Bosch (2014) s02e03 Episode Script

Victim of the Night

I hope you don't think this tragic incident has anything to do with us.
Did you know him? - Mr.
Allen? - Yeah.
Long-time regular.
Always comped his room.
What'd he play? Blackjack, poker.
Any good? Bit of a rabbit.
Played loose.
Schoolboy draws.
Tell it so I can understand it.
He wasn't as good as he thought he was.
Ever get him in trouble? He owe anybody? Not as far as I know.
One thing I've learned in this business, detective: you never really know what's in a guy's pocket.
You ever see him with anyone around the hotel, at the tables? Pal? Girl? Played solo.
Far as I know, he always checked in solo, too.
I need to see the room.
Since we didn't hear from LAPD until Tuesday, there was no question of preserving the scene.
The room was rented last Saturday, right after Mr.
Allen checked out, and of course cleaned every day.
I'm still gonna need to see the room.
Well, the current occupant checks out tomorrow.
Occupant? When the LAPD called, they specifically asked that the room be left empty until we had a chance to check it out.
What can I say? Somebody made a mistake.
Yeah they did.
Call the room.
It's after midnight.
Maybe the occupant's in the casino.
Well, like Mr.
Allen, this guest is one of our treasured regulars.
Unless you have a warrant I'll be back tomorrow.
I'm also gonna need to talk to the dealers, too, anyone else who had contact with Allen last week.
I'll make 'em available to you.
Hey, you want a room? I'm happy to comp you.
LAPD is picking up the tab.
This would be an upgrade, trust me.
I'm also gonna need to take a look at the eye in the sky footage from last week.
You gonna make me get a warrant for that, too? If it were up to me I know.
You don't make the rules.
I just make sure they're followed.
Check it out.
Look at that.
I might have to get me one of those.
Yeah, well, now you can afford one of these.
What's this? What do you mean, what's this? It's for the other night.
It's your little piece of the Tito Frito pie.
Ha ha ha ha.
That's right.
That's three large, baby.
You sure? Yeah, I'm serious.
You earned it.
You You scared the shit out of that little freak Tito.
Glad to see that you still got it.
Takes me back, watching you work that kid over like that.
Shit, man.
I mean, y'all got anything else in the works? What do you mean, y'all'? Oh, I mean, I don't know.
I just assumed You just assumed that what? Nothing, man.
It's just a figure of speech.
That That shit right there.
That drone is sweet, bro.
That thing's top of the line.
25 minutes of flying time on a single charge, real-time video.
Oh, yeah.
I definitely got to get me one of those.
Maybe you can get one for your pops, too, for his birthday, so he can keep an eye on you.
Yeah, man.
Maybe I'll get him one with a joystick, too, so he can shove it up his ass.
Those pristine prints on Allen's leather jacket? No matches.
Not local, not national.
Anything else? S.
found trace evidence of old blood in the trunk of his Bentley.
And it's not Allen's.
It could be anybody's.
The guy who details his car.
Is there DNA? They're trying to Minifiler it, but it's pretty degraded.
What about the estate? Is there a life insurance policy? Is wifey in for a windfall? One 20-year-old term policy.
What's the house worth? Ran the comps.
Last sale in that neighb, similar square footage and view, 4.
That's nice.
Allen had a jumbo first and a home equity loan.
Say Veronica sells for 4.
With commissions and capital gains, she'll be lucky to clear 200K.
I wonder why he was using his house as an ATM.
Let's keep an eye on probate, see how the estate settles.
The thing is this guy was a money launderer.
Who knows what he's got squirreled away and where? The widow, maybe? Yeah.
Maybe she does.
Marsha Macken.
Leave a message.
Macken, Billets.
I feel like some Cajun fries.
And don't fucking tell me you're cutting out carbs.
Yeah, Arceneaux stayed in the car.
So you're on tape making the pickup.
- Yep.
- Any idea how far this goes? - Who else might be involved? - Nope.
He talks about it getting bigger from here, but I'm not even sniffin' it.
Four months, it's all penny-ante bullshit, just rolling dealers and stealing doughnuts.
You need to be patient.
We chose you because Arceneaux owes you.
You had the opportunity to hang him out to dry back at the Academy, and you didn't.
I was just as guilty as he was.
Which is why he trusts you now.
He doesn't trust me yet.
Oh, but he wants to.
It's whoever else is involved that's keeping you at arm's length.
Well, I don't know if they're gonna let me get any closer.
Look, IAD believes and so do I that your greatest deficit in this operation is also your greatest asset.
That I'm your son.
You prove yourself, and they will ask you in because you're my son.
What you have access to through me is valuable.
They'll want it.
You know I have to talk shit about you.
Oh, yeah, I mean run you down 24/7.
Don't tell me you don't enjoy that.
Hey, maybe a little bit.
Son, you have to make them believe we're estranged.
That's what will get you in well, that and your reputation as a cowboy.
Oh, which is way overblown.
- I hope so.
- Mm-hmm.
Sometimes fear is a good thing, George.
Wouldn't hurt you to have a little more of it.
Wouldn't hurt you to have more of what? - Humility.
- Oh, well, you've never lacked for self-confidence.
- Ha ha ha! - Yeah, well, you know, I take after you, Mama.
- Me? - Uh-huh.
What about your father? There's a difference between confident and cocky.
- Oh.
- Okay.
- There is? - Mm-hmm.
Thank you.
You know, I appreciate you checking in, Detective.
We're not always extended the courtesy.
There's a few things I'm gonna need, Captain.
- Iverson, to my office.
- Right, Captain.
I'll liaise you with one of my homicide detectives.
Hey, want to see a show while you're in town? We can get you tickets.
Jersey Boys? Celine Dion? The Cirque Du Soleil sex show? It's hot.
The missus and I, we've seen it twice.
No, thanks.
Yeah, Captain? John Iverson, Harry Bosch.
LAPD homicide.
Call me Ivy.
Detective Bosch is working a case.
The victim was here all last week.
Checked out of the Mirage Saturday, and was murdered Saturday night.
- In L.
- Looks that way.
So you're retracing his steps.
Something like that.
He did a lot of business in Vegas.
Spent a fair amount of time here over the years.
I'd like you to help Bosch out.
I've put all our resources at his disposal.
My plate's heaped to overflowing, Captain.
Henrik's on the rubber gun squad.
He's available.
I'm sure you can find the time.
I was just heading outside to grab a smoke.
Thank you, Captain.
Whatever we can do.
Don't hesitate to ask.
Don't smoke.
Oh, good for you.
Ah, fuck it.
We lifted some good prints off Allen's leather jacket but didn't get a hit.
You still have to get printed in Nevada for a casino job? Any kind of club or casino.
We'll run 'em.
We got a lot of solid citizens the Feds don't.
I also need a warrant.
You want me to write up a warrant? I'll write it up.
You just have to attach your brag sheet, - get it to a friendly judge.
- What's it for? Security footage at the Mirage.
Anything else? There's a Mexican joint I want to check out.
Let me buy you lunch.
Now you're talking.
Print that.
Let's reset.
We'll move in closer.
Markoff, the police want a word with you.
Police? Where? All the way to the top.
Back to work, guys.
Detective Edgar.
- Larry Markoff? - Yeah.
You direct this? I know it was lousy.
I wouldn't call it a crime.
You're here about Tony? We're investigating his murder.
Yeah, it's terrible.
Look, I haven't seen him in 20 years, not since we did that flick.
But talk to me about Veronica Allen.
- Ronnie? - Yeah.
Manipulative, toxic bitch.
But a charmer.
Melted butter wouldn't melt in her mouth.
For instance? There was another actress on the set.
Sweet kid.
Ronnie made a big show of taking Shannon under her wing.
And then things started going missing little things, girly things, like lipstick, perfume, costume jewelry.
One day Ronnie said she needed her hair clip.
So Shannon said, "I have one in my trailer," so they sent a P.
to get it.
And guess what the P.
The missing stuff.
You've seen this picture.
Eh, and Tony fired her.
Couldn't prove it.
I know Ronnie set her up.
Why would she do that? Ronnie was crazy jealous.
She had to be the center of attention.
I tried to tell Tony she was bad news.
Schmuck wouldn't listen.
He was totally besotted, head over fucking heels.
She feel the same about him? Hah.
He got her out of porn.
He bought her a house, a Porsche, put a ring on her finger.
He was her fucking meal ticket.
That's how she felt about him.
- Maybe she loved him.
- Hah.
- Ronnie? - Yeah.
No, Ronnie never loved nobody but Ronnie.
Lets go, back to work.
Today's special, tilapia Veracruz.
Something to drink? - Dos Equis.
- Just water, please.
And a double order of guac and chips, por favor.
Excuse me, Miss.
You recognize this man? He ever been in here before? Sorry.
I don't.
You should come back at dinner, ask the other girls.
Thank you.
Ring a bell for you? This your Vic? He looks like a lot of these guys.
Not local.
These guys? Wise guys.
Wannabe wise guys.
Yeah, tell me about the mob here.
These days? They're Russian.
Super bugs.
That's what I call 'em.
Super bugs? You can't kill 'em.
They keep evolving.
World class hackers, always working new ways to wire the slots, the roulettes, hack the cash.
The casinos are shitting themselves trying to fend them off.
They still into the old-school stuff? Oh sure.
Loan-sharking, drugs, girls.
Gotta keep the losers lubricated to keep them coming back, right? You ever hear of a strip club called Dolly's? Dolly's.
More than a lap dance.
Drugs, girls, credit card mill.
Owner's a mobster named Joey Marks Joe Markaryan.
Armenian? Works for the Russians.
My victim's Armenian, too.
Made porn, washed money.
He's got some kind of connection to Dolly's maybe a girlfriend, maybe more.
You think he was running a fluff 'n fold for Joey Marks? He was running one for somebody.
Club's a cash cow.
Joey's got a string of 'em.
All that money's gotta go somewhere to get clean.
- Ah.
- There you go.
Drinks are on the house.
Thank you.
Muchas gracias.
Used to be they'd comp you the whole shebang.
Ain't like the old days.
Yeah, huh? I want to talk to this Joey Marks.
Good luck with that.
Marks keeps a very low profile these days.
Ain't been seen in public in months.
Why's that? The FBI has a huge throbbing hard-on for this guy.
They had an undercover agent in Marks' crew.
Feebs think Marks had him whacked and buried out in the desert.
Lieutenant Billets.
It's good to see you.
You too, ma'am.
How're things? Okay.
I mean, I'd rather be back in Hollywood, but Well, it was a difficult situation.
Yes, it was.
And all said and done, I think you handled it pretty well.
Because I didn't throw your pal Bosch under the bus? Like I said, it was a difficult situation.
- Grace.
- Hey.
Old home week? Catching up? I haven't seen Officer Brasher since she transferred to Pacific.
Seems to be working out.
Couldn't be happier.
The lieutenant and I were in patrol together.
Yeah, back when our male partners wouldn't let us drive or touch the radio.
We were supposed to stay out of the way, keep our mouths shut, - and do the paperwork.
- Mm-hmm.
In some ways, things haven't changed that much.
No? Look who you're talking to.
There were no female lieutenants or captains back then.
Exactly none.
And you're still a cop.
In the old days, you'd be long gone.
You hungry? - Starving.
- Let's do it.
I got a name off the tape.
The possible girlfriend? Layla.
Like the song.
What song? You know, Derek and the Dominos? Never mind.
Here's the other thing.
Pretty sure I picked up a tail somewhere.
- Pretty sure? - They're good.
And I'm paranoid.
Who? The Feds, I don't know.
Check your car for bugs? Right.
These days, they don't need a tail to track you.
- Hey, Dad.
- Hey.
Gotta go.
Tell Maddie I said hey.
Edgar says hey.
What kind of camp is this? Science, technology, engineering, math.
Wow, that's impressive.
Like, algebra? You're not serious.
Algebra's not serious? Robotics? App design? Hello.
I thought you wanted to be a cop.
In case you haven't noticed, nowadays, law enforcement is all about technology.
Okay, well, that's something we could argue about, but let's not.
What do you say, ice cream? How about gelato? Gelato.
How's Lisa? She's good.
She joined the Model UN at school.
They're teaching her how to argue.
- Seriously? - Mm-hmm.
She's a teenager.
She need lessons in arguing? I know.
It shouldn't be legal.
There oughta be a law.
There oughta be a law against these fries.
- I know.
- Don't let me eat them all.
You see Jake Buller made commander? Bullshit Buller? How? No mystery.
When Tenzer was Deputy Chief of the Valley, Buller's lips were firmly glued to his ass.
Oh, my God.
Speaking of Deputy Chiefs, is it true Irving's gonna endorse O'Shea? That's the rumor.
And if O'Shea wins, he makes Irving Chief of Police? Wouldn't be a bad deal for you.
Marsha, are you implying that my lips are glued to Irving's ass? No, not glued.
Puckered, maybe? Go fuck yourself.
Seriously, you're doing a great job, Grace.
Time you moved up.
Taken the captain's exam? Not yet.
Should I? Irving would put in a good word.
Meet him halfway.
Time you had two bars on your collar.
That business with Kiz? It was a lapse in judgment.
Well you're lucky it didn't go sideways.
In the old days, you'd be long gone.
So what's the difference? First of all, gelato has less fat, so you can really taste the flavor.
Fat's a flavor.
Secondly, the texture is a whole lot creamier.
Creamier, definitely.
So what's going on at home? I don't know.
Mom and Reggie were arguing a lot, and then all of a sudden he goes to Hong Kong.
What were they are arguing about? Work.
The casino.
He's coming back, Maddie.
I hope so.
He keeps Mom on track.
How so? When he's around, everything just works.
There's food in the fridge.
I get to camp on time.
Mom is a whole lot calmer.
What's she like now? Kind of just all over the place.
And I know this is a weird thing to say because you and Mom were married and everything.
But Reggie's a good guy.
And I wouldn't want him to, you know, leave us for good.
Of course you wouldn't.
I get it.
And it's okay.
I'm glad he's a good guy.
Okay? Come on.
Under the shirts.
Pickup's every other week.
What's this? We jacked a dealer.
3 G's.
My cut.
It's all in here.
New players? Not yet.
Every time I ask him about it, he gets a little hinky.
They're still sniffing you out.
I'd be worried if they weren't.
Don't push.
Let it come to you.
What if, at the end of the day, it's just Eddie Arceneaux? You know, no crew.
He's the only one there is.
I've been doing this a long time.
Trust me.
Arceneaux's just the point of the spear.
Be patient.
Good evening.
Can I show you to the Champagne Room? Not big on champagne.
Preferred seating? It's a better view.
I'll take the cheap seats.
That'll be $30 and a two-drink minimum.
Those are the cheap seats? This way.
I'll send your waitress over.
Enjoy the show.
Thank you.
Hey, sweetie.
I'm Amber.
What can I get you? Fat Tire, please.
Hey, is Layla working tonight? Layla? You a friend of hers? Friend of a friend.
Tell her Tony told me to say hello.
I'll send her over.
You asked for me? - Layla? - Uh-huh.
Buy me a drink? Sure.
But I'd rather take care of you than give my money to the bar.
So go light, yeah? Cosmo, please.
All you girls wear this? Yeah, it's pussy dust.
Say again? It's pussy dust.
Pussy dust.
We get a private room, I'll show you my pussy dust.
You like to party? Who doesn't? To happy endings.
I love happy endings.
Who doesn't? So Tony tells me you're a friend of his.
- Who? - Tony Allen.
Yeah, I know him.
Goose? Because that's all he drinks.
Grey Goose vodka.
You're not Layla.
Sure I am, if that's what you want.
What difference does it make? Let's just have some fun.
How about a lap dance, darlin'? I'm good.
How about the girl? This Layla? Yeah.
She working tonight? She doesn't work here anymore.
Quit? Shit-canned, okay? She Tony's girl? She thinks she is.
Know where I can find her? Probably with Tony, fucking his brains out.
Thanks for the drink.
I need to talk to her.
Keep your fucking hands to yourself.
Hey, hands off the dancers, asshole.
Lucky wants to have a word with you.
- Who's Lucky? - The manager.
Oh, yeah? I want to talk to him, too.
This piss, it's not Fat Tire.
People don't come here for the beer, asshole.
Let's go.
You wanna touch, you gotta pay.
Done nothing but since I walked in here.
Ha ha.
How much you out, big spender? Huh? 60, 70 bucks? Is that what this is about? You want a refund? Aah! What the fuck did you taze him for? He's strapped, Lucky.
See? Fuck.
He's a cop.
What are you doing, you dumb shit? Help him up.
Help him up.
Come on.
You stupid What's that? Hieronymus Bosch.
That's a mouthful, huh? Ha ha.
Most out-of-town cops, when they come in here, they have the courtesy and the good sense to let us know that they're here.
Easy peasy.
You had to make it hard.
I'm sorry you got tazed, but it's on you, buddy.
Joey Marks know how you treat the customers here? Joey who? He owns this shithole.
Glitter Toe Entertainment owns this shithole, and I happen to like it.
What do you want, Detective? I'm looking for a dancer named Layla, - a friend of Tony Allen's.
- So? So? He was murdered in L.
last Saturday night.
No shit.
Goose is cooked.
Heh heh.
Good old Goose, huh? So you knew him.
yeah, I knew him.
You're all busted up about that.
Asshole poached my best girls for his crummy pornos.
When was the last time he was in here? When was that, last Friday? He got in my grill about Layla.
- I let her go.
- Why'd you let her go? She was a bitch.
She didn't get along with the other bitches.
Not like there's a lack of trim in this city.
Rolls in on the Greyhound bus every single day.
Got an address on her? I have no addresses on any of the dancers.
What about payroll? No payroll.
Limited partners, every single one of them.
Dolly's LLC.
They pay to dance here.
And after they take care of the bouncers, the bartenders, and the DJs, they get to keep what's left? Look, nobody put a gun to their head and said "You get on that pole, bitch.
" They leave this place every single night with cash stuffed up their coozies.
You don't like it, you can report it to the IRS.
Billy, why don't you show the detective to his car? Let's go, Detective.
Tell you what.
Why don't you come back, Bosch, when you can really enjoy the show, huh? I'll comp you a lap dance, you cheap fuck.
Detective from Los Angeles.
Tony Allen Uh-huh.
Go watch the floor.
That was just a love tap, bro.
Get in your ride and get the fuck out of here.
What the fuck is your problem? I said get the fuck out.
We're done, bitch.
Oh, my God.
Hey, Eleanor.
I see your people skills are what they always were.
You okay? I'm fine.
Hey, Dad.
Hey, Mads.
What happened to your face? Some punk ambushed me.
Hope you hit him back.
I straightened him out.
Why would you tell her that? She oughta know.
She wants to be a cop.
She does? Great.
- She hasn't told you? - I'm her mother.
She doesn't tell me anything.
So what's this case you're working on? Man named Anthony Allen was murdered last week in L.
Just come back from Vegas, trying to find out what he was up to here.
You're not here to ask me to profile somebody, are you? No.
Just came to spend time with you and Maddie, see how you're doing.
We're doing fine.
When's Reggie coming back from Hong Kong? Why do you ask? Just curious.
Excuse me.
What did she say? Not much.
When's Reggie getting back? She didn't say.
That sucks.
I wasn't feeling well, Charlie.
He's an important client.
He expects and deserves to be treated with respect.
Lucy could've played with him.
He flew in from Macao to play with you, specifically, not Lucy.
The gweipo.
I never use that word.
Really? Never? Bullshit.
Look, I'll play with him tonight.
I'm afraid it's too late.
He went to the Bellagio.
You know, I'm the one who catches hell for this from your husband.
Look, I'm sorry about that.
I really am.
- I'll explain it to him.
- Is there a problem here? Stay out of this, Harry.
No problem, sir.
This is between me and Mrs.
Yeah, but I'm here now.
I'd like to know what's going on.
Harry, please.
Let me at least call the gentleman personally and apologize.
Let me talk to Mr.
Woo, and I'll get back to you.
You missed work? I didn't feel like playing with some rich, entitled asshole from Macao, okay? Okay.
You know, I don't have to answer to you, Harry.
This is my business, my life.
Second thoughts? The Mayor made a strong pitch.
I told him I'd, uh, pray on it.
Have you? What do you think I'm doing now? Well, you could change your mind.
But if O'Shea wins, I'm out of a job.
And if O'Shea loses Tenzer's still Chief.
The Mayor said not forever.
That's not exactly a promise, is it? No, it's not.
So tell me what I should do.
Roll the dice, sweetheart.
And play me that tune of yours I like.
This is the 20-40 table.
Run it in real time.
Real time.
There's Allen.
There's the leather jacket.
Where are you at with those prints? You just asked for that.
It's Saturday.
Things move a little slower.
You got another camera on this table? Yeah.
What do you want? The woman, her face.
Here you go.
You know her? No.
Thought I did.
Facial recognition specialist is pretty good.
You give him a few minutes, he can probably ID her for you.
No, that's all right.
Not who I thought it was.
Ha ha! You are a dog.
Come on now.
I knew you'd stick, Basher.
Bullshit, Edge.
You kept writing me up.
You kept fucking up.
Admit it.
You thought I was a washout from day one.
A little dilettante, little rich white girl looking to get kicks.
- Not true.
- Mm-hmm.
I thought you'd make a good cop if you just stopped shooting yourself in the foot.
So to speak.
Didn't mean it that way.
No, it's cool.
It's cool.
My cross to bear.
Just gotta live with it.
People will forget about it, eventually, over time.
Yeah, I hope so.
This one's on me.
What's up? Brasher.
How's Pacific? Cool.
Pacific's cool.
Come on down to Muscle Beach.
We'll work out, you know? - You could use it.
- Whoo! - You got jokes.
- What are you doing in the hood? Ask you the same.
You're downtown now, right? Van Nuys.
Oh, I heard you were on a desk.
What can I say? They need me on the street.
Now, I'll get that drink, sir.
Thank you.
Uh, Edgewood's, too? Of course.
Of course.
Hey, Rhodes.
- Uh-uh.
- Come on.
One more? - One more? - I'm driving, brother.
You ain't nowhere near .
08, brother.
I'm getting there fast, man.
Hey, Julia, it was nice seeing you.
You too, Victor.
You too.
- Be safe, man.
- Vic, hey, okay? All right now.
Two Wild Turkeys, rocks.
No, doubles.
My tab.
Pair of double Turkeys on the rocks.
- Yes, sir.
- Thank you, George.
You, uh You miss Hollywood? Because I sure as shit don't.
Really? You're not bored in the Valley? Shit, no.
The Valley is back alley.
- Pssht.
It's sick.
- Really? Oh, but Hollywood is for the turistas.
It's like a fucking sea cruise compared to the Valley.
- Shit.
- Sounds like it suits you.
And I get off on it.
I do.
I'm telling you.
Street Street adrenaline? Oh.
No high like it.
I get that.
I do.
Double Turkeys.
- Mm.
- Thank you.
Yes, yes.
Thanks again, George.
Oh, yeah.
Cheers, baby.
- Good to see you.
- You, too.
Be good.
The prophet Amos chastised the rich and powerful of Samaria for living in luxury while they ignored the poor and turned their backs on the helpless.
It is the duty of every one of us to heed the cry of Amos.
- That's right.
- Yes, man.
Let justice roll on like a river, righteousness like a never-failing stream.
I grew up here, this neighborhood.
This was my family's church.
Greater Page Temple of God In Christ.
We were here every Sunday not just Christmas and Easter, every Sunday.
And so I can think of no more fitting place for me to endorse the next mayor of our great city, Richard O'Shea.
Thank you.
Thank you, Deputy Chief Irving.
And thank you, Reverend Ott, for your hospitality and for that stirring sermon on social justice.
As we look to the future, let us keep that That prick.
He never had any intention of supporting me.
"Pray on it," my ass.
I think we need to express our displeasure, send him a message.
I'm done.
You hardly ate anything.
I'm not hungry.
It's your favorite.
Not every night it's not.
Come on.
We don't have pizza every night.
We do when Reggie's not here.
He makes dinner.
Hey, it's no secret I'm no cook.
And he's a wizard in the kitchen.
I have homework.
What, camp homework? I thought summer camp was supposed to be fun.
Me, too.
You wanted to go there.
Oh, my God.
I swear, I am so sick of her moods.
Now she's complaining about STEM camp.
Eleanor, why didn't you tell me you knew Anthony Allen? Who? My murder victim.
The case I'm working.
Anthony Allen.
I don't know him.
I saw video of you playing poker with him at the Mirage last week at the 20-40 table, whatever the fuck that is.
Wait, you mean Tony? That's your victim? Come on, Eleanor.
No, I hardly knew him.
I only saw him at the tables.
I didn't even know his last name.
He was just Tony.
Well, you were just chatting away like old pals.
That's because if you played poker once in a while, you'd know.
Perfect strangers can get very chummy over a hand of cards.
What were you doing at the Mirage? Jesus, Harry, I was there to unwind.
I do that sometimes.
You unwind from playing poker by playing poker? That sounds like a compulsion to me.
God, you can be such an asshole sometimes.
Never miss a chance to make me feel stupid.
Where is this coming from? I see it all over your face.
You're out there doing important work, meaningful work.
And me, I'm just a hustler, a casino shill in an evening gown.
You know that's not what I think.
That's exactly what you think.
Jesus, Eleanor.
I'm worried about you.
You're missing work.
Your husband's out of town, and you don't know when he's coming back.
You are erratic.
Talk to me.
Go away, Harry.
You're just making things worse.
Be patient.
You are my son.
Fear is a good thing.
Be patient.
You are my son.
Fear is a good thing.
Be patient.
Be patient.
Be patient.
You are my son.
You are my son.
You are my son.
You are my son.