Bosch (2014) s03e09 Episode Script

Clear Shot

1 Police Radio: This is Air 3.
We're over here at the help call.
Be advised, we have one male down in the driveway.
Advise rescue team to respond, westbound to Bowcroft.
Rescue team be advised, possible sniper threat is in the hills south of the victim's location.
[sirens approaching.]
All right, move! Man: Eyes on the hills.
- Mount up! Mount up! - Spread out! Go! [sirens.]
I got a feeling that I can't let go I got a feeling that I can't let go I got a feeling that I can't let go I got a feeling that I can't let go I got a feeling that I can't let go I got a feeling that I can't let go I got a feeling that I can't let go I can't let go I feel [helicopter passing.]
[police radio chatter.]
Hell of a shot.
Not for these guys.
[radio chatter continues.]
Thought you'd be at the hospital.
On my way.
Wanted to see the scene first.
Yeah, me, too.
Chief of D's filled me in.
This connected to the man who got killed? Yeah, we got a BOLO out on his two asshole buddies.
Ex-Army, Special Forces.
One of them's a decorated sniper.
Clear shot.
A miracle he wasn't killed.
First shot hit Jerry in the shoulder.
Second one blew out the windows instead of his head.
He scrambled to the front.
Third one was right on target.
Stopped by the engine block.
His training kicked in.
Jerry did just what he was supposed to do.
- What's that? - That is an old Special Forces trick.
You walk over, reach to pick it up But he didn't pick it up.
It saved his life.
Any word? He'll live.
Cautiously optimistic they can save the arm.
Cautiously optimistic.
What else can you be? [sighs.]
Come on.
[music plays on radio.]
Man on radio: This hour, an audacious sniper attack in broad daylight in Baldwin Hills on a veteran LAPD detective outside his home.
Police have not released the name of this officer, and no word yet on his condition.
Police are searching for two individuals described as persons of interest.
- Fuck me.
- In other news Fuck.
[door opens.]
The fuck's going on? - Where's Bosch? - We got a situation.
All hell's breaking loose.
What about my brother? That's what I'm saying.
Everything's on hold.
We got an officer down.
- Who? - Jerry Edgar.
Jesus Christ.
How is he? Too soon to tell.
Listen, you can hang on a little while longer or come back tomorrow.
It's up to you.
I've waited this long.
I can hang a little longer.
Get you another coffee? Yeah.
This time go easy on the fucking sugar.
The shot shattered his shoulder blade.
They're piecing it back together with screws and plates.
- They still optimistic? - Yeah.
Yeah, they are.
Best case scenario, if all goes well and he's religious about his PT You know he will be.
Six months before he regains full use and mobility.
He's going to be riding a desk for awhile.
I have to give a statement.
That's what they pay you the big bucks for.
[phone ringing.]
- Bosch.
- Detective? Hector, Archer's Towing.
I've been meaning to get over there.
Love to get this damn thing out of here.
Keep it locked up tight.
I'll be over there tomorrow at the latest.
- All right.
- And Hector? - Sir? - It's evidence.
- Got it? - Got it.
Fuck this.
Woman on TV: Police presence is on the ground, and we know at least one sniper Where is everyone? All hands on deck? Full court press to find the shooter.
And they left you behind to baby-sit? Yeah, somebody has to mind the store.
This is bullshit.
I've been here all day.
I'll be back in the morning to get my brother with a lawyer.
Suit yourself.
I'll walk you out.
We got Jesse on tape surveillance cam at Gunn's the night he was killed.
Hey, just saying.
Might want to stick around.
[line ringing.]
Man: The wireless customer you're calling is not available.
Please hang up and try your call again.
- Jimmy? - Hey.
- Tafero? - He's still with us.
Oh, he must be fully marinated by now.
Nice and tender.
Shall we? - You give me a minute? - Sure.
All right.
All right.
Well, that's great news.
Keep me posted.
He's out of surgery.
He's in recovery.
They say it went well.
He's going to be setting off metal detectors for the rest of his life.
Well, he's very lucky.
One way to look at it.
What is the other way? He got shot by a sniper, Grace.
Look, we are all upset about Jerry, but we've got to look at the glass as half full here.
What else is going on? Crate and Barrel are down in Baja.
They have made arrangements to raid Moreno's boat in the morning.
That glass is going to come up empty.
Moreno's not there.
So what's on your agenda? I'm about to have at Tafero.
Well, have at him.
Woman on TV: this is an active crime scene, - Jimmy? - There no longer appears to be any threat.
Sorry to keep you waiting, Rudy.
Hands full.
Spare me.
How's Edgar? He's going to be okay.
Thank Christ for that.
Always liked him.
So can we get to it? This tape Robertson's talking about? Jimmy: It's legit.
That's your brother.
Looks kind of like him.
Jury would agree, especially with his fingerprints on the door.
- The other guy's you.
- Good luck proving that.
He could be right.
We know Jesse won't flip.
That's right.
He won't.
I'd worry about Jesse taking the weight though, - wouldn't you? - I would.
Doesn't strike me as all that tough.
I mean, murder for hire, that's what we're looking at, right? L-WOP, Life without parole.
- Most definitely.
- That's a heavy door, brother.
Slams shut, stays shut.
Quit trying to play me.
I know the game.
You want your phone call? I'll let you know.
So how did it go? Going to let him stew a little.
Do you think he'll lawyer-up? Might.
He knows he shouldn't talk to us.
We got him thinking about his brother.
And cops, sometimes they're caught, they want to lay it all out, tell it there way.
You know, get in front of it.
He thinks he's going to get something for his baby bro? It might put him in a talkative mood.
Well, I'll call Benitez, ask her to talk to O'Shea about the flying Tafero Brothers.
You got time? I'm going to grab some dinner.
Why not? Woman on TV: Was Detective Edgar able to call for help? Irv.
Sorry I'm late.
- No worries.
- What can I get you? Uh I'll have what he's having.
What are you having? Hibiki.
Japanese whiskey.
I'll have one of those, straight up.
We could have rescheduled.
No, this is good.
I needed a break.
Must have had quite the day.
How's your man? He's going to make it.
Hell of a thing when the police are targeted.
Hope we're not in for another round of cop killings.
Dallas, Baton Rouge - This was personal.
- You know who? The man that got shot in Venice? One of his compadres.
- Thank you.
- Yeah, my pleasure.
Chin, chin.
Shall we get the bad news out of the way so we can enjoy our dinner? Actually I've reconsidered.
Ah, don't toy with me, Irv.
I accept the offer, if it's still good.
Of course it is.
Of course it's still good.
I'm delighted.
The mayor will be thrilled.
Does he know? I wanted to tell you first.
Yeah, extra extra spicy.
- You ever work with him? - Rudy? Once.
I'd just made rank.
- Was he bent back then? - Like a crowbar.
He used to keep this old search warrant in his glove compartment.
He'd flash it when he wanted to get in somewhere without going through the niceties.
Did he use it when he worked with you? He tried.
I told him to put it back in his glove compartment or I'd stick it up his ass.
One and only time I ever worked with him.
[phone vibrating.]
Benitez is at the front desk.
Let's go.
You talk to O'Shea? Let's see what Mr.
Tafero has to say.
- It's your case.
- Gunn was yours first.
- Rudy.
- Bosch.
Back so soon? Ms.
What's your pleasure? Let's get the formalities out of the way.
- No call? - No call.
You know your rights.
You want to talk to us? Sitting in? You know how this works, Mr.
Come clean and cooperate.
If you give us some good evidence against Andrew Holland, we'll go to a judge, and you and your brother can plead this down from life to something with a little daylight at the end of it.
I should've drafted some other knucklehead, left him out of it.
I met Holland at our place, helped him move the body upstairs.
- Holland? - Andrew Holland.
- Who's body? - Donatella Spear.
He said it was an accident.
Rough sex.
Slippery slope, working for Holland.
- Judging me, Harry? - No.
- Bullshit.
- Not my job.
Admit it.
If we hadn't done Gunn, you would have.
- I did you a favor.
- Cut the shit, Rudy.
Walk me through it.
Jesse buddied up to Gunn, befriended him.
Buy him drinks, drive him home.
The night it was originally supposed to go down, he was going to get him drunk, drive him home, and he'd take a header over the balcony.
- But it didn't happen.
- Why not? Jesse bought him one drink too many.
Gunn got shit-faced.
Got his ass tossed in the can.
Who bailed him out? - Marissa Mattas.
- The woman in red, works for Holland.
She doesn't know anything, Bosch.
- Keep her out of this.
- That's up to you.
But she bailed Gunn out.
By the time she got him home, it was almost dawn.
We called it off.
Tell me about the night of.
We pull up, Jesse's driving.
- The Cadillac.
- Caddy, yeah.
- Jesse loves 'em.
- You boosted it.
Happy to cop to grand theft auto if you want to drop the rest of the beef.
- Go on.
- We get our stuff out of the trunk of the car and we head upstairs.
I'm sure it's all on the tape.
Tell me what happens inside after the tape.
I didn't see it, so clue me.
You're at the door.
We're at the door.
We kill the light, pick the lock, slip the chain.
1, 2, 3, we're inside.
Gunn is four fucking sheets to the wind.
Sees Jesse, thinks we've come to party.
We help him write the note.
"I'm sorry.
" No problem.
But then the nickel drops and he balks at going out on the deck.
- I bet.
- Clawing at the wall.
I put the restraint on him and he's out, quiet as a baby.
So he's out.
What then? Head first.
" You know, the sound a watermelon makes when it hits the pavement.
Hard to lift that much dead weight over the balcony rail by yourself.
My brother stayed inside.
He never laid a hand on Gunn.
Tell me about the frame-up, my prints on the glass.
You're a creature of habit, Bosch.
El Compadre.
Filched your glass one night at the bar.
- Jesse? - Right behind you.
You never knew he was there.
Okay, so you put me at the scene.
Why not just choke Gunn out? Why pitch him off the balcony? Why the owl? Andrew Holland had a script the fall of Hieronymus Bosch.
You think we would ever in a million years have thought about the fucking owl? That was Holland talking directly to you, Bosch.
He literally drew it up.
- Drew it up? - Storyboards.
Little drawings like he was directing a movie.
You had them with you that night.
Had to.
Had to make sure the owl was in exactly the right place.
Little prick is really particular.
You kept them, didn't you? The storyboards? Just in case.
Look at us.
Look at us, Bosch, still humping this shit.
I am.
What I see is you're on the other side of the table.
Come a long way, Rudy, from ripping off drug dealers to murder for hire.
You want a reason? You got one? - Grace: So what about Holland? - We need more.
Just what I was about to say.
You think he'll continue to cooperate? To get to Holland? He'll cooperate.
I'm going to go write the warrant for the Taferos.
I'll call Judge Andrews, tell him to expect you.
You know, Harry, I'd really like it if we stayed friends.
What's the point? [beeping.]
[phone vibrating.]
Where are you? TJ.
Tijuana? Wow.
How'd you get across? Cousin in San Diego.
Fishing boat.
Going to run me down to Baja tomorrow.
I've been trying to reach you all day.
I had my phone off.
Really brought the heat.
I know.
Told you to let it go.
I had to try, captain.
Couldn't live with myself.
What's done is done.
Good luck.
You, too.
On your way north? Just about.
Going to take a look for Woody's share on my way out.
It's too bad you're in Baja or you could come with.
You got a line on that? I thought the cops had it.
Well, I got to thinking maybe he stashed most of it somewhere.
One of his surf camps maybe.
You know where? Got a couple ideas.
We'll see if they pan out.
If I find it, I'll send you your half.
Roger that.
I better go in case anyone's tracking this.
You're a good man, captain.
[Spanish music on radio.]
"Buenos Diaz, senior-Rita.
" Detective Ruiz, it's all yours.
Thank you, detective.
[speaking Spanish.]
- [speaking Spanish.]
- Whoa.
- Hey.
- Hi, Harry.
- How you doing, LaTonya? - Okay.
- Maddie.
- Hi.
Look at you, all grown up.
The boys? Better now they know he's going to be okay.
How's Jerry doing this morning? He's good, considering.
He's a little zonked from the drugs.
- Thank you for coming.
- Of course.
- Don't stay too long.
- Oh, we won't.
Chief, this is my daughter Maddie.
- This is Chief Irving.
- Nice to meet you.
I've heard a lot about you.
Well, don't believe it.
Maddie, would you please excuse us? I need a quick word with your dad.
- I'll wait over here.
- Thank you.
I'll be right back.
Look, I wanted you to know that IA complaint will come back unfounded.
It was bullshit anyway.
I believe the appropriate response is thank you.
For quashing a bogus complaint that never should have been filed in the first place? - It's called doing your job.
- Okay.
I don't owe you.
Call it even.
Hey, Maddie.
Hey, Jerry.
What a surprise.
How you feeling, partner? Feeling no pain.
That'll come later.
No doubt.
You know, it hurts getting shot.
It hurts like a bastard.
Always wondered.
Now I know.
We just wanted to say hi.
I'm glad you did.
We're going to split, but I'm going to come check you out tomorrow.
- Good? - Okay.
- See you, Jerry.
- Bye, Maddie.
- Harry? - Yeah? I know about the cameras.
Jerry, did you say something? I know about the cameras.
It's scary seeing him like that.
I know.
Still want to be a cop? I think so.
It's a big decision, Mads, and you can change your mind any time along the way.
I won't judge you.
Yeah, I know.
What did he say to you in there? Couldn't make it out.
Where the fuck have you been? - Taking care of business.
- For 24 hours? Not a word? Your sweetie has been worried sick.
- Haven't you? - Not so much.
- Well, I have.
- Relax.
It's under control.
Are you on speaker? Why are you on speaker? Working.
I'm on my laptop.
Well quit looking at porn while we talk.
You want me to take us off? Yes, yes! Please, take us off.
I hate speaker.
- Is that better? - Much.
Your brother? He's a stand-up guy, and he stood up.
- Is he out? - As of this morning.
Why I'm just now calling.
Where's the case at? We start jury selection next week.
Personally, I think the people are going to cave.
Maybe I should come by tonight.
I have something for you that may seal the deal.
Uh all right.
Come after 8.
I have a massage at 6? Yeah, come after 8.
- After 8.
- Eight's perfect.
I get to go home, I hope? - Change? - Shower, shave, the works.
And pick up the storyboards.
We took care of that last night.
You searched my house? Holland know you have them? I returned them the day after, but then I got to thinking, maybe I needed a little insurance.
So I stole 'em.
Any chance I can speak with my brother? He's been transferred downtown.
Ida, would you reconfirm my reservation? Two for 7:30? - Thank you.
- Sure.
Holland: I'm telling you, Rudy, we are this close to no jail time or getting the case dismissed outright.
Good for you.
Can't wait to get rid of this fucking thing and get back to work.
You know the irony of all this? No, what? This fucking nightmare will turn out to be a great career move.
Everybody's going to want to be in business with me.
What you got there? Your next movie.
I write my own material, man.
You know how often people pitch me shit? It's just an idea.
I was inspired.
- By? - The owl.
The whole Bosch artist angle, it was genius.
It worked, didn't it? Like a charm.
If you're not interested So show me.
Did you do storyboards for Donatella? No.
That was more spur of the moment.
Pure improv.
I went with it.
All the way.
You have no idea.
What a feeling.
I can't imagine.
So show me.
I thought you might want these back.
- Fuck you.
- What? Are you fucking kidding me? What do you want? Make me an offer.
I wish we knew what the fuck was going on over there.
Why isn't he wired for live? Talk to the mayor.
Get us more money.
It's all there.
Your case.
You do the honors.
- Youngblood.
- You serious? Yep.
Andrew Holland, you're under arrest for the murder of Edward Gunn.
What? I want to call my attorney.
I'll bet you do.
Hold on a fucking second.
Ouch! Fuck, that hurts, man.
Hey! I want to talk to my lawyer! I want my lawyer! Tafero, you motherfucker! Buy you a drink? - Depends.
- On.
If I'm going to be up all night writing.
So buy me a drink.
Come here for the ambiance? - This is where it started.
- This is where what started? - Thank you, darling.
- You got it.
Why don't you pull your notebook out, son? A month or so ago, a guy named Jesse Tafero bought Edward Gunn some drinks right here.
- Captain.
- Xavi.
I didn't hear you come aboard.
Thought I'd give you a hand, help you look for Woody's piece.
You should have called.
You almost missed me.
Luckily, I didn't.
How'd you find me? Captain, you know my skill set.
God damn.
You came all the way back from Baja.
- TJ.
- Right.
Right, right.
I appreciate that.
My cousin.
No big deal.
Well, let's go get it, shall we? Aye, aye, captain.
- Morning.
- Detective.
Good morning.
- Jimmy.
- Hey, Harry.
- Late night? - It got that way.
Listen, there'll be a story out today Times' website, the official version.
Which is? Holland hired the Taferos to do Gunn, throw shade on you to get him off the Donatella Spear murder.
They almost pulled it off.
- Almost.
- Who's the story by? Scott Anderson.
So you were the leak.
I'll tell you my secret if you tell me yours.
I know there's more.
Keep thinking that.
I will.
Fan mail from some flounder? A-ha.
The conquering heroes return.
You guys look pretty rough.
- Ever tried mescal? - That the one with the worm? - Yeah.
- Uh, no.
Me neither, but Alfredo Garcia here We were celebrating.
I had to pry him out of a Mexican hoosegow.
This close to an international incident.
He exaggerates.
Turn up anything on the boat? Just a couple million bucks.
- Weapons? - No.
- Any sign of Moreno? - Not yet.
You happen to see Scott Anderson's column this morning? - No.
- Exclusive on the Holland bust.
- That was fast.
- Yeah, internal source.
- Right.
- Yeah, it gives Robertson all the credit.
It's his case.
Let him have it.
Hey, Harry, who are the slicks? Do I know? FID? Maybe something to do with Edgar.
FID don't dress that good.
[no audible dialogue.]
I guess I'm about to find out.
Hey, Harry, you know Bennett and Pell from RHD.
- Only by reputation.
- Good I hope.
They're working the riverwatch arson case.
- So it was arson.
- That's the ruling, but we haven't gone public with it yet.
We have some questions about the deceased, retired detective John Caffrey.
Caffrey was the target? Origin point of the fire was his bed.
Staged to look like he fell asleep smoking, but the chemical analysis shows the presence of an accelerant.
Was he alive when the fire started? Can't say.
The body was so badly burned, we may never know the cause of death.
The apartment was gutted, but we have the front desk visitor logs.
You were a regular visitor during the seven years he lived there.
I was.
He was lead on my mother's murder, '79.
It was unsolved, and I visited him every few months to pick his brain about it.
A year and a half ago you stopped visiting him? Yeah, I cleared the case.
Your mother was Marjorie Phillips Lowe? That's right.
The case is still carried as open.
I cleared it to my satisfaction.
The killer's dead.
I just never got around to filing it cleared other.
Did Caffrey help you clear it? He did, but he also revealed that he bowed to departmental pressure to look the other way at the time, so the killer was never brought to justice before he died.
And why would Caffrey do that? The killer was a high-level snitch for Narcotics.
My mother was just a prostitute.
He mattered, she didn't.
So that's the real reason I stopped visiting him a year and a half ago.
Caffrey told you he was pressured by the department? - He did.
- He wasn't just covering his own ass? I looked into it.
He was telling the truth.
Thank you.
And thanks for your time.
You know, Caffrey kept a full murder book on the case.
Did he? You didn't know? News to me.
- Thanks.
- Mm-hmm.
You think there's any connection at all to your mother's case? Jesus, Grace, I don't know.
But if his place was gutted by a fire, where did he keep the murder book? Why? All good questions.
- Shit.
- What? Something I forgot to do.
Hey, Meg, have you seen Captain Lewis? Um not in today.
Or the rest of the week.
Oh, wow.
Under the weather? No.
Taking some personal time, she said.
- Terry.
- Santi.
So you followed my advice.
Don't I always? Thank you.
- Scott Anderson.
- Mm-hmm.
Quite the writer.
Yeah, it turned out all right.
I know you got your eyes on RHD.
Yeah, but the politics involved? You know better than anyone.
It's a crapshoot.
Everything's got to break the right way.
Still, this looks good for you, Santiago.
What are you trying to tell me, Terry? Don't unravel the sweater.
No intention.
I'll let Bosch deal with his own shit.
I don't need to be his conscience.
Couldn't prove it anyway.
- There's that.
- Yep.
Always that.
Xavi! Problem? Why we stopping? The genny feel offline to you? - No.
- I want to check it out.
- Take the wheel? - Sure.
God damn it.
Hit the killswitch! Everything okay? Yeah.
Knock knock.
How they treating you? Can't complain.
Heard you were entertaining visitors.
Thought I'd drop by.
I'm glad you did.
Congratulations on the Gunn case, man.
Oh, thanks.
I'm sure Harry's kept you up to speed.
He hasn't been by today, not yet.
I brought you something.
Thought you might be interested.
Audio from Bosch's interview with Rudy Tafero.
- He give it up? - Yeah, soup to nuts.
We arrested Holland last night.
Give it a listen when you feel up to it.
I will.
Feel better now, huh? Adios, mijo.
You should have gone to Mexico with your chica.