Bosch (2014) s03e07 Episode Script

Right Play

1 Maddie: Vegas, L.
I have such a warped idea of Christmas weather.
Maybe for Christmas vacation we can go to Vail or somewhere with snow.
The Gentrys are going to Vail.
Or Aspen, one or the other.
Are you listening? I could get you a snow globe.
Nice save.
What's going on with you, Dad? Are you worried about the IA thing? It's a pain and a time sink.
I just have to work around it.
By submitting to this coerced involuntary interview, I am in no way waiving rights afforded me by the Peace Officer's Bill of Rights Act.
Familiar with the Lybarger.
That a question? I have your complaint history here.
I know how you feel about IA.
I don't see how you could.
That we're out for scalps.
That's not me.
Let's get started, shall we? Have you seen the cell phone video? - Yes.
- Does it clearly depict your interaction with District Attorney O'Shea? Yes.
Do these photographs accurately illustrate specific moments from that encounter? Conduct unbecoming, clearly.
Add to that the obligation of LAPD officers to provide "close cooperation with prosecutors" as stated in the manual, and we have a problem.
Agreed? May I ask you a question? Well, if it's relevant.
You ever worked a case for two years, then had the DA kick it 'cause it wasn't a slam-dunk, because he was more concerned with his win-loss record than obtaining justice? Because that's what this encounter was about.
That's your rationale? Duly noted.
I lost my temper, Sergeant.
There's no contesting it.
But I know O'Shea didn't file this 128.
He didn't have to.
Did he sign on to it? No.
He declined.
He was the injured party.
Public perception of the department is also the injured party.
I'll be writing a SKELLY and requesting the chief support mediation.
Like the last time.
And the next.
You're predictable, detective.
I got a feeling that I can't let go I got a feeling that I can't let go I got a feeling that I can't let go I got a feeling that I can't let go I got a feeling that I can't let go I got a feeling that I can't let go I got a feeling that I can't let go I can't let go I feel Well, congrats.
You made it through without killing her.
And you were brilliant in there defending me.
I thought I handled it pretty well.
How'd it go? I heard that.
Fingerprints put Jesse Tafero in Gunn's apartment.
Maybe he plays dumb, denies knowing him.
Eh, we got him where we want him.
The bartender ID's Jesse Tafero as the guy drinking with Gunn the week before his murder.
Jesse wanted to be a cop too, like his big brother.
What happened? Tanked the exam.
Didn't make it into the Academy.
Chip on his shoulder? Maybe he wants to prove he's smarter than us.
No doubt.
I'd like to get him in here as a wit, not a suspect.
He works security at an apartment complex on Hollywood near Argyle.
- Guard? - Supervisor.
Well, that's good.
He won't want to talk in front of his guys.
Try to get him here.
Make him think it's his idea, if you can.
That's the right play.
And if his watch looks like it matches those marks? We'll swab it for DNA.
- How are you gonna get it? - We'll ask him.
And if he won't go along? Plan B: arrest his ass.
Step at a time.
Pierce, do a warrant for the swab.
You know, Rudy came up when we did.
Maybe he taught Jesse how to do it.
You can learn the chokehold anywhere, off the internet.
You think Rudy was there, too? That he did Gunn? Well, it's not a stretch.
Jesse's brother, Holland's muscle.
Well, we got nothing on Rudy that puts him there.
You got something? Something you're holding back? Just a thought.
DNA on that roach you picked up near your house came back.
Woody Woodrow.
That's who I was chasing.
Car still hasn't turned up.
We need to talk to him.
Use this to get a warrant on his place - confirmation swab.
- Already on it.
You think Billets will spring for overtime? DNA should buy us a couple of extra days of surveillance.
You really are an optimist under all that dark shit.
That's me Mr.
Come on.
We'll hit up Billets on our way to the beach.
Captain Lewis.
Thank you for seeing me, sir.
I just wanted to give you a heads up.
Bosch met with IA this morning.
I'm aware of that.
Bullpen chatter says it didn't go well at all.
I'm shocked, shocked that it didn't go well.
No surprise.
And I also wanted you to know I have spoken with Lieutenant Billets.
She's capable but been at Hollywood a long time.
Her guys adore her, but that's not always a positive.
I've been trying to tighten things up since I came on board.
You and Billets have a personal connection, right? Family? Married to her ex.
Sounds complicated.
The lieutenant and I do our best to keep our personal lives separate.
I'm sure you do.
Still may not be the best situation in the long run.
Sir, I hope you don't think I came here to undermine Grace in any way.
I think the world of her.
Goes without saying.
Well, thank you, Captain.
Let's wait and see what IA says about Bosch and then take it from there.
Yes, sir.
We agreed to work as partners till this one's done.
That's what we're doing.
You should've come to me, Jerry.
You ever gonna get over that? Working on it.
But yeah.
I'm your partner.
And you can count on me.
So you do count on me.
Working on it.
Robertson and Pierce, Hollywood Division.
Jesse Tafero? Guilty as charged.
How can I help you? We're hoping you might be able to do exactly that help us out with a case.
Oh, sure, yeah, if I can.
If you could give us, say, ten, 15 minutes.
Now's not a great time.
Could you come back later today? What do you think? Uh, might be cutting it close.
Maybe meet you on my break.
You sure you can't just do this now, get it out of the way? The thing is, you know, time is of the essence.
You can come to the station for a minute.
That'd work, right? That would be better in a lot of ways.
- Yeah.
- Private.
- We're over on Wilcox - I know where you are.
Take DeLongpre, we're there in five.
Uh, on second thought, why don't we talk here? Well, there's a guy we'd like to show you.
- A suspect? - Maybe.
Or a witness.
What's the case? - 187.
It's called - A homicide.
You know the code.
Yeah, I do, as a matter of fact.
Uh, I can take my car.
Save you a trip back.
- Perfect.
- Great.
You want us to pick him up if he shows? Nah, just call me.
But if he comes home and decides to go back out again, do not lose him.
Yeah, no worries.
We got this.
- Back to the house? - Yeah.
I want to see how Robertson's doing with Jesse Tafero.
Ballsy, letting him drive himself.
What if he takes off? Sometimes you make an informed decision, hope that it pans out.
Is that Santiago-speak for "roll the dice"? If he rabbits now, we have cause to give him serious grief.
You and Bosch are different, but in some ways Hey, you know, you don't want to finish that sentence.
If your name is Santiago, why do they call you Jimmy? Santiago is Spanish for James.
No kidding.
- Hey, hey, hey! - [honk.]
- Keep on moving! - Watch the road! Keep fucking moving! Let's go! Move! Go! [shouting.]
Damn it.
Do we have an airship over Hollywood? Any airship over Hollywood, come in.
W51 requesting.
Air 8 at Western and Santa Monica.
Request Air 8 go to an available TAC frequency.
Air 8, W51, switch to TAC 2 channel 41.
There he is.
Air 8 here.
Whatcha got? Disregard Air 8.
False alarm.
Back off.
You sure? Everybody has favorite shortcuts.
He just wanted to take Fountain.
Tell me, Ms.
Benitez, why shouldn't I admit testimony from Detective Bosch's civil trial? It's irrelevant.
Defense's intent here is obvious and exclusively prejudicial.
It establishes a disturbing and career-long pattern of rogue behavior by Detective Bosch.
It does nothing of the kind.
Rumors and allegations.
And there's nothing there in that transcript that impeaches Bosch's long record of veracity under oath.
- Your Honor - Mr.
Fowkkes, you've made your point.
Benitez, I denied Mr.
Fowwkes' motion to suppress Bosch's account of his conversation with Mr.
Holland and his putative confession, did I not? Yes, Your Honor, and correctly so.
What I did not do is immunize Detective Bosch from cross-examination.
And if you're unhappy with my decision, you can always revisit a plea agreement with Mr.
Fowkkes before the jury is seated.
Motion denied.
Your Honor, if I may Is this a new motion, Ms.
Benitez? No, Your Honor.
What about you, Mr.
Fowwkes? Well, we're ready to proceed to trial, Your Honor.
Then we'll schedule voir dire to commence next week.
[door opens.]
Did you forget about me? Nobody stopped in to offer you coffee, water? [scoff.]
Very sorry.
What can we get you? You can get this moving.
I need to get back to work.
Yeah, yeah, sure.
This is about Eddie Gunn, isn't it? Why do you say that? I heard he was murdered.
You knew him? Yeah.
We weren't best buds, but we'd have a beer.
Couple times, when he would've pulled a deuce, I drove him home.
Just dropped him off? Usually.
He could get pretty hammered.
You had to help him up the stairs, tuck him in? What of it? Oh.
I get it.
You pulled a print or something.
You don't want my help.
- [sigh.]
- This is bullshit.
You're looking at me.
You think I did Eddie.
Fuck you.
Calm down.
If we had pulled your prints, you think we would've let you drive over here on your own? But now we know.
Now we have to cover you in case a print does pop up.
So where were you the night he dropped? When was it? Sunday night, 13th.
Uh, two Sundays ago? Well? Uh with my brother, his place, watching the World Cup.
When to when? Started around 11:30.
Watched from the semis through the final.
About four hours straight.
Isn't the World Cup usually played mid-summer, - every four years? - Rerun.
Italy-France 2006.
When Zidane head-butted Materrazi and got a red.
Are you a fan? Oh, the beautiful game.
Zidane great player.
Dumb fuck.
France couldn't score without him.
I remember that game.
1-1 at the end - of extra time.
- Yeah.
Italy took it on penalty kicks.
[phone rings.]
Excuse me.
Bosch: I need to see you.
- Right now? - Yes.
Just give me a minute.
A minute.
I gotta get back.
Maybe less, okay? - What the fuck? - You're going kind of fast, aren't you? Well, the guy's been prepped like alibis are an Olympic event.
I want it all down.
Then I can take it apart.
They want the prepped version on record.
Once that's done, he's done.
He's not gonna give you anything else after that.
Which tells me I got the right guy.
But if you arrest him, that tips anybody else involved.
So if it isn't his watch Is this a hunch? Or do you actually have something? We're talking timing here.
Don't interrupt me again.
Hey, so where were we? Oh, yeah, you were kicking back, watching a game.
Did you order take-out? No, it was just, uh, beer, leftovers, chips.
What kind of beer? [sigh.]
All kinds.
I don't know.
I mean, what do I know? Man, give me a Bud.
And you went home when? Uh, about 9.
You said the Cup didn't start until 11:30.
Yeah, 9 the next morning.
I crashed on the couch.
Too much Guinness.
I been there.
So now we know where I was.
Are we working a case or what? Oh, yeah, let's get to it.
Uh, take a look.
Smog Cutter.
And the last time you were in there? A couple weeks ago, maybe.
With Gunn? You fucker.
I'm trying to help you, and this is how you do? Fuck you.
I'm out of here.
You can't hold me here.
I came in on my own steam.
- I leave the same way.
- Not now.
- You're under arrest.
- Shit.
- Under arrest for what? - I'll think of something.
For what? How about resisting arrest? I want my phone call.
Soon as you're booked.
I'll need your personal property.
Wallet, cell phone, watch.
So do you know why you are here? Yeah.
Lying sack of shit right there.
You're being booked for the murder of Edward Gunn.
That's funny.
I heard one of you guys did that.
- Are you sick, ill, or injured? - Not yet.
Do you fear for your safety while at this facility? Not as long as we go one-on-one, you motherfuckers.
Little charmer is all yours.
My call.
[answering machine.]
You've reached Cindy Wagner.
Leave a message.
Wagner, this is Detective Bosch, Los Angeles Police Department.
If you could call me back at your earliest convenience.
Thank you.
Harry, we've got him.
Dead to rights.
Check it out.
This is a couple blocks from where Sharkey was last seen.
The BMW.
No plate, no Moreno.
- Have a little faith.
- It's a work in progress.
Same car.
Headed towards the Bowl.
Definitely two people in the car.
Check the time code.
Still no plate, still no Moreno.
Patience, grasshopper.
Moreno? Ten minutes later, headed back, Franklin.
Xavi Moreno.
All by himself.
Billets: There he is.
You run the plates? Yes ma'am.
Good job.
So we pick up Moreno? No.
What's the problem? I mean, we got him.
He'll crack like a plumber's butt.
We want to question Woodrow first before he knows what we know about Moreno.
But good job, scouts.
This is really excellent work, gentlemen.
Worth a warrant when we need it.
Jesse: No damage.
I just told the truth.
Rudy: Hang tight.
I'm pulling up now.
I'll see you in a few.
You get all that? Pierce.
Hey, Pierce, you get those swabs back on that watch yet? I put a rush on it.
So some time next month.
If we're lucky.
Rudy Tafero's about to show up.
Right on cue.
[phone rings.]
One sec.
He's got Rudy in the break room.
So let's go see what the acting coach has to say.
We'll be right there.
Jimmy, you gonna hold him or kick him? Uh, kick him with a tail.
See who he runs to.
Let him make a mistake.
- Bosch.
- Rudy.
I didn't come here looking for trouble.
It just follows you? Where's my brother? It's not my case.
It's his.
How can we help you, Mr.
Tafero? Cutting the bullshit would be a good start.
Come on, charge him or kick him.
We have 48 hours.
You got nothing.
And that's not gonna change.
This isn't even about Jesse, is it, Bosch? Just gives you a warm feeling to fuck with me.
Give him a break? What do you say, Bosch? You're the officer in charge, but I don't think we've got enough air freshener to cover both of them.
We'll kick him.
Say thank you to Detective Bosch.
Another dissatisfied customer.
Is there any other kind? [phone ringtone.]
[ring, beep.]
- Whatcha got? - Nothing much.
No sign of Woodrow.
But a question from Dexter and Gordon.
Do we need a third team for overnight or So they can pick up the overtime? Sure.
Let him have it.
Anything going on there? Found Dobbs' ex in Boca.
Waiting for her to call me back.
Rudy just sprung his brother.
Robertson's waiting for the DNA on Jesse's watch.
And I'd be a hell of a lot happier if a real cop was our suspect.
You mean Rudy? And a signed confession.
It never hurts.
See you in the morning.
Where's Joe? I destroyed a Scuttle Crab in Summoner's Rift, and he gave up.
[knock on door.]
Doing some work.
Yeah, little bit at a time.
Gonna flip it eventually.
What's up? WiFi problems.
Not really my area of expertise, Sam.
Yeah, well, the Geek Squad ran some tests, and, uh, seems that somebody's hacked into my modem.
They're downloading humongous files.
No kidding? That's wild.
I bought some extra bandwidth, but, uh, on the weekends it's still just a trickle.
Starts Friday night and goes back to normal late on Sunday afternoon.
I still don't get it.
It's coming from your house, Jerry.
What is? The downloading.
Every weekend? Friday through Sunday.
I'll take care of it, Sam.
Thank you.
Talk to me.
I'm sorry.
We'll get to that.
What were you thinking? We've got internet.
It's not fast enough.
Not fast enough for what? Remember the Rosetta thing I asked for for my birthday? Language lessons? They were a little too expensive.
I found them online for free, only it takes forever to download.
That's not free.
That's stealing.
This stops now.
Yes, sir.
What languages? Chinese, Russian, Gaelic.
Gaelic? Your city.
And yours.
I don't have famous chefs and restaurants like this on speed dial.
Who do you have on speed dial? Two karaoke bars and a masseuse.
Well, I think that's way more interesting than mine.
Ever karaoke? I have too much respect for music to desecrate it with my voice.
What kind of music? All kinds.
Something special to you.
Les mystères des voix bulgares.
The Bulgarian Women's Choir, Kaval Sviri? You know it? It was the theme music for "Xena, Warrior Princess.
" Xena.
I watched every episode when I was 10.
Verdict, mademoiselle? Oh.
Irving? Delicious, Laurent.
- A triumph, as always.
- Bien.
Thank you, again, so much for this evening.
The Chief always has a table here.
And you're welcome to come without him, too.
Any time.
I just may do that.
Your own table? He's an old friend.
And I thought, um why not something special for this evening? Thank you.
Let's have another.
How the fuck do you even know what he said to them? You don't know.
You don't know what he said.
He had his story.
He stuck to it.
Unless he didn't.
If they had anything, they would have charged him.
And who knows what he would have said then? I do.
He would have said "I want a lawyer.
" But they didn't charge him because he knew exactly what to say.
Why'd they pick him up in the first place? Fishing expedition.
They thought they had something.
They didn't get what they needed.
And they won't.
Are we good? Volleyball.
I finally got a hold of your mom.
- She is hard to reach.
- I know, right? I convinced her to let you join the travel team.
Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you.
Aw, okay, that's one too many thank yous.
Now I feel guilty.
For what? I didn't actually have to convince her.
Oh, I know.
She told me last week it was all up to you.
Good night.
Any sign of our boy? Not a whiff.
Your boy's a ghost.
If you need coffee, and you will, the place down the beach is fire.
You want us for backup? For a ghost? No.
Go get some sleep.
Whatever you decide, Irv, you have my complete confidence.
Look, here's the problem, Joel.
The timing's bad.
This IA complaint against Bosch might have negative residual effects on a murder case that's about to go to trial.
Sergeant Snyder, she's got a good case.
She's been meticulous and fair.
I'm sure she has.
But we don't want to confuse being a pain in the ass with being a bad cop.
The department's really hoping for unfounded here or, at least, unresolved.
Irv, shouldn't we just let Snyder do her job? Of course.
It's your call.
You do whatever you have to do.
But, uh, tell me.
Do you really want a detective who's cleared 33 murders in the last ten years riding a bench? Even for a few days? Be patient, Joel.
Don't waste your time on this one.
It's Bosch.
He'll give you just cause soon enough.
Matter of time.
And when that happens, the department will back you 100%.
How's Maddie doing? She's doing okay.
Misses her mom.
How'd Jack do with that science fair thing? Third place.
In the city.
Good for him.
You want to see if Dexter knows coffee? Yeah, that'd be good.
If our ghost shows, hit me on the rover.
Do not brace this guy alone.
When do I ever do that? Right back.
[phone ringtone.]
Man: You the detective who sent out a flyer on a dark gray SUV? Who's calling? Hector at Archer's Towing.
Might have got something.
Probably ought to take a look.
Soon as I can, which is not right now.
Where'd you find it? Apartment complex garage in Studio City, near Vineland and Ventura.
Text me the exact address.
Hold it for prints till I get there.
Will do.
Yeah, I'm just gonna clean the place up, and then, uh, aloha, baby.
Call you back.
Aah! Shit.
Officer needs help.
Shots fired.
Coffee bar near the boardwalk.
I do not have eyes on my partner 6-William-22.
Officer needs help.
Shots fired.
Suspect is down.
I am at Espresso Yo'self.
Coffee Bar on Oceanfront Walk, Venice.
I need the paramedics and supervisor.
You okay, partner? Quentin: Walk us through again? The workup to it or the actual Start with the trajectory of your shot this time.
Wasn't complicated.
He didn't get a shot off? He did not.
But you could see that he was armed? I saw him reach for his gun.
When he hit the ground, the Glock fell out.
Whole thing took two, maybe three seconds.
You did not see the weapon before you fired? I did not.
But his body language was clear.
He was armed.
He intended to shoot me.
Let's start again from the beginning.
When the overnight team left.
How long before you went to get coffee? - Hey.
- Hey.
How's Edgar? He's still in with FID, but I'll be there when he gets out.
Give me a call.
You find anything? Dobbs and Moreno are gone.
You got surveillance in place pretty quick.
Don't expect anything.
They got their money.
No reason not to get the fuck out of Dodge.
What? They're Special Forces.
So? So they could go after Jerry.
Really, Harry? I mean, they got what they came for.
Their cover's blown.
He's a cop.
That's crazy.
That's what RHD said when I called: doesn't rise to criminal threat.
I'll put two Hollywood guys on it.
- How's J.
Edgar? - He's okay.
Now can we pick up Moreno? Too late, brother.
They're in the wind.
Looks like they put you through it, brother.
Is that a wrinkle I see? Fuck you, Harry.
How you holding up? I've had better days.
You hungry? You gotta eat.
It bothers me more than I thought it would.
More than Nash? This is different.
It's personal.
You know, close range.
He made a move.
No choice.
I was lucky.
I wasn't ready.
It took me by surprise.
Training kicked in.
Ask yourself: anything else you could have done? I wish I would have seen him sooner.
Maybe I could've taken him down without He called it, Jerry.
Not what you wanted.
I guess.
So ask the question.
Run it from every angle.
When you know the movie by heart, you put it in a box with all the other bad shit we see.
It won't go away? No.
It won't.
You live with it.
Remind me what else we need to look forward to.
- BSS.
- Oh, fuck.
Remember the big question: "Are you sleeping okay, detective?" Like a baby.
And stay away from the news.
Really? They're not on our side? I didn't see the gun, Harry.
You knew he had one.
You knew it.
Wait a tenth of a second, LaTonya's raising Jack and Joe on her own.
How's J.
Edgar? Bosch: He's dealing with it.
Listen, uh, tell him ah, you know what to tell him.
What's up? Well, I'm on my deck, and I'm looking out at a fire.
Just wanted to make sure somebody called it in.
Half hour ago.
What's burning? River Watch Retirement Community.
Who's lead on it? So far? Darnell.
I used to visit a guy there.
Retired detective John Caffrey.
When you talk to Darney, ask him if he made it through.
Let me know, yeah? Roger that.