Borgen (2010) s04e07 Episode Script

Just Make It Go Away

1 A NETFLIX SERIES "IT IS IN THE NATURE OF POWER THAT IT CAN ALSO LEAD TO ABUSE" -IMMANUEL KAN It was a clearly upset Nadia Barazani who announced this morning that she is stepping down as Climate and Energy Minister and as a member of the New Democrats.
Climate politics are close to my heart, and I can't support the change of policy made by Birgitte Nyborg when she's now in favour of exploiting the oil in Greenland without even consulting the group.
Do you still support the government? Or will you become part of the opposition? I still support Signe Kragh as Prime Minister, but I cannot support the government's policy on the Greenlandic oil.
To: Laugesen - I can't tolerate Barazani's disloyalty.
I'll tell the group and get them to toe the line.
Your schedule has changed a bit and it's become a bit tight.
Just tell me.
You have the Security Committee at 8:15.
Then you have your group meeting.
It would be best if you could make it quick.
We have to brief you before you meet the ambassadors.
And then there's Asger.
Have you eaten? I brought nuts for you.
You didn't like those bars much.
No, thanks.
I'm just not sleeping at night.
It's as if I can't feel my body.
I can schedule a nap for you after you've spoken to the Russian ambassador.
Oliver, I don't sleep at work.
From: Laugesen The Americans have examined the drone and have informed us that it is a Chinese copy of an American military drone.
The drone malfunctioned and crashed.
China must have asked Russia to help remove crucial parts of the drone, which is why Russia deployed a team of special forces from a submarine.
And those were the soldiers the Sirius Patrol faced.
In any case, it's a violation of the nation's airspace.
Just as the Russians violated our territory by sending in a submarine and soldiers.
The drone was actually part of the reason the Chinese accepted America's terms Twitter: Barazani is a hero! Several constituency leaders thinking of leaving party.
which led to an agreement with great economic potential.
Twitter: Nyborg is everything she used to denounce.
If we start complaining about drones and submarines, we all know what will happen.
So you're suggesting that we do nothing? Let's examine what actually happened.
Sirius saw four presumably Russian soldiers retreat.
The Americans have removed the drone, and the submarine is gone.
So couldn't we express our dissatisfaction in a much more discreet way and concentrate on what we know? A majority wants us to secure a deal for Denmark Twitter: Nyborg knows that the group's too weak to act.
which can finance the block grants and the defence budget.
Are we seriously discussing turning a blind eye to what has happened in order to secure Jon, I have to stop you there because Helle actually has a really good argument.
Who says that the US, Russia and China even want to publicly criticise each other? Good.
This is what we do.
Birgitte, talk to Stranton about the Americans not playing up the drone crisis.
And no leaks to the press about this.
Thank you.
- Coffee? - Yeah, thanks.
The group isn't behind you.
Nadia is a very talented politician.
And while I was sad to hear her decision, I also acknowledge it.
And especially the courage needed to make it.
They say that the greatest test for a politician is if she or he can give up power, and you have to say that Nadia has passed that test today.
We have six ministries from 14 mandates.
And even though we are only 13 now, I won't give up the Climate and Energy Ministry.
That ministry belongs to the New Democrats.
Hm? As spokesperson I have been asked three times this morning if we still support the government's policies.
And, Kirsten, as the experienced politician that you are, you know that there is only one answer to that question.
Right, Jon? You can't be in government and not support its policies.
But the next logical question is whether the New Democrats should even If If it is even still What's the next logical question, Jon? No.
I will get back to you regarding the ministerial post.
Frederik, if you listen to what I'm trying I have to stress that it is the wish of the viewers and the board that Narciza returns.
But it completely undermines my authority as manager if I have to rehire her.
So, is this an order? No, it's not a bloody order.
You're the undisputed boss of your own department.
You just need to consider the consequences of not doing it.
Yeah, I'll do that.
- Good.
- Good.
Hi, Narciza.
Good to see you.
I thought it would be best to have Lone join us.
There might be certain legal details in play which I can tell you about.
As I think I said on the phone, management might have made some mistakes.
No, not really, Katrine.
It was done by the book.
Yeah It was, erm Narciza, you are a great anchor and a very popular one.
And I'm reaching out to you because we really want you to come back.
And personally, I would like to put all the things behind us that made the two of us get off to a rocky start.
And I hope you want to come back.
To the same job? Same pay? The same job and the same good pay and the same vacations and pension scheme and Maternity leave.
I'm glad you said that, Lone.
Er Yes.
Lea and I have actually started talking about maybe having another one.
That's wonderful.
And, er, th-that's entirely up to you.
You said the same salary.
I negotiated my salary with Ulrik back in the day, but that was three years and two Most Popular News Anchor awards ago, so You get 85,000 plus pension now.
I think 100's a nice, round number.
Well, that's just what we'll do.
I also want to make sure that the main anchor's editorial point of view is acknowledged.
It would be a shame if we ended up in this situation again.
Of course, we acknowledge your point of view.
- Birgitte.
- Richard.
Always a pleasure.
As you know, we're having a bit of a situation in Greenland.
Oh? We didn't cause the situation.
The drone crashed by accident, and we've no solid proof that they were Russian soldiers.
Well, it was a Russian submarine.
Which may have had technical issues, forcing it to surface.
Clearly, it would be in everyone's best interest to proceed as if this never happened.
What are you trying to tell me? In the words of your Secretary of State, just make it go away.
I fucking love diplomacy.
Do we have a deal? I am standing in front of one of your fellow countrymen.
Knud Rasmussen.
I don't know what any of this means, so perhaps you can translate.
"Ene luftens ånder kender, hvad jeg møder" "Only the spirits of the air know what I shall encounter beyond the mountain.
" "Yet I drive my dogs onwards, onwards, onwards.
" Do we have a deal? Yeah.
Yeah? I think Washington would agree.
That's That's great.
Thank you.
But I wonder what is behind that mountain, Birgitte.
I'd like to begin by Asger.
For fu You know what would happen if Rasmus found out that you might have left confidential information lying around.
But I didn't.
Or have been too compliant in the negotiations cos you have had an affair with the department head of the Greenlandic Home Rule.
I will, er, talk to him.
And what is so extremely frustrating is that you're so very qualified.
Such a skilled negotiator and sharp analysis.
This is the most amazing job I have ever had.
Well, then I bloody well hope that it's been worth it, and that you found the love of your life or something.
Because then it's great.
You just have to figure it out.
You'll have to quit your job, move to Greenland.
I think we're not But if it is just a random flirt, a one-night stand, then you have taken a bloody huge risk.
We can close the deal very soon, Asger.
But I'm actually willing to pretend that this never happened.
You just have to promise a few things.
And I assume you know what I mean.
Er, she meant nothing to me.
It was a mistake.
It will never happen again.
Hello! I'm gonna call a meeting now.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Dan, we're starting now.
- Can I have two minutes before you begin? - Of course.
I just want to, for good measure, say what you have probably already heard, - which is that Narciza - Hi.
- Hi, Narciza.
- Hi.
- Welcome.
- Thank you.
- Hi.
- Thank you.
I've brought baklava.
It's my grandma's recipe.
But it's probably both the first and the last time I'll be baking because Pia says I'm going to be very busy.
- You are.
- Yeah.
Erm, Narciza.
What I was about to say before you, er, stole my audience was that I'm just super happy that the two of us are back on track.
And even though this has already been announced, I think we owe Torben our congratulations on the new position as political editor.
Torben might be the most experienced and sharpest analyst in the country.
I consider you my mentor, and it is a privilege to have you on the editorial team.
Thank you.
Maybe I should have baked a cake, but I'm not very good at it.
I can offer you some snus if you'd like some.
- Please.
- Delicious.
What about your big theme on the Prime Minister? "The powers that be in Denmark".
Is someone taking that over? I just didn't feel there was enough substance there, so I put it on pause.
I have great news.
I had a nice talk with Stranton about the drone, and he agrees that it's in everyone's best interest to put a lid on the matter and pretend nothing's happened.
He thinks that Washington will be on board.
So, Asger, let's get you back to Greenland as quickly as possible to finish negotiations about Denmark's share of the oil revenue.
Did you make Asger come back just to sit in on this meeting? No, there were also a few things about our working relationship we needed to get straight.
Which your permanent secretary doesn't know about? Will you be handling performance appraisals? - I can do that.
Good idea.
- Perfect.
I can find half an hour for you in week 41.
Er, sorry, where'd you find that half an hour? It was just a joke.
Just Pardon me, but I think you need to turn on Global News.
Yesterday, Russia violated the sovereignty of United States NATO ally, Denmark.
Didn't you have a deal with the Americans? On a mission to destroy a crashed Chinese military drone, Russian special forces came face-to-face with Danish soldiers.
The United States is monitoring the situation with great concern and will defend its interests in the region by any means necessary.
It's out.
You can expect a meeting with the Security Committee in a moment.
We need to get the Russian ambassador to come in early, the Chinese as well.
And I need to talk to our embassies in Moscow, Washington and Beijing.
We need to check the international laws on invasion of our territories.
- TV1's calling.
What shall I tell them? - We must coordinate with the PM's office.
We need to get a handle on this and structure it.
We have to get something online as soon as possible.
 Ekspres already has.
We lead with the main story.
That's you, Narciza.
Er, "Danish soldiers in battle on Danish soil for the first time since WW2.
" - They didn't actually fight.
- A warning shot was fired.
"Danish soldiers faced armed enemy forces on Danish soil for the first time since WW2.
" Washington is taking this very seriously.
So the agenda has changed completely.
I have just talked to the American Secretary of State.
We have to complain officially to both the Russians and the Chinese.
Pardon me, but can I ask if we are sending angry protest to Beijing and Moscow because they violated Danish territory, while at the same time continuing, without any restrictions, to drill for oil in Greenland with the Chinese? But you are getting two separate issues mixed up here.
And it is very important to stick to that with the media.
The drone and the oil have nothing to do with each other, Jon.
I agree completely.
And, Jon, pardon me, but drone or no drone, you don't want the oil.
It is confirmed that Nyborg will comment on the New Democrats, but I can't get them to confirm that she will on the American statement as well, and I have tried.
If she can comment on Barazani, she can comment on Greenland.
Wait a sec.
I have no idea if we have the time for all that.
Yeah, Frederik, good.
Because of Wayne's statement I've decided to extend the news by half an hour.
Oh, okay.
Well, then we have time for both Greenland and the New Democrats.
And I just hope I'm competent enough to interview Nyborg about two things.
Twitter: Katrine, make up your mind! She re-hired @NarcizaAydin! Twitter: Does she know how to be a boss? We know that the Security Committee has already been in session with all the major ministers.
And in a case like this, the lines to the Defence Intelligence Service and the Security and Intelligence Service are most certainly kept open.
- Nyborg.
- Hi, Birgitte.
Erm, I hope it's okay that I'm calling you directly.
Yes, of course it is.
Do you remember that the intelligence service helped us on the matter of the oil by finding the owners of the drilling company? - Yeah? - Yeah.
It's I I have I can't help thinking that maybe the intelligence service have made a mistake which might have cost a young Greenlander his life.
The older brother of Hans Eliassen's adopted daughter.
- I went to his funeral, if you remember? - What? I met the lieutenant-commander who who helped the intelligence service.
He seemed strangely burdened by by guilt.
As if he knew more than he could tell me.
I don't know.
I just got this feeling that something might've gone wrong when the intelligence service tried to get information, and that the young man, Malik, might not have killed himself.
Those are very serious accusations.
Yes, I know.
Can we prove it? No, there doesn't seem to be any evidence.
But we haven't tried to ask any questions.
Just a second, Birgitte.
There's someone at the door here.
Aren't you off to Greenland? Yeah, er In a very small plane.
My hypnotist, Kjeld, is going to help me deal with the flight.
Kjeld is amazing.
He always knows immediately how another person feels.
Hi, Kjeld.
What's this? You're in love.
This is Laugesen.
We're gonna have to talk.
I have intel on the Justice Minister.
Majken, can you pull over, please? The intelligence service might have botched an operation in Greenland.
They used a Greenlandic informant who died under suspicious circumstances.
- That's pretty good.
- I don't know if we can get any proof.
We might not need it.
Just the fear of an inquiry would be enough to make Berthelsen very nervous.
Also, I have a ministerial post to fill.
I suggest we meet tonight.
Isn't it funny, Birgitte? Have you noticed that we're beginning to think alike? I'll post a few things on Instagram for you.
Thank you, Madam Minister.
A pleasure as always, Madam Ambassador.
What did she say? "No, Russia has had no soldiers on Danish territory.
" Classic Russian response.
Deny, deny, deny.
Refuel for negotiations.
#WorkingHardForDenmark Yeah? - Madam Foreign Minister.
- Mr Ambassador.
Er If you could excuse me for two minutes.
To: Nina E.
Do you have a Tampax? Have you got one? Thanks.
I'm sorry.
I don't know if you have had a chance to discuss the photos we have taken of the drone.
It was a civilian drone which was supposed to monitor ice movement for ship traffic.
The Americans can prove that it's a copy of an American military drone.
It wasn't It was not armed.
But if China only has peaceful intentions, why are you then sending a military drone from a Russian military base during a large Russian military exercise? Madam Minister, we both know what is expected of us.
You were asked to reprimand China.
But the most populous country in the world will not be reprimanded.
So why not just go back to your boss and say that China regrets the incident, then you can go back to doing your job, which you do so well.
Thank you.
From: Emmy Rasmussen I can't wait to see you.
TV1 is setting up in there.
I'm ready.
Good to go.
Shall I clear the rest of your schedule so you can go home after the interview? Er, I can't.
I have a late meeting.
That's not in your calendar.
I am getting some private coaching.
Three weeks ago you insisted that nobody should be drilling for oil because it would be environmentally irresponsible.
- But then you changed your mind.
- No, I didn't.
Greenland controls its raw materials.
They are the ones who decided to The fact of the matter is that the government has decided to support the Greenlandic oil project.
And now China, Russia and the US accuse each other of escalating a military conflict in the Arctic, so I would like to make it perfectly clear that the Chinese drone and the oil have absolutely nothing to do with each other.
No, but it is a part of a power play on behalf of the superpowers She's good today.
Well, she just got a raise.
What's up? I don't know.
I feel like I'm inside a pressure chamber.
And it's said that the deputy party leader, Jon Berthelsen, might be in a stronger position than the party leader, Birgitte Nyborg.
And a warm welcome to you, Torben Friis, newly-appointed political editor here at TV1.
Yes, thanks.
It is as if all the hubbub around Nyborg hasn't really subsided.
What are we witnessing at the moment? Well, I think the pivotal question is, how many sacred cows they are willing to kill just to stay in power? We are seeing Birgitte Nyborg using a new approach.
She is suddenly very active on social media.
It could be seen as a strategy to regain the popularity which the oil has definitely cost her.
Is Nyborg simply a different politician, maybe even a different person, than the woman we knew as the prime minister 12 years ago? Well, it's being said by more and more people that she is emulating her boss, Signe Kragh.
It seems as if you have further comments on the PM.
I do.
The Prime Minister is known for being extremely good at short-circuiting the established communication channels between the powers that be on one side and the people on the other side, and she does that simply by going rogue on social media.
Don't do this, Torben.
The Prime Minister uses a well-defined communications strategy which has two parts.
One is about social media, and the other, more professional one, is focused on saying, "We're working hard for Denmark", while at the same time acting extremely reserved and very controlled.
Holy crap, he's on a roll today.
Well, this strategy is spreading to more and more of the other ministries, including Birgitte Nyborg's.
Several editorialists have been expressing their concern regarding what they call "the ministers' generalities" on social media, which are actually working as a form of distraction from the undemocratic tendencies that we are most certainly seeing in more and more places.
Aren't you having any? I don't eat food like that.
Then I'll have yours.
Go for it.
This is like the bloody Last Supper, Birgitte.
The question is, who is with you and who is against you? We're pretty sure about him, right? Meldgaard would jump in front of a train if I asked him to.
He's not a great Minister for Food, but he is very loyal.
Lillian's alright as well.
Mehmet is a hustler, and he always thinks he can get more out of staying with me than with Jon.
If I get him a better spokesperson's job, he'll stay loyal.
Her I personally dislike her.
She is the most easily offended.
She is the spokesperson on equality.
Doesn't help that I banged her once on an election night.
That disqualifies you from giving an opinion on her.
But Ursula is definitely one of Jon's supporters.
Then we have Kirsten Schrøder, your political spokesperson.
She seems pretty bright.
Kirsten is working closely with Jon and always has.
She is 100% behind Jon.
We have a problem.
Are you sure about your own supporters? What about him? Minister of Ecclesiastical Affairs.
Till death us do part.
Who can be bought with a ministerial post? Everybody wants to be a minister.
Isn't it more about finding the one who will hurt Jon the most? Ah.
My work here is almost done.
Yes, I'm just I came to prepare for tomorrow.
It's fine.
You'll have the entire ministry to yourself.
Will you have to explain yourself tomorrow? Not at all.
You're my communication coach.
From: Emmy - And you look forward to seeing me Let us first congratulate each other that the deal with the Americans allows us to continue working with China.
And we have already had many good talks with Qingxing, and have assured them that the, er, limitations on their work here will be interpreted subject to local conditions and what is possible.
I've been away for a few days, and meanwhile a Chinese telecom tower has been erected out there which clearly violates the agreement we have made with the Americans.
So I think I will have to make Denmark's position very clear to you once and for all.
The oil is now an international crisis.
And although you control the raw materials, the foreign and security policy tops it.
That's why Denmark will now decide what will happen, and Denmark will do the talking.
And this is what will happen.
We will establish a new company with Danish, Greenlandic and Chinese participation.
The company will handle all aspects of extracting the oil.
So you'll be making no agreements directly with China.
Denmark has to approve everything.
The tower's technical specifications have to be approved by Denmark or it will come down.
Furthermore, I will no longer ask politely to look at your correspondence with the Chinese.
I want it handed over immediately.
I had looked forward to seeing you today.
Well, you had no reason to.
- Hey.
- Hey, listen.
You're married.
Hey, where are you? Hey, Asger.
I'm right here.
I promised my boss not to see you.
You promised your boss? It It's just a job, huh? No.
It's not just a job to me.
First thing is a briefing by Rasmus in ten minutes.
And then there's a group meeting.
It's set for two hours due the turmoil in the party where you will have to decide if the New Democrats should remain as Oliver, it's fine.
Use fewer words.
Just say "group meeting".
And I've got it.
I would like to emphasise that everything you hear in this car or elsewhere with me, or when you happen to turn up at work after hours, is confidential.
- Do we understand each other? - Yes, of course.
You don't want the other one? Do whatever makes sense.
Okay, yeah.
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
- And we have a meeting? - Yeah.
Do you have five minutes later on? I actually have a rather busy day.
It's important.
But aren't you going to Parliament with Birgitte? I actually thought that Nina could do that if Could you? - Yeah, of course.
- Yes.
That's fine.
- Hi, Katrine.
- Hi.
- My goodness, what lovely shoes.
- Thanks.
Yes, look.
HR has been asked to conduct an extra employee satisfaction survey here in your department.
Okay? Who's asked you? I'm actually not allowed to tell you.
But some of your employees who want to be anonymous have focused, erm, on your managerial style.
Er I don't think you should worry about it too much, but I just have to ask if you'll oppose it.
Er, no, I won't oppose it.
It should be investigated, of course.
- That's for sure.
Thank you.
- Good.
Bloody hell, the New Democrats are going at it.
Yeah, I'll say.
Well, rumour has it that they might leave the government.
No, I think Nyborg has other plans.
Whatever the case, I've asked Benjamin to camp outside the meeting room of the New Democrats.
- Nice work.
- Yeah.
Katrine, he's upset.
The two of you had a talk about him wanting to be an anchor, right? Yeah.
I just told him that he wasn't ready yet.
He just mentioned talking to a boss from Channel 2.
- He's pressuring us.
- No, he's making a point.
But the two of us know that he is really talented.
I mean that's what I told him.
We really can't have any more turmoil.
We really can't.
The atmosphere was a bit tense, so I thought that it was best for the two of us to meet again in a less formal setting.
I can see your point.
Although we have different outlooks.
So I thought the two of us could agree on how to divide the oil revenue once and for all.
Then you can talk to your people, and I can talk to mine.
Sausage? It's really good.
Yes, please.
Let's say that Greenland acknowledges that Denmark is in charge of the foreign and security policy, which allows it to get a larger share of the oil revenue than we suggested at first.
We could begin by phasing out the block grant, and then Denmark could have 25%.
Have a seat.
Yeah, thanks.
So what do you think? Is that the plan? Hens, you know that I can't sit here in your kitchen and commit the Danish government to anything over a sausage.
- Er, I'll have to take this call.
- Fine.
But think about it.
Tanja? How are you? Can you lend me 1,000 crowns? They're keeping me here so I can get better.
They're afraid that I'm going to smoke.
Well, a pack of cigarettes doesn't cost 100 crowns, does it? Kristine Meinert, what can we expect from this group meeting? Well, it is a fateful hour for the New Democrats and for Nyborg as well.
Are they willing to pay the price for having influence and take a beating at the next election? Or will they stick to their ideals and run the risk of toppling the government? My dear friends.
We called this extraordinary meeting due to the very serious situation we're in.
Karina, erm, has suggested that we resign from the coalition government due to the oil situation and due to the change of our political stance which many in the party feel was forced upon them.
Karina, as you know, is the Minister of Business and Industry which, in my view, makes her suggestion more poignant.
We are a divided party.
Jon, may I? I think we all know where this is going, so I suggest a quick vote on it.
Needless to say, I don't think we should leave the government.
It would let our voters down to place ourselves without any influence because of a matter which is certainly far from closed.
So to be brief, who agrees with me that the New Democrats should not leave the government but stay and fight for all the things we believe in? One, two, three, four, five, six, seven.
Seven versus six.
It looks like a majority for staying in the coalition government, wouldn't you say, Jon? And I think we should all welcome our new Climate and Energy Minister.
She's sitting right there.
It's a huge pleasure to have you on the team, and the new little voter in your tummy.
And, Jon, can I talk to you for five minutes? - Did you want to talk? - Yeah.
Are you finished in here? - Yeah.
- Thanks.
Well, spit it out.
It's just that I I've I've heard some things.
And I don't know what to do about it.
Am I to remain loyal to the minister or to the ministry? In a perfect world you're both.
If that's not possible, your loyalty to the ministry comes first.
That was very carefully orchestrated by you, Jon.
The decisive attack didn't come from you at all but from Karina.
You were just the dutiful deputy who was so tired of the turmoil and division in the party.
I'm tired of the turmoil and division in the party.
Then I'm glad to tell you that you can help heal the divide.
She has a new political adviser, and she's asked me not to tell anyone who it is.
Then don't tell me.
But it's as if it's changed her a bit.
You started a rebellion and tried to topple me, Jon.
The history books call that high treason.
Question is, what will happen now? The punishment for high treason was usually death.
- But is that what you prefer? - I guess that's not up to me, is it? She is conspiring against one or several of the other ministers in the government.
I I heard about a botched intel botched intelligence operation in Greenland.
She will hold the Justice Minister accountable or blackmail him.
If you say to me now that you will be 100% loyal, deputy of the party and minister of this government, I'm willing to regard this as just another play for power.
One that you just happened to lose.
- But if I can't trust you - Then you'll fire me.
No, I won't.
But I have received information that, if revealed, would probably lead to you having to resign.
If the intelligence service has made a mistake, the Justice Minister is responsible.
But it's the way she goes about it.
It's the way it's done.
Last month the intelligence service botched an operation in Greenland.
Which you asked me to initiate.
Where a young man died.
The brother of the adopted daughter of Hans Eliassen.
It was suicide.
You're just saying that because it's Greenland.
Well, the intelligence service wasn't involved in any way.
Do you think you would survive the inquiry that would follow if it got out? The Danish civil service is an administrative gem.
The Americans change their entire administration when a new president is elected.
We stay and serve a red minister one day and a blue minister the next.
We've done so for 170 years, and we are good at it.
We keep our mouths shut about almost everything and focus on the job at hand.
I need to know if you're with me or not.
You're not yourself, Birgitte.
I am.
I just adapt to the circumstances.
Facebook: I wonder if anyone at TV1 realises Fønsmark is the problem? Facebook: Perhaps she's hot rather than talented? So to return to our starting point, Bernstein's famous definition of journalism as the best obtainable version of the truth.
It is my ambition to make TV1 the people's choice when they actually want to know the truth.
But don't worry, we won't be changing our name to Pravda.
So, does anyone have any questions? - I'll do my best to answer them.
- Yeah.
It's all fine and good to have visions, Katrine, it really is.
But are you considering angling stories to appeal more to families? We most certainly are.
Er, and when a story appears where that is possible, we absolutely do that.
Thank you, Katrine.
I thought that was excellent.
- Shall we give her a round of applause? - Yeah.
And then we can take any further questions over canapés and a glass of white wine.
Ooh, yes, please.
Katrine, I don't think you've met our new chairwoman, Merethe Kofoed.
- Lovely to meet you.
- Yes.
- I'm off, but do talk.
- Yes.
I'm a lawyer, and as such, I don't know much about TV.
But I do have two comments.
All that hubbub about you as a person, when will that go away? It's not good PR for TV1.
If I could, er, stop it, certainly Yes, and then there was the other thing.
Your new political editor, Torben Friis We're not interested in a falling-out with the government before negotiations.
They are just about to begin.
Could you put a dampener on him? That's all.
but that will be determined by the European Parliament election.
And then on to the Arctic.
The tone between the US, China and Russia was sharpened at today's UN Security Council meeting about the matter of the Chinese drone.
The Americans insist that the Chinese are escalating their military presence there.
Well, they sure as hell are.
In the meantime, Denmark is still negotiating a deal with Greenland to divide the oil revenue whilst trying to stay on good terms with both Greenland and the three superpowers.
We have tried to get a comment from the Foreign Minister, Birgitte Nyborg, but she declined to comment.
That's right, she doesn't want to.
She's not always at your beck and call.
Instagram: magnus.
nyborg added to his story.
I just saw that the US, Russia and China are now completely escalating the Arctic conflict.
It's so fucked up that the reason for all this is something as messed up as fossil fuels.
Which ruin our world and make the ice melt.
Perhaps I should have a word with my mum.
Do you follow Magnus Nyborg on Instagram? I don't think so.
Should I? He posted a story where he criticises his mum in a pretty funny way.
And he was good on Denmark Today, so I thought, why not repeat the success? You're thinking about asking him and his mum to come back, but this time they won't talk about pigs but what it's like to be a Nyborg? Mm-hmm.
That's a good idea.
Set it in motion.
Torben? Are you doing fuzzy family stuff? When I asked you nicely to shelve your critical programme on the PM, I didn't mean that you should then continue your critique as political editor.
That presentation to the board, did it go well? See you.
Anything else we need to look at? - Hi.
- Hi.
Oliver, I will see you tomorrow.
- Thanks.
- Thanks.
Guess who Magnus just talked to.
TV1? They want him on Denmark Today with me.
And I said no.
Okay, but why? Because they're angling for a conflict.
No, Mum.
They wanted it to be humorous.
A portrait of a political family.
And that was what you said last time.
That Magnus grew up in a political family and for that reason knows how to speak his mind.
Right? Are the two of you excited about the opportunity to be on TV? - Take it easy.
- It's not at all about being on TV.
It's about putting in the work for a cause that we are fighting for.
It's about getting your message out.
It's absolutely correct that it meant a lot for our organisation that I've been in the spotlight.
What organisation? We are members of New Earth.
They want Magnus to be their spokesperson.
So, you're asking me to do this in order to support your political career? Isn't that what I did last time on TV? For you? You've been called to an urgent meeting of the Security Committee.
There's no agenda, which according to Rasmus, underlines the urgency.
It's most likely a military issue.
Hi, Bent.
- What are you doing here? - Yeah? Hi! I'm going to an anniversary for former members of Parliament.
Sounds fun.
Give my regards.
I'm in a hurry to meet the PM.
Birgitte, what's going on? Well, that's what I'm meeting the Prime Minister to find out.
That's not what I'm talking about.
What's going on with you? You've got it all wrong.
This is bordering on World War III.
You're beginning to talk like Signe Kragh.
Even when you're talking to the media.
Birgitte, look at your party.
Why the hell are you still part of that government? Did Jon ask you to say this? Are you his last card to play? Bent is suffering from dementia.
You can't count on what he says.
It's so sad.
I called this urgent meeting for the Security Committee because the critical situation in the Arctic has intensified which the Minister of Defence will explain.
Early this morning, the US sent a squadron of F-35 fighter jets up to Thule Air Base, allegedly for an exercise.
That immediately made the Russians extended their military exercise and sent a squadron of MiG-31s to the Nagurskoye base in Franz Josef Land.
I will talk to the Americans and explain our position, but we can't stop them from patrolling.
We'll always draw the shorter straw.
And we agree that this has nothing to do with the oil.
We still have a deal with the Americans who have accepted that the Chinese own the drilling company, as long as we guarantee full transparency in what China is doing.
Is it true that we haven't closed the deal as to the division of the oil revenue between Greenland and Denmark yet? Yeah.
Greenland has generously offered 25%.
- Yeah.
- I can't help but wonder if we can get an advantage in our negotiations from this entire situation.
Greenland must know that it would be under great international pressure and be very alone without Denmark.
And since we provide that security, we can raise the percentage a bit.
I would find it perfectly natural to split it 50-50.
That's a good point, Signe.
I'll pass that on to my negotiator up there.
Do we agree that the last time we were here, we all said that the drone and the oil in Greenland were completely separate issues? And now we're mixing it all into one pot to get more money from Greenland.
We're talking about 2,000 billion.
There are 56,000 Greenlanders and nearly six million Danes.
It's the official policy of this government to support Greenland's wish to exploit the oil.
I would almost say that 50% is not enough.
Is this another internal political row in the New Democrats which the two of you have to get sorted? No, not to my knowledge.
Jon, won't you confirm that you of course support the government's policy? Of course I do.
To think that we almost needed a new world war to realise how good we can be together.
Do you remember the issue from the early negotiations to form a coalition government which we never really settled? That as the party leader of the second party in the government, you wanted the title of Deputy Prime Minister? You should have that title.
I'll send out a press release later on.
Or we could make our own.
What do you think of this? Well, Copenhagen has arrived.
Thank you, Hans.
And thank you for the long-awaited correspondence with the Chinese which we have read with great interest.
The US is flying the flag because you're drilling with the Chinese.
But who was it that got the Americans to accept China's presence? Denmark did.
And that comes at a price.
We need to show the US that our control of the oil company is reflected in the division of revenue.
That is why the new point of view of the government is to still phase out the block grant, then we split 50% to Denmark and 50% to Greenland.
Ah Excuse me? What What are you saying? Hans, if we divided according to population, you would have received 1%, so it's not a bad deal.
I guess I should congratulate you on your title as Deputy Prime Minister.
I saw your post on Instagram.
It was funny that you used the "Future is Female" hashtag.
I thought Signe deserved that.
It means so much to her.
Yeah? - The Justice Minister has just arrived.
- That's not in your calendar.
I don't have an appointment, but I'm here now.
I saw that you're now Deputy Prime Minister.
It's been on the cards, but thanks.
- Did you come to congratulate me? - No.
I'm here to tell you that I'm challenging you to a contested election to be the party leader of the New Democrats.
But you lost that election, Jon.
You don't have the support of the group.
I'm talking about the entire party.
There will be a party congress as soon as possible.
The party secretary will call you shortly.
I just wanted to tell you in person.
You and I started this party.
Subtitle translation by: Helle Kaiser-Nielsen
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