Bosch (2014) s02e04 Episode Script

Who's Lucky Now?

1 [cell phone ringing.]
- Bosch.
- Bosch.
It's fuckin' 4:00 in the morning.
We got a search warrant for Lucky Rykoff's place.
We're executing it now.
Rykoff? From the strip joint? Yeah, your pal.
Joey Marks' guy.
How the hell did you get a warrant? Got a hit on those prints you asked us to run.
You found Rykoff's prints on Tony Allen's jacket? I'll text you the address if you want to join us.
Or maybe you just want to go back to bed.
Don't do anything before I get there.
We're not waiting on you, Bosch.
[police radio chatter.]
Sit tight.
- Bosch.
- Come here.
What the hell are you doing? - SWAT? - I thought you'd be pleased.
How about we talk to the guy first.
Just because we found his prints on Allen's jacket doesn't mean he killed him.
Rykoff's been on our radar.
Drugs, prostitution.
And if he killed Allen Look, we get what we need, you might get what you need.
Just what is it that you need? Joey Marks.
And Rykoff can get us there.
This is bullshit.
This is my case.
You're Bigfooting me on this for some glory.
You know something, asshole, you should be happy I invited you to the party.
You're pissed I broke it open.
All right, boys, saddle up.
Let's go.
Man: Let's go.
Move it out.
[car engine starts.]
[engine starts.]
[police radio chatter.]
- Man: Go! Go! - Officer: [on radio.]
We've got movement in the rear bedroom.
I repeat, we've got movement in the rear bedroom.
[indistinct yelling.]
- Officer: Get on the floor! - Man: Okay, okay, okay.
- Officer: Get down on the floor! - Okay.
Harmony, calm down.
On the floor! Off the bed, on the floor! Settle down, all right? Hey, be cool man, all right? All right, all right, all right.
Officer: Put your hands behind your back.
Hey, Pinky, be cool.
Okay, baby.
- Man: Harmony, relax.
- I am.
Ouch! Asshole.
You want to tell me what the fuck this is about? Ahh! I got a feelin' that I can't let go I got a feelin' that I can't let go I got a feelin' that I can't let go I got a feelin' that I can't let go I got a feelin' that I can't let go Got a feelin' that I can't let go I got a feelin' that I can't let go Can't let go We'll handle the search.
Stick around and keep an eye on locking up.
Roger that.
Let's keep this tight, Iverson.
[police radio chatter.]
Sorry to fuck up your beauty sleep, ladies.
What, is this payback for the other night? We're gonna take a look around.
You're not gonna find anything.
Fuck, this isn't about Tony Allen, is it? Man, I haven't left Vegas in months.
I'm tellin' you I wasn't in L.
the night he got killed.
- I can prove that shit.
- Put a plug in it.
You can tell us your story down at the station.
[camera shutter clicking.]
Iverson! In here.
Hey, sorry I forgot to flush.
There's a drought and all.
Well, well, well.
- .
- That what you were lookin' for? [laughing.]
Who's lucky now? [laughing.]
We found your gun, asshole.
What's that? That's not my gun.
Get him dressed.
Where you're goin', you're gonna want to wear more than that, big fella.
What the fuck are you doin', man? Listen to me, he was in there first, he was in there by himself.
He planted that shit.
That is not my gun.
Hey, that's not my fuckin' gun, man.
You know it's not my fuckin' gun.
Oh, man.
[car door slams.]
He seemed surprised.
Surprised we found it.
[police radio chatter.]
What? It ain't right.
Why would he keep it? He whacks Allen in L.
, he pitches the gun, throws it down a storm drain.
Maybe his mama gave it to him for his birthday.
Who knows.
If they weren't idiots, we wouldn't catch 'em.
Yeah, right.
It's too easy.
Let's confirm it's the murder weapon, then decide how easy it is.
Usual? Yeah.
Chatty motherfucker in the morning.
That all today, officer? Oh, I got to have some Krispy Kremes, too.
Ah, yeah.
Have a blessed day.
She knows that we go all the way back to the academy.
Well, then, she's cool with me, right? Yeah, she's cool.
Just play it straight.
Be yourself.
Yeah, what do I call her? - Mo.
- Mo? Yeah, call her Mo.
I'm chill, man.
And don't say chill, either.
How are you? Too blessed to be stressed, baby.
How are you? I'm good.
This is George.
I figured.
It's nice to meet you, Mo.
Don't call me Mo.
All right.
How are you? I'm good.
Wednesday night.
Plans? No.
Wide open.
- Eddie's got the details.
- All right.
I shouldn't have to tell you to keep your mouth shut, but I will.
Ah, shit, I'm chill.
You and Dad.
How often you see him? Oh, shit, I don't know.
Uh, every couple weeks I go by to see my mom.
Sometimes I see him, sometimes I don't.
You ever talk about work? If he asks.
How would you feel about doing a little more of that? A little more what? Talkin' shop with Pop? It's no problem.
All right.
See ya, Eddie.
God, shit, man.
- What? - I said chill.
Don't sweat it.
She liked you.
Yeah, all right.
How could you tell? - I can tell.
- Uh-huh.
But you.
You have got to chill.
Oh, that's right.
[siren blaring.]
We'll be back.
I need a cup of coffee or something.
It's been a long night.
Ah, cocaine's wearing off? Tough shit.
I know you got history with this guy, but I should take the lead here.
I'm not comfortable with that.
Anything local comes up, you give me the high sign, I'll let you step in.
The whole thing is local, Bosch.
Tony Allen lived in L.
He was killed there, also.
And his killer's right here in Vegas in there.
Look, professional courtesy.
It's my murder, I talk to him first.
Up to the captain.
We'll see how he wants to handle the others.
What others? Captain invited some known associates of Joey Marks to come in for a chat.
Your buddy Billy from the titty bar.
Allen's poker pal at the Mirage.
What the hell's she doing here? They ID'd her off her comp card.
You're saying she's an associate of Joey Marks? - It's in her file.
- It's a mistake.
Is she under arrest? Came in of her own accord.
You said you didn't know her.
Piss off.
What am I doing here, Harry? Is this about Tony Allen? Careful what you say.
We're on camera.
What'd they tell you? They didn't tell me anything.
They just threatened our business, talking about mob ties and pulling our casino license.
It's bullshit.
Did you know about this? Don't lie to me, Harry.
Is this about your case? Let me talk to the captain, get this sorted out.
- I'll be right back.
- Jesus, Harry.
But don't worry.
It's under control.
- Yes.
- Captain.
That woman you brought in, Eleanor Wish, she's got nothin' to do with this case.
Let me call you back.
And how do you know that? I interviewed her yesterday about Allen.
You interviewed.
She didn't even know his last name.
Iverson, get a cup of coffee.
I want her kicked loose.
Because she's your ex-wife? No, because she's got nothin' to do with this.
Any of it.
Well, you don't get to decide that.
You should have told us how you knew her, detective.
But you went about it the wrong way.
You should have been straight up with us.
What do you want, Captain? I want to know what your ex-wife knows about Joey Marks and his organization.
She played poker once in a while with Allen, that's it.
She ever mention a guy named Tim Kirsch? Who's that? He puts money on the streets for Marks.
He makes sure he gets paid back.
What's he got to do with Eleanor? She's been seen with him over the years.
Enough contact to open a file on her.
So how do we fix this? Make us part of the case.
Beginning to end.
If Rykoff did this, he did it for Marks.
You're using my ex wife to leverage me to get to Joey Marks.
What, you get the glory, we get the paperwork while you ride off into the sunset with a guy we've been chasing for years? No, that doesn't fly.
Come on, make it official.
Let me call my lieutenant, buy you onto the case.
- I want to talk to him.
- Her.
- Hey, thanks, sweetheart.
- You're welcome.
I need you to do a cover sheet and fax this.
- Okay.
- All right, and wait for confirmation.
Roger that.
Ooh, pickin' up the lingo.
Good for you.
- 10-4, Lieutenant.
- Yeah.
[cell phone rings.]
How's it going? There's been an arrest in the Allen murder.
Luke Rykoff.
He runs a strip club for Joey Marks.
You like him for it? Well, they do.
I'm here with Captain Felton of Las Vegas Metro.
We think we should make it a joint investigation.
You want to share the investigation? What, has he got a pair of pliers clamped to your nut sack? As we speak.
All right, put him on the fucking phone.
Thank you, Lieutenant.
Captain Felton.
Lieutenant Billets.
Sorry to disturb you, Lieutenant.
No, not at all, Captain.
Um, the last thing we want to do is tread on your turf.
I'm fine with the joint investigation.
I'm glad to hear it.
And thank you for your cooperation.
Good luck.
Thank you, Lieutenant.
Don't let him fuck up our case.
Roger that.
I need to talk to Eleanor before I interview Rykoff.
So talk to her.
- And she goes free.
- As a bird.
Does he not know he's an asshole, or does he just not care? Both.
Did you get it straightened out? I did.
So, can I go home now? Tell me about Tim Kirsch.
I borrowed money from him, paid him back.
That's it.
Jesus Christ, Eleanor.
A loan shark who works for Joey Marks? - That's why they brought me in? - What they said.
- Do you know Marks? - I know of him.
Look, it's garbage, Harry.
I talked to the captain.
You're going home.
But he wants to know about you and Kirsch first.
He does or you do? I haven't seen Kirsch in years.
Before we moved to Hong Kong.
How much did you borrow, Eleanor? [sighs.]
A lot.
I needed to get back on my feet and start over.
Did you know he worked for Marks? Not for a fact, but I knew other players who borrowed from him.
That was good enough for me.
Did you know he was a criminal? Look, I didn't think he was a loan officer at Wells Fargo, but I paid him back with interest, end of story.
Can I go now? I'll get a uniform to take you home.
[police radio chatter.]
You handle the paperwork? Yeah, but we're not even halfway done with our shift.
I got places to be, man.
- Uh-huh.
- Hm.
So, what do I tell the lieutenant? I don't know, tell him Tell him it was a slow day on the war on drugs.
There were no busts.
You tell him that we know that the system's already overflowing like a backed up latrine, and that we don't want to stress it any further by hauling in a bunch of dime bag turds.
- Mm.
Dime bag turds.
All right.
- Yeah.
- Oh, you know what? - Yeah.
Huh? You tell him that there's peace in the valley.
[siren chirps.]
You're a crazy motherfucker, man.
In the valley.
All right.
Peace in the valley.
Ten part beef, one part pork for sticky, three part onions grounded up with salt, black pepper, let sit 24 hours.
- [speaking Armenian.]
- - [laughing.]
You Petrossian? Hey.
You Edgar? Hey.
Two kabob.
He's paying.
I am? Yeah, peace offering.
LAPD, Glendale PD.
Like Turks and Armenians.
And we're the Turks.
Hey, you catch on quick for a Turk.
First thing you need to know, Tony Allen and Joey Marks were cousins.
No shit? Tony's born here.
Marks is older, born in Armenia.
Marks was what we call "rabise," flashy, violent.
Got into business with the Russians here, then Vegas.
Tony? Soft.
" Never had the stomach for the rough stuff, but a magician when it comes to dirty money.
How big is Marks in Vegas? Middling.
The real players are the Russians.
See, that's who the Feds are worried about.
Even they don't care that much about the rackets anymore.
Except how they fund terrorism.
And Broff is planning on blowing up a building? The Broff does business with people who are.
Hezbollah, ISIS.
The Middle East.
Hell of a lot closer than that, pal.
What what, ISIS is in Mexico? Hezbollah is.
And Detroit.
I'm telling you, bro, this shit's right under our noses.
Hey, let's, uh, go eat outside, huh? I'll tell you how to marinate real Armenian kabobs.
- [speaks Armenian.]
- I don't know.
The-the night that Allen got in my face about Layla, he put his hands on me, and I had to get physical.
How so? I don't know, I grabbed him, I threw him out by the fucking collar.
Anybody witness this? I don't know, about a dozen strippers, happened in the dressing room.
And that gun you fuckers planted on me.
- Seriously? - You're stickin' with that story? Oh, I'm gonna take a murder wrap over a $200 throwaway? How stupid do you think I am? I mean, this shit's ridiculous.
And yet, here we are.
Fuck off.
I didn't kill Tony Allen.
Why'd Joey Marks order the hit on him? He didn't.
You got nothin'.
Stop treating me like a donkey and fuck off.
You know what? Book me and get me to a fuckin' phone.
We'll go the distance on you, Lucky.
Oh, yeah, and stick that smile up your ass, you fat fuck.
I'll take the gun back to L.
How quick can you get it done? I'll walk it through ballistics myself.
My partner's already been talking to the D.
If we get a match, we'll get a warrant.
One day, tops.
Let me know as soon as you file in L.
I'll call our D.
's office and schedule a hearing.
Thank you.
[phone line ringing.]
Hi, it's Eleanor.
Leave a message.
Hey, it's me.
I'm just checking in to see if you got home all right.
I'm headed back to L.
I was wondering if we could have some time to talk face to face tonight.
Sorry you got mixed up in all of this.
Kiss Maddie for me.
Lucky: Yeah, the question is who the fuck knows.
Joey's not gonna give a shit one way or the other.
You know what I'm gonna have to do up in here, right? Man, just get me fuckin' out of here tomorrow morning.
You got it? Fuck.
What's up? What'd you say to me? Nothin'.
Fuck you, bitch.
[blows landing.]
All right, all right.
Break it up.
Break it up! [indistinct yelling.]
Fuck you! What the fuck did you say to me, bitch? - What the fuck did you say to me? - [groaning.]
[phone line ringing.]
Hi, it's Eleanor.
Leave a message.
[phone line ringing.]
- Hi, Dad.
- Hey, Mads.
- Whatcha doin'? - Watching "Grey's Anatomy.
" That's still on? I'm streaming it.
Season 7.
Hey, is your mom around? I'm trying to reach her.
She went to bed early.
She said she had a tough day.
I'm going back to L.
I've hardly seen you.
Try and stop by in the morning.
Love you.
I love you, too.
Detective Bosch, uh, do you have a minute? Get in the car.
Sit with him where I can see you.
Go ahead.
What can I do for you? You, uh, don't want to come out of the sun, Detective? No, I'm fine.
Well, my name is Marty Weiss, Mr.
Marks's attorney.
Marks doesn't talk? [chuckles.]
Well, you're making a big mistake, Detective.
We'd like to help you fix that.
Oh, yeah? How you gonna do that? Uh, Mr.
Rykoff was working at the club Saturday night.
Customers and employees saw him there as late as 3:00 in the morning.
Never left Las Vegas.
Sworn affidavits attesting to that fact.
Employees and customers.
Anyone not in your pocket? This isn't a courtroom, Mr.
What do you want? I want you to enjoy yourself, Detective.
Stay another night.
Nice hotel, nice girl.
Maybe you'll get lucky at the tables.
You like Blackjack? And what do you get? A different gun.
It's in there, right, the one you found? We'll have one just like it in your room tonight, .
I don't take bribes.
I'm not offering you a bribe.
I'm offering you the truth.
Tony was family.
His father and my father first cousins.
I want whoever did this.
I'm telling you on my mother's grave in Yerevan, it was not Rykoff.
You're being manipulated, Detective.
Las Vegas Metro has been trying to entrap Mr.
Marks for years.
They're putting the screws to Lucky to get him to turn on me.
It's what I'd do if I were them.
Think it'll work? Think he'll flip? Lucky? I think he'll stand up.
But you can't be sure.
Can you? Bosch.
You can't crash my place of business, assault my employees, and not expect me to react.
I'm headed back to L.
Your case? Did you get my message? Come in.
Were you gonna call me back? Not until I had something new to say.
Well, you could have called me to tell me that.
You know how that conversation would have started.
It would have started with "I'm sorry.
" Couples say that a lot.
- We're not a couple.
- Okay.
Ex couple.
We have a child.
We're that type couple.
Well, look, I'm tired of apologizing.
I'm just tired of how we are with each other.
I feel like I'm always apologizing for something.
Okay, so let's quit apologizing.
I didn't pay back Tim Kirsch.
Reggie did.
Before you were married or after? Does it matter? Look, you asked me how much I borrowed.
It was 100 grand.
That's a lot of bread, Eleanor.
It's a business, Harry.
What matters in the long run is winning, which I do.
- You pay Reggie back? - Many times over.
Look, he helped me out because he loves me.
But I still feel like I owe him.
The other night was a big game with a big client, and I shouldn't have just blown it off.
You're tired of it, blow it all off.
It's not that simple.
It's our business.
Look, there's plenty of bullshit in your job, but you don't just walk away.
Yeah, but I put up with the bullshit because what I do is important.
Oh, God, you're such a condescending asshole.
Okay, sorry.
I didn't mean it that way.
Yes, you did.
Maddie around? You missed her.
Tell her I'll be back in a day or so.
Word, Lieutenant? Chief.
Come in.
This morning I got a phone call from District Attorney O'Shea.
Last night in Venice at his fundraiser officers wrote dozens of tickets for non-resident parking violations.
And why did they do that? The valet had no permit.
Somebody tipped the mayor's campaign, and Chief Tenzer called Pacific Division personally to get those officers over there.
I don't understand why you're telling me this.
I'm asking people I can trust throughout the department to keep their ears open.
If you hear of anything brewing in Hollywood That's my personal cell.
Call me day or night.
You know, if you need somebody you can trust in Pacific, Captain Macken is a friend.
Macken? That's who Tenzer called to make it happen.
She oversaw the whole thing.
[gun cocking.]
Good news and bad news.
Tell the bad first.
No prints, and the gun is untraceable.
Someone used acid on the serial, and none of my magic tricks could bring it up.
And the good? Weapon and bullet a definite match.
It's the murder weapon.
Well, look who's here.
He's here to help us solve our case.
I believe you've met special agent Griffin.
- How you doin'? - Good afternoon.
He's got something for us on Luke Rykoff.
Told you.
How'd the ballistics pan out? Gun found in Rykoff's house is the murder weapon.
The gun you found, Detective.
Great work.
What do you know about him, Rykoff? He's a soldier.
He give you an alibi? Says he was working at Dolly's when Allen was murdered.
Marks had a pile of sworn affidavits.
Well, you can wipe your ass with those, because you can prove that Rykoff wasn't in Vegas the night that Allen was killed.
He was here.
The night of the murder, Rykoff took the 7:40 flight from McCarran to LAX.
That gets him in L.
in plenty of time.
Travel records and the gun guarantee his extradition to L.
I have no doubt he'll be indicted for murder.
Detective, you cracked your case.
- Lieutenant.
- Agent Griffin.
[clears throat.]
Nice, neat little bow, isn't it? Pretty color.
- You're being sarcastic.
- Me? Never.
Sometimes playing nice actually works.
Let the widow know where things stand before you head back to Vegas.
Hey, Harry, you got a minute? Yes, ma'am.
I'll get this off to the D.
Irving came to see me today.
About the fundraiser.
What, you heard? Talk of the town.
I love campaign season.
Do you even vote? Just to get that little sticker.
Irving wants me to be his lookout here in Hollywood.
Tenzer calls Captain Gandle.
What are you supposed to do about it? My point.
I'll have Tenzer pissing in one ear, and Irving in the other.
That's one of the reasons I never wanted to make rank.
I mean, if Irving makes chief, then that could be good for me.
- On the other hand - You don't want to take sides.
Well, I don't want to get my head chopped off if it doesn't happen.
Are you asking for my advice? [sighs.]
I guess I am.
Sometimes you pick your rabbi.
Sometimes the rabbi picks you.
[door closes.]
what we have to do is plug up the holes Hang on just a second.
- Irv.
- Evening, Rick.
This is Deputy Chief Irving, the finest of L.
's finest.
- My wife Connie.
- How are you this evening? - Rick.
- Connie.
We were talking about the justice system, - and victim's rights.
- Oh, that so? Now, Irv here has some great ideas on how to speed up the process, make the system more efficient, more just.
Well, my detectives don't like waiting years for their cases to come to trial, either.
It's good to have a D.
who understands the issues from our point of view.
- Ah-ha.
- Ah.
Our host.
Jim Dawson, I'd like you to meet Deputy Chief Irving, - and his wife Connie.
- Pleasure.
- Pleasure.
- Thank you for having us.
- The house is lovely.
- Well, thank you.
Thank you.
I hope you'll consider writing a check - before the evening's out.
- [laughing.]
Uh, Jim, Chief Irving is contributing to our campaign in other ways.
I'm glad to hear it.
Uh, Rick, I've got some people I'd like you to meet.
Excuse us, please.
You sure you don't want that drink? I have to drive.
Well, you shouldn't have given Wash the night off.
It would have been cruel to inflict it on him.
You inflicted it on me.
You have a glass of wine.
I will.
Water, please.
You did well.
So did you.
Thanks for coming.
Of course.
Ah, you're kidding me.
At this time of night? - Shit.
- What is it? DUI checkpoint.
Tenzer? It's outrageous.
[police radio chatter.]
Sir! You need to get back in line! Deputy Chief Irving.
What's going on here? Uh, [clears throat.]
a DUI checkpoint, sir.
I can see that.
Who authorized it? Uh, I don't know, sir.
Well, where's your sergeant? Uh, he went down the hill to find a bathroom, sir.
He should be back shortly.
- Find him for me.
- Yes, sir.
- Uh, 34-TL-45.
- Man: 45, go.
Have 34-L-60 respond to intersection Argyle and Franklin.
Code 2.
- Billets: Chief? - Lieutenant, is Outpost Drive still in Hollywood division? Is there a problem, sir? How does traffic set up a DUI checkpoint right outside an O'Shea fundraiser in your division, and you not hear about it? I don't know, sir.
I will look into it right away.
Do that.
[police radio chatter.]
Hey, evening.
Hey, Carl.
Here to see Mrs.
I'll let her know you're here.
Hey, how's it comin'? Made an arrest.
No shit.
Who? Some Vegas shitbird.
He's on ice.
We're driving over in the morning to grab him up.
Wow, good work.
What was it? Was it a mob thing? Why do you say that? I don't know.
Allen, the way he dressed, the whole porn deal.
There's was always something about him that just He smelled like a made guy.
Uh, anyway, go ahead.
Go on up.
- Thanks.
- Yeah.
Evening, Mrs.
And what can I do for you, gentlemen? We wanted you to know we've arrested a suspect in your husband's murder.
His name is Luke Rykoff.
He manages a strip club in Vegas.
Strip club.
Well, that would explain how my husband knew him.
Rykoff had an altercation with your husband the night before he was killed.
About what? Over one of the dancers, friend of your husband's.
- His girlfriend.
- Maybe.
Live by the sword, die by the sword.
Isn't that what they say? Rykoff worked for Joey Marks.
As did your husband.
You know him, Joey Marks? I know him.
He and Tony were cousins.
And you don't look surprised.
You didn't think we'd find out? Mrs.
Allen, whatever you know can help us build a case against Rykoff and Marks.
You think Joey Marks is involved? He might be.
Look, Joey scares me for obvious reasons.
That's why I didn't mention it.
Were he and your husband close? They fought a lot.
Tony thought Joey was an asshole.
Joey thought Tony was a pussy.
What about their business relationship? Joey invested in his films.
Tony bitched about him all the time, said he was always on his back.
Had they had a falling out recently? You know how it is with family.
I got tired of listening to Tony's complaints, so I just blocked it out.
Thank you for letting me know.
Have a good evening.
Have a good night, detectives.
Yeah, they just left.
I know that guy.
He's a cop.
- I know him from Hollenbeck.
- Moonlighting.
I've said his guys are ex cops or on the job.
Shoot me.
I'm gonna stick to real estate, thank you very much.
Feel like we're bein' played, brother.
Seems a bit hinky, don't you think? FBI so eager to help.
They just want to keep us away.
Away from their larger inquiry.
Or Tony Allen and Luke Rykoff.
Two unimportant guys the FBI doesn't care about, but they're keeping close tabs on 'em.
Speaking of tabs, how long has that car been behind us? I don't know.
How'd Griffin know we'd been to ballistics? Yeah, that, too.
Speaking of tabs, let's get a drink.
If the Feds follow us inside, you're buying.