Bosch (2014) s02e02 Episode Script

The Thing About Secrets

1 Whoa, you look like an unmade bed.
Yeah, huh? Up all night chasing video.
One of those for me? You want to wrestle J.
Edgar for it? [chuckling.]
No, nuh-uh.
No, sir.
So your video, did you catch anything? License plates going both ways on Cahuenga Sunday morning at 4 a.
- How many? - 22.
Ran them through DMV.
- Any hits? - One came back cold.
No record on file.
You run them through Alpers yet? That's what we want to show you.
Take a look.
Past six months, captured a few places near the airport a couple of times.
Downtown a few more.
Spring Street.
How many hits? Nine, ten.
Let me Google Earth this.
That is a big-ass parking lot.
It's a fine place to stash a car.
Happy hunting.
A lot of Tahoes.
Not one of them without plates.
Lot of SUVs with tinted windows.
[siren blaring.]
Definitely Feds.
Woman: Can I help you? LAPD.
We need to speak to the agent in charge.
May I see some ID, please? May I ask what this is in reference to, detectives? It's in reference to the murder of Anthony Allen last Saturday night.
This way.
Must be nice to have a real budget.
Right? How the other half lives.
I think it's something else.
Woman: Gentlemen.
Gentlemen, J.
Griffin, agent in charge.
In charge of what, exactly? This task force.
Task force for what, exactly? What can I do for you, detective? A man named Anthony Allen was murdered over the weekend.
His body was discovered yesterday in the trunk of his car up off Mulholland.
Yeah, I read about it.
Coroner puts time of death Saturday night.
Early Sunday morning, two guys broke into his office and removed a number of surveillance devices.
- So? - So, next time you send your guys in to take a hidden camera out of a target's office, you might want to find out if the target has a hidden camera of his own.
So? So we have video of one of your vehicles leaving the scene.
How do you think we found you? We have warrants not cameras, audio surveillance.
Legal wire, hooray.
We want the tapes from his office, from his car his phones, his house, wherever you're up on him and why.
That's confidential.
You got to have a need to know and a right to know, and you don't have either.
This is a homicide investigation.
We have both.
Allen was a peripheral figure in an ongoing operation that's a matter of national security.
You talking about terrorism? And we are satisfied that his murder was unrelated to the larger inquiry.
I'd like to know how you know that.
Why you'd go to the trouble of bugging him if he was so damn peripheral.
We're not having this conversation.
Oh, yeah, we are.
Somehow you people knew about this murder, and you sat on it.
We made the appropriate phone calls.
It's not our fault it took you two days to follow up on it.
You have a bug in his car? Is that how you knew? Got his fucking murder on tape? It's been almost 15 years since 9/11.
Now, we're working our asses off to make sure the next 9/11 doesn't happen for another 15 years So we're not about to compromise our entire operation to help you solve a murder that doesn't matter.
It does to us.
We need to know what you know about Anthony Allen.
You took evidence from his office.
You are like a dog with a bone.
Oh, you have no idea.
We don't have his murder on tape.
We will review the material, and if we find anything that's germane to your case, we'll turn it over.
We need to listen to the tapes.
We'll determine what matters and what doesn't.
I think we're done here, gentlemen.
We're not done here, not by a long shot.
I got a feeling that I can't let go I got a feeling that I can't let go I got a feeling that I can't let go I got a feeling that I can't let go I got a feeling that I can't let go I got a feeling that I can't let go I got a feeling that I can't let go I can't let go I feel [aerosol spraying.]
- Ah, Jesus, man.
- What? I'm gonna have to smell that shit all day.
Well, the ladies seem to love it.
Oh, the ladies do? The bad guys are going to smell you coming.
That shit's intense.
- Listen to him.
- Ah, fuck y'all.
- My God.
- Thank you.
I should have gone to law school.
Tell him that you're picking up for Eddie A.
Hey, uh, maybe you should do it.
I'm just saying, man.
He knows you.
All right.
Picking up for Eddie A.
That will be $2.
You owe me 2 bucks.
Remind me.
$245,000 dollars in a secret trap, federal wire tap on his phone, a terrorism task force, and a murder that "doesn't matter.
" I want to know what's on those tapes.
Let me call Irving.
Maybe he can get them to release what's relevant.
Griffin didn't mention the cash, and I didn't bring it up.
Maybe they missed it.
Think they searched the car? Don't you? They knew where it was.
I think they found the body and backed away.
Tell Irving about the cash.
Maybe he can use it to deal.
What about the widow? Edgar's up there now looking at the footage, checking her alibi.
Ran her background.
She's got priors.
Two busts for solicitation, back when she was Jessica Gilroy before she married Tony Allen.
Hooker meets pornographer.
Don't scoff.
I hear it's pretty much how you meet people these days.
How's that better than picking up strangers in a bar? Oh, God.
Look at the two of us.
We're pathetic.
That we are.
Got to book.
I'm going to meet Edgar at SID.
You up for a drink tonight? Oh, yeah, maybe.
Let me call you.
Fan mail from some flounder? It's ugly, isn't it? On the plus side, if I don't water it, who cares? Before we get to the prints, I wanted to show you this.
In both cuffs.
What about the prints? Pretty good.
Jacket's treated so the leather didn't absorb the oils.
Can you grab the lights, please, Wendell? Palm print on the right shoulder.
Small hand.
Could be a woman.
Thumbprints on each lapel from somebody else, probably a man.
Thumbs are smudged.
So is the palm.
We might be able to raise it up with some glue.
The real score full set of fingerprints on the reverse side of each lapel.
Lights, please.
Somebody grabbed him by the lapels with both hands.
My mama used to do that.
Snatched me up, shake me till my fillings rattled.
Priority rush? For you, Harry.
I reviewed the surveillance footage.
Veronica Allen didn't go anywhere Thursday to Sunday.
- Visitors? - Just us.
I served a warrant for the GPS data.
Waiting for the Bentley dealer to get back to us with that.
Could take some time.
Or we could just ask the Feds.
You think they'd tell us? - If we say please.
- Ah.
Now, frankly, Mayor Ramos has had his turn.
We need a new approach to our problems.
We need a fresh take.
We Now, Mr.
District Attorney, speculation is rampant that you're running for mayor.
Gail, it's no secret that I've been thinking about it, but I have not made up my mind yet.
When do you anticipate doing that? Now, that's some pure, deep bullshit.
O'Shea: I love my job.
Ida: Chief, Ms.
Kowski from the mayor's office on line 1.
Did she say what it was about? No, sir.
All right.
Deputy Chief Irving.
Chief, it's Jen Kowski.
I thought I was going to get your voice mail again.
This is Keisha Russell - from the Times.
- How can I help you? I write the Times' murder blog.
I'm familiar with it.
Then you know we cover every murder that occurs in Los Angeles.
In fact, I just wrote about your latest case.
Nothing new to comment on at this time.
Following all leads, et cetera, et cetera.
Well, that's not why I'm calling.
- Then why? - As you probably know, We keep a running tally of unsolved cases, so I get tips about open cases some legit, some crazy.
I can imagine.
Twice now in the last four months, a woman's called me to say she knows details about an unsolved murder from 40 years ago.
Yes? The murder of Marjorie Lowe.
Detective Bosch? Keisha It's Keisha, right? - Right.
- Keisha, don't you think this woman read the articles that came out during my trial and just looking for some attention.
Of course that's possible.
Why did she call you and not me? She did.
She said she left you a message and you never called her back, so she called me.
I've been on leave for six months.
I didn't get the message.
She identify herself? I only have her first name Annette and I have a phone number.
The thing is, Keisha, I've been over that murder book a hundred times.
I could recite it to you verbatim.
There's no one named Annette in it on any page, so I'm thinking this woman, whoever she is, doesn't know anything I don't already know.
Maybe she wasn't in the murder book.
Maybe they missed her the first time around.
That's possible, isn't it? Yeah, it's possible, but I doubt it.
Okay, well, clearly you're not interested, so I'm sorry to bother you, detective.
Just give me the number.
Detective? Keisha Russell, from the Times? Said some woman's been calling her with information about my mother's murder.
Legit? I doubt it.
I'll deal with it later.
- Where are you going? - Autopsy.
I'd ask you to come, but I know you're busy.
Yeah, I'm so busy.
See you tomorrow.
Don't forget your shirts.
You got to start dressing better, man.
Look sharp, feel sharp.
You feel me? Yeah, I feel you.
[police siren.]
So the bear says to the guy, "You don't really come up here to hunt, do you?" Okay, here's my question.
Do you not remember how many times you've told me that joke? Or you do remember, but you think that I don't.
Does it have to be one or the other? - Uh - Crate, Barrel.
Just the guys I'm looking for.
- Hey, what's up? - Anthony Allen.
I'm working up his property taxes, credit cards.
Came across a civil filing.
When he turned 21, he changed his name from Avakian.
Arman Avakian.
Where did he grow up, - here or the old country? - East Hollywood.
Little Armenia.
Our old stomping grounds.
You guys worked the gang unit, right? Indeed we did.
He got a record? Yeah.
Convicted of assault at 18.
Bar brawl.
Some Latino gang.
Did a year in County.
Armenian Pride.
was just a typical street gang back then.
- Now? - Oh.
A highly organized serious criminal enterprise with ties to the Russians, other ex-Soviet mafias.
The Bratva: the brotherhood.
You could see why he might want to change his name and leave his youthful indiscretions behind.
Yeah, become a legit pornographer and all.
You remember this kid? Uh, yeah, we can't remember what we had for lunch today.
There's a guy you could talk to at Glendale PD.
Um - Uh - We'll put him in touch.
Yeah, if we can remember his name.
- [chuckling.]
- Thanks.
Where was I? - Uh - Oh.
- A guy goes hunting.
- Oh, yeah.
Two expended projectiles.
22 caliber.
You see the muzzle impression, the powder burn, and the stippling pattern.
Double job, close contact.
Those look rough.
From a ballistics point of view, the one is worthless.
Mushroomed and fragmented on impact.
But the other, half the shaft's still intact.
Could be matched.
One other thing.
Depp bruise on his right cheek.
Ante-mortem, definitely.
So not from being shoved in the trunk.
He was alive when he sustained it.
Like this? Yep.
Just like that.
Detective Edgar.
How'd you know? The status on the Allen computer is exactly where it was three hours ago.
We're still imaging everything on his hard drive.
Fingerprinting? It's very good.
You actually paid attention in the training class.
So the thumb drive's working out for you? Oh, just the best thing ever.
Detective, I have a rush on this.
Thanks for that, by the way.
I wanted to be here all night instead of going home to my juicy and enthusiastic girlfriend.
Well, this should speed things up.
What's this? An addendum to the search warrant.
Narrows the hard drive search to business and banking records.
Anything pertaining to TNA Productions, anything associated with the names Anthony Allen, Veronica Allen, Jessica Gilroy or Arman Avakian.
Well, that narrows it down.
But I'll be here all night rooting you on.
I'll call you when I find something of relevance.
Till then, find some place else to root.
Roger that.
And yet you stand there breathing down my neck.
Did I mention she's a gymnast? [door closes.]
I'm living the dream.
Oh, he insisted that I do it.
The cat's cagey.
Lau: He's testing you to see how you handle the drop.
- How much? - Almost 2K.
Anything else? Yeah, there was a camera.
I saw myself on the monitor.
It's on tape.
So you're on tape taking a payoff, and he isn't.
He is cagey.
Yeah, of course.
- We should meet.
- When? I'll let you know.
Keep the faith.
We're making progress.
All right.
I'll sit tight.
- See you soon.
- Yeah.
Hey, I'm sorry.
One of those endless conference calls.
Everybody talks at once, nobody says anything.
They all sound like they're at the bottom of the ocean.
Greg, another lap.
Chivas, neat.
I thought you were a Templeton girl.
That was a phase.
No more Kiz, no more rye? You're in a nosy mood.
Couldn't help notice you're a little blue around the gills these days.
It is not that obvious.
I'm a highly experienced detective.
That all started to go south after you got suspended.
None of my business.
Mm, she met someone else younger, more age appropriate.
I'll spare you the gory details.
She put in for a transfer.
It was a big relief for both of us - when it finally came through.
- I'll bet.
Gave me the fucking cactus and went on her merry way.
I actually know how you feel.
Yes, I know you do.
To the company dock.
Company dock.
We'll never speak of this again.
Thank you, sailor.
Hey, Eleanor.
Maddie says you called the other night? Yeah.
Just checking in.
How are things? Fine.
She tells me Reggie's out of town.
Yeah, for a few weeks.
Everything okay? [chuckles.]
Why wouldn't it be? No.
No reason.
It's just some business he has to take care of over there.
I'd be happy to look in on you guys if you'd like.
No need.
We're managing.
We always do.
Maddie's actually helping out around the house without being told.
I think she might actually be growing up.
You two getting along? [scoffs.]
She's 15, and I'm her mother.
It's normal.
I'd love to see you guys.
I'm sure Maddie would love to see you, too.
She says you're back at work? Yeah, working a case They might even bring me out there.
Okay, well, let us know.
Listen, I should jump off.
- She there? - Movies.
Is it a date? No, it's her friend group.
Is it like a date? Kids don't go out on dates these days.
They go out in groups.
I like that.
Something about modern life you like.
There's a lot of things I like about modern life.
- Such as? - DNA testing.
Good night, Harry.
Good night, Eleanor.
[helicopter passes overhead.]
[siren wails in distance.]
Please, have a seat.
Get you anything? Coffee, water? I'm fine, thanks.
Thank you for coming, Irv.
I know you're a busy man.
I can't be any busier than you, Mr.
Since we're both so busy, I'll cut right to it.
There's an election on the horizon.
You may have heard.
I would like your endorsement.
It would mean a lot to me.
It would mean a lot to this city to have you on our team.
I'm flattered.
But I've always thought police should stay out of politics.
Above the fray.
So why are you about to endorse Rick O'Shea? The thing about secrets in this town is they have a short shelf life.
He's asked.
I'm considering it.
You and Reverend Ott.
This Sunday at Greater Page Temple.
I'm assuming he's made you some promises.
Vis a vis the department.
More funding.
Pie in the sky.
Chief of Police? Nothing's set in stone.
I'm glad to hear that.
The West Side mad at you? The novelty has worn off.
Where'd you come up? West Adams.
Where'd you come up? Highland Park.
Then you're familiar with the Avenues.
The street gang? Sure, they've been in Highland Park for generations.
Back in the day, the Avenues had standing orders from La Eme.
To kill any black person who came into Highland Park.
On sight.
I've heard the stories.
I assumed they were apocryphal.
Oh, far from it.
Then imagine what we could do together to mend our histories.
To bring black and brown together.
I have more in common with you, Irv, as a native Angeleno, than I do with an immigrant from Honduras or a gangbanger from El Salvador.
And my Spanish isn't that hot either.
Mejor que lo mio.
Seguro que tu mama no es Chicana? [laughs.]
I'll ask her.
And Tenzer? He's had a good run.
He can't be Chief of Police forever.
Will you think it over, Irv? I will think it over, Hector.
In fact, I'll pray on it.
Thank you.
[siren in distance.]
Been mining his computer all night.
Tip of the iceberg, but enough to know Allen was washing big bucks through his production company.
The skin flicks.
On the books, budgets of under half a mil.
Production, distribution, marketing.
They couldn't cost more than fifty, seventy K apiece to make.
It's a ten to one ratio.
What's the exact mechanism? Big checks to dummy corporations and vendors for investment costs.
The films come out, more big checks to "investors".
Phony income from DVD and online streaming.
Ninety cents on the dollar.
Feds must've known what he was up to.
Bigger fish to fry.
Anything from the phone records? Lotta calls to and from a strip club in Vegas called Dolly's.
Including the last one he ever got.
Girlfriend or just business? This was in his wallet.
Girlfriend? - I'm betting.
- His wife said he had a new one.
- Any names yet? - Not yet.
Well, Girlfriend in Vegas.
Let's assume Allen was bringing that cash back from Vegas.
I am thinking you need to go to Vegas.
- Start with Allen's hotel.
- I was just gonna suggest that.
Plus you can check in on your wife and kid.
- Make sure that you do.
- Roger that.
Viva Las Vegas.
What about me? You have to stay here and finish the financials.
What you get for being so tech savvy.
Harry in Vegas.
What a waste.
I could be all up in the Champagne Room at the Spearmint, making it rain for the ladies.
Another reason you're not going.
But I'll get you a t-shirt.
I'll drive over tonight, when it's cooler.
After I talk to Veronica Allen about her husband's business.
Good work, guys.
Go home, shower, take a nap.
You look like shit.
I feel like shit, now that you mention it.
Before you leave town, Irving has something for you.
Detective, you can come in now.
Thank you, Ida.
[door closes.]
What's this? Audio surveillance from Anthony Allen's office, his office phone, his cell phone, and his car.
What about his house? Said they weren't up on the house.
Excluded from the warrant.
Meaning if they had it, they wouldn't give it to us.
I'm assured this is the pertinent material.
- Was it hard to get? - Suspiciously easy.
- It's been redacted.
- No doubt.
What'd you have to give them? Full report on what we know so far.
What'd they say about the cash in his car? Didn't blink.
Said they were aware of his possible criminal activities.
They shed any light on those activities? Only to reiterate that they were unconnected to their larger investigation, but please keep them in the loop, which I promised to do.
And in return they promise to keep us in the dark and feed us shit.
With the Feds, it does tend to be a one-way street.
Any idea what they're up to? "A matter of national security.
" Right.
Thanks for going to bat on this.
Try to stay clear of whatever this is.
- Above both our pay grades.
- Do my best.
- Carl.
- [engine stops.]
Here to see Mrs.
Is she home? Yeah.
How's it going? You know.
One step at a time.
It's a grind.
I remember.
Your partner was here yesterday, looking at footage.
Yeah, he said it was exciting, watching the UPS guy come and go.
She hasn't been out of her house in days.
You got a take on the Allens at all? Quiet.
Didn't socialize much with the neighbors.
I mean, that's typical up here, though.
- People like their privacy.
- You know what he did for a living? - Media consultant.
- He tell you that? Mm-hmm.
They both did.
What about visitors? The usual amount.
Friends and family.
- His, hers? - Mostly his, I guess.
You said he was out of town a lot.
- Yeah.
- What about her? She traveled, too, sometimes.
- He ever here on his own? - Sure.
This girl ever visit Tony here when he was by himself? Don't ring a bell.
You wanna leave that? I'll ask the crew.
- Thanks, brother.
- Yeah.
Let me call Mrs.
[engine starts.]
Does it feel like rain to you? About your husband's business affairs It's so humid.
Radio says it's what's left of a hurricane down in Baja.
I can always tell when it's the tail end of a storm blowing up the coast from Mexico.
So sultry.
Allen? I didn't want to know, particularly.
And Tony certainly wasn't forthcoming.
Did you know your husband was laundering money through his production company? - I'm not surprised.
- You're not? I'm not stupid.
I know what it costs to live the way we live.
I signed the tax returns.
I even read them.
Were they phony? No, scrupulously accurate.
He wasn't going to get caught out like that.
- He usually got a tax refund.
- Did you ever meet any of your husband's business associates? I heard the late night calls.
Can you tell me about those? I can't.
Why not? Because I don't speak Russian or Armenian.
- And he spoke both? - Fluently.
Do you remember any of the names of your husband's business associates? Richard, Tom, Charles, Joe.
What about the companies he did business with? My husband was a clever man.
He always made sure I was insulated from his business concerns.
I knew he was a pornographer, and that was sufficient.
Allen, did you embrace your husband the last time you saw him? Why do you ask? Well, we found a handprint on his jacket.
Looks like a woman's hand.
- It's on the shoulder.
- And you think it's mine.
When you have a chance, if you could come by the station so they could print you for comparison.
It's not necessary.
My prints are in the system.
I did some escort calls.
I was young and stupid.
Got picked up a couple of times.
It was a long time ago.
Did your husband know about it? He did.
Did it bother him? It didn't.
Well, I'm still going to need you to come by anyway.
They'll want a fresh print.
Like you said, it was a long time ago.
I don't think it was mine, detective.
The last time I saw Tony, I didn't touch him.
Thank you.
All right, follow my lead exactly as we discussed.
No freelance.
Do not go off the reservation, all right? - Yeah.
- All right, let's go.
Uhh! Get in there.
Do as I say.
- [muffled protests.]
- I'll fucking kill you.
- Get in here.
- Okay, George.
All right.
That's good.
That's enough.
Let him go.
Asshole, man.
The fuck? What the fuck? What's your name, ese? Tito.
Is that your hidey hole up there? Aw, come on, man.
Oof! [George mutters.]
[Tito groaning.]
Hey, listen, if you want to make sure that shit like this doesn't happen to you again, you are going to need some insurance, brother.
Come on, man.
You're going to get to keep your brick.
We're not here to interfere with neighborhood commerce.
Your boys buy direct from Sinaloa? That's interesting.
All right.
Consider this a weekly thing, Tito: sales tax Fridays.
Hey, no, cheer up.
This isn't a one-way street.
You need a tip on a raid, a competitor dimed out, we can help you with that.
You two fuckers some real tough pendejos, huh? You fuck with us, you fuck with all of us.
Uhh! All right, George, that's enough.
That's enough.
Come on, let's go.
Next time, use your baton.
Those little Pelicans, they're not worth shit, not like the old Maglites.
Those bad boys, they can do some serious damage.
Oh, boy.
I might have something else lined up in the next couple of days.
Oh, really? [chuckling.]
What? I'll let you know.
[line ringing.]
Edgar: Harry.
The movie Veronica Allen did with her husband - The porno? - No, no, the other one, the R-rated one: Victim of the Night.
See if you can track down anyone involved with it director, producer, actors, anyone who worked with her.
Anything in particular? I just want to know what she was like back then.
I'll look into it.
Thanks, brother.
[door opens.]
Hey, Mom, is Dad around? No, he's working late.
You try his cell? Yeah.
It went to voice mail.
I just, uh, I wanted to bend his ear for a minute.
- Thought I might catch him.
- You in a rush? - Kind of, yeah.
- Sit.
Talk with your mom for a few minutes.
How was your day? Oh, you know, it was it was fine.
They're always tough.
- I'm sorry? - I know you.
It takes you a while to fit in.
You've always been cautious in a new situation.
Yeah, well, it's working out.
I'm getting comfortable.
I hope you didn't wear that outfit to work.
Jacket and tie, Mom.
I always dress correct.
Want some dinner? Uh - Yeah.
- Mom - Hey.
- Mom! Let me fix you something to eat.
[phone line rings in recording.]
Woman: Dressing room, Dolly's Allen: Layla there? - Tony? - Hey, babe.
You back already? Yeah.
Made decent time.
Did you have time to go by the other place too? I'll tell you about it when I see you, - not on the phone.
- Just making sure.
You got nothing to worry about, baby.
[line rings.]
Eleanor: Harry.
Hope it's not too late.
I just got home.
What's up? Headed your way, actually.
I told you we're fine.
It's that case I told you about.
Our victim did business there.
How long you staying? I don't know.
A few days.
I was hoping I might be able to connect with Maddie, you know, some time tomorrow.
Yeah, you can pick her up after camp.
I'll text you the address.
I'll, uh, see you then.
Good night, Harry.
[line ringing in recording.]
Allen: Hey, doll.
Layla: Tony, I'm scared.
Don't worry, baby.
It won't be long, just a few more weeks.
A few weeks? Everything's going to be fine.
If he finds out He won't.
He won't find out.
What about her? She doesn't care.