Bosch (2014) s03e10 Episode Script

The Sea King

1 Who eats a chili fucking dog before going out in rough water? 10-year-old? Try seven Theta Delts with tequila hangovers.
Never gonna get this out of the seams and runnels.
Woody Woodrow gave me your number.
Alamos Cove.
I told him the break was for shit, but he was paying cash.
Last week.
Day trip? No.
He stayed over.
Take a lot of gear out there with him? Couple of shorties and some gnarly-ass suitcases I think were for camping.
He bring it all back in? Just the boards.
The shit I see, you learn not to ask.
I don't know Alamos Cove.
Santa Cruz Island.
I need you to take me out there where you dropped him off.
Now? Give me five minutes to change clothes.
City paying? Nobody's paying you anything till you air out that boat.
It is outrageous that an artist of Andrew Holland's pedigree should be subjected to this kind of malicious prosecutorial misconduct.
My client You got him on tape? He implicates himself in everything.
There is no way that Holland squirms out of this.
Not your worry anymore, though, is it? How's that? Wounded in the line of duty.
Tax-free medical pension.
You trying to get rid of me? What? God, no.
I'm not Hold on.
Lieutenant, I want to charter a boat to Santa Cruz Island.
I need your approval.
All right, it sounds like you're already on a boat.
I'll take that as a yes.
Bosch, what the fuck? I think Woody Woodrow stashed his money there and Dobbs has been tracking it.
You see any sign of him at all, you call in for backup.
Is that clear? It's just a recon.
Where on the island? All over.
Bosch? You know, retirement's sounding good right about now.
I got a feeling that I can't let go I got a feeling that I can't let go I got a feeling that I can't let go I got a feeling that I can't let go I got a feeling that I can't let go I got a feeling that I can't let go I got a feeling that I can't let go I can't let go I feel You bring people out here to surf a lot? Middle of the week? This time of year? Not really.
All the good fishing's been over on the other side.
Bring me in close to that boat.
I want to see who's here.
Bosch, back so soon? Ms.
What's your pleasure? Skip the formalities J.
Jimmy Olson here says you're expecting him.
I just wanted a quick word.
That's six.
Okay, say goodbye.
- Wait.
- About what? You.
You kill a guy, next day almost get killed yourself.
It's gotta be related.
I'm not interested in being a story.
Sure, but maybe you'd like to tell one? Hell, cops get a bad rap every fuck-up.
Here's a case where you put your life on the line for something.
Or someone.
People should hear why.
Or not.
Thanks for your time.
Thomas Niese.
What? Do some homework and get back to me.
Ahoy! Trying to embrace the ancient patois.
Why is he running the line to the shore? Keeps you from drifting around on the current if you only have one anchor.
A boat this big always carries two.
Must have lost their stern hook.
Anybody on board? Son of a bitch.
Where would one stow their aft anchor? Right in there.
Not there.
I'm going to need some twine or some heavy gauge fishing line, duct tape, flashlight.
Put it in something I can carry.
After you drop me off, head around to the point and stay out of sight.
Make a sat phone call to this number Lieutenant Billets.
Tell her I've got a suspect under surveillance and I'm requesting backup and air support.
You don't even know where this guy is.
I know he's coming back.
Can I borrow your lid? Tell me about the night of.
We pull up.
Jesse's driving.
The Cadillac.
Caddy, yeah.
Jesse loves 'em.
You boosted it? Happy to cop to grand theft auto if you want to drop the rest of the beef.
Go on.
about the night of.
We pull up.
Jesse's driving.
The Cadillac.
Caddy, yeah.
Jesse loves 'em.
You boosted it? Happy to cop to grand theft auto if you want to drop the rest of the beef.
Go on.
about the night of.
We pull up.
Jesse's driving.
The Cadillac.
Fuck, fuck, fuck.
Fuck! Fucking low-tech old-school bullshit.
And you bought it.
Have crims secure Dobbs' boat when it gets in.
Moore's already working on the warrant.
I found traces of blood and a tactical knife stowed under a seat cushion.
Same kind of one was used on Sharkey.
Copy that.
Listen, Harry, go do your FID statement.
I got them to agree that the walk-through can wait till tomorrow.
Maddie has been calling every five minutes.
What if you'd been killed? I did my best to minimize the possibility of that happening.
But still What if anything, Maddie? Didn't happen.
It could.
Some cops go their entire career without ever firing their weapon on the job.
And then there's you.
Not gonna happen.
Don't worry.
How'd your tournament go? We got crushed.
Sunnyvale VC.
They were freakishly huge.
I'm sorry.
It's what it is.
No amount of practice makes you taller.
Ho, ho, ho.
You weren't supposed to be here until Christmas.
You want me to go back? No way.
God, I missed you.
And you're taller.
Do not go down that road.
Where are you and Reggie staying? Somewhere swanky, with a pool, I hope.
Reggie's in Shanghai.
I actually hoped I could stay here.
No problem.
What's Reggie doing in Shanghai? Where have you been? The Billets' house.
Long, long story.
Jerry got shot.
Harry had to chase the suspect on to an island Okay, it's 3 a.
on a school night.
- Mom.
- She's right.
It's bedtime.
I'll stay out here.
Your mom can have my room.
That story can wait.
- No, I could sleep out here.
- Really? This is coming from a woman who made me spend $3,000 on a new mattress the last time she moved in? No.
Come say good night? Of course.
Is Jerry okay? He will be.
Look, if this is awkward, tomorrow I can get an AirBnb till I find a permanent place.
You're here for good? I guess I am, yeah.
Where is Reggie, really? Okay.
You don't want to talk about it.
Not tonight.
Thanks, Harry.
The way I'm hearing it, you went full Jason Bourne on that rock.
Every joint in my body aches.
Sorry I couldn't be there for Dobbs.
No, you're aren't.
You get seasick, remember? When they kicking you loose? Tomorrow, maybe.
Anything I can do for you? Nah.
Harry, we need to talk.
About what? In person.
You gonna tell me you're gonna retire? Face-to-face.
I'll swing by.
All right.
"Detective Bosch: I represent the estate of the recently deceased John Caffrey.
" John Caffrey.
Detective Bosch.
Niese, I was coming to see you.
Got me out of the house.
Here's just a few of his personal belongings he left behind at the shelter.
They didn't know where to send them.
Tommy loved the sandworms.
Christ, I thought he pawned this.
It was my dad's.
You find who did it, Detective? We did, yeah.
You kill him? No.
But somebody else did.
You have my card if you need anything.
Yes, I do.
Right this way.
You reliving your glory years, Bosch? I maybe saw Malibu once, growing up, from the window of a bus.
Caffrey sent it to me.
From the grave? Sort of.
Instructions in the event of death.
Why would Caffrey send you his high school yearbook? Don't know.
It's not his, either.
Nobody named Caffrey in it.
Well, before you get too hung up, where are we on Trevor Dobbs? Just finishing up the filing package for the DA.
Ventura's got him on a bus to L.
- Why? - Dobbs' lawyer called.
His client wants to talk to you.
Wants to clear things up.
That'll be a neat trick.
Make sure you get audio for the jury.
If Mr.
Dobbs is guilty of anything, it is of possessing money that has not even been reported stolen.
That is the total of his involvement in this matter.
He cannot be held responsible for the actions of two contract employees who took it upon themselves to rip off some warlord in Afghanistan.
He killed or ordered the deaths of William Meadows, Cornell Jackson, Xavi Moreno, and Thomas Niese, a 16-year-old boy who never posed any threat to them.
Oh, bullshit.
That is fucking ridiculous.
That is a wild allegation, Detective, and you have no proof of any of it no proof that Xavi Moreno is even dead.
In fact, he's the one you should be out looking for.
He's on a beach somewhere in Mexico while you falsely charge a war hero and an innocent man.
Why'd your client try to kill me on the island? I didn't know who was hunting me.
You might've been Xavi.
Sounds like you knew what he was up to.
Detective, we came to you today in good faith.
How'd you know I'd work lateral and come in above you? I'd have done the same.
It was the tactically sound move.
And suckered me into those trip lines.
Calculated risk.
The longer it went, the less I liked my chances.
Where's the stern anchor? The what? From your boat.
I'm guessing it's at the bottom of the Pacific somewhere, half the chain wrapped around Xavi Moreno's neck.
Again, that is a completely unfounded assertion.
We found blood in the deck seams.
Match that to Moreno, and maybe we've got a no body case, maybe we don't.
We'll see.
We'll see.
Know what your biggest mistake was, Dobbs? Keeping the knife.
It was hidden under the seat cushion.
Oh Hmm.
It's not mine.
News to me.
The lab took it apart this morning.
They found blood under the pivot screw.
Seeped in there where you can't clean it out.
If that blood turns out to be Sharkey's, it's "Adios, motherfucker" for you.
That's not my fucking knife.
That was Xavi's.
Was? Doesn't matter whose it was.
It's who has it.
That's you.
You still have to explain why it was on your boat in your possession when Xavi Moreno is supposedly on a beach somewhere in Mexico.
Anything else you want to clear up, counselor? Mr.
Dobbs? Didn't think so.
You know there's nothing worse than a leader who betrays his own troops.
In country, that gets you the death penalty right there.
But to kill a 16-year-old boy.
For what? I'm going to make sure you live the rest of your life in the black echo.
You said you know who killed her.
He called himself Mitch.
It's the only name I ever knew him by.
The registers are in the back, in the cabinets.
"Fox Mitchell" was an alias, okay? He was a snitch.
You've tied Epperson to your mother's murder? I was afraid I would find you here.
Been a month without it.
Talk to me, Bosch.
I should've fucking known.
Arno Epperson, AKA Fox Mitchell.
The man who murdered your mother.
Or so I thought.
I mean, I knew he was protected by the department or somebody who had power over the department.
Bradley Walker.
He and Arno were tight.
The Police Commission president? His father more or less ran the City Council for three decades.
Why would Bradley Walker's father run interference and protect Epperson on a murder? It doesn't make any sense that he would take that risk, not for his son's fuck-up friend.
I know.
I had it wrong.
You had what wrong? It was the other way around.
It was all about protecting Bradley.
And Arno Epperson was part of it.
You're saying Bradley Walker killed your mother? I'm saying this isn't over.
I'm going to find out.
You decided to return my property.
Nice of you after a year and a half.
Well, the case has been under investigation.
I needed to hang on to it a little longer.
Oh, you return it now, so case solved.
- Still working it.
- Oh.
Hey, I remember you telling me that you were an employee here since back in '79? Summer of '69, to be exact.
I want you to look at some pictures.
Can't say as I ever seen him before.
You sure? I'm not a hundred percent sure.
I mean, it's a long time ago.
How about these? Hmm.
Oh, yeah.
Who could forget that cocky mug? He used to come here.
I remember.
Chevy convertible.
Party boy.
The pay-to-play girls.
I had to tell him to keep it down more than a few times.
When? Oh, uh, same time late seventies, eighties.
But not with this other guy? No, no.
He was straight.
He liked the loose girls with the loose legs, loose morals.
No, I I didn't mean it that way.
I mean, like, did these two run together.
Not that I remember.
But he rented rooms? Yep.
That's what we're here for.
His name's not in the book.
Oh, back then, if people paid cash, I never asked them too many questions.
They could write down "Ronnie Reagan" for all I cared and some of them did.
Nowadays, everybody wants to pay with plastic.
Oh, I check the IDs on that.
All right.
Walker and Epperson knew each other.
What does it mean? It means I had it wrong.
I have a guy.
He identifies Walker as a regular at the City Center Hotel, the place my mother went the night she was murdered.
My guy doesn't ID Epperson.
But Epperson's alias, Fox Mitchell, turns up repeatedly in the guest register.
- And? - Walker and Epperson were asshole buddies since high school.
There's no reason to think that they weren't still hanging out in their 20s.
Walker knows about Epperson's life as an LAPD-protected snitch with an alias.
He uses Epperson's alias to rent rooms at the City Center Hotel for liaisons with prostitutes.
So Walker killed your mother now? That's your theory? Do you have any idea how you sound? I do.
But that yearbook came from Caffrey.
RHD says Caffrey was the target of the arson at River Watch.
Somebody wanted to wipe him out and whatever he had in that apartment.
But his lawyer had the yearbook.
And Caffrey kept a copy of my mother's murder book somewhere else, somewhere safe.
And RHD found it.
So, what do you want me to do, Bosch? Call RHD.
Tell them you've taken a personal interest in the case and ask for a briefing.
When they mention finding my mother's murder book, ask for a copy.
I'll take it from there.
You want me to help you conduct a secret investigation of the man who is scheduled to pin the stars on my collar.
Don't you want to know if that man's a murderer? I got Daddy's bag.
I called it.
It's not fair.
Jack, you're bigger.
Be bigger.
- Ohh.
Thank you.
- Mm-hmm.
Mom, can we open the Chee-tos? - Yes.
- No.
Don't spoil your lunch.
You gonna be okay here by yourself? I could get Willis to come and stay with you for a couple of days.
Willis? It'd be me taking care of him.
Tell me you're going to quit, Jerry.
Take your pension.
Call it a day.
What else would I do? I don't know.
Sell houses.
Get your Masters.
Watch your boys grow up.
I will.
Don't worry.
I like my job.
I'm good at it.
I know you are.
So you go back.
Does that mean going back to partner with Harry Bosch? Let's take a walk.
I'll pretend it's exercise.
It's not like poker is exactly aerobic.
Find a place to live yet? Everything's so expensive.
We may need you to move back to Vegas.
You need to bring me in all the way.
That was our deal when you asked for my help.
The Director is extremely happy with what you've accomplished.
You are in, but in an outside kind of way.
For how much longer? How's Reggie? I don't like keeping secrets from him or Maddie, or Harry Bosch, for that matter.
Look, Jay, I got you what you wanted.
We're greedy bastards.
What can I say? You can say "Welcome back to the Bureau, Agent Wish.
" Give me a desk and a badge.
I forgot what assholes you guys really are.
Caffrey kept it in a safe deposit box.
Extortion? RHD thinks so.
17 months ago, Caffrey started making deposits in his bank account 5,000 in cash every month, source unknown.
Right after I went to him about Fox Mitchell.
So Caffrey sends me in the wrong direction after Epperson, turns around, extorts Walker "Pay up or I give Bosch the true story" Walker gets tired of paying.
All theory, no evidence.
If there's evidence I'll find it.
Call me when you do.
Where's Mom? I don't know.
Dad, we need to go to the store.
The fridge is bare.
Okay, make a list.
I'll take care of it.
Mom is even worse about it than you are.
How did you two ever survive? Why do you think I know all the best takeout places? What are you doing? I thought you solved that.
I did.
There might be somebody else.
Just checking.
What? Must be hard, going through that again.
Not really.
Ancient history.
Toronto 105-94.
Hey, you going stir-crazy yet? No.
I'm good.
Look, um, has Bosch talked to you about this latest rabbit hole he's going down? He's been dodging my calls.
What now? Of course I want you there.
We just need to be discreet.
There is nothing inappropriate about this relationship.
I know that.
It's just Would you excuse me for a moment? This won't take long.
Of course.
- Bosch.
- Back in '79, Caffrey got called to City Hall to brief a councilman Bradley Walker Sr on my mother's case alone.
It's in Caffrey's copy of the investigative chronology, not in the official murder book.
Is there a summary report on the briefing? No, nothing.
The murder book was sanitized after Caffrey met with Walker.
As I've said, this isn't proof of anything.
The mayor, city council members, they ask for briefings all the time.
Walker Senior's name in the book doesn't add up to extortion or murder.
It's Walker.
I know it.
You know it.
Otherwise, Caffrey wouldn't have sanitized the record.
I suggest you stand down, Detective, and see where Bennett and Pell go with it.
They'll never get close to him.
It starts with Walker, then you trace it back to the torch, not the other way around.
Bosch, this is not your case.
It's been my case since I was 12 years old.
Did you ask Bennett and Pell for regular updates? I did.
Let me know what you know, Chief.
Do that, and I'll keep you out of this.
Bosch? Morning.
Am I taking Maddie to school, or are you? She's driving.
I'm closing my eyes.
I heard that.
How's the house hunt? I've got four appointments this morning.
Of course, if there's anything I like, I'm gonna run it by you, Maddie.
Why? If we're going to live there, I want you to have a say.
I live here.
Are you gonna eat that cold? Mom, you have Reggie.
Harry's alone.
Live wherever you want.
I'll come and visit, but I'm gonna stay with Dad.
What have you done with my daughter? You're looking in the mirror.
- That's harsh.
- Not at all.
I wouldn't have it any other way.
Things are so It's probably better that she stays with you.
Why? Eleanor.
What's going on with you? What happened in Hong Kong? Powers, you volunteer for this? I did, yeah.
They got a bunch of us, taking shifts.
I may just learn to like you yet.
I didn't hear the door.
Your security let me in.
Uh I can't bring myself to tell them to go home.
And thank you.
Shit, you didn't have to.
Everybody's droppin' stuff off like I died or something.
How you feeling? On the mend, staying ahead of the pain.
Working a case on your down time? Uh, no, not really.
You catch a new one? Still writing up Dobbs.
Jimmy Robertson brought me the Rudy Tafero interview.
Why would he bring you that? You tell me.
I'm good.
How'd you know they were driving a Cadillac? What are you talking about? When Rudy flipped and you led him through the story, you slipped.
You asked if the Cadillac they were in was stolen.
Yeah, so? How'd you know it was a Caddy? It wasn't in the video that was sent to the Times.
They stole it for that job, and somehow you knew.
You said Cadillac before Rudy.
You knew what they were driving.
What are you doing here, Jerry? You sent that video to the Times.
You had cameras on Gunn.
I was on my way to see Mark Taylor about it when I got shot.
You found the camera in the kitchen.
You got the murder on video? It would turn this into a slam.
Cameras inside were dead.
But not outside, where it got them going up and in.
The Cadillac's not in the shot, Harry.
Don't tell me you sat there and just watched the Tafero brothers pull up and go in and kill him.
Oh, man, Harry.
We do what we have to do.
What the fuck does that mean? Holland's a monster.
So was Gunn.
The Taferos We took them all off the chart, Jerry.
They'll never hurt anybody again.
But not like that, brother, not like that.
What has happened to you? Don't you see we can't be like them? I'm not so sure anymore.
Two weeks ago, you didn't want to be my partner.
Now I'm not so sure I can be yours.
We pleaded and begged and bided our time, and in the end we got the man we wanted from day 1 to lead our police department through the difficult times ahead.
Policing an American city has never been more difficult or more scrutinized, relations with the community the department protects and serves never more strained.
The example of how we go forward and build bridges of trust and equal justice will be set from the top down, and I can think of no better man for the job than Irvin Irving.
I ask Mayor Ramos to join me as we put the stars on Chief Irving's collar.
Congratulations, Irving.
I knew you'd come around.
Thank you, Mr.