Borgen (2010) s04e06 Episode Script

Power in Denmark

" -SUN TZU Sled Team 5, this is Daneborg.
Sled Team 5 here.
Arctic Command has informed us that an American aircraft has detected an object that's crashed 57 kilometres from you.
Must be small plane or maybe a drone.
We can't get a helicopter to that area and would like you to examine it.
Copy that.
New course.
We're going north.
- Bloody hell, man.
We were almost there.
- Something fell out of the sky.
Possibly a small aircraft.
AC wants us to check.
Get the dogs ready.
We're leaving immediately.
POWER IN DENMARK This is a brief update.
Forty days' suspended sentence and a fine of 7,000.
That's the price of killing 17 pigs who would have been slaughtered anyway.
I accept the verdict, of course, but how will the pig meat industry be punished for This is Magnus.
Leave a message.
Hi, sweetie, it's Mum.
Er, I can see you're posting things on Instagram, but you're not answering my messages and you're not picking up when I call.
And I didn't mean to sound angry at all, I'm just so incredibly sorry, and I would like to explain why I did what I did.
So please give me a call.
- Should I come back in a bit? - No, no.
What? Something from the sky has crashed in Northeast Greenland.
We don't know what it is, but a team from Sirius Patrol has been sent, and I'm in contact with the Ministry of Defence and the PM.
What do we believe it to be? No civilian planes are reported missing, but Russia is running a major military drill in the Arctic.
- Have the Russians lost a plane? - Not officially.
Yeah? - The Minister of Justice is on his way up.
- Thanks.
Can we ask the Russians in a discreet way if they might have something that could've crashed in Greenland? Yes, we certainly can.
Who were the ones with the great connections to the Russians? - The Swedes.
- Right.
Shall I send someone a text message? Hi, Jon.
Good to see you.
- Coffee? - No, thanks.
You asked whether or not we can get out of the deal with the Chinese.
The short answer is no.
Not without breaking the contract.
That would make us liable for damages, and that will be expensive.
We've sent you guys a 20-page reply, but this this is the conclusion.
No, Jon.
Have a seat.
Are you reading your mails at the moment, Birgitte? People are starting to leave the party, even our old members.
They blame the fact that we suddenly think it's okay to ruin the environment just because we're getting 2,000 billion for it.
That's really simplifying the problem.
Birgitte, you know how much I'm fighting to defend you.
We founded this party together.
We promised each other back then that we wouldn't end up being all the things that make people despise politicians.
We are not a power-hungry party.
We are also a party in power.
Look at you.
You're the Justice Minister.
As head of the party I have to make the tough, unpopular choices.
Not without talking to the group first.
Yes, sometimes also without talking to the group first.
And you will realise that once you take over the party.
And you will.
You're the only one who's capable of taking over.
I haven't forgotten who we were when we started this.
Right now people have all sorts of opinions about me, and they're entitled to, but I need to know that you are with me.
Let's have an afterparty.
I've got the booze.
Hurry up! Hurry up! We're going to party! Come on! You don't got a future anyway.
Hi, Birgitte.
It's 5:20 a.
Well, you're awake now.
The Ministry of Justice doesn't believe we can get out of that deal with the Chinese.
Of course they don't.
Why not? Because Jon is pissed at you.
You're pretty sharp at 20 past five, aren't you? Parliament passed a screening law last year to prevent unwanted parties from controlling critical infrastructure.
That goes for energy supply as well.
Can we use that in any way? Let me just Birgitte, I have to know if we are for or against the oil this morning? We are for the oil but are walking a tightrope between China and the US at the moment.
And we were too late with Josva's land allocation so we have to find something else that can give us grounds to delay the process.
Maybe some sort of mistake in the correspondence between the drilling company and the Greenlandic government? Yeah, I've requested it.
They haven't released it.
Well, that could be a sign that it's worth looking at it.
Ask again.
Okay, so our first priority, er, is to find something that can delay the project and satisfy the Americans.
Our second priority is to get billions in oil money to Denmark.
- Correct? - That's correct.
Now you can get back to sleep again.
No, I might as well get up and meet Hans and get Denmark the billions in oil money.
I'm awake anyway.
Clever boy.
Have a nice day.
You too.
As you know, I've had to tell Narciza that she can't stay on as news anchor.
Er, and I think you're entitled to know why.
Narciza is an incredible anchor, but as a journalist you have to accept some editorial decisions.
I want us to be the best, but we need to be pulling in the same direction.
Yes, Mikkel.
I just have to ask, was one bad interview the deciding factor? No, of course not.
And I didn't fire her because of personal problems between the two of us, or whatever you might've heard.
I did so because our journalistic differences had grown too big and it was too big an issue.
I know that my predecessor didn't attend editorial meetings and kept a greater distance, but I believe that I lead best by being involved in editorial decisions.
Or as they write on Facebook, by being a rigid, power-hungry bitch.
Well, let's just hope that nobody here wants to go on maternity leave.
Let me lay that to rest as well.
I've absolutely no desire to change the maternity rules.
And if that has been unclear in any way, I'm sorry.
If you are displeased or angry about anything in the future please come to me directly.
Let's keep the dialogue open and in-house.
Thank you very much and let's get back to work.
- Fuck off! Leave me! - Don't go! Just Come and talk to me! Tanja! Please! No, stop! Stop! Just stop it! You're really drunk.
Just calm down! Please! No, it's none of your business! Don't tell me what to do! I'm not telling you Stop it! - You're drunk.
- Tanja? You've got to go home.
Please, stop.
Tanja, you're just making Oh, Tanja, please! Tanja! We have to do something about the internet.
It took 34 minutes to download an Excel spreadsheet.
- Good morning.
- What are you doing here? I have a meeting with Hans.
And you guys? But he's gone to Nuuk.
Today? Yeah.
Okay, we will lead with China's presence in Greenland and get both foreign and domestic reactions.
We should also mention the government has been in power for 100 days.
The infallible Kragh is the captain of a perfect team, except for Nyborg who's been close to getting the red card, as Kragh would say.
I think someone else might get expelled.
Have a look at what Benjamin's brought us.
I stopped by the Ministry of Climate to interview the minister about taxes on new electric cars, and I just had to ask her about the new oil in Greenland.
Nadia Barazani, as Minister of Climate, you must have an opinion on the consequences that the Greenlandic oil might have on the climate.
And I'm not the only one.
Leading climate and environmental experts warn against the project because of the very specific Arctic challenges.
For example, Arctic oceans have very low levels of phosphorous and nitrogen which are essential if the oceans are to recover from an oil spill.
And that's just one example of the many negative consequences of a large-scale oil project.
Are you on a collision course with your own government? I'm just passing on the critical views of the experts.
She's directly opposed to the government's official policy.
And she means it.
And the New Democratic Youth have implied that while Nyborg has a stance on climate, she might end up being toppled.
Great work, Benjamin.
Let's get it online right away.
Welcome to the cabinet meeting.
I'd like to start by saying that Helle and I are very ambitious.
This is our first national budget Hi, sorry I'm a bit late.
I saw a cake out there.
Are we celebrating our first 100 days? Yes.
Thank you, Birgitte.
I was just about to say that, but you did it for me.
Some things have happened that some of us will discuss later, but, as I mentioned, we're celebrating 100 days in power, and I think we have a lot to be proud of.
We are a team representing Denmark, and we have a strong line-up.
Where I'm from, we celebrate special occasions by having Danish pastry in the shape of a man.
So naturally we are having one today as well, except for the fact that, and I hope the men won't be too offended, I thought it was more appropriate that we ordered a pastry woman.
So Can you come closer? - Yeah.
- And smile.
Did you know about Nadia's statement about the oil before it was suddenly released? Well, many people find her concern legitimate.
Birgitte, can I have a brief word with you? I know what you're about to say.
But Nadia was just expressing reservations that are held by several climate scientists.
Birgitte, first of all, this looks like a broad attack at you from your own party.
Second of all, it makes the government, and thereby me, look unprofessional.
The first part is your own headache, but I have to react quickly to the second part.
You and I have a clear agreement that each of us keep our own ministers in check.
I will talk to Barazani.
And in the New Democrats we maintain a civil tone.
That's good.
If you have a problem with me, say it to my face.
You are not to communicate through the fucking media! I haven't said anything you weren't saying less than a month ago.
It's not about the climate.
It's about you giving Signe too good a hand.
As long as I'm the Minister of Climate, climate is my first priority.
Remember who made you Minister of Climate.
And consider that the next time you want to make a statement to the press.
So, you've just abolished freedom of speech in the New Democrats? I think you'd rather that than the PM bringing you in front of the Queen to relinquish your post.
- Hi, Rasmus.
- Is the minister there? - I have an important message for her.
- She's still in the meeting.
Wait, I can see her now.
Is it good news or bad news? Not particularly good.
Then you might want to wait and tell her later.
That's just an objective assessment of her mood.
You can tell her.
I don't want to argue with her.
Just remember that the right moment rarely comes.
The Russians aren't missing any planes which is diplomatic code for the fact that whatever crashed in Greenland - is something top secret.
- Exactly.
It's just like a zoo.
I mean, it's obvious all kinds of shit is happening with Jon and Nadia.
And now From: Michael Laugesen Barazani is ridiculing you We're at the Mexican embassy in ten minutes for the farewell reception for the ambassador.
- Shh.
- Hi.
I bloody well know that.
I thought your job was to help me.
I mean, these are three ministers who Yes? Hello? who believe, erm, that there should be no mistaking what we do.
You can't talk because you're sitting next to some civil servant.
- Let's meet in 15 minutes.
- Okay.
Where? Er, Frederiksberg.
I'll send you the address.
Well, we can't make it in time for the Mexican embassy.
- We're going to Frederiksberg.
- Copy that.
By the way, Rasmus said the Russians haven't lost any planes in Greenland.
According to the Ministry of Defence, that's a shitty situation.
Welcome to Nuuk.
What a surprise.
And it actually shouldn't be, should it? Er, weren't we due to be negotiating by the drill site? Yes, but I needed to get back to my department.
And you just, erm, forgot to tell me? Like you forgot to send the correspondence between your department and the Chinese, which I have asked to get at least 100 times.
I didn't forget.
That correspondence is confidential, and I know perfectly well what you want to use it for.
Hans, you and I are on the same side.
She's here.
Hans, your daughter.
Is she she okay? What do you mean? I just saw her on the street this morning.
She didn't look very well.
She's pretty upset because she just lost her brother.
But we are taking good care of her.
Mrs Li.
Welcome to Nuuk.
Thank you, Minister.
I'm, er I'm joining the meeting.
Have a seat.
Rebellion within the ranks is the most dangerous thing, and it must be quashed mercilessly.
I don't want you going through their garbage or going after their kids or doing the things you did to me back then.
That was another time.
We have new options now.
We can refute Barazani's climate scientists by citing more important climate scientists.
But they'll just agree with her.
Trust me, Birgitte.
I can easily find facts and statistics which show that there are no climate consequences of the Greenlandic oil worth mentioning.
Yes, but that's pseudo-science, and that I will not endorse.
And you won't need to because it won't come from you.
Just a minute.
From: Magnus Nyborg - Calm down, Mom.
Let's grab a coffee? Yes, but I want a concrete plan.
And I have to approve everything first.
That's for her.
Thank you very much.
Thanks, mate.
Are you in unknown territory? Don't try to tell me that there is a single chair in this room which wasn't carefully chosen.
This entire place is as much a part of a brand as those lefties who claim to have all the correct values.
So what values made you think to hire Michael Laugesen as your spin doctor? Hiring him has nothing to do with values.
To me it was simple.
If a biker gang is chasing you and you can choose to get a good negotiator or someone who knows how to fight really dirty, who do you choose? Don't you remember what he did to us? What he did to Laura? Yes, and precisely because he's been my opponent for so many years, I know what he's capable of.
Magnus, I need someone who'll fight dirtier than I'm willing to.
Someone who gets the ideas I'd not like to get myself.
Can you even hear what you're saying? You can't control that kind of person once he gets going.
I mean, is this job really so important to you? You've already been prime minister.
And you resigned.
And you survived.
And you know what? You were able to move on.
But back then I had you guys.
Well, I'll let you get on.
Hi, Katrine.
Hi, Frederik.
Did you want anything? - Did I? - Yeah.
Not at all.
Not at all.
I was just down here to test the water after we let go of Narciza.
- Okay.
- All is good.
Well, we can just have a meeting if there's something you want.
We can do that.
Did you want to talk about anything? No, I don't, but Yes, I'm at your disposal.
- Okay.
- We can talk later.
Er, Katrine? We have to have a look at the applications for political editor.
Does letting Narciza go mean that we have to choose a young woman? No, of course not.
- Do you have a second? - Of course.
I just want to say I'm very interested in becoming the new anchor after Narciza.
Erm I think you're a bit too young right now.
I don't think you have enough experience yet, er, but if you give it a few years Yeah.
I'll give it a few years.
Thank you.
- I'm glad you told me.
- Katrine? - Yes.
- I have something to show you.
I just thought you ought to see this.
- You're welcome.
See you tomorrow.
- See you.
- Bye.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Thank you for meeting me.
I wanted to go over a few things with you.
Yeah, of course.
They're fogging up.
You look lovely.
My husband's on his way.
We're going out for dinner.
Hans is becoming a problem for us.
For us? I've asked for the correspondence between him and the Chinese quite a few times, but he still won't hand it over.
Well, he's actually under no obligation to do so.
No, but compared to the superpowers getting involved, I think that Hans will realise very quickly that the problems between Greenland and Denmark are very small indeed.
Your Premier thinks so too, by the way.
That's why I thought you might talk to him and get him to hand over the correspondence so we can move things forward.
And you think it's fine to to ask me because we've been intimate, or, er? - Emmy! - Hi.
- Oh, you look good.
- Oh, thank you.
- Hi, Asger.
- Hi.
- Good to see you.
- You too.
Yeah, it's been a while since I've taken my wife out.
You've been occupying most of her time.
Yeah, sorry.
Won't be much longer, then I'm back to Copenhagen.
Then you'll be rid of me.
- Well then, take care.
- You too.
Hi, Asger.
I've just been down to see the statue of the Mother of the Sea, the most important mythological character in Greenland.
She's, erm, hidden down by the water's edge, while Hans Egede, who I'm looking at right now, is standing tall and strong and surveying the entire place.
He is highly controversial up here because he used threats and violence to make the Greenlanders Christian, but did you know that he taught himself how to speak Greenlandic as well? - What are you trying to say? - He's so full of contrasts.
He was a brutal colonial ruler, but at the same time, he ended up doing a lot for the Greenlandic identity, perhaps without knowing it.
When you started this with a lecture on Hans Egede, I assume that the negotiations did not go well today.
Er, no.
Eliassen still won't hand over the correspondence.
But, Birgitte, I have an idea for, er, a new strategy.
Well, Eliassen fears that we will shut down the entire project because the US are concerned after China entered the equation, right? I can assure you that is still the official position of the government to exploit the oil.
Earlier today, the Minister of Finance was looking forward to the money being in the bank.
We can't just get out this deal.
We would be perceived to be part of the American trade war against China.
Take two.
Our industry and commerce would go bananas.
How will it affect the offshore wind farm we're building off the coast of Shanghai? These aren't trivial things.
Asger? Your point? Yeah, yeah, no.
That's just my point.
That's our dilemma.
That's why I think that our new strategy, and you might want to sit down for this, Birgitte, that it should be to get the US to accept a Chinese presence in Greenland to a limited extent.
And how do you propose we do that? We need the Chinese to show that they are playing with open cards and have no hidden agendas.
And get the Americans to stop being suspicious of China.
That would really be making opposites meet.
Yeah, exactly.
That's why I'm calling from a statue of Hans Egede.
I don't use violence.
I just shout at people.
I'll get hold of Stranton.
and several more critical voices on the world stage aim towards the Danish government, and in particular Foreign Minister Birgitte Nyborg due to the Chinese involvement in the drilling for oil on Greenland.
- Good morning.
- Hi, Birgitte.
- Hi.
- Rasmus is waiting in the World Room.
And the American ambassador will be here in half an hour.
- I'll bring you an espresso.
- Thanks.
At 4:38 this morning, an American satellite observed an unusual occurrence in Northeast Greenland.
Something looking like a Russian Typhoon-class submarine surfaced briefly deep inside Danish territorial waters.
Didn't you say Thanks.
the Russians were having a military drill? Yes, but remember that that is in international waters, of course.
We know that the US and Russia have submarines up there and that they sometimes "accidentally" enter Danish waters.
But this one surfaced, and that is apparently a very rare occurrence.
What do we think they were up to? Well, the submarine was very close to the place where the object crash-landed.
Er, that could indicate that they were looking for it.
But their entire purpose is trying not to be seen.
I now know what to tell Stranton.
Where is the Sirius Patrol? The Sirius Patrol is here, about 20 to 25 miles from the crash site.
I assume the Ministry of Defence is briefing us.
Yeah, but I think the Prime Minister's office filters the information first.
If you ask me, this could be Kragh's excuse to take back the handling of the case.
It concerns the Danish realm, so she has the right.
Who informs the Ministry of Defence and the Prime Minister? The Sirius Patrol is under Arctic Command in Nuuk.
Well, we do have an Arctic ambassador walking around in Nuuk.
He should take a walk down to Arctic Command and keep us informed.
From: Magnus Nyborg - Might come home and sofa-surf for a few days.
Cool? To: Magnus Nyborg.
Anytime, truffle! You can take the bedroom.
- The control room is this way.
- Yeah.
I'll check it out.
- Wait a minute.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
- Excuse me.
Yeah? Anders Damsgaard, right? Yeah.
Can I call you back? In two seconds, yeah.
We We met at, er, Malik Johansen's funeral.
- Do you remember me? - Yes.
Were you a close friend of his? You seemed very moved by it.
He was a good colleague.
But it was quite a few years ago, wasn't it? From what he told me.
Yes, but what happened was still a tragedy.
Suicide is sadly a very common thing up here.
But his sister doesn't believe it was suicide.
So why do you? What do you mean? What are you asking me? Who do you work for? The Navy.
And when you're not working for the Navy? The Danish Intelligence Service? - I have to get back to this call.
- Yeah, I think you should.
You're from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs? Yeah, hi.
Asger Holm Kirkegaard.
Arctic ambassador.
We usually communicate directly with the Ministry of Defence.
We're not used to having the Ministry of Foreign Affairs running around.
If you look at the screen in the middle, you can see Sled Team 5 about 15 km from the crash site.
And we haven't seen the submarine since this morning, but I think the Americans are in control of that.
And we still don't know what the Russian submarine was doing that close to the shore? They might have had a small technical problem.
They don't surface often, but it happens.
We have asked Sled Team 5 to hurry up.
By the way, the Americans and the Ministry of Defence are being kept up to date, but what about the Greenlandic government? Who informs them? I don't know.
Hi, Birgitte.
It's Asger.
I have an idea.
Hello, Birgitte Nyborg.
Hello, Hans.
I really hope that Asger has apologised on my behalf for our disagreement in Copenhagen.
He has.
The conversation took, erm, a wrong turn.
And it was my fault.
We'll get it back on track again.
We just need to take it a step at a time.
Ah, this could be a step in the right direction, then.
Right now there is a secret Sirius Patrol operation in Northeast Greenland.
Greenland doesn't have a representative in the Command Room.
You're rarely invited to take part in anything involving the military, but you can take this as an informal invitation.
Are we doing a bit of backdoor dealing now? I will make sure that someone from Naalakkersuisut is being sent there.
Yeah? Er, Stranton's here.
This whole Greenlandic oil business has been like opening a Babushka doll.
First it was Canadian, and then it was Russian and now it's Chinese.
Before we know it, we're gonna have the Chinese sitting on telecommunications, port facilities and with close connections deep within the Greenlandic government.
Not all that different from how the United States operates in its sphere of interests.
But the problem is that Greenland just so happens to be our sphere of interest.
You know all too well we can't just kick out China.
That'll leave Denmark and Greenland with an extremely poor reputation in large parts of the world.
But I also know that you have legislation that will allow you to shut down the Chinese.
Not implemented in Greenland yet, unfortunately.
What did Ted Wayne say? Just make it go away.
What if I made sure to wedge a company in between China and Greenland? A company that Denmark will be part of, and that will handle all the construction work, recruiting of personnel and technical solutions.
And everything will be completely transparent.
A company that will essentially act as a buffer between China and your sphere of interest.
How would Washington feel about that? That is a fantastic idea.
And it allows you to keep an eye on the Chinese and Greenlanders.
Yeah, I suppose I can ask Washington.
But I have a feeling it's going to leave you with some pretty disappointed Chinese business partners.
But that would be my problem, wouldn't it? What's up? How far away are they? They've gone six K in the last hour.
So they've really increased their speed.
Six K an hour? That's not much.
I can run that in half an hour no problem.
Then maybe you should try to run in hilly terrain with 12 dogs and a sled weighing about 350 kilos.
Emmy Rasmussen.
I'm from the Premier's department.
Naalakkersuisut doesn't usually No, but the Ministry of Foreign Affairs invited us.
Yeah, that's right.
We're the ones who We're the ones We did, that's right.
What's the situation? Well, if you look at the screen in the middle, - the object is right around there.
- Okay.
And Sled Team 5 ought to be there in an hour or two.
I have Sled Team 5 on the line.
So you're here.
- Are you okay? - Yeah, yeah.
But you don't make it easy on me.
This has nothing to do with the negotiations.
Why did you have to be the one to come? You made it clear it's over between the two of us.
Arctic Command, Sled Team 5 in position.
Leave the dogs and continue on foot.
Copy that.
We only have food for one more day for us, the same for the dogs.
Yeah, I know.
But according to the GPS it's right on the other side of that fell.
And AC wants us to move our arse and take a shortcut over the hill without the dogs.
They're our only lifeline.
Yeah, I bloody well know that.
It's an order.
I'll get the chain.
Russia has stepped up their level of aggression in the Arctic region.
This morning Pentagon released information that a Russian submarine surfaced You have to come see this.
Come on.
It was allegedly a Russian Typhoon-class submarine like the one shown in this footage that this morning violated the territorial waters of Denmark, the ally and NATO partner of the US, in Northeast Greenland.
Several sources close to the White House inform us that the President considers the matter very serious.
Benjamin, get a comment from the Prime Minister, okay? - Yeah.
- Gitte.
Take a crew to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
If they're allowed to make a statement before Kragh's approved the wording.
Kragh really is Darth Vader in your own narrative.
Things are heading in a direction that I think is sick.
I'm working on a theme for Sunday which I've just given the headline, "The powers that be in Denmark".
We're focusing in on how Kragh is micro-managing her ministers.
It'll be good.
Can't wait to see it.
But, Torben, do you have time to talk to the Minister of Defence - I heard a no.
- with regards to Greenland? Let's give Torben time to concentrate on his theme.
He shouldn't be involved in this thing with the Americans.
I mean, if you agree, of course.
Yeah, yeah.
Then we just have to send someone else.
I'm going in there anyway, so I can do it.
Great, Benjamin.
Thank you.
when an American satellite early this morning observed what was allegedly a Russian Typhoon-class submarine off the coast of Greenland What the hell? Did the Americans leak it? I can't control Washington.
They're playing with us.
He's here now.
The minister is coming.
- Mr Ambassador.
- Madam Minister.
Madam Minister.
We appreciate you coming in on such short notice.
Thank you.
Have a seat.
I hope you've had a chance to look at our proposal for negotiations.
We have, Madam Minister.
And I have to tell you that China is somewhat puzzled.
We're part of a legal business agreement, and now you're telling us all of our activities have to be approved and controlled by Denmark.
That has an air of state control about it.
A concept not completely alien to you, perhaps? Erm I'm sure you understand Greenland and Denmark have certain obligations towards their allies.
This proposal could just as well have been written by the United States.
We realise, of course, that China's room for manoeuvre will be somewhat limited, but would you consider Perhaps we could have a slightly less formal talk about the options? - Sure.
- Yeah.
Maybe I should introduce you to some of the people in our legal staff and Asia office.
- Go with him.
- I will.
No telecommunications.
And be aware of rare earth materials.
- Follow me.
- Thank you.
Oil, of course, isn't the only interest China has in the Arctic.
I know, Mr Ambassador.
I am glad that we understand each other.
I didn't know the ambassador spoke Danish.
As a diplomat, it's an advantage to know what's being said.
China might consent to your proposal if we were given an opportunity to expand the harbour which is currently being built to ship the oil, so it could accommodate our other ships.
The ice is melting.
And the new Silk Road is up there.
It's paramount to us if we are to accept the proposal, to reach an agreement as quickly and as soon as we can.
The Chinese ambassador speaks Danish.
What did he hear? I mentioned something about telecommunications, but it isn't news for them that - And rare earth materials.
- Yeah.
There are lots of things the Americans don't want the Chinese to get hold of.
But we have to give them something if we're tying their hands and feet in that oil agreement.
The ambassador insisted that it must be done quickly.
Why is he in such a hurry? Maybe because they see an opportunity to actually close a deal before the Americans make too big a fuss about it.
And it almost seems like that harbour is more important to them than the rights as owners of the oil company.
Because when the ice has melted the route from China to Europe is reduced by 40%.
- Exactly.
- Yeah.
But I don't think the Americans would want the Chinese to have a bigger harbour.
Could we exploit the fact that the Americans for a long time have wanted to have a harbour in the northeast? Yeah? What if we allow them to get that in return for China being allowed to expand the harbour they've already been allowed to build? A harbour for a harbour? I think I can land that.
Did you hire that guy? - Mm-hmm.
- You did a pretty good job.
You can't denounce me like that in the press.
It seems like you don't support me in the firing of Narciza.
- I'm being made to look like an idiot - I was misquoted, Katrine.
And I had no idea that it would be posted.
So can we just let it go? - Okay.
- There is something else I'd like to talk to you about.
I understand you're thinking of running a story on the Prime Minister and the way she's wielding her power.
- Yeah, we're working on a major topic.
- Mm.
I just think we need to ask ourselves if this is the right time to run that story.
Because you know something I don't know? Not at all.
You're the expert.
I'm the generalist.
No, but we both know that the Prime Minister takes criticism personally and has a hard time, er, letting things go.
But if you think it's an important story, I will listen.
I just need to take it into consideration.
What do you mean? I'm negotiating our agreement with the government, and a big part of that is our grant.
So you're telling me that we will be punished financially if we run with that story? No, not at all.
- That would be completely absurd.
- Christ, Frederik.
This entire conversation is proof that our democracy is being challenged if we're beginning to censor ourselves in advance because we fear the consequences of a story about the Prime Minister.
You're right if you believe in conspiracy theories.
No, it's But I don't think you should do that in a country like Denmark.
Maybe there just isn't a story in that thing you're working on.
Have you considered that? Excuse me.
What's up? Are you on a roll? "On a roll"? Yeah.
Listen, I've been thinking about that story about the Prime Minister I can't really tell what the main issue is.
Is it that it's become harder for us to talk to ministers? That it was better in the old days? It just might sound like we're the victims, and nobody's feeling sorry for the journalists.
Really? That's funny.
I hear a ventriloquist's dummy.
And the person who has his hand up its arse is on the 9th floor.
Isn't that right? Did he give you a direct order? - No.
- No.
They're about to negotiate the media agreement.
And there will be cutbacks and layoffs, and the news department might be hit hardest.
Especially if we run a critical story.
Hm? I think we should ask ourselves what will be worse for journalism.
"What'll be worse for journalism"? Bloody hell, you're clever.
Should we let one story go, Torben? Or should we say goodbye to a lot of good employees? You asked me once why I quit as head of news.
Exactly because of things like this.
And the two of us are playing along, goddammit.
We censor ourselves for old friendships' sake.
That position of political editor I know that everybody thinks we should get a young woman, but I would prefer to have a middle-aged white guy.
You just asked me to kill my story.
And then this is payment for it? Who the fuck do you take me for? Huh? Judas? No, no.
No, no.
You're the most qualified, Torben.
I know you applied for the position.
There's not much snow here, is there? It should be down there.
There's somebody down there.
Down, down, down.
Arctic Command.
Sled Team 5 here.
Sled Team 5, we hear you.
Go ahead.
We left the sled and the dogs behind and are now about 500 metres away.
There are people at the site.
I repeat, there are people at the site.
What kind of people? It looks like military.
White camouflage.
All are carrying weapons.
Do you recognise them? No, not at this distance.
They look like automatic rifles.
Shall we approach them? I must tell you that it's open country, and they will see us from far away.
Approach with caution.
And try to identify them.
Go and get Møldrup.
What's up? We're going down there.
Who do we think they are? The Russians often have a team of special forces on board.
They could have got off the submarine this morning.
- And we don't want to meet them? - No.
I have two men with pistols and a rusty rifle meant for polar bears against a team of Russian special forces.
Nobody's going to be shooting, are they? - Hi, Per.
- Hi.
This is the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Naalakkersuisut.
This is Commander Møldrup, and he's commanding officer today.
What's going on? It looks like they're tinkering with some tools and whatever that thing is.
Now they've seen us.
Sled 5.
They've seen us.
We can see a weapon.
From here it looks like an AK-47.
So they could be Russians.
This is Møldrup here.
Can you identify the uniforms? No, it's white camouflage.
What do we do? Are they aiming their weapons at you? No.
Then continue.
Then call out to them when you get close.
Now what? We go ahead.
And if shots are fired now, it is an act of war? Yeah.
But, Mr Ambassador, it is the most populous nation on Earth we're talking about, and they've promised their interest is merely to expand the port already projected for the oil shipment.
So hopefully the United States can live with that, knowing that the port is far away from Thule.
And under the authority of Denmark as well as Greenland.
We would also like to grant the United States From: Asger Kirkegaard The Sirius Patrol may be facing Russian soldiers.
a shipping port in Eastern Greenland, which I believe you've wanted for quite some time.
Provided we're confident To: Asger Kirkegaard Keep me posted! China doesn't have hidden agendas, I'd be happy to present this to Washington.
But it is undeniably strange that you and I would end up being the people who actually helped China become a near-Arctic state.
Fuck, this is insane! - Do we draw our weapons? - No.
Danish military! Identify yourself! Identify yourself! The Jaeger Corps have a team ready from the Aalborg Air Force Base in 2.
5 hours.
And we are notifying the Americans.
Sled 5.
Their weapons are at the ready.
Are they aiming at you? No, but they've cocked them.
And they're unscrewing something from what looks like a drone.
We need to get them away from that object.
Fire a warning shot.
Copy that.
Not the rifle.
We don't stand a chance if they fire back.
Danish military! Leave the area! Leave the area! Oh, for fuck's sake.
They retreated.
Well done, guys.
Let's secure the object.
Can you identify the uniforms now? Do you have a camera? Yeah, we'll try to take photos.
Well, okay, they might have been some of the most intense hours I have ever experienced.
The thing that crashed up here is a drone which we are having identified.
Sirius was face-to-face with what was, in all likelihood, soldiers from a foreign power.
We don't know for certain yet, but they are most likely Russian.
Right now, American experts are identifying the drone.
But I'm sure the Minister of Defence or the Minister of Justice knows much more about that than me.
I must say, the Foreign Minister is very well-informed.
My Arctic ambassador happened to be in Nuuk, and I felt it was important for us to be as informed as possible.
I also informed the Greenlanders so we didn't get into another crisis with them.
Without informing me? I'm doing that now.
And I'm happy to inform everyone that we have actually closed a deal where the US accepts a certain Chinese presence in Greenland.
You've certainly been busy today.
From: Frederik Heegaard - Look.
We should get her back.
I would like that position as political editor.
I assume the pay is 30 pieces of silver? Yes.
Magnus, stop it! Arctic ambassador Asger Holm Kirkegaard, good evening.
Good evening, Asger Holm Kirkegaard, this is Birgitte Nyborg.
I just have to warn you that I might drop down on my knees and propose to you.
It was so important to have you sitting in Arctic Command today.
We got the US to accept China in Greenland.
Really? What did they want in return? Well, the supply harbour that they've wanted in the northeast for so long.
You know what, Birgitte? I think I know exactly where they want it to be.
That guy Per Møldrup from Arctic Command has heard the Americans talk about it several times.
Look, let me turn on the camera.
Is that okay? Good evening.
Good evening, Asger Holm Kirkegaard.
Look where I'm sitting.
It's my safe room.
My rotten son has taken over my bedroom, and now I have to sleep here on this bunk bed.
A plank bed? That doesn't sound too nice.
Look here, I'm going to turn the camera around.
He heard them talk about the harbour lying up here in Crown Prince Christian Land.
Birgitte? Are you there? I lost you for a bit there.
Whose necklace is that? Is this when you tell me that you have been so completely unprofessional that you've slept with the Greenlandic department head? Birgitte, I have to tell you that I have made a huge mistake.
Erm And I'm actually disqualified to take part in negotiations if she's present.
- And therefore I also have to - No! No.
Don't bloody do this.
You're gonna come home right now.
You will get the first plane, and then you'll be at my office in the morning.
It's Nadia.
Erm, listen, I have been thinking.
It's not easy for me to have to say this, but I simply can't stand being a traitor to the climate policy I've been a part of drawing up for our party.
So I have decided to step down as Minister for Climate and Energy and leave the New Democrats.
I thought you should know as head of the party before the press release is sent out tomorrow.
Subtitle translation by: Helle Kaiser-Nielsen
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