Borgen (2010) s04e08 Episode Script

Mother of the Sea

- Something wrong? - Er, no.
I just saw a dead mole lying on the path.
That's nature for you.
From: Michael Laugesen - Nice article on 2.
dk! CLIMATE EXPERT: GREENLAND OIL HAS NO SIGNIFICANT CLIMATE IMPAC "An environmentally conscious extraction of the Greenlandic oil will be virtually undetectable in global carbon emissions.
" One might think it was fake news.
It's not.
He's a renowned scientist.
Er, tonight you and your son are going on Daily Denmark to talk about being a political family.
I thought we might postpone it because Well, because of the thing with your party.
That's exactly why we shouldn't change our plans.
It shows I'm on top form when I'm doing things like that.
Then there's an extraordinary party congress on Sunday to elect a new leader of the party.
- And tonight you're going - No, there isn't.
No, there's a contested election to be leader.
That doesn't mean they'll elect a new one.
We almost have an agreement on Greenland.
And not least on the division of the oil revenue.
Before we start, I would just like to say that I don't expect a government crisis or cabinet reshuffle after this coming Sunday.
When Jon sees that the party isn't backing him, I think it would be the magnanimous thing to do to let him continue as Justice Minister, but I will find a new deputy party leader.
Well, we will make a note of that.
- Niels Erik, go ahead.
- Yes.
At the request of the Foreign Ministry, we have established a new company to oversee the Chinese drilling firm.
The Chinese hate it but accept it.
The US can live with it.
We considered different names and agreed upon "Green Oil & Energy" to indicate both Greenland and green ambitions.
But I had the Premier on the line yesterday, and she is furious.
But she has no choice but to accept it.
The memorandum of association for the new company is ready to be signed tomorrow, and my Arctic ambassador will be signing on our behalf.
But to Greenland it will look like we're trying to stop them from gaining independence.
But that is why we should try to move on quickly.
But perhaps we should try to meet Greenland halfway with a nice gesture.
I think you should sign the agreement as Deputy Prime Minister, Birgitte.
Then I would have to leave for Greenland tomorrow.
We have to hurry if we need to plan a semi-official visit to Greenland for you.
But my party congress is on Sunday.
I think it would be a lovely gesture, Birgitte.
You have been mentioned quite a bit on social media.
Can you tell the readers of Berlingske how you feel about that? It irritates me when it's focused on other things than my work, but honestly I am fortunate enough to have other things to do, so I don't spend much time thinking about it.
Isn't always having to deliver stressful? Sorry.
What were you saying? Isn't always having to deliver stressful? That's part of the job when you accept this position.
We always have to go on air, and we have to be the best.
But then it's an advantage that I see journalism as my calling and that I love my work.
And, Torben, you will do the analysis on both shows.
- All set? - Yeah.
Let's get on it.
Er, how far on are we with planning the battle for the party leader position on Sunday? Well, I think we should go all-out.
A new study desk, call in the experts and of course me.
Sounds expensive.
By the way, we would love to have you on as our Nyborg expert once more.
As long as it doesn't look like I've asked to be on screen, it's fine by me.
I would like to avoid any more comments.
- Yeah.
- Not from you.
That's not what I meant.
But sure, I'll do it.
I want to talk to you about the Denmark Today interview Magnus said you're doing with him tonight.
Are you sure that's a good idea? He's a bit full of himself at the moment.
Listen, he asked me to do it.
And I think it's mostly about bringing some attention to that organisation.
- New Earth or whatever it's called.
- Yeah.
But I just think we need to look after him a bit.
He also needs to learn to take care of himself.
Oh, Ida just came, so Hi, honey.
Consider that thing about Magnus.
Yeah, that's fine.
Hi, honey.
Hi, Mum.
And you're up for getting a bite to eat later? Yeah, I'd like that.
- Hiya.
- Hi.
- I'm Louis.
We spoke on the phone earlier.
- Yeah, that's right.
We're ready in two minutes.
Are you up for that? - Yeah.
- Good.
Come with me.
Denmark has had several political dynasties.
Families where generation after generation walk the halls of the Parliament in Christiansborg.
Perhaps there is a new dynasty on the way.
Magnus and Birgitte Nyborg.
Welcome to you both.
Thank you very much.
Thank you.
Lovely to be here.
Magnus, you're still a student, yet you've made a name for yourself as a representative of the protest organisation New Earth, which has criticised the great oil project in Greenland.
That project is something you, Birgitte Nyborg, are part of.
How does it feel to be criticised politically by your own child? Well, our family have always appreciated a good debate.
And Magnus is 21.
Who agrees with their parents at that age? Well, especially when the decisions of the parents are so wrong.
Ah, but you're still able to sit down and enjoy a good meal or a Yes, yes, yes.
We have a great time.
Right after he accused me of being a climate traitor because I served a bit of beef.
Are you on Mum's case, Magnus? I'll forgive the beef thing, if she'll explain to me why she wants to destroy the world by burning 2,000 billion kroner's worth of oil, and especially to do it with China who has used more cement and concrete in three years than the US did in the entire 20th century.
Well, there is an excellent article on Channel 2's website by a leading climate scientist who emphasises that in the bigger picture, exploiting the oil will have hardly any consequences.
And that's a bit like saying that it's okay to build a small concentration camp because somebody once built some which were even bigger.
My goodness.
That is, erm, quite an example - No, honey, that is not the same.
- Oh.
No, I have to say that comparison is in bad taste which your generations tends to do because of a mix of ignorance and lack of historical knowledge.
If I lack historical knowledge, maybe it's because your generation has destroyed the world so badly that my generation can do nothing else but fight for the future.
I have noticed that many young people just sling mud and criticise the world the rest of us have created instead of making constructive and concrete suggestions to how we can make it better.
There are many young people who are both ambitious and study while they fight for a better world, and things That's what I do as a spokesperson for New Earth.
I've explained how this scientist, Ørum from Channel 2's article, has time and time again been criticised for fiddling with statistics and for pseudoscience.
Magnus Before you fall out with scientists in the press, I think you should get a degree first yourself.
And you don't have a job but let your parents pay for everything.
I pay for your vegan pizzas, I wash your clothes.
You borrow my car when you go to police interviews about animal cruelty.
I mean, how does that relate with being a green activist and not using fossil fuels? You can hear yourself, right? It's a bit of a double standard.
We'll leave it at that.
Because now it's about ice cream.
- Today there was a competition - Christ, you're too much.
the fanciest ice cream cone Magnus, take it easy.
Don't take it personally, okay? - That's exactly what you need to learn.
- Can I get your microphone as well? Twitter: Fønsmark says she won't change maternity rules.
- Need a ride? - No, I'll just take my bike.
Gustav, the knife goes on the right.
Twitter: Heard her say: "Take your kid to work with you.
I did" There.
Power-hungry workaholic! The potatoes.
Honey? - Yeah.
- Did you do the potatoes? Help yourself.
What time's the match? - Er, at six, I think.
- There we go.
Enjoy your meal.
The potatoes are very hard.
Er, Mum, they're completely cold.
What? The potatoes are completely cold.
You forgot to boil them.
I'll boil them now.
No, no, no.
It's alright, it's alright.
It's alright.
Who needs all that starch anyway? We'll have some salad instead.
- It's my boss.
I just have to - Can't we just eat? Two seconds, okay? I thought Mum was the boss.
But there's always someone who's an even bigger boss than you.
You left before we could talk.
Yeah, I left a bit earlier than usual.
It was my turn to cook dinner, so I just had a query.
Erm, I need a report on our public service before negotiations on the media agreement.
I need around 10 to 15 pages from your news department.
I know you're busy already, but can you help? Yeah, of course.
That's no problem.
It would be super to have it on Monday.
Stop it.
- Stop it! - Don't look at him, Molly.
Gustav, stop it! How many times does she have to tell you?! You're driving the rest of us crazy! Just stop it! Tensions in the Arctic haven't decreased after the US has begun sending F-35 patrols across Greenland.
Nonetheless, Foreign Minister Birgitte Nyborg is going there today to sign an agreement between Denmark, Greenland and China on the future of their joint oil adventure.
3 MISSED CALLS FROM PHILIP CHRISTENSEN From: Philip We need to talk about your TV appearance yesterday.
Call me! From: press officer Strong reactions to you on TV.
Call me? WORST MUM OF THE YEAR I pay for your vegan pizzas.
People feel strongly about that Denmark Today appearance yesterday.
Wasn't that bad, was it? I can't find Magnus.
His profile is gone.
He hasn't deleted it.
I can see it.
Maybe he's blocked you.
Blocked me? Yeah.
The division of future oil revenue is said to be agreed upon, although not all parties are pleased.
So, Hans Eliassen, what's wrong with the new agreement? Well, Denmark has used its, er, priority claim to handle foreign policy to get a bigger share of the oil revenue which belongs to Greenland.
And my only comment is that this will be the beginning of a new colonial time.
What are you doing here? Can I crash here? My mum and my dad interfere in everything.
And my friends are clueless.
You You Hey, hey, hey.
What's going on? Look at me.
Tanja? Tanja? Tanja, come, come, come.
You You can't sleep here.
What's going on? You're a mess.
What Why aren't you in school? - Don't you miss having - Who is it that you think I miss? He didn't kill himself.
I just know it.
I know.
Sometimes in life we need to accept that there are things we don't understand.
No matter how hard and dreadful they are.
I'm all alone.
Nobody's doing anything.
Today we embark on a new era.
The founding of Green Oil & Energy marks the beginning of a historic collaboration between Denmark, Greenland and China.
And it is my hope that And it is my great hope that this partnership will help tackle the challenges we face on a global scale while bringing prosperity to the local community and strengthening the bond between our nations.
Thank you.
- Will you be taking questions? - No.
Hans, wasn't that a bit unnecessary and childish? The agreement we just signed and smiled about just confirms that nothing has changed in the relationship between our countries.
Which will provide you with several hundred trillion kroner.
We're forced to be together in this.
We inherited this situation, Hans.
Has Denmark made mistakes? Yeah.
You're not ready to stand alone.
Because you made sure it was like that.
You've removed Greenlandic children, you've gone over our heads.
There aren't enough qualified Greenlanders to take over if we pull out tomorrow.
Can you study medicine here? No.
You have no army.
Other countries than Denmark can defend us.
Russia, China and the US would all love to step in.
But you're naive if you think they will give you more independence.
Denmark allows Chinese companies to operate completely differently in Denmark.
As soon as it's in Greenland, they can't do a thing because of the Thule Air Base which you gave to the Americans.
Greenland's geopolitical location between two continents isn't my doing.
Greenland is what made Denmark an important ally of the US.
You will lose that international standing as soon as Greenland becomes independent.
That's basically why you won't let us go.
The dependency goes both ways.
I know.
All of us know.
We just don't talk about it.
Hi, Mum, it's Laura.
You're not answering your phone.
Maybe there's no connection? Well, I saw the interview with you and Magnus, and to be honest, I think you said some really far out things.
Magnus is really upset.
And extremely hurt.
I hope you know that.
What you did wasn't okay.
- Oliver.
- Yes? I would like to get to Denmark quickly if it's possible.
Yeah, well, our flight to Copenhagen is as 2:50 p.
, and the Mayor of Ilulissat has arranged a cruise on the Icefjord where you might be able to see whales.
Do I have to? Yeah.
I think it would be seen as a bit arrogant to to refuse it now.
It won't, will it? I mean, have you seen how beautiful it is? It's completely insane! From: Philip Birgitte, call me! We have to talk! When I was a boy, the icebergs calved much further out than today.
The ice has receded by 15 kilometres since then.
It's very clear to us that it's disappearing.
Is something wrong? I spotted a seal.
But it submerged.
Can you see that village? That's where I was born.
At the bottom of the Red Bay.
It's called that because the sea turns red when we slaughter the whales.
How many whales do you catch? I couldn't say.
In the old days we said Sassuma Arnaa, the Mother of the Sea.
She gives us prey when she wants to be generous.
And she takes from us if we've been greedy.
Is that? Yes.
The Chinese.
My goodness.
That was quite something.
They're blowing up the whole mountain.
As a matter of fact, it's partly my fault.
I let them use the area where my hunting hut is.
And they gave me this fine boat as thanks.
Perhaps all of this is more my fault.
What did you get out of it? I got to continue to be Foreign Minister.
In my old boat, I caught hundreds of seals.
I haven't caught a single one in this.
The Mother of the Sea probably thinks I'm too greedy.
We dislike the idea of reneging on the agreement with Greenland and China because we would lose credibility as a global trading partner.
Agreed? Yeah.
And we just signed the deal, right? But what if we didn't renege on the deal with the Chinese of our own accord? What if something forces us to break the deal? Something beyond the Danish Contracts Act? Are you contesting the agreement we just signed? Just consider it as a theoretical experiment.
Could it be something about nature? Yeah! Something about nature would be really great.
Yes, it can be something about nature, but we have been down that road, Birgitte.
Neither the humpback, the piked whale nor the Greenland whale is endangered.
The Greenland whale might be soon, but it's not From: Tanja - I can't take it.
I don't want to go on.
Aren't there any other animals? I have to go.
I'm here.
I'm here.
I didn't know you were home.
I've tried to get hold of you.
I've called you so many times.
I thought you were coming home tomorrow.
- Can't we sit down - No, we can't.
Not any more, Mum.
Let me give you a lift so you don't have to carry all that.
No, thanks.
Well, I'm with Hans at the moment.
We're with the delegates.
Hi, Hans.
I just came to say goodbye.
I'm on my way to the airport.
Your minister is something else, isn't she? She takes 50% and then congratulates Greenland.
Hans, do you have a minute? - Have a seat.
- Thank you.
I'd like to tell you something about Malik.
He He told me that he's so glad you take good care of Tanja.
I just wanted you to know.
She's my daughter.
Yeah, of course.
I'm I'm leaving.
Goodbye, Asger.
And thanks for everything.
Hans, I'll speak to you tomorrow.
I just wanted to say goodbye.
Er I brought you this.
Knud Rasmussen.
 The Great Sled Journey.
What the hell are we doing? This is simply the least romantic thing one could ever imagine.
And not knowing if I can make it work with my husband isn't the most romantic thing.
He doesn't have a clue.
And taking a morning-after pill after our first meeting wasn't the most romantic thing either.
So now you go back to your husband, and I go back to Copenhagen.
And it's as if this has never happened.
Huh? And that's great because then there hasn't been any consequences.
Has there? And that's what it's all about.
Avoiding consequences, right? Nothing should really hurt.
Nothing should be really necessary.
It just has to But somehow it hurts when you tell me when you tell me that you took a morning-after pill.
Yeah, but That's the perfect example of just being able to change everything.
- That's just the way it is.
- That's not the way it is.
What if this thing we are regretting is the right thing? What if the two of us are Er What if we are each other's necessity? It would require us to be brave.
He was brave.
So he was in no doubt that he had lived when he died.
The question is if if the rest of us will be.
Will the Minister of Justice be fired today? Will the Foreign Minister be toppled? Will the New Democrats have to leave the government? A clever politician once said that much can be done in politics if one is willing to let others take credit.
But today both the kingdom, the power and the glory are at stake.
- This looks nice.
- Why are you all dressed up? Because I'm going on TV, sweetie.
But I'd rather be here with you.
"Loving one's fate and one's job.
" Nice headline.
Is that the send-off you're giving me? Honey, it's fine.
Do your job while I hold the fort.
Okay? Okay.
Yes? Sorry to disturb.
They called from Washington.
The American President wants to talk to you.
- The President? - In five minutes.
 On the secure line.
It's about Greenland.
Today things could get really personal when the New Democrats meet for the hastily called leadership election.
And these aren't just any candidates.
It's a contested election between the founders of the New Democrats, namely Jon Berthelsen and Birgitte Nyborg.
And joining us today in the studio at the congress hall is, of course, TV1's political editor, Torben Friis.
- Welcome.
- Thanks.
I'm being told now that the party leader and Foreign Minister, Birgitte Nyborg, has arrived.
You have the majority in the parliamentary group, but do you have it in the entire party? Well, the parliamentary group usually represents the members' opinion.
But more than anything, I hope that if we arrived here divided, we leave united.
And in a moment we will be joined by the head of news here on TV1, Katrine Fønsmark.
She was Birgitte Nyborg's press officer and spin doctor for a number of years.
Narciza, Katrine isn't ready yet, so we'll cut to Benjamin.
Thomas Meldgaard, what do you expect to see today? Loyalty.
And my loyalty lies with Birgitte Nyborg.
- Here comes Sejrø.
- Okay.
We need to go to Sejrø.
Bent Sejrø, what are your expectations in the election today? It is a regrettable day when a party is plagued by internal conflicts.
But the election is necessary.
- Just let me know.
- Yeah, yeah, okay.
- Just a moment.
- Yeah.
It's ten years too early with those hot flashes.
Hi, Birgitte.
Yeah, I'm going on TV in a minute.
I just had to cool down.
Are you okay? You seem a bit agitated.
I'm fine.
I assume you're the Nyborg expert? Let me just say, I hope you'll be above getting too private in your coverage.
How I am as a mother, that sort of thing.
Of course.
We don't plan to.
- Good.
See you.
- See you soon.
And that, my dear friends, is why you need to know that if I'm to be chosen as your new leader, tonight I have only one request of Birgitte Nyborg.
Which is Dear Birgitte.
Do you not want to be a part of the New Democrats again? Thank you.
- Two minutes.
- Yes, thanks.
We're on in two minutes.
I'll start by introducing you, then I'll go to Torben.
- We just need to stand by, okay? - Yeah.
I think it's better if I join later.
You can't leave now! Check the connection to Katrine's earpiece.
I hear that, surprisingly, Bent Sejrø has asked to have the floor.
Well, you can see it as a sign of how desperate Nyborg is when she asks her maybe last and only friend in Danish politics to speak on her behalf.
"What are my options?" That's what Birgitte would usually ask me back when she was prime minister.
The first woman in the position.
But she might also have been one of our best prime ministers.
And why? Because she managed to show herself as a person.
She was also the first prime minister to take parental leave.
It was ahead of its time.
Five hundred years ago, Machiavelli wrote that it was better for a prince to be feared than to be loved.
He did that because he was more in favour of tyranny than democracy.
For Birgitte Nyborg, it's the opposite.
We support her because we love her.
But do you know what? Of late, I have begun to fear you, my girl.
Birgitte, I can no longer see you as a person.
I've lost sight of you.
Or perhaps you have.
So you have stripped me of the possibility of supporting you because I can no longer find you.
Therefore, dear friends, I will vote for the candidate I can recognise.
Namely, Jon Berthelsen.
- Er - Torben? Well, Narciza.
That caught us, pardon my French, with our pants down.
I mean, this is a crippling statement by Bent Sejrø who has been Nyborg's trusted friend throughout her career in politics.
But we must remember that Nyborg is still in a strong position.
The battle isn't lost.
Okay, that was a hard blow and you are down for the count, but you can still get up.
I know.
I was there when you won the election by saying you were a bit too fat in a dress that was a bit too purple.
She's the one Bent can no longer see.
That's why you have to take him down.
Pardon me, but he has just stabbed you in the back.
The gloves are off.
We have 45 minutes until you're on.
"Bent, I love you dearly, and your words mean a lot.
" "That's why it pained me to hear that you are currently being examined for dementia.
" You have to.
If you don't question his credibility, you can't win.
I need a minute.
Birgitte, we're in the middle of something.
Get a handle on that speech.
I'm standing here with today's Politiken, and this front page just might say it all.
A cold and aloof Nyborg is standing on a Chinese oil barrel.
Behind her is a Russian sub, American fighter jets and down here in the corner, if you can see it, there is a polar bear almost drowning.
I don't recommend giving the same speech as in the picture though.
"Pardon me.
But, New Democrats, what's the problem?" I've suggested to get a comment from the Prime Minister.
If you can get Katrine to add some emotion to that.
- Where is she? - What do you mean? - She hasn't returned.
- I'll look for her, huh? No, you can't leave as well! Listen up, Narciza.
Take it on your own until Nyborg is on.
- Get yourself ready.
- Yeah.
Birgitte? Are you not about to give the most important speech of your career? Have you read my email? I don't think I had an email.
Two seconds, let me check.
Yeah, okay.
There it was.
What's up? Do you remember our talk in Greenland? Whether protecting nature could be used to cancel the agreement? Yeah.
We all agree that, at the moment, there are no endangered whales in the oil area, right? Yeah.
What if the water contains one of their foodstuffs which actually will be endangered if the oil is extracted? Such as the water flea? Birgitte.
If we're completely honest, the Arctic is a sensitive ecosystem, and we don't know the consequences of sailing oil tankers around up there or building oil refineries.
And I assume we can find experts who will attest to that.
Er, Nadia Barazani might be able to help you.
Very funny.
Then I think you should find those experts.
I just have to understand, Birgitte.
Are we for or against the oil today? It's all in the email.
Read it.
And, Asger? I've been thinking about something Emmy Maybe she wasn't a mistake after all.
She's right here.
- Thanks.
I'll take it from here.
- Thanks.
You'll be okay.
I'll be out in a couple of minutes.
I just have to I think you should just stay here.
Okay? You don't have to do anything.
Okay? You know what? You don't have to go anywhere.
I'll get hold of Søren.
Hey, Birgitte.
I was just about to call you.
What's up? Do you remember our conversation about the importance of keeping one's job? Yes.
You sound philosophical ahead of your big speech Sunday afternoon.
I came back from Greenland last night.
We signed an agreement nobody really likes.
The Greenlanders feel we've held them down and have taken too much.
The Danes feel guilty both about Greenland and about the climate.
The Chinese feel fettered by the Americans, and the Americans do flybys to intimidate the Russians and everybody else in the area.
And how did we end up here? My motive was mostly to keep my job.
So now that I'm being a bit philosophical, I'd like to know when enough is enough.
- I'm sure you have an answer to that.
- Yeah.
But you're not going to like it.
And we're being told now that Birgitte Nyborg still hasn't arrived, even though we have a packed audience.
As far as I know, it's unprecedented for a leader to fail to appear.
The party rules actually state that if Nyborg doesn't participate in the actual election, Berthelsen will take over as leader.
I'm going to ask you if we should abandon a political stance we've insisted upon for the last few weeks, and that has a lot of prestige.
Normally I would say no.
But guess who called me an hour ago? The Americans have lost their patience.
I'm sorry I'm late.
When I lost my father five years ago, I was sitting next to Bent Sejrø in the church.
And I was incredibly sad that I'd lost my dad.
But I had a feeling that I still had my other father.
And that's you, Bent.
So when you said that you could no longer recognise me, I thought that I must have changed quite a lot if not even my Bent can see who I am.
So I'd like to show you today.
I would like to tell you all something that's crucial about the right to call the shots.
It's a word we have difficulty with in this country.
"To stay near the ground serves us best", is how we think, because modern-day Denmark was born out of defeat.
But you can't be a politician without wanting power.
Without power, we couldn't carry out all our important policies.
But power has a life of its own.
And suddenly you've forsaken everything you believed in.
Jon, I tried to put you down.
Make you toe the line.
Threatened to take power away from you.
You know what? Jon didn't let himself be kept down.
Do you know why? Because what Jon believes will always carry greater weight than power.
Personally, I went so far as to say dreadful things to my own child on TV in order to stay in power.
I might have changed as a person.
But I hope never to lose the ability to admit I am wrong.
At long last, I have understood that the cost of the oil in Greenland far, far outweighs the the advantages.
Even though Greenland sees it as a road to independence, which we must help them achieve.
But not to the detriment of nature, which is the very soul of Greenland.
Therefore, I can say that the government, from now, no longer supports the oil due to protective purposes that supersede it.
This matter has caused division internationally, it's caused a rift with Greenland and is the primary reason behind this election.
But, my dear friends, we mustn't fight against each other but for what we believe in.
I believe in this party.
Sometimes life tells us that a new chapter is beginning.
It's beginning for me today.
As a politician.
As a human being.
I hereby step down as party leader.
And strongly recommend that we vote for Jon Berthelsen as leader of the New Democrats.
Did that just happen? - I didn't see that coming.
- Pia, where is where is Benjamin? Before I give the floor over to Jon, I'd like to say to you, Bent, that I'm right here.
And if I should become unemployed, I hope I can again ask you What are my options? Will you take this? The government is not resigning after Nyborg stepped down as party leader of the New Democrats last Sunday.
Instead, there will likely be a minor cabinet reshuffle.
And there are some new developments in the oil extraction matter.
The Greenlandic oil project at Ilulissat will be shut down.
It follows last year's decision not to enter into any more oil projects.
And I think most people would agree that the climate comes out as the winner.
It's worth noting that Russia and the US have decided to pull out the fighter planes that were briefly stationed in the Arctic, which can't be bad for world peace.
As Prime Minister, I would like to recognise Greenland's great wish for independence.
And I don't think it can be expressed better than when I offered Naja that Denmark would be willing to increase the block grant, which she immediately declined with the words Thanks.
But Greenland shouldn't be compensated by making us more dependent on Denmark.
I thought we were finished.
I have had an idea.
Don't you usually just tell the press first, and me afterwards? Yes, but this one requires that the PM agrees.
I suggest that I be nominated.
But of course, it's confidential.
It's not every day that you get to shut down a project worth 2,000 billion to protect a water flea.
I think you know that the flea that actually shut down this project lives in the White House.
Did you hear about Hans Eliassen? They held meetings about rare earth materials.
Yes, but rumour has it that he'll be fired as Foreign Minister for always going rogue.
Does that remind you of someone we know? Hey.
Aren't you two coming for a beer? I'm afraid we can't because we have a reservation for a badminton court.
Okay? Are you seeing each other socially? But it's alright.
You're on the same level.
I don't think we're on the same level.
Maybe we should actually play before you make that judgement.
You seriously think you can win? I was Herlev champion in 9th grade.
Herlev? Isn't he from Hellerup? No.
Then I wouldn't have hired him.
Honey? Hey.
I have an idea how to make an office for you in the barn.
But I just spoke to the electrician.
It'll be a couple of weeks before we can get electricity installed.
But a few weeks is fine, isn't it? Er I mean, the doctor said three months.
I'll show you.
- Mm-hmm.
- Yeah.
Have a look.
I mean, you can get your own part of the house.
Erm, we can move all this crap out of here, okay? And move it in there.
Then we can put your desk over here.
Why do I need my own part of the house? Well, because, I mean, Gustav and Molly have, er You've said that they're What did they say? Yeah, erm That sometimes when you're pressurised at work, it can be a bit hard, and You're the nicest husband in the world.
You're trying your utmost to stop me from going back too soon and having another breakdown.
- I just don't want anything to go wrong.
- I know.
So therefore you want to give me my own part of the house.
So the kids won't disturb me.
- And so I don't snap at them.
- I Er I've been thinking about something.
Which you probably also have, but haven't wanted to say.
I think I should quit my job.
I should write to Frederik and tell him that I want to resign as head of news.
- Ah, lovely.
- Wonderful.
No, no, it's on me.
We have to celebrate that you're not interim any more.
You are hereby our Arctic ambassador.
There you go.
- It's a Brøndby scarf.
- Yeah.
As long as I am the Permanent Secretary, there is only one team in the Foreign Ministry.
Did Birgitte ask for me to get appointed? In the middle of all this? She likes you.
And strictly between you and me, it's one of her last acts as Foreign Minister.
And do we know what she's gonna do? Yes.
She and Kragh have a plan.
I guess Nyborg is on her way to the Queen now.
Hi, Niels Erik.
Poor G&T temperature in Copenhagen.
From: Emmy Rasmussen - You know where to find the ice.
Well, well.
If it isn't the former news chief.
Did Narciza really apply for my job? Yes, she did.
It's not gonna be any fun to be a white middle-aged man around here.
What are you doing? I think I'm going to write a book.
Do you want in? Yes, why not? What are you going to call it? Power in Denmark, I think.
That's a hell of a title.
Right up my alley.
We're standing here at the royal palace where we will meet the new cabinet ministers in a short while.
Normally, a small reshuffle wouldn't attract a large crowd, but this is also more of a farewell to one of the major players.
Namely, Birgitte Nyborg.
Do you really have to completely give up politics? Maybe a new chapter will do me good.
It certainly looks as though you'll be missed.
Do you have anything to say to the people here? Well, maybe most politicians ought to remember that you're most popular when you leave.
Oh, there's my entire family! Thank you.
Hi, honey.
Hi, Laura! - Magnus.
Magnus Nyborg? - Yeah? Did your mother's decision surprise you? Er I think that it's so mega cool that she is choosing to find herself.
That everything doesn't have to be about career and power.
- Birgitte Nyborg? - Yeah? The EU Commission has to find a new commissioner next month.
Could you be a candidate to be one of the most powerful commissioners? I never answer hypothetical questions.
Did you get a new job? - Honey - Are you moving to Brussels? I'm not done with having opinions about the world.
We're ready now.
Well, we have to talk later.
I'm still working at the ministry.
See you.
Grow up, little brother.
You're just like her.
You just have to go back to university.
- I already have.
- That's good.
I assume you have arranged my farewell reception? Correct.
Strawberry cakes it is.
Yes! Are you looking forward to getting a new minister? My work is the same no matter who it is.
Good answer.
But I think Brussels is lucky to have you.
I'm not sure they'll think so.
Subtitle translation by: Helle Kaiser-Nielsen
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