happen They would've died anyway.
- Magnus.
- Mum, no.
Well, then I'll have to do it by myself and apologise on your behalf.
No, you're not apologising on my behalf.
Hi, Alba.
No, no.
No, I'm just arguing with Mum.
And that was the news read and edited by Anja Kornmod.
And we're back again with CPH Morning.
Oh my, the Nyborg family is getting flack for their pigheaded actions.
We're of course talking about the matter of the Foreign Minister's 21-year-old son who got no fewer than 17 cute little piglets put down prompting a press scandal.
Later we will be joined by the chairwoman for Animal Protection who fiercely disapproves of both the action and of Nyborg's son.
Ready for the press conference with the PM? - Yep.
- The car is downstairs.
No coat.
It's one of those days.
- The press department has prepared notes.
- She doesn't need them.
Birgitte, Washington wants to see you and have a friendly word with you.
Okay? When's my flight? Fortunately you're only going to Germany.
Wayne is at the G7 meeting.
We've chartered a plane so you can get quickly back and forth.
It leaves at 1 p.
and the meeting is at 3:00.
What if I can't be there until 4:00? This is the United States.
Yes, but if we're just following orders, we'll have surrendered from the start.
Listen, the US is still the world's most powerful country and has been our closest ally for the last 70 years.
We don't question that on a random Wednesday just because we feel like it.
Thanks, Rasmus.
I'll let the world press know.
Twitter: Fønsmark flouts maternity rules.
Shocking to hear how employees' rights in the news department are being ignored.
Good morning.
Good morning.
Narciza went all-out yesterday.
I'll say.
I'll give her a few notes on that.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
Have you heard any rumours or any other weird things about maternity leave? I saw this post on Facebook.
Er, look, here it says Er "Fønsmark flouts maternity rules.
" "Shocking to hear how employees' rights in the news department are being ignored.
" Yes, but isn't that just people talking? About what? Well I think that somebody overheard you tell Mie that you didn't think it was a good idea to get pregnant.
I've never said that.
Okay, back when I Erm, I mean, yeah, okay, yeah But that wasn't what I said Fuck.
I just wanted her to go to Greenland because she's good.
I didn't mean that I wanted to change the fucking rules for maternity leave.
But your words carry more weight now that you're the boss.
- That's the way it is.
- Oh, this is insane.
- Okay.
I'll talk to her.
- Yes.
- We're starting.
- Be there in a minute.
To: Mie Lorentzen Dear Mie.
Saw a strange story on Twitter.
Let's keep it in-house.
Call me, please? xx Yep.
Before we start, er, Katrine has a few remarks to the 9:30 yesterday.
Erm But it's actually mostly to Narciza so maybe the two of us should just take two minutes? Okay.
Then we'll start.
My colleagues can hear what you have to say, Katrine.
Erm Your interview yesterday with the Chinese ambassador was problematic because you digressed from the topic to suddenly stress a point about human rights which wasn't the point of the interview at all.
- So what was the point of the interview? - We agreed on that yesterday, right? The oil in Greenland.
We would like to understand China's business ambitions in relation to what the Americans are worrying about.
So you don't think it's unsettling that the Chinese send Muslims to re-education camps? Well, Amnesty's newest report documents the use of torture.
We are talking electroshock therapy and physical restraints.
Or are we only interested in portraying Muslims as terrorists, fugitives or criminal immigrants? I don't agree that's what we're doing.
The point is, this wasn't what we invited him in to talk about.
And if you break the agreement with the guest Hello? Are you paying attention? If you break the agreement with the guest, you might get a bad interview, which you did.
Sorry, but aren't we waiving the right to do critical journalism? I'm serious.
If we always toe the line and only have people in the studio that have agreed to all the questions and answers ahead of time, aren't we just microphone holders for a rehearsed reality? Listen.
You will have to learn to take criticism without turning it into a matter of whether or not we are killing critical journalism.
You did a bad interview.
There are many reasons to worry about China.
But I can assure you that the Americans aren't worried with regards to Greenland because of Muslim re-education camps.
It's about the Thule Air Base, American geopolitical interests and the expansive business strategy of the Chinese.
And that was what you should have asked the ambassador about.
- Okay, if we can move on - So you're giving me a gag order? Just like Mie? Excuse Everyone knows what what you told her about maternity leave.
That's totally out of order.
Okay, so you two talk? That message was from Mie? Yes, we talk.
Aren't we allowed to do that? Is that something you want to control? - Stop.
You're way out of line.
- We have a show we need to plan.
I apologise to the rest of you.
You, come with me.
I mean, what kind of TV station is this? What's our opening segment? We can expect to see a rising oil consumption in the coming years while also wanting to accelerate the green innovation in Denmark.
Thank you to the Foreign Minister.
And now we will open up for questions.
I can see that Politiken are first up.
This is for the Foreign Minister.
When we hear that the American Foreign Minister is very critical about the Chinese being let in to Greenland, how can you defend that partnership? Denmark and the US are strong allies with regards to things such as NATO, but we don't believe that will prevent us from cooperating with China on oil.
And by the way, China has overtaken the US as the EU's primary trade partner.
- And TV1? - This is also for the Foreign Minister.
You come across as very much in agreement on oil, but the fact is the New Democrats campaigned on even more ambitious goals for climate than the Labour Party.
Were you forced to fall into line, Birgitte Nyborg, when you saw how much money was on the line? Oh, I don't know.
Signe, what do you think? Was I forced to fall into line? I don't know if anybody believes that you can force Birgitte Nyborg to fall into line.
We don't force people in this government.
We discuss what is best for Denmark.
We are in the PM's office, but it's mainly the Foreign Minister talking about the matter.
Which of you is leading the negotiations? That has to be a question for the Prime Minister.
I actually think this press conference reflects our collaboration well.
For this government, team effort is the important thing.
And Ekspres has a question.
Do you think it will have any consequences for your political career that your son could go to jail because of pig transportation? I don't think Ekspres read the invitation for this press conference, so let's take another question instead.
I think that will be all for today.
- Thanks.
- Thanks.
It's our pleasure to fly you to Munich today.
- We'll take off in about five minutes.
- Thanks very much.
Oliver Hjorth.
Just a moment, I'll check if she's available.
Do you have five minutes for the Chinese ambassador? This is Birgitte Nyborg.
Beijing is very pleased with the new and strengthened collaboration regarding Greenland, which Denmark can also see many potential advantages in.
Absolutely, Mr Ambassador.
And also, I want to wish you a very good meeting with the American Foreign Minister.
Thank you.
And I hope the ambassador bears in mind that the United States have been an ally of Denmark for many, many years.
I also hope that you, Madam Minister, remembers that China provided you personally with some information that I believe was of considerable importance in a recent meeting in the Foreign Policy Committee.
I'll do whatever I can.
- Thank you very much, Madam Minister.
- Yeah.
Thank you.
What did he want? To remind Denmark who our true friends are.
Cabin crew, flight ready and crosscheck.
Have you heard that Kragh will now approve all the press releases from every ministry before they're sent out? I mean, that's nuts.
Even though I can kind of see the advantage of being able to control what your employees run around saying in public.
I can't comprehend her reaction to my reasonable criticism.
- I agree.
It was a bad interview.
- It got completely out of hand.
I gave her a warning, and now I'm notifying HR.
I'm just trying to get this department to make the best news.
But if this is what you're faced with, it's bloody impossible.
The 1st of March 2016.
- What's that? - The day I stopped as head of news.
The same day I stopped officially having any opinion on how I thought employees ought to behave.
And you know what? My blood pressure decreased.
My sleep rhythm got better.
My mood.
My marriage.
I could remember my own children and almost remember how old they were.
You and I, we can talk about almost anything else.
But what you're doing right now Huh? Having all these thoughts about how you want your employees in this department to behave Katrine, in a way, that's for you and you alone.
I can't help you.
But you have a nice business card.
There are seven figures on your paycheque.
I moved to the suburbs.
And bought a house of fun.
The most important thing is that I'm your friend.
I will always be that.
Okay? So we'll be up and running within two weeks' time.
So there will be a lot more activity within the coming weeks.
- Can you excuse me for a moment? - Sure, see you later.
We've been trying to reach you.
Well, it's just to show that they're part of this thing.
My boss, who's also your boss, would like to speak to you.
You leave the negotiations, go home without informing me and you talk to the press without coordinating with Naalakkersuisut.
It's just politics.
I'm not from the same party as our Premier.
She wants to be closer to Copenhagen than I do.
- Hello.
- Nice to meet you.
Asger Holm Kirkegaard, acting ambassador.
- Welcome, Ambassador.
- Thank you.
On behalf of Qingxing Enterprises, allow me to convey to you how much we're looking forward to the collaborations.
As are we.
And the And the Danish Minister of Foreign Affairs sends her warmest regards.
Hans, once again I'm sorry about how the meeting in Copenhagen ended.
Please, don't mention it.
We'll move forward now.
Ms Li will give us an update.
We've already done a lot of work with Hans Eliassen's department, and I'm sure you will be pleased to hear that the test drillings are so promising that the plans for a refinery will be realised.
And it will be quite vital that we have a shipping port constructed that can accommodate the big tankers.
The bay just out here is unfortunately too shallow, but we've found a suitable location further up north where we can build a harbour of considerable size.
Hi, Birgitte.
This is Asger.
Will you please call when you hear this message? We have some new challenges with the Chinese - Asger! - which we will have to Erm I think you should find out who has the right to use the area where the Chinese want to build the harbour.
You asked for a meeting? Yeah.
This, er, is Lone Jacobsen from HR.
I believe you know each other.
I thought it would be a good idea for Lone to join us.
Erm According to your contract, you have to support the editorial line laid out by management.
What's this about? So it won't do that you can't take criticism and won't accept my authority, or that after a verbal warning you continue to criticise this station through the media.
I'VE BEEN GAGGED You told me I wasn't allowed to make any comment.
- That was all I said.
- "No comment" means saying nothing.
That is yet another attack, hm? Why are HR here? Because I have a responsibility to the entire team.
Our conflict has been building for a very long time.
You are a very good anchor.
You are.
I want you to know that.
I think you are.
But you keep questioning my authority, even when the decision is mine to make.
I'm your boss, and I'm also hired to lead the entire department.
And this has gotten to a point where it affects the editorial climate.
So I'm afraid that you cannot stay on as news anchor in this department.
Excuse What's going on? When there are interpersonal differences this severe the decision sits with the head of news.
I have been the highest profile anchor for the last three years! And for good reason.
I, er It's either your way or the highway, isn't it? I actually think you handled that really well.
Thank you.
The American Foreign Minister will be ready in a moment.
Just let me know if there is anything that you need.
Thanks very much.
I'VE BEEN GAGGED MAGNUS NYBORG - KILLED 17 PIGS: "I LOVE ANIMALS" To: Magnus Nyborg I was sorry to read the story Hello there, Birgitte.
It's good to finally meet you.
It's a pleasure.
It's great that you come with such short notice.
- Why don't we go talk to the press first? - What do you mean? We've just gathered a few reporters next door so that we can give a joint statement.
I really don't see how we can give a joint statement when we haven't even talked yet.
Of course.
It's lovely to meet an experienced colleague.
There are so many rookies.
Well then, let's take a walk.
My grandfather was here in '45 with Patton's Third Army to kill Germans.
Now they're the ones protecting us.
How 'bout that? Well, in Denmark, we were very grateful to your grandfather and the Allies for their help in giving us back our freedom.
Anyhow, it just so happened to be Greenland, and not least the Thule Air Base, that ended up bringing us together and cementing our bond after the war.
And I think we'd all like that close relationship to continue to be just as close in the future.
Denmark has no intentions of altering that relationship.
Pardon me, but the way you spoke of China during your press conference this morning definitely came across like a clear opening.
Well, we can't ignore the fact that China has legally acquired the majority of the drilling company.
It's the position of the United States that the oil industry is critical infrastructure.
We can't accept a Chinese presence in an area that we consider vital for American geopolitical interests.
I acknowledge that you're engaged in a trade war with China, but I hope you can see the problem in us contesting binding business agreements based solely on the other part being Chinese.
Just make it go away, Birgitte.
Pardon me, Ted? Do you mind snapping a selfie together? Thank you.
You're welcome.
Did it go well? I wouldn't exactly say that.
I just went to the drill site and met the Chinese group management.
They are certainly not wasting any time.
And that's a big problem for the Americans.
The very fact that China owns the company is certainly a problem for the Americans.
It's not a problem for Hans who just wants independence for Greenland no matter how close he gets to the Chinese.
The best thing would certainly be if we could slow things down a bit so the Americans feel we listened to them.
The Chinese are planning to build a shipping port further north.
The only problem is that you cannot own land in Greenland.
You can only get the, er, the right of use to an area.
And who has the right of use? It's, er, a local fisherman and whaler called Josva Johansen who has his whaling cabin on that site.
I thought we might buy ourselves some time if we can obstruct the construction of the harbour.
That's an excellent idea.
Get hold of this Josva.
Yeah, I'm trying.
Er, Emmy, er Emmy Rasmussen, she's helping me get in touch with him without involving Hans.
I might be able to go sailing with him this afternoon.
Sounds good.
We're still planning on going straight to Today's Denmark even though Magnus isn't coming, right? Yeah.
I'll handle it.
And there's a change of clothes in the car.
- Thanks.
- Hm.
What's going on? We started half an hour ago.
I've just had an insane day.
I have to go back to the studio soon.
I fired Narciza.
We had this ridiculous argument, and I had to give her a warning.
- And then HR got involved - Because of that interview? I don't know.
There were a thousand things.
- I can't even explain how it all started.
- And now you regret it, is that it? I don't know.
She was really upset.
But No, can we just? - Yeah, I just have to see this.
- He's only here for From: Pia - You need to see this: Hi, guys.
Er, sorry if I seem a bit flustered.
But I have just been fired.
So you won't be seeing me making news here on TV1.
I will miss you.
Erm And my fantastic colleagues cos I've really loved going to work here.
I hope to see you again.
Take care out there.
I think it'll be difficult for me to go below two.
- Two million? - Yeah.
You need a new roof.
Three new wet rooms.
You need all new doors and windows.
Then you want to create an extra room.
Yes, but, er, that's a bit more than we were thinking, to be honest.
There's no way this is costing us two million.
I mean, it's not the entire roof that needs to be changed, and the former owner renovated one of the bathrooms.
7 or we'll have to find someone else.
And that's including VAT.
I just need to Yeah, come in.
Wow, you've got a you've got a Do you like it? Yeah, yeah.
I do, I do.
Oh my.
Malik was supposed to get one too.
- I really think it looks good on you.
- Thanks.
Well, I'm really here to pick you up.
- You wanted to meet Josva.
- Yeah, that's right.
Emmy rang me.
Josva is my grandfather's brother.
The brother of my grandpa, you know? Yeah.
And thank you for introducing me to him.
No problem.
Well Tanja, I assume I'm not supposed to ask why you're not in school.
Or why you smell a bit like you've been smoking a joint as well? - Come on.
- Yeah.
- Tanja, is it okay? - Yeah, it's fine.
- Maintain your speed.
- Yep.
Are you alright? I just have to look at the horizon, I think.
Then I'll be fine.
I know that, er I know that many here in Greenland are happy because oil's been found, because it might mean that you can gain independence from Denmark, and I can understand that.
I can completely understand that.
But I also have to say that right now, Josva, I don't think it's Denmark and Copenhagen you need to fear.
Because, as you know, there is always a bigger fish out there.
And the Chinese are planning to build a harbour where you're hunting and catching your whales.
And that is why we, Denmark, need to buy ourselves some time, or else the Americans will get mad, and we can't have that.
Furthermore, Josva, I don't think that it would be good for your whaling if a big harbour is built in the middle of it.
Would it? That's the reason why I'm here right now.
To ask if you, in any way, can say no if or when the Chinese come around and ask if they can build that harbour.
You're a good man.
But you're too late.
Hans Eliassen and the Chinese got here first.
And they paid me for permission to build that harbour.
This boat.
Three hundred horsepower.
It was a gift.
They're beginning the construction in 14 days.
It's been hard not to notice the recent internal conflict within the New Democrats.
Party leader Birgitte Nyborg has experienced an increasing lack of support from her base, and the turmoil surrounding the Greenlandic oil Hi, Mother-in-law.
Turn it up.
One of the people who has known her best and followed her closely both as reporter and as her special adviser is you, Katrine Fønsmark.
Thank you.
- You've worked more closely with Nyborg - Go to two here.
- than practically anyone else.
- Ready one.
What kind of Nyborg are we experiencing these days? Well, it is a top politician under extreme pressure.
And you have to say that she is partly to blame for the very difficult situation she's in.
Last week she completely changed her mind on the climate policy she campaigned on.
And the voters will react to that, of course.
- Yeah? - Asger's attempt to buy us time failed.
Yes, he emailed me.
I told you this would be a problem.
Yes, but I'm not asking you to tell me "I told you so", am I? No, but Greenland controls its own natural resources and has made a legally binding agreement with China.
That shouldn't come as a surprise to you.
And then there is this matter of her son and that pig transporting.
How much would you say this is affecting her? It affects her a lot more than you think.
Someone has made wild allegations that they are the actions of a neglected child, and that Nyborg is a bad mother.
The claims are completely unreasonable, but it is something that Nyborg has to nip in the bud.
Can we force Greenland out of the agreement if you call it a matter of foreign and security policy? - They will go ballistic.
- But is it theoretically possible? I'll put legal on it.
Maybe you can talk to the Minister of Justice.
He could probably also help you, but you might not have much goodwill left.
Rasmus, you always act like I'm insulting you.
I'm not insulted, I just have to say that once again you're getting close to setting yourself and the ministry in a bad light.
Nyborg will actually be appearing on Denmark Today this evening here on TV1.
And we rarely get to see Nyborg on a soft couch in a relaxed setting.
No, and that emphasises how tarnished her image has become.
She's well aware that she simply has to show everybody that she is still the Birgitte Nyborg they once knew.
But is she? We'll probably find out tonight.
We will find out tonight.
Thanks very much, Katrine Fønsmark.
- Thank you.
- And now for the news in brief.
The leader of the opposition in Ukraine has stated Thank you.
I guess I'm too old to let my mum speak on my behalf anyway.
- I'm so glad you came.
- You can come in now.
- Thanks.
- And, Mum, by the way - I quit my political science studies.
- What? Yeah.
I don't want to talk about it now.
Let's go in and smile together on TV.
Holy shit.
And you're telling me right now? Aren't you the little politician? I learnt from the best.
So, Magnus, when you look back on that day and its consequences, is there anything you regret? CLIMATE ACTIVIS Of course I regret, er, some innocent pigs suffered and had to be put down, but that doesn't absolve the pig industry from its responsibility.
And how about you, Birgitte Nyborg? Has this case damaged you politically? I would like to turn your question upside down and ask instead if this has happened because Magnus has grown up in a political home.
As a mother, I've raised my kids to believe it's important to have an opinion about the world.
To believe that you can change it to something better.
I've no doubt that Magnus and his friends wanted to do that with their actions, so we've talked about the methods to use in politics.
Right, Magnus? Mm, yeah.
And here the means were wrong.
Was that so terrible? No.
I actually thought I actually thought it was pretty cool.
I mean, it was actually the first time I was on TV where they actually wanted to talk to me and wanted to hear what I had to say.
- So I thought it was cool.
- What you said was so good.
You put the matter to rest in good way.
You're good.
Thanks, Mum.
From: Michael Laugesen Great! You seemed sincere! Why did Michael Laugesen just text? Does he have an opinion on what we were just doing? I'm talking to him, yeah? He actually has a very sharp analytical mind.
- You're working with him.
- No.
- Did you hire him? - I don't think you understand that I He wrecked our family! He wrote about you and Dad's divorce in the worst ways possible.
I mean, he he wrote about Laura when she sick.
He made people rummage through our fucking garbage to find out what medicine she used.
I'm happy to explain this, but you'll have to listen.
Was it his idea that the two of us appeared on Today's Denmark? You just used me.
Who are you? Magnus, I'm in a very difficult situation, and in my defence I want to get out.
Will you please stop the car! Will you please stop the car now! Thank you! Majken, the child safety lock.
Come on! It's okay.
He'll come round.
He just needs to let off steam.
- Shall we? - Yeah, just keep driving.
Ah, yes.
I don't know.
I haven't been able to reach her this morning, so No, me neither.
That's why That's why I'm here, you know? Maybe you want to wait in here while I figure out where she is? She must be here soon because TV1 is coming in half an hour.
Er I think maybe Yeah.
Erm I'll take it from here.
Have you slept here tonight? Yeah.
I don't sleep much these days.
Magnus came over to my place last night.
We had a bit of an argument yesterday, Magnus and I.
I tried calling him.
Several times.
But he won't pick up.
- I really, really want to talk to him.
- I will let him know.
Did you know he dropped out of his political science studies? Mm-hmm.
But he really liked it, didn't he? Yeah, yeah, he was, but, erm What? - No, nothing.
- Come on.
What did he say? - He didn't say anything that - What did he say? He said that he's afraid to end up like you.
Well, good luck with that.
He's already just like me.
Yeah? Sorry, but TV1 are here.
They've asked if you can be ready a bit earlier? Sure.
Give me five minutes.
It's alright, he'll come round.
- He'll be okay.
Right, Philip? - Yeah.
Now I have to work.
I completely understand the US reluctance to a Chinese presence in Greenland.
However, I'm convinced that we can make ends meet in this matter.
China has reassured me several times that they only have peaceful business intentions.
Thule Air Base, this is Dark Star.
We have an unidentified flying object westbound over Northeast Greenland.
Can you confirm that this is one of yours? Over.
Cannot confirm.
Have you tried contacting it? Over.
We have tried, but they aren't responding.
Subtitle translation by: Helle Kaiser-Nielsen
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