Bosch (2014) s03e08 Episode Script

Aye Papi

1 He saw me and reached for his gun.
I shot him.
I had to to protect the public and to protect myself.
Did you almost die? No, Joe, no, it's not like that.
Um, I'm fine.
- Did you have to kill him? - Of course he did.
That's what we're trained to do, to make sure nobody else gets hurt.
But couldn't you have shot him in the arm or something? Like on TV? That's not how it is in real life.
Uh, if I tried to shoot him in the arm, I might have missed and hit an innocent bystander.
Are you going to get a medal? - Don't be stupid.
- Jack.
Dad could get fired over this.
Listen to the news.
Daddy, are you going to lose your job? Is that what you're worried about? No, I'm not.
I didn't do anything wrong.
So why aren't you at work? I get a few days off when they look into everything.
See, when something like this happens, the department comes in and makes sure the cops did everything right.
And I did.
I'd give you a medal.
I think you're a hero.
Thank you, buddy.
But you know what? I'm not a hero.
I was just doing my job.
Okay? What was his name? Woodrow.
Woody Woodrow.
Was he black? He was white.
Okay, boys, time for school.
Go brush your teeth.
Wait, um I need a hug.
Come here.
Oh, I love you, guys.
I love you, Daddy.
Here, take this.
Thank you, Jackie.
That was tougher than talking to IA.
What? You're mad at me? I'm happy you're okay.
You are mad at me.
I don't want those boys to grow up without a father.
They won't.
I got a feeling that I can't let go I got a feeling that I can't let go I got a feeling that I can't let go I got a feeling that I can't let go I got a feeling that I can't let go I got a feeling that I can't let go I got a feeling that I can't let go I can't let go I feel Police! We have a warrant to search the premises! Let 'er rip.
Is it clear? All right.
We're looking for two weapons a 9-millimeter used to kill William Meadows and a knife with a 3-inch curved blade used to kill Thomas Niese.
Also anything and everything that would point to the whereabouts of Xavi Moreno.
Nah, I don't get it.
Dobbs was a private contractor.
Guess that's how he was able to afford a place like this.
That is possible.
Did you find something? Cornell Jackson ripped these guys off.
Oh, is that why they killed him? Maybe.
Or he was just another loose end like Sharkey.
- You? - Uh, nothing.
As in nothing.
The place has been cleared out.
It's practically empty.
- Wiped clean? - No, no.
There's plenty of prints, though so far it looks like they're all from the same person.
- Dobbs.
- Well, we still have to confirm it, but who else? The family pictures? The kids' toys? Your guess is as good as mine.
No gun.
More knives than a carnival act, but none that fit the description.
Unlike the Beemer.
You are one ace detective.
I know.
Call it in, Kemosabe.
This is 6-W-45.
I need a tow at this location.
Can we please go home? Please? Look, between travel team and school, you'll hardly be here.
This sucks.
It's just a few days.
I can't do my job if I'm worried about you.
So you are worried? But I won't be if you're here with Grace.
I just want you out of harm's way.
Harm's way.
What are we talking about here, Dad? Is this like the kidnapping? Remember what I promised you in Vegas that time at the airport? That I'd never be in that kind of danger again.
I promised.
But now it seems that I am.
Which is why I want you here.
I want to help.
I want to learn, Dad.
This is like a teachable moment.
I mean, who are these guys? Okay, look, when this is all over, we'll sit down, we'll go through the case.
Okay? I still think I should be with you.
We need to spend more time at the range.
I want to get really proficient at that 9 millimeter.
Come on.
Grace is waiting.
Hi, Maddie.
Lisa's in the guestroom, getting it ready.
I love you.
Keep me posted.
I promise.
Go ahead.
Thanks, Grace.
Not to worry.
Buen día.
Hey, handsome.
You read about Caffrey? Yeah.
Horrible way to go.
The worst.
Didn't he handle your mother's case? He did.
Ever work with him? He was pulling the pin just about the time I got to Hollywood.
So it's not true you humped a Shamu with Wyatt Earp? Yeah, yeah.
That's true.
Earp was my T.
Damn shame about Caffrey.
Cindy Wagner, please.
Detective Bosch, LAPD.
Yeah, this is she.
Thank you for returning my call.
I'd like to ask you some questions about your ex-husband.
- Which one? - Trevor Dobbs.
Oh, Lord.
Where'd you dig him up? Is now a good time? So Judge Houghton wants you and Fowkkes to meet in her office and talk.
About? She wants a plea agreement.
I want a trial.
Make a deal, Anita.
Do it now, and it'll play in the media like Holland's capitulating.
Or like our case is tanking.
Our case is tanking.
Make a deal.
Yesterday there was yet another officer-involved shooting.
This time, the victim was a veteran of our illegal war in Iraq.
LAPD is just another bunch of bloodthirsty thugs, a street gang in blue hiding behind the badge.
Wolfe, please stay on topic.
My point is I vigorously object to allocating 5,000 of my tax dollars to the K-9 unit for the oppression and suppression of my fellow citizens.
Yeah! That's right.
Moving on to agenda item 2 report of the Chief of Police.
Acting Chief Irving.
I'd like to reassure the public that our efforts to apprehend the Koreatown Killer continue unabated and will do so as long as it takes to apprehend this criminal.
Thank you, Chief.
Speakers who would like to address the Chief's comments on KTK? The next speakers are Clifton Campbell, Big Mike, Super Batchick, and Mr.
Campbell, please confine your comments to the Chief's remarks and the topic at hand.
Yes, your Honor.
Let's face facts.
It's going on what, four years now? I live in that neighborhood.
People are scared.
And I blame you, Chief Irving.
People are getting killed because of your lack of leadership.
It's clear by now LAPD can't handle KTK.
He's outsmarted you at every turn.
We Angelenos deserve better.
I'm afraid the Koreatown Killer will continue his reign of terror indefinitely until we get a new chief.
Thank you.
Thank you, Mr.
And thank you for your tone.
We could use more of that civility in these sessions.
The next speaker is Big Mike.
Regarding the Koreatown Killer, Chief Irving, you're nothing but a Tom, cooning for The Man in that blue uniform.
You ought to be ashamed of yourself.
Yeah! Judge Houghton? She's waiting to hear from us.
Voluntary manslaughter.
Sentencing rec? The max.
He behaves himself, - he's out in six.
- Oh, please.
Then let's go to trial on the murder charges.
Anita, We're having this conversation because you can't prove he killed her at all, unintentionally or otherwise.
This case should never have been brought.
DNA from a consensual sexual encounter, no witnesses, a timeline you could drive a Corvette through, no history of aberrant behavior on Mr.
Holland's part.
Thanks to your witness tampering.
Oh, and your star witness? Thoroughly discredited as a suspect in another homicide.
You're not even planning to call Bosch Mm-hmm.
I guessed it right.
- What are you looking for? - Time served.
Oh, please.
You're joking, right.
He's been under house arrest.
Confined for more than a year on trumped up, spurious charges.
Involuntary man.
Sentencing rec? The maximum four years.
Four years is a lifetime in his business.
With good behavior, out in two.
Credited with 14 months of time served? Fuck you.
I draw the line.
I'll talk it over with my client, and I will get back to you anon.
Hey, Harry.
How's our boy doing? He's holding up.
Listen, some of us old timers were thinking about throwing a little "end of watch debrief" for young Edgar.
A K-party? Thought we don't do that anymore.
We don't.
So, how about it? It's kind of poking the department bear, don't you think? I'm not inviting the damn department.
Look, Mank, I'm a little under the microscope right now.
Come on.
Couple of piss-ant IA investigations, you're turning all soft and PC on me? Thought you were a proud member of the "sixth month" club.
Jesus, Mank, not by choice.
All right, Roger that.
I'll call Jerry myself, keep you out of it.
But you better fucking be there.
Wouldn't miss it for the world.
Get out.
Latents pulled some prints from the Beemer, and there might be trace blood evidence.
Well, fingers crossed.
What about Moreno's boat? Coast Guard, sheriff, Harbor Masters on the lookout.
We're in touch with his insurance company to get the GPS.
He'll disable it.
What's he gonna do, navigate by the stars? He knows how.
You mind if we check it out anyway? Not at all.
Your goose chase.
Did you reach the ex-wife? She split right after he deployed for Iraq, his first tour.
- She say why? - He made her nervous.
She'd wake up in the middle of the night, and he'd be staring at her, and not in a good way.
I can see why that might make her nervous.
So, after he shipped out, she moved, got a divorce.
Hasn't seen him since.
What about the kids? There are no kids.
So the toys? The family photos? Phony.
Somebody else's kids.
Somebody else's wife.
The woman in the photos is not Cindy Wagner.
So deeply, deeply fucking weird.
Deeply dangerous.
Don't let him sell you the fucking Viking Flybridge.
That piece of shit is a tub.
I have no fucking idea what you're talking about.
Guy said he's got some sweet Bertrams, Sea Rays, Carvers.
So long as it floats.
Gunned him down like a goddamn dog.
He drew on that cop.
Should've just gone peaceably.
They had nothing on him.
If he drew on him, why didn't he waste him? That's what I don't get.
Caught him unawares.
A fucking detective? Probably never fired his weapon in his whole life.
He was on the fucking phone with me.
I wonder if the cops got his money.
Most likely.
Got to let it go.
Time to move on.
We got ours.
Yes, we did.
What's your plan? Somewhere warm.
Then Costa Rica.
- You? - Headed north.
Maybe the Queen Charlottes.
Too frío para mi, bro.
And too fucking white.
It's been an honor being your captain.
The honor's been all mine.
Hey, Pierce.
How's Edgar? He's fine.
I'll tell him you said hey.
- You need something? - DNA results.
- Jesse Tafero's watch? - End of the day, maybe.
I thought you put a rush on that.
What're you gonna do? Every time I call over there, they say you can't rush science.
But you can rush lab tachs.
Keep pressing.
- Bosch.
- Jimmy.
- Everything good here? - Couldn't be better.
Pierce, you're gonna let me know about the watch, right? Sure thing.
- Hey.
- Hey.
I was going to leave a message.
Now you don't have to.
How are you? I've been better.
I just heard back from Fowkkes.
Holland won't take a plea.
I'm glad he turned it down.
Such a chickenshit, O'Shea.
Take it to trial.
Yeah, it's easy for you to say.
I'm the one who has to go in there without my two most important witnesses.
You know what the counter was? Let me guess.
Time served.
Not even.
Dismiss the charges, no admission of guilt, and an apology from the city, and he promises not to sue.
Well, I hope you laughed in his face.
I would've, but I'm afraid O'Shea might make me take it.
Where are you with Gunn? Getting closer.
I hope so.
I'm getting skewered if Holland walks.
That's what you're most worried about, your career? Well, shouldn't I be? Just because yours is always in the toilet and you don't seem to care about it doesn't mean Yeah.
You ever get through to your mom? I gave up on that for now.
It's impossible with the time difference.
And her schedule is cray-cray.
She really play poker for a living? Yeah.
She was an FBI agent before that.
- That's so cool.
- Which? Poker.
She ever teach you? She tried, but I have zero interest in cards.
Why not? I want to be a cop.
Not me.
I mean, look what just happened.
Edgar could've been killed.
And your dad, too, I mean, if he'd been there.
Although he is a total badass.
Harry? Totally.
I know he seems like he is.
And he is, but he isn't.
No, I know.
Like my parents.
Your mom is so tough.
I never say goodbye to her.
I always say "See you later.
" "Love you, Mom.
See you later.
" Feels better than goodbye.
And we find the death of John Bradfield and Goldie West due to accidental causes while evading arrest for the murder of Charles McGee.
Well, the papers can't squawk this time.
A guy is murdered, and six hours later, we not only discover who committed the crime, but we also know that he's dead.
Can you imagine the howl if this hadn't happened? Killing a reporter - Hey, brother.
- Hey.
Thought you could use some company and some grub.
Great flick.
Where's your security detail? I turned it down.
Where's yours? Having beers with your guys.
Maddie? Staying with Grace until this blows over.
That's smart.
Just a precaution.
Eleanor knows what's going on? I asked Maddie not to tell her.
You know, why worry her? What can she do about it? Fly in from Hong Kong.
The last thing I need.
Have to worry about her, too.
Gonna grab a beer.
You want one? I'm good.
What's the latest on Gunn? Just got off the phone with Pierce.
DNA from Jesse Tafero's watch finally came back.
I'm guessing from your tone of voice we struck out.
Jesse Tafero's watch, Jesse Tafero's DNA.
Nothing from Gunn.
- Shit.
- Yeah.
So how's your family sorting through this? Ah boys are confused.
Full of questions.
Tonya's acting all mad at me.
Shit, I'm mad too, you know? Mad at this asshole for putting me in this situation, fucking making me kill him and having to explain it to my kids.
Ain't it the truth.
I got everything you wanted, baby.
Good girl.
Did you tighten that hose clamp? Um, you can tighten mine.
Bad boy.
Love to.
Did you figure out where we're going? That place we found? Sea of Cortez? Umm.
How could I forget? I'm gonna meet you there.
Papi, no.
You're coming with me.
You can do it.
I gotta take care of something.
- I want to stay with you.
- Ai, mami.
Do what I tell you for once.
If I take the boat, how are you gonna get there? Walk if I have to.
You're gonna walk to Baja? That's crazy.
I walked across Afghanistan.
I can walk to fucking Baja in my sleep.
Thanks for meeting me, Mark.
You got another one of those? What is it? A thumb drive.
What's on it? Footage.
- From? - The rooftop camera.
Oh, Jesus, Harry.
Of what? Won't mean anything to you.
What do you want me to do with it? Just make sure it can't be traced to either of us.
No shit.
This has to be it, Harry.
Just do this, and everything's Jake.
Always with the pickles.
You don't even like pickles.
Why do you get them? You like pickles.
I get them for you.
You're sweet.
Officer John Enochty, Rampart.
We have your suspect in custody.
- Come again? - KTK, man.
Pulled him over running a red light on a stolen bike.
You working off the composite? Spitting image.
You'll see.
Famous last words.
This is him, man.
I mean, he's even got an arrest in '06 attempted car-jacking.
I mean, come on.
All right, just book him for RSP with a prior.
- We'll swing by in the morning.
- Are you sure? Because we can book him on the other right now, no problem.
Don't say anything to anyone about KTK.
Just get a good shake.
Officer McGruff here, he wants to arrest the guy already.
Fucking RHD.
You know they're going to take their sweet-assed time - getting down here.
- Fuck that.
On your feet.
Oh, hey, guess what.
Fingerprints paid off.
Sharkey was in the Beemer.
DNA? Moreno's, not Sharkey's.
Still might be enough.
Dobbs using his credit cards? Not since the day I interviewed him.
Hasn't touched his cell phone, either.
What's he spend his money on? Takeout, guns, web cam porn.
Barrel's new bachelor routine.
Sounds like he's livin' the dream.
Keep you posted on Moreno.
Thanks, brother.
Did you authenticate the tape? Techs at the paper said it's kosher.
Note the date and time stamp.
The night Gunn was murdered.
It was messengered to the Times, so whoever sent it used a phony name.
Times sent it to me unopened.
Can they trace the thumb drive back to a computer? All identifiers have been removed.
Of course they have.
You can keep that.
I have it in the cloud.
You writing an article about this? Not until I can verify the source.
You recognize the two guys? I can't comment on an ongoing investigation.
Is that a yes? That's a no comment.
Off the record.
Not this time.
I want the story first when you crack it.
Yeah, I'll do what I can.
I'll tell you one thing.
What's that? The guy's a smoker.
We know where that tape was recorded.
That's where the camera was.
Pointed right at Gunn's front door.
Ain't that a bitch? Well, he disabled the GPS.
The tracking system couldn't find him.
As I said before.
Ah, but a harbor master down in Baja saw a boat pull in that matched the BOLO.
He contacted the authorities.
They checked the HIN.
It's the Aye Papi under a different name.
They have it under surveillance.
- Whereabouts? - La Paz.
- Gulf of California.
- Sea of Cortez.
You'll need to bring the Foreign Prosecution Unit on this.
And someone's gotta go down there with them.
A little Mexican vacation.
You want in on this, Harry? Check my weapon at the border, sit in the back of a dark truck, sweating my ass off while the Federales bust my guy? Not my style.
Well, yeah, when you put it like that.
I'm on Dobbs.
I'll talk to Moreno when you've got him back here in custody.
Copy that.
Bring him back alive.
Be careful.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Heard you guys scored some grade A surveillance footage.
Floated in on the tide.
Puts Jesse Tafero at the scene the night of the murder.
Of course it's not admissible.
You can still use it.
Oh, we will.
And I'm sure whoever sent it to Scott Anderson is planning on just that.
That would be the right play.
How do you see this thing going? You squeeze Jesse to get to Rudy.
Rudy gives you Holland.
Because Holland's your end game.
Because he's behind it.
First thing tomorrow.
Jimmy, you're cutting me in? I want to see how you're going to do this.
Nobody rattles Rudy Tafero's cage like you do.
I like to think of it as a gift.
Mark Taylor, please.
Who's calling? Jerry Edgar.
I'm a detective with LAPD.
Fucking guy.
Leave a message.
Taylor, Jerry Edgar.
We got disconnected.
I wanted to ask you a few questions about my partner Harry Bosch.
You have my number.
Give me a call.
- Hey.
- Hey.
I was in the neighborhood.
Thought I'd stop by, see how you're doing.
On your way to Studio City? I'm calling your bullshit on that, Jimmy.
Yeah, a little out of my way.
Come on in.
Just stop blowing smoke up my ass.
All right.
Fair enough.
You heard about the tape? I heard.
From a rooftop surveillance camera across the way from Gunn's.
Shows two guys breaking into his place - the night he was murdered.
- The killers.
You found the camera? I sure as shit found where it was.
You know damn well that tape came from Bosch.
I don't know that.
Look, Harry didn't kill Gunn.
You've seen the tape, right? Is he on it? No.
Jesse Tafero and another guy.
- Rudy.
- Probably.
Doesn't that exonerate Bosch? Come on.
He's involved.
He's complicit somehow, some way, and you know it.
Makes you complicit too.
I got nothing more to tell you, Jimmy.
Shit hits the fan on this, don't say I didn't give you a chance.
You look beat.
Get some rest.
Sorry we missed dinner.
I'm not.
Hungry? Mm-mm.
We could order room service, go downstairs.
Um, I'm happy right where I am.
Do you have to get that? I do not.
A man believed to be the so-called Koreatown Killer, suspected in a four-year string of violent crimes, has been arrested.
The Los Angeles Police Department says 45-year-old Calvin Wilson was pulled over for a routine traffic stop.
Wilson has been linked to a half dozen robbery-assaults, four car jackings, three shootings, and two murders.
Not even close.
Wilson is being held without bail Shit.
- They're here - Rudy: On my way.
Jesse Tafero.
You're under arrest for the murder of Edward Gunn.
He can't talk right now, Rudy.
Bosch, what the fuck? Let's go.
Where's my brother? I know he's here.
You just brought him in.
Then you know that he's being processed.
This is fucking bullshit.
Don't even try to talk to him without a lawyer.
I didn't want to talk to him in the first place.
Then why'd you drag him down here again? I know what it is you're doing.
I was you, only better.
I'm telling you, Rudy, I got no dog in this fight.
This is not your doing? Bosch's idea.
And this bad blood between you and Bosch has got nothing to do with me or my case.
Then can we fucking fix this now? We'll sort this out.
I need you to babysit.
- You want coffee? - No.
I need coffee.
I'll be right back.
Cream, two sugars.
Stay put.
Cream, two sugars.
Where's Robertson? Taking a leak.
He'll be back in a minute.
Meantime Meantime nothing.
Talk to your brother yet? He's being processed.
So okay.
So we got some time.
Oh, shit.
You've got the wrong Mark Taylor.
Don't call me again.
Okay, listen, ten years ago, I was hired to do matrimonial work for Mrs.
Lester Smith was cheating on his wife.
I was hired to take the pictures to prove it.
I had no connection with what happened after that.
- With his murder.
- That's right.
That's how you know Bosch.
My prints showed up at their house, the crime scene.
Bosch kept me out of it.
That's it.
End of story.
Not quite.
In return, you did some work for him.
You're still working for him.
I'm not.
Your thumbprint on a camera I found inside Edward Gunn's apartment.
You set up the system, the outside camera, the one on the roof across the way.
Not on the phone.
Tell me where.
MacArthur Park.
Picnic tables, near 7th Street.
Thirty minutes.
Aw, come on.
Oh, hey.
Fucking IA.
Hollywood Watch Commander's Office, inside line.
- I'm shot.
- What? Officer down, Mank.
It's Jerry Edgar.
I'm shot.
I need help.
I'm under fire.
Jerry, where are you? Home.
Your house? Driveway.
Oh, shit.
All right.
You talk to me, Jerry.
You tell me what you see.
This is 6-L-90.
Officer needs help.
Officer down.
Baldwin Hills.
I need ambulance and unit to 5751 Bow Cross Street.
Jerry, where is the shooter? Is he still on the scene? Jerry.
You talk to me, Jerry Edgar.
Wh-Where are the shots coming from? What do you see? - I'm not - Jerry.
I'm not sure I saw him.
Maybe on the hill, in the park.
It It sounds like a rifle.
Oh, shit.
Jerry? Jerry? - Jack.
- Jerry! Jack.