Bosch (2014) s04e01 Episode Script

Ask the Dust

Last season on Bosch He's been a different person since he solved his mom's murder.
Her killer got away with it.
Edward Gunn got away with two, at least.
Harry's a lot of things, but he is not - a coldblooded - I agree with you, I agree.
But he is lying about his prints.
You're investigating me for Gunn's murder? I'm a suspect? No.
I think you're being set up.
- You think? - I know you're being set up.
When were you planning to tell me this, partner? Detective, weren't you a defendant in a civil suit where you were accused of planting evidence? - Yes.
- What was the outcome of that lawsuit? Jury found for the plaintiff.
- Nothing further.
- Honey Chandler has painted an indelible portrait of you, Detective, one that cannot be erased: that you can't be trusted, that you'll do anything and say anything, - cut any corner to win.
- This is bullshit.
I don't do that.
You have that reputation, Detective, deserved or not.
You don't know, youngblood.
You don't know.
Never assume.
Why would Bosch do that? He takes two assholes off the board with one move.
He's hiding something.
I can smell it.
The Koreatown Killer, aka KTK, first became active four years ago.
Four carjackings, three shootings, two murders.
The latest carjacking victim helped us develop a new sketch.
So, when do you hear about the captain's exam? I heard.
Next to last band.
The truth is, I think I wanted to make captain more than I wanted to actually be one.
I'm happy where I am.
With you assholes.
You look tired, J.
The Bosch still wearing you down? You look great.
I know you got your eyes on RHD.
But the politics involved you know better than anyone.
Still, this looks good for you, Santiago.
What are you trying to tell me, Terry? Don't unravel the sweater.
No intention.
Fuckin' IA.
Harry Tell me you're gonna quit, Jerry.
Take your pension, call it a day.
Now, what else would I do? Watch your boys grow up.
I will.
Don't worry.
Lord, I missed you.
- And you're taller.
- Do not go down that road.
Where are you and Reggie staying? Somewhere swanky with a pool, I hope? Reggie's in Shanghai.
I actually hoped I could stay here.
Look, Jay, I got you what you wanted.
We're greedy bastards, what can I say? You can say, "Welcome back to the Bureau, Agent Wish," give me a desk and a badge.
You sent that video to the Times.
Holland's a monster.
So was Gunn.
The Taferos.
We took them all off the chart, Jerry.
They'll never hurt anybody again.
Man, two weeks ago, you didn't want to be my partner.
Now I'm-I'm not so sure I can be yours.
What's burning? River Watch Retirement Community.
I used to visit a guy there.
Retired detective, John Caffrey.
Why would Caffrey send you his high school yearbook? I should have fucking known.
Arno Epperson, AKA Fox Mitchell.
The man who murdered your mother.
Or so I thought.
Bradley Walker.
He and Arno were tight.
The Police Commission president? His father more or less ran the city council for three decades.
So Walker killed your mother now? That's your theory? Do you have any idea how you sound? RHD says Caffrey was the target of the arson at River Watch.
Somebody wanted to wipe him out and whatever he had in that apartment.
You want me to help you conduct a secret investigation of the man who's scheduled to pin the stars on my collar.
Don't you want to know if that man's a murderer? Put yourself in these detectives' shoes.
An eight-year-old girl is missing.
You think you have the man who took her.
This man, the plaintiff, Michael Harris.
But he won't say where she is.
He won't even admit that he took her.
So what do you do? Now, mind you, you're not just any detective.
You're LAPD.
Robbery-Homicide Division.
Cream of the crop.
It was cops like you who solved Manson, Night Stalker, Grim Sleeper.
Maybe this little girl's already dead.
But maybe she's not.
And if you can get Harris to tell you where he's got her stashed, maybe you can save her life.
So what do you do? You torture him? You wrap a plastic bag around his head, choke off his air, try to get him to talk? You gonna stick a sharpened, number two, Black Guardian pencil into his ear, puncture his eardrum? Keep on going into his skull, causing permanent deafness? No.
No, you don't.
Not in a civil society.
We don't have to settle.
- I can win this.
- The win, for the city of Los Angeles, is making Black Guardian go away.
Move to the dark side, you lose track of time.
- The man doesn't have a case.
- Doesn't have to.
Just the trial.
The great man handing out sound bites on the courthouse steps every day that sets us back 30 years.
No, no, no.
Kaplan, I told Howard, he wants this check, - I need him - He's not settling.
- We had an agreement.
$420,000 - For any price.
He's taking this case to trial.
I will prove I will pro The evidence will show that these LAPD Robbery-Homicide detectives, under the color of law, men who have sworn an oath to protect and serve the citizens of Los Angeles, tortured an innocent man.
In a civil society, racism has no part of justice.
In a civil society, torture has no part of justice.
In a civil society Shit, this thing needs to sing.
It will by Monday.
But you don't want to offend our jurors.
Oh, yeah, I do want offended.
I want them deeply offended, - outraged.
- By the crime, not the lawyer.
Don't use the word "Christ.
" How'd they take it? Missy shit two bricks.
I'll need a nice, warm bath to un-see that.
What about Irving? - Not happy.
- Yeah, I'll bet.
This trial's gonna feed his whole department into the wood chipper.
- There's sushi in the fridge.
- The whole point of sushi is that it's fresh.
And that's not why I'm calling.
It's your favorite.
Not even two hours old.
Mom's taking me to the tournament tomorrow.
Still want me to go? As long as you don't yell.
- Can't make any promises.
- It's fine.
I'll just pretend you're somebody else's dad.
I still can't get ahold of Reggie.
His Skype's all screwed up.
Or mine is.
Dad? - Right here.
- Something's going on - with them.
Mom and Reggie.
- Are you asking or telling me? You're busy.
- I am.
- Good talk, Dad.
Don't stay out too late.
Love you.
Ah, here.
Phil Gentry.
Excuse me.
Hello? Uh - just - Thanks.
Hold on.
Hello? What was his counter? He'll call Sunday night, Irv.
He's trying to make the city sweat.
It's working.
He thinks he can win this.
It's a play.
He thinks he can jack up the settlement.
Let's meet tomorrow and decide how best to proceed.
It's not the end of the world.
Harry Bosch.
Just the man I need.
Phil Gentry.
A thousand bucks a ticket, and they let some joker say he's me.
I'm sorry to hear that.
I was just thinking maybe you could find him.
You know solve the case.
- It's a joke.
- That's a good one.
Harry Bosch.
I'm glad I ran into you.
Barkeep? Second chair usually has a chair.
In court, is what I'm saying.
Ah, well, in my experience, second chair is something that you earn.
- I said bold the changes.
- Oh, I did.
Well, bold and underline.
- I got to see them.
- Yes, sir.
Coming right up.
- You know what your problem is, Kaplan? - Hmm? You want to walk before you can crawl.
At your age, I was running a free legal clinic for grape pickers in Salinas.
You-you want to whine about chairs.
Says the man who just turned down mid-six figures to play Powerball with a jury.
Well, that is not what is going on here.
Any word on the tech request I put in - for court on Friday? - Not yet.
I could follow up.
You know that there were a thousand police killings in America last year? Do you have any idea how many cops were convicted of murder or manslaughter? - Not one.
- None.
Cities don't even bother to keep use-of-force statistics.
What does that tell you? That tells me that you're considering putting that in your opening.
Look, I'd save it.
Just stick with Harris.
No, forget it.
- I'll just go with this.
- Are you sure? Look, I just have to print it.
Just keep your phone on this weekend, there, Kaplan.
Just in case.
In case of what? That sprinkler needs help.
Patrol car ran over it.
You okay? Yeah.
I'll be right in.
Please answer this time.
Open for 500.
I can count, honey.
The raise is 2,200.
Two players.
No checks accepted.
I got a big hand here.
I'm all in.
Oh, goddamn it.
Nice flop.
Bitch fucked me again.
You fucked yourself.
You overplayed a weak ace.
What did you just say? You heard me.
Now back off.
Cards? Yes.
Come on.
Come on.
Come on.
Come on, give me one.
Give me one.
Give me one.
Son of a bitch.
Nice playing with you.
Borrow a hundred grand, don't pay, bank swoops your fucking house.
Borrow 50 mil and don't pay, my bank buys a table at your foundation's fundraiser, and yours truly has to fucking go.
Too big to fail.
Thousand bucks a ticket to help the homeless? No irony there.
Brad Walker doesn't give a shit about low-cost housing.
It's all politics, Harry.
Leveraging the city for a variance to build his luxury condo tower.
Councilman Steven Clark.
Purveyor of said variance.
So, how's Becca doing with the college thing? Ah, she wants Columbia.
She doesn't have a shot.
Maddie? Still waiting on Chapman.
I'm out of here.
Thanks for the drink, Phil.
Detective Harry Bosch.
I had no idea you were a supporter of affordable housing.
Anything helps the little guy.
I like hearing that.
I was actually hoping to talk to Councilman Clark.
Stevie? What about? Cold case I'm chasing.
Justice never sleeps.
I'll introduce you.
We've known each other since high school.
I've got to take this.
Reception's lousy in here.
- Chief? - Bosch.
Bosch, where are you? Downtown.
We've got a 187 at Angel's Flight.
How quickly can you get here? I'm on my way.
Thank you.
I know it's late notice, and the buy-in's kinda steep, but - Home game? - 50 grand, cash.
Tomorrow night.
It's the Chinese guys.
The wild Chinese guys.
The high roller sports book guys? They asked me to put a game together.
Wild losers.
Who wants to play with them? Look at this.
Got enough RHD guys out here to solve an actual case.
Is that you, Drake? Bosch.
Field trip from the old folks' home? Howard Elias is in there.
Deader than a motherfucker.
Why are you guys hanging back? - Conflict of interest.
- Chief pulled us off.
He's gonna start a Special Task Force.
It's lose-lose for you, Harry.
Either piss off the department or the whole fucking city.
- Yeah.
- You catch who did it, bring him down to our crib.
We'll give him a goddamn medal.
Two times at 4640 Paradise.
Code four.
Only thing we can be sure of in life is death.
RHD's not shedding any tears.
The man ruined a lot of careers.
I've talked to Lieutenant Billets, cut you free of the Hollywood rotation - until we get this handled.
- We? You, Robertson and Pierce.
Plus Snyder and Lincoln from Internal Affairs.
Who's running the show? You.
We all know - what a team player you are.
- Yeah, the thing is, Chief, Sergeant Snyder and I, we have a history.
You have a history with the world, Detective.
But not with Howard Elias.
Now, it is essential we clear this case quickly.
You and Robertson are our two best homicide detectives not in RHD.
And Snyder and Lincoln did the Black Guardian investigation.
Their knowledge of that case, and others, should be useful.
Three-piece suit.
You know me better than that.
Optics are part of your job.
Right now, the only color I'm concerned with is blue.
Tram operator? ID says Lanny Johnson.
Neck wound, through and through.
- Killed first.
- After Elias boarded.
- Assuming Elias is the primary.
- The public will.
He turned down a settlement on Black Guardian today.
Trial was gonna start Monday morning.
If this goes where the public thinks it goes? That's my concern.
You just follow the evidence.
Let the chips fall where they may.
Detective Bosch.
Sergeant, take your partner, shadow the crims.
See if you can find that through-and-through slug that killed Mr.
Nice to meet you, too.
Not much foot traffic up here that late.
A jogger saw the broken control booth window.
Operator's body inside.
- When did the call come in? - 2346.
Tram shuts down at 2200.
Didn't take long to ID the man.
There's a dartboard with his face on it in our war room.
So the bodies pretty much the way you found them? We'd barely got started when Chief gave us the hook.
Surveillance cameras? Two on the wheelhouse are easily avoided.
Good coverage in the water court, spotty on the access points.
His office is in the Bradbury building.
He lives in Baldwin Hills.
Why would Howard Elias be on Angel's Flight? My guys think it was a robbery.
That'd be convenient for everyone, wouldn't it? Watch and wallet missing.
Rooker did a pass through the tram.
Your people gonna give me trouble, Captain? It wasn't one of my guys, Bosch.
You'd be wasting your time you look there too long.
Man's gotta sit to think.
Came all the way from Montrose to make sure he's dead? Well, that son of a bitch wrote me up twice.
Ain't nothing personal, Terry.
Sues and Settles.
Yeah, well, I'll cry on the way home.
Who's that? Second best partner I ever had.
Where the hell have you been? Home, mostly.
It's a hell of a thing, huh? Oh, for fuck's sake, Frankie.
Take these.
Chew 'em.
Hey, big dog.
Cool to come in? Just wrapping up, Harry.
- This one yours now? - Yeah.
What a special treat.
Hey, Pierce, get in here.
Glove up, check that briefcase.
Don't we need a warrant? We don't know whose it is.
Okay, Potts.
Give me some good news.
It's pretty clean.
Bullet in the chest went through and impacted on that metal frame up there.
Looks like a nine, but it's no good for ballistics.
Nine's a pretty common cop gun.
Casings? No sign of them.
Yeah, a cop would have picked them up.
Bullet up the ass should be good for a match, if you find the weapon.
Front pocket.
Car keys, money clip.
Wallet was lifted from the back left.
Watch pulled off from the left wrist, extended.
- Phone? - No sign of one.
Thanks, amigo.
Is that a defensive wound? I'm not buying RHD's robbery theory.
You? Lead enema says no.
- It's locked.
- No, it's not.
Latch got sprung when it hit the wall.
Okay, so watch and wallet get grabbed in a rush, but missed the money clip.
What are the odds? Somebody wants it to look like a robbery.
Not for nothing.
What do you make of your old partner's cameo? Not as much as you, I guess.
All right, so the tram arrives, Elias would have seen his killer waiting.
Unless they rode up together.
No, the tram operator was killed first, after he the initiated the ride.
So Elias doesn't hear it or see it? Yeah, the ride's loud.
Shooter was waiting, like you said.
Elias rises up, steps forward to disembark.
He's not aware of a threat.
He sees the gun, his hand comes up.
Well, the shot goes through him as he turns, momentum knocks him down, he catches himself, hands and knees.
Shot up the pipe was the last one.
Yeah, the shooter was pissed off.
A "fuck you" shot.
Oh, yeah.
They knew each other.
There are case files in here.
Notes, depos We're going to need a daylight grid search to even hope to find that slug.
- Is that Elias's? - It was open.
You need a warrant for that.
Attorney-client stuff.
We need a warrant, she's right.
Book it.
Give us something else, Bosch, or send us home.
See if you can find his car.
Solve it? Look, Captain, I'm not saying one of your guys did it, but you know I'm gonna find out if they did.
- Did what? - Tampered with the crime scene.
Tried to make it look like a robbery.
Put up a smokescreen in case it was a cop who did it.
Never happened.
You an IA asshole now? I hate to even bring it up, 'cause you can imagine how that would play if I had to report that to Chief Irving, or God forbid, the press got ahold of it, because it was, you know, leaked? Fuck off.
We need to split up IA.
Yeah, but keep 'em close.
I'll take Snyder, you take Lincoln.
Hey, youngblood, head back to the house, get cracking on those warrants.
Bradbury, briefcase, his car and his phone.
We checked the lots near the Bradbury.
Maybe he takes the Metro in.
Or I guess me and Gabby could walk around downtown all night randomly pushing key fobs.
Might catch a break and trip over that nine slug from the second victim.
- Yeah, this is Bosch.
- It's Garwood.
One of my guys got an anonymous tip.
Caller said a, uh, "detective-looking person" tossed something in a can, corner of Fourth and Hill.
Detective-looking person? Caller looked in, saw your missing watch and wallet, but didn't touch them.
Wild guess it was Rooker who got the tip? Jesus Christ.
You want to tell me what's going on with that? When I think the time's right.
It's under the bed.
I heard it slide off the table when you did that Cirque de Soleil move.
Excuse me? I felt like I kicked it.
Oh, it's 5:30.
I want to be home when the boys wake up.
You don't want them to think - Mom and Dad like each other again.
- No.
- We like the hell out of each other.
- Hmm.
What it adds up to now that's what's undetermined.
Not for me.
You pick a suit for Monday? Uh, it's gonna be light duty for a while.
- Desk work.
- Uh-huh.
You still okay with covering my open house? Yeah, but, sooner or later You're still sleeping, baby.
It's just a dream.
Never done one of these before.
Sir, I'm Detective Bosch.
This is Sergeant Snyder We know why you're here.
First call comes around 2:00 a.
Some asshole says, "Your husband's dead, and I'm dancing," then hangs up.
Well, I'm sorry we couldn't get here quicker.
Martin? Is that the police? Five, six calls later, we turned off the phone.
You guys finally did it, didn't you? It was one of you motherfuckers, wasn't it? Sir, if you have any information as to who might have done this, please tell me.
The fuck difference would it make? Where? Bunker Hill, ma'am.
Angel's Flight.
Any idea why he'd be up there? How? Someone shot him.
We have an apartment near The Broad.
Howard always stays there before a trial.
I wasn't expecting him last night.
When was the last time you spoke to him? Mrs.
Elias, we'd like to come in, tell you what we know about what happened, ask a few more questions that can maybe steer us in the direction to find who did this.
And then we'll be on our way.
- Cops did this.
- Martin.
- Get the fuck out of here! - Martin.
Sir, what you said about cops doing this? - Black Guardian cops.
- Let me tell you something.
Any police officer who might have had reason to cause your father harm is gonna be a suspect.
And if I can prove one did it that's a killer, not a cop.
- Chief? - Did you notify Millie Elias? Walking out as we speak.
Well, I have a press conference in ten minutes.
Now, would it be inaccurate to say first indications are that robbery was the motive? You've been talking to Captain Garwood.
Yes or no? It wasn't a robbery.
What about the missing watch and wallet? Removed and discarded nearby.
You want me to tell you what the PIO wants to hear? - That it wasn't a cop? - I want to know as soon as you have something concrete, Detective.
Yes, sir.
What? Bosch, if you've got a problem with me - I don't have a problem.
- The 128 complaint I wrote you up on last year my finding was it was factual.
Should have been sustained, and you should have taken days.
- What's your point? - Got quashed upstairs.
Chief's an enigma.
Just say his watch and wallet were missing from the scene.
It's factually true.
Let the press draw their own conclusions.
Whenever I'm with you, I feel like I'm in a washing machine spin cycle.
Rinse and repeat.
Good morning, ladies and gentlemen.
both pronounced dead at the scene in what looks like, at first blush, an armed robbery, according to LAPD Chief Irvin Irving, in a press conference moments ago.
A former prosecutor, Elias earned a national reputation as a civil rights lawyer, winning record settlements for alleged victims of police brutality.
Someone needs to police the police.
Someone needs to be willing to unravel the fabric of institutional racism that continues to allow atrocities like Black Guardian to be perpetrated on young men of color in this city.
Ironically, Elias was due to begin opening arguments Monday morning in the closely-watched case representing plaintiff Michael Harris.
Is Bosch here yet? He and Jimmy are doing death notifications.
All right.
Tell him to come see me when he gets in.
- Body in Lake Hollywood.
- What? That sounds like a suicide.
Can't patrol handle it? Look, I don't want you guys going out on some bullshit call.
Sounds like a suicide.
Except for the missing-his-head part.
Lieutenant Ruiz would like a word.
- With the temporary captain? - Yes.
Uh, something about new patrol SUVs that Captain Cooper was supposed to follow up on.
You gonna work out of here or your office? - My office.
- Your office.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
Way to go, Mad! Hey, it's okay.
Come on, Elite! Let's get the ball back! Tell me you're on your way with a large chai.
With a double shot of Johnny Black in it.
Not gonna make it.
I caught a case.
- Tell Mads I'm sorry.
- I thought you weren't on rotation.
I wasn't.
I'm not.
Special circumstances.
I get it.
How they doing? Club volleyball's supposed to be harder than high school, right? Ooh, that bad? I'll tell her, Harry.
I got to get back to it.
I don't even want to contemplate how this city will react if it was a police officer who killed Howard Elias.
It goes where it goes.
We're not gonna hide anything.
Of course not.
But all the more reason for a quick resolution.
Who's leading the investigation? Harry Bosch.
Hollywood Homicide.
We crossed paths last night.
You and Bosch? He's a strong flavor.
You have no idea.
But he's never been sued by Howard Elias.
How the hell did Bosch manage that? I'd like you to have him keep me directly looped in, Irv.
A robust civilian oversight of this investigation couldn't hurt.
No, it couldn't.
I'm gonna Airbnb the shit out of this place.
No grass.
I like it.
- Water ain't cheap.
- Mm-hmm.
Old lady died last month.
Daughter's selling this quick she needs the dough.
Tell your wife I'll offer 15% below asking, all cash.
And you should call her yourself.
- I'm just - Whoa! Universal Studios.
Aw, fuck.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- You still waiting on a warrant? - Yup.
Judge Houghton docked Pierce for style points.
Houghton's a pain in the balls.
- He resubmit? - Yeah.
But now Her Honor has seen fit to appoint a Special Master.
Who's she sending? I have no idea.
This could take a little while.
I left word with the chief.
Maybe he can goose Houghton.
Looky what I found.
My sister's charging me $100 to watch my daughter today.
Her own fucking niece.
Lawyerly looking watch and wallet.
Guess RHD thinks it was a cop.
Maybe just covering the bases.
They're worried it's one of them.
I got to worry about you not making RHD? Not me, man.
I'm over that.
You know what? No sense both of us wasting our time here.
I'll take my IA to Hollywood and see if we can expedite the other warrants.
And, uh, start tracking down our Black Guardian cops - for questioning.
All right? - Cool.
Do you think you can't trust me? The watch and wallet? RHD? I want you to wait here for the Special Master.
Where are you going? Detective.
Fucking Bosch.
Private card game? That's off-pattern.
They come, drop money for ten days, go home.
Losing stings, even if it's on purpose.
Maybe they just want to play for real.
Charter for Beijing left this morning.
Passenger manifest has the whole group headed for home.
Manifest could be wrong.
Well, we can go play let's see who's there.
If there's no one there you're interested in, I'll just win Uncle Sam's money and go home.
And that's it.
Nothing fancy.
I'm just an asset.
Fancy's not my job.
What about Reggie? My people in Hong Kong can't locate him.
What does that mean? My guess he's either disappeared or he's been disappeared.
Oh, shit.
It's China.
Could be anything.
Or it could be us.
No, we you cleared his family.
We haven't gone near him.
What am I gonna tell Maddie? - You'll keep looking? - Yes.
- You'll let me know.
- Mm-hmm.
Thanks for being straight with me.
You gotta sign.
It's for the money.
- Count it.
- I trust you.
- You Central? - That's us.
I'm Bosch.
Something holding up my grid search? We're waiting on two more guys.
You know there's a clock on this type of thing.
We're moving about as fast as he deserves.
Sorry, I mistook you for cops.